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honestly i don’t think i have poor boundaries, i think i just talk to much when i’m nervous or excited and like to share funny stories that happen to be very personal (and i guess i also probably have pretty poor boundaries)

..."hat #Putin ein weithin über die Grenzen des Landes sichtbares Zeichen gesetzt, dass es der politischen Führung Russlands um die Verbesserung des Lebensstandards und der Sicherheit der gesamten Bevölkerung geht..."…

En The Times (de pago): Police put Greenpeace on extremist list with neo-Nazis…

sabéis qué sí es útil para evitar que los nazis adoctrinen a los niños cuando lleguen al poder? no permitiendo que los nazis lleguen al poder. buah lifehack!

Экипаж российской команды во главе с Андреем Каргиновым во второй раз выиграл гонку среди грузовиков.…

Habe heute schon fast 300 Nazis geblockt. Und das zum morgen. Das reicht doch an Arbeit für heute,was meint ihr? #NoNazis

The Russian president may be leaving the presidency in 2024, but he is not about to retire. That could be dangerous for Russian stability — and himself.…

I did a small bit of #Walls by Louis Tomlinson. I hope you like it!

Auch 75 Jahre nach der Befreiung von Auschwitz, dürfen wir nicht müde werden zu ERINNERN, zu MAHNEN und zu HANDELN. @holocaustmemory @Report_Antisem #le2701 die Deutungshoheit über die #shoah überlassen wir nicht der AfD. #NazisRaus #Antisemitism #Holocaust #Auschwitz75


Shabbat Shalom to our future robot overlords

guys awit may lawit is unavailable na sa spotify sksksksksksksksksksksksksksksks we made it!!!!


i would like to take a moment to say that the spotify version of black swan >>>> the art film version

First of all, rolling back the edict of healthy eating for children, of course. It is part of the Obama legacy he is so jealous of, second of all, he eats shit, look at him and he doesn't have a clue about healthy eating. Thirdly, Putin told him dismantle everything!…

any ness in elite smash can't think all they know is side b, fair, charge they down smash, back throw, eat hot chip and die off stage

Apparently in this one he is going to have to save the United States from Putin and all those on his payroll.…

My weekly WiFi tournament is up woo It’s tomorrow (Saturday) at 5 pm EST There will also be a top 16 graphic too made by yours truly…

hello in case you still don't know you can make accounts in mubeat using non-existent emails, you can just keyboard smash your email and your password and you have a new account!! make as many as you can if you have the time!! @TXT_members



This was V’s outfit for his Singularity performance at the Speak Yourself Tour Finale in Seoul. Could V be the Black Swan?? #BlackSwanOutNow #BTSingleToday #BTSBlackSwan #ATS #ARMYTS @army_society


The decision on not inviting Andrzej #Duda to take the floor during the the World #Holocaust Forum’s has been negatively received by the #US authorities #Poland…

Bon le programme est simple. J'fais mon tournoi smash de la semaine histoire de faire briller ma flamme compétitive, je rentre, nuit de la culture into AoE ou la ligue des légendes ci dessous une photo top 3 moment before disaster ( disc jam )


Another Time: The Hilversum Concert by Bill Evans… #NowPlaying

Ayaw nang lumayo Pa sa piling mo Sayo ako'y buong-buo…

Just landed in Queretaro, Mexico for Smash Fest, a really big regional. A lot of top mexican players will attend such as chag, joker, meme, javi, Nair, bedgar, etc. I’ll do my best

The recent smash announcement kinda showcases how its becoming less and less fun to just be yourself/speak your mind online. Good or bad views on something doesn't matter anymore. People want you to think exactly like them and everyones just fishing for anger and controversy

The Digital version of #Walls is now available on Louis’ merch store! Purchase it here:


❓| Não viu nenhum evento ou projeto para o niver do #JHOPE por ai? Não se preocupe, a JHSBRAZIL separou nesta thread TODOS os projetos e eventos ao redor do mundo (estamos atualizando-a conforme achamos mais)! #BTSIsComing #BTS #제이홉…

Egyptian Air Force MiG-29M2


Byleth? More like ByeLaeth. Fuck this game lmao

הודעת מנהלה לה לה: מבזק מחר. אחהצ. בין טיפות הגשם והעננים. המנועים מתחממים. שבת שלום!

.@usembassyjlm and the Tel Aviv Municipality are proud to cohost the first American Gospel festival in #Israel! Join us for a 2-day celebration on Feb 5&6, in honor of Black History Month. Buy tickets here: . Shabbat Shalom ! שבת שלום

ביהמש הכשיר את מועמדותו של בן גביר לכנסת. בנט פסל אותו. ביהמש הכשיר את מועמדותה של היבא יזבק, שקראה לסמיר קונטר הגיבור והשהיד שלה. בנט יישב אתה באותה ממשלה. ברוך גולדשטיין טעה ופשע אבל הוא אינו סמיר קונטר. בנט בן זונה וחלאה בדיוק כמו יאיר גולן, וכך גם כל מי שמצביע לו ומצדיק אותו.


JLow in elsewhere: keep performing for Turkmenistan dictator, Uzbek exploiter & Azeri oligarch. Russian anti-Putin girls group Pussy Riot? “I don’t care about politics, to be honest” JLow in 2016: “We are about to have our first woman president” @JLo Turkmenistan suits you more


this is like the worst day of smash twitter ever Jesus So much sadness and anger in the air from both sides Can’t have one discussion without it going toxic I dont rly like byleth but they’re prolly gna be fun because they’re smash dlc and that’s what matters the most

Ay ya'll can stay pissed about Byleth getting in. The real W here is we got Rhea's god sent hips into Smash.


#Jedziemy komuniści mający wsparcie w Moskwie teraz jadą po wsparcie do Brukseli która steruję Putin.

I honestly can't wait for Byleth to be in smash yeeeeee

Byleth should’ve started fighter pass 2 tbh instead of ending pass 1

Anti-Bernie crowd loves to bash Bernie twitter, but they come at us w/ nonsense counter-factual narrative they picked up from Clinton Twitter. Once convention started, Bernie (not in Putin's pocket) worked his butt off to elect Clinton and BEAT Trump. Looking at you @ChrisCuomo…

Anyone else wishing Putin decides to cut all the useful idiots loose and release his blackmail files to the media?…

“Our ability to respond appropriately to systemic changes depends on improved education that increases our capacity for systemic and critical thinking, and our ecological literacy.” — @DrDCWahl

It definitely does something for the game. Frustrates the opponent, excites the fans. Its effectiveness depends on the circumstances.…

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