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Season 11 will come out 32 hours after the event if u don’t believe me then look up the zero point theorem and the Casimir effect which came out in 1948. 1948/60 minutes is 32 hours #Fortnite #fortniteevent @FortniteGame

Just waited 1 month for this :/ I ordered it with shipping to Russia and product just lost in transit and now they are telling me that they don’t ship to Russia anymore, I’m done.


So, this means #Russia agreed to stop #Turkey from slaughtering #SDF Kurds at same time as US forces are preventing Russian-supported #Syria forces from coming to help #Kurds fend off invading Turks - is US really this all in for Erdogan’s jihad?!…

I’m just going to put it out there cause there are some elements in the FSA that need to stop acting like assad regime pussy ass thugs & if they are looting or committing war crimes or any kind of thuggery, they need to be punished immediately & severely.

#AbolishNATO Absolutely Turkey needs to given the boot. Otherwise abolish NATO

“We are now standing with our chests bare to face the Turkish knives.”…

#이_해시태그를_본_순간_복사해서_프로필을_작성한다 닉네임: 오버나토 키: 187 나이: 20 발 사이즈: 280 별자리: 전갈자리 탐라 포지션: 귀요미(?) 최애: 좋아하는 음료: 코카콜라,흑당라떼 좋아하는 음식: 치킨 생일: 11/4

Great to hear from regulators playing a leading role in #Fintech, Samantha Emery, Kooi Fei Foong and Prahlad Giri shared openly. Passionate about the role they play, excited by the potential, yet diligent on key issues of cyber, AML & Data Privacy. #finovate #regtech @Finovate


Southeast Asia’s Booming Internet Economy to Boost Fintech Growth #fintech #mobilepayment #ecommerce #mobilephone


Sukkot starts tonight. It’s the Jewish holiday where Qoheleth is read. I wrote my masters thesis over Qoh #Sukkot

Day 1 #sukkah build. Be gentle. It's my first time. #Sukkot


This just-published article written by the Kurdish commander-in-chief explains why his forces are ready to partner with Russia and the Syria government, a topic I discussed in my Indian WION NEWS interview earlier today.


Yeah.. go turkey to see the genocide u r indulged in…

Christian Jacob élu président des Républicains avec 62,58% des voix (Haute autorité du parti) #AFP

Muslim Brotherhood -- the origin of modern Islamic extremism -- has been the full supporter of Turkey's barbaric aggression on #Kurds in #Rojava. Almost every group, officials and media with close links to MB has hailed Erdogan and #TurkeyBloodFountain.

I’ve been similarly critical of Trump greenlighting Turkey + what it means for the Kurds & the fight against ISIS, yet it’s def worth recalling how it began: precipitous withdrawal from Iraq, Obama calling ISIS the “J.V. team”, & years of a garbage strategy against the caliphate.…

Bize güvendiler ve biz de bu güvene düştük.” Beyaz Saray, Kürtlerle savaşanları korumayı iptal ederken, Kürtlerle savaşan bazı ABD Özel Kuvvetleri subayları müttefiklerini terk etme emrinde derin pişmanlık duyduklarını söylüyorlar.

Good Morning! Extending a warm welcome to our new followers. Wishing everyone a peaceful, serene Sunday. Family in Japan affected by the typhoon, be safe :)


#LR 47% de participation. Jacob : 38 712 (62.58%); Larrivé : 9 982 (16.14%); Aubert : 13 162 voix (21.28%). Jacob sera proclamé élu, sauf contestation. Christian Jacob est élu président du parti Les Républicains.

fortnite「はいワンタイムイベントドーーーン!!!! 見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?見た?消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろ消えろサービス終了サービス終了サービス終了サービス終了サー

technically it’s only a “Toyota” if it’s from the Toyota region of japan


i was expecting the hashtag #LGBTQtakeover to be some christian conspiracy that the gays are taking over but it turns out its a wholesome circlejerk so thats pretty fuckin epic

19 dead, 16 missing, over 100 injured after #TyphoonHagibis rips through Japan. In pictures Bullet trains are submerged Houses in Nagano are submerged Sunday after the Chikuma River overflowed due to Typhoon Hagibis. Rescue operations are under way. #PrayForJapan

(My boyfriend made a Yasuo RP account so if you love Yasuo, here you go! But he’s mine irl back off or I kill you -_ - )…

Adobe XD 2019年10月アップデートリリース!ブレンドモード、サイズ/位置調整のショートカット、非表示オブジェクトへのアクセスなど #AdobeXD #CreativeCloud

We spend a day at the Magic Kingdom in our brand new vlog from Walt Disney World. Join us for on ride POV's from all of the major rides at the park along with highlights from the awesome parade and spectacular fireworks! YouTube link: #WaltDisneyWorld

If you love someone, pray for them. Pray for their peace. Pray for their growth. Pray for their success. Pray for their happiness. I am praying for you today because I love you. Good Afternoon. #Rais…

わああああああああ!!!! ついに私の手元に来たぞ〜!!!! ひゃっほい。


#Medvedev 5-4 #Zverev #Medvedev opens the game with a double fault, but he races through the rest of the game, finishing off with a forehand winner. #Zverev serving to stay in the first set... Can #Medvedev steal the set here?


I am a Christian. That does not mean I am perfect. Just forgiven.

We need somehow to synthesise the deeper metaphysical views of the Christian Greek tradition (combined with Augustinian depth by Eriugena)with the much greater exploration of ethics, politics and history by the Christian Latin tradition.Aquinas near: but metaphysically just short

*גדי טאוב מכין סבון* גדי טאוב: אין גדי טאוב פייק אתה היית גדי טאוב פייק כל הזמן הזה

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