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First day of Level Up Leadership at SEDA BGC with 115 participants. A great mix of people from different companies and industries. Excited to learn more from them tomorrow for Day 2..…

Retweet this if you miss having a president who wasn’t a racist international embarrassment who’s best friends with the worst people that exist on the planet. #RaiseTheWage

Hi My Name is SmallBeatle. I usually kill people who say bad words.

you people are fucking weird it's not my fault im cute I can't fucking help it

Nancy Pelosi just played Donald Trump and the House GOP like a fiddle…

I love that "Is Trump racist?" is the major news discourse right now. Tune in next week to find out if the Pope wears a funny hat, and after that: where do bears shit?

I can't take the Trump/Epstein girl party video. He's so disgusting. His hands were all over every girl he could reach. Epstein was pretty creepy too. #morningjoe

Mi columna en @elpais_america @elpais_inter O cambiaron el discurso o son hipócritas Análisis sobre la visita del Consejo de seguridad de la ONU y el pepel del gobierno de @IvanDuque O muy hipócritas o cambio de rumbo | Colombia | EL PAÍS…

How landing on the moon hurt America's space program


People have the strength to overcome their obstacles–everyone can. - Belldandy

You radiate a magnetic gentleness that draws people into your ... More for Cancer

Your public image is irresistible now. People respond to your ... More for Libra

We could do nothing in one year to curb mob lynchings! Recurring cases of lynchings #1YearSCLynchingVerdict . #1YearSCLynchingVerdict

#Greenville #News Trump set for Greenville, North Carolina, campaign rally

Successful launch for #eROSITA X-ray telescope - Russian-German spacecraft now on its way to perform a deep survey of the whole #XRay sky @UniBonn @maxplanckpress #Astronomy #ExtraterrestrialPhysics #Physics #Astrophysics

Iran says Europe is failing to alleviate crippling US sanctions by not meeting a promise to restore Iranian access to trade under the Iran nuclear deal. While the UK has chided the US for starting the crisis, it must take action on trade to save the deal.…

“I saw that Trump sent another tweet. In all caps, it said, ‘If you’re not happy here, you can leave.’ Then he teared up, because those are also his wedding vows.” — JIMMY FALLON

Donald trump tweets so much shit but hasn't tweeted anything about aliens?? Come on, do some good man

lütfen özellikle emmy ve b99 hakkındaki tweetlerim gibi 1 tweet olursa sevinirim belki kamuoyu falan oluştururuz yeniden belirlerler adayları jnajzbsjnajajajj


Trump: "I used to say he was a good friend of mine. We're probably not quite as close now." That is because I don't play golf and I hate McDonald's.

One year since SC judgement on mob lynching. Failed to stop minorities from being lynched. #1YearSCLynchingVerdict

Softwares you don't always need install in your #computer If your computer is not #enough #fast to run some #software or you are using someone else #PC and you have small work to do. #Photoeditor #Trump #America More:


Mexicans are deeply frustrated with immigrants after a year of heightened migration from Central America through the country, according to a survey conducted by The Washington Post and Mexico’s @Reforma newspaper.…


The European Union (EU) will vote whether to elect Ursula Von der Leyen as the new head of the EU commission and so we ask what exactly this means for chancellor Angella Merkel as there is a big debate in Germany about her power in the country and in the EU. #NBSLiveAt1


I have the pleasure of opening the 59th Young Königswinter Conference @debrige_berlin together with State Secretary Andreas Michaelis @AuswaertigesAmt today. The conference has been a forum of exchange for young professionals & future leaders from Germany & the UK since 1960.


Adventure Time’s finale nominated for Emmy, alongside BoJack and Big Mouth >


Estas han sido todas las NOMINACIONES de #JuegoDeTronos en los #Emmy 2019

Game of Thrones, Emmy Ödülleri'nde 32 dalda aday oldu

Ampunan bagi Mereka yang Masuk Islam Nabi kita shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda, “Jika seorang hamba masuk Islam, lalu Islamnya baik, Allah menulis semua kebaikan yang pernah dia lakukan, dan dihapus darinya semua keburukan yang pernah dia lakukan.-


"Juego de Tronos" rompió récord con 32 nominaciones al Emmy

देश में वर्तमान में भीड़भाड़ और घृणा अपराधों की स्थिति को देखते हुए एक विरोधी कानून की तत्काल आवश्यकता है। #1YearSCLynchingVerdict

'Juego de Tronos' entra en la historia de las nominaciones a premios…

One year has passed since SC's landmark judgement on mob violence in India. Let's ask the government today that why no anti-lynching law is made yet. #1YearSCLynchingVerdict

Good! The entire world needs to stand up to #terrorist regime of #Iran As stated by President-elect of Iranian Resistance this regime only understands the language of firmness @Maryam_Rajavi @HeshmatAlavi…

Netanyahu challenger Ehud Barak hides his face as he enters entering Jeffrey Epstein's mansion…

House Democrats voted to condemn President Trump's tweets. House Democrats will NOT vote to condemn Antifa terrorists, who firebombed a federal building this past weekend. Any questions?

People just watched me stop and get their cat out of the road that was just laying in the middle of it about to get run tf offer. Stay classy, Bangor.

Is “too disgusted with people to function” a valid medical excuse?

y’all people are camping for two-three days before and a have to argue w my mom to let me get there the morning of

In your corner: 2 Housatonic high school vo-ag teachers honored at retirement party: CANAAN If the number of guests at a retirement party is any indication of how people feel about the honorees, then by all measures Mark Burdick and Karen Davenport are…


Xhaka: "In my opinion we’re on a good way to create something special in the team.”…

Photo of @JohnCena with his girlfriend Shay in London today.


Transport for London criticised for handing licence to minicab app Viavan despite 'unfair' treatment of drivers #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayWisdom #TFL @TfL @InThePinkTaxi… via @telegraphtech

hi i’d just like to say @oliviarouyre is one of the most gorgeous human beings on this earth thank you

Get around this Jarrod Lyle autobiography, a cracking story about much more than golf, penned in his last year on earth. Preorder here, in shops soon.…

Boris Johnson 'ignored expert advice' over £1bn mayoral vanity projects…

The Drumpfs are from Germany. Melanija Trump (Knavs) is from Slovenia. Why don't we ever tell white immigrants and their descendents to go back where they came from? Might be fun to try: America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. I'm sure there's a few other places too.


Tulsi Gabbard's Civil Critique of Donald Trump Is Spot On via @YouTube

#TuckFrump ‘This smacks of corruption’: Elizabeth Warren rakes a Trump nominee and lobbyist and over the coals for blatant conflicts of interest… @realTuckFrumper

La Cámara de Representantes de #EEUU condena los ataques de Trump contra las congresistas demócratas…

The situation in Venezuela is extremely dangerous That’s why a bipartisan group of senators asked for TPS relief for Venezuelans in America @realDonaldTrump’s admin just refused How can it say it supports Venezuela, but abandon vulnerable Venezuelans?…

Hitler was a twink meth head, all he had to do was talk about the popular thing at the time and Germany loved him for it. It's the same thing with Trumo now, except he's just a fat retard catering to all of the other fat retards out there.

América festejó sus primeros 2 títulos oficiales tras ganar al Asturias en las temporadas 1924-1925 y 1925-1926.

Honestly tastes about the same as the restaurant lol


077023171**. Now apologise to Dylan for flirting with EVERYONE. — this honestly isn’t funny. stop it…

REPORT: Here's Why Planned Parenthood Booted Leana Wen As President. It's Unbelievable.

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ you have someone crushing on you (since you first met) ! message — hello , honestly im still not sure of my feelings yet, but you make my heart flutter a lot and i don’t think the feeling is mutual but it’s nice to admit things !! to: @weIoveyousana ༉‧₊˚✧

If Jesus could love me during my Hollister years, he's not giving up now.

Lord Please help President Trump to put more Pro Life, Constitutionalist Justices on the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe v Wade and outlaw Abortion. Grant America Mercy, Repentance and Forgiveness for the Abomination of Abortion. Heal our land. In Jesus name Amen.

If you have never asked Jesus to be the Savior and Lord of you life, please ask Him tonight. Jesus died for your sins to rescue you from hell and win you for heaven. Forever. No one loves you more. ❤️ John 3:16

haha yup. DIVERGENT was v. impactful to me, as a publishing person because I was like want to edit books like this haha and, as a writer, it was amazing to see an author close to my age out there and speaking honestly about the industry + her successes/struggles.…

22 MS GANG members from central america in SANCTUARY State/City LA, CA charged with brutal machete murders. The state of CA, County of LA & City of LA not working with ICE. Is not the borderless socialist dimm party responsible? #Trump2020 #WalkAway…

"I don't think it matters. It's idiotic, what they're saying, so it doesn't matter if they're black or white." Female Trump voters in Dallas, TX, deny any element of racism in the President's comments aimed at four Democratic lawmakers, all of whom are women of color.

POULOS: Multiculturalism Stands Athwart America Itself…

crazy jesus lady from king soopers is st beijing noodle?????!!

The main concern appears to be personal data hosted outside of Germany (elsewhere in the EU) possibly being accessible by US intelligence. Given what we know about the giant vacuum, er NSA, is it likely they can’t also monitor the data if kept inside Germany?…

Just setting off to Germany this morning #5in1 #Youreds


Yes, I've read some of Professor Lewis's publications. He is sympathetic and generous to a fault in the knowledge that many people have invested themselves in the fallacy of Islam equated with peace; I found him quite restrained in his criticism.…

white women thinks traveling to the middle east and getting beheaded is a personality

Last year’s 'Free Iran' rally, in Paris, was allegedly the target of an Iranian bomb plot ...

Jailed British-Iranian aid worker moved to hospital psychiatric ward…


Today at 9.00 at #RSAC APJ: Local college students race against the clock and peers, solving cases to stop cyber criminals in a variety of real-life scenarios in The Cyber Investigators’ Challenge, co-organised by @mhasingapore & #Singapore #Cybersecurity Consortium

At a time where data privacy is so topical, being @isostandards 27001 certified is our way of showing that we've been taking a methodical risk-based approach to securing the Flux platform. #cybersecurity #informationsecurity #compliance

not really sure how to start this account off. Just made it to separate myself from personal accounts and be slightly anonymous (for now?) I guess. Not sure if I should disclose vulns under my real name or like this. Any advice? #infosec #Security #CyberSecurity

Join Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions and Kate Macaleer, Senior VP of Operations, at the NCHA 2019 Summer Meeting in Pinehurst, NC on July 17-19 at Pinehurst Resort. #cybersecurity #healthcare #NCHA #hospitals #criticalaccess #threatintelligence


Pirate Nation: Why Britain Hijacked Iranian Ship on Behalf of Washington…

Police are looking for the person who posted #antisemitic flyers on a Marblehead temple in Boston. The flyers say the #Holocaust was “fake news.”…

אהוד ברק הפך מהסבא המביך הזה בערב חג לסבא ההיפסטר המביך הזה שעושה קוק מתחת של חשפנית בערב חג

נכון, זה לא נראה טוב ומריח רע אבל הלינץ על אהוד ברק בעניין הזה מוגזם. אפשר וצריך לבקר אותו על נושאים רבים (תודה לאל לא חסר): על המיליונים מקרן וקסנר, על טיב קשריו עם הפדופיל ועוד. אגב, אם היה רוצה להתחפש - כמפקד בסיירת מטכ"ל- הוא היה עושה את זה בלי שתדעו שזה הוא...

כולם מדברים על הצד המוסרי של הקשרים בין ברק ועבריין המין ג׳פרי אפשטיין. כאילו שיש מוסר בחיים הפוליטיים. הסיפור המדאיג נמצא בקשרים בין אפשטיין לוקסנר שהקרן על שמו שילמה לברק על מחקר עלום. ושאפו לאראל סגל.

אותה שיטה. אותן אצבעות מלוכלכות. אותם תפרים גסים. קמפיין ההשחרה נגד אהוד ברק כל כך שקוף ופתטי ומעורר סלידה. זה ייגמר כמו אצל גנץ, בפארסה אחת גדולה

אהוד ברק: "ברגע שיורידו לי את החסימה של האשראי מהסיפור עם הפלאפל, אני תובע את הדיילי מייל על מיליונים!"

.@IDF practices invading #Gaza just days after #Hamas drills for Israeli invasion


¿ Qué es la Inteligencia Divina ? Es asumir que cada pequeño acto tiene consecuencias en todo el Universo. #EnergiaDivina #AlefTrece #Kabbalah #Torah


Halid Meşal'den Türkiye'ye teşekkür Eski #Hamas Siyasi Büro Başkanı Halid Meşal, işgalci #İsrail saldırılarında yaralanan #Filistinlilerin Türkiye'de ağırlanması ve tedavi edilmeleri dolayısıyla #Türkiye'ye müteşekkir olduklarını belirtti.


In his #IRFMinisterial address on the trauma of the #antisemitic attack targeting the Tree of Life Synagogue, Rabbi Jeffrey Myers says, “brick and mortar can be repaired,” but warns that restoring faith remains a bigger challenge.


אם אהוד היה מסתיר את כרטיס האשראי שלו כפי שהסתיר את פניו עת נכנס לדירתו של ג'פרי אפשטיין בניו יורק, לא היה לנו על מה לכתוב היום. תגיד @barak_ehud, קיבלת כבר חפיפה מאולמרט על הנהלים בפנים? @MiriBarbi


מזל טוב לאיש התקשורת אורי רווח שמתחתן הערב עם גברת גלויברמן מביתר עילית.


For 21 remarkable minutes yesterday, Reps. @AyannaPressley, @IlhanMN, @AOC and @RashidaTlaib took turns rejecting Trump’s racist suggestion that they were un-American for criticizing his lawless rule.

Ross Perot’s Parting Gift: Two Donations to Trump’s Campaign - Total Conservative News…

Trump talks to everyone the same. He doesn't mince words just because someone is not white. Deal with it. Now get to work! #BuildTheWall, fix asylum laws & stop incentivizing illegal immigration. YOU WORK FOR US! #AmericaFirst @AOC @IlhanMN @AyannaPressley @RashidaTlaib

Amnesty International Sec Gen @kuminaidoo responds to Trump's attacks on @AOC @RashidaTlaib @AyannaPressley @IlhanMN "Trump’s ugly targeting of these Congresswomen exposes the racism and xenophobia at the heart of his despicable policies"…


.@RepJeffries: "The tweet speaks for itself." Full video here:

Letting people vote again: YOU FASCIST UNDEMOCRATIC REMOANING FUCKING TRAITOR Shutting down Parliamentary democracy: Somehow fine…

Hang out with Limo and other fun new people nearby, when you sign in to Badoo!…


The look on Pa Fasoranti’s face is enough to tell anyone that if these people don’t stop this killings, it won’t go down well in the near future. The man is pained. Seriously pained.


This is the logical endpoint of the how Trump & Republicans conceive of antisemitism: “Trump/the GOP say that they love Jews. Thus, anyone who opposes Trump/the GOP are against the Jews & antisemitic.” Which would include the 79% of American Jews who voted for Democrats in 2018.


So trump says wanting. A free education for everyone, healthcare for everyone, a decent living for everyone is Communism. He doesn’t really care about that. He feels you don’t deserve those things. Maybe the Democrats goals are lofty but they are also human

Democratic Primary Polling: Biden: 32% (-1) Sanders: 19% (-) Warren: 14% (+1) Harris: 13% (-1) Buttigieg: 3% (-3) Booker: 2% (-) Yang: 2% (+1) Morning Consult / July 14, 2019 / 16,504 Respondents / MOE 2% / Online (% changes compared to July 7th) #usa #uspoli #democrats


Wow. He's all in: "President Trump offers a vision for the United States with a strong economic record to back it up. The Democrats offer attempted mass assassinations of Republicans, fire bombings of immigration facilities..."…

You honestly couldn’t get a finer endorsement…

Even though the transformations in XV have been INSANE so far, I still really like G's! Honestly even Season 1's are really cool for how simple they are.

Mingyu to Wonwoo: Happy burstday bro! Minghao: How many times do I have to tell you it's Birthday. Seokmin: B-E-EARTH DAY Hao: No, birthday. B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y. Birthday. Seok: To-may-toe. To-mah-toe. Happy birthday Wonwoo-hyung~ Hao: *sighs* Happy Born day hyung. Wonwoo:


"LIFTOFF, WE HAVE LIFTOFF." On July 16, 1969, the world watched as the crew of Apollo 11, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, blasted off from Earth. Their mission? To become the first humans to land on the moon.

"If you are looking for a prestigious University and an exotic city, then Plymouth is your best choice." Yassin tells us why he chose to study electrical and electronic engineering at Plymouth, rather than any other University in the UK…


#Apollo11 is starting its 2nd orbit of Earth; the air-to-ground signal is being picked up now at the Grand Bahama Islands. #Apollo50

Bibi shaheed rani and Sweet chairman bilwal Bhutto zardari ❤️ @BBhuttoZardari @ShahNafisa


#LATEST: @ZctuZimbabwe alleges the labour body's president Peter Mutasa & Secretary-General, Japhet Moyo today received letters that had bullets in them. The letters warned the leaders not to organise a stay away on 22 July 2019.

DENUNCIA PRESENTADA este lunes en la @FGRMexico en contra del Jefe de la @SSP_CDMX, Jesús Orta, @jesusorta por el delito de AMENAZAS. La @CNDH abrió también una investigación por el mensaje que envió desde su cuenta personal de Twitter


Está com medo dos próximos passos e decisões que terá que tomar? Lembre-se: se você estiver no caminho que Jesus fez, não terá que se preocupar porquê ele te guiará pelas mãos sobre tudo o que deve fazer. Tenha fé, confia.

술, 마셨더니 오늘은 일찍 들어가봐야겠네요. 내일 더 오래 봅시다.

Hey @HouseDemocrats there's something stronger than a resolution to condemn the President's actions


Nós precisamos é muito de Jesus.

Good on her, if only more of Sarah Champion's Labour colleagues thought like this!…


How did we get to this point? Somehow a group of American Jews who want to get their community centers & synagogues to do something about Israel's military dictatorship are on par with the most powerful man in the world race-baiting against congresswomen of color?


In first, top Iranian diplomat says talks on ballistic missiles possible…

Asked About Comments From Iranian Supreme Leader About Retaliation For Oil Tanker Seizure, Uk Pm May's Spokesman Says We Have Been Consistent That Escalation In Gulf Not In Anyone’s Interests And Have Repeatedly Stressed That To The Iranians #OOTT

שר החינוך הרב רפי פרץ במכתב ליו"ר הסוכנות היהודית יצחק הרצוג: "מתוך חרדה עמוקה לגורל העם היהודי השתמשתי במילה "שואה", ביטוי שבא לבטא את עומק הכאב. אני מכבד ומוקיר את העם היהודי כולו בארץ ובתפוצות"



'The leaders of the Jewish establishment appear to genuinely believe that suffering of Jews in the past cannot be compared to the suffering of Central American migrants — let alone Palestinians — in the present'…

stop sharing pics of that zionist movie in my tl please and thanks

Yes, it’s degrading to Palestinian students but this is a course in brainwashing & racist propaganda taught to Jewish Israelis from the highest places of Gov’t and is emblematic of #Apartheid life.… via @972mag #SettlerLogics #Racism

"It's racist to tell non-white Americans to 'go home'" says everyone telling Israelis to 'go home' back to Europe.

Awwww.. must be a moderate Muslim... Hamas Leader Who Urged Murder of ‘Every Jew on Planet’ Now Says Only Kill Jews in Israel #hamas #IStandWithIsrael #cdnpoli

Poof! 1 day in occupation causes young #Jews on #Zionist tour to question #Zionism Titled ❝Touring the #Israeli Occupation: Young #US #Jews Get an Unflinching View❞ offering horrifying glimpses of #Palestinian conditions that left young #Jews staggered…

סערת הרב פרץ: יש לנו מה ללמוד מהקהילות היהודיות האורתודוקסיות בתפוצות דיונים פתוחים עם בוגרי ישיבה מקהילת הלהט"ב, סרטוני הדרכה ושיחות פתוחות: הקהילות האורתודוקסיות בחו"ל מקדימות את רבני ישראל בכמה צעדים בכל מה שקשור להתמודדות עם הכלתם בקהילות הדתיות

I was critical of Ilhan Omar when she used language that questioned whether or not American Jews are truly loyal Americans. I never questioned her legitimacy as an American. It's not a hard distinction to draw. She's correct here.…

בוקר טוב עם חיוך כי היום יום חדש ונעבור גם את זה.


אסיף פאפי טבת הוא ילד ישראלי.בנם של טל ו@GilTevet.אוהב כדורגל.מברגות וטיולים.נולד בעת מלחמת צוק איתן ושהה בשעותיו הראשונות במקלט בית החולים.בוגר התוכנית הרב שנתית במשפחתון חברים ביד אליהו.היום חוגג אסיף יומולדת חמש.מזל טוב ילד.אהבתך לגחנון אהבתנו.הצלחתך הצלחתנו.צבי


First South African to take 400 Test Wickets. Wisden Cricketer of Year 2003. South Africa’s greatest-ever bowler? Happy birthday, Shaun Pollock!


So where can we buy the “I’ve had sex, and Jesus still loves me” T-shirts?! #theBachelorette

honestly intro on my everything is so fucking underrrated. i think she would be more appreciated if ariana named it something other than “intro”

Y'all gonna raid area 51 and that shits gonna turn into cod zombies

Honestly I have to laugh when the shitty six start insulting each other. #bb21

anyway hope i can get artist passes to area 51


#nowplaying Caught in the Fall by Fight Like Sin Support the station and the artists by following, liking and retweeting #np #music #rock #radio Buy song…


fulano: ai jesus não conseguiria viver no ano em que estamos jesus:


these Area 51 memes are so unfunny Jesus Christ

Why actually reach out to talk to people when you can let your social anxiety cripple you? Duh.

Some people need to get their shit together.

The ICE agent who all the chuds are jerking off over chose the handle “kiarace24” because she’s hit people of 24 different races with her Kia

A discussion to collect inputs from inter faith communities to the Draft Criminal Code to ensure integration of gender & rights principles, esp. on among others contraception, adultery, abortion, living law & LGBT. @KomnasPerempuan


If Djokovic isn’t the greatest player of all time, he’s the greatest at summoning greatness.

Democrats condemn Trump's tweet against four women lawmakers as 'racist'

Teslimat devam ediyor! S-400'de 10'uncu uçak Türkiye'ye indi!…


We can connect internally to the general system of nature, to the supercomputer that manages the whole development of life. To the supreme will inherent in creation, to the "mind and heart" that exist within the depths of nature. #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #kabbalah

U.N. concerned by U.S. curbs on Iranian foreign minister while in New York


【イベント情報】 沖縄説明会・交流会 7/20(土)に沖縄で開催決定! 九州支部 武田旭陽と東京本社 郡山翔が参ります!… #gpit #FTM #LGBT

beyondborders氏が僕の真意を捻じ曲げたツイートをしたが元ツイをスクショしたおかげで真意がはっきりしたという珍例。 「LGBTいじめ念慮6割」を持ち出すことが滑稽ではなく「ネットいじめをする加害者が『自殺念慮6割』を葵の御紋のように振りかざす行為」を滑稽だと表したのだけどね。


#f2b Middle East Analysis / Anomalous Creatures & Urban Legends - Shows - Coast to Coast AM…

#PrimeDay monitor #deal: @LGUS UltraFine 4K & 5K displays #onsale from $269. Can be used with #Apple's #MacBookPro!…


S-400 sonrası ABD'den ilk ziyaret


JA NE ZNAM ŠTA OVAJ ČOVEK IMA U GLAVI! Komentator u NEVERICI: Federer je imao dve vezane meč lopte, ali KRAJ JE KAD NOVAK KAŽE DA JE KRAJ! (VIDEO)… via @KurirVesti

Do you all know what this means?!?! Thank you #PrimeDay!!


Nobel olmadı S-400 alalım Nevşin Mengü yazdı


תפילת בוקר טוב לאומה! אני, טריניטי בת אמא שלי, מאחלת יום מצויין, הלוואי אמן שיהיה מעונן (עם ממטרים קלים). שיהיה פעמיים כי טוב, שלא נפסיק לאהוב, בעיקר את החיים, כי הימים קצרים... שיהיה פחות ימין ושמאל, יותר מה לאכול, שיהיה מתוק על הנשמה והרבה אוויר לנשימה. ונאמר אמןןןןןןןן

The most powerful military! The most powerful economy! Flag bearer for "Democracy & human rights"! The United State Of Israel! With a Racist, sexist chief liar at the helm, worried more about hurting the "feelings" of the Zionist, than serving American people!

Washington: More than 100 Christian, Jewish and Muslim interfaith peace activists heckled speakers at the summit of the world’s largest Christian Zionist organization in a protest over the Israeli occupation of Palestine. #VoiceOfNations


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that his country was ready to hold talks with the US if Washington lifts sanctions imposed on Tehran. #VoiceOfNations


Exactly! Their color has nothing to do with anything. Their rhetoric, their hatred of American values, their hatred of Jews, they are awful women that don’t represent their constituents.…

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