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nobody: me when corbyn humps during idbitc:

#Deadpool riding a #Hanukkah Unicorn. Because why not?


Tonight when I came home, my kid said “Daddy, I want to light up the Menorah!” Me: “It’s not Hanukkah yet.” Him: ... Me: ... Him: ... So we did it.


After his death, the words of the sage are cited in his name, and it is as if he still lives. This can only be said of the Torah Scholar, not of the man who supports him.

This was said of a synagogue. What then of all the places men erect to honor themselves! How vast the amount of Torah that could have been disseminated instead. - Meam Loez…

The Talmud says: Happy is he who comes here with his learning in his hand. That is, even though he has not been occupied with Torah study, he arrives in the World to Come in the merit of the Sage whose learning he advanced out of his hand.



Saying the Shema, Studying Torah, munching on yummy kosher pizza! Released Time program continues to educate tomorrow's American Jewry #education


My daughter asked me this morning, “Daddy, was there terrorism in Florida?” I said, “Yes dear. There is terrorism everywhere. This world is broken and needs Jesus.” Because that’s the truth. Why would I tell her any different?

So... in case you were wondering what a Hanukkah bush is! #HolidayDecorations #Hanukkah


People can be so happy about the line-up all they want. It depends on how easily Özil drifts out of the game and Lucas Torreira's luck vs Fornals. One thing is guaranteed though we ain't keeping a clean sheet

Thinking about all the White House aides trying to make sure Trump doesn’t find out about Paul Volcker because they expect his reaction will be too chaotic

“Rabbi, is there a blessing for Jeremy Corbyn?” “A blessing for Jeremy Corbyn? Of course! May God bless and keep Jeremy Corbyn.... ......far away from us!” That is my blessing for Britain’s Jews and the people of Britain in general! (with a nod to Fiddler on the Roof) #GE2019

#teamwork, even Little Ruin depends on it


I don't get Corbyn. All he had to do to placate much of the British Jewish community was to have a balanced approach to Israel. Fine - support a Palestinian State. But why not also speak to Israel too? Either he's naive, or he's a fraud.

Meanwhile, at the White House, President Trump sits alone in a soundproof bathroom, flushing the toilet and watching it refill. #ImpeachmentInquiry #toiletgate

Republicans: You're only relying on Sondland's testimony, that's not enough for impeachment! Democrats: Fine, let's bring in the witnesses the White House is blocking. Republicans: #ImpeachingHearing #ImpeachmentHearings

pqp, eu não consigo parar de ler gantz

Hoy he empezado la grabación de un especial de #Aquehuelenloslibros sobre el libro @Sefart_info. Un libro especial. Para mi todos los libros son especiales pero Sefart es una investigación sobre el libro de los libros...La torah ....el antiguo biblia.

#Israel sets new election date amid deadlocked Netanyahu-Gantz talks, parliament crunch @netanyahu @gantzbe

i don't take dramas that seriously but named my rooster "TORAH KHAN" after a character from sang e mar mar, just because he was black.

La tercera elección en Israel ya tiene fecha Nota➡️ #Israel #Netanyahu #Gantz #Knesset #Elecciones


Netanyahu: "It's been 84 days since the election. During this time, Gantz & Lapid refused each of our generous & far-reaching proposals to form a broad national unity government. Now, with 48 hours till time expires, they make conditions for the very possibility of talks."

A pioneer of ideas and action teaching that “Judaism is a civilization” encompassing Jewish culture, art, and peoplehood, you are invited to spend a year with Kaplan's inspirational words on the weekly Torah portion.


In Judaism, there is an old tradition that when a young boy first begins to study, the very first time, after he reads his first word in the Torah, he is given a taste of honey or a sweet. - Writing down the bones


יאיר לפיד:אני חוזר ומדגיש ,שלא תהיה טעות את החוק הצרפתי צריך להעביר רק ביום שאחרי אולרמט , אולי ככה נציל את ראש הממשלה הבא...…



בחקירות בנימין נתניהו ראש אגף החקירות גדי סיסו חברו הטוב של בני גנץ

באתי היום לביהמש המחוזי בת"א כדי למחות נגד גירושם של בני משפחת רקסקאן: שני תאומים בני 12, ושתי אחיות קטנות בנות 10 ו-8, שנולדו בישראל. הילדים נעצרו עם הוריהם בביתם במושב דישון בחמש לפנות בבוקר ונותרו כלואים ל12 יום. אחד הילדים אף הובהל לבית החולים במהלך תקופת כליאתו.

בקרוב על הרולר: כחול לבן בראשות בני גנץ. וזהו.


Between now and Thursday, an increasingly desperate Labour Party will thrown every bribe imaginable at the electorate. Ignore it all, on Friday they will be banished.…

Weird how three and a half years after a Labour MP was murdered in the street by a member of the far-right, the commentariat seem completely uninterested in the fact Labour canvassers have been physically attacked in broad daylight during this election campaign.

Labour manifesto: Free beer for all! Labour in government: Here's your pint of Coors Light foam.


If Labour hold on to Kensington, I promise to get "Sam Gyimah is a lying Tory Charlatan who used Grenfell to smear a pro-remain MP" tattooed on my cock.

Poll: 'Overwhelming majority of Sikhs expected to back Labour' Full press release available from…

Nadler sent all of the evidentiary support for Trump's impeachment to the White House yesterday for full disclosure. This letter accompanied it and it was also sent to Doug Collins. So remember this when the GOP tries to argue they are not given info or are kept out of the loop.


#VictoriaLive 3 people from Birmingham are wafering between Tories/Labour/LibDems It’s all about #Brexit for all 3, sorry Birmingham but put your brains in gear #austerity is the main issue in the GE

Trump accused of using "war criminals" he pardoned as "political props" at Florida fundraiser

The key difference here is that if a senior Labour figure had said this, it would be woven into a broader tapestry of institutional malevolence and prejudice. When Johnson does it, we get tuts and mild complaints that All Politics is bad now, and then it’s forgotten by midday.…

Election polls tracker LIVE: Tories WIDEN poll lead over Labour with 3 days to go…

Zoom in and you'll see that this beautiful picture of Jeremy Corbyn is made up of thousands of images of people. They're all Jewish people who are supporting Labour Please share this because it's a sure bet that our MSM won't.…


Corbyn: But why? Why don't they want all our free stuff! McDonnell: *Scratches head with a puzzled look. Passer by: Because we know, we, our kids, and our grandkids will pay for it in buckets.


A vote for the LibDems is a vote for Corbyn + Sturgeon etc. Don’t let it happen. #VoteConservative2019 #GE2019


#BBCYourQuestions This twat on BBC just now "I don't know who to vote for because Corbyn is promising too many good things." So you're "undecided" because you can't choose between a good man offering good things and a proven racist/sexist/homophobe offering nothing? Dickhead.

To you who spent most of your life in Florida at nangangarag sa Filipino exam kanina, I'll be with you. Let's fail together, shall we? HAHAHAHAHAHA @ffvls

The Gators will face Virginia in the Capital One Orange Bowl on Dec. 30…

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