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Schumer on Syria/Turkey: Our resolution will demand reversal of the president's decision and opposes it, and the words aren't exactly done yet but it will call on Erdogan to immediately cease unilateral military action

#UPDATE: Also with #Turkey burning bridges with #NATO I dont think they can risk losing #Russia as an ally, as Turkey has so been buying Russian military hardware instead of #US/NATO military hardware. -Gage…

I suppose a non-corrupt (in the modern sense of the word, anyway) possibility is that Trump just craves the approval of a certain kind of world leader and Erdogan is that kind of leader. Either way, though, Trump clearly gave Turkey permission to massacre the Kurds.…

One secular terrorist girl mocked 2 girls on the Dadi talks - 'dont marry Muslim or Christian' What is wrong in it ? Dadi wants to protect her culture, Islam and Christianity are not Indian they are outsiders Secular terrorist should marry Muslim or Christian, Nobody cares

Death toll rises to 31 after Typhoon Hagibis hits Japan and causes widespread flooding - NHK

Love that fans, pundits and current coaches from Rugby Championship and Six Nations are basically bidding to get Japan into their competition first. Japan are the new kids at school and turns out they've got the new Playstation at home. Everyone wants to be their friend.

Swaying all over the place: Scottish rugby team hotel in #Japan rocked by #TyphoonHagibis - video

Japan sent tens of thousands of troops and rescue workers to save stranded residents and fight floods caused by Typhoon Hagibis, one of the worst typhoons to hit the country in recent history

Christian McCaffrey has been the NFL's MVP through the first 6 weeks of the season. #NFLSunday #NFL100

If you believe it is your duty as a 'Christian' to support Donald Trump, congratulations, you've completely nullified your entire belief system. Here's your stupid hat.


#Wirstehenzusammen. Überall und jeden Tag. Auch heute in #Stuttgart zum jüdischen Laubhüttenfest #Sukkot. Jüdisches Leben muss sicher sein. Wir müssen es schützen! #halle0910


Beaming at the Orthodox sidewalk teen over-explaining Sukkot to me because I’ve been that homesick

Things I expected to see at a Sukkot 'fair' at my sister's kibbutz? Not Christian Zionist traditional Korean dancers.

חג שמח פיד❤️


תראו את השקנאים במאגר בשדות משמר העמק. חג שמח! תודה ללביא לילו.


וואו כמה שנאה וגועל אני חוטפת. מתחיל להיות קשה להכיל ולא את הכל אפשר להפוך להומור. אני מניחה שהרבה מזה נובע מפערי תפיסה ופחד משינוי אז אני מנסה להיות סבלנית ולהסביר, בלי להתיימר שבדובר באיזו אמת מוחלטת. ובכל זאת, מושלך עלי המון רפש. ערב חג היום, בא לי לשמוח, מכבה נוטיפיקציות. .

anyways if you aren’t going to love and respect all SEVEN members equally kindly leave because I’m tired of seeing y’all on my timeline

HELP I FOUND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE DIARY IS THE BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM IM TELLING YOU #Heize #헤이즈 #만추 #Late_Autumn #떨어지는낙엽까지도 #Falling_Leaves_are_Beautiful


I lost my Mum to breast cancer. She was only 48. I watched her waste away, and could do nothing. Don’t let it happen to someone you love; check yourself, encourage your friends, family, partners, husbands and wives to do the same, regularly.❤️ #NoBraDay #breastcancerawareness

Go Japan!! ビール片手に絶叫しながら、歴史が変わる瞬間を見届けたい!(iPhone11の広角すぎょい)


I love you but I can't love myself

Reflecting on Newman’s famous hymn, #PopeFrancis urges believers to be “kindly lights amid the encircling gloom” Quoting Newman, he prays for Jesus to “stay with me, and then I shall begin to shine as thou shinest: so to shine as to be light to others” #NewmanCanonisation

I genuinely believe that gentle walking helped reverse my #type2diabetes and got my blood pressure down. I love walking don't you? Please read this.

Trying to push my brand more and more and just stay focused. It comes second to no one and nothing.

Первые три года студия работала в гараже, а во время Второй мировой войны из-за проблем с деньгами компании пришлось урезать бюджеты на фильмы и браться за госзаказы. История Disney, которая сейчас зарабатывает $13 млрд прибыли в год

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemns attacks on Saudi Aramco and says Moscow is willing to share any information it might have regarding the attacks, during an interview with Al Arabiya.…

Bra sammanfattat av Christian Dahlström; SvD har gått all in på tarmflora som det nya svarta, Henrik Ennart som överstepräst. Hur objektivt blir då ev. granskning? #sweskep #svmed…

Alexandre Lacazette was 'offered' to Zenit St-Petersburg in the summer, but Russian side slammed 'crazy £61m release clause', claims agent


'Jesus, “stay with me, and then I shall begin to shine as Thou shinest; so to shine as to be a light to others” (quoting Meditations on Christian Doctrine, VII, 3).' @Pontifex #NewmanCanonisation #StJohnHenryNewman

.@HackneyAbbott Just been on your TL. K.U.R.D.S. Kurds. Google them. You seem to be ignorant of the existence of these people without a state. FYI they are currently being raped, tortured and murdered by Turks, escaped ISIS terrorists, Assad’s regime and with Russian support.

Scores are level! Good from #Zverev, who outlasts #Medvedev in a 31-shot rally to reach game point, and takes the game when the Russian misses with a backhand pass. 3-3.


THIS SURELY EXPLAINS A LOT: Deutsche Bank has Trump’s taxes — and loan applications cosigned by Russian oligarchs: report…

'Such is the holiness of daily life, which Saint John Henry Newman described in these words: “The Christian has a deep, silent, hidden peace, which the world sees not… The Christian is cheerful, easy, kind, gentle, courteous, candid, unassuming; has no pretence"'. @Pontifex

रूस की वो लड़की जो हिंदू और हिंदुस्तान को दे बैठी है दिल. इन्होने फिर कुछ बड़ा करके शिक्षा दी नकली बनावटी लोगों को…

Russian President Vladimir Putin: We have a good relationship with King Salman and the Crown Prince.…


Шестая защита титула и удачный дебют: боксёры Бивол и Усик одержали победы в США — РТ на русском…

חלק מהמסורת הקבועה אצל נפתלי רוטנברג: יחד עם @10elilevi ודני סיריוטי. חג שמח!


מרעמסס לסוכות. מעבדות לחרות. מפנים לחוץ. מקיץ לסתיו. מאימת הדין לשמחת החג. מהמלך בשדה לאיכר שאוסף. מימים מתארכים לימים מתקצרים. ועד שנה הבאה. אין יותר גבעול החולם על שיבולתו. ורק תן את הגשם בעיתו. חג סוכות שמח לכל עם ישראל

שבוע שמתחיל בהודאה של ראש המוסד שהוא אידיוט מוחלט חייב להיות שבוע טוב

הגיעה העת למנות ועדת חקירה ממלכתית...על כל פשעי פרקליטות המדינה במשך שנים כה רבות...על תפירת תיקים למי שלא בא להם טוב...על מינויים של מקורבים באמצעות מכרזים תפורים רק למידתם של מי שהוא "משלנו"... על סגירת תיקים למקורבים...על אכיפה בררנית...על הניסיון להדיח ראש ממשלה...…

Hoy después del Shabbat nos pusimos a hablar de brujería e idolatría. El rav dijo que la paga espiritual para el idólatra es el campo. O sea, que nunca deja de ser campesino. O sea ese es su castigo.

Spread LOVE instead. SHABBAT SHALOM!


SWC appreciates the thousands of Germans who showed solidarity with their Jewish neighbors in #Halle as they came back to synagogue on Shabbat eve after Yom Kippur attack.… via @timesofisrael

Husband & I decided to stay home and have a relaxing Saturday night. Of course somebody decides to set off fireworks. Guess its good we are here even if annoying. Have 2 dogs that are scared to death. I'm wondering why fireworks? Has Trump been impeached? Wishful thinking.

We ask while watching @OfficialLivePD tonight, please keep our @IndStatePolice colleagues, & Trooper Stephan’s family, close to your hearts. Stay Safe, All! #LivePDNation…

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