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Y’all it just hit me; it’s Friday the 13th and I work in a downtown club. Full moonish too. Pray for me.

Analysis from @khjelmgaard: Boris Johnson's victory in Britain heralds an American-style "shift."

It's Friday the 13th, and you know what that means.


#GE2019 #ElectionResults #GetBrexitDone A huge majority of EIGHTY. 365 @Conservatives MPs. One for every day of the year. We gave you more than you asked for, @BorisJohnson. Now *honour* the #EUreferendum vote + get the United Kingdom fully disentangled from the EU yoke. *Soon*…

I’m shocked, shocked to see Corbyn’s supporters use “Blame the Jews” as an explanation for why he lost.…

We know BBC bias isn't exactly news to anyone - but proof of it is! Corbyn critic Jo Maugham QC reveals explosive private messages confirming that the BBC consciously and intentionally undermines the Labour leader…

I can't believe the selfishness of so many who prioritised Brexit & the leadership over our most devastating issues of poverty, inequality, our crumbling NHS & Climate change. Now for more years of austerity which will continue to kill.

Durham North West: The 'no-hope' seat the Tories won

Time for all you anti brexiteer famous people in England, that shat on Scottish indy ref in 2014, and those among us that did the same - to become pro indy, and campaign for it. There is no other option now, no magic grandpa, no yoothquake, no stopping the right wing brexit

Yep. Express even a whisker of doubt about Corbyn’s ability to communicate his policies to the people who depended on them and you lose 100 followers. This defensiveness is not healthy.

One thing Corbyn did was not go up against Brexit because he was afraid it would cost Labour seats in conservative districts. Sound familiar? So of course non-conservatives didn't have a clear reason to support Labour.

Yeah I’m not going to have a lot of respect for what people wearing “kill Tories Now” jackets have to say, quite frankly. These people are a burden on society.

The Left in Britain thought they had this election won. WHY? Because Leftist politicians had way more Twitter followers, and they felt huge momentum - thru Twitter. Twitter is NOT real life in the U.K. OR here. And the U.S. Left is about to be schooled in the SAME lesson.

As well as calling for electoral reform, the UK needs to seriously reform the Fixed Term Parliament act. Tories calling elections because they don't like the parliament the public voted for, or calling all these interim elections that evade the scheduled ones, is unacceptable.

I make an interesting point on the notion of announcements for #TheGameAwards Rant that is going live soon! Be sure to check it out!

Activision Games take home major wins at #TheGameAwards 2019! @sekirothegame, @PlayCODMobile, @CrashBandicoot Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and @CallofDuty #ModernWarfare all won awards. A full list of winners and more details here:


Insane #TheGameAwards the devs of #DiscoElysium & then @Kotaku decide to praise Marx & Engels, Low est by historians put Communism at killing at least 100 Million! #TGA2019 #Communism #Stalin #mao #YouTuber #smallyoutuber @discoelysium @TheQuartering

La cta en 3 meses alcanzo 700 seguidores, no es idea intercambiar opiniones, solo divulgar sobre Israel y Sionismo. Pido disculpas por no seguir cuentas poner Favs y Rts. Les pido encarecidamente los RTs a las Historias para que todos conozcan la Gesta Sionista. Shabbat Shalom


Two amazing people who I tagged along with yesterday at #TheGameAwards what a pleasure to work with them. THANKS!!! #DeathStranding #sony #playstation #ps4


Los británicos han salido a las calles de Londres para expresar su protesta contra la reelección de #BorisJohnson como el primer ministro del Reino Unido. Más información: #UKelection2019 #ReinoUnido


UK: Electoral history for Official Monster Raving Loony Party (*) candidate Lord Buckethead: 1987: 0.3% 1992: 0.1% 2017: 0.4% 2019: 0.3% #UKelection2019

שבת שלום Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom y’all! Check out what came in the mail! @maimonides_nutz


Shabbat Shalom from a very tired Lindsay.


שבת שלום @gidonsaar, תגיד, אם תעמוד בראשות הליכוד אתה תתמוך בהקמת ועדת חקירה ממלכתית בעניין עסקת הצוללות וכלי השיט?

Шабат шалом лајно... Миран викенд Вам желим... שבת שלום #ShabbatShalom


So many roadblocks removed. One thinks "will Bercow block it" - Bercow's gone, will the Lab rebels really back Tory legislation - no need, will Commons pass a Benn law re not letting us escape transition without more deals? Nope. When is next People's Vote march? There isn't one.

Hopefully history remembers Trump as it remembers Andrew Johnson: “Who?”…

Anti- Anti-Zionist Inquisition in the Johnson regime targets left stalwart @TheCanaryUK #IsraelFirst…

Super helpful analysis, as ever, from @Bankfieldbecky on what should be on the Tories’ to-do list on the climate.…

If the Tories want to do really well in 2024 they need to appoint @J_Bloodworth and myself as key economic and social policy advisors, then they'd win by 100+ majority

Amid all the confusion & recriminations, don't lose sight of the fact that the largely tory UK press which dogpiled on Corbyn for months is owned by billionaire tax avoiders who had most to lose if Labour got in

His Majesty King Abdullah II congratulates #UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his party's election win #Jordan

Boris Johnson wins big in UK. What happened next? Sterling up. FTSE up. Bank stocks up. The globalist elites told us Brexit was the end of the world. Wrong again (as usual). Globalization is the elite agenda, not the people's agenda. People rule.


Trump Congratulates UK’s Boris Johnson After Election Victory, Hints at New Trade Deal…

On one day China confirms trade deal with the U.S., averting new tariffs ahead of Sunday deadline meaning market will BOOM and Boris Johnson destroys a socialist in the UK. Watch out Democrats, 2020 is up for grabs. Get serious!

Johnson trabajará con la UE tras el brexit como "amigos e iguales" #GE2019#brexit

Last night was one of the lowest points in Labour’s 119 history, costing many brilliant MPs, but worst of all, another five years of the Tories 1/3.

Great visualization of how the US/UK "first past the post" system skews election results. If Germany had the UK system, CDU/CSU could have a whopping 77% of seats. If the UK had Germany's, Tories probably wouldn't have a majority. HT @NicoSemsrott #ElectionResults2019 #Brexit


Pretty sure I’ve never met a baby named Boris...

We know that many people are scared and worried by the government we've woken up to this morning. Solidarity with migrants, LGBTQ people, the BAME community, our Muslim and Jewish friends, everyone with reason to fear a Tory govt. We're not giving up here ✊ #StoptheCoup

If Germany had the same voting system as the UK, the CDU/CSU would look different. If the UK had the same voting system as Germany, the Tories would look different.…

If you missed #TheGameAwards watch the full thing back now in 4K on YouTube:…

“History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes” Economic crisis (1929 & Great Depression vs 2008 subprime crisis), nationalism & protectionism (right wingers, trade wars), scapegoats (communists & jews vs immigrants & muslims) : a century later, the same patterns.

A monster jobs report, phase 1 trade deal-ish, and big Tories win has the 10-year treasury yield up 4bps since last Thursday.

How many times do western countries have to go through this for urban progressive elites to recognize that they live in a bubble and are offering a vision that is unappealing to so many of their countrymen?…

Harry wore a pair of @gucci horsebit chain loafers/boots for the #FineLine album art. Styles by @harry__lambert Photographed by Tim Walker Boots:… Loafers ($1,580):


Look at the change in the shares of votes. This election was not won by Brexit. This election was lost by Corbyn. #MomentumOut


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