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my ps4 after it’s been looking at the same booty hole for the past 9 hours #Fortnite


"tHe UnIvErSe SiNgS tO MEEEEEEEEEE!" Credit @theJodru of my Discord #theEnd #Fortnite #FortniteChapter2


Russia bombed 4 Syria hospitals in 12 hours – report - via @rapplerdotcom…


True they have ties with PKK because one thing assad regime is good at is cultivating terrorism but as you’ve pointed out assad oppressed Kurds very bad but that never concerned PKK.…

Um die Kurden zu unterstützen - Assad schickt seine Schergen nach Nordsyrien…

"President Donald Trump’s administration is set to impose economic sanctions on Ankara, potentially as early as this week, for its incursion into northern Syria, one of the few levers the United States still has over NATO-ally Turkey."

SDF and Rojavans will of course do whatever is best as they see it and my opinion on this is wholly uninformed: that said insofar as I do understand anything this seems like a wise decision on their part…

Building #FinTech Ecosystems: Regulatory Sandboxes, Innovation Hubs and Beyond


"E equate lang nato ni as binuang". Mao mo bois, diha jd mo maayo☹

Chag Sukkot Sameach—May you and yours have a wonderful, blessed #FeastOfTabernacles! #Sukkot #ChagSameach


oh god i didnt not realize whats happening in Japan rn!!! pls b safe!!!

Turkey is not stupid but the morons in D.C. who want US troops to stand their ground and fight a NATO member on foreign soil are. A 20 kilometer buffer zone will be established and Turkey will suspend its incursion.…

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#LR Christian Jacob elu avec 62 % des voix devant Julien Aubert 21 % et Guillaume Larivé 16 % @lesRepublicains

Japan Includes Pakistan in a List of Top 10 Friendly Countries! Identified Several Sectors for Trade Partnership between Japan & Pakistan, including Fishing, Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Tourism, Education & Automobile Sector!… via @@GVS_News

Hey, formerly Christian atheists, you are so far out of your lane you're not even on the road when you're interrupting conversations to yell at Jews for talking about the Bible. (Using that term so you know what I'm talking about.) 1/x

Japan’s captain Michael Leitch says victory ‘was about more than just us’ | By @robkitson… #RWC2019

Sacramento News Report: Typhoon leaves up to 33 dead in Japan as rescues continue


X JAPAN 2014.08.17 新宿ゲリラライブ(ダイジェスト) @YouTubeさんから

Hebrew 4 Christians has a great introduction to #Sukkot. Check it out here.…


Simple sukkot meal tn: chickpea&root veg chili over savory spiced cran rice , cold brocc salad, and chai (not חי) spiced kugal

שבוע טוב ומבורך. חג סוכות שמח.


מוחמד הסעדוני (מותחן, 2019). מנהל דיגיטל של קבוצת כדורגל לא מצליח להשיג מספיק לייקים, רוצח בהתקף קנאה בלוגר סעודי פופולרי ונוטל את הזהות שלו, אלא שבבית המלוכה מתחילים לחשוד כשהציוצים שלו הופכים לגרועים במיוחד. במאי: גדי טאוב (ישראל/סעודיה, 112 דקות)

X JAPAN YOSHIKI、明日14日のスケジュールに対してコメント発表!「応援しています」「無理しないでください」とファンからの声も… #XJAPAN #YOSHIKI #YOSHIKIMONO #テレビ朝日ドリームフェスティバル #drefes #VJS2016 @YoshikiOfficial @tvasa_dreamfes @VJSOfficial

INTERVIEW: Russian President Vladimir Putin says Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman plays a role in enhancing the connection between the two countries.…


South Korean PM Lee Nak-yon set for highest-level visit to Japan next week since export curbs…

What I find humbling and also a bit odd, is that we have had hardly any Christian refugees enter Europe, yet they are suffering the most in Muslim lands.…

Les militants Les Républicains élisent aujourd’hui leur nouveau président. Face aux challengers Julien Aubert et Guillaume Larrivé, le chef des députés LR, Christian Jacob, est archifavori…

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