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Liverpool's winning run comes to an end as VAR controversy returns. Meanwhile, Barcelona go top of the table for the first time this season. Weekend roundup:…

Klopp receives response from Solskjaer and Mourinho after his remarks on United's tactics #MANLIV…

Sir benjamin the played well but the odds reduced before I can play it. Thanks for winning sir. I will like to subscribe for another games. @BENJAMINFIXGAME #MondayMotivation #Bellevue #MondayMotivation #GGMU #Tornado #CelebrityHunted #harryandmegan #whowantstobeamillionaire


have you ever used martial arts to make perfect dumplings

Happy Mashujaa Day! We Salute you! @FaibaMobile @FaibaJTL


It is a great honour that our very own @EliudKipchoge has been awarded with a top State Honour, Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart (EGH) by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta on #MashujaaDay2019.


Ndinorarama, NaMwari ndinorarama, I shall overcome, I shall overcome, I shall overcome..Ligi Ya Washindi...Mpaka Galilaya! @MichaelMahendere @EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele #BarakaZaMilele #BarakaZaMilele

I'm a victor I win every battle In Jesus' name I'm an overcomer By you l run through a true I lift all the walls In Jesus' name I'm an overcomer @MichaelMahendere @EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele #BarakaZaMilele

Nguvu zetu zinafaa kutoka kwa Mungu, sio kwa pesa, kazi ama hata marafiki wetu, hivi vitu vyote ni vizuri na ni Baraka, lakini nguvu yetu haifai kutoka pale, nguvu zetu ni kutoka kwa Mungu..@EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele #BarakaZaMilele

Daudi akasema kuwa Mungu ndiye nguvu yake na ngao yake na moyo wake umemtumainia na akapata kusaidiwa…Mungu akiwa nguvu zako na ngao yako utapokea ushindi maana Mungu wetu ni mshindi, hashindwi kamwe. @EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele #BarakaZaMilele

I’ve had some time to reflect and I don’t want to upset anyone... but I think there’s a chance (a slight one at that) that Ashley Young maybe isn’t the best left back in the world? -T

Peter Drury commentary >>

Sadio Mane highlights vs Manchester United

Klopp hits out at VAR after United draw: ‘This is an issue we have to discuss’…

Watching Adam Lallana’s goal again the contribution of Roberto Firmino was vital, with his run to take out Victor Lindelof & also with the way he kept the ball alive in the buildup. Not at his best today, Bobby, but still one of those players who keeps working & remains a threat.

Fernando Pereira destacó conquistas de los últimos años y advirtió que “gane quien gane el gobierno, va a haber un movimiento sindical defendiendo los derechos de los trabajadores” #LaDiariaTrabajo…

"Watchmen" is a brutally provocative reckoning of alternate history

For all the clowns out there, here are the facts Lindelof didn’t foul Origi, man needs to his gym, along with VVD Mane handballed, the new rules don’t care about intent Liverpool’s were trash against the worst United team in 30 years United deserved a W Also... #MUFC #MUNLIV


Apparently Mike Pereira thought Mitch was on the punting team lmao

Agora é a vez de Joana Pereira com a sua versão de uma música do O Fantasma da Ópera. #TheVoicePT

If it's Sunday, it's all about #sundaylive @citizentvkenya with @VickyRubadiri and Yours Truly @KoinangeJeff Happy Mashujaa Day to all our viewers and every Kenyan out there!! Keep Spreading THE WORD!


Anthony Martial v Liverpool | Skills, goals and assists | HD

4,543 miles de millones años y haber coincidido con el bailes martial no tiene precio

The Guardian Demon Watching over DP Ruto. #MUNLIV #MashujaaSunday


Psicólogo: el bailes porrero martial viejo no existe Yo:


Where did our shujaa ras Moha go It long since we heard him Eti leo ni birthday ya Peter tosh @CharraDeejay @Mate_Tongola @MuzikalSheriff @deejaypatiz @radiomaisha #reggaesplash

Dennis Itumbi chased away from the #Punchline for being hostile and arrogant guest.


From a Norwich fan nothing but top stuff #itfc fans. Well Done…

Three pieces of fish. Four members in the house. "I don't like fish" Said Mom. My hero has and will always be her. #MashujaaSunday #MashujaaFestivalKE #mashujaafestival


Football should be grateful for having Peter Drury.


PRESIDENT MAGUFULI IS WELL... President Magufuli witnesses swearing in of Gov’t officials. Social media was a buzz with rumours over Magufuli's health. Rumours alleged Magufuli was in Germany for treatment #SundayLive


STATE AWARDS AND PRIVILEGES: State commendations come with several benefits. They are invited as state guests to national functions. State accords heroes healthcare, housing. Dependants get jobs and free education #SundayLive


ANOTHER GLORY FOR KENYA: Lawrence Cherono wins Amsterdam marathon. Cherono won race in 2:04:06 setting new course record. It’s the fastest time ever run in the Netherlands #SundayLive


ELIUD KIPCHOGE HONOURED: Kipchoge feted with the highest civilian commendation. Uhuru honored Kipchoge with Elder of the Golden Heart. Kipchoge is the first man to run 42km marathon in sub 2 hours. Other 200 Kenyans were honored for their outstanding performance #SundayLive


Peter Tabichi, the 2019 Global Teacher Prize winner, will be on #Punchline at 9 pm with Anne Kiguta. During his Mashujaa Day speech, President Kenyatta hailed him for his selfless service which earned him recognition as the best teacher in the world. Is he your Shujaa?


A conversation @K24Tv with @AnneKiguta #Punchline - #NewSegment Alert. A live section before the main show.


Joho stuck with baba even when everything looked dark .his business was destroyed by jubilee to make him change loyalty but he refused ...Ababu took a small envelope from Sugoi and dug his political grave ,Echesa was chased like a dog from cabinet .heshimu baba.@OleItumbi


Tonight on #Punchline, @AnneKiguta gets in the ring with @OleItumbi, digital strategist and blogger at 9:00pm.


People born in 1990’s don’t know that Tony Gachoka @TonyGachoka is a true KENYAN Hero .... Those days, President Daniel Arap Moi was a true African President & in single Party era ... Only Baba, TG, Bedan Mbugua & David Makali were the first to dare Moi ... Others came later.

A Special Birthday Shout Out To @nyar_gero To Many More #SmokinCountryOnHot With @KoinangeJeff @VDJClyde

A healthy list: 1 Get more sleep 2 Make time to exercise 3 Drink more water 4 Eat less sugar 5 Stay teachable 6 Read and write more 7 Remove clutter 8 More random acts of kindness 9 Don't respond to negativity 10 Spend quality time with family 11 Show gratitude #SundayThoughts

Love that #DonnyHathaway is trending. My parents played him when I was a small girl. In his honor I will play his music all day via @pandoramusic and then I will sprinkle in some @lalahhathaway because I love her voice even more. #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts

It is easy for me to imagine that the next great division of the world will be between people who wish to live as creatures and people who wish to live as machines. ― Wendell Berry, Life is a Miracle #SundayThoughts

En 1939 un vendedor ambulante de plumeros y escobillones pasa con su mercadería frente a la sucursal Nº 88 de la Lechería "La Martona", en Corrientes y Aguero.


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