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Relax and rest in the one who knows all, owns all and can help you to fulfill all His plans for your life. He can also give you all your heart desires. Dare to believe and you will receive” Ralph Segun Dada (RSD) @rsd_foundation #TuesdayMotivation,#rest,#peace,#success


The extraordinary iridescent details of Peacock feathers captured under a microscope. سبحان الله #TuesdayThoughts


#जीवनसंवाद आत्‍महत्‍या और घर का तनाव! स्वयं को सोशल मीडिया की बंद हवेली से निकालने का समय आ गया है. एक-दूसरे मिले बिना हम आत्‍महत्‍या के संकट को केवल बढ़ाते जाएंगे. यह थमने वाला नहीं!… #TuesdayThoughts

There was more Evidence in Babu Owino's case than even Jowie Irungu's case. Injustice and Corruption in our kenyan Judiciary is moving Platinum indeed. #BabuOwino


Can someone help me here? Bond money deposited by #BabuOwino will be used to pay for the treatment of his victim. But the aim of a bond is to make the suspect obey the court. After the bond is used, what would make Owino attend court? #justicefordjevolve

People love Kenya but NOT the Government. Government has been the worst failure of the most civilized man on the street today. They have ignored the tolerance shown by citizens. Sad!! #BabuOwino #justicefordjevolve Maraga Jowie


Cliff Ombeta has been showing mercy to the guilt forgetting the cruelty he's posing to the innocent. Sad. Very sad. Lawyers should be courageous to condemn and reject the liberal agenda of tyrants for prosperity of the nation. #BabuOwino #justicefordjevolve jowie Maraga


Many appear indignant upon release of Babu . It's bad manners to compare Jowie, Sarah and Babu's cases. They are three different cases I'm not happy just like anyone else about his conduct. However, the bail is founded in Law & there's nothing we can do Don't blame judiciary

The conditions of a valid repentance are as follows: a. One leaves the sin, b. One feels remorse for the action committed, c. One resolves to not return to it, and d. One pays back or returns what one owes if the sin involves the rights of others. [Nawawi, Riyad al-Salihin]

Can somebody confirm for me if this pictures are true of what TangaTanga went to do in Naivasha. Sugoi Pangani #BabuOwino


“Any resolutions of any meeting not convened in accordance with the provisions of the party Constitution are therefore not official party resolutions,” - Tuju

Somewhere on this continent.... #BabuOwino Cliff Ombeta Tuju

Saint Ephraim the Syrian, a teacher of repentance, was born at the beginning of the fourth century in the city of Nisibis (Mesopotamia) into the family of impoverished toilers of the soil.


140 Tanga Tanga MPs started converging in Naivasha on Sunday. Yesterday morning, President Uhuru Kenyatta telephoned DP Ruto asking for a meeting at State House, Nairobi. The 2-person meeting started at 10am & it lasted for 5 hrs. It seems the Naivasha show of force/power worked.

There is a game park in Naivasha called Crescent Island. In that park you go for a game walk. The park has wildebeest, giraffes, zebras, etc. If the giraffe parks in Nairobi are too congested, try crescent Island. Cost 800/- #Naivashalovefest #KorogaFestival #TurnupatKoroga


We are your trusted salary advance partner. We believe in impacting lives, in raising income for the achievement of goals. visit us today and access up to 60000 in salary advance loans. ''Maraga'' ''Pangani'' ''Sugoi'' ''Nairobi'' #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation ''Tuju''


Let's leave Tuju for a moment, I see yesterday in Naivasha George Theuri & Millicent Omangwa wa present. You guys, it's TangaTanga in every aspect


How far can you really go with someone in this day and age? #KameneAndKibe @kibeandy @Kiss100kenya

I have decided 2020 I will stop listening to @KameneGoro #KameneAndKibe @Kiss100kenya

11. I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: Mat 3:11 KJV

Let me zip my mouth n continue hustling for my kids #corruption, #LocustInvasion , #BabuOwino #mainaandkingangi , Tuju.


As a young person, student or small business owner, have you made your voice heard in the #BBI debate? Take advantage of this moment and speak truth to power. #DayBreak @TheRealBBI

Under The Bus #KameneAndKibe @kibeandy @Kiss100kenya Madame wa kuenda kuiba vitu mkienda kwa nyumba za machali. I'm throwing you under the bus! Who are you throwing under the bus today?#KameneAndKibe @KameneGoro @Kiss100kenya

#brekko @MajimajiKenya @King_Kafu @nicmuhando Okoth Obado free. Aisha Jumwa free. #BabuOwino free. Corrupt governors free. Corrupt govt officials free. Al-Shabaab financiers free. Jowie locked. Jobless youths jailed. Dreadlocked youths jailed. Low income hustlers jailed. Bure!

Secretary General Raphael Tuju was right. The meeting at Naivasha was not a Jubilee PG. It was a group of inconsistent #tangatanga militants who are keen to wreck the president's legacy. There is need for serious overhaul in house leadership. Murkomen should just get sacked!!


"I grew up in a very rough neighborhood, we did not have memory cards for our play was a rough childhood” – Amandeep #DayBreak

Hawa ndio Ruto’s strategists, nikama watu walikulana mbaya sana hiyo Naivasha.


Fam, what's the first thing you do when you get back home in the evening or at night from work/school? #GMITM

Mr. @TujuRaphael, what exactly are you reacting to?Just checked the Official Statement from Naivasha. Nothing about Jubilee PG, it is all building bridges. Statement read by a Ford Kenya Legislator from Bungoma! A Jubilee SG reacting to unofficial chatter& avoiding the OFFICIAL?


Imagine missing out on #ValentinesJamboree2020 when everyone else is getting a ticket for the same.

Do you trust Kenyan Judiciary? Do you think they are corrupt and aren't working efficiently? Why? #Brekko


"Why is the majority of inmates in #Kenya the poor people? We demand a working judiciary free of corrupt judges now!" This banner has put up in major routes heading to CBD @Ma3Route #Brekko do you trust our judiciary and why? You can sight a case


Gladys Wanga, Woman Rep. Homa Bay on how the BBI will help solve the country’s economic crisis #DayBreak

"I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." ~Luke 5:32 #Hope #Jesus #Bible

The BBI divide: “The DP should come out clear, he is undermining the President while pretending not to be undermining him…” - Gladys Wanga #DayBreak

“At the end of the day even the Deputy President has the moral obligation to support the agenda of the President wholeheartedly…” - Esther Passaris #DayBreak

"Maybe we are the ones who have high expectations of our judiciary " because justice is no where to be found? #kameneandkibe @kibeandy @Kiss100kenya

The BBI divide: “I want us to move from lamenting and stating our problems to solutions…why are we going back to the people when we had said in paragraph one that it is the most consultative in the history of Kenya…” - Gladys Shollei #DayBreak

We expanded govt under nusu mkate. How united were we at that time? Uhuru has expanded his cabinet with CASs & even a minister without portfolio. How united do we feel today? No proof that expanding executive leads to unity exists. We only have evidence of the opposite. #DayBreak

THERE cannot be a referendum before we get to see the questions. As it is, nothing in the BBI requires referendum. I say this with clarity of mind, and well advised in the law, and having read and internalized the BBI recommendations. #DayBreak

“We represent the people but the people have the vote, let the people vote for what it is in the BBI that they like or do not like…” - Esther Passaris #DayBreak

You do want to live in a state of uncertainty! #KameneAndKibe @kibeandy @Kiss100kenya

Good Morning Nairobi, Hello world. #GMITM - Who's already up?

"When prayer is combined with repentance and faith it revives the soul which has been tempted by corporeal desires and disperses mental attackers. These weapons are fire for the latter, but for us they're a source of power, life, and salvation." - Saint John of Kronstadt


Rep your hood and hustle this morning! Where are you listening from? And what are you getting up to? #GMITM

Mume rauka fiti? Githaa ni ya kuchangamkia #Brekko served by @MajimajiKenya and @King_Kafu And today we #Hangout with @RahabRenewed Good morning


Gotta love it when d*zn*t call you to repentance by challenging you to a "fite."


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