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VAR Were Liverpool lucky to get a draw ? Rashford said Liverpool did not deserve to draw 1-1 last night

Today help us celebrate our Senior Health Reporter @quad263 Kuda Pembere's birthday. Here is to a long life filled with blessings and opportunities #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #MondayMorning


Van Dijk needs to get back on the gains. Rashford brushed him off like he weighed the same as a bag of crisps

Gårsdagens kamp er sur. Det som samtidig er deilig er at Liverpool spiller uavgjort på Old Trafford på en så dårlig dag, mens City taper mot Norwich og Wolves på sånne dager.

อดัม ลัลลานาเปิดเผยว่า เจอร์เกน คล็อปป์ บอกสั้น ๆ แค่ว่าจงลงไปสร้างความอิมแพ็คเพื่อเปลี่ยนเกมก่อนถูกเปลี่ยนลงสนามไปยิงตีเสมอ แมนเชสเตอร์ ยูไนเต็ด ได้ในศึก พรีเมียร์ลีก เกมแดงเดือดเมื่อคืนนี้ ▶️… #RedWar #Lallana #Klopp #LiverpoolInThailand #lfcthai @please7


Huyu naye akikuwa dem yangu i think i tutahama naye Nairobi tuanze life. Nairobi is a very hostile environment for relationships.

World class players from Top 6 ARS: Aubameyang Lacazette CHE: Kante LIV: Alisson Robertson Lallana Mane Firmino MC Ederson Cancelo Laporte Rodri Fernandinho Bernardo Bernabe Silva De Bruyne Sterling Sane Aguero Jesus MU De Gea TOT Son Eriksen The Harry Kane Thoughts

To everyone clamoring about Watchmen: this is Lindelof. I'm not even thinking of touching it until the season's complete, and even then if there's even a whiff of a Mystery Box I ain't touching it. Several times bitten, many times shy.


Another 2,500 Kenyans to lose their jobs with Betin set to close 500 retail outlets


10:31 Building Nairobi expressway through Uhuru Park will adversely affect it as a recreational facility. GoK should explore other options away from the park. Hands off Uhuru Park! via @MiteiRober

I knew Luam growing up in Nairobi and my friend Mark liked her a lot though he tried they never dated..she was beautiful and quiet..the quiet type. Many years later she married the Prime Minister’s son and led a quiet life while he continued to party hard.

Congratulations Sir Elvis for the win. Made us real proud on #JeffAndHamoOnHot @KoinangeJeff @HamoProf @VDJClyde @teddyeugene


In my book on the hardest things on earth 1. Ignoring a holiday 2. Saving money 3.lying to a woman face to face Professorial wisdom #JeffandHamoOnHot

Looks like Lindelof’s “Watchmen” is upsetting the same sorts of people who got so upset that “Doctor Who” might cast a female lead. They’re getting upset that it’s so... [insert dogwhistle euphemism for “featuring people of colour”]. Good for Lindelof. And screw those people.

Peter #Ramsauer #CSU möchte den Menschen nicht zu viel #Klimaschutz zumuten. Was wird den Menschen in Fairbourne #Wales zugemutet, der 1.Stadt #Europas, die wg steigendem #Meeresspiegel aufgegeben wird? #notmyklimapaket #Krisenrealität #Klimaflüchtlinge…

The French aren't happy about a photo of Jaco Peyper with Wales fans – find out more here…


And here's what I want to know...Why? How does it connect to the overall narrative of the show? It shares a theme with the story, but what is the connection beyond that one theme? It seems to only have been included because Lindelof heard Coates talk about it.…

கராத்தேவில் மெர்சல்.. ஒரே நேரத்தில் சகோதர சகோதரியாக பிறந்த இரட்டையர்கள்.. கஸ்தூரி அளித்த விருது… #kasthuri #twins #karaikal

Night in the cold for some families in Kawangware after a fire incident razed down their houses. The Kenya Red Cross is currently on the ground carrying out an assessment. Special thanks to Nairobi City County fire team for containing the situation last night.


My parents ....Mr n Mrs Mugalo ..nawahenzi #AlexNaJalas

#AlexNaJalas I celebrate my mum Joyce samoe in TIMBOROA and my wife Jacklin Kalya They are my heroes @Alex_Mwakideu @JalangoMwenyewe @DicksonMpapale @irenebarungi

Good result by Man Utd. We are now clear of the relegation zone by 2 massive points with a positive goals difference. Come on United!!!

A huge thanks to the Secret Service, United States Capital Police, and United States State Police for the amazing work in protecting the polling stations this weekend. We hope all Americans got a chance to get out and cast their vote safely!


X JAPAN YOSHIKI、ラグビーワールドカップ日本対南アフリカ戦に登場!会場ではプレゼンターも務める… #XJAPAN #YOSHIKI #ラグビーワールドカップ2019日本大会 #rwc2019 #ラグビー日本代表 @YoshikiOfficial @rugbyworldcupjp @JRFUMedia

Martial’s make a wish is over now doctors pulling the plug soon…

#Apertura2019 | Los príncipes azules ganaron de visita con goles de Josué Mitchell, Janderson Pereira y Delfino Álvarez. Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa 2-3 Cobán Imperial.


Acho que o Nino trava a perna do Gabriel, mas no fim raspa na bola. Também acho que o Lucas Silva forçou o toque no Léo Pereira. Adoro ver o futebol brasileiro permitindo mais contato, mas o que não pode é pro outro lado marcarem coisas ridículas como o pênalti no Pedro Rocha.

Andreas Pereira is a very average player, he's not worth any hype

#DATO Equipos con más goles en contra en las 5 Grandes Ligas de Europa: [22] Paderborn [21] Watford, Augsburgo, Mónaco y Norwich City [20] Genoa [19] BETIS

#MashujaaDay2019: Raila calls on Kenyans to support the BBI


My heroes are the unemployed youth,they are able to fend for themselves despite the government neglecting them #sundaylive

FLOODS OF MISERY: Hundreds of people displaced by floods in Wajir County. Over 3,500 animals swept away in Marsabit County. Gov’t provides relief food to over 4000 displaced people. Met department says rains to persist until tomorrow #SundayLive


My hero is my Dad. He had no formal employment but he hustled to sell bone broth, Mandazi and coffee to villagers to see my 3 siblings & I through school up to the university level- My mum behind him @citizentvkenya @KoinangeJeff @VickyRubadiri. #sundaylive

MOMBASA INSECURITY: Residents live in fear over marauding gangs’ terror. Gangsters have killed over 40 people in the past one year. Police killed over 30 suspects in the same period #SundayLive


4 yaşındaki oğlunu otomobilin çarpmasından önlemek için yola fırlayan baba hayatını kaybetti. Otomobilin çarpma anı kameralara böyle yansıdı

Herkes anasının kuzusu sonuçta baba

selena gibi mükemmel, başarılı, zarif bir kadınla hailey gibi baba parası yüzünden model olmuş, vasıfsız, boş bir kadını karşılaştırmaktan vazgeçin

Congratulations @EliudKipchoge for being awarded the Elder of the Golden Heart (EGH) medal by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier today during the Mashujaa Day celebrations at Mama Ngina Waterfront Park. #MashujaaDay2019


Game day. Manchester United vs Liverpool Let's win this United. #GGMU #KenyansTAKEOVER #KOTLoyals #MashujaaDay2019

On les a jamais vu au même endroit #WALvFRA


Mliuliza Raila anapeana orders za dredging kama nani?Haya, mumejibiwa!@RailaOdinga #tukonews #SundayMotivation #MashujaaDay2019…

Mimi najishangilia kama shujaa wewe jishangilie #MashujaaDay2019 #Twajishangilia #MashujaaSunday #KOTLoyals

My humble verdict: we're good enough to dispatch Wales and (in the very unlikely event of it) edge England. Still 15 points short of beating the All Blacks in 2 weeks time.

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