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Omg happy #WorldSnakeDay to my old 'friends' who have broken me down for the last 12 years!!!!! Hope you get what's coming to you x

Actions speak louder than words. The Kronke’s aren’t invested emotionally in AFC. It’s an investment vehicle for them. If they really wanted to make a statement, put cold hard cash into the club allowing us to buy the players we need. All bluster and no substance. #WeCareDoYou

How Blockchain Works — And How We Can Use It - ALTCOIN MAGAZINE - Medium:… : : #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptobloggers #bitcoin #binance #ethereum #mondaymotivation #monday #mondaymood #lionking #future #ieo #initialexchangeofferings

Josh Kroenke memberikan surat terbuka (atas nama Kroenke Sports & Entertainment) untuk memberikan respon atas surat bertajuk #WeCareDoYou yang diajukan pada mereka baru-baru ini.


«Hay que insistir en que la felicidad es, más que nada, una búsqueda. No es una tarea fácil ni una especie de destino que nos aguarda y llegará inevitablemente», escribe la filósofa Victoria Camps en 'La búsqueda de la felicidad' (@arpaeditores).…

Picked Cait up yesterday she now wants to go to Vault 95. Will pick up the final Eddie Winter tape from Quincy (left the worst one till last) and then take her. Yesterday was a good day of looting and we visited the library for Daisy on our travels. #Fallout4

It is advisable to invest when you are still young, even though money may be tight, young adults have a time advantage of being able to grow an investment by reinvesting the earnings. Start today by calling 0711082333 #TujengeHomes #MikeAndTerry #LaughFestival


Watch: Naivas Supermarket distances itself from meat outlets that use chemicals to preserve meat products #RedAlert…

Revelatie: Perr Schuurs wordt een vaste waarde en schakelt Ronaldo en Griezman uit in de CL. Deceptie: Quincy Promess vindt dat hij te weinig speelt omdat Neres, Tadic, Ziyech en Dolberg voorkeur krijgen en gaat naar Feyenoord. #grillburgerchallenge @arcinho #pantelicPodcast

‘Ministry of Health has collected random samples from various outlets for analysis… Results will be shared with the public immediately they are out’ ~ @MOH_Kenya on #RedAlert expose on NTV.


shugaboy I second you hapo kwa chips na ketchap...mwambie mwashumbe asiangalie utamu tu wa chips..look all the characteristics #MwashumbeNaShugaboy

Does '0 grazing' or dating someone in the office ever go well? @Joey_Muthengi @Palloti76 #JoeyAndMartin

The case of Esther Arunga is sad and tragic. A mind and a life held captive by Timberlake.

Have you ever spent a night in a cell?#MikeAndTerry

The #PresDigitalTalentProgram aims at building the gok’s capacity in ICT & digital innovations to enhance efficient and effective service delivery to Kenyans will provide graduates with an opportunity for a full year of on-the-job training both in public and private institutions


Through the platform, one can get to know of the opportunities available in regards to their skills. #PresDigitalTalentProgram @jeroch1

What are the biggest challenges that the youth face when seeking employment? #PresDigitalTalentProgram @Jeroch1


Kabla ule hiyo Nyama au uisusie na Pengine Haina hayo madini ya NAHSO3 jiuliza vp kuhusu huyo mnyama lishe yake ilikua Bora au pia naye alilishwa Madini. #maswalinimengi #RedAlert

They need Sodium metabisulfite but for relationships #RedAlert…

Day 2: #KenyaTradeweek2019 we are all set for you @KICC_kenya We have products both counterfeit and genuine up for display.Question is..can you tell the difference?Visit our stand & lets interact more @halake_elema @FloraMutahi @Trade_Kenya @MAAITO_SDTKe


.@Arrow_dental offers the following services :- 1)Consultation 2)Teeth alignment and Replacement 3)Fillings and Root Canal Treatments 4)Teeth Whitening 5)Extraction and minor surgeries 6)Gum Treatment/Scaling #ArrowDentalTuesday


Ensure that you seek medical attention in good time in case of any dental issues. #ArrowDentalTuesday

What Manchester United’s £80m move for Harry Maguire proves about their transfer policy…


The Supreme Court adopts revisions to the Law Student Practice Rule

Jokowi: Saya Butuh Menteri-menteri yang Berani - VIVA usul pak, Dr Rizal Ramli,Dr Dewa Koesnadi,dan Prof Joko Edy Abdurrahman,Kalau mau Menteri yang Berani dan Cerdas ! @Joked2019 ⁦@RamliRizal⁩ ⁦…

#Karnataka | If the resignations are accepted, the 13-month-old Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka will lose the majority, paving the way for the BJP to stake claim to form the government.…

The Annual Bankers' Conference 2019 is happening right now at Serena Conference Center Kampala, Governor, Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile is representing the Bank of Uganda. @ugandabankers #BankingConf19


بند کمرے میں طاری جمود کی کیفیت اور پھر جولائی کی نہ رکنے والی بارشیں ،کھڑکی سے نظر آتے مبہوت درخت اور دور کھڑے بارش میں بھیگتے ہمیشہ سے جامد سرسبز پہاڑ جن پہ کبھی حرکت کا شائبہ تک نہیں ہوا،چہرے سے ٹکرانے والی بےجان پنکھے کے گھومتےپروں سےنکلنےوالی نم ہوا، زندگی رک سی گئی ہوجیسے

موبائل کمپنیز کے مطابق سپریم کورٹ کے نئے احکامات کے تحت انتظامی اور سروسز کی مد میں وصول کیا جانے والا 10 فی صد اور 1.95 فی صد متفرق ٹیکس اب صارفین سے وصول نہیں کیا جائے گا۔ #UrduVoA #Pakistan #CellularNetwork…

Tuju finds himself in the middle of a dirty war pitting two camps in the ruling party…

16Years Ago 26th of June 2003,after 72 minutes of play, a death was announced of a Cameroonian footballer Mark Vivien Foe. RIP Marko. Miguna Otile Esther Ozil #Brekko Ethic #WeCareDoYou #TuesdayMotivation #EstherArunga #BBNaija2019


‘Can’t force us to attend assembly’: Karnataka’s rebel MLAs tell Supreme Court… #KarnatakaCrisis


Loll, #algerian s have been going out by millions for 21 weeks in a row to get rid of the corrupt government but no mention in the media. Why? #fake_news #Algeria #Yetna7aw_Ga3 #cnn #bbcnews @mohamedzitout


Tell her why leave her kids @JalangoMwenyewe uliza huyu dem pia @Alex_Mwakideu @Milele_FM is she sensitive about her kids I also blame her ?? #AlexNaJalas

Karibu ndani ya Bunge La Maisha! Leo tuko naye Fredrick Okango @fokango ambaye ni Secretary General at Thirdway Alliance @Thirdwaykenya na pia Nyeri County @County19Nyeri Speaker John Kaguchia @JohnKaguchia @mcatricky #BillyNaTricky @radiomaisha


Welcome to day two of the #AfroAsiaFintechFest ! 1500+ participants, 45 countries represented.


Live on air, Bunge La Maisha Na Fredrick Okango - Thirdway Alliance SG @EAukot na Speaker wa nyeri John Kaguchia. Karibu Kwa Bunge La Maisha. #BillyNaTricky


Bunge la Maisha is going Live On Air anytime from now! #BillyNaTricky


Esther Arunga and the hubby once told Australian authorities that they used to live in a cave in Kenya and give the child paracetamol so that the child would not cry and attract animals or authorities. We have weed and good kush.



It's time to shine. When devine connection my Galilaya GATES will be accomplished. Kisii tunapokea neno mama Taifa. He knows how to Beautifies me Ekweme. @EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele

Thank you my beautifier for taking away my shame, pain and reproach & making my life so beautiful @EvahMwalili @shalom_chris #BarakaZaMilele

My beautifier you've taken away the shame, taken away the pain, you've made my life so beautiful @Milele_FM @EvahMwalili @DOmusebe @brian_kutukhulu #BarakaZaMilele

Amen to God's word. I believe dat at His appointed time He will make everything in my life beautiful @EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele

kwa wakati wangu mambo yatakuwa sawa @EvahMwalili #barakazamilele

he is my beautifier I will never regret to solemnly serve him... He is a time changer #BarakaZaMilele

He has made every thing beautiful on its own time @EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele

Umenifanya ning'are Mwenyezi Mungu. I give all the glory and honor to you @EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele

Umereceive "00 to KPLC PREPAID"ama unatumia koroboi,

We can not claiming ignorance for two witnesses of revelation 11 because the evidence is very clear #ElijahTheHarbinger


Obedience to The Voice of The LORD spoken through #ElijahTheHarbinger is key. The message is repent and prepare the way, The MESSIAH is coming soon.…


Bu milletin külüne üflesen altından iman çıkar. Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan

This Summer Heat it's time to Grill & Chill #MondayMotivation

I think little guy passed out in the middle of playing! #MondayMotivation #kitten #cats

Harry Maguire has pictures of Lewis Dunk on his wall hth

«Les scènes auxquelles on a assisté jeudi sont encore plus révoltantes que les heurts entre les Gilets jaunes et les forces de l'ordre» ➡ Les élus de Paris craignent de nouveaux débordements pour Algérie-Sénégal, la finale de la #CAN2019…


Do VCs really favor white male founders? To test the premise, @StanfordGSB Prof. Ilya Strebulaev sent 80,000 emails pitching fake startups to 28,000 venture capitalists and angel investors, signed with names indicating gender and ethnicity.

Stop looking to Twitter to save us. Stop looking to Mueller to save us. Stop looking to Pelosi to save us. Stop looking to the Supreme Court to save us. This is going down to the 2020 election. Work on helping register voters, and GET OUT THE VOTE.…

Late additions to Tomorrow on #r4today… Prof Peter Piot on Ebola, ocean advocate @LewisPugh, the surgeons who successfully separated conjoined twins Safa & Marwa and saving the UK's rarest reptile - the smooth snake


I'm a huge fan of Rekless from the Ethic Entertainment group. And I choose reserve my comments about the Otile Brown collabo.

Doesn't wisdom call out?Doesn't understanding raise her voice?On the heights along the way,where the paths meet,she takes her hand; beside the gates leading into the city,at the entrances,she cries aloud: #ElijahTheHarbinger is here! "Turn you,O men,I call out;I raise my voice!"

The latest confession by the Senior Rabbi in Jerusalem that shook the world emanated from their vast knowledge of the Torah and the obvious Truth that Elijah comes alongside Moses What is the gentile world waiting to prepare the way of THE LORD? #ElijahTheHarbinger

Acts:4.12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." You have to surrender your life to King Jesus. He is the only remedy we have. Because #ElijahTheHarbinger is here to prepare us.

1 / The battle for democracy has moved from the United States Supreme Court to a court in Wake County. While @SCOTUS rendered a disappointing 5-4 decision refusing to strike down partisan gerrymandering, Court acknowledged two important points. #ncpol @CommonCauseNC #fairmaps


The main role of #ElijahTheHarbinger is to prepare a people, a Holy People to see the Kingdom of God and not to perish in hell. The LORD is so merciful that He sent Elijah to come and warn us of our evil and repent because the coming of the Messiah is near.


Supreme Court of Canada to decide this Thursday whether it will hear Westjet v Lewis appeal. At issue is whether a sexual harassment policy can form the basis for a breach of contract claim & whether a claimant can bypass human rights regime and go straight to the courts #SCC

"00 to KPLC PREPAID" just goes to show that @Twitter Bots are not smart at all!

That's a wrap for Music and Creative Arts Camp 2019 at Star Lake Camp! The campers gave it their all during the finale performance and developed discipline and work ethic skills throughout the week. We're excited to see these youth continue to encourage others with their talents!


Did you know with as little as from Kshs 23,000 per year you can get an insurance cover for you and your family?? Contact 0717573154 for more information about this and many products and stay healthy... Esther Arunga Ethic #ElijahTheHarbinger Kawangware


taehyungs work ethic is rlly admirable but i just found it personally offensive when he had the audacity to say his pics were clapped bc the angle was crap during that one photoshoot, that indirectly called me ugly in a way

My two cents on #RedAlert : The story by @DennisOkari sounded more like the Usual rant we get in our local investigatives. Questions I was hoping Denno should have helped find answers to: 1. Who is sleeping on the job at @KEBS_ke ? 2. ... Thread...


This is what other supermarkets in Kenya should have done already #PR #RedAlert #CrisisCommunication…

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta is received at the #AfroAsiaFintechFest earlier today.


#KenyaTradeWeek2019 Government and Private Sector representatives this afternoon signed a commitment charter to implement the Integrated National Export Development and Promotion Strategy @WilliamsRuto @Kiptoock @KenyaGovernors @KEPSA_KENYA @KAM_kenya @RailaOdinga @PeterMunya


#fintech gives us the best hope for some specific objectives most notably Financial inclusion & Equitable growth - CBK Governor @njorogep #AfroAsiaFintechFest (Thread)


lami jud magpuyo sa lugar na dili big deal tanan and kebs lang ang mga tao

#Fintech is a big opportunity for new companies & old companies becoming new. #AfroAsiaFintechFest was not organised by the FANGS but by 2 regulators focused on stability & protecting consumers @MAS_sg @CBKKenya


William Ruto: We have made progress in laying the foundation for sustained, broad-based economic growth. This programme includes industrial development and expansion, which will create wealth, jobs and enhance exports. #KenyaTradeWeek2019


William Ruto: We have to produce a bigger array of our products to reach a greater expanse of the market. #KenyaTradeWeek2019


William Ruto: Kenya needs to up its export volume. Kenya’s export numbers lag behind the export numbers in the region #KenyaTradeWeek2019


Let's make information available... How & where do I start as a youth leader?@MyleaderKE Do I have the right mentorship... Visit for information and get to know more of how you can be a useful youth in Kenya today #FormNiWorks


Tuju answers Ruto over opposition tweet…

Raphael Tuju's gameplan with Uhuru and Raila against William ruto via @YouTube

It was Magical in London as #TheLionKingMovie premiered. #TheLionking movie was largely inspired by the diverse landscapes and abundance of wildlife in #MagicaKenya's National parks and Reserves. This Affirms Kenya as the undisputed home of safari and Adventure. #EmbracetheMagic


Maguire when aubameyang tries to win a header…

10 Mindful Tips To Beat The Monday Dreads via @forbes #mindfulness #MondayMotivation

A Birthday Wish to Her Excellency @DolapoOsinbajo wife of the HEVP @ProfOsinbajo . More years in wisdom and grace. #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts


Being a good leader means having the compassion to listen to the needs and feelings of others. #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #MondayMorning #Greatness #newweek #DaybreakHitz #focus #leadership #inspire #GoalOfTheDay


Mi lista de los mejores deportistas de la historia: Federer,Jordan, Alí, Maradona,Phelps,Bolt,Schumacher

Excelente semana, com muita força, fé e obstinação.

Rektörümüz Prof.Dr.Alim Yıldız ,FETÖ terör örgütünün demokrasi ve millî egemenliğimize karşı kalkıştığı hain darbe girişimine,milletimizin #15Temmuz da yiğit duruşunu, iman gücünün tankın gücünü yendiği kahramanlığı anlatan serginin açılışına İlimiz protokolü ile birlikte katıldı


"Çocuklarınızı Gülen okullarına gönderirseniz Yahudi'ye asker yetiştirmiş olursunuz" Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan #15TemmuzDemokrasiveMilliBirlikGünü


राॅजर फेडरर आजपर्यंत ४वेळा विंब्लडन फायनलमध्ये पराभूत झाला आहे. त्याला नदालने एकदा तर जोकोविचने ३ वेळा पराभूत केले आहे. #म #मराठी #Wimbledon #Federer @Maha_Sports @Mazi_Marathi


राॅजर फेडरर ग्रॅंडस्लॅममध्ये उपविजेता २००९- ऑस्ट्रेलियन ओपन, नदाल २००६, ०७, ०८, ११- फ्रेंच ओपन, नदाल २००८- विंब्लडन, नदाल २०१४, १५, १९- विंब्लडन- जोकोविच २००९- युएस ओपन, डेल पोट्रो २०१५- युएस ओपन, जोकोविच #म #मराठी #Wimbledon #Federer @Maha_Sports @Mazi_Marathi


How Matthijs de Ligt transfer could impact Man Utd pursuit of Harry Maguire…

Leicester City have agreed a £45m deal to sign Brighton defender Lewis Dunk. He’ll replace Harry Maguire, who is joining Manchester United for around £80m. #MUFC

Je passe ma journée entre ombre lumière à penser aux deux balles de match de Federer puis au coup franc de Mahrez. Ambivalence émotionnelle très troublante. Raconter à qui veut l’entendre ce 14 juillet 2019 est un devoir de mémoire.

Rest in Peace Prof. Ephraim Wadonda Chirwa


Tunisia's league, Tunisia Ligue Pro 1 League was formed in 1921.

Happy to be at the @DELTASAfrica19 meeting in Dakar where Prof. Aminata Sall DIALLO stated “being in science means being good or no good, but not being male and female” @AASciences @AAS_AESA @DELGEME1 @wanecam_2


Best Football Clubs In Africa 1) TP Mazembe (DR Congo) 2) Al-Ahly (Egypt) 3) Wydad Casablanca (Morocco) 4) Étoile du Sahel (Tunisia) 5. Esperance (Tunisia) 6. Mamelodi Sundowns (SA) 7. USM Alger (Algeria) 8. ES Sétif (ALG) and Zamalek (Egypt) 10. Zesco United (Zambia).

Riyad Mahrez: Super Eagles made things difficult for us

The same people complaining about maguire are the same ones who would be pissed off at our board if he went to city #Maguire #Mufc

Best Leagues In Africa 1) Tunisia Ligue Pro 1. 2) Egyptian Premier League. 3) DR Congo Premier League. 4) Morocco Botola Pro. 5) Algeria Ligue Pro 1. 6) South Africa Premier Soccer League (PSL).

We sell, hire and modify shipping containers into stalls, offices, houses etc. visit: Tel: 0720099714 #RedAlert #Dennis Okari


Vijana wanaacha mihadarati, wanakula nyama za supermarket wanadedi. #RedAlert

BBI is a team headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, they receive instructions from the two leaders. The main aim of BBI team is to introduce position of POWERFUL PRIME MINISTER . The PM is already known the only thing missing is the President. @EAukot is genuine.


From the 5 CAF members from the north Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria have won the Afecon at home. Only Morocco won away from home in Ethiopia. Only Lybia has not won the Afcon from the north. Egypt at home 1986,2006 Algeria 1990 Tunisia 2004 ...

I think Kenyans are just cursed or something. #ThisManUhuru trending and praising him today just after the #RedAlert scam? And we expect the same people to vote wisely in the next 3 years? Not even 24hours has elapsed???

Same governors who were seeking for immunity for their impunity now want more cash.#DevolvedGreed

We set the standards when it comes to footwear. Exclusively available at our shop @ Ksh 1500. Call or whatsApp us on 0729317944 for orders. Thika Dennis Okari Tuju Kenyans Tanzania Burma Matiang'i #Nairobi #NTVInvestigates #HarambeeStars


Good Morning. Your meat has chemicals in it, the price of fuel is going up, the President is on Thika Rd so there's traffic & Watchmen are getting guns & the ability to make arrests. Also. Magical Kenya was promoting Kenya at the UK premiere of The Lion King & that's quite dope

Novak Djokovic's inspiring win ignited the internet as many celebrities and athletes reacted to what many are calling one of the greatest Grand Slam finals of the Open era. More:


Djokovic has saved 2 match points and beaten Federer at 3 different Slams now. US Open 2010 US Open 2011 Wimbledon 2019 4 of the 6 he saved with clean groundstroke winners.

Ya q aun se habla de Federer, cuando una canchita de tenis para lebu?? Jaajjssja

Finalmente consegui terminar, crc mané tô sentindo um vazio aqui no meu peito

Roger Federer: Bardzo ciężko jest przyjąć taką porażkę

Win: England #CWC19Final Super Over #WimbledonFinal #ENGvsNZ #CricketWorldCupFinal #ALGNGA Federer Djokovic Roger Padre Marcelo #DeltanNaPGR Djokovic Novak Senegal Rules Belle #RacistInChief Mahrez Novak New Zealand #ICCWC2019 #getalamin #fiverr #wordpress


Novak Djokovic é meu eterno crush mds que homão da porra

Harry Maguire will lead us into Area 51 successfully. No fuckin alien is gonna mess with the Brexit Virgil van Dijk.

Jalani Tes Medis, Harry Maguire Siap Gabung United…

Just like in 2002 after Raila had helped Mwai Kibaki and the Mafia regain control of the State @RailaOdinga and his zombies will wake up to the rude reality AFTER the Despot Uhuru Kenyatta manages to pass the #HandChieth Constitution (if we don't stop him) that it was all a hoax.

They took our division three player (Aisha Jumwa. We went full hog and signed their skipper (Rafael Tuju). #BallMbele

Transfer romours: Swap deal is on the table between Jubilee and ODM in regard to Tuju and Aisha Jumwa. The deal may not involve any monetary, but players / individuals involved may demand undisclosed signing fee.

Buleh pening pegawai khazanah lagu ni bila hala tuju tak jelas . Yg pasti hala tuju PH adalah jual aset khazanah


Western Kenya ni Dp Dr RUTO Central Kenya ni Dp Dr. Ruto. North and Eastern kenya ni Dp Dr. Ruto. South Nyanza ni Dp Dr. Ruto. Rift valley ni Dp Dr. Ruto. Raila is only supported by goons and ODM simpletons @KBonimtetezi @WilliamsRuto


Wabunge wa Jubilee wanaoegemea upande wa naibu wa rais William Ruto wameanzisha upya mchakato wa kumng'atua katibu mkuu Raphael Tuju baada ya habari kuwa huenda ni mshirika mkuu wa kinara wa ODM Raila Odinga. #NTVJioni @murithi_kenn


**FOLLOW OR RETWEET I FOLLOW BACK** We offer 2 matches for PAY AFTER WIN ksh 1000. Odds ranging 6-11 Interested?Text 'VIP Tips' to 0702235926 #SENTUN Kibaki Aisha Jumwa Waiguru Ruto Baba Mustafi Tuju Roger Raila Mike sonko Prof Maguire #CECAFAKagameCup2019


Sportpesa and bettin are now broke they can't afford placing daily advert on nation and standard newspaper watch here click this link watch how they got broke lolest stop betting #tuju #Kibaki #aishajumwa #raila #jubilee #smokincountryonhot @SportPesa


""We have seen the price of a 2kg packet of maize flour rise from Sh90 to Sh130. But how many people can afford that price? If you deal with gold, do not imagine maize is gold. Some of the people spreading propaganda are involved in selling fake gold,"~ CS Kiunjuri to Raila.

yo yendo a por mi alien a la area 51


Tired: There's aliens at Area 51 Wired: There's robots from the 1950's with super buggy programming

I leave twitter for one full day and when I come back my ENTIRE feed is flooded with Area 51 memes what tf is happening

darfst nur sliden wenn du gute area 51 memes hast tbh

los gays huyendo del fbi en el area 51

Oy puta us2 q ren pumuntang area 51 HAHAHAH gonna chop some alien dicks jk

Look at the faces of Mike and Karen Pence, Josh Hawley, Marsha Blackburn, Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis, John Cornyn and the Republicans. This picture will be around forever and we will know these people did nothing to help FOREVER #SundayThoughts #CNNSOTU #AMJoy #ThisWeek #uppers


So many of us call ourselves a disappointment on daily basis without even realizing it. Give yourself a break. You are doing the best you can. Learn to appreciate and compliment yourself. ❤️ #SundayThoughts

Mad Magazine, circa 1968. #TruthToPower Super Patriot. Screams about loving America while hating most American's. #TheResistance #SundayThoughts


This is a deep loss for the Canadian Somali community. My sincere condolences to the families who mourn the loss of Hodan and Farid, Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh killed in Somalia hotel attack | CBC News…

La Roumanie aussi fière de Simona Halep à Wimbledon que de Nadia Comaneci à Montréal

Simona se întoarce mâine în România.

600+ pages to read just for 1 paper tomorrow,,,,, may Allah ease everything



**FOLLOW OR RETWEET I FOLLOW BACK** We offer 2 matches for PAY AFTER WIN ksh 1000. Odds ranging 6-11 Interested?Text 'VIP Tips' to 0702235926 #SundayThoughts Aisha Jumwa Kibaki Waiguru Tuju Betting Sonko Maguire Ruto Raila Uhuru Deputy President Baba Jubilee FIFA


This tweet shows how desperate and frastrated deputy president is .... Ruto is scared of Tuju working closely with baba... Ruto raided odm for ababu, aisha jumwa, nanok,and mvurya. But @TheODMparty never mourned about them...


Jabidii is here with 'Chinku' #CrossoverMKU @GraceEkirapa @DJMOKenya

It doesn’t hurt to be part of the solution ... Contribute the little you can to Mpesa paybill: 832876 Account name: Dan Saruni and help #TakeSaruniToIndia for a Kidney transplant


I gather that Saruni is an orphan who urgently needs a kidney transplant in India ... Let’s help him out via the Mpesa paybill: 832876 Account name: Dan Saruni #TakeSaruniToIndia


Good morning lovely people Saruni is in need of funds to help him get medical assistance in India!! Contribute any amount today Pay Bill number 832876 Account: Dan Saruni #TakeSaruniToIndia


He needs 3 million which is something we can manage ... contribute to this noble course via the PAYBILL NUMBER: 832876 ACCOUNT: Dan Saruni #TakeSaruniToIndia


Senegal vs. Tunisia 7pm Algeria vs. Nigeria 10pm Which two teams will be in the final? #TheScoreKE #KickTheVirus #KickVirusBnC

I sneak into Area 51 and the aliens are playing 134340

me distracting the guards outside of area 51 so the aliens can escape

May Allah help our Muslims brothers and sisters being oppressed around the world

3 out of 3!! How about that!!! Well in @kenyalioness @KenyaSimbas and #Chipu for your performance today!!! #KenyaRugby


Go and perform ablution and start Qiyyamul Layl May Allah accept it from us…

Where two or more Kenyans are gathered and alcohol is involved, electoral politics shall be discussed.

It's true what @DrCarrieM is saying. The logic of bullying is that only 3% of Kenyans deserve to make it in life, and the rest must learn to accept their subordinate place. That's why we started the hashtag #tyrannyof3pc about a year ago. #CitizenWeekend

Dear Kenyans, Seems like UK MPs care more about the havoc that sports betting firms are wreaking in Kenya than GoK does.…

Glad to see @DrCarrieM teaching Kenyans have more sophisticated thinking about school violence #CitizenWeekend #tyrannyof3pc

Raila has no right to betray Kenyans but he did. He has no right to embrace a tyrant like Uhuru Kenyatta who has made Kenya a living hell for 55 million citizens. He has no right to sacrifice millions of Kenyans in pursuit of his selfish financial gain. #DespotsMustFall

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