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AFRICA BEEN LIT, y’all just finding out now!!

Free South Africa vs Australia The #RugbyChampionship Live Streaming Online On Saturday, 20 July,2019.…

Japan has never really pulled its weight Africa.…

Welcome #RUGBY Lover, Watch Free South Africa vs Australia Rugby Championship Live Stream Online, Saturday 20 July 2019 at 05:05 pm SAST , Live From : (Ellis Park Stadium).…


After Zimbabwe attained the Middle Income status and out of jealous South Africa switches us off the power grid. Zimbabwe is still open for business.


Africa's largest wind power project opens in northern Kenya

AMEN! STOP asking me what my theme is—it’s a classroom, not a child’s birthday party.…

Hey guys, we at it again. If you need someone to work on your brand logo, brand collateral, website and even commercial or even just strategy, reach out to us. #DJSBU For now, check out our work: #GraphicDesign #GraphicDesigner #WeAreAllIn #SaturdayMotivation #OnYourMark


I'm starting a new church. Our mission statement is simply this: Don't be horrible to people. Don't treat them as less worthy of love, respect, dignity, joy, and opportunity than you are. #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMotivation…

Avram Glazer likes this thinking Same mentality got Lingard Welbeck and Cleverley 21 seasons at Manchester United between them. Hope this helps…

Lads. Seriously. Mason is 17. Chong is 19. Gomes is 18. Rashford, James and AWB are 21. Martial is still only 23. Jesse Lingard another promising teenager. We are going to dominate the league in 3-5 years. Let’s start buying the confetti and sparklers right now. #MUFC #GGMU

Greenwood, Gomes and Chong should all be ahead of Lingard in our first team

Post-Match Summary - AWB 100% Tackle success rate✅ - Matic & Lingard must be replaced❌ - Daniel James & AWB Great positioning ✅ - McTominay is currently the best DM available for Manchester United ✅ - Lindelof & Axel were excellent. ✅ - High line / pressure from Utd. ✅


Jesse Lingard watching the real youngsters Greenwood and Chong destroy Inter

Happy Sabbath everyone. Use this day to meditate, pray, love, give and receive positive energy and bless others. Be blessed by the Most High

That's very true. That's the reason the #PunguzaMizigoBill2019 aims to strengthen devolution by ensuring development and service delivery is felt at peoples very doorsteps…

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether you win or lose, you have applied the best of yourselve to the task at hand.. You are a true definition of hardwork! Am proud of you #AgribusinessTalk254 #BYOBKisumu


#BYOBKisumu Blazers wanaget tips za kumake it in life from these phenomenal people! Unangoja? Join the move with @BlazeKenya today!


HAPPY SABBATH celebration you all GOD's children every where! REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS


Come feel the VIBE at #BYOBKisumu and interact with BYOB mentors. You can’t afford to miss out! #BLAZEKenya


We make you succeed in your passion. We are @BlazeKenya na hii leo tuko Kisumu city. Feel the energy!!!! #BYOBKisumu


We need such pragmatism when canvassing issues of politics and law - devoid of ethnic biases and sycophantic undertones. Well in Bwana Kamotho Waiganjo #PunguzaMizigoBill2019 @kamothowaiganjo… #EkuruAukot

People like @HonKangata and @AliceWahome & company are opposing #PunguzaMizigoBill2019 of @EAukot and @Thirdwaykenya because the bill is ✂️ their huge salaries and allowances. Ignore their "cry" and opt for development in your ward…

This is how ODM collected signatures for OKOA KENYA. Sifuna thoughts @EAukot will go their way when collecting signatures from Kenyans, one reason he was confident that #PunguzaMizigoBill2019 will not go through. NB. Say no to Blue Band Initiative(BBI)


Senior Iranian officials said that none of the country’s drones in the region had been destroyed, although a top military spokesman in the country suggested that one had approached the USS Boxer.…

Dear Lord, I don't know who or what will cross my path today. But I do know that You are my Rock and my Fortress. You are my Shield and my Strong Tower. Help me to anchor myself to You today. Teach me how to stand strong in You and choose only Your way today. Amen #MorningPrayer

Pero Cata siempre será nuestra reina reto H5 amén ❤️


Iranian cyber activity "spiked" after U.S. withdrawal from nuclear deal, says Microsoft official


Iranian forces seize 2 U.K.-linked tankers as tensions soar, Brent futures climbed as much as 1.4%. Read:


Pentagon officials on Thursday said the U.S. downed an Iranian drone that came within a “threatening range” of a United States Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuz. But Iranian officials denied those reports.

A day after the USS Boxer, an American warship, took down an Iranian drone, Iran seizes a British oil tanker



❤Happy Sabbath dearly beloved❤


The Desert Foxes are your #TotalAFCON2019 champions, after a single goal secured an Algerian victory over Senegal.…

The Desert Foxes are your #TotalAFCON2019 champions, after a single goal secured an Algerian victory over Senegal.…

Algeria won their second African Cup of Nations trophy in history, since the 1990 heroics. The Fennecs overcame the Lions of Teranga 1-0 in a lively finale played at the Cairo International Stadium on Friday night. #KawowoUpdates #AFCON2019 #SENALG…

#Afcon2019: Algeria crowned African champions after 29 years #TotalAFCON2019 The Desert Foxes of Algeria have outfoxed the Teranga Lions of Senegal. #SENALG


Nearly 60% possession for the Teranga Lions of Senegal in the Final...but they end up without scoring a goal... And still Senegal are yet to win a Africa Cup Of Nations Algeria only had 2 shots in 90 mins and they are Champions!!! @SPORTATSABC #SABCFootball #AFCON2019


#SENALG No penalty! VAR says no, to the delight of the Desert Foxes as the Teranga Lions are left disappointed.

The wounded Lions of Teranga were always going to miss Kalidou Koulibaly at the back, but also attack-wise they have done little to be honest..hate them or love them, Algeria look like they want it is what it is..

Anyway, I like the conflict of Senegal's nickname. Lions of Teranga. Looked up what Teranga was, and it means hospitality or a welcoming generosity. Which is a quality that's rarely associated with lions.

Funke Akindele wishes Kate Henshaw happy birthday, says she encouraged her on her first set @funkeakindele #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation #FridayFeeling…

For the love of all that is holy, people, stop responding to and RTing psycho conservative trolls and bot accounts tweeting things solely to get a rise out of you. Be smarter. Stop feeding the beast. It's exhausting to see you keep falling for it. #FridayFeeling

So I was staring at this picture kasi sobrang adorable nila tapos I first noticed— Akie (he looks like he just won a battle), Argel (AMEN bui), Kiara (well, she's the boss lol), Wealand (lol his face speaks, "magtataas ako kamay kasi nagtataas sila kamay")


el pelo largo de taehyung amén

Goal kick.....Prrrrrrrrrr......


Lampard: "Si Kenedy sigue mostrando este tipo de actitud y juega como lo hizo hoy, tiene un gran chance para quedarse y ser parte del equipo". #CFC


Die Ampadu-Geschichte verstehe ich nicht. 18 Jahre u ne Leihe für ein Jahr? (Lampard will ihn auf keinen Fall abgeben.) Also ein Spieler, der kurzfristig keine tragende Rolle spielt u relativ schnell wieder geht? Zudem ist er wohl ein weiterer Rechtsfuß für die Defensive.Seltsam.

Lampard hoping to rely on youngsters Zouma, Mount this season


The moment Lampard realised he’s way out of his depth and the season ain’t even started


Lampard suffers first defeat as Chelsea manager…


Way to early to really dissect Christian Pulisic's game and only a short debut for him, but there was one element that stood out which Chelsea fans should be encouraged by. #cfc…

It wasn't a long debut for Christian Pulisic, but there was one part of his game that Chelsea fans would have loved to see.…

Congratulations to winners Trivia 1. Next trivia will be at 7:55.


So you are saying the boychild has been redeemed by Manu Chandaria ? Comments fupi fupi tukienda... #YouthCafe #FridayBriefing


Binge watching #MoneyHeist after a long long day. #MoneyHeist3

Daaaaamn!!!!!!!!! I'm on Episode 3 of #MoneyHeist and my goodness!!!!!!!!!...WHHAAAAT?!?! #MoneyHeist3

Kiongozi wa chama cha Thirdway Alliance Ekuru Aukot amtaka Rais Uhuru Kenyatta, naibu wake William Ruto na kiongozi wa upinzani Raila Odinga kujitokeza wazi na kuunga mkono mswada wa punguza mzigo ulioidhinishwa na tume ya uchaguzi IEBC. #NTVJioni @vincentoduor254




Are you number 1 African football fan? First trivia at 6:30pm.


Kazi poa hapa @mohspice @ruffestdjmoh Happy to see you making such strides. Bless up! #LetLoveReignConcert


We have great deals for you this weekend across all Naivas stores.

The Thirdway Alliance Party Kenya says its offices were attacked last night, just hours after IEBC approved over one million signatures, marking the beginning of the referendum process. #NTVAtOne @vincentoduor254


Its happening tonight Technical university of Mombasa Christian Union. @TUM_CU @newton_brohgih @manyi_watuka @MesharkOwino @44Gracey #PunguzaMzigo #Raila #MainaAndKingangi #AFCON19 #Mane YOU CAN'T MISS THIS


You mean in 2019 these people are still doing this? No Mr. president, stop the talk shows. Where's @EACCKenya @DCI_Kenya @ODPP_KE ? #ArrestDuale now or is Dualle untouchable?…

Congrats to all participants, facilitators of the first QualityRights face-to-face tr'g of trainers in #Kenya. We are proud to support @qualityrightske & share in the agenda of improving mental health and its related services around the world!. #QualityRightsGh #QualityRightske


Mexican bishop considers life sentence for 'El Chapo' to be just…

‘El Chapo’ merece pena máxima, pero hay que reflexionar sobre sistema carcelario más humanitario: especialista | Audio

Six Meat Outlets In Major Supermarkets In Nairobi Closed After Expose #Brekko…


"Es hora de que el mundo tome nota y redoble sus esfuerzos". #Ebola

God are you there please help me be less dumb at astrologian and healing in general IN FFXIV amen

How those guys on Agha Khan walk outside Nairobi Cinema gather around to talk politics…

God is meeting you at the very place where you need help, and propelling you into relevance, impact and a thriving life in Jesus' name. Amen! #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #Prayer #TGIF


Motorists in Nairobi will from next month start paying clamping charges electronically after City Hall put in place a digital platform.


La muerte de un pastor cristiano por esta enfermedad, fue lo que disparó las alarmas.

Los temores de la OMS surgen por el hallazgo de una víctima de ébola dentro de la poblada ciudad de Goma, una urbe de casi 2 millones de habitantes.

The Kenya International Theatre Festival is back! bigger and better. Join us by sending us an email at or download the application form at #KITFEST2019 Nairobi Nakuru Mombasa


WHO sounds Ebola alarm as risks intensify | Via Reuters…

Six meat retailers in Nairobi shut over chemicals #RedAlert


Zlatan est en grande forme ces derniers jours…

IEBC 'killed' Okoa Kenya before it was even conceived because Okoa Kenya wanted IEBC 'killed'. The MCAs will 'kill' Puguza Mzigo before it is even born. It will go nowhere.

'El Chapo' reclamaba más horas de sueño en México


Si ati hatukujua tumekuwa tukikula sumu hii Nairobi. Lakini hiyo expose iliconfirm uoga yetu.

Thirdway Alliance party Secretary-General Fredrick Okang'o allegedly shot and injured after armed thugs stormed their offices in Nairobi on Thursday night #HivisasaNews #PunguzaMizigoBill2019



My interview with Esther Arunga in 2010... something happened to this gal.

11 हजार की जान ले चुकी इस बीमारी से दहशत में दुनिया, जानें क्‍यों जारी हुई इमरजेंसी #internationalhealthemergency #WHO #EbolaOutbreak #Congo #WorldHealthOrganization #EbolainGoma #worldmostdangerousdiseases…

Joseph Hellon: I warned Esther Arunga, she did not listen


Web Wars: From the face App storm to Esther Arunga being the most talked about person on the web this week… @IamKimaniMbugua takes us through what has been happening on the web #DayBreak


When it’s July 19th in the East Coast and La Casa De Papel still hasn’t been released #MoneyHeist

Some good news to all movie enthusiasts.....Netflix's hit series La Casa de Papel, also known as #MoneyHeist, is returning for part three TODAY! #HangOutFriday E-nteractive with @ShikoKaittany @iamjeffmote and @mungalambuvi


Kenya is staring at a referendum after IEBC verified @Thirdwaykenya's #PunguzaMizigo signatures. The initiative proposes a 7-year one-term president, reduce the number of MPs and senators from the current 416 to 147.


#Naivas should be sued for selling the meat. They should not pretend that it happened without their knowledge.

Referendum Countdown: IEBC gives nod to Punguza Mizigo bill as 1.2M registered voters backed draft bill #DayBreak


Gustavo Bordet habría ocultado la causa de cientos de muertes en Concordia @Bordet vía @RealpolitikOK

Tume huru ya uchaguzi na mipaka nchini, IEBC imeangazia zaidi ya saini milioni 1.2 katika mpango wa kushinikiza kura ya maamuzi kutoka kwa kinara wa chama cha Thirdway Alliance, Ekuru Aukot #JamboKenya


JUST IN; Thirdway Alliance Party offices along Chalbi Drive, Lavington invaded by 6 armed men, Secretary General Fred Okango shot at, party leader Ekuru Aukot says. Attack comes hours after IEBC gave party go-ahead in their #PunguzaMizigoBill2019 referendum drive. copied


Vinculamos a emprendedores de #Zempoala e #Ixmiquilpan con la Empresa Cervecera La Concordia de #Tizayuca, para que conocieran su planta e intercambiaran experiencias, que les ayuden a crear su propia empresa, por instrucciones de nuestro Secretario @Car_Muniz @SEDAGRO_HIDALGO


The only bridge crossing Tana River in Garissa town "A3Road" was built by founding father Jomo Kenyatta early 1970s To date no repair, No maintenance and it remains very strong and perfect, here a crook want to close our eyes and go away with 154M doing nothing..#ArrestDuale


The problem with @HonAdenDuale and many of his colleagues is that, they use old tactics to run their shoddy business. They forget that in this age where information is just a tap in our hands, all their schemes can be exposed. Talk of old dogs and new tricks! #ArrestDuale

I love how Garissa County locals aren't up in arms saying "mtu wetu". I am happy that the electorate has finally opened their eyes and realised that @HonAdenDuale has been using them to get the bread without even sharing the breadcrumbs. #ArrestDuale

Kumbe thise is the source of Duales unexplainable and suspicious massive wealth #ArrestDuale


What is the state of IEBC? Here is Yvonne’s take #NewsGang @YvonneOkwara @jageyo @LinusKaikai @fchurii

We cannot be talking of #SexConsentAgeKE when news anchors like @YvonneOkwara dress like they have walked out of AA brothel on luthuli Avenue to come and read news @citizentvkenya and #newsgang. Soft porn is being sold to @Kenyans daily on live TV. #PunguzaMizigoBill2019


.@Thirdwaykenya party Secretary General @fokango is reported to have been shot by the armed men. #tukonews more:…

Thirdway kenya office in Lavington has been invaded by 6 armed men. This comes barely few hours after Punguza Mizigo Bill was given the green light by IEBC. #PunguzaMizigoBill2019

Yvonne: It is interesting to take note of the time IEBC has taken to verify the signatures. Is there enough to incentivise County Assemblies to push the referendum quest to the next level? That is where we will be looking at #NewsGang @YvonneOkwara @jageyo @LinusKaikai

My first cousin, Patrick Oyugi, aunt Wambui Otieno and Rahab Wambui Muhuni mother to Hon. Peter Kenneth. Rahab, who passed on earlier today, was one of Mrs Otieno`s witnesses during the SM Otieno burial saga.


El Canciller, @m_ebrard, será el encargado de negociar con el gobierno de los Estados Unidos.

As the rainbow was to Noah, the Lord's supper is to us. A sign of the covenant. A visual reminder of God's gospel goodness. Just as Noah passed through the waters of judgment on an instrument of wood, Jesus does the same at the cross.

Lasers, razors, and other obstacles El Chapo would face in America’s most secure prison

#TBT when Yolanda Adams came out sangin on “Jesus Walks” and Kanye hitting the Diddy bop at the BET Awards!!

você tem esse fetiche? 1 - não 2 - não 3 - não muito, mas às vezes blz 4 - não muito 5 - isso é fetiche? achei q era normal usar 6 - mds não 7 - gente q isso 8 - jesus 9 - n 10 - eca é gurias eu gosto do famoso papai e mamãe e era isso curte q eu mando você tem esse fetiche?

“I believe in Jesus Christ, and I cannot move without his direction. That doesn’t mean that I’m a perfect man. But I’m always trying to please the Lord, and that’s my goal.” – Mariano Rivera, 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee…

¡Amigo fiel, verdadero y eterno es Jesús! #DiaDelAmigo #Jesús


These are the names of the owners of Naivas Supermarkets in Kenya @naivas_kenya selling poisoned meat to KENYANS countrywide. Shame on you. Killing KENYANS slowly to make profits. Shame on you.


7,000 more animals, plants and fish were just added to the @IUCN's Red List of threatened species. It says humans are destroying nature at "unprecedented" rates with hunting and habitat destruction. The list now includes 40% of all primates in Central + Western Africa.


Meksika, ABD'den uyuşturucu karteli lideri El Chapo'nun servetini istiyor: 'Para, yoksullukla mücadele programları için kullanılacak'


Una cadena perpetua no es suficiente para purgar todas las muertes ocasionadas por el contrabando de estupefacientes y armas que por años el Chapo Guzmán logró desplazar. Lo que México requiere son políticas públicas que atiendan el tráfico de todo tipo de drogas. @muralcom


#QualityRIghtsKE #Naivas #KoraneLootingGarissa #ArrestDuale when you thought you have seen and heard just to realize it's not yet over


Korane decided to make the county offices his family’s home ... Very sad #KoraneLootingGarissa


The people of Garissa i know now you're woken, You have seen how your Governor is interested only with his family. Your Governor have employees from the cemetery but they share his back account. Your County assembly speaker Abbas is just but Korane's robot #KoraneLootingGarissa

The governor Ali Korane has severally been accused of employing family members, crippling public service in the county #KoraneLootingGarissa

The people of Garissa has spoken out asking @EACCKenya to investigate how @HonAliKorane cannot repair an ambulance with wiring problems but can rent one @ 700,000 K. He must be benefiting a lot with sub county Ambulances not working #KoraneLootingGarissa

National and Nairobi county government officials have closed down a total of 6 meat outlets in Muthaiga, Buru Buru, Mavoko and a supermarket along Kenyatta avenue over concerns of the safety of the meat #KTNPrime

DETECTIVES SEIZE fake USD10 million at Fedha Estate, Nairobi. Suspects Joshua Odhiambo, Jane Ogenda and Dickson Ombaso to be arraigned tomorrow.


Finally the ceremonial majority leader Duale is exposed. Enyewe siku ya mwizi ni arubaini. What is the work of the @DCI_Kenya? This corrupt man is not above the law he must be arrested.SHENZI SANA #ArrestDuale


Dear Esther Arunga, You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. All the best.

Naivas opened a branch in Rongai a few days ago. Supplying more poison to diaspora fellas? @joelenku do the right thing for Kajiado County.

Gallery. Today, Nairobi. Paying tribute to the late Hodan and the victims of the Kismayo attack. Emotional moments and moving speeches delivered by @Counsel_Nassir, @Asmali77 and me. 1/8


Naivas Supermarket suspends sale of red meat in all its stores in Kenya.…

Nairobi County health officials raid Tuskys over meat allegedly containing chemicals


Naivas has released a statement saying it has suspended the sale of red meat across all its stores countrywide pending the results of independent testing of its meat and assessment of its supplier base. #NTVTonight #RedAlert @DennisOkari


EACC okays investigation into @HonAliKorane's forged academic papers after the university of Nairobi disowned his degree. An academic dwarf who's a KANU era man is running the affair of our county and looting it too. No wonder he's a murderer! #KoranelootingGarissa


Esther Arunga’s close shave: Arunga sentenced to 10 months’ probation. Arunga sentenced over death of son. Esther Arunga put on parole #Tonight @YvonneOkwara


Here is the controversial viral video of a sexually starved Egerton student doing it with a bottle of KC Mzinga #ArrestDuale #NyawiraisWalking #hereandnowke #KoraneLootingGarissa Naivas #SexConsentAgeKE IEBC Togo Zaha Egypt

It’s 2019. It’s post-Cambridge Analytica. If you’re still promoting Google, Facebook, and other surveillance capitalists, you aren’t neutral. You’ve chosen your side. And it’s not the side that history will look kindly upon.

Garissa is leading on Domestic / Foreign travel with 566Million. This money could have been used in important projects. Sad!!! #KoraneLootingGarissa


This is what EACC tweeted about the corrupt @HonAliKorane. Soon he'll be arraigned in court for forgery and other crimes! @ItsBravin @Ahmedkadar1 #KoraneLootingGarissa


When I was growing up , I admired Esther Arunga on TV. She was the reason I used to watch news. I empathize with her. In this life, anything can happen to you before you die.

16 year olds are not in a position to make a decision on matters sex,At 16 kids are too trusting of adults & they may not understand the responsibility & consequences that come with sex @DadapowerKE #SexConsentAgeKE

No jail time for Esther Arunga over son’s death…

En visionnant "The Great Hack", le docu sur Cambridge Analytica dispo sur Netflix le 24/07, je découvre un élément qui m'avait échappé : jusqu'en 2015, la technologie utilisée par l'officine pour cibler les électeurs lors de campagnes politiques était contrôlée à l'export.

Proposal Writing & Data Analysis ✅Proposal Writing ✅Data Collection ✅Data Analysis ✅SPSS, STATA & R Training ✅Baseline surveys ✅Market Research ✅Opinion polls ✅Customer Satisfaction Surveys ✅Employee Satisfaction Surveys +254 705370482 #ArrestDuale #SexConsentAgeKE


Aliyekuwa mtangazaji Esther Arunga ameachiliwa kwa msamaha baada ya kuhukumiwa kwa kifungo cha miezi kumi jela #JukwaaLaKtn

ODM Leader Raila Odinga,Mukhisa Kituyi, Condoles with Peter Kenneth - Raila Odinga has mourned Peter Kenneth’s mother. Raila described Ms Rahab Wambui as a strong woman who changed the lives of many. Raila, Mukhisa Kituyi also asked the family to be strong in these hard times.


Leaders mourn the death of Peter Kenneth’s mother Rahab

Have to remind myself, not to engage in constructive discussion on Twitter regarding neo colonialism. People hype Gaddafi, and the man that killed him in the same tweet.

President Uhuru Kenyatta mourn the death of Peter Kenneth’s mother


My Condolences to Peter Kenneth, an illustrious Murang’a son for the loss of your dear mum, Mama Rahab Wambui Muhuni. May the good lord give you fortitude to go through this trying period. It is well with you and your family

DP Ruto condoles with Peter Kenneth; Condolences to the family and friends of Mama Rahab Wambui, mother of former MP Peter Kenneth. Mama Wambui was affable, generous and kind. Thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones. Rest In Peace. ~ @WilliamsRuto


Condolences to the family and friends of Mama Rahab Wambui, mother of former MP Peter Kenneth. Mama Wambui was affable, generous and kind. Thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones. Rest In Peace.

The right to legal capacity: when you take away ones legal capacity you take away ones personhood @MigayoHR #QualityRIghtsKE @qualityrightske @MOHmentalhealth @MichelleFunk3


Kalvin Phillips and Kemar Roofe will both be staying at Leeds United. The opinion of Victor Orta, the man at the heart of #lufc's contract negotiations. Straight from the horse's mouth, as they say.…

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