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Simone Biles sets all-time medal record at gymnastics world championship


“Today, I want to tell the DP that he does not stand a chance of ascending the presidency in 2022. He should first tell Kenyans the source of his wealth before dreaming of becoming the next president,” said Mr Atwoli.

When I crossed the @ChiMarathon finish line, I asked a volunteer if Brigid Kosgei broke the world record. "Yeah," he said, "By over a minute." I thought surely I'd misheard him. Nope. 2:14:04. By @MattFutterman and I:…

Brigid Kosgei smashes world record, Cherono secures Kenyan double in Chicago


I'm alarmed by the rising cases of police being involved in crimes. I thought it was only junior officers doing crime bcoz they're poorly paid but with involvement of DIG in #WestlandsUnderworld, it's clear that it's pure greed and hunger for quick riches. Who will protect us?

Uhuru has turned this country into a MAFIA state. Everyone in govt, everyone in public office, everyone with powers is doing all they can to loot, kill and grab wealth. The DIG and the director of immigration should join the jobless youths. #WestlandsUnderworld #GizaLaUtajiri

COTU boss @AtwoliDza says he will issue list of names for politicians to be voted for in Western Kenya come 2022. #tukonews @WilliamsRuto…

#NoBraDay !!! Be comfortable in your own skin, the only person who can judge you is you (: you are perfect just the way you are!!!


Having no gag reflexes is truly a blessing until I’m shit faced drunk and can’t make myself throw up

DP Ruto has no place in the next government, says Atwoli


Giving all praise to my God for Marathon Number 6 and my first Marathon Major. Thank you #ChicagoMarathon for the most fun I have ever had at a marathon and my best finish. Chicago people really know how to make……

Well, puppets were controlled.....the truth is now in the public eyes... #WestlandsUnderworld


Kenya's Brigid Kosgei yesterday won the Chicago Marathon and broke Paula Radcliffe's record which has stood for 16 years. #Brekko #ChicagoMarathon


Today I Finished #ChicagoMarathon in a time of 4:38. I did it because I love it....and because of them.


Gorgeous queens, every one! Congratulations Simone Biles, Brigid Kosgei, & Coco Gauff! #OneVoiceWomen #OneVoice1…

Cuando se habla de las mejores corredoras que han existido hay que recordar a Paula Radcliffe. La misma era una verdadera máquina de correr, que tuvo múltiples marcas mundiales incluyendo la de maratón. Este video es de cuando ganó el campeonato de Cross Country en el 2001.

I did not run the #ChicagoMarathon but I sure did chafe like I did. Congrats to @Shep670 @kbugg and @kludes who actually did. What an accomplishment!

Mo Farah records worst marathon time as Lawrence Cherono wins in Chicago…

Congratulations to Brigid Kosgei for earlier breaking the 16-year-old women's marathon world record to retain the Chicago Marathon.Proof that with determination and focus we can achieve so much more


Records are meant to be broken. With a time of 2:14:04, Brigid Kosgei becomes the fastest woman in the world to run 26.2 miles. Congratulations on your second consecutive #ChicagoMarathon victory and history-making achievement.

J blessing ni low priced diamond platnumz anawacha baraka kila mahali

Congratulations Brigid Kosgei!! You did us proud !!!


Doublespeak detected from COTU SG DR. Francis Atwoli while presiding over a funds driver to assist SDA church in kakamega to complete a pastor church.


The SNP's Deputy Westminster Leader told LBC that Scottish Parliament is getting "ready and able" to hold another independence referendum. @AndrewCastle63 | @KirstySNP| #indyref2

Friends in Scotland - and more specifically those near the wonderful city of #Glasgow - are you free for this? Rest assured, it ain't just me talking!…

‘Just’ reading. Ha. Haha. Ahahaha #SundayThoughts


I'm a member of the SNP. But since I don't live in Scotland, I don't keep up to date so much with the inner workings of what's going on, I get my news from on here. And the general tone is... what the fuck are they doing?!

FT in @UEFAEURO Scotland 6-0 San Marino Att: 20,699


Perforate St John's wort, harebell, common toadflax & red goosefoot still flowering in Scotland #wildflowerhour @wildflower_hour @BSBIbotany


A cruise for Scotland at a soggy Hampden #RTEsoccer

This weeks episode of Power was the best one in ages. My chest. #PowerTV

I hated Keisha, but I'm sad for her son + Tommy #Power #PowerTV

I’m shooketh!!!! #PowerTV this is how you end a series!!! Damn I can’t wait to see how it all ends for everyone

“Have whatever kind of day you’re gonna have.” —Ghost #PowerTV

#ChicagoMarathon done! Got a PR too (my first marathon).

What I'd like to see from this appreciation for athletics in Kenya thanks to #Eliud159 is that upcoming athletes get the support they require like having access to proper infrastructure closest to their places of residence. And that such support trickles down to other sports

This strikes me as a little uncomfortably close to the “only the true messiah would deny he is the messiah” Life of Brian school of reasoning…

A double for Kenya this weekend. Congratulations Brigid Kosgei, officially the fastest women to run 26.2 miles.…

1.5 kilometers to the south of the Casa de la Cultura where dialogue between President @Lenin and @CONAIE_Ecuador is soon to be held. Police are not getting transported in APCs, trucks or buses anymore, perhaps because they foresee traps & barricades. @teleSURenglish

Can someone tell Atwoli that we have passed the barrier and heading straight to 2022 apende asipende, Hustler Nation is unlimited. #KOTLoyalsOnly #KOTLoyalsNiSisi #KOTLoyals…

Atwoli plays politics at the expense of workers' affairs. His political estimations have bombed as well. We are tired of his myopic and tribal politics with no tangible output. He has let down the Luhya nation he claims to champion. New COTU leadership is needed #KOTLoyals…

Moi bought some scrap metals known as Mahindra for police. Uhuru bought third rate retired APCs for @NPSOfficial_KE . Explain similarity

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