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Mayweather publica pôsteres de supostas lutas contra McGregor e Khabib #ESPNKnockOut

Btw Mike Dean is still a di*khead

Both Kriegler and Justice Waki proposed comprehensive CURES for Kenya's perennial SYSTEMIC INJUSTICES, ELECTORAL FRAUD and post-election violence. The Constitution brought INSTITUTIONAL, LEGAL and POLITICAL SOLUTIONS. Implement them fully. No need for #BBINonsense!

Mudavadi has no strategy of becoming president, what he has is an intention to become president ~ Boni Khalwale

Kindly be informed that WhatsApp is currently facing challenges globally with sending and receiving images, videos and voice messages. Our services are not affected and you can comfortably browse the internet. AirtelTigo, making life simple.

#noncasuals Performance not attitude and obviously not weight was that the same Conor Mcgregor last night that fought Khabib?

I moan very much during sex, if this does not scare you, call me PowerTV SundayMotivation SundayThoughts DisgustMeIn4Words GetWellSoonYunho Tariq Khabib Masvidal Theo Hernandez Floyd Donnarumma Mayweather Faust Law and the Prophets Andrea de Castro DisgustMeIn4Words LIVMUN


The VAR system is not the problem. Being able to review an incident is not the problem. If Mike Dean or Martin Atkinson are in control of VAR they are still Mike Dean and Martin Atkinson. They don't suddenly make the correct call. That's the real problem.

Well , from the information on that thread Ndalana was summarily executed and officers planted “ suicide “ for cover up. It is heartbreaking that justice can’t be found in kenya #JusticeForNdalana

It is unfortunate that 4 years down the line , Ndalana family still crying for justice in a case where some officers summarily executed her dad #JusticeForNdalana

I enjoyed booing Mike Dean in person yesterday. #afc

people still acting like if benji cant have friends my brain hurting

Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali, who was reported to have gone missing, has dismissed reports that he had been abducted, instead saying went into hiding to evade the police who were pursuing him.

Just watched the highlights of our game yesterday.. don’t get me wrong this squad of players are a poor, poor set of players for #Arsenal standard. But seriously! Mike Dean at it again! Bored of how bad the Premier League officiating is. #ARSSHU

Arsenal need to come out and say that they will refuse to play a game if Mike Dean is referee. We will be fined heavily, and who knows, docked points, but this is the season to do it. Take the hit. We will lose points anyway if he refs our games, we always have. Enough is enough!

Mike Dean has to be the most insufferable arsehole of a referee that there’s ever been #GoalsOnSunday

Addressed a postmortem press conference on the Mumias n Bukhungu BBI rallies


He has RESURFACED from HIS HIDING! Mumias MP Benjamin Washiali has said that "police came to look for him on Friday night in his house and when he saw them, he ran through the back door and hid in a nearby thicket." He then called a friend who took him to Kisumu to hide there.

Yet he has not reported to any police station, even in nairobi. This is a cock and bull story. Chapaa imezama. Mumias have you understood?


Concerning yesterday, Did Atwoli even mention anything to do with the Workers? Did he introduce any Labour worker? The great Wizard from Timbuktu.

Club Owners should also go to Kan Kaka sunday service and worship..especially with pastor Nganga #justicefordjevolve Msando #BBINonsense #Justi

There was a tweet sometimes back asking what you could do with $100,000 (not sure whether this was the actual amount) if given to develop Africa and @DavidNdii said he could hire assassins. With the likes of Atwoli, Proff was right #BBINonsense

The only way to get a seat is through BBI - Francis Atwoli. Them just comfirmed that BBI is not about Kenyans but about the politicians. That's why you find even the Tangatanga brigade supports BBI ata kama ni shingo upande.

This pic is already in custody of Men's conference organizing committee. The issue will be addressed amicably. Was it justifiable for Khalwale to run faster & leave behind a lady? The Measures men to observe in such a case where a gentle man and a lady see the Enemy attack.


Chelsea dipaksa pulang dengan tangan hampa dalam lawatannya ke markas Newcastle United. Berikut 7 data dan fakta kekalahan The Blues dari The Magpies.…

Chelsea haina tofauti na yanga

[!] Please do not forget to switch your Twitter locations to South Korea. Kindly continue using these hashtags, EXO-L. Let us show the world the power we have. #CHEN_STAYS #MyAnswerIsEXO9 #엑소9_평생_함께가자 @weareoneEXO


It'd be nice to bring some of this games to Kenya, right? #BBINonsense Eldoret BBI Report - Tembus 251 Gol, Sergio Aguero Tegaskan Status Raja Gol Manchester City


Kinara wa ODM Raila Odinga asisitiza BBI haimhusu yeye bali taifa la Kenya


The Kikuyu 's will vote for Ruto,99%, come 2022. Even if Karanja Kibicho and his few cliques work day night, he has zero influence at the grassroots within mt.Kenya region. Ground ni different, everywhere is Ruto. #BBINonsense


Naibu Rais William Ruto amrushia ndoana Kalonzo Musyoka


Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and Conman Raila Odinga plan to ILLEGALLY spend Sh 200 Billion of public money on the #BBINonsense in order to MUTILATE the Constitution that they have never IMPLEMENTED and REMOVE TERM LIMITS so that Uhuru can cling to power instead of CREATING JOBS.

Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and Conman Raila Odinga CUASED the 2017 post-election violence. They met SECRETLY alone and crafted a CYNICAL power deal, hand-picked the #BBI team and gave them Sh 11 Billion of your money. They are now FORCING you to support a #BBIReport you have not read.

Those supporting Despot Uhuru Kenyatta, Conman Raila Odinga and their #BBINonsense right now suffer from low self-esteem and self hate. Anyone with a sense of self-worth and dignity cannot support a choreographed scheme aimed at enslaving Kenyans. We must defeat the #BBINonsense!

Don't complain of corruption, high unemployment, extra-judicial killings, human rights abuses, electoral theft, subversion of the constitution, tribalism, nepotism and dictatorship. Uhuru and Raila were born in privilege and taught from childhood to sit on and oppress you.

Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and Conman Raila Odinga don't know or care about the problems ordinary Kenyans go through. They have never been hungry. They have never lacked school fees. They have had privileges and feel entitled. Wake up Kenyans. Remove the despots and Conmen from power.

Despot Uhuru Kenyatta was born and grew up at the State House, Nairobi. Conman Raila Odinga grew up in the Vice-President's residence before he was airlifted to East Germany before he completed primary school. Both men have never worked. And you claim to "know" them?

I attended Apondo and Nyatoto Primary Schools, Onjiko and Njiiri's High Schools before attending the Pre-University NYS training. I went to the University of Nairobi. All public schools. Both Uhuru and Raila never attended Kenyan public schools. They have never lived like you.

Rudiger had a horrible game. Not sure he won any header all game and then did his best Luiz impression to lose the game for us. #NEWCHE

Feast your eyes on this #NUFC What a ball from @asaintmaximin and the finish from @IsaacHayden65 #NEWCHE

Lampard is incoherent, incompetent and unfit to be a Chelsea manager! He is clueless with tactics #ChelseaFC #NEWCHE

I am *not* looking forward to the xG plot for that game. #CFC #NEWCHE

#NEWCHE Absolutely Lampards fault. He's been pathetic right from the team selection to making substitutions. When will he get of his ENGLISH favouritism and work for the club as a manager aiming to win trophies? Throw away awful products like @masonmount_10 and sign Ziyech.

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