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My ★ review of The Lion King (2019) on @letterboxd:

This week we have liberals trashing: 1. Mariano Rivera 2. The moon landing 3. Buzz Aldrin 4. White people owning dogs 5. White dogs 6. The Lion King 7. Manhole covers 8. Tipping wait staff 9. Chris Pratt’s shirt I beg you guys to keep this up for the next two years.

Ironically, The Lion King is too real to be believable. I need adorable cartoons to talk & sing. Those live action creatures I just watched were from @NatGeo...

i just got back from the lion king and it was amazing the soundtrack and everything like WOW

Capa do Marca: Bale tem ofertas da China.


marvel me deixou mal acostumada tdo os filme q tem eu penso q tem pós crédito


A raccoon using a broom! Get the tee on Amazon:… #raccoon #rocketraccoon #washbear #raccoonlove #raccoonofinstagram #raccoontattoo #zoo #r #raccooneggs #loveanimals #lmao #raccooneyes #petraccoon #trashpandas #marvel #fortnite #memesdaily


The Lion King but with corgis.

Concept Art From Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Reveals First Look At Celestials…

Gareth Bale could be off to China. Here's what the papers say:


Primeira arte conceitual de Eternos lindíssima mostrando os Celestiais. Filme chega aos cinemas em 06 de novembro de 2020. #MarvelSDCC #Eternals #Marvel


Just saw The Lion King! Review coming soon! #HuttTakes #LionKing


leaked concept art for Shang-Chi’s The Mandarin, Doctor Strange 2 and Blade


Sat here thinking about Gareth Bale to United, dreaming of the move. Wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

Ahorita viene Iron Man y Thor a darle apoyo al Avenger defensor de los brinquitos gays ya va…

La portada del diario Mundo Deportivo de mañana... 90 ‘KILOS’ + BALE POR NEYMAR.


creo que me enamoré del cast de black widow


And to top off last night’s #MarvelSDCC Phase 4 reveals, @Avengers #Endgame finally became the highest grossing movie of ALL TIME. Huge congratulations to the thousands of people who worked so hard to bring the MCU to this point. @MarvelStudios

*Feige announced entire Phase 4 yesterday* “We already have Phase 5 planned. We’ve planned the next five years” #SDCC

I’m seeing a lot of people with videos or photos from inside movie theaters on their Instagram stories. Knock that sh*t off, put your phone away & stop being a rude jerk to the people around you. Maybe The Mouse putting many of their MCU Phase 4 titles on Disney+ is a good thing.

Natalie Portman Teases Her Future Female Thor Physique For ‘Love And Thunder’


Remember when people kind of side stepped around Mahershala Ali being In Green Book and sort of acted like he was some poor innocent who didn’t know what he was doing? That was... weird.

Sooo...another season stuffed full of crap that has nothing to do with Sam and dean. Lovely.

My breakdown of Marvel #MCU Phase 4: No, we don't need a Hawkeye movie. That is all.


guess im only watching the black widow movie to see hopper

More big news from this year's Comic-Con

if you need me I’ll be listening to Daniel Caesar’s new album on repeat

so the same thing could happen with the loki series and thor love and thunder?…

Mahershali Ali as Blade! Tony Leung as the Mandarin! And introducing the MCU’s greatest supervillain yet: Opportunity Cost!

I remember thinking what a cool Blade Mahershala Ali could be while watching him in Alita: Battle Angel. Very stoked he's joined the MCU (again).


frederico ainda eh domingo para de ver video de garotas tocando daniel caesar no ukulele!!!!1u

Daniel Caesar backstage when the crowd wanted Russ to perform more songs even though his set was ending #GVF2019

Daniel Caesar pa todo lo que hago

Gareth Bale played more minutes in LaLiga last season than Anthony Martial played in the premier league.

BLACKPINK is the Korean girl group who has the most #1 countries on iTunes SQUARE ONE — 16 SQUARE TWO — 17 SQUARE UP — 52 Kill This Love — 36 #MTVHottest BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink

Zidane "Gareth Bale est sur le point de par.."

The problem with Bale moving is a mixture of family & wages. He's happy with his personal life in Spain. His wages, even if a club offered to pay just 50 percent for a year, would come to £15m. He's only going to get that from the @ChineseSuper, and he doesn't want that move.

Thor: Love and Thunder? Love and Thunder are the two moods of my butt. Google send tweet.

I can tell people don’t watch Bale play every week for us but think he scores the same goals he did against Liverpool weekly

fati encouraged me to read black widow comics it’s happening i’m gonna read sumn other than that devastating stevebucky hulk planet tragedy

Marvel mengumumkan proyek film hingga bintang yang mereka gaet meramaikan MCU fase 4. Setelah 'Doctor Strange' hingga reboot 'Blade', ada pula 'The Eternals'.…

Marvel umumkan filem BLADE akan kembali dengan Mahershala Ali sebagai pelakon utama…


Full Picard trailer. Mahershala Ali Blade. Jane Foster Thor. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING!? SO COOOOL!

#EXplOrationinSeoulDay3 백현이 싸인볼 시구하는 것처럼 던지는거 넘 머싯다구ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 3층갓나ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Marvel Character Questions 1. Spiderman 2. Scarlet Witch 3. Black Widow 4. How Peter Parker is to MJ 5. Hulk 6. Thanos 7. SW 8. Wanda 9. CapMarvel 10. IM/Shuri 11. Pearl Pangan 12. Wanda 13. Magicarp 14. Wanda 15. OG? Btch its the Scarlet Witch drop an emoji for the questions!

Kevin Feige Throws Shades at Fox’s “Fantastic Four”, Promises to Elevate Them to “the Platform They Deserve” #Marvel #SDCC #SDCC2019 #FantasticFour

아맞아 나 이거 찍엇어 종대가 " 오늘은 그만 불을 꺼줘요 " 하면 3층부터 천천히 불 꺼지는거 #MGMAVOTE #EXO @weareoneEXO #EXplOrationinSeoulDay3

Now that Marvel has announced that they are making a Fantastic Four film, here is my dream fan casting. Check the thread!

Trop hâte de voir les gros lourds râler pcq Thor sera Jane Foster dans Thor 4 en sortant les fameux "c pas comme ça dans le comics" alors que si ou "c'est a cause des méchantes féministes" ou que sais-je encore

Excitado con las novedades de la Fase 4 es poco. Vuelve la putisima Natalie Portman, Shang Chi, Los Eternos con Angelina Jolie, Dr. Strange y los multiversos aaaaaaaaaaa

Kevin Feige talks Fantastic Four and bringing Marvel’s first family home #SDCC #MarvelSDCC via @Variety

Can you imagine that Jane Foster was minding her business and she saw thors hammer and she actually picked it up and is now Thor

I..........can ...... not ..... wait The MCU is really getting Fantastic Four and X-Men


I know Adam Driver is all hip and now, and I adore that dude (along with Oscar Isaac & Sam Rockwell) but now is a good time to mention that Tony Leung was my first bloke crush. That man in Chungking Express, In The Mood for Love and basically everything else. ♥️

Vannacht aangekondigd tijdens #SDCC, Marvel Studios’ SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS, met Simu Liu, Awkwafina, en Tony Leung. 2021 in de bioscoop.


Premier logo officiel pour #ShangChi : The Legend of The Ten Rings de Destin Cretton avec Simu Liu, Awkwafina et Tony Leung, en salles outre-Atlantique le 12 février 2021 !


Tony Leung?????? In the MCU??????????


Dear everyone writing about Marvel: Please don’t say that they have cast Tony Leung as the Mandarin because it will make me yell “Tony Leung Ka Fai or Tony Leung Chiu Wai”?


imagining what cats fanart will look like


The new cat and Seven are trying to figure out where they belong in the pack. Poor Trishy is just waiting to see who’s butt she’s going to attach her nose to. #Cats #Caturday


I just saw the lion king omggg

Trying not to scare the dog and cats but

#mtvhottest taylor swift Look what u made do cos I know you are ready for it

The fact that Beyoncé featured our Nigerian Artist on her Lion king Album #TheGiftAlbum , That won’t stop our Dear Nollywood to Drop there own version #TheLionKing

please, no one question me when I say I love Cats. it’s a musical where every character spends the entire show asking to die, of course I love it

학교에포스터붙일자리쟁탈전하던 #By9_debut 친구들이랑이젠함께총공하니좋네요

That's my gingey boy. Destiny xx #catsoftwitter #cats #sphynxcat


DO NOT believe any news you hear about companies approving the project without a valid source from a verified article OR from the companies themselves. All information that you’ve seen about companies agreeing about the project are fake. #BY9_DEBUT #바이나인_데뷔해

안녕히주무셨사와요언제잠들었지미친 #BY9_debut 오늘도모두화이팅흐아암

일어난지얼마안돼서뭔말하는지모르겟는데 #BY9_Debut 잠도안자고일해주신디나들은어떻겟어몬라노동하자

황마마황리버황갓츄아이갓츄 #BY9_Debut 바이나인메댄황윤성아이갓츄

Starnews Korea just posted a article about the BY9 project. The project has finally come into the public eye. link:… #BY9_DEBUT #바이나인_데뷔해

이 그룹은 데뷔해야합니다. 그들은 정말 재능이 있습니다. 보컬, 댄스, 랩, 비주얼이 모두 충만합니다. #BY9_Debut #바이나인_데뷔해 BY9 Let's debut


don't you ever just remember that in the finale wooseok got separated from his closest friends jinhyuk, yunseong, jungmo, donghyun, etc, and get extremely SAD again????

It’s 1am and I’m crying because Jinhyuk


Pokoknya kalian harus debut!! Semua pick gw disini. Btw gw kecewa aja masa pick gw gamasuk line debut. Masa jinhyuk yg leader able bangett ga debut trs si main vocal yuvin yg suaranyaa woowww juga kaga debuttt. Btw gw lebih merasa mereka lebih bertalenta #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut


maybe if you stanned up10tion and myteen instead of wishing for jinhyuk and yuvin to debut in by9

Hi Gengs ada yang punya preset lightroom yang kaya gini gak? Mau dong :) (pict got from ig)


มีบัญชี Lightroom ใช้รึยังครับ? #kaewbnk48


deveria ser PROIBIDO usar os filtros do lightroom, a foto fica automaticamente CAFONA

mason greenwood this and rhian brewster that? they were both at my very own fucking house cleaning these shoes, they work for me.

acho que eh só eu que detesto esses feitos escrotos do lightroom



'DALLA DALLA' [@ITZYofficial] – Daily Charts (190719): #26 Naver (+1) #32 Genie (+1) #39 MelOn (+3) #45 Bugs (+3) #49 Soribada (+9) #52 Mnet (+4)

Ao invés de pagar pau pra essas merda de filme de Cats, vão lá escutar um disco da Cat Power, que sempre foi a Cat que interessa. (Menção honrosa à Michelle Pfeifer)

右ゆず 真ん中 みかん 左あんず です ゆず&あんずは、兄弟猫(5ヵ月) みかんは、拾い猫です(3ヵ月) (39_Hazuki)さんより ... #Cats #Cat #Kittens #Kitten #Kitty #Pets #Pet #Meow #Moe #CuteCats #CuteCat #CuteKittens #CuteKitten #MeowMoe… .


화력충전느낌표느낌표 #BY9_debut 바이나인리얼리티너무기대돼


바이나인데뷔하자데뷔하자 #BY9_Debut 데뷔디뷔데뷔데뷔데뷔

실트도존버하고실검도존버할게요 #BY9_debut 바이나인데뷔할수있어요정말해야해

바이나인부족한거없는 #BY9_Debut 청정그룹그자체뾰러롱

김민규투표수보고어이없었던 #BY9_debut 사람나혼자아니잖아제발

바이나인응원합니다데뷔합시다 #BY9_debut 바이나인라인업오지는거세상사람들다안다

좋은생각남공굿으로마리몽어떰 #BY9_debut 개좋을것같은데상상만해도좋다

제트윗보시는분은팔로부탁드려요 #BY9_debut 바이나인데뷔하자꼭하자

I don’t know much about Cats, but I like musicals. This was a highly educational and entertaining thread. Thank you.…

티오피가두번째로답장해줬다는게 #BY9_debut 다시생각해도행복회로나머지다섯개소속사들도어서답장해주세요저희존버합니다

이진혁만하시는분들팔로부탁드려요 #다시한번_BY9 팔로워열명만채워주세요

Jongdae's surprised face and laugh are so cute #EXplOrationinSeoulDay2

실트단어점점데뷔에한발가까워진 #BY9_Debut 희망적인단어들로변하는거너무좋당

OMG what is the reaction of Mnet? #BY9_Debut


I'd like to date jinhyuk sister lol

Ikke bare at Zlatan gjør et nytt hat trick men det er er med høyre og et med venstre fra utenfor 16 meteren, og det er et med hode. Da er du vel «Ferrari»

the way I vibrated when he said this #NEOCITYinSG #NCT127_수고했어요

imagine by9 on variety shows... the hosts would always pick on yunseong and minkyu...and jinhyuk would be standing there with the biggest smile and enjoying every bit of it

Sorry to learn of the passing of Cesar Pelli at 92. He designed the BOK Center in Downtown Tulsa, and we will always be grateful for the experiences we share in this building designed by one of the great architects of his era.


[XONE] X1 members based on height Han Seungwoo 184cm cho seungyoun 183cm kang minhee 182cm kim yohan 181cm nam dohyon 180cm lee eunsang 179cm cha junho 178cm lee hangyul 176cm song hyungjun 174cm kim wooseok 173cm son dongpyo 166cm seungwoo 184 ya gan bkn 182 wkwk

Loss of a giant, an educator, a perfectionist, a gentleman.… via @NYTimes

Me for me, because i know mnet must be cheating but I still watch produce x 101 and support the people I choose and i love. #BY9_Debut


i don't get why x1's stan getting mad because by9 getting more attention why can't you jusy support 2 groups in fact we're not even sure if by9 is debuting hate mnet not by9's stan STAN X1


Muere a los 92 años César Pelli, el arquitecto argentino de las Torres Petronas.… vía @elpais_cultura


L'architecte César Pelli, concepteur des Tours Petronas de Kuala Lumpur, est décédé.… vía @LOrientLeJour

César Pelli, celebrated architect and ⁦@ARCHatIllinois⁩ alumnus, dies at 92…

you deserve being at the top yohan, you manage to do well despite entering the competion as just a 3 month trainee, you have shown exceptional improvements in singing, rapping and dancing to our center kim yohan, congratulations ❤️ #새싹요한아_이제는_꽃을_피우자 #X1_데뷔_축하해

Yesterday, we lost one of the greatest designers of iconic buildings around the world including our Petronas Twin Towers. I am deeply saddened to hear this news and my condolences to his family and friends. Rest well Mr.César Pelli.


i know some of you guys are annoyed with malays men & their obsession for mira filzah but why do u think it's ok for u to say such negative & hurtful things about mira filzah? this aint it sis

I need a guy not a boy tht stan mira filzah of her own fizikal apperearance yall bored asf lets talk abt rihanna she slayed well than mira filzah

- hypo sin eater WoL/Kaien - test pages for Mistaek - riv or faust in general - style tests and studies - comic practice - animation practice - friends' WoLs - cats the list goes on It's also hot as hades in my room rn so guess I'll just die

locals are worried about the cats cgi but they should be worried that the movie will just be 2 hours of cats introducing each other till they agree to die

seungwoo as main vocal dohyon as main rapper and hangyul as main dancer,,,, the MAINS in this line up is impeccable THIS LINE UP GOT ALL THE GORLS SHAKING…

My main question is, why would anyone make a movie version of cats at all? Who sat there and thought, this is a good idea

When there's a more convenient method of transport than Uber, cats will be telling the youngins like "Yo you never had to take a Uber home, 3 AM and you can't plug in your phone".

여러분 #바이나인_데뷔해 로 꼭 맞춰서 올려주시기 바랍니다!!


How do i even comprehend their friendship :((((( i want a seungwoo-dongpyo relationship :(((

Los aprendices de #Produce_X_101 ponen todo de si mismos en actuación de 3 nuevas canciones en la final…


x1 official member's position! #PRODUCE_X_101 yohan - center, subvocal wooseok -lead vocal seungwoo -main vocal seungyoun -lead vocal, lead rapper dohyon -main rapper hangyul -main dancer, sub vocal junho -sub vocal -cont-


앞뒤로열글자씩팔로우팔로워 #바이나인_데뷔해 알티모두다십이상이어야해요

Broke my alien out of area 51 & said “welcome to my world” and it replied “our world now” and I will remember this night forever.


X1 Members's Positions #X1 #PRODUCE_X_101 Han Seungwoo: Main Vocalist Cho Seungyoun: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper Kim Wooseok: Lead Vocalist Kim Yohan: Center, Sub Vocalist Lee Hangyul: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist Cha Junho: Sub Vocalist Son Dongpyo: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist -cont-


Please debutin ini kurang apa coba? Main vocal : ada yuvin Main rapper : ada jinhyuk Main dancer : yunseong Visual : minkyu Sub vocal : wonjin, sejin, ama jungmoo Sub rapper : donghyun Trainee luar : tony #바이나인_데뷔해 #바이나인_데뷔해 #바이나인_데뷔해 #바이나인_데뷔해 Debutin


at 1:34. I was so excited to see Suhwan and Yuvin together but then.. there's Wooseok calling for Jungmo.. and jungmo reaching out for him. He was crying so hard it's heartbreaking ㅠㅠ #김우석 #구정무 #kimwooseok #GOOJUNGMO #프로듀스X101



Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the #world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 #CBNGoodNews

World renowned Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli passed away at 92 . His many remarkable works include the World Financial Center in New York, the Canary Wharf Tower in London and the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur…



biggest loss this season is hwang yunseong. HE’S LIKE THE BEST DANCER ON THE TOP 20

gm Hope everybody has a great day today especially x1 center KIM YOHAN


#NSTworld Along with the Petronas #TwinTowers, at the time the tallest buildings in the world, #CesarPelli’s famous works include the World Financial Center in #NewYork, Canary Wharf Tower in #London and renovation work on New York’s Museum of Modern Art.…

Goodmorning from our X1 center, Kim Yohan! #김요한 #KIMYOHAN #위엔터테인먼트 07/20/19


Also idc what other people say but lee dongwook is the best rep ever he was there even during practice, even when he had another schedule, he bought them food for each performance round ?? He also prepared coffee trucks for the audience omg this man deserves an award

dongwook really said with his whole heart that 5th is gonna be the x1's main rapper and seungyoun really said with his whole heart it was gonna be lee jinhyuk. bc seungyoun's never been main rapper throughout the show.

Me? Pay money to see the “live action” lion king? Absolutely not

“Spirit”+ “Bigger” The extended cut from Disney’s The Lion King (Official Video)


Five on it: after the Cats trailer, at least Beyoncé has us feline positive…

The Lion King was awesome. I really enjoyed it.


This is the definitive take on the Cats trailer.…

From the Lion King to Cats, seems like you all have plenty of opinions about how a horrible facsimile of feline form should be fashioned and paraded before us for million of dollars. huh. seems that way

Cats should still be trending.

สามหมีนี่ไม่มีอะไรมาพรากเค้าได้จริงๆ #PRODUCE_X_101

น้องอึนซังได้เดเเล้วค่ะ เเจก 100ค่ะ รีไปเลยค่ะรีอย่างเดียววววววว #PRODUCE_X_101


プデュは人格者が必ず報われない番組なの? #PRODUCE_X_101

Good God it's like someone FaceApp'd Sean from Corrie #tippingpoint

Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit when EXO performed Oasis cause i suddenly remembered kyungsoo ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ #EXplOrationinSeoulday1 #EXO @weareoneEXO #도경수 cto

The music video for Beyoncé’s new song Bigger is now available on YouTube! #TheGiftAlbum #BeyoncéSeason

Top Gun: Maverick (2020) - Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Val Kilmer #TopGunMaverick


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