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This is exactly the smear campaign to paint @BernieSanders as “anti-Semitic” that we’re warning about. Read this to know why it’s vital not to give an inch to these disgusting liars:……

The US is not UK and Trump is not Boris Johnson. We can see many disturbing trends and patterns and similarities sure but let's also stay grounded in North American politics, reality and Earth 1 if possible.

hace cuatro días pague casi diez mil pesos la entrada de harry y ahora tengo que pagar mil quinientos en fine line este hombre definitivamente me va dejar pobre

Only the halal ham can make a disstrack on fuckin boris johnson keejwjw

i just got home and i'm so tired, sleepy, and with a headache, i've hardly slept since fine line came out and now i feel like i can really take a nap till midnight when the concert starts but i won't make it because i'm anxious

More or less my first but also last word on the subject before bed. Blaming "Corbynism" for Labour's defeat without saying specifically what you think that means isn't good analysis and doesn't get us anywhere. Especially when many of the policies in both 2017 and 2019, ... 1/3

Which is another way of saying that Labour Party is well and truly dead.…

happy friday the 13th demons

Just saying that hundreds of people fought running battles with the met tonight, supported by two mutual aid projects and l*bcom are tweeting about how bad Labour are.

Those voters weren’t simply endorsing Brexit. They were rejecting the other candidate for prime minister, Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour leader was both a victim of circumstance and an enemy of himself.…

Boris Johnson has said he hopes his party's "extraordinary" election win will bring "closure" to the Brexit debate and "let the healing begin". Speaking in Downing Street, he said he would seek to repay the trust placed in him by Labour supporters who had voted Conservative..

fine line the song it’s an entire experience, best song on his discography

if you don’t spend friday the 13th watching serial killer documentaries who even are you? grab the wine

Yo just said fuck it and dropped a song. Happy friday the 13th don't break a mirror or anything…

grande coisa o boris johnson ter jantado na eleicao do uk apenas o david cameron participou de um clipe da one direction


A cri de coeur after the British elections (the control of the media by the big money most interesting) Jonathan Cook – Corbyn’s Defeat has Slain the Left’s Last Illusion:…

#GE2019 #ElectionResults #quote "A momentous 24 hours in politics draws to a close..the first Christmas election in almost a century..The result? An 80-seat Conservative majority" So. 365 @Conservatives MPs. More than enough to get a *proper* Brexit done.…

Sabah MTUC refutes statement by secretary, to discuss stand on changes to labour laws…

Why anyone thought that 70s labour politics was ever going to be successful is beyond me... too many egos, not enough analysis....

Vou proteger essa amizade de todo mal deste mundo ❤️ #happybirthdaytaylor


This is the best montage of the 2019 general election I’ve seen. Editing geeks take note: the music choice and the way it’s cut to the track is brilliant. The final second is the winner. Brilliant @BBCNewsnight

I work in leads acquisition for SolarCity (basically door to door sales/fliering). I keep note of every address with Trump yard signs or bumper stickers so when I revisit my rounds I can take their postal ballots when I'm putting the solar flier in their mailbox We will win ✊

"bread and butter progressive. not culture war progressive." democrats, take note. #election…

Minamino looks good in Liverpool Red.


Abby the proud ‘asajew’ Hoffman calls three Jewish women who faced an onslaught of antisemitism from her racist mates, witches. Can anyone work out why the Tories won?


Just done the podcast re the election. I mentioned the PM has said some pretty bad things about minorities. Somehow I'm out of touch because many poeple still like Boris Johnson regardless of this. I don't really care, I still think he's a pretty bad human.

E niente, Boris Capelli di Paglia pare abbia vinto e la #Brexit sembra sia sempre più definitiva. Adesso vivrò solo per vedere effettiva l'indipendenza della #Scozia e la sua permanenza in #UE. #AyeOrDie

Trump kakra, Boris kakra...

De confirmarse el resultado, Boris Johnson se convertirá en el primer ministro más poderoso dese Tony Blair.…

Joe Biden on the UK election result: "Look what happens when the Labour Party moves so, so far to the left”

20 Big Losers in #GE2019: Jeremy Corbyn Jo Swinson Nigel Farage Nigel Dodds Lib Dems Corbynism centrism Brexit Party DUP unionism The union Laura Kuenssberg Robert Peston Andrew Neil BBC People's Vote Gina Miller Tactical voting websites England as the UK British politics

Emily Maitliss pushing for someone - anyone - in the Labour Party to apologise publicly, saying they got it wrong. No one has, & no one will. Why? Because their arrogance is such that they believe YOU got it wrong for not voting for them.

Yesterday @SadiqKhan was busting a gut to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister. Today he’s accepted that under Jeremy Corbyn Labour has had a “shocking and repeated failure to tackle anti-Semitism”. Given Labour’s antisemitism, why on earth did he repeatedly endorse Corbyn for PM?…

Johnson'ın seçim zaferi ile Brexit anlaşmasının mecliste kabul edilmesinin önünde engel kalmadı Brexit'in 31 Ocak'ta tamamlanması öngörülüyor Ancak AB, İngiltere ile bir anlaşma yapılması için vaktin darlığı nedeniyle endişeli

Happy Friday the 13th! Lol

Wes Streeting is a total scumbag Is he still in th Labour Party? Jeremy's parting shot should be chucking out the Blairites

I have to work my retail job tonight with it being friday the 13th and holiday season pray for me yall

Out of the 54 constituencies that conservatives took from Labour 52 of them voted leave. This is ultimately to do with brexit and deeply rooted in racism. This is so sad.

no me tomo en serio los Goty pero Sekiro Goty porque Sekiro manday es de jarcores como yo, o bueno de wanna be jarcor como yo

Boris Johnson calls for UK 'to find closure and let the healing begin' as final result shows Tories with 80-seat majority

sekiro game of the year mesmo quem não concorda é burro

Jurgen Klopp hints at more Salzburg signings as Takumi Minamino transfer completed…


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