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FT at Hampden: Scotland 6 (six) San Marino 0. Lawrence Shankland gets his first goal for the national team.


Perfect day for Scotland to play San Marino after they got squashed by Japan

Hey I am Announcing that @thedanbarry has Bought RWC Wrestling From Me Also I Will be a Wrestler on the show So Please Go Congratulate Dan Barry Also Goodluck @RWCrestling

Scotland 6-0 San Marino: John McGinn nets hat-trick in Euro 2020 qualifier

Les Bleus joueront donc le Pays de Galles en quart de finale de la #RWC2019. ➡ Vous n'êtes pas à jour ? Voici le tableau des quatre matchs…


6 - This was Scotland’s biggest win in any competition since October 2015, when they beat Gibraltar 6-0, also in a European Championship qualifier. Cruise.


75% of Scotland’s goal scorers tonight were either made or still play in the Scottish Championship. Who says we’re not producing players for the elite level anymore?


I do really hope that the Tier1/2/3 title goes away after #RWC2019. Gone of the days of the gap between some of the so-called top sides and ‘tier 2.’ Let’s just go by rankings etc. No need for tags that even to this day historically hold teams back.

もの凄い体験だった。 30年前、ラグビー を見始めた頃はこんな日が来るなんて想像すらしてなかった。 涙が溢れて止まらない程の感動だった。 何より、会場の音効さんの出しが泣かせにかかっていて最高過ぎた。 #JPNvSCO #米津玄師 #馬と鹿 #ラグビー #ノーサイドゲーム #RWC2019

#NHK 20日のラグビーW杯準々決勝日本戦の地上波放送決定! 「いだてん」は休止し27日に変更 #RWC2019 #RWC東京 #JPNvRSA…

Valtteri Bottas takes advantage of more Ferrari blunders to win Japanese Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton edges towards sixth world title with third-placed finish at Suzuka


Thank you Rugby Scotland Supporter Thank you for being able to interact in Hiratsuka. #RWC2019 #Scotland #ネクスタ

From this. To this. Goodluck spm batch 02 #spm2019


Netflix Coca-Cola Santander Wilson Ferrari Vodafone Nintendo YouTube KIA KFC CNN Rolling Stones Toyota Avis Lego Nintendo H&M Virgin Marvel Levi’s HSBC Mitsubishi ¿Por qué todas en rojo?


Ferrari had some interesting ideas in the '80s.…

Cold blustery Sundays are for meal prep. First up, cheese-and-onion scones (to go with the onion soup I’ll be making later in the week).


Well, I am here to say that the potroast chicken just... tastes like chicken. Hey ho, not converted yet. But, these chickpeas are *unutterably* delicious. The onion + lemon + garlic melt away to make a sort of silky coating.…

Masa saya belakon dengan Tony Stark dlm #cekelathoney - heheh tahniah Sham Visa yg masih berbisa #GegarVaganza2019


Bila keluar lagu Cinta Tersimpul Rapi - Anis Suraya , satu dewan nyanyi . So Astro , plz dapatkan Anis untuk GV7 next year ! Hehe . #GegarVaganza2019

Hady Mirza is so underrated. He has the whole package man!!! #GegarVaganza2019

Ndaperna tgk mentor ni tp sbb lopes aku sanggup tunggu dia dpan tv!!!! #mentormilenia2019

Mentor skrg ala2 The Voice. Tp best la blh pilih based on performance atas pentas. #mentormilenia2019

#mentormilenia2019 this cute girl will go to final.. I guess.... LOPES


One Nation Emcees - you did not disappoint #GegarVaganza2019

Baru tahu sebenarnya Sabhi Saddi ni dari One Nation Emcees #GegarVaganza2019

One Nation Emcees ni dari Gang starz tv3 kan?

I hope Eliud Kipchoge makes the cover of Time Magazine next week.

Source: Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel


Good morning to all of you, except those that think 1300 Extinction Rebellion Arrests is 'peaceful' protest. And those of you who think policing this places no extra unecessary demand on already overwhelmed police services. Stay safe this Sunday!

Thomas Cook asked our government for £100m to stay in business and were refused. The Spanish government has announced £260m of measures to help their tourist industry and hotels survive the collapse of Thomas Cook.

Trust me, bukan semua orang boleh "STAY" dengan kau bila susah.

‘We went for the moon’: how Eliud Kipchoge made marathon history… By Jamie Doward

Hahaha... this satire on Christy Ng is really epic Dark but epic…

El keniano Eliud Kipchoge se convirtió en el maratoniano más rápido de la historia (+marca) -…


POLL | Higher taxes for those earning RM2m or more a year. What do you think? Cast your vote and see more results from our Budget 2020 poll…



Kalangan rakyat yang ada hubungan dengan kumpulan LTTE sangat memalukan, tidak menghormati dan tidak setia kepada negara sendiri, yang dia berpijak di atas buminya dan bernaung di bawah langitnya.

Malaysian Budget 2020 showed the government's commitment and determination to guide the nation towards shared prosperity for all. JOBS is indeed, a key theme - one which REFSA continues to focus on #MalaysiaKerja #Belanjawan2020 #BelanjawanAnakMuda2020…

Christy Ng Launches Athletic Shoe So New Mums Can Run Back To Work…

Dear Christy Ng, date me please.

Pelajar ini dipenjara 3 tahun kerana memiliki buku berkaitan ISIS. Yang penyokong LTTE ni, siap ada majlis & pengakuan terbuka menyokong. Biarkan polis menjalankan kerja mereka.


Pembabitan anggota kerajaan dalam kumpulan pengganas Harimau Pembebasan Tamil Eelam (LTTE) perlu dipandang serius: PM…

The stinging sensation in your eyes whilst cutting an onion is 90% above the shoulders, change my mind... #onionmentality

Menabung simpan duit nak beli beg Christy Ng. Dah boleh beli brand lain wuho!

Wujud transaksi kewangan besar gerakkan program LTTE - Ayob


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