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Taiwan wants World Health Organization not to exclude it from collaboration on the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak Taiwan is not a member of the WHO due to the objection of China

\今週末!大阪ツーマンand単独ライブのワクワクday/ 【1/25】 【デビアンさんとツーマン!】 「in bosco Vol.2」 @ OSAKA MUSE op 12:00 / st 12:30 adv ¥2500+1D… 【単独!】 「raymay大阪無銭」 @ FANJ twice op 17:00 / st 17:30 当日券のみ ¥0 +1D ※ご予約不要!


bighiti ben yönetiyorm fav şehrim osaka diye ordaki ordularımı şımartmak istedim

今夜のお宿は 「お帰りなさいませ」と迎えてくれる、お気に入りのホテル、 癒されます...... #Osaka #hotel #Natsukirock #夏木マリ @marinatsukides…

明日、1月23日(木)の衆議院本会議の登壇予定です。 ♢馬場伸幸衆議院議員(日本維新の会幹事長) 【衆議院代表質問】 (質疑時間)15:50頃〜 *20分間 (中継)NHK総合テレビ、NHKラジオ第一衆議院インターネット中継 #維新 #馬場伸幸


bts has a concert in osaka but..... what during their free day, they'd be getting to perform at the olympics??? OMG?

Watched the Martinelli goal like over 50 times. Am I a freak?

The toll from the Wuhan coronavirus in China rose to six deaths on Tuesday and the first case was reported in the United States, sending markets tumbling on fears of economic damage as tourists cancelled travel plans and airports stepped up screening.…

I'm just here wondering what happened to Kante.


China has shifted to crisis mode in its fight against the new coronavirus, and the world had better hope it succeeds. Here are two basic charts showing that what started in Wuhan last month can spread globally far more quickly than the SARS outbreak in Guangdong in late 2002...

"If I had to choose between Messi and Ronaldo for my team, I'd bench both to play Gabriel Martinelli," said Mbappe.…

Keown on Martinelli He has the club in the palm of his hands He was the youngest player & he showed the experienced players how it was done He really is absolutely outstanding His instinct for goal, his movement off the ball, show me another 18-year-old in Europe doing this?


Malaysia's bumiputera-only digital malls struggle to stay open…

Malaysia gets high A3 rating from Moody's due to solid economic fundamentals


Martinelli has the potential to be some player. He doesn't look out of place one bit in the Premier League.

SEOUL ❤️❤️❤️❤️


RIP Kante but martinelli did you there son


Sebagian orang ingin melihat mu gagal Buat mereka kecewa!!!!

Arteta Hopes 10-Man Arsenal’s Grit Points To Brighter Future.…


Allah yolunda koşuşanlar, Allah'a âşık olanlar, gerçek manada iman ehli olanlar hep kınanmışlardır.+

Alejandro Aranda Performs "I Fall Apart" by Post Malone for Top 20 Solos... via @YouTube

+O yüzden de ayet-i kerimede de o Allah'ın dostlarıyla, müminlerden bahsederken, onlar kınanmaktan korkmazlar, diye bahseder. Neden? Çünkü iman ettiğiniz dini yaşarsanız, iman ettiğiniz Allah'a âşık olursanız, sizi kınarlar, hor hakir görürler.

F. Meryem’i yargılamadığım gibi LGBTİ’lileri de yargılamıyorum! Günah deyince neden akla kadın, zina, LGBTİ geliyor da, milletleri sömüren kapitalistler, savaşarak öldüren katiller gelmiyor! Herkes kendi günahına baksın. Tövbe edin, îman edin. GÜNAHIN YARGISINI TANRI’YA BIRAKIN!!


Arteta and Gabriel set future tone (and it’s sexy)…


وقتي پي ام ميدید و ما اونو سین‌ نميکنیم بهترع پاکش نکنید چون ما دیدیمش!حالا هرجور راحتی...

....he so good and so committed to the course of @Arsenal revolution. Players such as Xhaka,Saka, Gabi,@LTorreira34 are doing greatly well and yesterday game was something else. #COYG.


السيد: دعوهم يعملون... والناس لهم بالمرصاد #LBCINews @jamil_el_sayyed…

آخر الكلام! الشيعة عيّنوا كل وزراء الشيعة، وكذلك فعَل السُنّة والدروز والمسيحيون! إذَن، ما الفرق بين هذه الحكومة وغيرها؟! - ليس فيها نواباً ولا وزراء سابقين -تكنوقراط وليسوا في أحزاب وتيارات لأول مرة منذ ١٩٩٠! ومطلوب منهم التجرّؤ على الفاسدين! دعوهم يعملون، والناس لهم بالمرصاد..

#AB6IX 1ST WORLD TOUR <#6IXENSE> in Kuala Lumpur Date : 21st March 2020 (SAT) (6PM) Venue : Megastar Arena Ticket open : 7th FEB 2020 (12PM) via / (RM758, RM588, RM328) #AB6IXinMY #AB6IXinKL #6IXENSEinKUALALUMPUR by @sknlivehk


Bangtan oficialmente anunciaron su nuevo tour que da inicio en Abril en Seoul, tendrán 37 conciertos en 17 paises, todos estos ya fueron confirmados pero aun quedan fechas adicionales por lanzarse y en cuanto sean confirmadas se publicarán mas detalles. @BTS_twt #BTSTOUR2020

me to bts: southeast asia?? when?? me to mamamoo: world tour?? when?? yes... my armymoo heart is devastated rn

YES, Tommy Robinson! Tommy takes on Danish Press & exposes the coordinated Global effort to Silence You Politicians, tech giants, police, courts & media, work together to hide the effects open borders & mass illegal migration have on the West FULL VIDEO…

Making MEGA February 2020 Nadine Lustre JamesReid Order your copies now. Get a chance to be invited to the exclusive premiere of Making MEGA Documentary. ©archiecarrasco #JaDine


After JaDine breakup, Lauren Reid posts photos with Nadine Lustre

Mahal kita @tellemjaye, mahal kita Nadine. Mahal ko kayong dalawa. Walang nakakalamang, walang mas nakaka-angat. Kasi JaDine ako eh. Hindi ako buo kung Ja lang at walang Dine. Hindi ako buo kung Dine lang at walang Ja!

Painting James as cheater, abuser and Nadz as dumb, martyr and pathetic won’t make you any prettier, wealthier and happier than them. Bear that in mind! You are and will still be miserable after this issue shall pass. #JaDine

[#TRANS] 21.01.20 - Tradução da live do Seungwoo em seu Instagram | Cr.: tomyworldsw ~Carolis SW: Yo yo yo~ Oi todo mundo~~ Meu cabelo está tão longo agora... é... estou tão estranho, não sei o que dizer #엑스원 #X1 #타오를_원잇의_불씨 #Fire_up_OneIt @x1official101 @x1members


nah i wouldn't hope anymore, i really believe bighit has southeast asia wiped out from their world map…

really hope bighit adds latin america, australia, and southeast asia dates on there too because there’s a huge dispersion of armys in those countries and they deserve the chance to see bts just like everyone else :(

Koneits and ioneits that will join the protest today,pls keep warm and stay safe. Thank you for representing us, I hope everything will go well and this will be our turning point, wish the best of luck to everyone, fighting! #타오를_원잇의_불씨 #Fire_up_OneIt

"As soon as he (Gabriel) went past Kanté, you can see that he's in total control. You could feel the composure. He is relaxed now and every touch is perfect."- Ian Wright


#FootballTeasers 403. Clue (a) This footballer has never played for Aston Villa or @ashtontownafc. He's never been a teammate of Danny Murphy, N'Golo Kanté, Mikel Arteta, Frank Lampard, David Luiz, Jordan Pickford or Mesut Ozil but he has played with Callum Wilson ??? #ExFE #AAFC


One Piece type beat Favorite arc - Marineford Favorite opening - Over the Top Favorite OP film - Don't know yet Favorite Strawhat - Robin Favorite Navy - Kuzan (or Fujitora) Favorite villain - Lucci Favorite character - Zoro Favorite OP girl - Still Robin…

Ação contra Glenn pode ser tentativa de intimidação, diz relator da ONU…

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