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Very personal story of mine: When I was 3 weeks old I was giving my mom heck, constantly crying. One night she changed my life & said, "Son, I don't know why you're crying but I do know that you were brought into this world to share Lindelöf > Van Dijk propaganda”

alinity spitting vodka into her cats mouth…

Ah, Saturday morning, where I am awoken by the blissful sounds of my cats sneezing, fighting, and puking.

ㄴㄷ... 우리 돌판 공부 좀 하자…

Very personal story of mine: When I was 3 weeks old I was giving my mom heck, constantly crying. One night she changed my life & said, "Son, I don't know why you're crying but I do know that you were brought into this world to share Antoine Griezmann propaganda."

eunsang is ready to fight mnet asdfgjjkl

Espectacular primer tráiler de “The Witcher”, la serie mas ambiciosa de Netflix…


A ver si cuando me pase The Witcher 3 empieza a importarme una mierda la nueva serie. Acabo de ver el trailer y tiene pinta de nice shit.

¿Verás la nueva película de "Top Gun"?

cant wait to watch the next produce season, get attached to the girls, cry at the end and get mad at mnet and regret watching it but end up loving the group

Primeres imatges del retorn de Tom Cruise com a Maverick a “Top Gun”, 33 anys després


As much as I can see and agree with the points being made about corporation's potentially negative effects on our community, there is ome thing that sticks in my head; How many of you would have actually turned down a contract like that? that's easy money and a dream for some

Check out the films and celebs who made headlines this week via @etimes…

ٹام کروز پھر فائٹرپائلٹ کےروپ میں نظرآئینگے ويڈيو لنک: #DailyJang…

Top Gun on ihan hirveä elokuva. Ainoaksi sen ansioksi voi laskea Hot Shots -elokuvan.

And I oop- #MXMBBMode thank you everyone especially traders and event organizer for all these❤️❤️


"pick me" guys : "aku jeke yang tak minat dengan Mira Filzah?"

when dongwook said "MBK LEE HANGYUL" which we didn't expect at all

am I the only guy who not obsessing with mira filzah?

$100 says a furry will get arrested for doing something naughty in the cinema during Cats

So because of the Cats trailer I just became aware of the existence of Starlight Express and ... holy shit

x1! Soft bangeet, keliatan banget seungwoo bangga dsn terharu namanya dongpyo disebut. Seenggaknya video ini nyembuhin patah hatiku sedikit :')

#바이나인_데뷔해 Sejin, Jinhyuk, Yuvin, Yunseong, Jungmo, Minkyu, Wonjin, Tony and Donghyun, let's debut!


We are more than halfway through summer and I still haven’t done anything with it lol. Been too busy making videos. Probably going to try and get ahead over the next week or 2 and take a small vacation in august. Either that or hop to an every 3 day schedule in late August.

To My World 승우 다리도 길고 허리는 얇아서 제복에 벨트 진짜 너무 찰떡이야 (´͈ ᵕ `͈ )

Now I'm shaking, drinking all this coffee These last few weeks have been exhausting I'm lost in my imagination And there's one thing that I need from you Can you come through?

clikkies: i’m doing this to be considerate to my friends and followers wh- people: lol victim complex toxic babies shut the fuck up and get into the real world

i'm sad bec kookheon and yuvin didn't make it in the debut line up bec they both deserve the slots well and they really gave their best and worked hard but looking on the positive side, they'll be coming home to myteen and i know they'll be coming back anytime soon so i'm excited

I was so happy when Lee Hangyul's name was called. He is one of my top picks since The Unit. I was preparing myself that he might not make it, but he made a plot twist! Congratulations, Lee Hangyul! I am sure you will now save MBK together with Nam Dohyun! #PRODUCE_X_101 #X1


I've begun working my way back through all of my old photographs and have been re-working them in Lightroom. Here is a photo I took in Sydney, Australia in July of 2017.


I gonna shout this to Wooseok, Seungwoo ,Victon, up10tion stans, dont let Minhyun and Nuest W case happen again..You dont know my heart are broken into pieces because Minhyun cant interact with Nuest W..Just because stupid akgae bash Nuest W members..#PRODUCE_X_101 #PRODUCEX101

the lights in the stage-which looks like silver ocean-represents us and Jongdae standing in the middle singing Lights Out~ when the hopeful lyrics like “Morning will come again” came the lights turned on like him lighting our lives comforting and giving hope ❤️


Dear Alices, It was never our intention to take Seungwoo from you. Wooseungdans only wanted was your approval to love him just as you do. Instead we got hate and were labeled as akages. But we won’t do the same. We will make sure Seungwoo knows he has two families who love him

MTA workers wheeling in an air conditioning unit at 96th 123. I’m told it is for the facilities to cool off employees.... @NY1

The single biggest motivator of Bin Laden's hatred of the US (and of the House of Saud) was the prolonged stay of US forces in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War. But I'm sure this has all been carefully thought through.…

George Nader, prominent Mueller report witness, charged with child sex trafficking. My mind is blown and sicken at how many child sex trafficking criminals there are, but we are all waiting for one in particular sex trafficking criminal to be charged.…

[FANCAM] 190719 EXO Planet #5 EXplOration in Seoul Day 1 - CHEN's Solo "Lights Out" cr. lovable_xo #EXO #EXplOration #EXplOrationinSeoul #EXplOrationinSeoulDay1 #weareoneEXO @weareoneEXO

Happy 1st anniversary TGS one of the best album released of 2018. A masterpiece. Congratulations king @ForvictoRi #MyLoveIsYouTGS…

Air Max 200 is Nike’s latest take on pushing visible Air cushioning to new heights. The updated side-vis Air unit provides you with 200% more Air compared to the traditional version. Shop:


I can feel hot air mixing with the air coming in the ac unit and im laying on the couch face smashed in a pillow. its fine!!!!!!

Omg storm rolling through Brighton right now. Got out to my truck and little drizzle turned to lighting thunder downpour sideways rain. Knocked the lights out in the parking lot. I may sit here for a bit to see if it lightens up O.o

It’s the final stop in our inaugural Purple Lights Tour. Come on out to Community Beer in Dallas for some food, giveaways, and to hear about the latest in SFA Athletics!


imagine being a black woman and being one of the biggest stars in the world and being able to be a part of THE LION KING and making a song called BROWN SKINNED GIRL and throwing your DAUGHTER ON IT omg

Nigerian Artist Manager, Entertainment Consultant and Vocalist, @Bankulli cowrote 3 songs (Otherside, Find Your Way Back, The Stars) on the Beyoncé curated Lion King album. He was also credited for backup vocals on Kanye West and Jay-Z's 2011 album, Watch The Throne. #trenditgh


SRK's star power impacting as Hindi version is clearly ruling over the English version. The pre-release buzz has been great as there’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan along with son Aryan for the Hindi voice over! Roaring right from its opening day #TheLionKing…

CATS, dir. Tom Hooper (2019)


It'd be nice if people covering the FaceApp panic would ask politicians panicking about it if they also worry about Section 702.

I saw some of the trailer for CATS with the sound off and thought that maybe Second Life got a big technology upgrade.

Happy Friday! Get your weekend started with the latest Rats Roundup. Read »…


I've never seen Cats, never listened to Cats, never had any investment in the musical Cats. That trailer is very unsettling...

รักในความสัมพันธ์ของทั้งคู่จุนโฮกับอึนซัง ขอให้ได้เดทั้งคู่เลยนะ #PRODUCE_X_101

Tom Cruise está de volta em trailer de Top Gun: Maverick; assista >


La popular aplicación FaceApp es cuestionada en EEUU #AFP

190719 #EXplOrationinSeoulDay1 ชานแบคเล่นเกมกันในVCR อื่อหื้อ มีความแย่งกันด้วย อยู่หอก็เป็นแบบนี้ด้วยรึป่าว ซีนสวีทของแฟนนนน #EXO_PLANET #EXplOration #EXplOrationinSeoul Cr. 扑噜噜没熟的菜,CmixB6104

Pronto sm, já viu a qualidade do homem agora é só mandar o álbum #EXplOrationinSeoulDay1

24'| GOL SANJAR! Walaupun tidak mencipta banyak peluang, Terengganu FC melakukan kejutan di Larkin selepas Sanjar Shaakhmedov melepaskan rembatan leret kencang menewaskan Farizal! @OfficialJohor 0-1 @FCTerengganu #LigaSuper2019 #MFLLive #JDTTER

Bunu izlerken ağladım o kadar guzel bir sahne olmuş ki Junmyeon seninle gurur duyuyorum #EXplOrationinSeoulday1


I'm sorry but @samsmith did that. I also knew/follow 75 percent of the dancers so I made a list for anyone out there thirsting… for @outmagazine

the gays: we need to support queer artists! the gays with sam smith:

THIS WEEK’S MUSIC RELEASES RANKED: 1. In My Defence (Iggy Azealia) 2. The Lion King: The Gift (Beyonce & Various Artists) 3. How do you sleep? (Sam Smith) 4. WILLOW (Willow) 5. My First Album (Peppa Pig)

Tom Cruise soars in 'Top Gun: Maverick' trailer…


The two most anticipated movies of this moment are Cats and Top Gun. The 1980's won't rest until we pledge our undying submission.

Dear KyoAni, I'm not very good with words but many of your Animes helped me through very rough times. Thank you so much. Please know that Fans from all over the world are praying for you. My condolences to the victims' family and friends. #PrayForKyoani #PrayForKyoaniが世界に拡散


GOAL! Johor 0-1 Terengganu, 24’ Amazing. Now watch those fuckers not score with 50 shots.

If someone could dub the soundtrack to Cats onto the Top Gun reboot and conversely have Dame Judy Dench speak all of Tom Cruise's lines ... I would watch those movies.

Sam smith veća žena i od filipa jk ilića

eu morro com o Sam Smith mais viada a cada dia

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim began by pledging undivided support for PM Mahathir Mohamad . It’s the first retreat held by the party since GE14


Hideaki Hatta, le PDG et co-fondateur de #KyoAni s'est exprimé brièvement. En plus des pertes humaines considérables, toutes les données qu'il s'agisse de papier ou de numérique sont perdues. Tout a brulé. #PrayForKyoani


Anwar buat Salawat Nurul Anwar di kediamannya. Azmin buat doa selamat di kediaman MB Selangor. Agama dibuat main untuk politik. Kita tunggu bala Allah nak turun bila dan bagaimana.


I will fucking lose it if Terengganu scores and Johor don’t.

Kehadiran Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, disambut Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim diiringi lagu hari jadi sempena sambutan ulang tahun kelahirannya ke-94.


Menurut Setiausaha Akhbar Pejabat Anwar, Tunku Nashrul Abaidah, majlis keagamaan itu selalunya akan diadakan di kediaman Ahli Parlimen Port Dickson itu. #SinarOnline #SHPolitik…

Sutradara Joko Anwar menyampaikan belasungkawanya atas kepergian Arswendo Atmowiloto (70).

Ada orang main Jumanji ke di Terengganu tu .. ?habis Rimau + Paus semua keluar

Amis de tuiter, necesito su ayuda. Me escribió una chica llamada Alejandra de Bogotá y necesita a alguien que viaje esta semana de CDMX A Btá y pueda traerle una medicina a su perrito que tiene un cáncer muy agresivo. No tiene mucho tiempo así que tenemos que actuar rápido Ayuda!

Here's my Cats hot take: they should've done the people dressed as animals thing for the new Lion King and the hyper-realistic animation for the Cats musical

O son muy predecibles o ya re conozco el signo de cancer

Sin que sea en términos absolutos ni 100% fehacientes, la próxima vez que les llegue un puppet con una imagen de perfil que sea una toma cerrada de la cara, recuerden a Faceapp. Es posible que se rostro no exista.


FaceApp Made By Russian Bots Who Review Bombed The Last Jedi, Selfies Collected Will Be Used To Review Bomb The Rise Of Skywalker

the makers of faceapp seeing my cock in their saved facial database cause i wanted to see what it’d look like when i’m 80

agang aga ma cancer hays

Daily Devotional: "The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." — 1 Samuel 16:7…

In honor of Gossip Girl’s impending return, here are 9 Upper East Sider-approved headbands.

[190719] SCAN | CHEN EXplOration Epoxy Sticker Set. Cr. Broom_120408 - Virgo #CHEN #첸 #김종대 #EXO #엑소 @weareoneEXO


Yes I am a truly a Virgo


BARCA MAHU NEYMAR £90 juta dengan tambahan 2 pemain. Itu tawaran Barcelona kepada PSG. Barcelona menawarkan pilihan antaranya Philippe Coutinho, Ousmane Dembele, Ivan Rakitic, Nelson Semedo, Malcom & Samuel Umtiti. Difahamkan, PSG inginkan £200j untuk pemain ini.


Recibí del excelentísimo Samuel Hendrik Góagoseb, las Cartas Credenciales que lo designan como Embajador Extraordinario y Plenipotenciario por la República de Namibia. Conversamos sobre la importancia de ampliar la cooperación bilateral en materia educativa, minera y petrolera.


[Artigo] It: Capítulo 2 deve explorar a origem de Pennywise - mas não igual ao livro de Stephen King. Especulamos como isso deve ser adaptado nas telonas #SDCC2019 #ItChapter2


ไปฟังเพลง Long Flight กันค่ะ [STATION 3] TAEYONG 태용 'Long Flight' MV ข้อมูลจาก @YouTube #TAEYONG_LongFlight

Azmin yang gelabah jawab soalan tanpa fahami konteks. Terus serang Anwar siap bawa geng. Respon Anwar?…

#ScareDiego kicked off #SDCC with a preview of the year's most anticipated horror film, #ItChapter2, so on this IMDbrief, we break down the sneak peek of the blood-drenched sequel.

Bill Skarsgard played the role of Pennywise in #ItChapter2 so convincingly that James McAvoy had nightmares about the clown after shooting. In one, the two of them were in bed with the murderous clown stroking his back. #ComicCon #SDCC50…

[MAKLUM BALAS KEHADIRAN DUA EKOR HARIMAU BELANG DI BUKIT BESI, TERENGGANU] Berikutan kehadiran 2 ekor Harimau Belang di Bukit Besi, Terengganu yang telah tular sejak semalam, Jabatan PERHILITAN telah menghantar kakitangan ke tempat kejadian untuk membuat kawalan dan siasatan.

Akaun Bersumpah Anwar dapat sokongan dua pertiga palsu


Making sense of the sex video and Anwar-Azmin rivalry


SD on two-thirds support for Anwar to become PM is fake - aide


Best let go of PKR presidency, retire from politics, Azmin’s adviser tells Anwar

Pantun Azmin pada Anwar di pagi Jumaat: Masa mandi tengok cermin Sambil tengok gigit kuku Wahai Anwar tengoklah cermin Masihkah dikau ingat padaku Ini jawapan Anwar: Masa mandi tengok cermin Cermin ditengok di balik kain Hatiku masih padamu Min Terluka aku, kau ada yang lain

#Dungun Dua harimau yang berkeliaran di Kampung Besul semalam mungkin haiwan peliharaan berdasarkan sifatnya yang jinak, kata Pengarah PERHILITAN Terengganu Dr Abdul Malek Mohd Yusof.

Kemelut Anwar dan Azmin semakin ketara sejak video intim menjadi tular #SinarOnline #SHPolitik…

Pak belang itu mungkin dilepaskan individu tertentu sebelum kedua-duanya tersesat masuk ke kawasan penempatan penduduk. - Pengarah Perhilitan Terengganu, Dr Abdul Malek Mohd Yusof #SinarOnline #SHTerengganu…

After countless hours of extensive research I have determined that Russ and Ali Gatie are the same person

Harap Ketua Polis berikan bukti penyemburit dalam video bukan azmin... Rakyat mahu bukti bukan sekadar kenyataan...…

Killer whales sighted in Terengganu waters…'>……'>…

No one : Not a soul: Ali Gatie: It’s you

Undi 18: Muslimat Terengganu Sahut Seruan Tuan Guru…

.@AliGatie shows the different forms of love in tender #ItsYou video



A few things: I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. People tell me it’s good. Rewatched The Lion King for the first time in years. It was even more emotionally gripping (and spiritual) than I remembered. The animation is godly Rewatched Princess Mononoke. Masterpiece.

FaceApp under fire as lawmakers ask FBI to review viral app #FoxBusiness

People railing against Aadhar for years have happily uploaded their selfies to FaceApp!…

NEW EPISODE ALERT! Oh we just can't wait to be (tal)king with special guest @Blacktress about The Lion King (1994)!…


お一人でも多くのご無事を祈るとともに、亡くなられた方々のご冥福を心より申し上げます。 第2、第3の京アニ火災を出さないために。 | #テリーのよもやますぎる部屋 #よもべや #PrayForKyoani #Radiotalk

Clannad is one of my favourite animes. I love it so much. It was my second anime and one hell of an emotional ride #PrayForKyoani

good morning to Zendaya Maree only i hope she’s having a good day so far.

Theory:What if the airplane in jhope's MV was actually the same plane that Taeyong was on #TAEYONG_LongFlight


The music on Lion King will SHOOOOOOOK you! Yooo! I really did cry 'cause of two of the songs

‘Thor 4’ Officially in the Works, Director Taika Waititi Confirms

[UCC] US government are monitoring Samuel's father case…


WarnerMedia encomenda continuação de ‘Gossip Girl’ para o HBO Max!…


xoxo gossip girl


"Desde Barranquijazz estamos muy contentos con la programación del festival en todos sus escenarios. Esperamos que nuestro espacio crezca. Que podamos posicionar más el festival con la realización de eventos durante todo el año". Samuel Minski #Barranquijazz


Army’s getting lined up by the prison guard to get ready to enter their cells #ArmysGoingToJailParty #TaekookersGoingToJailParty



#Cameroun: Le journaliste de Samuel Eto’o exige le renvoi du gouvernement du Ministère des Sports: Clarence Seedorf et Patrick Kluivert ont été limogés de la tête des Lions Indomptables du #Cameroun suite aux…… #Actualité #NarcisseMouelleKombi #SamuelEtoo

Eli asked his sons, "If one man sins against another, God will mediate for him; but if a man sins against YHWH, who can intercede for him?" 1 Samuel 2:25. "For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" 1 Timothy 2:5

[UCC] Fans encourage Samuel to stay strong after his father passed away…


Gossip girl vai ter uma nova temporada to feita

Cada vez soy más fan de @Zendaya #Euphoria


... sigh. This is probs a bad idea, but I'm getting on my soapbox. I keep hearing about an Atlantis remake, so here goes: Tom Holland would make a wonderful Milo. I love Zendaya as MJ. I love Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. .... but I don't think either of them should play Kida.

zendaya you are my ride or die. you are my home skillet biscot you know what i mean? and lemme tell you this, if a bitch ever tries you bitch... IF A BITCH EVER TRIES YOU BITCH! let me KNOW. LET ME KNOW and we will set this shit off bitch. ugh alrighty bestie i love you

Twitter is Freaking Out After Tom Holland Was Spotted On a Date With Someone Other Than Zendaya


Azmin is the eye candy in the class. You can smell his dashing deodorant scent each time he walking around. Usually couple with budak kelas sebelah but pretend like they just friends.…

I can't believe I'm watching The Lion King tonight. In XD Real 3D. I'm gagged.

Me : hey checkout this old filter in the FaceApp Grandfather :


Die russische Anwendung #FaceApp liegt voll im Trend – gerät jetzt aber wegen Bedenken zum Datenschutz zunehmends unter politischen Druck:

After reading this, I deleted FaceApp. We had a good run. Does this make you nervous?

この10年で一番好きなアニメ作品がヴァイオレットでした。だからこそ今の京アニさんのニュースを聞くたびに心が痛みます。 亡くなられた方々のご冥福をお祈りすると共に、負傷された方の回復を心より願います。 ビリビリも、中国の友達も、京アニさんのことを祈っています。 #PrayForKyoani

よし!ツルネ見るぞ! #PrayForKyoani

I’m really excited for people to stop asking me if I’m excited for Lion King

It's hard to remember now but "The Lion King" was originally a huge gamble for Disney

I’m going to see the Lion King tonight. I deserve it!


มาไลฟ์เปิดเพลงแล้วร้องแร็พให้ฟังเลย T_____T #TAEYONG_LongFlight

If the new gossip girl is going to be an “extension” of the original...CAN SERENA AND DAN GET A DIVORCE BECAUSE HNGHHHHH

"The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." — 1 Samuel 16:7…

taekookers meeting namjoon in jail #taekookersgoingtojailparty

Do not come at me with news of a Gossip Girl reboot but then tell me it’s going to feature a new generation of youths. Blair Waldorf (and her amazing collection of clothes and headbands) or bust!…

#Latest: #Goodnews looks like year 2020 is the year for #Gossip! All new #GossipGirl making it way for a reboot!…

16 Fashion Secrets You Never Knew About 'Gossip Girl'—Straight from the Designer


Asesinan al intérprete de narcocorridos Samuel Barraza en #Tijuana


I just referenced Ali G's "Youth in Asia" clip in a group chat and not a single person got it. Currently accepting resumes for new friends

#EXO_SC ofrece adelanto para su debut con “What A Life” con trailer para tres canciones principales…


Rewatching Thor Ragnarok in celebration of Thor 4: Hela still makes me tear up. What a fucking great sympathetic villain. #ThorRagnarok #hela


ป้ายโปรโมทมินิอัลบั้ม #Whatalife ของเอ็กโซดูโอ้ยูนิต #EXO_SC ติดตั้งอยู่ที่ SMTOWN Coex Artium cr.Seni_kong


Facial recognition process failed to established its Azmin; so says everyone in the know.They conclude it was an evil conspiracy to bring down the person in the video; whom they were not able to identify for sure. You can’t be more comical than this

Ku Li: Pergeseran Anwar - Azmin bolah musnahkan PH


marvel: *announces confirmation of thor 4 all the thor stans:

'Thor 4' Officially in the Works, Director Taika Waititi Confirms


2k more subscribers for Yunhyeong's youtube channel to hit 250k subs yay! Please subscribe and stream his videos now! @sssong6823 #MissingSongchelin…

Nampak gaya seperti Azmin sedang diselindungi dan ditutupi oleh mereka yg berkuasa

Hearing @GameXplain refer to Scarlet Witch and Deadpool as X-Men hurt my heart this morning.

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