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The Phillies needed a laugher and they got one Friday night in Atlanta. Their fully healthy lineup went off, including a huge return from Jean Segura.…

Bad Dog! Major Biden Gives Nuclear Codes To China In Exchange For A Milk-Bone…

The Phillies have won their 5th game in a row. Zach Eflin was excellent. Jean Segura had 4 of the Phillies 16 hits. Perfect way to start an important series.

Phillies win. They've won five in a row. Zach Eflin was excellent, Odubel Herrera homered, Jean Segura had four hits, and David Hale shut the door.

Australia is the mouse that roars. In a few years, a major trading ally has been insulted and defamed as the Yellow Peril. Why? The mouse has received its orders from America. As in America, racist attacks on Chinese-Australians are under way. War is next.…

May Allah liberate Palestine and free our brothers and sisters from the occupation of the zionists and restore the land to its lawful owners and restore the Aqsa Masjid to the Muslims,…

Live: Another space station - China's space program a cause for concern ... @LiuXininBeijing via @YouTube

Can people please pay attention to this???? Why is the world so silent?????? #Palestine #FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah…

All muslim country's should announce jihad against israel. They must respond Specially Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, They must respond immediately. #IsraeliAttackonAlAqsa

A lot of chirping between the Gators and Cats right now. Tommy Mace when Jordan shrug on the UK dugout after the last out and they didn't like it. Cam Hill in the center of it.

lily james and sebastian stan as pamela anderson and tommy lee for hulu’s tv show ‘pam and tommy’


If ever you needed to see the power of social media and the control they have in nullifying a story, just look at what's trending with what's happening in Israel. No mainstream media attention whatsoever. Wonder why!!! #FreePalestine

the U.S provides israel $3.8 billion in military aid every year, a military that kills a Palestinian child every 3 days.


so this pam and tommy hulu thing is going to include how horribly abusive tommy was, right? i’m already uninterested.

This is not confrontations between two sides, @StateDeptSpox, but you know that. This is the Israeli settler colonial project to erase Palestinian presence from Jerusalem…

nakakagalit na wala parin akong jean

people complain about zhongli constantly talking about osmanthus wine all the time but I would live to hear it atleast once

We’re going to need to not only win all 5 matches but win them by big scorelines. Even if Leicester lose to Chelsea all that does is bring goal difference in to play with regards to Leicester. Man United will simply let them win on Tuesday. Spurs will also bend over for them #LFC

$SHIB about to hit all time high ! Volume up $430mil . Man that @elonmusk tweet regarding Shiba Pup really affect $SHIB + It looks like China is massively buying $SHIB .

You can see the International Space Station (and China's Tianhe, too) in the night sky this weekend


A huge Chinese rocket booster is falling from space, but don't worry. It likely won't hit you.


A romantic group wedding ceremony underwater: Wild stony corals were captured spawning in the coastal waters of Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong province recently. The reproduction of scleractinians community proves the improvement of marine ecological environment in Shenzhen

French bulldogs rescued from China arrived today in the Southland

I’m sorry for making everyone worry but hearing about them disrespecting the Quran was my breaking point. The Quran is very important and special to us and it just hurts so much to see people disrespect it that way.

Siyonist attack on praying people in the #AlAqsa Mosque during the holy #Ramadan proves that #Israel cannot be a normal state in itself, let alone in the region.

This may be the chippiest crowd of the year so far at Citi Field. It's been a steady stream of light boos throughout this one. Robert Gsellman did his job, allowing one run and recording seven outs. Tommy Hunter is on now for his Mets debut. D-backs 4, Mets 1 after four.

Where is humanity why fucking America is supporting israel ?#SheikhJarrah #PalestineWillBeFree #SaveSheikhJarrah

plzz retweet this to spread,we need to aware people what exactly happening muslims in Palestinian targeting out and getting kicking out from their places, and who are doing this Israel, muslims lives matter too like everyone. #SaveSheikhJarrah



Reciting Holy Quran after fajar in Ramadan gives another level of peace. ❤

السلام علیکم، دنیا کی رونق زندگی کے ساتھ ہے اور آخرت کی رونق زندگی کے اچھے اعمال کے ساتھ ہو گی،جب تک زندگی ہے دنیا کی رونقوں میں غرق ہونے کی بجائے ہمیں آخرت کی فکر کرنی چاہیے- صبح بخیر،

Sheikh Ahmed Maeno, antara agamawan dekat Jepun yang aku salute. Bacaan Quran dia merdu, sebutan pun sangat baik. Takde langsung pelat Jepun waktu baca Quran.…

join his stream and say "did you hear candice died"

In the study of Holy #Quran we find that Allah follows a particular sequence.…

adorable fake maknae line chuu and vivi are so adorable together!! they’re perfect and pretty :D @loonatheworld #CHUU ft. #VIVI


مساج جدة منزلي وفندقي متوفر 24 ساعة المختصين فلبينيين واندوسيين معاهم شهادات معتمده وتوكلنا يلتزمون بالاحترازات الوقائية متوفر جميع انواع المساج للتواصل اتصال:0565104216 او واتساب #مصرف_الراجحي #دعاء_لساعه_اجابه #امتلك_عقارك


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"Ik heb natuurlijk twee kinderen uit China" Heb ik een trend gemist? Is dit inmiddels de norm? #Firstdates

Beijing is pushing to solidify its position at the nexus of global maritime trade, with a key emphasis on enhancing port infrastructure. Explore a new @ChinaPowerCSIS feature, which visualizes @UNCTAD data on the world’s 100 most highly connected ports.

“China is a large country, with a population of 1.4 billion, and up to now its per capita emissions have remained considerably lower than those in the developed world, the researchers note.” Among other buried parts of the report you missed. Also, ummm:……


kyungsoo'm bugün attığı sesli mesajlarda şarkı söyledi, san'ım cover yaptığı bi video attı, seungmin'im de skz record olarak cover paylaştı. aşk adamlarımın bal sesleri çok huzur verici♡

omg i can finally post this #SUNOO


HOSHI (con seungkwan y seokmin respectivamente)


damn conan is it that serious


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