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son casually dropped that among nine-year-old boys at school Captain Marvel is unanimously agreed upon as the most powerful Avenger kinda blew my mind -- 'who would win in a fight' was such a central part of my 80s geek childhood, and women characters never got that respect

stream this while voting guys #MTVHottest BLACKPINK

Real Madrid lost 3-1 by the way. Who’s this bum?


poxa, todas essas expectativas e os quadrinhos da jane foster venderam bem mais que os quadrinhos do Thor


LUKE CAGE Showrunner Praises MAHERSHALA ALI Casting as BLADE…


Luke Cage showrunner has nothing but praise for Mahershala Ali being cast as Blade!…


SCARLETT JOHANSSON on What She Learned First: BLACK WIDOW Death or Solo Movie…


Natalie Portman confirmed as Mighty Thor in Marvel sequel…

Going into Phase 4 knowing we have no Spider-Man 3

Real Madrid signing autographs for fans after training this evening. #HalaMadrid


Sure I eat what I advertise. Sure I eat Wheaties for breakfast. A good bowl of Wheaties with bourbon can’t be beat ~ Dizzy Dean


先日の アイドルカフェ&J.BLADE 満員御礼❗ ありがとうございました‼️ 大人のヒーローショー いかがでしたでしょうか? BGMは 風船の国のアリスが歌う 「この街」のみ 儚くもせつない ヒーロー達の物語の続きは 大道GATEフェスにて‼️


#RealMadrid | Zidane: "Si Bale se va mañana, mejor para todos"

La exorbitante cantidad que pagaría un equipo de China por Bale…

¡Nada les parece! Critican a Eden Hazard por su peso en debut con #RealMadrid


AS: Real Madrid are anxious for Dani Ceballos to resolve his immediate future and consider the two options for the player's season ahead. He must choose between Arsenal & Tottenham on loan.


#런쥔_지켜 #시즈니들의_빛_런쥔 Renjun deserves so much better and SM needs to shut up


ALADDIN conjured up another $13M worldwide this weekend, $988M total. $1B is now a foregone conclusion, as legs have been incredible, even in the face of Disney slapping it with TOY STORY 4 and THE LION KING.

Estimated international totals through Sunday for The Lion King include: China - $97.5M U.K. - $19.9M France - $19.6M Mexico - $18.7M Brazil - $17.9M S. Korea - $17.7M Australia - $17.1M Russia - $16.7M Germany - $12.3M India - $9.0M Spain - $8.4M #TheLionKing #BoxOffice

The Lion King already made its budget in one week alone because of its international audience. Meaning that to the surprise of no one, Disney is gonna continue this bullshit until the end of time.


’The Lion King’ breaks domestic box office record for July opening with $192M.


Nala In the Lion King remake, Nala has had a modern overhaul. To quote The London Times, she has been transformed from a “long lashed love interest into an asskicking warrior femme.” It my experiences in Africa, that’s what lionesses are - they kick arse.


What's the best song from @Beyonce's 'The Lion King: The Gift' album? Vote! #TheLionKing

Natalie Portman se pondrá la capa del 'Dios del Trueno' y se convertirá en la nueva Thor de la Fase 4 del MCU, de acuerdo con lo anunciado en la Comic-Con de San Diego.…

With Natalie Portman playing a female Thor, and a 'Blade' reboot.…

Recien me entero que natalie portman va a ser la nueva thor pense q solo iba a estar en la pelicula estoy desmayada

david harbour tendo que saber russo pro filme da black widow onde o personagem dele vai se chamar alexei mds os irmãos russo e os irmãos duffer tão fazendo um jogo comigo???

Curious to know what Real Madrid fans think of the whole Bale situation. Recognize he’s not been great recently, but should a player with two Champions League winning goals be getting forced out like this?

rachel going to comic con for black widow press not having a clue about the mcu or how to answer any interview questions just so that she can announce she loves women on stage is history

Aladdin. Toy Story 4. The Lion King. All soon-to-be billion dollar movies. I know we're meant to decry Disney's box-office dominance, but I'm just amazed at their incredible success this summer. They make films that appeal to people and that's okay.

Mahershala Ali To As ‘Blade’ In New Marvel Reboot


Captain Marvel: I’m back! anyone need help with anything Blade: there’s vampires fucking help me Captain Marvel:

Amigo, ya tienen la cabeza... Pero han tenido que tragarse 4 champions, tres de ellas consecutivas y con Bale como uno de los protagonistas principales.…

Gareth Bale 'to be offered more than £500,000-a-week deal as Beijing Guoan prepare to make Real Madrid outcast highest-paid player in Chinese football history'


Eu saindo da tag chateadíssima pq não tem comeback nenhum #HEAR_YOURSELF

Eternals and Black widow directed by women. Female Thor. Captain Marvel 2. Adult Monica Rambeau in WandaVision. Asian cast in Shang-Chi. Lgbtq Valkyrie who happens to be the queen of Asgard. Kate bishop in Hawkeye TV series. Dude bros, how we feelin????!!!

Now showing. The One True King. #TheLionKing in cinemas now. Buy tickets here:…

Drop your fav picture of jisoo and use the hashtag: #MTVHottest Blackpink @ygofficialblink


본진이바이나인인사람들다나와 #BY9_debut 오늘부터넌내트친절대실총해

근데유빈이랑토니는왜티오피앞에간거죠 #BY9_debut 티오피연습실썼나요물음표물음표대표님이랑사진찍은거뻘하게웃기고

그냥갑자기울애기들리얼리티생각하고행벅해졋어요 #BY9_debut 울급식이들금동이랑민규등교준비하는거상상만해도넘귀

젤피에서이메일막앗다는거진짠가요물음표물음표 #BY9_debut 머하자는건지잘모르갯는데요시발

Add a venti @ 5:30am & roughly 6pm and a cheese cube at 2:30pm and you have my diet…

Finalmente aprendi a editar no Lightroom


bitches said they weren’t gonna cry at the lion king and then cried. I am bitches.

nick at the lion king premiere

안 자는 승우단 있남


Who’s trying to go see the lion king?

Im at the Movie Tavern to see Lion King and there are more adults here than kids. It’s quite funny.

Wow drama is hella entertaining when you're not involved Also don't throw your cats..

I feel like the worst part about the Cats designs for me are the human noses. Like, you're gonna do these cgi'd cat homunculi and give them full on uncanny valley human faces?

I think theres something wrong with my brain. When I saw the new Cats trailer I thought "woah this looks cool" then i read the comments and no1 agrees with me

[#INFO] 20.07.19 —Os fãs já estão contatando as empresas dos meninos sobre o Debut do BY9. Até agora a Music Works (Yuvin), Top Media (Jinhyuk) e C9 (Donghyun) já falaram que estão monitorando a repercussão nas redes sociais e estão considerando positivamente as propostas +

민규야할미도선도부출신이야 #BY9_Debut 선도부의리로할미는민규데뷔시킬거야

고생많이했어요 #BY9_Debut 저는조금만자고여러분들이계속고생하신만큼제가아침에또할게요디어나인사랑해요체력은보충하면서해야더잘되요화이팅

[XONE] ada yg punya foto nya junho, seungwoo, sama minhee pas masi baby atau masih teka gt ga? Kalo ada drop dong :((

Yang laki aku galak no retweet pasal mira filzah ni pehal. Tak sedar diri da jadi laki orang? Kalau nak obses sgt dgn mira filzah baik takya kawen dgn aku. Ingat takde ke lelaki lain yg obses dgn aku ke.

maybe we and this person who commented on a hangyul nate pann post could finally see hangyul's thighs circumference being measured on weekly idol



바이나인총공도중요하지만지금은 #투표조작_해명해 이총공이더중요하다는걸잊지말아요우리 이거부터처리해야지파생그룹데뷔시킬수있어요진짜

4시에네이버실검총공같이가요 #바이나인_데뷔해 슬프다고계속가만히있을순없잖아

진짜완벽해이멤버들로가면할수있는게얼마나많아 #바이나인_데뷔해 바이나인데뷔해바이나인살려

Beware of disingenuous deluded Tory MPs turning up at their local Foodbank, grinning like Cheshire cats, clutching a tin of cheap beans, pretending they care. Foodbanks fear busiest summer on record via @Welfare_Weekly…

네시에실검총공있어요느낌표 #바이나인_데뷔해 화력떨어지지말고꼭올립시다

펄퍼스목적펄퍼스목적모놀로독백 #바이나인_데뷔해 페실러테이트용이허게하다페실러테이트용이하게하다

진심저희로고너무이쁜듯세계관도미쳐버렸구그러니까 #바이나인_데뷔해


đọc đoạn bame Yohan an ủi chị fan Yunseong mà mình đọc đi đọc lại, hqua Yohan khóc vì anh Jinhyuk, Yuvin, Sejin với cả Yunseong, cen thì bình tĩnh nhưng đến đoạn xong rồi thì khóc nức nở ...

gn fr hangyul dongpyo debut

のあちゃん、初対面です びびっててかわいい!


PRODUCE X 101 DEBUT LINE UP : X1 1. Kim Yohan 2. Kim Wooseok 3. Han Seungwoo 4. Song Hyeongjun 5. Cho Seungyoun 6. Son Dongpyo 7. Lee Hangyul 8. Nam Dohyun 9. Cha Junho 10. Kang Minhee X. Lee Eunsang #PRODUCE101_X_101 #프로듀스X101 #X1 #엑스원


바이나인인가 뭔가 끌고 오지 마세요

what’s your favorite thing about hobi

Why does tae look kinda like hobi here LSHDKSJD…

holy cats this thread/this concept/these critics!…

Comic Con 2019: Terminator: Dark Fate, Top Gun: Maverick, Batman Beyond, Emergence, Agents of Shield, Cobra Kai, Undone, His Dark Materials & Stumptown


Top Gun and Terminator sequel teasers wow #ComicCon

Benim top gun’dan etkilendiği için havacı olan 3-4 arkadaşım var yauv…

Egal ob Top Gun oder Lion King. Ich brauche keine neue Version. Es würde nur meine schöne Erinnerungen zerstören.

We have been working our way through more photos of people's #livingthevalues pledges to mark Values Week. Thank you to @NHSJoshHammond @PollyLPFT @carolfish32 @hee_lisaBP and @VerityThomas What are your memories of Values Week?


kpopper eh um bicho insuportável mesmo ne nunca usou o nome do victon pra panfletar ou divulgar o talento deles mas quando eh pra ganhar um biscoito em cima do grupo ou do seungwoo as bonitas fazem ate fc

お札でいっぱいのアニメイトの募金箱。 皆さんの想いがつまってます。 今日、京都にいこうかなと思ってます。 京アニ大好きですもん… #PrayForKyoani


i love you so much minkyu!!! you did well! i'll be waiting for you!

Who is streaming with me? Be strong Taeyongists, we're doing it for TY #TAEYONG_LongFlight


Daniel Libeskind unveils design for Maggie's Centre in London's Hampstead:


Kisi ki khoobsurati pe fida honay se pehlay uska FaceApp kar lein

Creo que nunca me haré a que el Cáncer nos gane las batallas. Y menos cuando es en casa.

Ojalá cameo de Sonic en Cats.

Curiosos los resultados de la FaceApp...


hace 50 años que el hombre llegó a la luna. hoy tenemos un tráiler de cats. qué nuevas cotas alcanzará la humanidad en 50 años. sólo podemos especular

Dentro de unos minutos estaré en el @maticatradio de @CatalunyaRadio para hablar de la popular #FaceApp #privacidad #seguridad y otras cosas. Hasta ahora! #awareness

Ya man's doesn't age well #FaceApp



Learn about breast cancer, cannabis oil, integrative medicine by subscribing to Dr. Cherlyn Lee's YouTube Channel. Take a healthy journey!

Despite political uncertainty, the #LongTermPlan for the #NHS embraces innovative treatments and personalised medicine to improve patient care - #pharma #pharmaceuticals #lifesciences

All set up for a busy day at the Oncology in Later Life Study Day @TheChristieSoO. Very Proud to be sponsors of this event which sounds packed full of information! Come and say hello if you are coming along. #oncology #cancer #oralhealth


Pierre @DrPMartinez opened our session at cancer evolution #MMEE2019.


Ahora solo hay que pedirles a las universidades que se pongan de acuerdo en la receta…

Welcome to #MMEE2019 models of cancer evolution and ecology! Thank you to our local co-organizer @DrPMartinez first up David Posada @dposada_


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