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Sitting in at @BrunosSF in 2001 with my guitar hero, @JimCampilongo. He asked me to sing this lovely @WillieNelson song. Lee Alexander on Bass, Andy Borger on Drums and Bobby Black on Pedal Steel.

Abisi tarafından sevildiğini sanan Chan'ın kardeşi tarafından sevildiğini öğrenince verdiği tepki hakkında

wishing bang chan a good morning and a wonderful day ❤️

Chan bebeim staye yeni bir meeme verdiğin için çok tşk


Where do you all think The Off Season is going to rank in J. Cole’s discography??

no les pasa que respiran y MAMAMOO IS COMING BACK FOR YOU pq a mi si @RBW_MAMAMOO #MAMAMOO #마마무 #Solar #솔라 #Moonbyul #문별 #Wheein #휘인 #Hwasa #화사


This. This shows who's the theif and who's the rightful owner of the land How can the world be so blind?! #Israel #IsraelTerrorist #IsraelCrimes #يلا_على_الحدود #gaza #Palestinian #palestine #freepalestine #قصفكم_أسهل_علينا_من_شربة_الماء


durduk yere mamamoo’nun cb yapacagi aklima geliyo

11 Male Idols Who Might Be Able to Debut in a Girl Group, Because of Their Dance Covers #BTS #JHope #AB6IX #Daehwi #INFINITE #Sungyeol #NUEST #Ren #제이홉 #대휘 #성열 #렌 #KStarGift Join K-Supporter Projects ▶…

I’m going to squeeze Tesla for every drop of free electricity I can get from my supercharger deal. I’m going to cancel the cyber truck ordered and I am going to talk shit about everything wrong with my Tesla to everyone and anyone that will listen to me. Fuck you @elonmusk

Bom dia meu novo sonho é comprar um tesla em doge coin


why do i keep watching kd i only get mad and frustrated I HATE MNET

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Also check out my cute baju raya. It’s a cropped blazer baju Melayu hybrid. Macam-macam style boleh pakai. I love it. My baby. An Azfarovski original.


I'm not interested — Rihanna turns down Don Jazzy’s advances…

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan maaf zahir dan batin diucapkan kepada semua ❤️ ➡️ #SalamSayang untuk semua dari @imantroye #SalamAidilfitri #HariRaya #KitaBelumMenang #KitaJagaKita

more of the most handsome fat slow worm in the world... #herping #herpingmuri


i get rihanna had good intentions with that post but it’s not that hard to realise it’s not the palestinians fault that this is happening

changsub and the great kingdom escape

Changsub really wasn’t there during the unit’s performances.

Cryptocurrency market tanks after Tesla suspends bitcoin transactions


Now Tesla suspends Bitcoin. And it tumbles 12 pct. I’m surprised only 12.…

My article on the significance of NASA selecting Starship for Artemis was just published in Nautilus magazine. #Mars #Space #Science #MarsSociety #SpaceX #NASA…

Israel-Hamas fighting poses test for Biden and exposes rifts among Democrats Via @agearan @John_Hudson…

Eid Mubarak. As you celebrate Eid, remember to pray for people in distress. Have a joyful Eid celebration. #EidMubarak #Eid #eidmubarak2021


According to the White Party in South Africa called the DA, the picture below shows violence from both sides. The DA is a remnant of the Apartheid White National Party. Palestine is bleeding and they spewing nonsense. Comment: Biden voiced support for Israel #GazaUnderAttack


BREAKING NEWS: Elon Musk will no longer sell Teslas to anyone if their electric provider does not use renewable energy.

Günaydın.Elon Musk piyasayi manipule etmeye devam ediyor.Canınızı sıkmayın.Birileri yine cok sağlam mal toplamış alttan.#Bitcoin

El gobierno de Biden reanudará la construcción del muro fronterizo en el Valle del Río Grande, Texas (Fox News)

necesito un louis tomlinson live from london segunda edición I vote #Louies for #BestFanArmy at the #iHeartAwards


i’ll never forget the girl on here who claimed to be a leftist and said “I dont care if gal gadot was in the IDF she’s still hot” it still blows my mind

Hi guys I'm new here, please follow me I follow back ❤️ Elon arsenal #Ymornings Daniel


Maybe the weirdest aspect of the pandemic is going to be how it was bookended by Gal Gadot being dragged on twitter.

Chelsea Clinton Calls For Global Crackdown On "Anti-Vax" Social Media Posts

.@GalGadot expresses concern over Israel-Palestine conflict…

Gal Gadot getting roasted over Twitter I love it and support it. Is there a reasons she felt that she needed to say anything at all? I don’t remember her supporting BLM or doing anything activist-ish at all. She got millions and a mansion just count your money and STFU

Proyecto junior fc en cabeza de Amaranto Perea debe seguir. Apenas lleva 8 meses Y se ve Mano del Dt y equipo.

The Trump gif fandom is dying

Eid Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating. I pray that the Almighty makes our lives beautiful and our struggles meaningful. Please don't forget to pray for Palestine And Kashmir. May Allah (SWT) make this world COVID FREE. Happy Eid-ul-Fitr 2021 #EidMubarak #PrayForPalestine

ABD hükümeti, eski Başkan Trump döneminde kara listeye alınan Xiaomi’yi mahkeme kararı kapsamında kara listeden çıkartıyor.

Per the White House, on Thursday, at 11:50 a.m. ET, President Biden "will deliver remarks on the Colonial Pipeline incident."

BREAKING REPORT: Biden Administration to RESUME BORDER WALL Construction as Crisis Worsens...

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