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Polio making its comeback for the 21st Century

So Future influenced that Juice Wrld nigga to put all the percs in your mouth if you see the feds too?

South Africa's Porn Blocking Proposal Faces Opposition from Internet Providers…


Do not what is evil. Do what is good. Keep your mind pure. This is the teaching.

Miss South Africa was crowned Miss Universe…


Scribbling up this fella tonight. Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! @2000AD #nemesis


meus bebês chorando:((( EU ESTOU DEVASTADA #TharnTypeEP10


I LOVE how tharn so clingy and cheesy here uwuw #TharnTypeEP10

New telegram group for any interested bugchasers, gifters, anyone in the #bbbh who likes verbal poz chat…

“Y’all gonna quit doing this to me.”

Yes! I did so thursday. And the Boostrix Polio because it was overdue by like a decade. It still hurts. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Herd immunity FTW! #vaccines #VaccinesSaveLives #FluShot…

imessage wrapped 2019 sent and received the word “cock” 128,346 times this year texted F in the chat 17 times per week on average used a reaction image as a substitute for words to describe your deteriorating mental state at least 24 times a day

I know this man Steve Harvey did not make a joke about the cartel when Miss Colombia was on stage......

The #GoldenGlobes nominees for Best Screenplay: Marriage Story Parasite The Two Popes Once Upon A Time In Hollywood The Irishman

screenplay and score nominations for marriage story let’s GO

侍@雑談は可愛い。 めっちゃ可愛い。 びっくりするくらい可愛い。 可愛い。 #あなたはめっちゃ #shindanmaker (*ノω・*)テヘ

しかさんは ラーメン ラーメン ラーメン ラーメン ラーメン ラーメン ラーメン ラーメン ラーメン おあいそです #shindanmaker

当たり前なのだ!!5000兆円欲しいのだ!!!!!殴れ!!!!!ぶっころすのだ!!!!当たり前なのだ!!なのだ!!!!!!!ミュート!!ブロック!!!よよいのよい!!!5000兆円欲しいのだ!!!!! #shindanmaker

紅ムカデさんを獲得しました 値段 5188 手がかり 補助特質 神出鬼没 外在特質 無力な狩人(通常攻撃ダメージが0.5倍) 形態変化 ジャミング(全ての暗号機に高難度のスキルチェックを発生させる) #荘園なう #shindanmaker

井端親父のロリコン度は0.0000009%です。 #shindanmaker チビ達好きなんだけどなぁ(^_^;)

つゆこは茶色。落ち着きがあって大人。面倒見がよく年下に慕われる。優しい。本物を大切にするので、新しいものや偽物を受け入れない傾向が。明るく元気な人より落ち着いた人を好む。朱色の人とは友人関係。 #shindanmaker 本物の切れ味を見るがいい(・ヮ・)

日向優衣が現れた!どうする? (1)殴る (2)崇める (3)撫でる (4)餌付けしてみる #shindanmaker え…?

The #GoldenGlobes nominees for Best Screenplay: Marriage Story Parasite The Two Popes Once Upon A Time In Hollywood The Irishman

#GoldenGlobes nominations: Original Score “Motherless Brooklyn” “Little Women” “Joker” “1917” “Marriage Story”

The last #CANSseminar of the year will take place next Thursday, December 12th, where Prof. Carlos Bezuidenhout will present studies done at the North-West University in South Africa involving microbial dynamics and environmental dimensions of #AMR


People making Black Panther jokes on Ms South Africa is giving me mixed feelings

"Wonder Woman 1984", la secuela de "Wonder Woman", presenta su primer tráiler #NoticiasSIN…

[WATCH] "The role of business in promoting accountable governance" - Ms. Busisiwe Mavuso, CEO: Business Leadership South Africa. #AntiCorruptionDay2019 #UnitedAgainstCorruption @OPSC_SA @UNinSouthAfrica @unisaradio

Just watched the trailer for the new Wonder Woman movie. Looks exciting and bad ass af


RAPPER’S SUDDEN DEATH: 21-year-old Chicago rapper Juice WRLD, whose “Lucid Dreams” hit number 2 on the Billboard charts, died after a possible seizure at Chicago’s Midway airport. @TomLlamasABC reports.

Easier said than done RIP Juice

RIP Juice WRLD you will be missed

Berikut langkah kawalan yang telah dan sedang dilakukan oleh KKM bagi mengawal Polio daripada merebak. Langkah terbaik ialah memastikan anak menerima imunisasi IPV yang lengkap (4 dos termasuk dos tambahan). Imunisasi diberikan percuma kpd warganegara manakala bukan warga


The @WHO African Region is close to being free from all types of wild #polio. Only Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, & South Sudan remain to be certified – but are expected to finalize their documentation by June 2020. #EndPolio


The last polio case in Malaysia occurred in 1992, and in 2000, the country was declared polio free.

聴きやすかったし、Lucid Dreams懐かしくて良かったのに。 Juice Wrld残念だなー。

Polio HAS NO CURE. it can only be PREVENTED THROUGH VACCINATION. TIADA UBAT untuk merawat Polio. pencegahan HANYA MELALUI VAKSINASI. #antiVaxxers sila ambil perhatian.

Anti-vaxxers blaming OPV for causing VDPV. Since 2000, 10 billion doses OPV used worldwide, preventing 13 million polio cases. <750 VDPV cases reported! Do your sums! Msia use IPV-Zero VDPV and Vax Assoc Paralytic Polio VAPP @DrDzul…

I think one conversation not many of us are ready to have when it comes to this antivax/polio issue is how much it is tied to religion (in this country) and one major solution to it involves how we treat/view religious authorities in our daily lives.

Malaysia has reported its first polio case in 27 years, health authorities said Sunday, announcing a three-month-old baby had been diagnosed on Borneo island. | @AFP…

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