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National Treasury has published details of tax measures aimed at cushioning small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and vulnerable firms from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.… via @SABCNewsOnline

It’s been incredibly stressful following the Indonesian Health Ministry. Told people to just pray or eat certain foods, warned poor ppl to beware of giving coronavirus to rich people. Your halal epidemiology is not our halal epidemiology. Save lives and stop being eugenicist.


モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中昴-SUBARU-新藤雄介ツイキャス。コカコーラさん観てませんかー?夜な夜なすんません #初見さん歓迎

Se eu compra um fone Bluetooth da Samsung e conectar no iPhone será q vai ? E se eu compra um air da Apple e conecta no samsunga vai ?



❤️ My mother tells me daily that we will be okay. She has known fear and she has known hope. I will trust in her hope. ❤️ #Covid_19 #COVID19 #MothersLove #LoveAndHope #ChooseHope #StayHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe (*If home is safe)


so i made a series 6-7 style theme for duck (obviously inspired by coffeeshop246’s version)

滝沢氏「手洗いダンスの振り付け、五関先生やってよ。」 五関「いや、ここは屋良っちで!」滝沢氏「そっかー、屋良っちだな!」 屋良くんの意向は聞かれてない。 と、いうような想像をしました。 楽しい手洗いダンス♪ #JohnnysWorldHappyLIVEwithYou  #ABCZ

tu lah camne nak bayar sewa 20k sebulan kat klcc dia tu cian vivy…

we're not against produk tempatan but we're against vivy and her friend talking bullshit about b40. So people pls stop buying vivy business and support others local product which is more affordable with its quality.

Kecoh nya semua dok komen isu Vivy tu yang lelaki2 pun sama naik suke eh korang besar2kan salah orang

Stanbic Bank Offers SMEs, Personal Banking Customers Loan Repayment Holiday Amid COVID-19 Crisis


ライブ音源、無料配信中! 昨夏、2019年6月29,30日の2日間に渡って開催された、NEIGHBORの3周年記念イベント 【NEIGHBOR JAZZ FESTIVAL 2019】 PCまたはiPhone,iPadで【PrimeSeat】アプリをダウンロードしてお楽しみください。……

Dalam kalian bergembira pasal vivik dan kawan dia , jangan lupa 50k netizen masih di tangan iPhone scammer k. You must focus and not lose track. Other things might come, mesti pandai bahagikan masa. #PKPCyberbully Kaedah!

Şu videonun güzelliği hakkında konuşup rahatlayalım biraz #WeLoveLouis…

How U can hate this cute boy?????? @Louis_Tomlinson fuck haters,we love you Lou #WeLoveLouis #LouisTomlinson


Fcuk vivy, you is cancelled, i’ve lost my respect towards you just because of ur fcuking dumb-ass attitude

Day 12 of RMO: Do not lauch crowdfunding if you are not experienced. T20 are just plain selfish. B40 actually suffering. Penang people are stubborn. Zarina Anjoulie have a legit point. We are full time tweeting. More negativity less positivity. Many becoming less human.

Vivy dah mintak maaf tu . Lepas habis covid-19 ni korang jadilah batak balik beli tudung itik dia tu . Korang kan lalang . Eh !

"Earth Hour": Am Brandenburger Tor geht das Licht aus…


Reducing carbon footprint in one's life, is essential in order to create environmentally safe world. We are happy to say that students of GIISDXB have contributed to this noble cause through Earth Hour. #HappyGIISDXB @KHDA #HappyGIISDXB #InThisTogetherDubai #DistanceBringsUsClose

Aku respect Zarina Anjoulie ni, dia ni pandai betul cari duit, cakap benda yg betul and tak fake . I Stan !

Malaysian Medical Association president Dr N Ganabaskaran says NGO members could get infected if they do not use personal protective equipment when cooking and distributing food. #FMTNews #MMA #Covid19…

Never ask, A woman: her age. A man: his salary. Krejiwal: to take responsibility. #Kejriwal_Is_A_Sanke

나 생일에 이드라님 축전 존나퍼먹을수 있을듯


Happy birthday eonnie. Nalulungkot na naman ako. #OurPeachSulliDay


#진리야_3월은_너를닮아_따듯해 #사랑하는_설리에게_복숭이가 #OurPeachSulliDay 사랑해아기천사복숭아공주너무너무보고싶어항상행복하길바라


Just because an influencer is promoting doesn’t mean u have to donate money to social media-based NGOs/ groups. #fraudalert #RealityCheck

Mak Ros, Makcik Wilma Makcik Leha, Kakak Ai, Pak Leman, dan Pak Din Jangan risau barang bukan untuk Mak Kiah dan Pak Mat je tapi untuk semua ya…… #nampakbarangbarubayar #sayapeniagajujur #untungtakbanyaktapikitasyukur #hidupcikKIAH #facemask #mask

**** WINNER "HOLD" 200329 01PM KST #9 Bugs (-1) #2 Naver (=) #7 Genie (-1) #14 MelOn (+4) #19 Soribada (=) #32 Flo (-2) WINNER - '뜸(Hold)' M/V ▶️ #WINNER #위너 #뜸

Lawmaker: Impose conditions, don't restrict NGOs


Finally lost our storm in west Illinois. Missed out on the sneaky northeast Iowa tornadofest, but still got some spinny Illinois beautys. Hardly took any pictures on my phone, so I’ll get to editing tomorrow. Just missed the Cambridge tornado, but saw still saw bigly strutcture.

長身有利というか、逆に言えば背の高い人を優先的に座らせるべきでは。 老人は出歩いてはいけないのだから、優先席は長身者優先だなこれは。皆のためだぞ 東京新聞:<新型コロナ>満員電車内のウイルス飛散予測 ドア付近が感染リスク高:首都圏(TOKYO Web)…

model au where mark is a worldwide model. lee donghyuck, known as haechan, starts his career at the age of 21 and in no time, his popularity increases at an unbelievable speed. the catch? they're childhood friends. what will happen when they meet again? #markhyuck #맠동


COVID-19: Test result for Buhari’s spokesman, Garba Shehu revealed…


So what's the difference between Buhari stans and Tacha fans

Am auzit că la București vă sună să ieșiți puțin să vă testeze, dar nu pe toți. Pe noi, nu. Mi-am adus aminte de bancul ăsta. Crocodilul îl întreabă pe dinozaur: - Auzi, frate, pe tine te-a sunat unul Noe? - Nu. - Nasol!

PSA, if you're donating any money for the covid19 pandemic, just make sure to support smaller NGOs in your local areas or try directly helping people around you instead of contributing it to shams like PM-CARES. Thank you.

10 years ago I wrote an article about NGOs subtitled “The Ship is the Visual.” Exhibit A:…

I love the Disney style of these Forget me not's #NHSthisflowerisforyou #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

Outrage culture is getting mad at Mark Zuckerberg for donating millions and then stepping over homeless people on your way to work.

Reino Unido registra 260 fallecidos en un día por coronavirus y supera las mil víctimas fatales…


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