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#LIVMUN man utd will take it tonight, SAY IT WITH ME!!!

lit rally fuck all the armys that cancel zico for problematic shit he has done in the past but still support b#ts who did exactly the same thing. no one is saint, stop like yall superior.

Budak2 badan kecik dan lembik daripada WARISAN serang Papagomo krn koyakkan poster KM Sabah. Budak2 WARISAN turunkan banner, poster BN tak mengapa pula??? Dah kalah di Kimanis, meroyan pula.

Premier League's top ten on the basis of Expected Points tally: Man City: 51.78 Liverpool: 44.27 Chelsea: 43.62 Man Utd: 41.32 Wolves: 37.08 Leicester: 35.07 Southampton: 34.74 Sheffield United: 33.13 Everton: 33.12 Tottenham: 32.24

Followers kami sudah cukup berjibun dan tak ada niat jual akun. Tapi kami sadar di kedua kubu ada saja yg ngotot memelihara polarisasi warisan pilpres, sebab tanpa permusuhan itu mereka bukan siapa2. Jika di kubu sini ada @CH_chotimah dkk, maka di kubu sana ada @TofaTofa_id dkk…

Never bet against Newcastle United at St James Park. Their 52000 fans expect 100% commitment

Kita bertarung dengan sihat dan kita juga telah cuba yang terbaik. - Salahuddin Ayub #sinarharian #PRKKimanis…

34' Dortmund 0-1 Augsburg 46' Dortmund 0-2 Augsburg 49' Dortmund 1-2 Augsburg 55' Dortmund 1-3 Augsburg 59' Dortmund 2-3 Augsburg 61' Dortmund 3-3 Augsburg 70' Dortmund 4-3 Augsburg 79' Dortmund 5-3 Augsburg Dortmund complete turnaround!…

There is a team that could be having Griezman, Dybala, Haaland, Bruno and Pogba .

#PremierLeague #NEWCHE | The result moves Newcastle up to 12th in the standings on 29 points from 23 games, with Chelsea remaining in 4th place.…

Bring the GOAT to @dallascowboys Report: Tom Brady 'embarrassed' by salary, plans to move out of New England… #Dallas #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #DFW #NFLPlayoffs

19 Jan - Post mortem kenalpasti punca kekurangan sokongan belia dalam PRK Kimanis dibuat dalam waktu terdekat… @SyedSaddiq #BeritaRTM #RTM


Ada pemimpin PH kata Warisan/PH tak kalah di Kimanis sebab undi Warisan tak berubah hanya undi BN bertambah. Ini mcm punya bagero pun ada.

#BHPolitik Kekalahan WARISAN disebabkan isu legasi - Mohamed Azmin…


do The Purge but I am safe throughout

Stonking result down in Cardiff @steelershockey well done guys massive result. Safe journey home guys and get ready for another big game tomorrow.

2. [+1,332, -235] Unni, this doesn’t seem right... it’s Zico


Please ⁦@rogerfederer⁩ ⁦@AustralianOpen⁩ see our 10 point #PollutionProtocol for managing the dangers of #AirPollution during big sporting events cc ⁦@paulajradcliffe⁩ ⁦@DrMariaNeira⁩ ⁦@p_hannam⁩⁩ << Be safe and successful!…

EXOL por favor hay que controlarse, en Lyns las cosas no van bien. Muchas seguimos apoyando pero hay EXOL iniciando peleas, insultando y difundiendo la información “de la persona”. Limitemonos a ¡apoyar! #엑소엘이_믿는_첸 #엑소엘은_엑소9명_믿어 #EXOLBelievesInEXO9 @weareoneEXO

zico’s racist? damn that’s crazy

Forgot to tweet this yesterday - it seems even more accurate now with hindsight #ManCity #CPFC #MCICRY


eminem sollte lieber bei seinen m&m’s bleiben

Feliz cumple a estos cracks de River. Gallardo(44), @juanferquinte10 (27) y @leopiscu (36) distintos años pero comparten el mismo día! Gracias por sentir tanto estos colores y representarnos tan bien. Pero que viva el fútbol Pisculichi❤️⚽ Día que ya debería tener nombre.


Viva Pit Señor

.@Eminem please never make music again.

My English is not good. Do you know Tom and Jerry? I have Jerry in my room. Can you bring Tom into my room?

Me in viva when i don't know what's examiner is asking about


Esse viva é a maior palhaçada que eu já vi, sai fora não é pra mim kkkk

All 71 Spotify Playlists + 7 Apple Music Playlists have been updated! #Walls…


Here’s a song for you… WINTER FLOWER(Feat.RM) by Younha…

1/17/98 it's been a day that I've come to hate…

Eminem has a new album out!!


Eminem dispara música contra las armas en su nuevo álbum…

everyone at isaac: #sexeducation

CRUSH GAME have u had a crush on: 1. no 2. yes 3. no 4. yes 5. yes 6. no 7. no 8. no 9. no 10. yes 11. no 12. yes 13. yes 14. yes 15. semalam jala ada 16. beautiful crush❣️ reply with an emoji and i'll dm u the questions.

eminem's new album inspires me


Here’s a song for you… Black Swan by BTS by composer and lyricist RM… #ThankYouNamjoon

Eminem insta a controlar el uso de armas de fuego en EE.UU en su último álbum

I love how some of you are pretty much perceiving it as Eminem’s intention to fuck over Mac Miller 1. People are still gonna listen to Mac coz it’s the last album he’s gonna have under his name 2. Eminem wasn’t the only one that dropped today Just actually fuck off

Boas noticias na Wonilandia, as ações da CJ ENM cairam mais um pouco! E o que eu acho? Pouco! #엑스원_새롭게_다시만나 #X1_newbeginning @x1official101


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