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Five Little Ducks went out one day, over the hills and far away. Mother Duck said, “Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack,” but only four little ducks came back. Four little ducks went out one day, over the hills and far away Mother Duck said, “Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack,” but only three l…

Auch während covid19 gilt: NGOs, die Geld für Twitterwerbung haben, haben genug Geld und brauchen nicht mehr

All NGOs, cultural orgs and RWAs must come forward and extend an helping hand to those in need. And don't forget to make your contribution into #PMCARES Fund. Every rupee counts. #21daylockdown #PMReliefFund #Kejriwal_Is_A_Sanke…

[NEW] "As individuals, we are being invited to understand more fully our vulnerability & our interdependence. The question is now, can we apply this to our #globaldev work? "Can we allow #COVID19 to upend our notions of 'giver' & 'receiver'?"… #NGOs #aid


For the duration of the current crisis staff working in homeless NGOs providing emergency accommodation to homeless households are deemed essential personnel. Staff involved in the provision of private emergency accommodation are also categorised as providing essential services.

In 1979, an American economist highlighted a group of businesses he termed gazelles—they had grown by at least 20% in the last four years. In 2018, these companies are responsible for more than half of the jobs created in America.…

If Apple refuses to move iPhone production out of China, nationalize them. If Amazon refuses to move its supply chain out of China, nationalize them. These billionaires and trillion-dollar corporations exist because of America. Time to support America.

Kepada pengguna iPhone sila semak status bateri anda. Jika indikator seperti di bawah.Anda digalak untuk membuat penukaran bateri di ASP Tidak salah anda mahu menggunakan dalam keadaan sedemikian namun iPhone anda akan perlahan & terpadam dengan sendirinya TOLONG BACA DI BAWAH


"You will not get your increase from other people.- GOD will Carry you!"(Carriers of The Glory)- SIP Prophetess Dr. Gwendolyn Bradley #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #Covid_19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #StreamingLive #ArimChurch

#Covid_19 isn't something anybody should joke with. More than 600,000 people have been infected, and over 30,000 people have died from the virus so far. Please, ensure you and your family #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #CoronaUpdate

エンタメは決して不要不急のものなんかじゃない 観る者の心に私たちの心に夢と希望を与えてくれる素晴らしいもの その志に賛同でき感動できる本物だけが生き残れる厳しい世界 ファンの1人として微力ながらもチカラになりたい って事で追加で1setポチッとな〜♡ #JohnnysWorldHappyLIVEwithYou


ジャニーズWEST、歌うめーーっ!!生歌最高!!!!!!! あんな激しいダンスしながら歌に安定感あってほんますごいね!!! #JohnnysWorldHappyLIVEwithYou

エンターテインメントも聞きたいなぁ!! #JohnnysWorldHappyLIVEwithYou

So I went to the lady gaga concert in 2008? And bought the t shirt of her giving the middle finger and had to put pink duck tape over her hand so I could wear it to school

“Vivy is cancelled!” - her own duck


when we rise up as a society and decide to eat the rich i just want carol baskin to know that she is on the menu

last tweet for today: i really really miss X1

SMEs like the professional legal services sector hoping for critical care — Christopher Leong | Malay Mail…

لما تكون لسه شاري iPhone 11pro max ويطلع عليك حرامي يثبتك ويقولك طلع اللي معاك بدل ماانيكك


Tun M: "Yang miskin tak perlu dengki dengan orang kaya." Me watching all the kaya people complaining about how the miskin people will spent the duit bantuan for iPhone and shit:



Biasanya Apple meluncurkan iPhone baru tiap September. Namun, kehadiran iPhone 12 pada 2020 mungkin tertunda beberapa bulan.

モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 -ピルクル係長です。

benim guzel bebegim boyle bir sacmaligin icinde olmayi hic haketmiyor whatever stream #Walls #welovelouis

Assalamualaikum semua, hari ni kita semua marah Vivy Yusuf dan Aleeya Zailan sebab mereka berperangai buruk ya?

Vivy yusof can fuck off.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRENE♡ also this is my first irene fanart! still learning.. ;-; #TheOnlyIRENEDay #HappyIRENEDay #이시대_최고의여성_배주현 #RedVelvetIRENE #IRENEFanart


Terima kasih Friends yang sudah ikut berpartisipasi dalam Earth Hour dan membantu earthhourofficial dan bumi kita beristirahat sejenak. Kamu bisa bantu bumi untuk lebih hat dalam penggunaan energi dengan cara……

I can see how sincere she is to help people. Thankyou Zarina Anjoulie…

It's almost time for Morning Gloryville Online Rave for Earth Hour! 11am to 1pm, feat: @Neilbringsmagic & @roxycat13 DJ's @CazCoronel. Dance in your PJ's - no dress code! We can't wait to start in 30mins. FB event:… Tix/donations:…

Ini yang bikin iklan beneran nctzen kali ya? Soalnya per sekmen bener2 gambarin artisnya wkwk. Kaya bucinnya yuta ke mark, kiyowonya haechan, cerewetnya doyoung, terus ngeshoot rahang taeyong dan di close up! Nu Green Tea #FixEnak apalagi kalo ada #NCT127 @NCTsmtown_127

#India on Saturday, March 28, recorded 135 new cases of the #coronavirus disease, one of the highest single-day spikes, adding challenges to the containment of the #outbreak.…

Good morning everybody. Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to walk my dogs again. Vicious easterly wind driving stinging sleet into our faces. The trees roaring. The wires in the orchard zinging and shrieking. Nose and eyes streaming. Boys like it! Stay safe x

**** WINNER "HOLD" 200329 03PM KST #7 Bugs (+3) #2 Naver (=) #7 Genie (=) #14 MelOn (=) #22 Soribada (-2) #32 Flo (=) WINNER - '뜸(Hold)' M/V ▶️ #WINNER #위너 #뜸

Many NGOs, mandirs, Gurdwaras are providing rations and langar to the needy. It's better to donate to them rather than the Govt treasury which is already sitting on reserves of approx 25000 crores.

Dear @narendramodi ; Ensure CSR funds are directed to PM and CM relief fund. Pushing to NGOs is creating a lot of black money. Change the companies act.

i know a person who keeps on seeing these tweets and just saying,, u can mark me if u wanna,, full homo i mean what jk haha unless

Começa amanhã em todo o Brasil, campanha para colocar a Globo em isolamento. Os brasileiros por 15 dias irão ligar suas TVs em outros canais. Está medida faz-se necessária no momento para conter o avanço dos casos de Corona vírus. Repassem urgente!!!!


The world don’t deserve an angel like you. We miss you endless selcas, your random videos, and your supportive posts on what you believe in. You are a strong woman, Jinri-yah. #진리야_3월은_너를닮아_따듯해


I was nominated by @EricPMusselman to post four coaching pictures and nominate four new coaches. I nominate @CuonzoMartin @Mark_Gottfried @Iron_MikeMA @UNTCoachGMac


People getting mad at Idubbbz because he supports sex workers are definitely the same people the got mad at Mark Zuckerberg for donating 25 million dollars to covid-19 research

#EVDEKALKONYA Rasûlullah(sav): "Sizden biri dua edince "Allahım, dilersen beni affet! Allahım, dilersen bana rahmet et!" demesin! İsteğini azimle (kesin bir üslûb ile) istesin, zira Allah'ı zorlayacak kimse yoktur." (Buhari,Daavat 21;Müslim,Zikr 7)


"Bulaşıcı Hastalık Taşıyan Kişi, Sağlıklı Olan Kişinin Yanına Gitmesin!” Buhârî

Raising international awareness about #Algeria-n political prisoners, incl. journalist @khaleddrareni, is more than essential. Many thanks to all NGOs, media workers, and all other organs that are shedding the light on Khaled's case; remember, he's not the only prisoner.…

1/ Repeat after me: You don't have to time the bottom. From Oct 2007 to Apr 2013 (5.5 yrs), S&P 500 was down an average of 21.2%. For 2 full years, it was below that mark. Any time during that 5.5 yr period was a spectacular buying opportunity for long-term investors.


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