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quando eu morar sozinha vou viver a base de miojo pipoca de microondas e batata frita ou seja vou morrer em 3 dias

e eu que não superei Lose You To Love Me ainda... Selena Gomez eu SEMPRE te defendi

While I was on the train there was this girl who had Selena’s new song on repeat for 20 mins straight mood

miren que amo a Selena pero che no da amiga soltar

essa musica da Selena acabou comigo

Stream the M/V manually! Share the YT link as much as you can! Watch through embed links! #WINNER_CROSS #WINNER_SOSO [VIDEO] #WINNER - '#SOSO' M/V

Callum Hudson-Odoi has immense potential - but he's got a long way to go to reach his role model…


Batshuayi and Pulisic make the difference off the bench against Ajax…

ภาพ #ChadwickBoseman ขณะไปชมการแข่งขันบาสระหว่างคู่ Lakers Vs Clippers ในลอสแองเจลิส เมื่อวันที่ 22 ตุลาคม สำหรับเขาคนนี้ก็คือไม่เจอกันนานแต่ก็ยังคงหล่อและง่วงเหมือนเดิมครับ ทับใจสุดๆ


Será que esse ano tem show time dos Lakers ?

If anyone can help I could use it my car needs some work to pass inspection and I simply don’t have enough I use my car to commute to school and would appreciate the help $adamsdough24 #LoseYouToLoveMe #Gisel #ThankYouHwall #شيخ_قبيلة #UAAPSeason82 #HandsOffUhuruPark #Bigil #YeS

#WINNER "SOSO" 22:00 KST: #1 Bugs (=) #2 Soribada (+2) #9 Genie (+2) #16 MelOn (+1) #30 FLO (+5) #WINNER_SOSO #WINNER_CROSS #SOSO

This might hit close to home for @Lior_Kz but in the final minute of the Raptor game I said out loud. "Why isn't Kawhi in the game right now?" And then remembered that he's on the Clippers now. It made me sad a little. Also, what a hell of an off-season.

This might be corny but the clippers just seemed like they wanted it more last night, hustle plays, second chance efforts, aggressiveness

Aproveitando o clima do novo Star Wars, deixo aqui esse CLÁSSICO maravilhoso zero defeitos que infelizmente essa geração nem deve saber quem é hahah…

I mean, Kawhi will be fine. His mom finna be frying up some eggs in his kitchen right now for his family to eat for breakfast. He got what he wanted.

La duración de Star Wars episodio IX: El ascenso de Skywalker la convierte, por poquito, en la película más larga de la saga.

Just found out the hashtag #ThankYouHwall was him about leaving the group and now I'm crying.

Thank you for being apart of the boyz. I'm so proud that you have come this far with us deobis and the boyz members but unfortunately everything has a end and you're end was today. In conclusion thank you Hwall, it was a honor knowing you as the boyz Hwall. #thankyouhwall


Just saying about the news of Bobby and donghyuk telling hanbin happy bday, the likes it got on weibo.


The people I know in real life I don’t fuck with them on here because they got jobs to protect if I’m talking shit to them it’s texts or phone calls

Ronnie Liu made the statement without referring to his higher ups? Sure, sure. Anyone who believes that should also believe in the tooth fairy. All this drama about disciplinary action. He will be let off with a "warning". Wager anyone? @limkitsiang…

Kenyataan Ahli Jawatankuasa Eksekutif Pusat DAP, Ronnie Liu, bahawa PH akan tetap berjaya tanpa Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) hanyalah pandangan peribadi. - TPM

Syed Saddiq threatens open season on DAP unless party punishes Ronnie Liu He said Ronnie’s opinion piece which suggested PH did not need Bersatu was disrespectful & rude… Move on @SyedSaddiq. Forgive Ronnie as you forgave Zakir Naik. Invite him for dinner


Inilah drama opera cina terbaru @dapmalaysia yg cuba mengalih pandangan mata rakyat terhadap isu & kes yg sedang hangat diperkatakan iaitu penglibatan D4P menaja pengganas LTTE di Malaysia. @BetterNation3 @RameshRaoAKS @mijjemije @Alamurni @PutriSufi3…

Saya setuju Dan Sokong penuh Kenyataan Ronnie liu!! #Mahathir memang Tak boleh pakai!! @DAPSYPenang…

Tindakan Ronnie Liu itu dilihat oleh kepimpinan DAP sebagai satu tindakan sabotaj yang serius untuk menjejaskan kestabilan dan memecahkan perpaduan dalam kerajaan PH. #FMTNews #RonnieLiu #DAP #LokeSiewFook…

did y’all run away with txt today


From being offensively nonexistent in the Wild Card and 4 outs away from yet another disappointment, to marching into Houston and handing Gerrit Cole his first loss since May 22. The Nationals dream run just wrote its most impressive chapter yet. What a start to the #WorldSeries.

Im truly curious if ppl know the country is 100% run by & catered to those w the most money (influence), but they think they can vote that away, OR if ppl genuinely think the government is concerned w/ serving common folk outside of the bare minimum required to avoid an uprising

Working on a subtle new character named Bobby deniro

Postseason baseball is always so freaking weird…


Alfaro estas dirigiendo boca no arsenal

all of monsta x for the last 2 years: feel like pure shit. just want hyungwon back

Changkyun & Hyungwon...... definite Maybe: kihyun & Wonho


A1 has anyone mentioned Find my (husband) a great way to know how far from home everyone is so that you can start cooking dinner (I kid you not) #AppleEduChat

this thread is way funnier when you find out op is a phd at harvard. ivy leavers don’t know shit about the working class.…

chae hyungwon singer chae hyungwon dancer chae hyungwon rapper chae hyungwon dj chae hyungwon model chae hyungwon actor CHAE HYUNGWON LEGEND @OfficialMonstaX

che puede ser que haya mezclado find you de monsta x con mdzs y ahora me quiera arrancar la cara del dolor que siento????

Swing Signage produced for @mattressmick in Drogheda. Thank you for choosing AP Signs. Contact our team at to find out more about our signage printing services. #LouthChat #SeamsCloud


me: maybe they forgot to send them?? and i’ll just live with my one take with kat?? ehcon photographers: bitch you THOUGHT! we couldn’t find the originals so we pulled them from the camera card! here you go!


Do You ever encounter something so stupid and say “I’d much rather be listening to mono than doing this” #1YearWithMono


Good evening blades! I hope your all well,especially after yesterday’s result. I am currently looking for a room to live in so I can move to the beautiful city of sheffield from Glasgow. I will then get myself into a job. Can anyone help? Many thanks Ryan

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