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पाकिस्तान के प्रधानमंत्री इमरान खान ने भारतीयों की तारीफ क्या की मुल्क में बवाल मच गया #Pakistan #ImranKhan…

FM Spokeswoman Exposes U.S. Attempt to Destabilize #China . Hua played a video showing how Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff of former U.S. Secretary, spoke about the three purposes of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. via @YouTube

"I Shall Never Forget You, Yan'an" — The Red Regime in Karmen's Camera

الفلسطينيون فقط عرفوا أنه لا جدوى من إضاعة الوقت .. و أن هناك حلًا واحدًا اسمه المقاومة .. إنهم يسطرون ملحمة حقيقية ، ولو كان خصمهم غير الإسرائيليين لكتب العالم كفاحهم على النجوم بأقلام من ذهب. د.أحمد خالد توفيق سافاري قصاصات #SaveSheikhJarrah


هي ( العصابات الصهيونية ) غير ذلك يعتبر أمر ليس جديًا ، نحن لا نعترف بكيان ولا دولة بل هي فعلا عصابات صهيونية اغتصبت واحتلت أراضية عربية ومقدسات إسلامية . #القدس_تنتفض #القدس #SaveSheikhJarrah

At the end of the clip you can hear one of the Palestinian men shouting in Hebrew at an Israeli special forces police officer "But why? WHY?"…

#SaveSheikhJarrah #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح Where the global community, We should expect nothing from you when you were too late to save George Floyd you can't save palastaine from the criminal Isreal that you want to call a country while no one admitted it because they are criminals


I just stumbled upon this glorious photo of the last Friday prayer during Ramadan in 1996. Our hearts yearn to you, O homeland. You are in our hearts and in our minds. May peace and justice prevail throughout every inch of Palestine.




من اجل صفقة مع ايران يتم التضحية بامن اسرائيل هذا ماتفعله ادارة بايدن وفق خطة اوباما قرة عين خامنئي…

You used me as a weapon! You've never thought of me as a friend, Tommy! You've just used me from the start, you saw me just as The Blade.

For many this may be a hero, but the reality is that these Palestinian children are educated in this way from a young age, look at what he carries in his hand.…

"Artık memlekette gerçekler konuşulsun , Polis devleti istemiyoruz " (AKH) #KadirGecesi #MescidiAksa #Kudüs Palestinian #SaveSheikhJarrah "Hayırlı Kandiller" AlparslanHoca Serbest

While Israeli occupation forces continue to injure and kill Palestinians with near-total impunity, the Palestinian Authority is doing all it can to protect Israeli settlers

I had a dream we beat Leicester 4-2... we went from 17 to 13 with two relegation teams left.. and we were safe... don’t wake me up #nufc

We can move on into 3 points from Leicester if we win our games in hand

el día del cb de dream yo voy para clases jaja que tristeza

Hoy te contamos cómo Mauricio Macri arreglo con China para mandar un cohete teledirigido a la cucha de Dylan


#LeeMinHo Debut Anniversary - Seoul Cafe Cup Sleeve Support】 Schedule:2021.05.08-while stocks last Location:위드커피 서울 마포구 양화로18안길 12 Amount: 1)Cup sleeve * 1000pcs 2)Banner * 100pcs… #이민호 #李敏镐


#JornaldaCultura Bozo critica a China porque ele NÃO quer a China fornecendo IFA para o Butantã. Ele quer o povo morrendo.

There are more disasters waiting to happen. Given the uncertainty in India-China relations with vigorous cementing of India-US military ties, I do not rule out a hot, decisive & occupation war with China within 5 years - for which we are unprepared at all levels!

#SaveSheikhJarrah #SavePalestine@UN @POTUS @UKParliament @NATO Ya ALLAH Protect the Muslims of Palestine and they are on the right path And giving them the power to fight with enemies


Mazlumların evine ateş düşerken, zalimlere rahat verme Allahım. Freedom for Palestine! We are with our Palestinian brothers! #SaveSheikhJarrah #MescidiAksa #FreePalestine


btw here’s more information of what’s happening if u didn’t understand please inform yourself…

Sebastian Stan x Lily James. Annapurna TV. Pam & Tommy.


La represión policial en #Colombia está basada en la doctrina represiva israelí. El actual gobierno colombiano tiene estrechos lazos militares con Israel. #DDHH

here’s how sebastian stan as tommy lee can be my chemical romance’s new drummer


David Bowie – The Jean Genie (Official Video) via @YouTube

Candice winning a title in WWE has been massively under-celebrated this week IMO. A big factor in the indie boom in the first place, in terms of writing the playbook she's the Ricky Morton of intergender Wrestling, one of the first female wrestlers flown coast to coast regularly.


مساج جدة منزلي وفندقي متوفر 24 ساعة المختصين فلبينيين واندوسيين معاهم شهادات معتمده وتوكلنا يلتزمون بالاحترازات الوقائية متوفر جميع انواع المساج للتواصل اتصال:0565104216 او واتساب #دعاء_لساعه_اجابه #امتلك_عقارك #رقم_حسابي


Mayor Girón dijo Pepca tiene las órdenes que recibía por WhatsApp de Cáceres, Torres Robiou y De Aza…

Subí un estado y se me fue el WhatsApp a la porra. Que buen momento para desinstalarlo.

The World Health Organization approved China’s Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use, saying it will improve access to shots in the developing world…

Good afternoon, folks! About Xrp circulating supply: - I don't read/observe CoinMarketCap, reason: it's owned by Bitcoin gang (China). - I always use Xrp Metrics, 100% transparent.…



hobi is the type to get you a bracelet with his initial and he’d wear one with yours


im gonna cry taeyong listened to into the i-land, calling, drunk-dazed. he mentioned that enhypen did their comeback and they got 1st place. he also said sunoo is handsome pls my heart is gonna combust

Exo sen gelmiyorsun bari Ksoo solo gelsin artık dayanamıyorum

eu te amo conan gray eu te amo




not to spread my sunwon agenda but seriously i wanna thank jungwon for praising sunoo and his work, for coming to him when he cried, for always listening to him attentively and for always making sure he spoke

Florian Thauvin será el 4° futbolista francés en jugar en el primer equipo de Tigres, antes fueron: André-Pierre Gignac Andy Delort Timothée Kolodziejczak Además el defensa Anis Libotte estuvo en la sub 20, y el portero Antoine Seyer estuvo a prueba


comentem LLC PARTY pra receber sem a figurinha


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