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Deep. @Eminem raps from the perspective of the shooter. #Darkness is deep #MusicToBeMurderedBy #HipHop

So people are canceling #Eminem cos of “Darkness”. What’s making you guys mad? That’s the reality we are forced to live through daily. Please get mad at lawmakers who fail to take action to prevent mass shootings. Art is imitating life.

En sah Eminem il intéresse qui a part le dictionnaire Twitter

Evil Greed , the newest single by Souls is sure to turn some heads, a nice heavy fusion of metal for all you head bangers !… #deathcult

.@eminem drops surprise album #MusicToBeMurderedBy.

Bangtan insanlar için sanat eserleri yapıp,John Cena nın da dediği gibi sesini güzel amaçlar için kullandı. biz de onların kanatları olduk..şarkılarını kendileri yazdı,en dipten en tepeye çıktılar desteklemekten onur duyuyoruz herkes kendi sevdiği sanatçıyla ilgilensin arkadaşlar


Which is the worst part of Dolittle? The Jeff logic? The fart gags and bro-jokes? The cheap cameos and bad lip sync? Robert Downey Jr.'s erratic Welsh accent? Here's our frank assessment of this mess.

엑소엘이 첸을 필요해요. 엑소엘이 종대없이 못살아요. 첸을 지켜주세요.보호해주세요. 첸이 없으면 내삶에 의미가 없어서 제발 첸을 보호해주세요. #종대야_여기_있을게 #SM_김종대_지켜 #종대랑_오래오래 #AlwaysWithChen #종대_안에_첸_있다 #엑소엘이_지킬_첸과_종대

엑소엘이 첸을 그냥 보내지 못해요. 엑소는 첸이 있어야 완벽할 테니까 첸을 지켜주세요. 에리는 첸과 김종대를 필요해요. #종대야_여기_있을게 #SM_김종대_지켜 #종대랑_오래오래 #AlwaysWithChen #종대_안에_첸_있다 #엑소엘이_지킬_첸과_종대

All of a sudden De Gea isnt a leader, because he isnt shouting up and down De Gea that saved UTD season in& season out when we were in the valley of the shadow of death Alot of you lack objectivity cos you lot are fan boys No worry person when meet u for office go be ur HOD

Hello, Im Ojie, from Kuala Lumpur. Im opening a Restaurant in Qatar selling Nasi Lemak. Im 35 this year. How about you? #OGStreetKitchen


Arguably, the coolest thing about Smash Bros. Ultimate getting 6 more characters, is the addition of all that new music, likely between 60-80 new tracks and a lot of new spirits.

Smash Bros Musical Bytes - Gangplank Galleon - Juno Songs/Man on the Int... @YouTubeさんから えっえっ知ってた??アンテのミュージカル動画と同じ人のやつ、スマブラもあったの知らなくてびっくり

Edinburgh brothers smash world record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean by six days

This is how y'all acting about the new Smash fighter



Sylvain: Alright guys, lets go over the plan one more time. Sylvain: If something breaks? Dimitri: Try and fix it before Byleth sees. Sylvain: And if that doesn’t work? Annette: We blame it on Felix. Felix: Seriously fuck you guys.

Petition for DAY6 #AnysongChallenge Petition for DAY6 #AnysongChallenge Petition for DAY6 #AnysongChallenge Petition for DAY6 #AnysongChallenge Petition for DAY6 #AnysongChallenge

listen yall i already know that john cena be in his feelings rn listening to black swan and i think thats beautiful

Please stop referring Byleth as "another fire emblem character" as long as it's fun to play who cares from what series it's from

Byleth doch ganz cool.

John Cena es el papá de Army, lo siento yo no hago las reglas

Acabo de ver la entrevista de James Corden con John Cena y es increíble lo irrespetuosa que es la señora que estaba con ellos dos. No tengo idea de quién es, pero se burlaba de los chicos +

John Cena provides major update regarding future in WWE @JohnCena #WWE…

Remember that one interview asking SF9 about their ideal types and this absolute nerd wholeheartedly stated that his type was Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto??? He was ready to fight the Seventh Hokage himself smh #SF91stWin…

Nasi lemak merupakan makanan tradisi Melayu Malaysia. Tak percaya tanya Chef Wan…


Q3: How would you treat food poisoning? #SabahChats



byleth was a teacher and they were like :) im gonna groom my students uwu

i hope everyone excited for byleth spills their milk on their switch and the warranty runs out

If somehow I get a PMD on Switch, Byleth in Smash, and TWEWY 2 all in a short time span I will believe in miracles

Thoughts on Byleth: I feel both negative and positive about the addition tbh. On one hand, I feel like they should have saved them for a challenger pack focused on Nintendo characters or released them earlier in the pack so there wasn’t as much disappointment...

Theory: We got BotW Link and Byleth in Ultimate because Sakurai got advanced copies of the games. We don't have Rex/Pyra/Mythra because he didn't get the game early enough.

Me-If i play Byleth I’m only gonna play the girl Kat-You act like you’re gonna play a sword character Damn she’s really out here

Eight years ago, we have come to know you Eight years after, we still, and will always be with you , we love you. ✨ Thank you for sharing your passion with us, Lay! Let’s love for a long time, ALWAYS♥️ #8YearsWithLay #8YearsWithYixing #EXO  #엑소 @weareoneEXO @layzhang

Fans de Harry Potter... escribí _Domvoldor_ procedan a bloquearme, me lo merezco

Stay Weird. I’ll be framing this one soon - I’ll update the photo when I do. It’s for sale to a good home for $15. It’s small-ish, around 3x5, frame will be around 4x6! This design is also available to be tattooed for any Harry Potter fans out there.


I really hope I don’t embarrass myself at the Harry Potter play tonight by telling “MY HERMIONE IS BLACK”

nadie: absolutamente nadie: yo: te gusta harry potter?

I should be going to bed but I cant stop reading about all the amazing stories of Guardians coming together and the friendships formed, it's something else!!! This Community Rock's and I'm proud to be a part of it! Thankyou @bungie for creating it for us, much love & respect!!!

#bbcqt @LozzaFox was a breath of fresh air. Having an actor on who actually sounds genuine and came across as resonating with views held by the majority of the population. Thankyou and well played sir

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