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ONTARIO, CANADA - I’ll be announcing TWO new shows on the #NiceDayTour right after #RAW Stay tuned!


Selamat untuk 3 atlet inline skate Kulon Progo @wtsinlineskate yang mewakili Indonesia dalam ASEAN Inline Freestyle Skating di Thailand pertengahan September ini. Satu perak dan dua perunggu dipersembahkan untuk Indonesia. Keren!


Selamat berjuang kawan, doa rakyat Indonesia menyertaimu #HidupMahasiswa #TurunkanJokowi


Selamat hari tani Nasional Semoga pertanian Indonesia bisa lebih maju dan makmur Sehingga bisa mendapatkan panen yg melimpah ruah Bisa swa sembada pangan


Indonesia sedang tidak baik baik saja, dengan #RUUKUHP & #RUUKPK yg tidak masuk akal. Kami akan terus ada dan berlipat ganda!!! #HidupMahasiswa #GejayanMemanggil #HIDUPRAKYATINDONESIA


'ये मार्स नहीं है': इंडोनेशिया में आकाश हुआ लाल…

PSA 2: Banning plastic straws in California and does little to help the ocean. The real problem is that China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam dump more plastic into oceans than the rest of the world ****combined****

Hallo, Zets... Selamat Hari Tani Nasional kepada seluruh petani di Indonesia. Petani makmur dan sejahtera, Indonesia maju dan jaya! Terima kasih Petani. #zetizen #zetizenbatampos #batampos #haritaninasional #petani #indonesia


Cuatro datos para entender cómo quedaron varadas miles de británicoss por la quiebra de la empresa de turismo Thomas Cook. ►


Why tf was Gruden running Chris Thompson over Adrain Peterson inside the 5 yard line.... I’m so done with this dude man.

VB | Your @MountaineerVB team ... ✅ Has won four matches in a row ✅ Is 2-0 in RMAC play ✅ Plays its home opener 7 p.m. Tuesday vs. Colorado Mesa at Paul Wright Gym Get out there, get loud and let's support your Mountaineers! #FearTheNeers

Thomas Cook bankruptcy strands thousands of U.K. tourists. Also read:


Man I can't wait to be in America in 4.5 weeks. A country where people are nice and polite and double check your order and if they get it wrong because the music is so loud they can't hear you they apologise instead of rolling their eyes and storming off.

【お知らせ】 消費税率変更に伴う決済手数料・送料の改定、システムメンテナンスについてのお知らせをNEWSに掲載しました。詳しくは、こちらをご覧ください。(ス)

PM attacks Thomas Cook bosses over payouts after firm collapses…

Thomas Cook's rivals are accused of cashing in as holiday prices soar It's called a market. Demand exceeds supply. Ergo prices rise. Simples

this is my first time seeing yunho wearing clothes that werent some variation of a blazer skinny jean t shirt chelsea shoe and or open button down half tucked tshirt combo


jimin goes from 5’8 to 6’9 when he put his chelsea boots on

A man was running around with a machete, an apartment near my house caught on fire, my teammates for my class project changed our topic three times


drunk chelsea and i b like: let’s give out our rings to people

since chelsea peretti’s brother is the CEO of buzzfeed do you he takes all the quizzes about andy or

Is @MickMulvaneyOMB really out here running cover and deflection for a man that won't even give him the job full time? LOL. How beta can you get?

Come out and support for SENIOR NIGHT against Papio tomorrow! Game times are fresh/reserve 4:30, JV at 5:30 and Varsity at 6:30! Get loud for our seniors! We’ll see you there!

[USER POST] Girls' Generation's Tiffany reportedly filming for 'Running Man'…


I reverse millennial’d: I subscribed to HBO to watch The Righteous Gemstones and gave the password to my mom and she watched The Hate U Give movie with it (Also my mom got my invite to high school homecoming, feat FREE PARKING)


Library aides got caught reading banned books! #BannedBooksWeek #4 The Hate U Give by @angiecthomas & #5 Drama by @goraina Top Ten most challenged books of 2018! Why do you read Banned Books? @CNUSD #erhstweets


Join Jen Ford (Director of Youth Services for NR) and @library_nrhs for a #socialjustice series during PowerBlock centered around discussions about the book The Hate U Give by @angiecthomas


Today’s challenge has been solved by Salina Rai! The answer was The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. #standwiththebanned #fantmemoriallibrary #fREADom #bannedbooksweek


#tsloverparadise Do you remember when Taylor said it’s her13 year on her career and she wanted to do something special and she didn’t want the plan to be just album then tour I think the special thing is coming We have to figure out what is it so we can prove we are the best fans

Crisis sistémica, deudas y nuevas tecnologías: lo que hay detrás del desplome del gigante turístico Thomas Cook

If only Thomas Cook let this guy be a pilot. They would’ve been saved

All well and good feeling sorry for Thomas Cook passengers, but they’ll get home/get their money back. Think about the staff more than anything, thousands of people (I know 2 of them myself) who now overnight don’t have jobs through no fault of their own, awful situation.

That bold little nonce doing the rounds again today on twitter after Thomas cook going bust

El cese de operaciones del turoperador británico #ThomasCook afectó al menos a 600.000 personas a nivel mundial Reino Unido realizará un operativo de repatriación de connacionales afectados por el quiebre de la empresa turística


So for those who dont already know.... My commission prices are: NBA2K20 Thumbnails: $3 USD Profile Pic: $5 USD Banner: $10 USD (Comes with 3 different variants) #GFXDesigner #NBA2K20 #NBA2K #2k20 #2kCommunity #Graphics #graphicdesigner #graphicdesigning

The warning signs of Thomas Cook going under have been a about for over a year. Why is this a surprise?

wouldn’t of known thomas cook’s gone bust

i dont know whats next!

i need to stay off the tl so i don't spoil anything for myself, i can't wait to go home so i can finally watch the mvs

I don’t like hoes ! Stay in ya lane ! This goes for anybody


#BBNaija Tacha Tells Housemate That She's Bigger Than The Owner Of BBNaija Show Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, housemate, Tacha again on Sunday boasted to fellow housemates about her stay in the reality show. Tacha,……

not at my chemistry physics teacher annoucing today that we have a test TOMORROW... i dont understand anything in this subject. we going ✈️to fail...

Make no mistake. I don’t care whether you like or dont like a candidate personally If you can support a traitorous, pussy-grabbing, white supremacist, pedophile loving POS, then youre a piece of shit too

Manchester United have offered Mason Greenwood a 5-year contract extension. The youngster wants to stay and will sign the deal soon. (Source: @FabrizioRomano)


liqour store? dispensary? im so lazy, its raining i dont wanna go out

Roblox review BAD!!!!!!!!!!! Alot of players curse and sometimes they act sex act and theres war and hacks that can really mess up your computer dont let your kid play and also the mods dont do anything about the reports they only do it for the money.

sudden realisation: Americas just actually dont know what "4 degrees" means oO…

KPK melakukan operasi tangkap tangan (OTT) yang menjerat 3 orang Direksi Perum Perikanan Indonesia (Perum Perindo). Bagaimana operasionalnya?…

It's here! Tougher than ever—the newest generation BLACKS OPS Elite by @ElementCASE for iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max continues to build on its legendary heritage with a more aggressive design, plus DropShock™ technology! #elementcase #apple #iPhone11Pro


saya harap pak @jokowi segera mengambil sikP sebelum terjadi sesuatu hal ..jangan permainkan mahasiswa indonesia #TurunkanJokowi

Pusink mlihatt indonesia mari kita videokan diri sndiri sahaja :D :D

I wonder if i can get my iPhone 11 pro on klarna

socialists say 'capitalism is a death cult' and rarely will you find a clearer illustration of what that means…

After years of waiting for a new game...they really decided to pick the week that I am going out of town to visit friends and family in NC. Consult me next time plz @WBGamesMTL

Ratu: Timnas U-16 Indonesia Sudah Berjuang Habis-habisan…




2.yarı gol olur PSV vs Ajax✅ Chelsea vs Liverpool✅ LASK Linz vs Salzburg✅ Vaduz vs Lausanne✅ Hibernian vs Hearts✅ Arsenal vs Aston Villa✅ Hartberg vs Wolfsberger✅…

I'm running on 290 calories in 24 hours. I'm not a smart man going to the gym.

Jihyo tiene fuertes dolores en el cuello pero quiso bailar para los fans de todos modos:(

okay but jihyo in that purple fit..., YES

I don't think The Last of Us: Part 2 is going to destroy the game industry by existing. Or replace "destroy" with "save". Pick whichever word you want. Whatever makes you agree with me and retweet this.

India has a population of over a billion people,Indians are majorly running the US workforce and it's economy.The US was&will always be India's friend because of it's interests.Shame on chindichaaps like you who discredit years of growth and diplomacy just to lick one man's boot.…

I wish abph would come out with “Artis Malaysia Paling Popular di Luar Negara” instead of “Artis luar negara paling popular di Malaysia.” Uyaina and many others deserve more recognition from Malaysia! #ABPBH32…

Xhaka to Arsenal fans after his substitution knowing full well he’s going to play every game and make as many mistakes as he wants

There were headlines in April about Emery ‘defending’ Mustafi and look how that ended within a few months. Selection is the only true measure, so if he keeps picking Xhaka fire away. But take press conference comments with a healthy pinch.

Wow I'm actually talking to someone who thinks guendouzi wasnt good yesterday and xhaka did nothing wrong lol

Torreira holding with Guendouzi and Ceballos in front is the way forward. Throw Willock in there as well, Xhaka should only start at home to teams that will sit back against us…

That "Artis Korea Paling Popular" award literally means nothing to the actual members of BTS. They don't need no award to validate their popularity in Malaysia cos they know that they are a global phenomenon. So why must #ABPBH32 waste an award to something extremely pointless?

En Allemagne, la compagnie aérienne Condor tente de survivre à la faillite de Thomas Cook…


Giants are falling. Will MMT buy Indian unit? Or @paytm?…

Travel Agencies are a dying business. With the internet, there's absolutely NO reason why you need to go in to a travel agency like Thomas Cook to book flights. All they do is search the internet for deals and add there % on top of that, which you can do yourself for free

Our thoughts go out to staff and customers affected by the sad news about Thomas Cook. We are working with industry partners to do what we can to help get people home, and would love to hear from staff at

Let’s see how many resorts & hotels around the world give bust on the back of Thomas Cook going bust. Should act as an obvious example of just how much a lot of tourism based economies rely on our pound. Are you watching EU?

İngiliz tur operatörü Thomas Cook iflas etti…

The history of Thomas Cook is bookended by the two greatest technological disruptions the world has ever seen. It started in 1841 by selling cheap excursions on the newly built railways and in 2019 it has been destroyed by the empowerment of the Web. #ThomasCook

Bripda Dwi Sulistyono anggota Satsabhara Polresta Yogyakarta berhasil menjadi runner up Kelas Tanding -85kg dalam Kejuaraan "Ganjil Institut Ju-Jitsu Indonesia Turnamen (GIT)" di HAD Dojo Ramahadi Purwakarta Jawa……

Gelar Muswil, Ratusan Anggota FPI Nyanyikan Lagu Indonesia Raya…

"Deserved win for West Ham, who were better in all departments from start to finish." - @rioferdy5…

"Indonesia is poised to pass a new penal code that criminalizes sex outside marriage and introduces stiff penalties for insulting the president’s dignity…."

Seng demo wes do bali! Rasah do ribut neng twitter.. Buat saya, carany saja yg dirasa tdk pas. Tp mereka aktif menyuarakan itu baik adanya. Indonesia memang harus berbenah. Tp aksi turun ke jalan itu dirasa tdk tepat.. berapa byk roda ekonomi yg hrus terhenti sementara?

mengabdi desa Pinang Wangi dan Ciri-Cirinya: Pinang (Areca Catechu L) merupakan tanaman asli Asia Selatan dan penyebarannya meliputi Asia Selatan, Asia Tenggara, serta beberapa pulau di Laut Pasifik. Budidaya pinang memiliki prospek menjanjikan secara ekonomi. Di Indonesia,…


Mengenang Pahlawan Nasional Asal Papua Ia adalah Silas Papare, lahir di Serui, Papua pada 18 Desember 1918 dan wafat pada 7 Maret 1978 - Salah satu sosok yang berjuang menyatukan Papua (Irian Jaya) ke dalam wilayah NKRI - Pendiri Partai Kemerdekaan Indonesia Irian (PKII)


Apple have applied for a US #trademark for SLOFIE - a feature of their new iPhone 11,"slow-motion selfie". If the application succeeds remains to be seen. Good reminder that trade mark protection is relevant for features,product names,service package names+much more. #slofie


Help me win an iPhone 11 for free!

As per @MikeKeegan_DM, Man Utd to undertake a ‘detailed and comprehensive study’ into the feasibility of trialling rail seats at Old Trafford. @Wolves have already done this at Molineux. Fans not supposed to stand but do. Seems the sensible way foward.


iPhone 11からMacまで。コストコで買えるUSB-C充電器「Gigastone」が激安で有能だった話(BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN) - Yahoo!ニュース… やっす

Ахиллесова пята iPhone 11 Pro и 11 Pro Max с помощью @YouTube

⚫ Confused gameplan ⚫ Mistakes on and off the field ⚫ Rashford struggling ⚫ Rochdale relief? #mufc…

One of the most remarkable aspects to Liverpool's 100 pc start to the PL season is the fact that they've done so with an uncapped 32-year-old in goals who's had a journeyman career and spent all of last season on West Ham's bench. He's been good too.

Yes. I am currently three games behind (Leicester, Astana and West Ham) and will try to post these in the next two days or so.…

Under-fire Ole Gunnar Solskjaer arrives for Man Utd training as fans call for boss to be sacked and Ed Woodward to go following West Ham horror show…

Ed Woodward appears to 'tell off' Phil Jones during Man Utd's drab defeat at West Ham as fans call for under-fire chief to be sacked…

hello i'll attach a poll below but pls help me pick


This was Rashford's case a year ago and not much has changed in that regard...…

drop an emoji and i’ll pick a song from this playlist that reminds me of your acc (if this flops; yoongi tweeted this)


Surely if Emery has the balls to drop Ozil game in game out, he has the balls to drop Xhaka

Man Utd boss tells Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford to focus on football, not fashion…

Kanté: ‘I’m feeling better. I’ve been trying to recover for four weeks from my ankle injury and today I was good to play’ ‘We had our chances to come back [...] Unfortunately, we did not manage to score another one but I’m happy for the goal.’ #CFC…

That's me not going to Cape Verde at Christmas then as per my booking. I can book another holiday but the 1,000's out of work won't pick up jobs so easily. Very sad #ThomasCook


Would be amazing if Ole could take Rashford Lingard and half of the dickheads that support us to whatever tragic level of club employs him next Hope this helps

Man Utd boss tells Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford to focus on football, not fashion…


Rashford's unhappy hour at West Ham summed up Manchester United's problems. Verdict on their current state…

Who else has the Monday blues due to yesterday’s yearly #CarFreeDay in Brussels. It was a true Care Free Day too! If it’s so simple to enjoy the safest city day with 50% less air + noise pollution by cars, we should just do this more often & turn it into the “New Normal” 1/3

Oh iya semalem alhamdulillah 3 poin loh, sampe lupa, kedinginan soalnya, di puncak #YNWA

Owh...Ada la yang panas buntut nanti tuuu #abpbh32 via @mstaronline


Tahniah kepada @MFMiraFilzah kerana telah memenangi Anugerah Bintang Paling Popular Berita Harian 32. Jom saksikan lakonan Mira sebagai Lea di pawagam terdekat sekarang. SANGKAR! Bukan Sekadar Pertarungan.. SANGKAR KINI DI PAWAGAM!  #SangkarMovie #ABPBH32


Sebelum tu, kita dah congrats kat @mfmirafilzah kat red carpet. Macam tau tau pulak kan. Congrats again! Dress saya dan Mira diaja oleh @afiqmofficial ♥️ @abpbh #abpbh32…

Dua, tiga kucing berlari, Tiga gadis lepak locker room. #pantuntiz #abpbh32…

walaupun Aubameyang mengejar Golden Boot, Auba tetap kasih Pepe ambil pinalti, supaya keran gol Pape bersama Arsenal terbuka Kemudian dia ambil tugas sebagai kapten setelah Xhaka off, cetak gol kemenangan, dan celebrate nya gaya Pepe RESPECT


PM @narendramodi expresses delight that Houston will get a Siddhi Vinayak Temple. #HowdyModi

i have a crush on taehyung pls dont tell to him…

we been crying about gwen in lannister colors but giles's suit being brienne colored??? dont TOUCH ME

Is your old iPhone on its last legs? Are you confused by all of the upgrade options? @JoannaStern wrote a guide to help you

LMAO IPhone 11 is out & I still have the IPhone 7!!!

“The guys played their hearts out. To get that close is almost more disappointing.” #TeamWorld Vice Captain @PatrickMcEnroe. #LaverCup Team World Team Insights presented by @wilsontennis

Gunner Olszewski on his muffed punt, leading to first Jets TD: "It is unacceptable like I said, there is no excuse for it. They told me I needed to pick my head up because there is more game to play and just don't let it happen again."

Mourinho on Man Utd: “In this moment, I don’t feel anything. I think they are going really, really to be in trouble, not just to get into the top 4, attention with the top 6. This with a sad voice and sad feeling that I say that. This team is worse than the team of last season.”

This is me, in the bathtub crying, pretending to pick another team to root for while I demand Justice from the universe for all my boys who deserved better this year

Former Man Utd captain Keane: “We can be critical of players. I’ll be critical of them if they don’t sprint and close people down, but a lot of these players aren’t good enough for United. It’s as simple as that, and we will be having the same conversation throughout the season.”

Great Sunday when your 2 favourite teams both win! Great comeback from #Arsenal - how loud did you scream when Auba scored? Good 3 points from #PSG against a title contender - Neymar again. #ARSAVL #PSGOL


[tanyarl] ada yg tau nggaa beauty blender yg kecil2 tp isi banyak ky gini tp yg affordable dan bagus merk apaa? yg under 100k ya kl bisa, thankyou❤️


A stunning Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang free-kick helped a 10-man Arsenal come from behind to beat Aston Villa. Match report: #bbcfootball #ARSAVL #AFC #avfc brossard


Man Utd have scored just 16 goals in 17 matches since Solskjaer was appointed as permanent manager. Their last away win was against PSG in March.


Watching Kante’s goal back and it gets funnier each time seeing Fabinho just give up and not run back

Yes you’re entitled to opinions But even if a player is having a nightmare of a game or whatever I will never sarcastically cheer a player being subbed I’ll be happy if there’s a change but I’ll never cheer like Xhaka was today or with eboue that day

Aston Villa not getting a penalty against Arsenal is another blatent ref error nit overuled by spineless VAR officials. Might as well scrap it because it's useless

Jon Moss very quick to blow for a foul on Auba for the free kick, Torreira cleaned out of it in the box seconds later

On Emery today: Thought the midfield setup was wrong again. We can't play xhaka as a dm by himself, teams are constantly through on our cbs in two passes. Will say it time and time again but it won't improve till we play Torreira as a base dm. Good substitutions.


¿Alguien duda qué en unos años la #LaverCup, aparte de repartir el pastizal que ya reparte entre los jugadores, va a repartir puntos ATP? Parece una locura pero también lo era que Federer consiguiese incluir un torneo de exhibición en el calendario ATP y lo hizo como si nada.

Great result for the Reds today, what a strike from TAA ! #YNWA

La #LaverCup? Tu viens pour le bling-bling, tu restes pour les coulisses et la camaraderie. Entendre (telle une petite souris) les meilleurs joueurs du monde se conseiller en plein match, être témoin de la bromance Federer-Nadal… C’est du #tennisporn.

Azpilicueta, you idiot. When a player moves the ball past you with such ease and complete control, (with a little extra style just for fun) and you do this?!?!?! It’s a foul. Every time. #LFC #YNWA


Last week Emery’s subs cost us the game. This week he got it right with the subs. Still question this obsession over starting Xhaka though.

Alan Shearer on Mattéo Guendouzi’s second half display vs. Aston Villa: “Arsenal needed a warrior and he stood up.”


Matteo Guendouzi, at 20, indisputably ran the 2nd half of a Premier League match today single-handedly. Ups & downs (poor marking for Aston Villa’s 1st goal) granted at this age, but in a far less glamorous way he might be the most enthralling French prospect since Kylian Mbappé.

After a win in the QF’s against @team_c_chambers, we couldn’t quite pull it off in the SF’s against @TeamJGunns. Thanks to the @CurlGraniteWPG for a spectacular event. Still lots to build off of as we hit the ice again next week for the Larry Jones Jr. Classic. #teamasham


What do you want from your club? I want passion, desire, drive to win. Don't tell me you didn't see that today. There is a platform here. We know the weakness. It will be addressed shortly. Enjoy the Arsenal. If you're bashing anyone at the club, get off my timeline. #COYG

I know no one has talked about AMN in a good light recently but i just wanted to say hes done a job which barely anyone has given him credit for. Working hard for the badge, all anyone could ask for. Keep your head up bro and get well soon @Ains_7 #COYG ❤️


Oh well.. Remy Ishak is STILL the BEST Actor! Full Stop. Paham ehk...OK bye! #ABPBH2019 #ABPBH #abpbh32

#bigstage2019 kucaimars - since 1st week progress dia nampak too slow. Yang paling ketara adzrin, nmpak sgt selesa nyanyi. Han byul speechless, memang taraf antarabangsa pergh

For those yang tak tau sape Han Byul ni. He was LEDApple member before dia datang Malaysia #bigstage2019


Can I request that from now onwards, the F1 fraternity stop retweeting the drivel that comes from the former sponsor of the Haas team, and instead just replace them with retweets from Haas? We don't need to give charlatans further publicity #SingaporeGP

Lap 46, Hamilton says he feels he has the pace to stay with the leaders, though perhaps not to pass. #SingaporeGP #F1NightRace

"Abbiamo un veicolo di recupero in pista al momento..." E dei fenomeni a prendere decisioni, a quanto pare #SingaporeGP #MarinaBaynotto

Walaupun dada hampir tersembul keluar dari baju, masih ingat Allah, masih ingat Allah bagi rezeki. Benda bagus, kita puji. #ABPBH32

Anyone complaining that Sterling hasn’t said anything about Bernardo’s tweet


блин memoji это лучшее что могло бы быть в ios 13


190922방콕 세훈 마지막 까지 남아서 구석구석 인사해 주는데 내가 너무 감동 받아가지고 (˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄ω˂̣̣̥᷅ ) #EXplOrationinBKKDay3 #EXplOrationinBKK #SEHUN #세훈 #吴世勋 #EXO⁠ ⁠ #엑소 @weareoneEXO

i will fight whoever takes sebs victory away i dont care i love u charles but no

Good Morning & #HappySunday To All On This Sunny 70 Degrees Going Up To 80 Later.Have A Great Day & Week Ahead!Stay Positive & Keep Smiling-) #EnJoyLife #BeSafe #GodBless

jungkook if you dont post anything i wont stop making abo furry panther hybrid jokes and i think you wouldnt like that

#50DaysofBrutality Apart from Muslim Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Buddha, lets join our hands against rise of Nazism in IOJK. It's the matter of humanity, Stay strong, raise your voice & crush the Rise of Nazism.

Happy birthday to our precious center! Thank you for being a hardworking Yohan who never gave up on his dream. Please stay healthy and be a hyung who always laughs easily even in the smallest things, cause you deserve all the good things in life. Minhee loves you! <3


My memory is fine thankyou. Your *facts* - not so !…

ابل تحقق ترقية ملحوظة في تقنية الشحن مع هواتف iPhone 11 Pro…


iPhone 11 Proの超広角すげーーーーーーー!!!!!! ナイトモード半端ねーーーー!! ってみんなみたいに呟きたかったけど持ってないのでCanonのカメラで撮りました…


My interview with #BradPitt(probably the very last one to hit the public in his media blitz!)…

Me in work today after going top of the work #FPL league after being told I was stupid not to include Sterling, Aguero, Kane or Salah in my team.

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