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If you don’t see at least one too small, poorly shaped cowboy hat on top of and store-new boots with non-boot-cut jeans, are you even at a corporate event in Austin?

Line dances in a country bar with a bunch of folks in cowboy hats as Brooks & Dunn plays. Lol I hope they don’t play up the Texas stereotypes TOO much. #911LoneStar

Let's all raise a glass to Early 2019 Allison who, with great (and, frankly, unexpected) forethought, purchased extra 9v batteries so that Early 2020 Allison could quickly address the $&#:@*# beeping fire alarm at 11pm. She's a gottdamn hero.

A gente se passa namoral sksksk


Bueno ahora les voy a contar una historia de lo que me pasó hoy en el parque de Pereira... Yo estaba muy enfocada viendo cómo se reúnen todos los fines de semana a bailar las personas en ese parque; en medio de eso que hablaba con mi mamá, vi que una llama me miraba... ⬇️


Dari depan gawangnya, Alisson memberi assist Alisson juga yg pertama merayakan gol bersama Salah, usai sprint 100 meter Alisson melakukan sprint dari depan gawangnya, mendahului 9 pemain utk bisa jadi yg pertama merayakan gol bersama Salah Superb..!…

Meryl Streep and Allison Janney


Allison poses a great question - how much money would we need to raise to keep whites in Mississippi from shooting Till’s memorial @marcushjohnson? How much money is required to rid them of economic anxiety?…

Using the storm as cover, I’ve infiltrated the military barracks to gather intel for a rebellion against our new martial law overlords. It’s worse than I thought. They have our beloved Buddy the Puffin, & they’ve forced him to spy on us. Trust no one out there folks....


e a mae da minha amiga q me contou q ganhou ingressos a mais pro show do shaw mendes e ia me ligar pra me levar mas n deu pq deus,só quero entender isso

Soft Glam on Allison (IG: AllisonAudreey)


#FPL Overnight Rises: Grealish (£6.6M) Digne (£5.8M) Calvert-Lewin (£6.0M) Salah (£12.4M) Greenwood (£4.4M) Fleck (£5.0M)

McGregor landed 19 sig strikes in 40 seconds. Holm landed 30 in *15 minutes*. Oleinik and Green landed 20 *combined* in nearly 10. Absolutely dreadful. Why do these divisions exist?

ليفربول ضد مان يونايتد.. الريدز يواصل اكتساح المنافسين وصلاح يفك العقدة "فيديو" صلاح #ليفربول_مانشستر_يونايتد #LIVMUN

In other news if McGregor fights Masvidal he's getting sparked within the first 2 rounds

looks like McGregor and I have a lot in common when it comes to "finishing" and "wasting people's time"

Esa pelea de McGregor y Cowboy parece comprada...

VIDEO: McGregor solo necesitó 40 segundos para vencer a Cerrone y lograr su primera victoria en tres años…

Conor McGregor gana en 40 segundos.


حرکت امروز شیومین بدجور رو کونشون مونده انگار :)))) Minseok You Minseok Heart4You Minseok Musical Minseok Xiuweetime Minseok Handsome Minseok Fakemaknae Minseok Fairy Minseok Visual Minseok CBX Minseok Chenbaekxi #엑소엘이_그리는_미래는_아홉명 #하늘에서_내려온_아홉개의_별

Anfield isn't the place where Manchester's clubs would like to come HTH


Se for esse elenco, que entre Cowboy!…

یعنی دیگه اینا شورشو در آوردن kyungsoo singing kyungsoo acting kyungsoo main vocal kyungsoo voice kyungsoo chef kyungsoo cute kyungsoo thats okay kyungsoo smile kyungsoo cooking #엑소엘이_그리는_미래는_아홉명 #하늘에서_내려온_아홉개의_별 @weareoneEXO @B_hundred_Hyun @layzhang

Man Utd won't compete for trophies if we continue to play Wan-Valencia and Shaw at full back.

Did Shaw play alright?

Makin sengit eh setiap team dalam #DansaDanSing2020. Terus gempak next week!

#GempakLive: Dato @emyliadac kata persembahan @sophialiana & Budak Ngam dah macam Cardi B punya Show . . Undi @sophialiana & Budak Ngam #arjaleeandthepiratesdds2 di . #DDS20 #DansaDanSing #DansaDanSing2020 #sophialianaXbudakngamDDS20

The world had to wait more than a year to witness the pizzazz and brilliance of Conor McGregor, and the iconic Irishman duly delivered. | @BLozadaINQ…

En 40 secondes, Conor McGregor réussit son retour en MMA avec une victoire explosive

The only two people interested in the Khabib rematch are Dana White and Conor McGregor.…

Good morning Man City Fans honestly thought they won 2-1 then went on to score an own goal in the 90th min, Manchester is red and blue, happy Sunday x

After BN's win in Kimanis, Najib returns 'grandchildren' swipe at defeated Karim


Liverpool on track to become fastest-ever Premier League champions, beating Man City record #LFC…


My heartiest congratulations to YBD @MohamadHjAlamin on his fantastic victory in the #Kimanis by-election. It’s another step forward for @barisanasional & kudos to #UMNOSabah on not giving up continuing the struggle for the people.


BUILD THE STATUE! This is Elephant Man territory! Elephant Man city statue plan faces 'freak show' criticism…

PRK KIMANIS By Election has same outcome as PRK Rantau. Both BN Strong Fort. PH has its own Strong Forts in Penang, Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan. It shows BN & PH each has its Strong & Weak Forts to maintain & takeover.…

First phone. current phone. Nokia yg ada game space impact sampe sekarang ngga tamat. Oppo warisan mama yg versi androidnya udah jadul. #firstphone



This lead isn’t safe. Can’t let up #iubb

Transit Watch: See something? Say something! Together we can help everyone feel safe when riding transit. For immediate safety concerns: Text 74100, Help Phones are located in stations & on platforms or call Transit Watch 403-262-1000+1


Yo ahora mismo alistandome para la twitteada que se llevara dentro de unas horas para contraatacar a las ridiculas de las K-EXOLs: #엑소엘이_믿는_첸 #엑소엘은_엑소9명_믿어 #EXOLBelievesInEXO9 @weareoneEXO

#Kabir_Is_Real_God #موسم_حائل #الوحدة_الاهلي #엑소엘은_엑소9명_믿어 #لبنان__ينتفض #الوفرة पवित्र कुरान शरीफ बाइबल चारों वेद भगवत गीता गुरु ग्रंथ साहिब पूर्ण परमात्मा की भक्ति का मंत्र दिया हुआ है वह मंत्र कौन सा है देखें संत रामपाल जी महाराज के सत्संग साधना चैनल 7:30 रात


Now the decade has ended, I think it's safe to say that BYZANTIUM was absolutely the oddest Sight & Sound cover film choice of the 2010s.


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