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Actualización: Del Caño pide minuto de silencio por Tony Stark #DebateArg2019

Move over SBW - new camera angles show off Japan's brilliant offload game during Scotland victory…


Monday ... 'Bluebell Cockleshell 123' ... #kingcreosote ... magic. ..... this is From Scotland With Love ... smile.

The festival is officially over, and the sweet smell of gyro and onion has marinated me and all of my belongings until further notice

#FutureBride is a #1 #newrelease & #3 in #Celtic #History #46 in #Medieval #Histfic #93 in #Ancient #Historicalromance Brigid MacDonald has been transported into 15th c #Scotland. She doesn't want to get married, but these grooms are relentless! #romcom…

ラグビーワールドカップ 日本 VS スコットランドに対する海外の反応| かいこれ! 海外の反応 コレクション…

Wala kong sci-cal, goodluck sa math.

SNP & DRUGS REFORM The SNP Conference has voted to reform the Misuse of drugs Act! One more reason to move to Scotland ... not because I take drugs but because I prefer to live somewhere where crime has been reduced by 70 % and people are not dying needlessly @TransformDrugs…

Aku baru tahu Scotland ugut nak bawa pergi court kalau game lawan Japan cancel. Sekali game on & kalah hahahahahaha stupid bagpipe losers!!!

A whiskey bacon burger with pepper jack cheese, onion Tangler‘s, applewood smoked bacon and fireball whiskey sauce. There’s also some onion rings, but I’m not sure if they showed up in the picture.


I hate cilantro and the spouse hates bell pepper. Today we canned salsa that has neither. It does have (local) tomatoes, scallions, onion, lime juice, jalapeños, Anaheim and ancho peppers, Mexican oregano, garlic, vinegar, salt, and black pepper.


Pelo regulamento, não houve queima de largada por parte do Vettel, pois o mesmo se moveu dentro da margem do transponder instalado nos carros.

168 Ferrari 599GTB


The true story behind 'Ford v. Ferrari' and the 1966 Le Mans.

kepada spm candidates , kot kot la dapat membakar semangat jiwa dan raga . selamat maju jaya ! #spm2019

#NSTnation: Police today disclosed that financial transactions involving huge sum of money have been carried out, believed to activate the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (#LTTE) group in the country.…

A good Sunday morning is telling the bread guy at the farmers market that you love his bread and then he gives you a FREE ONION ROLL. This is also the most Park Slope thing I can think to tweet.

Saya berharap @Zahid_Hamidi dpt membersihkan setiap kekotoran yg ada didlm @barisanasional sebelum kudis menjadi pekung! Kita tdk mahu pemimpin yg menyokong gerakan LTTE didlm pembangkang. @BetterNation3 @RameshRaoAKS @mijjemije @Alamurni @PASPusat @PutriSufi3 @MelayuTulin72


Beberapa pemimpin Pakatan Harapan (PH) yang membantah polis menggunakan SOSMA dalam penahanan 12 individu termasuk dua Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) dari DAP kerana disyaki mempromosi, menyokong, menghasut, menggalak, mencari dana dan memiliki item berkaitan LTTE.

Kumpulan LTTE disenaraikan sebagai kumpulan pengganas di Malaysia sejak 2014. #FMTNews #LTTE…

தேசத்துரோக வழக்கில் சீமானை கைது செய்ய வேண்டும்.. காங்கிரஸ் திடீர் ஆவேசம்…



Nena by EGO TRIPPING CARDBOARD HOODIE BLACK FREE ¥29,000+tax ハイネック仕様のフロントZIP、センターバックのボックスプリーツ等のディテールに、高級感のある素材を活かし膨らみを持たせた縫製が特徴的なアイテムです。


Die Reise beginnt. Von Düren nach Tokyo und zurück. Heute erstmal von Düren nach Berlin. #TokyoFuzzy


電車のダイヤも戻り人が集まってきました!第2部はこのあと17時からスタート!地上波放送は今夜21:54~23:24。… #onechampionship #ONEcentury #修斗 #修斗伝承 #shooto #パンクラス #pancrease #weareone #onelink #中指ではない


Every person on this hellsite is harassed by trolls. Celebrities with thousands of followers have a greater responsibility to handle this with maturity. If trolling results in transphobic, sexist meltdown and a transformation into a troll himself, best stay off this platform.


Świetny wyścig w Japonii od początku do końca. Pierwszy rząd ferrari zmienił się w 1-3 dla Mercedesa, który zapewnił sobie 6. mistrzowski tytuł. Seb 2, a Max i Lec mają do pogadania o pierwszym zakręcie. Kubica dojechał tym "czymś" do mety. #elevenf1 #

だいたいゆるっと酒を飲む日はMASUKU Tokyoのジャージばっかり着ちゃうな。 今日も酒を飲む故着ている


Do not tell someone about your good side to make them stay tell them your worst side and see who stays #hainagakufeli


Big Match Day! Rugby WorldCup 2019 17:15〜 Wales vs Uruguay 19:45〜 Japan vs Scotland We are all 48 matches LIVE! No Cover Charge! #BraveBrossomsvBraveHeart #rugby #RWC #WalvUru #RWC2019 #JPNvSCO #Tokyo #Yoyogi #Shinjuku #Shibuya #IrishPub

クロノジェネシスを担当する斎藤崇厩舎の和田保長助手と、インティを担当する野中厩舎の和田将人助手はご兄弟。兄弟の担当馬が揃って今年G1を制したことに。 お二人の父は元荒尾競馬調教師の和田保夫さん。楠賞全日本アラブ優駿を制したダイメイゴッツを管理されていました。…

Six in a row equals Ferrari's record from 1999-2004 #F1 #JapaneseGP…

Indovina indovinello, quale squadra con le monoposto in prima fila riesce a perdere il gran premio? Naturalmente la Ferrari. #essereFerrari #GPsuzuka #percarita

東京駅をご利用のお客様にお知らせします。 東北新幹線は順次運転再開しました(16:05)。なお現在も北陸新幹線・山形新幹線は運転を見合わせています。…

Idk why but I'm not in a hurry to see El Camino. Maybe because I already know what it's like to have your life in shambles

A September 2019 estimate suggests that upwards of 3,000 people have disappeared under YPG control. That number includes 631 children and 172 women. #صباح_الخير #بنك_مسقط #UFCTampa #CamilaOnSNL #Vettel #JapaneseGP #USAvTGA #PrayForJapan #BizTurkiyeyiz #رہبرامت_عمران_خان


Recent interview with Toto... “A good horse only jumps as high as it needs to” He seems to think they have found the right balance with the development of this years car & next years car, & seems confident that they can sort out their 1 lap pace to Ferrari #JapaneseGP #SkyF1 #F1

"Hi, how much to park my camper van on your park for the night?" "NZ$30" "And how much to tear the arse outta your wi-fi as I upgrade NSX to 6.4.6 and download El Camino and three boxsets from Netflix?"

Semua yang ditahan sebelum ini dipercayai mempromosi, menyokong, menghasut dan mencari dana untuk menghidupkan kembali kumpulan pengganas LTTE dengan menjadikan Malaysia sebagai pangkalan: PDRM #sinarharian #LTTE #pdrm…

Menjelaskan tidak menjadi kesalahan untuk bersimpati dengan etnik Tamil di Sri Lanka, Ayob Khan bagaimanapun berkata, apa yang melanggar undang-undang ialah sokongan terhadap LTTE…


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