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Feelin' good in my skin, I just keep on dancing! Yesssssss, I'm so freaking proud of him! #TreatPeopleWithKindness #FineLine

We all wish Harry Styles a fast recovery due to severe back pains caused by the burden of carrying the whole entire music industry #FineLine


my tl fulled with people saying “25 minutes” “30 minutes” “can’t wait im so excited” while i’m here listening to #fineline for another two hours

Agora eu posso dormir em paz #FineLine

Reality check for Johnson's Brexit: it's just the beginning


I don’t know about Brexit, but I reckon a few Brits might exit Britain after this result #UKElection

Boris Johnson is likely to be the last prime minister of a united kingdom | John Rentoul…

Friendly reminder that @Twitter enables Donald Trump, modern Hitler, every day If you think this is hyperbole, take note: it took Hitler 7 years to get to the Holocaust. We are currently 1936 on that scale and *checks news* yep, Jews are being defined by him as Internal Others

What a win for democracy uk boris you beauty

When I die I hope I’m able to ask the soul of everyone who ever went to the Hollywood Improv why they hated my fucking guts.

"Agora, Boris pode fazer o que quiser". Maioria dá-lhe "enorme margem"…

Live - Verpletterende overwinning voor Boris Johnson: ‘Politieke aardverschuiving’

Boris ruined the Game Awards too smh.

sorry for spamming a bit today, felt genuinely happy for the first time in months and also fuck boris johnson

Boris did something that I have been saying all along. Taking support from your opponent is twice as effective as new voters. Sanders has the chance to do the same thing to Biden, and win this thing. But so far he's relying almost exclusively on the "new voter" strategy

I got to be a guest on my favorite radio game show @waitwait alongside my new friends @petergrosz, @paulapoundstone, @Faith_Salie, and host @petersagal! It was a hilarious show so I hope you’ll keep an eye out for the podcast ep or check it out when it airs this Saturday on @NPR!


Boris majority on track to be bigger than Thatchers or Blair’s. Incredible turn from Labour to Tory in unthinkable seats like Redcar, jihadi-central-Stoke & Workington Formally out of the EU in December Nationalism is back in Britain. Time to put British people first #GE2019

Can't wait for #Outsiders on Sunday. I'm sure @rowandean, @RitaPanahi & @pwafork are already choreographing their celebratory dance. #UKElection

The Commie Bastard Lost, how good is that? #UKElection

Lefts wants to vote of Friday the 13th. An important day for their kind

If you can't afford to splurge on your boy, ladies please take note, you can offer to sit on his face.…

Midland Greenwood Tournament El Dorado 43 Odessa High 32 @Fchavezeptimes @EDAztecs_HS

FT: @manchesterunited 4-0 @azalkmaar ... United top the group thanks to 4 second half goals from Young, Mata and a Greenwood double! Three top wins over the last eight days. Great to keep the momentum going. Bring on Sunday! #GGMU #MUFC


Sekali lagi @manutd telah menunjukkan talenta mudanya.. dan memastikan lolos sebagai juara grup.. #GGMU #mufc


Imagine being so butthurt and jealous to send me cc commenting bullshit on my appearance, bitch yo know lying is “forbidden” so why you lie, you gonna go to hell for that “I hope so” lol y’all haters are ugly anyway. I’m still glowing. Good night

Things must be bad. John Major has just arrived, helped himself to my whisky and asked “have you got anything stronger?” #GE2019 #GeneralElection2019

Is Boris Johnson about to lose his seat? Is Dominic Raab? Is a hung parliament on the table? What about a Corbyn Government? All this is outlined in my statistical election forecast! #UxbridgeAndSouthRuislip #UKElection #GeneralElection2019 #GE19…

Grassroots contributions have been flooding in from all over the country after my interview with @jimmy_dore dropped last night. Please give it a look. We hope that you too will want to give to the #Keady2020 campaign after you watch it. Thank you!…

The first election in over a decade when I haven’t been out canvassing for Labour on polling day. How am I supposed to pass the time to the exit poll? #GeneralElection2019

Cristiano: "I'd sign up now to meet Real Madrid in the Champions League final”…


Takumi Minamino - All Goals so far in the 2019/2020 season

koçum 12yi bekleyemiyorum yolla albümü #FineLine


Crisis of Infinite Earths has been amazing so far! Everything that the kid that got frustrated trying to explain it to someone else in high school could hope for. My only quip is if you have the balls to kill a major character, that should be it!

UNICEF thanks @mohrpakistan and Dr.@ShireenMazari1, Minister for Human Rights, for their unwavering commitment to support children’s rights #foreverychild across Pakistan. @RabiyaJaveri @pid_gov…

Community health workers have huge potential to advance #HealthForAll. But to be effective, they need reliable financing. @UNICEF & MSH developed a tool to guide countries in estimating costs & projecting the impact of investing in CHWs: #UHCDay


A 14-year-old girl attending a math class told Human Rights Watch on December 18 that she was shot as she walked out of the center with other children. --Human Rights Watch @hrw report #4YearsZariaMassacre @UNICEF_Nigeria @UNICEF

UNICEF sigue trabajando para beneficiar a la niñez en Colombia. 7.201 niños, niñas y adolescentes, han tenido acceso a actividades de aprendizaje no formal. #AnteTodoSonNiños @Escuela_Nueva @CorpOpcionLegal @WorldVisionCO @LACID_ @Mineducacion


Como no se pueda jugar el Clásico por lo que pase en las calles el Miércoles que viene y le den los 3 puntos al Real Madrid, será el mayor escándalo de la historia del Deporte.

700万のMac ProでもMicrosoft Officeはもっさりしてそう

12 .12 takda buat sale pakwe yang soft spoken ke ? Hsjkhsjkjsjk

Gelecek Partisi #SarıGiyGel #Bieber2020 #nedenböylebitti John Wick İstanbul tuzla içmeler oto yıkamaya personel alımı yapılacaktır maaş+yatacak yer +yemek + bahşiş iletişim 05373915939 Ziya bey

1 Chronicles 29:18 KJV — O LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, our fathers, keep this for ever in the imagination of the thoughts of the heart of thy people, and prepare their heart unto thee:

Mac Pro、フルスペック700万越え… 誰が使いこなせるのか知りたい

La bandera exhibida por un seguidor belga en el encuentro de Champions enervó al público visitante…

evitate di usare questo hashtag per scrivere insulti di ogni tipo nei confronti di justin e chi lo segue, grazie. #Bieber2020

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