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if you see this tweet, you’re obligated to reply with: #MTVHottest BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink

Obama granted Danielle Metz clemency in 2016. Out of prison, she made the dean's list. This week, Obama wrote her: "I am so proud of you, and am confident that your example will have a positive impact for others who are looking for a second chance."…


Don't be surprised if Real Madrid didn't buy anyone in place of Bale. Of course, almost everything can happen until the end of the transfer window, but Gareth's departure is the next step to signing Mbappe... next year.

Blade : le nouveau film avec Mahershala Ali ne fera pas partie de la Phase 4…


I'm here for Natalie Portman as Thor. But I'm even more here for the canon nerds who are imploding because they want movies true to the comics but don't want women cast as leads.


Told my wife about Natalie Portman being Thor now. Before I got to the second sentence, she told me to STFU and she didn't want to hear another word. Then said something biting about AOC and went to the bathroom to watch YouTube zit videos.

"Avengers: Endgame" may have closed a chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the blockbuster factory is not slowing down and only expanding in scope and diversity.…

¡MAHERSHALA ALI será BLADE en el reboot que planea Marvel!

Tac-Force: TF-994BL Blade: 3.5'' Two Tone Stainless Steel(?) Belt Cutter, Glass Breaker, Lanyard Hole Made in China $7.99 #pocketknife #edc #everydaycarry #foldingknife #knifelife #tanto


like who doesn’t know dean anw? it’s 2019


Mahershala Ali’s ‘Blade’ Reboot Is Not Part Of Marvel Studios’ Phase 4


Natalie Portman labyu mga wampayb

MCU Phase 4: The Eternals Explained via @YouTube Yeah let’s get in

loki is alive sim e eu sempre soube e avisei

igual me parece raro q le digan thor a Jane foster, jsjs entiendo q ella va a tomar su rol y todo pero thor es el NOMBRE de Thor, es como si a thor le pusieran jane foster ahre me explique para el orto perdón

Creo que esta temporada al irse Cristiano a la Juventus, Bale va a dar un paso adelante para liderar el proyecto y vamos a ver al verdadero Bale.

Tonto: THOR NO ES MUJER, THOR VENDE MAS COMO HOMBRE, EL LOBBY FEMINISTA HACIENDOLO DE NUEVO, ESTO NO VA ASÍ Marvel: —Literalmente la mejor historia de Thor en los últimos años es la Thor de Jane Foster—

My man @philrowen said this first, but @MarvelStudios should absolutely get The First Purge director Gerard McMurray to direct Blade. Cause he already said he would. #SDCC2019…

applying for mutuals so retweet if you love: - mcu - stranger things - natasha romanoff - joyce byers - winona ryder - scarlett johansson - the eternals - david harbour - hopper - jopper - marvel comics - thor - carol danvers - angelina jolie i follow back!!!

Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen steal the show in Disney's #TheLionKing. The comedic duo reunited to talk with Variety about putting their own spin on Timon and Pumbaa


so they can put danai gurira, michael rooker, ross marquand AND lauren ridloff all in marvel movies but still not steven yeun ? interesting

Cronología del 'caso Bale': de la fase lapidaria de Zidane a un futuro que pasa por China

#Bale a #China #truequeNeymar Día 1. Vamos a ver donde termina esto y cuantos días

day once since phase 4 was released and i already miss their in love faces…

Aside from money, why would Bale go to China to play football? And, as a related question, how much money does an individual need to live comfortably?

"When Marhershala calls, you answer," Kevin Feige said of casting the actor as #Blade.

"Phase Four" will include Natalie Portman taking up the hammer as Thor, making Angelina Jolie an immortal for The Eternals and rebooting Blade with Mahershala Ali.

Natalie Portman ha sido hallada digna por el Mjolnir…

Kevin Feige has confirmed that #Blade will NOT be a #PhaseFour movie!…

CASA GRYFFINDOR ⚡️ Neville Longbottom Dean Thomas Cormac McLaggen Seamus Finnigan Lavender Brown Parvati Patil Remus Lupin Peter Pettigrew Rubeus Hagrid Lily Evans Colin Creevey ¿Quieres ser alguno de estos personajes? ¡MENSAJEAME!

Lookin at the really diverse marvel phase 4 cast, crew and character list but I can't help and feel a bit miffed that we still don't have any Latino leads or really any latino characters period who aren't treated as just funny sidekicks

love and thunder, the eternals and shang chi are about to be that trio *chefs kiss*

Marvel's Shang-Chi star Simu Liu first asked for the job on Twitter

I am going to pass out. What did I do to deserve both this and @SimuLiu as Shang Chi in the same weekend.…

If Shang Chi is about the Mandarin and the 10 rings I just go so excited thinking it'll be a riff on that Iron Man storyline where the Mandarin's rings are revealed to be from alien Fin Fang Fooms and Shang Chi will fight giant dragons oooo find I know I'm probably wrong but

#INFOSOS Plusieurs logo des prochains films/séries du MCU ont été dévoilés lors de la #SDCC


fun fact: bts & armys are legends. the rest can sit down. #MTVHottest BTS @BTS_twt

BLACKPINK 9th WORLDWIDE!! Good job all!! #MTVHottest BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink


Una peli de terror de Dr. Strange, Mighty Thor Jane Foster, el Hawkeye de Fraction con Kate Bishop. Brian Tyree Henry, Tony Leung, MAHERSHALA ALI ES BLADE. Esta fase de Marvel me daba igual pero es me la han hecho a mí, es mía.

Sevilen ikili geri dönüyor: Marvel, WandaVision hakkında detayları duyurdu! #SDCC2019…


It has been a marvel to witness the hypocrisy of people for whom I was no longer "Christian enough"—justify sexual predators, applaud the building of walls, and cheer the separation of families. #SundayMorning #SundayMotivation #MAGA…

- Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings; - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness; - Thor: Love and Thunder. Przewiduję polskie tytuły: - Shang-Chi; - Doktor Strange 2; - Thor 4.

Hot take: Natalie Portman is Thor. Not “female Thor”. Otherwise we all gotta call @chrishemsworth “male Thor”. Which, actually, is adorable. #alsoThor


Actual Representation of my life. #PacquiaoThurman


Really glad we have an asian superhero in the MCU now, but let's not forget there's a victim in all this: Scarlett Johansson, who missed her chance at the role by already being Black Widow. Such a shame.



So is Luke Cage not canon now? If Cottonmouth is Blade?

Os juro que no disfruto nada con las películas de miedo, pero nada, y que lo metan en el ucm y encima con doctor strange en lugar de blade por ejemplo es algo que me toca los cojonacos…

Mahershala Ali, otro actor que escapa de la Dimensión Mazmorra de las series.

la phase 4 du MCU va être exceptionnelle

mahershala ali and brian tyree henry in MCU? they tryin to complete the barry jenkins trifecta. kiki layne watch out!

「キムさんのコンビニ」のセクシー長男役、シム・リューがマーベル「Shang-Chi」に抜擢される。アクアフィーナも出演とな!  Simu Liu… via @thr

El villano de Shang Chi será el real Mandarín. ¿Habrá conexiones entre esta película y la saga Iron Man con el falso Mandarín?

“I have stared into Tom Hiddleston’s eyes and forgotten how to form sounds with my mouth.” @SimuLiu…

we will form a human barrier around shang chi he is never interacting with mcu clint not on my watch…

Tony Leung FINALLY in a Hollywood film! I'm grinning ear to ear.…

Me gustaba más el Cats de mi generación.


well I've got work today and tomorrow for a shit load of Lion King, luckily its going to be the last really big film of the summer


'The Lion King' has already surpassed $100 million since it started playing in theaters.

The Lion King Remake Waters Down Its Best Moments


Experts have called the findings “truly remarkable,” “transformative,” and “a key breakthrough.” #Caturday…


my cats living their best life in the sun meanwhile im here in the height of rainy season like




Saya suka yang ngegas ngegas Let's make it real! #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut


This is only a small portion of Minkyu's magical moments. He evolve and improve and even his trainers saw that happened. This is also one of the reason we want him to be on the stage #바이나인_데뷔해 #민규 #김민규 #BY9_Debut


[#HD] 19.07.19 - Dohyon durante seu discurso na final do Produce X 101. cr. pentaprism_x #NamDohyun #Dohyon #남도현 #X1 #PRODUCE_X_101 #프로듀스X101


[#VIDEO] 19.07.19 - Momento em que Dohyon foi anunciado juntamente com o seu discurso. Tradução a baixo #NamDohyun #Dohyon #남도현 #X1 #PRODUCE_X_101 #프로듀스X101

¡Hola! Somos Kang Minhee Spain, la primera fanbase española dedicada a Kang Minhee, integrante de X1, un grupo que ha salido del programa de supervivencia de Mnet, Produce X 101. ¡Esperamos que todos juntos apoyemos a Kang Minhee y a su grupo! #PRODUCEX101 #PRODUCE_X_101 #강민희

Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Preset PURPLE HAZE, Lifestyle Influencer Lightroom Presets for Instagram, Travel Bloggers For Photos Editing #art #photography #lightroompresets #instagrampresets #bloggerpresets #lifestylepresets #mobilepresets


I can assure you no one has ever watched a game of their youngsters and said "you know what he might be even better than Mason Greenwood"…

วิธีแต่งรูปโทนสตรีทซันไลต์ แอพ Lightroom มือถือ >… #PhotoFleem #สอนแต่งรูป #สอนคุมโทน #portraits #lightroom #lightroompresets


Mason greenwood is a mixed race macheda. Watch the space will be at sunderland in 3 years time.

Christopher Nolan rlly gave us Joseph Gordon levitt as robin and then didn’t follow up.

-xma sumpah gatel bgt pengen suruh hangyul ama yohan munduran


Sie machen eine Top Gun-Fortsetzung – erste Trailer von der Comic Con:…

Love and protecc your cats. Don’t throw them over your head or feed them vodka like a doucheflute, k?


Chris needs his own 8 out of 10 cats type show when he’s done with love island omg he’s hilarious

#BarHomeSick 土曜日のホームシックは20時オープン! 担当はミチ(中型以上のイヌ派)とシュンイチ(自分ちのCatsが至高派)のふたりでオールナイト! 蒸し暑い夜ですね〜。こんな夜はビールとかハイボールとカラオケですね!(NGワード:いつも) Tシャツお渡し中!地方発送もOK!お問い合わせください。


I'm not 100% confident on the casting, but the show is shaping up to be pretty epic

Just watched that Witcher teaser and all the comments are clowning on Henry Cavill for being buff, I'm so confused like what did you expect the professional swordsman and monster-wrangler to look like

Top Gun marcou uma geração. Tomara que a continuação faça jus às nossas lembranças sobre o filme.…

إشاعة: The Witcher 3: Complete Edition قادمه للسويتش بشهر نوفمبر


韓国Mnetのサバイバルオーディション番組「PRODUCE X 101」から誕生したボーイズグループ「X1」が、公式ファンクラブの会員を募集する。… #ワウコリア #wowkorea #韓流

Very personal story of mine: When I was 3 weeks old I was giving my mom heck, constantly crying. One night she changed my life & said, "Son, I don't know why you're crying but I do know that you were brought into this world to share Paul Pogba propaganda."

las de gayteez entrando en las oficinas de mnet para rescatar a seungwoo

Who else is with me wondering why oh why are they using F18’s in the era of drones and F22’s/F35’s. I understand it’s an awesome aircraft but it was around when the original Top Gun came out. #TopGunMaverick

both junho n eunsang are polite and quite reserved type of person how are these two gonna be like in their dorms GIRLLLL i can’t wait for their reality shows omg mnet hurry up

歯磨きも辛す。。。 年単位で虫歯を防げるか不安になってきた チーン凹○ とりあえず、明日歯磨き補助のうがい薬買ってこよう。。。 明日は投票、銀行巡りと忙しくなるなー

Ich habe gerstern das erste mal Top Gun gesehen. #Maverick

Extremely early TV memory of mine is the news interviewing Tom Selleck at a Broadway performance of Cats. He really liked it and I remember thinking that was a surprising position for an adult.


My 2nd #D23Expo piece is "Believe in the Impossible!" I love that moment in "Part of Your World" when Ariel is sinking/ feeling the weight of her problems, yet continues to look up towards the light. I'll be signing at Talent Central: Aug 23 (2:30-3:30Pm) & Aug 24 (10:45-11:45AM)


why did i wake up to people signing petitions to get seungwoo out of x1 bye im going back to sleep

“I loved Beauty and the Beast. I really loved Aladdin. But something about The Lion King never sat right with me … I just was like, ‘Why is it that now that it’s set in Africa, they’re animals?’ ”

Everytime i see a CATS meme laugh then i spiral right back into my anger about the plate thing the fucking plate god dammit !!

can i be both ironically and unironically excited for cats.

Say cheese! Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration has been extended through September 2nd! Get your cameras ready as you step inside 9 vibrant rooms to get those perfect shots! Tickets available at


"كانت بطولة العمر شكرا يا أم الدنيا شرفتينى".. كاريكاتير كان 2019 #محاربي_الصحراء #123VivaLAlgerie #CAN2019 #الجزايز_السنغال #WeLoveEgypt2019 #SENALG #AFCON2019 #Algeria منتخب الساجدين #الجزاير


Q4. The folklore in STORY's first draft was pretty faithful to original tellings, just with a feminist twist and new voice. My awesome editor, Reka Simonsen, helped me revise so that the stories mirrored things happening in the real world. I love them SO much this way. #Novel19s

i still don’t understand why so many believe they can just disregard bts’ impact by saying kpop would’ve been as big as it is now without them. like ma’am the only reason why i gave kpop a chance was because of bts. the world viewed kpop as fake and as a gimmick- #ARMYCYPHERPARTY

Let's debut Jungmo, Keumdongie, Minkyu, Yuvin, Sejin, Jinhyuk, Tony, Wonjin and Yunseong #바이나인_데뷔해 #바이나인_데뷔해 #바이나인_데뷔해


Dongwook and Seungwoo can't be legit without hugs


Wei grupta olmadığına göre mecbur Seungwoo ve Wooshin shiplicez artık

seungwoo seungyoun reaction to hangyul!!!!!! i will always think about this

Scrolling through YouTube and the algorithm suggested this little gem. Has it been 3 months? I guess has. Wow.


I was about to sleep but. I thought of seungwoo and sorry dude that u will debut I'm rlly sorry honestly hope u can go back to victon soon soon

Yalls getting tired of BTS while your faves are probably lazy af #ARMYCYPHERPARTY


#SENALG, Algeria wins AFCON 2019, The Journey The Goals, Crashed Senegal 1-0 in the final #AFCON2019final Bye #AFCON2019 Back to #MoneyHeist3

incredible to think how good Laureano's been a) in his first pro season as a primary centerfielder b) without showing any ability to draw a walk, which he did all through his MiLB career

Sometimes I feel I don't deserve to smile, Most of the time I feel like hiding, When you read and feel my words, Is when I come alive, Is when I know I'm right, To write my heart out for your eyes, Even though this world is hard, To know you're smiling makes me smile. #Poetry

Working on the Coastal Colony in the #GalacticHub took me back to thinking about this Atlas Rises build I had in the Hilbert Dimension. Best base unit placement I ever saw. I loved it here. Sigh....


Found some time to work on my DOS Installer project. I now have some C code equivalent to Python's shlex, but for DOS quoting rules, plus an incomplete set of unit tests. With glue, it currently grows the "Hello World!" demo by 312 bytes, but I'll try to shrink that further.

think after i finish my degree in chemical engineering imma go to school part time and study nursing. being fucked up in the hospital for so long nurses really are the backbone of every unit the way they go above and beyond

Me seeing the new Lion King today


galerim faceapp şeyleriyle doldu aq

How well do you know #TheLionKing? Here are the big and subtle differences the remake takes from the classic

FaceApp responds to privacy concerns  – TechCrunch #privacy #infosec #FaceApp…

ว่าจะไม่ประสาทแดกตอนประกาศแล้วนะ ดนตรีแม่งบิ้วกูมากกก #PRODUCE_X_101

Me explaining to my cat we aren’t going to see CATS


how do I mute tweets with Cats screencaps and memes? and how do I also mute the term Cats without also muting cute cat videos? we don't need to see these cursed images every time we log on

tangina ang tagal sumasakit lalo puso ko #PRODUCE_X_101



น้องดงพโยคือนนอนห่มผ้าบนเตียงเดียวกับโยฮันเลยอะ แลงมาก แลงมากๆ โยฮันอย่าเต๊าะเขาไปทั่วสิ แม่ๆหาเงินไม่ทัน กิ้ด #PRODUCE_X_101

N da para debuta todos n que agonia aaaaaa #PRODUCE_X_101

My dream for you guys is to all debut #PRODUCE_X_101

stick around for the end credits of cats for a special scene where one of the cats is recruited for avatar 2

مطورو FaceApp يردون على الشائعات المنتشرة ضده…

esse sam smith é um versão do ed sheeran soq afeminado



Sam Smith es el nuevo ícono gay.

32' GOAL!!! Leandro equalises. Game on! JDT 1 Terengganu 1 #JDTvTER #MSL2019

Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep? (Official Video) via @YouTube

Nach einem Brandanschlag auf ein japanisches Anime-Studio mit 33 Toten spekuliert, ob sich der Täter von den "teils sehr brutalen" Serien "beeinflussen ließ". Als hätten "diese Filme" und ihre Macher irgendeine Mitschuld:… #PrayForKyoani


#京アニ放火 事件で支援の輪が広がっています。映画版 #聲の形 の舞台のモデルになった #岐阜県 #大垣市 でも、支援の #募金箱#激励メッセージ を募るコーナーが設置されました。悲しみのなか #京アニ を応援する人たちの思いが込められています。#PrayForKyoani  ↓↓↓…


In Dan Pedersen's engaging new memoir, 'Top Gun: American Story,' Top Gun's original commanding officer tells the story of the famed fighter jet program.

#WATCH Tom Cruise takes to the skies once more in trailer for Top Gun: Maverick


Tom Cruise presenta el tráiler de Top Gun: Maverick.


Mój twitter dzisiaj żyje tylko tymi hasztagami czyli ludzi oglądających finał produce, tych klnących na kq, bekona w pomarańczu i jego pierwszej nagrodzie i o występach exo #PRODUCE_X_101 #EXplOrationinSeoulDay1 #UNVillage1stWin #LetATEEZRest

We were all so distracted by the digital fur in the Cats trailer that we didn't even talk about how good CGI Tom Cruise looks in the Top Gun trailer.


Självklart ser jag fram emot nya Top Gun. MEN. Det blir inte samma sak utan F 14 och det finns en uppenbar risk att filmen blir riktigt ostig om de hela tiden ska trycka in referenser till 1:an.

Macam mana ye kita sebagai rakyat taknak bagi Anwar jadi PM?

Kehadiran Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, disambut Presiden KEADILAN, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim diiringi lagu hari jadi sempena sambutan ulang tahun kelahirannya ke-94.

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