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Às 22h25 NC #FinaEstampa 33.1 SBT 6.5 Record TV 5.5 #TvFama 1.4 #BandNotícias 1.0

tundeednut Akwa Ibom Governor and his health workers. After serving the SOCIAL DISTANCING while having a meeting, they all came together to take a picture after. Can you see this? What was the essence of the social distancing? #LaCasaDePapel4 #Camon15Launch #TecnoCamon15 #Somto


I spoke to Mervyn King for AM & @ABCTV He was Governor of @bankofengland during SARS & GFC. It would be "dangerous" to assume a lockdown of six months "Governments need to develop a clear exit strategy & explain it to all of us"Longer version on TV tonight…

Voy a recrear intros de series y pelis famosas ya que la ladilla me CONSUME. Empiezo con Stranger things, cuál otra quieren que haga?

currently making friends with the crows that visit my house. they eat my walnuts and hang out (6 feet away, respecting social distancing protocol)

Ja imam dve strane...


Completed a first-round mock with the help of some friends. View results here.… Position count: 6 WR 5 CB 5 OT 4 QB 4 DE/Edge 3 LB 3 S 2 DT 0 RB

Vai sair o Train to Busan 2, que lindo

In attempting to negate my family's place in the general hierarchy of things, exhausting the potential of my packet of genes —which has amounted to fluency in one modern language and a light acquaintance with the literary canon— I have only justified our place within it.

Şu sıkıcı karantina günlerinde imdadımıza yetiştin #LaCasaDePapel4

Yarin karantinanin en guzel gunu olabilir #LaCasaDePapel4

Si tuviéramos que sacrificar una serie para erradicar el CoVid-19, ¿Cuál sería? ¿Y por qué The big bang theory?

Imam osjecaj da ti lajkujem tvit prije nego sto ga izbacis

Train to busan 2 is coming

A request from Queen Margrethe of Denmark ahead of her 80th birthday on 16 April.…

Launched last year, @NASAJPL’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3 is helping scientists understand Earth’s carbon cycles by measuring the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. #EarthDay50 Learn more about what OCO-3 is doing aboard the @Space_Station:


NASA doğum günü galaksi fotoğrafı.. şıkır şıkırız


Salamat sa mga nagsasabay sako paschool paglate na ako tapos nasa tinampo pa ako, ki kuya Albretch, si fam katong kuya from Xanthrons, service nina Bianca, service nina Danica, service ni ate from Valentus, si van service (sorry po dai nako nakabayad japanese cake) :(((…

Imam dari Masjid Abbad Makkah, Al-Hafiz Mohammad Sharif Mohammad Imrani mendoakan agar seluruh rakyat Malaysia dilindungi daripada bahaya wabak koronavirus (Covid-19). #sinarharian #janganputusasa…

Emergency Medical Aid Fundraising Appeal from @MECAForPeace As the first cases of #coronavirus are confirmed in Gaza. “It is very important to help us in #Gaza. The safest and quickest way is via MECA (Middle East Childrens Alliance) – “donate” at


This is a global symptom of these pissfulls .. A friend of mine 10 years back told me same mentality of muslims on airports... Those Ms were from Middle East.....…

Omg tower of god OP is sung by strAY KIDS????? Thats it im watching

COVID-19: Putin orders Russians to stay off work in April… this can happen in Nigeria with the way Apo bleaching Pastor and Agege Imam dey behave

W.S RENDRA (Jalan Bogor Jasinga) #Malamjumat Train To Busan Jupiter

‘Peninsula’ Trailer: Pulsating First Look At Sequel To Korean Zombie Movie Hit ‘Train To Busan’

Teaser tráiler internacional de 'TRAIN TO BUSAN 2: PENINSULA', la secuela de la exitosa película de Yeon Sang-Ho. En cines en 2021. #Peninsula

Šta bih sve uradio da (stvarno) imam pola milijarde evra? I da sam država Ozbiljna država -obezbedio bih maksimalnu opremu (znači 120% zaštite) za medicinare koji rade na koroni, uz to i brze obuke za protokole i korišćenje, jer nisu svi infektolozi i fali iskustvo (ima još)

実は話があって…… 僕達付き合うことになりました!


El único imam que me cae bien: Hussam Khoja. Me parece un hombre con mucho sentido común y no predica la religión como si se tratara de un castigo divino, sino como una cura para el alma del individuo, siguiendo una pautas para encontrar la paz interna que muchos necesitan.

I think that karaoke should change into a work space and start businesses. The karaoke room is perfect for a private meeting room. They are spacious, quiet and nice. There is no view, so there is no distraction. When I get tired, I can sing and watch Live video #TakeYourselfHome

El Consejo Internacional de Sanidad acuerda, por unanimidad, gastar el Fondo Monetario de Reserva en la última esperanza por salvar la raza humana. Una avioneta paseará por el mundo un cartel gigante con la leyenda: «¡DORAEMON, HIJO DE PUTA, SÁCATE ALGO DEL BOLSILLO MÁGICO!»

Vivy Yusof ni siapa dia?Aku tak kenai pun...Mesti tak famous

Watching @wheelercentre live stream interview with @BishopAlice and @ElizabethMcCthy that should have been at @montaltowine in #redhill so I have poured a glass of wine in solidarity. #blacksaturday #authorsforfiries #australiafires #aconstanthum @text_publishing

me, sitting here, at 3 am, drinking wine straight out of the bottle, in my booshka shirt, while my jc tiktok goes viral. the people love you @jccaylen

I’m drinking wine and watching Oasis’ 1994 Glastonbury set. Not sure what this says about day eight.

ldr...lock down relationship!!

A study of the human skeleton by the great Leonardo da Vinci c. 1510 #histmed #anatomy #renaissance #historyofmedicine


Libya: Turkey back GNA force conduct airstrike and destroyed 3 Haftar LNA fuel Trucks in South of Walid.

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