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به پشت پرده اپلیکیشن فیس‌اپ که اخیرا برای دیدن تصویر پیری خودتان استفاده می کنید دقت کنید. شما به هنگام استفاده از این اپلیکیشن از طریق تلفن همراه‌تان اجازه دسترسی به اطلاعات شخصی زیادی زیادی را به آن می‌دهید. #FaceApp

This Don Look is Still Awesome and more badass after the use of #FaceApp


Music: Stainlo - America Wonder (prod. by Nero Spark)…

Liberaron a la clarinetista venezolana encarcelada por denunciar en las redes que el régimen de Maduro la despidió por razones políticas | Por Oswaldo Avendaño


La mia amica in vacanza in America decide di andare al parco divertimenti. Io per battuta le faccio "eh sì magari hai visto Louis Tomlinson" Lei che "se me lo descrivi magari" Glielo descrivo con dovizia di particolari e "ah sì, era a 6 persone da me" In che senso, scusa?

Julia Roberts had the best reaction to not getting any Emmy nominations…

Final sezonu ile tartışma yaratan Game of Thrones, 32 dalda Emmy’e aday gösterildi. Dizi böylece, dünyanın en önemli televizyon ödülü olarak kabul edilen Emmy'e en çok aday gösterilen yapım oldu

Fact-check: Is this a video of #Trump slapping a #UK politician? Read more: #TheNews…

Honestly, what kind of politically suicidal Republican would vote with the Democrats to accuse Trump of non existent racism? Do they WANT to lose in 2020?

A reminder that racism is a mental illness. Moreover, to dispute that it is, is to attempt to block anyone afflicted with such a problem from receiving treatment for it. That includes President Trump. Enough of this craziness. #RacistPresident #RacistInChief #RacistTrump


Trump makes 13 false claims in Cabinet meeting - CNN Trump makes 13 false claims in Cabinet meeting  CNN President Donald Trump uttered a rapid series of false claims, at least 13 in all, during his Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. He made another claim for ……

ᅠ look at my beautiful, talented, successful and emmy nominated girl.


Highlight 1 of the #Barbie movie marathon - “Barbie & the Diamond Castle” had the twins Ian and Jeremy. Great to see me & my bro @IanThorpe immortalised in film.

mcu twitter really is having a hard day with thor 4 and tom and y/n huh

thor will be the first marvel character to reach 4 solo films..... this means tom holland better do about 8

Vandaag zijn mijn gedachten bij de 298 mensen die vijf jaar geleden omkwamen bij de ramp met vlucht #MH17. Ik wens iedereen die op 17 juli 2014 een dierbare verloor veel sterkte. Laten we een arm om hen heen slaan.


CAN : Les cinq facteurs du succès de Belmadi #SENALG #ALGSEN…

On the 5thanniversary of #MH17’s downing, we extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the 298 innocent civilians who lost their lives. Those responsible must be held to account. Hear @StateDeptSpox Ortagus’ thoughts on today’s anniversary:

As we mark the 5th year since the downing of @MAS Flight #MH17, let us remember the names of those who lost their lives that day in 2014. We shall never forget. #RememberingMH17 #MalaysiaAirlines


Opsporing Verzocht toonde gisteravond beelden van de gezochte Ridouan Taghi en Said Razzouki. Op deze tekeningen is te zien hoe de twee verdachten er nu mogelijk uit zien. Opsporing Verzocht wordt om 12:20 uur herhaald op NPO2 of kijk de uitzending op…


Vakantiegangers opgelet: ‘Kijk uit naar Taghi en Razzouki’… #WNL

“In de afgelopen jaren stapte er een VVD-Kamerlid op omdat hij te veel alcohol drinken en autorijden meermaals combineerde. Dat ging om Matthijs Huizing in 2013. Inmiddels is hij wethouder voor de partij.” via @telegraaf

Zon, weinig wind, meewerkend (vrolijke en soms wat vermoeide) wandelaars .. de #grotevoetsurveillance is nu op weg naar #Wijchen. De 40km zal daar inmiddels bijna zijn.. #4D19 #4daagse #PolitieNN


Yeahhh Wijchen. Over de helft


#obamawasbetterat Driving the Country into a modern day Great Depression.

‘Steven Berghuis wil afspraak maken bij ‘nee’ van Feyenoord’… @Gilles010 @RZuid70 @Gerda_Veerman

Goedemorgen! Tot zometeen in #Wijchen #rozewoensdag #4d19 Alle wandelaars veel succes op dag 2!


Collins: "Okay, Houston. You suppose you could turn the Earth a little bit so we can get a little bit more than just water?" CAPCOM: "Roger, 11. I don't think we got much control over that. Looks like you'll have to settle for the water." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Trump And Epstein Once Partied With 28 Girls At “Private Event” via @YouTube

House votes to condemn xenophobic Trump attack. Out of many we are one. That’s what makes us a great country. And we will never allow #BirtherInChief to take that away.

I’m a Proud First-Generation Mexican-American. Trump Emboldens Those Who Say I’m Not Welcome.

Câmara dos EUA condena tuítes de Trump como racistas

I get it, but why is a robot cheering for trump?…

Collins: "Charlie, I'm sorry; you keep cutting out. We heard up to "you can do anything," and then after that we didn't hear anything, and we knew that wasn't right anyhow because we can't. But what do you want us to do?" #Apollo11 #Apollo50

CAPCOM: "Hello, Apollo 11. Houston. We'd like you to keep the TV on for about 10 minutes or so, so we can get some good comparison on the camera. You can do anything your heart desires on the TV: interior, exterior, pan in and out, anything you'd like." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

CAPCOM: "Okay. My comments were - My comments were from Goldstone that they see no white spots as we saw in [Apollo] 10. Looks like the AGC's working real well. The f:22 looks good. Over." Armstrong: "Okay. Very good." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Armstrong: "Okay. It's in full zoom, now." CAPCOM: "Copy, 11." Armstrong: "And how about the f-stop? Is 22 going to be accurate?" CAPCOM: "Stand by. We'll get with the Goldstone TV guy. We don't have anything here at Houston. Stand by." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

comedians in cars getting coffee is nominated in the same emmy category as surviving r kelly

I love new technology, but we need governments to start regulating it | @ChukaUmunna…

How long is it till Fifa nonce start calling Juve ‘Piemonte Calcio’ like when they thought Serie A was ‘Calcio A’

Eu veni a mi casa, te invito a comer(nos)

"È gravissimo il voto europeo: von der Leyen passa grazie all'asse Merkel, #Macron, #Renzi, #5stelle. Avrebbe potuto essere una svolta storica: la Lega è stata coerente con le posizioni espresse finora, ha tenuto fede al patto con gli elettori e difende l'interesse nazionale".


Nos juntamos en la previa del partido por #CopaSudamericana para alentar todos juntos al sabalero. Vení con tu trapo, no hay nada más lindo que ser de @ColonOficial


Salvini sotto assedio: “Se apro la crisi, i grillini fanno un governo coi dem”

Heeft dat Polenmeldpunt van #Wilders en de #PVV dan toch succes gehad?


Whaha Elisa is net flink op haar nummer gezet. "Net had je een grote mond, maar nu praat je toch met ze" #polopos


Zó ziet topcrimineel Taghi er nu uit, stelt politie…

De politie heeft in Opsporing Verzocht verouderingsbeelden getoond van Ridouan Taghi en Saïd Razzouki, de meestgezochte criminelen van Nederland…

Seedorf en Kluivert krijgen C4 bij Kameroen na tegenvallende Afrika Cup.… #voetbal


Gelukkig komt er een verbod op zwaar vuurwerk. #Volkel

Vandaag gelanceerd door .@MinBZ: Reizigers in nood kunnen nu ook WhatsAppen met Buitenlandse Zaken || ⁦@247BZ⁩ || #klaarstaan || #deklokrond || #voorNederland || #voorNederlanders || #wereldwijd…

Clarence Seedorf en Patrick Kluivert vertrekken definitief bij Kameroen #seedorf #kluivert

Ophef alle activisten in 3, 2, 1....... Volkel

The accusation of dual loyalty is anti-Semitic because it suggests that American Jews are provisional. It’s no different when Trump suggests that color or criticism of Israel or the U.S. can un-citizen a person. It’s the same racist logic, even as he uses Jews/Israel as a shield.

Julián Castro: "People from different backgrounds contribute to the greatness of this country, and if we are going to be the most prosperous country ... it's going to take all of us. There's no telling people to leave."

This is what Republicans who oppose Trump should do. Republican voters deserve a choice between adulterers.…

WATCH: Laughing Ilhan Omar Refuses To Condemn Antifa Violence When Confronted By Reporter: Laughs with blood.


JUST IN: Ann Coulter offers rare praise for Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib


Bu #FaceApp tüm resimlerimize ulaşıyor umarım erkenden bizi yaşlandırmaz!

"Bravi usate #FaceApp che tanto non ci arrivate". (#GretaThunberg)

EU, Europe Elects projection: EU Parliament vote on von der Leyen (CDU-EPP) as EU Commission President: MEPs who... (Likely) support: 408 (Likely) oppose: 269 Unclear: 70 Majority: Details:… #EUCO #vonderLeyen


Alan Turing, the brilliant mathematician credited with deciphering Nazi Germany’s impenetrable Enigma code, has been chosen as the face of Britain’s new £50 note: #WWII #history


[#INFOGRAPHIE] Croissance pour Citroën sur un marché anglais en baisse au 1er semestre 2019. La performance est tirée par le succès de SUV C3 Aircross et C4 Cactus. Nouveau Berlingo et Nouveau Berlingo Van consolident leur 2e place dans leur segment respectif. #CitroënDataFacts


Hoy se cumplen 50 años de la llegada a la Luna y en #0 nos volvemos #LocosPorLaLuna con una programación MUY especial. Hoy a las 22.00h 'Explorando las estrellas'.

La Luna celebra hoy los 50 años del Apolo 11 con un eclipse parcial


All Trump is doing is holding up a mirror to America in every possible way. He's just showing us what has always been here, it's an exposé for the masses of the festering cesspool that has lingered under the surface forever. It is exhausting, but not surprising.

Melania Trump était-elle une immigrante sans papiers? . Exigez des réponses - il ne peut pas attaquer les sans-papiers quand sa femme en était une.…

"Following Trump's racist antics, Pelosi to get House GOP on the record"…

With this Democratic competition. It’s gonna be easy for Trump to be re-elected.

Maddow Takes The Bait, Makes Ilhan Omar The Face of the Democrat Party… via @BigLeaguePol

納品しました! SNSアイコン 通常料金の範囲内ですがこちらで小物類追加させていただきました。これから活動開始予定の歌い手さんなのでよければ応援よろしくです~ @Luna_subculture #有償依頼 #アイコン依頼 #アイコン描きます #絵描きさんと繋がりたい #歌い手好きと繋がりたい


Ante Brasil, Uruguay formó con Roque Máspoli; Matías González y Eusebio Tejera; Schubert Gambetta, Obdulio Varela, Víctor Rodríguez Andrade; Alcides Ghiggia, Julio Pérez, Óscar Omar Míguez, Juan Alberto Schiaffino y Ruben Morán. El director técnico fue Juan López.


Ben intihar etmeye karar verdim arkadaşlar yaşlılık bana göre değilmiş #FaceApp


We’re really excited about Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie and we think you should be too…

That the new £50 note is a tribute to Alan Turing, the maths genius who helped Britain win the Second World War, is a glorious thing; this makes it even more special.…

Barbie astronauta nace para inspirar a niñas de todo el mundo a ser las científicas e ingenieras del futuro…

There’s a secret hidden inside the binary code on Alan Turing’s new £50 note

Es wird knapp heute Abend für Ursula von der Leyen bei der Wahl zur #EU-Kommissionspräsidentin. Like oder dislike? Kommt halt immer auf die Perspektive an. #vonderLeyen #CDU #csu #spd #Weber #Orban


Martin Brundle ve cerca la retirada de Sebastian Vettel: "Ha perdido el juicio" -


Hollywood darlings Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach are stepping in to rescue the Barbie film where Margot Robbie will star as the famous doll…


Fantastic news to hear that Alan Turing, the the father of theoretical computer science and A.I is going to be the new face of the English £50 note.


Turing se suicidó en 1954, a los 41 años, con cianuro. La reina Isabel le concedió un perdón real en 2013 por la condena penal que lo llevó a suicidarse.


"Ökosozialistische Anklänge": @Joerg_Meuthen (@AfD/Fraktionsvorsitzender: Identität & Demokratie) kritisiert im Interview die heutige Rede von Ursula @vonderleyen zu ihrer angestrebten #Kommissionspräsidentschaft #vonderLeyen

Newbury Neighbourhood Team conducted a plain-clothes Retail Crime Operation this weekend and arrested suspects for £2,200 of shopliftings, including this bumper haul of £1,600 worth of clothing! Working hard to keep your town centre safe... #Sgt5101


I have a bumper sticker that says “Honk if you think I’m sexy.” Then I just sit at green lights until I feel better about myself.

Nançay, les secrets d’un sablé à succès…


1985: “Love It Or Leave It” is a bumper sticker sold at backroad gas stations 2019: “Love It Or Leave It” is the 2020 re-election slogan of the sitting POTUS

Bon et bien voilà la S2 de ThePromised Neverland est prévu pour 2020, pas étonnant vu le succès de la S1 dans le monde ainsi que le manga qui toucherai à sa fin.…

i’m internally screaming this is too much!!! ah yes, alan turing, the well known heterosexual…

Alan Turing (Cuya historia fue llevada al cine en la película Código Enigma) será la nueva cara en los billetes de 50 Libras…

on me contact pour me faire travailler en tant que « bartender influenceur » c le début du succès

Imprensa italiana detona Vettel por novo erro, em batida com Verstappen no GP da Inglaterra #F1


Alonso ya predijo en 2013 la crisis que está sufriendo ahora Vettel:… #AlonsoNostradamus #Ferrari #Vettel #Alonso #RedBull #F1


wanna brag on my dad that he ordered me an elizabeth warren bumper sticker to cover up the dent in my bumper even though he fuckin likes biden

For my international followers: I have been awarded a three-year Dutch NWO Veni research grant to study the impacts of buy-to-let investors on different dimensions of social inequality! Excited to start this project, and continue working at @UvA_Amsterdam…


The bumper sticker of ppl lacking any firm political identity portraying it as loyal to the Democratic party and getting 45 out


Regionaal samenwerken voor een klimaatneutraal Europa in 2050: zo doe je dat:… Veel succes @Esther_de_Lange in de @EP_Environment Commissie!


Probeer de Partij van de Bomen. Gerarandeerd succes. #Biomassa…

F1: Vettel diz que temporada 2019 não está tão ruim como em 2014…


Nu de NAVO heeft bevestigd dat er Amerikaanse kernwapens in Volkel liggen, kunnen we eindelijk openheid van zaken krijgen van onze Nederlandse regering. Ook over de plannen voor modernisering van deze kernwapens. #debat #bandebom…

Talking of the British GP for a minute, can we discuss the race-long battle between Ferrari and Red Bull...erm.....Verstappen, anyway. What an absolute gem of a battle until Vettel punted Max.

Mijn interventie in het Europees Parlement over Von der Leyen. Zij beloofde alles aan iedereen en wat zijn haar beloften waard? Niets dus! Daarom stemt #FVD tegen.

Publiek geheim na blunder zwart-op-wit: kernwapens in Volkel

NAVO blundert:kernwapens in Volkel


Mevrouw is voor een Federaal Europa, vindt het de plicht van Europa om zoveel mogelijk immigranten onderdak te bieden, wil een Europees leger en vindt dat de EU in 2050 volledig klimaatneutraal moet zijn. Een kritisch Europees parlement zou al haar waanzin van tafel vegen.…

Alan Turing, Computing Genius And WWII Hero, To Be On U.K.'s New 50-Pound Note

Lashana Lynch is the first black woman to play 007 in 'Bond 25'…


buenas noches a mi sol y a mi luna


#Video ¡IMPERDIBLE! Un tiempo atrás, Novak Djokovic nos regalaba un divertido momento sacando a relucir todos sus dotes para la actuación. ¡Así imitó a Nadal, Federer, Cañas y Nalbandian!…

Su trabajo es enviar a una tripulación más allá de la Luna y de regreso

¡Excelente homenaje..! Alan Turing, el matemático que descifró el código nazi, pondrá rostro al nuevo billete de 50 libras en el Reino Unido Perseguido y condenado penalmente por su homosexualidad en 1952, se suicidó dos años más tarde 日本版】 「ペナルティより行動が重要」ベッテル、“判断ミス”を認めフェルスタッペンに謝罪…

En Notting Hill hay un malentendido inicial originado en que Hugh Grant no tiene contestador automático en su teléfono de línea.

I’m concerned that De’Jon Harris had to have a screw surgically implanted in his foot. Hopefully that injury will not hurt his longevity this season because Arkansas is thin at ILB. They really need Bumper Pool, former 4 star, to improve and take that spot over next season.

EL BRITÁNICO #TeamLH hace de las suyas, CHOQUE entre Verstappen y Vettel, #CARLO55AINZ vuelve a remontar, ¿QUÉ PASA CON HAAS? Eso y mucho más en Formula Racing

To think he had people,in Texas voting in mid Terms for him, or were that the illegals that have been caught in TX. His Daddy running out of money? Still see cars here in Central,TX with Beto bumper stickers. Bad enough being a moron but advertising you are too? DUH?…… Black angels in white came swooping from the skies To bring solace among the troubled souls of masquerade ...


#deslimstemens kijkt geen TV maar leest een boek, wandelt langs het strand, kijkt naar zonsondergang, sterrenhemel of diep in de ogen van een lieffie

Cómo con la informática y la tecnología aeroespacial de los años 60 llegamos a la Luna (@volvocar_es)…


Today in Sports History: Jim Thorpe wins Olympic decathlon gold with mismatched shoes via @starrcards… #JimThorpe #MondayMotivation #ThisDayInHistory #SportsHistory #July15 #Olympics #trackandfield


Roma tomatoes, also known as Italian or plum tomatoes, are most commonly used in cooked tomato products. #AceAgro #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #MondayMood

Si con el alerón trasero pegado con cinta extra fuerte de la ferretería de mi pueblo, Red Bull tuvo ese ritmo, Mercedes y Ferrari deberían temblar para lo que se puede venir en próximas carreras


You know you’ve messed up when you accidentally make a typo... on a “coming up next” bumper! Seriously, how didn’t they notice this?


«Je ne prends pas des décisions sur des révélations, mais sur des faits […], sinon cela devient la République de la délation» ➡ Macron a pris la parole pour la première fois sur les affaires de Rugy…


Alan Turing pioneered computer science and AI. He saved thousands of lives by cracking Enigma code of German U-Boats in WW2 But he was fired and chemically castrated for homosexuality. He soon killed himself 50-pound note is BoE's highest-value banknote…

C'est bon, l'entourloupe on la connait : on fait un gosse, et puis 15 ans plus tard, l'État nous l'abîme en le laissant cramer au soleil. Non merci.…

Lashana Lynch is the first black woman to play 007 in 'Bond 25'…


#Macron à propos des révélations sur #DeRugy dénonce la « République de la délation » ! Peut-être préférait-il la monarchie de l’usurpation ? « Qu’ils viennent me chercher », tout ça...


Takové pozdvižení kvůli jednomu číslu. Takže: - ano, 007 bude žena (možná) - ne, nebude se jmenovat James Bond, protože ten je přeci na odpočinku, tudíž už není agent MI6 s číslem 007

No termina más el lunes .. #FaceApp


Her şey değişir burun kalır #FaceApp


Liste des indignations de nos médias préférés au cours des derniers mois. Trouvez l'intrus : - le Fouquet's incendié - l'attaque bidon de la Salpétrière - la disparition de Steve - le fait que Mediapart révèle les abus de Rugy - les sifflets contre Macron le 14 juillet

Macron donne la Légion d'honneur à l'ex-directrice de GE France... qui supprime 1.000 emplois à Belfort…

El especial elogio de Miroslava Vavrinec al tenista suizo Roger Federer se convirtió viral en las redes sociales.…

The worst thing: when a radio station bumper has FREAKING COP CAR SOUNDS on it. It's starting and BAD. DO NOT DO THIS. The main place people listen to radio nowadays is in the car WHILE DRIVING! Looking at you, Rock 101... Angrily.

Snotverdorie! Chateau Meiland, De Slimste Mens en Tour du Jour op exact hetzelfde tijdstip. Het valt allemaal niet mee. #ChateauMeiland #DeSlimsteMens #TourduJour

"Is dat van Aert? Is dat van Aert? Is het aan het gebeuren?" — Michel #TDF2019…

Alla fine Binotto diventerà il solito capro espiatorio. Metteranno una mano di vernice (forse metallizzata a sto giro) e resterà tutto uguale in quel di Maranello. Tanto le auto (per ora) le vendono comunque...Cambiare uno per non cambiare nulla...solita storia Ferrari...

Take a look at how @Unilever uses #MicrosoftTeams and #Yammer to connect and share knowledge across a global environment: #MSInspire


Congratulations to all the 2019 #MSPartner of the Year Award winners! See the list here: #MSInspire

Crazy to think Kimi Raikkonen was Ferrari’s last race winner and last world champion.

Have an upcoming #HybridMigration project? Come by Booth #2221 at #MSInspire. We'll show you how #MigrationWiz can help! #MSPartner #BitTitan #MeetTheWiz


“My son made the middle school honor roll” bumper sticker

Yikes, how does this even happen in 2019?

In een nieuwe reeks berichten noemt Trump de vrouwen „een stelletje communisten.”…

Hamilton diz que poderia ter fechado Bottas no início mas aliviou: "Existe respeito entre nós"


A 12-year-old managed to board the plane without a ticket

Tour de Francia: Wout Van Aert: "Me cuesta creer que pueda ganar a Viviani y Ewan al sprint" -… #ciclismo #TDF2019 #TourDeFrancia

Drie jaar cel geëist tegen natuurgenezer Klaus Ross…

Drie jaar cel geëist tegen natuurgenezer Klaus Ross

This is not Donald Trump, or Xi Jinping, or Narendra Modi, or Emmanuel Macron, or Justin Trudeau. This is Uhuru Kenyatta. The president of Kenya, who has put his name among the names of world leaders and hailed as a dedicated, resilience and result oriented leader. #ThisManUhuru


Photo à Carpentras du criminel et escroc Raymond Pondo m'ayant fait passer pour mort en 2018 et que j'ai emmené à Rome en 2015 pour le piéger en faisant mine de commander 2 Ferrari afin de prouver son insolvabilité et son chèque en bois de 111111 livres sterling à l'ordre Elvita


Vedo che Macron durante la sfilata dell'anniversario della presa della bastiglia ha preso più vaffanculi di un testimone di Geova che ti suona la domenica alle sette e un quarto di mattina.

thinking about dougie hamilton


En deux ans #EmmanuelMacron a transformé les #GardiensDeLaPaix en #FDOR, Forces De l'Ordre des Riches. #Macron le menteur est la marionnette de #Benalla et des grandes fortunes…

"Wäre nicht richtig gewesen": Hamilton zieht gegen Bottas erneut zurück #F1



Les ailerons arrière de Max et Pierre présentaient des fissures, ce qui a impliqué le changement en catastrophe sur la grille. #BritishGP #F1…

Gekozen volksvertegenwoordigers om hun (of hun ouders) afkomst afserveren is natuurlijk racisme. Maar een ook inhoudelijke afgang, blijkbaar heeft Trump geen argumenten tegen deze mooie linkse vrouwen

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