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Turkey and Erdogan are not our friends. They’re our enemies.…

Why is everyone saying the new #Fortnite season will drop on Tuesday when tomorrow is literally Columbus Day? There's no way it's just a coincidence for this to happen as a brand new map is being rumored to drop.


If I wake up In 6 hours (4am) & This Black Hole isn't off of my screen, I'll gift everyone who likes & Retweets this the Battle Pass on Release of #Fortnite Season 11, Gn!


#Fortnite #HereWeGo #Steelers #DALvsNYJ #AllRise #Fortniteleaks #FireGarrett #Fortnite2 #BlackHole Me: Looking at the Blackhole for 8 hours straight

So the Kurds have struck a deal with Assad to align against Turkey. Although their presence in the country was never legal, the US foreign policy establishment have good reasons to be furious about Trump single handedly ruining their strategic gains.

Syria's Kurds look to Assad for protection after U.S. pulls out


抽選権ご当選の皆様! おめでとうございます!! レアなグッズを大放出させていただきました! #F1JP #SuzukaF1 #JapaneseGP


雨の為、V2席上段にてファンミーティングを開催!佐藤琢磨選手&中野信治さんが登場! #F1JP #SuzukaF1 #JapaneseGP


ウイナーズカード数量限定にて配布しておりまーす! #F1JP #SuzukaF1 #JapaneseGP


本日10/14(月・祝)のタイムスケジュールです。 #F1JP #SuzukaF1 #JapaneseGP


Transavia is undergoing a significant expansion in Europe in the summer of 2020.This expansion will be across both France and the Netherlands.The Air France-KLM subsidiary is focusing on short-haul leisure destinations in Europe @transavia @transaviaFR #France #Netherlands


Amerika trekt alle troepen terug voor oprukkende Turkse leger - VS kondigde dit al tijd aan. #EU wist dit; waar is "union"? Bij het #internationaal #strafhof worden- mede door EU- Afrikaanse politici vervolgd voor aanklacht: "weten" en "niets doen". #ICC

Contact us @KingsResearch_ For Business Plans Company Profiles Thesis/Dissertations Data Collection & Analysis Research Proposals/Projects Term/Seminar/Concept Papers Plagiarism services 0728426918 #IkoKaziKE #KOTLoyals Atwoli Brigid Kosgei #NoBraDay #harambeestars

– James, tässä on Valtteri. Hienoa työtä. Kiitos, .@ValtteriBottas sanoi. Tätä ei kuultu tv:ssä: Valtteri Bottas on joutunut naurunalaiseksi F1-kisoissa toistuneen lauseen takia – kuittasi nyt terävästi pomoilleen…

Should play these games at Livingston, Kilmarnock and Hamilton on a rotational basis #leveller

the tl is eating miss hamilton up on this fine sunday afternoon

hamilton sure does look different

“When they gathered in Philadelphia 232 years ago to write a constitution, a major goal was to protect the new nation from what Alexander Hamilton called the 'desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.'”

Hamilton was lucky not to have gotten an injury after #Sharl refused to go to the pit after Ferrari told him to, and then the endplate came off his wing ripping off HAM mirror. And this is the guy always talking about safety because of Bianchi........ #JapaneseGP #F1

Bottas ganó el Gran Premio de Japón; Checo, noveno

Gracias a la victoria de Valtteri Bottas y el tercer lugar de Hamilton, la escudería se adjudicó su sexto campeonato de manera consecutiva…

Binnen! Wat was het warm en zoveel mensen die met de ambulance afgevoerd werden. 1;57:51 mijn tijd! #marathoneindhoven


Jij mijn 2e marathon ook binnen in 4:14:40. Sneller dan de eerste in Rotterdam #MarathonEindhoven #justdoit #hardlopen #spierpijn


GroenLinks zij aan zij met boeren tegen handelsverdrag CETA #Buitenhof


Wat een bak emotie bij zo’n marathon, zweet en tranen alom. Maar ook happy faces gelukkig @omroepbrabant @marathonehv #MarathonEindhoven


Op deze dag plek, 26 jaar geleden, op weg naar 3.05,06!! #MarathonEindhoven


Ik wil nog even zeggen dat ik gisteren Floor Jansen en Henk Poort echt steengoed vond met hun uitvoering van the fantom of the opera. Poeh hé #debestezangers

Aaron Paul looks sharp as he makes a stylish entrance at the El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premiere

Daniel, chasseur de haut vol. #JapaneseGP #F1

Read #1. Eliud Kipchoge breaks the marathon barrier!…

Even om de zondag goed te beginnen, Floor Jansen ft. Henk Poort- Phantom of the Opera. Meesterlijk goed! #bestezangers #nightwish

Koerden: bijna 200 duizend burgers op de vlucht voor Turkse invasieleger… @lidwieneik_boom

Koerden protesteren in Den Haag: vechtpartij door Turken georganiseerd, op Malieveld… @lidwieneik_boom

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019): Luego de 3 años desde su anuncio inicial, he aca el epilogo prometido para una de mis series live action favoritas. Vive a lo propuesto? Posssss....diria que si, aunque tambien no esta al nivel de la serie...


I don’t think “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” has to be seen with an audience, but was glad I saw it with one anyway, when the entire Vista crowd applauded at the sight of Robert Forster. (I was surprised they didn’t recognize his voice, which precedes his face by a few lines.)

Ready para ver El Camino una película de Breaking Bad

El más fiel de tus chorris ya camino a verte @Universitario y estará presente contra los pavicats!

Jane Fonda arrested in climate change protest on U.S. Capitol steps… via @nbcnews

Congrats to #EliudKipchoge for making history today! #Eliud159


#ComingOutDay I remember when I told 'em I was bi and my brother started screaming at me and my mother said it didn't count. Now I can take them all in hand-to-hand combat and eat raw garlic cloves for the fuck of it Believe in your dreams

fight like jane fonda u fuckers

#ComingOutDay I’m maybe perhaps possibly probably bisexual

jane fonda getting arrested is absolutely iconic I love a woman

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