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Yes but I think less plausible than what actually happened. Tory remainers stuck to the Tories. And many Labour remainers would've stuck with Labour too, because Brexit is less important to them.…

Harry went and changed up his entire fucking sound #FineLine

Ah I just finished listening to Fine Line and let me just say that TEARS WERE SHED LIKE WHAT HE DOESNT HAVE ONE BAD SONG THE ALBUM IS A 14/10 #fineline

#FineLine is out and knowing the joy it brings @alaina__reyes @AnneMattoni @hbartolovich_ and @bbartolovich_ makes me so happy omg

Final thoughts: 1. She 2. Canyon Moon 3. Golden 4. Adore You 5. Fine Line 6. Sunflower, Vol. 6 7. Treat People With Kindness 8. Falling 9. Cherry 10. To Be So Lonely 11. Lights Up 12. Watermelon Sugar And that’s on taste #FineLine

The Game Awardsのベストアクションゲーム賞 『Devil May Cry V』が受賞! 私がロゴデザインしました。 #TheGameAwards #TGA2019 #GOTY


So Scotland wants nothing to do w Johnson’s plan to leave the EU and will leave the UK instead while attempting to remain in the EU. If accurate, I’m ok with that. Good for Scotland.

Disgusted with this country. Proud to be Scouse and certainly not English. I hope every Tory voter gets what's coming to them in years to come...they've done this to themselves. People will die because of their ignorance. Sad, but true. Idiots. #UKElection

me waking up at 5:30 to see that conservatives have their majority and jeremy corbyn will step down #ElectionResults2019


I genuinely don't understand. Have the people of this country been so strongly conditioned by the right wing press that remaining in the EU is really seen as a greater threat than a Tory government and Boris Johnson as PM??? #GeneralElection2019ً #ElectionResults2019

Another one where LAB wins without Corbyn. Just about every seat I can think of with a significant Jewish population went CON tonight.…

Britain's Prime Minister #BorisJohnson won a parliamentary majority after a snap election called over #Brexit. #UKElection

Corbyn offered a Left alternative & a radical overhaul of the British economy to voters. But Labour in general failed to articulate a cohesive approach towards #Brexit. As a colleague put it, Labour has been consistently inconsistent on Brexit. And Corbyn failed. #UKElection

Dear UK, Thanks for defeating Labour Party. You saved yourself from #JKLF, a Terror organization. FYI: JKLF, a Pak Backed terror organization in Kashmir, announced unconditional support to UK's #LabourParty. #UKElection #Brexit

Watching Corbyn ‘lead’ labour has reminded me about the time I had to suffer David Moyes lead Man United. Time to go after another disastrous showing. Bye bye #labour #UKElection #ElectionResults2019

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?#UKElection #GeneralElection


Cruda realidad / La omnipresente Greta denuncia que quieren “silenciarla desesperadamente”, por Candela Sande @candela_sande

Wynik wyborów parlamentarnych w Wielkiej Brytanii pokazuje, że kluczenie i kombinowane oraz wywieranie presji przez eurokratów z Brukseli jest na nic. Brytyjskie społeczeństwo pokazało im miejsce w szeregu! #Brexit

Away to bed. Sorry for clogging yer TL’s. I’m a bit of a politics junkie. England have voted selfishly. Scotland has voted clearly with an absolute mandate. Labour and Lib Dems destroyed. Ireland big wins. Goodnight.

yes but also annoyed that ppl always have to point out that Greta is labeled on the spectrum…

Bij een sportschool in Amstelveen is donderdag aan het eind van de middag een dode gevallen bij een schietpartij. Het zou gaan om een 39-jarige Nederlands-Marokkaanse crimineel…

In de meteo op weg naar his straks in bus team382. Wolhbetst hrle interessante dingen teeeten iver telstar enzo maar heb mijn keesbril laten liggen intestaurant kronenburg amstelveen. #brilmee


#Breaking News: Greta Thunberg claps back at Trump’s demand she “chill” with Twitter bio troll

"This is a president that attacks everybody to distract," Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says. He "attacks everybody who won't bend the knee to Donald J. Trump." "He even attacked" Greta Thunberg, he said later to Republicans. "Are you here to defend that as well?" #ImpeachmentPBS

Ben benieuwd of dit weer nepnieuws is. Slachtoffer 39. Dat is numerologisch 9+3=12. Zoals laatst ook al jongetje op achterbank ongedeerd. Nummerbord politie moeilijk zichtbaar , maar zo te zien 223. Ik vermoed de zoveelste #Hoax.…

There is over an hour left to vote, if you haven’t voted yet please go out to vote. Vote to save the nhs. Vote to end homelessness. Vote to end food banks. Vote for free education. Vote for a better Britain. #VoteLabourTodayً for the many ❤️❤️❤️


Ahmed Marcouch (Beni-Boughafer, 2 mei 1969) is een Nederlands-Marokkaans politicus van de Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA). Sinds 1 september 2017 is hij burgemeester van de gemeente Arnhem. Gemeente Arnhem scheldt schulden van honderden inwoners kwijt…

Politiker vill köra gamla kärnreaktorer får kanske helt enkelt starta ett eget energibolag?…

Bouwlogistiek slim en naar emissievrij. Inspiratie door TNO en De Rutte groep. #hetkanwel en nu massaalsamenwerken en kosten delen om dit op te schalen #goingdutch

Our #sustainability work once again proven to be of the highest quality and makes considerable strides in the labour and human rights category. This, according to @ecovadis that rate over 55 000 suppliers in 155 countries. #sustainable #CSR #Vattenfall


#Ausbildung bedeutet Zukunft! Beim Besuch in unserem Berliner Ausbildungszentrum informieren sich heute Neuköllns Bürgermeister @martinhikel (li.) + @StromnetzBln-Geschäftsführer Thomas Schäfer (2.v.r.) über den Azubi-Alltag. Infos zu Bewerbungen für 2020:


Mooi om te zien dat @VattenfallNL met ons meedenkt! De waterkrachtcentrales uitzetten wanneer de paling erlangs moet. Welkom in Nederland @Vattenfall. Check de video van het idee hier:

Ook minister @SvVeldhoven houdt tijdens Congres #hetkanwel van @DGBCnl in Den Haag pleidooi voor #stikstofvrijbouwen. Architect Ton Venhoeven van @VenhoevenCS laat verder zien dat steden een belangrijke rol zullen gaan spelen bij #stikstofprobleem. Bouw een circulaire economie.


Greta Thunberg es elegida "persona del año" por la revista Time. No es la primera vez que la prestigiosa publicación destaca a la joven sueca de 16 años: anteriormente ya había sido seleccionada por el mismo medio como uno de los 100 líderes de 2019


Trump Jr. blasts Time for choosing "marketing gimmick" Greta Thunberg as Person of the Year


"Hace un año y medio no hablaba con nadie si no tenía que hacerlo, pero entonces encontré una razón para hablar". El discurso completo de Greta Thunberg, persona del año para la revista TIME

Chelsea flop has turned his career around - and now Lampard can get him back for £3.5m…


I mailed my postal vote last week so I don’t have a picture of me at a polling station but here’s a gif of a dog as a stormtrooper instead #GeneralElection2019

Have you voted yet? Polling stations are open until 10pm tonight. #GeneralElection2019


#VoteConservative "A chicken in every pot, a minister in every fridge". #Tories #GeneralElection2019


Walcząc z Gretą Thunberg TVP posługuje się Hitlerem i zapomina o Janie Pawle II

うーーーん。 色粘り15匹目できたwww たいあり。


Opmerkelijke stap van de gemeente Arnhem! Rotterdam hanteert al standaard de 95 procent norm. Nu de kwijtschelding nog!...…

Wat een voorbeeld ⁦@gemeentearnhem⁩ en inderdaad, schuldenvrij is een enorme positieve impact! #Gemeente scheldt schulden van honderden inwoners kwijt /via @NOS

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