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Who the sainted fuck is Laura Trump? How many of these people are there exactly?

Collins pays for allegiance to Trump, plummets further in approval ratings than any other senator…

Queer Eye: What’s your social life like outside of work? Me:


Día apropiado para enseñaros esto, de las cosas que tengo que más me gustan y eso que no fumo. #Apollo50th Pd. Tampoco quemo cosas.


When a switch broke in the lunar module, what did Buzz Aldrin use to fix it? Test your knowledge of the #Apollo11 mission and more with this space exploration quiz inspired by #TheSpaceRace by @sarahcruddas! Take the quiz here: #Apollo50th


مسلسل The Witcher يحصل على أول عرض تشويقي أشهر شخصيات اللعبة تتواجد في العمل الفني

50 years ago today in 1969 @NASA's American Neil Armstrong has become the first man to walk on the Moon. The most historic event in modern American history @FOX5Atlanta. #fox5atl #Apollo50th


What was the weather like 50 years ago during the Apollo 11 launch and landing? Obviously, we've got the answer to that. #Apollo50th


Ever wondered what the south Pole of the Moon looked like? Now you can see it for yourself on the Mall :D it will be lit up in the evening, too! #MuseumOfTheMoon #Armagh #placeforspace #onegiantleap #Apollo50th


The cats are mercilessly attacking our new Roomba.

Cat in the Hat walked so Cats could run

The Witcher - Trailer da série da Netflix revelado -…


'Top Gun' and the complicated legacy facing #Maverick


Curti pra caramba o teaser do The Witcher. Foi o melhor dos efeitos especiais? Não. Mas to no hype. Bom dia a todos.

finally have time to watch queer eye


Pretty impressive that the Top Gun 2 plot revolves around Maverick's court martial for multiple sexual assaults. No planes at all. Might actually see it.

本日ゲットしたもの JA6IRKさんのフリスクメモリーキーヤー JG3PUPさんのオーディオフィルター JQ1SRNさんのTop Gun Rom お目当ての物は全て手中に\(^^)/


Tom Cruise, Pennywise, and Ms. Marvel — here’s the biggest news from Comic-Con day one

Top Gun Maverick trailer: Tom Cruise is back to the skies 34 years later Watch #InDaClub with @radhikaavasthi2 More videos:

Ich kann die letzten "Mission Impossible"-Filme kaum auseinanderhalten. Welcher Teil ist das nochmal, in dem Tom Cruise waghalsig Motorrad fährt..?

#سكسٍ الممرضه المراهقه الممحونه شافت الزب الضخم للمتشرد الموجود في سيارة الاسعاف وما قدرت تضيع الفرصه وجلست ترضعه والمتشرد استيقض وعجبه الامر #سكسٍ_افلام رابط الفيديو رابط الفيديو اخر

#سكسٍ الممرضه المراهقه الممحونه شافت الزب الضخم للمتشرد الموجود في سيارة الاسعاف وما قدرت تضيع الفرصه وجلست ترضعه والمتشرد استيقض وعجبه الامر #سكسٍ_افلام رابط الفيديو رابط الفيديو اخر

Fave story about people queuing up at 4am for Sephora - by Sarah who made the front page of Reddit with it- was drunk guys yelling YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE at people queuing for makeup.

"I came across so many bread bags that on my return home I bought a bread maker." I remember nana and my mum saving the waxed paper from loaves of bread – to reuse for lining cake-tins, wrapping sandwiches, etc. Who decided to switch to plastic, and when?…

What a game we have here. #MABvFIJ

Ngā Whanaunga Māori Pasifika Shorts is a collection of films gathered from all over the Pacific & Aotearoa. These vibrant shorts screen tomorrow at the ASB Waterfront Theatre at 1PM. #NZIFF #NZIFF2019

I bought a breadmaker after picking up 40 years of bread bags at Fox River…

On July 16, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would walk on the Moon’s surface. Read about the cinematic event that is APOLLO 11 coming to #NZIFF #Apollo11 #Apollo50th


You’re probably looking like a real idiot today if you actually came out yesterday to praise Predator trump for pretending to disavow the racist “send her back” chants that he soaked in for 13 seconds and is today calling those who chanted it great patriots. He’s a piece of shit.

ASAP Rocky letting Trump join ASAP Mob for freeing him

Trudeau calls 'send her back' chants at Trump rally 'completely unacceptable'…

We got him. It’s over. This scandal is going to plague Trump for the remainder of his first term and then all of his second.


THE WORLD: Wow The Lion King's uncanny valley is disquieting. CATS: Hold our beer.

Cats can remember love and kindness shown to them, and return it in the future.

ミュージカル映画『レ・ミゼラブル』を成功させたトム・フーパー監督がメガホンをとった映画版『キャッツ』のトレイラーが解禁に!… #キャッツ #CATS #トム・フーパー #ジェニファー・ハドソン


the Charlie's Angels taller is so happy the Cats trailer showed up

Someone go see the new Cats movie with me to stop me from breaking out the lotion halfway through



Feels like Amber is never gonna be able to get to know Greg and move on if Michael keeps hounding her like this #loveisland

3252 wearing cheesy ass camo for the battle for LA Its fucking soccer greg

I found one of the first things I ever animated so I figured I should jump on the latest bandwagon. #NoobMeVsNowMe #animation #SpiderManPS4

Imagine the ratings ANY basic cable channel would have right now if it were just showing Top Gun. Instead TBS has a Big Bang Theory marathon. The thing about missed opportunities is that you can NEVER go back and capture them

Some people are impressed with the #Cats trailer and others are not. What's your take?…

i was gonna make a #NoobMeVsNowMe challenge but then i remember that my art from 11 years ago can still kick my ass


hey! sometimes i don’t talk enough about the things i believe in on this page because it stresses me out! fuck terfs! fuck fascism! fuck nazis and capitalism! yay

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemns Donald Trump's attack on US congresswomen - NZ Herald…

So, Let's look at what Ardern brings home from her Aussie trip. ummmm ummmmm A soft toy bunny. She left all our journalists over there, so I suppose that's a plus umm Oh , That's right, She left our bloody 757 over there. Went out looking for the 737

Christchurch Thoroughbred trainer Barbara Blackie 100 years old and still going strong. What an icon… @LoveRacingNZ

#NoobMeVsNowMe Looks like I've been chasing my tail for too long.

#NoobMeVsNowMe A little inaccurate because the "now" page is from last year. The noob page was from my first year of college 2012.


me, 2012: I have to learn to draw serious, gritty concept art or else no one will ever take me seriously! me, now: LOL #NoobMeVsNowMe


Australian media are not quite as besotted with Jacinda Ardern as NZ media. She gets quite a bit of criticism here, (morally posturing) & especially on the rumour of an upcoming Nobel Peace Prize. Seen as just another left wing devaluation of that institution. Thanks to Sky News.

The mural, by Loretta Lizzio, shows Ardern hugging a Muslim woman in the aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attack in March.… via @smh

کرائسٹ چرچ حملہ، متاثرہ خاندانوں کو حج کی ادائیگی کے لیے دعوت نامے ارسال مزید پڑھیں:

Christchurch your rates are paying for this! $635,000 in 2015/16 to $934,000 in 2017/18, a rise of 47 per cent. They can explain away all they want, this seems ridiculous! Cream at the top for public sector chief executives…

It's not fair, and its deeply slanderous to constantly compare New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to a horse. When the new "hate speech" law is legislated, it should include a section on giving offence to horses. They have feelings too you know.


They're not misusing #transgender rights. They say they're transgender so by the new rules, they are. Pretending that this isn't the problem that women labelled TERFs have been shouting about for years is extraordinary intellectual dishonesty.…

Well said. Ardern is showing her inexperience and embarrassing her country - she wasn't even elected.…

STORY || @NZArmy driver Private Nathan Connell says the sight of plastic waste entangled with washed-up logs or buried under rocks & silt in Fox River is heart-breaking for West Coast locals like him. #Force4NZ #FacesofyourForce…

Ardern‘s grandstanding is pointless Peter Dutton won’t change the deportation laws Before he became Home Affairs minister very few NZ criminals were deported Since becoming Minister 1500 dangerous criminals have been sent back to NZ Good riddance and thanks Minister #auspol


I love how all the right whingers have jumped on that Sky News and said ‘see? Australia gets it!’ Forgetting Ardern was voted most trusted Australia. Forgetting that Sky News is Murdoch’s Fox channel. And ignoring the so-called experts on it that don’t get MMP.

Worth reading.. Ardern model not a cure for NSW Labor or ills of global left…

Need more #TraumaTraining? Register today for ISSTD's Otautahi/Christchurch regional conference and don't miss out on a plenary presentation from @mike_salter!


I bought a breadmaker after picking up 40 years of bread bags at Fox River…

BORRÉ SE REENCUENTRA CON LA COPA #LibertadoresxFOX El delantero de River busca repetir título. Primero lo espera Cruzeiro. Martes 23 de julio por FOX Sports

No sign of any birds of any interest today so had to settle for this guy who was the opposite side of the river. Lovely too.#red #fox #newbradwell #miltonkeynes #bucks


Stephen Colbert mocks Eric Trump in a way that must be seen to be believed…

GOP lawmaker says Trump isn't racist and neither was slavery by @owillis

How Maya Angelou in 1978 provided one woman’s response to Trump in 2019


John McCain's daughter trying to make excuses why her republicans friends aren't calling out racist Trump. It's bc racists stick together I think. #theview

Pleased to announce I’m in the new Cats without auditioning or filming anything.


I finally saw the Cats trailer and I'm glad it shows everyone what I have known all along: musicals are bad.

That Top Gun 2 trailer. So many feels. I have it on good authority that it won't suck.

The new Top Gun trailer doesn’t even hint at who they are going to fight. My guess is it won’t be China.

Today is #FighterFriday and we've had a lot of talk this week about Maverick. But y'know what? Maverick can get in the sea. What do we really care about? What do we really miss? The F-14. @Aviation_Intel had a great one about the lamented old Tomcat…

#ShowCaracol Tom Cruise presentó el tráiler de ‘Top Gun 2’ en la Comic Con de San Diego

Maverick is flying back into the Danger Zone! Top Gun #TopGun #TopGunMaverick #TopGun2020…

El Rey León, Top Gun, teorías del Área 51, Miedo a los rusos... ¿En que años dicen que estamos?

Maverick only shot down 3 planes. Your girl's gonna top that. #ACE7!/en-us/tid=C…

I kinda love those trends, helps me feel less shitty about my low progress on art #NoobMeVsNowMe


شیخ عبدالطیف الشیخ نے کہا ہے کہ کرائسٹ چرچ حملوں کے متاثرہ خاندانوں کو حج پر بلانا سعودی عرب کی دہشت گردی کو شکست دینے اور اس کا مقابلہ کرنے کی کوششوں کا حصہ ہے۔ #ChirstChurch #SaudiArabia #UrduVOA مزید تفصیلات:…


BORRÉ SE REENCUENTRA CON LA COPA #LibertadoresxFOX El delantero de River busca repetir título. Primero lo espera Cruzeiro. Martes 23 de julio por FOX Sports

From GANNI to Gucci, sumptuous wavy hair was a standout style on the SS19 runways. Here, stylist to the stars George Northwood shares the secrets to nailing perfect waves with Vogue.…

#LatestNews - Dangerous driver jailed and banned from the road for four years An unlicensed and uninsured drug driver who crashed into an ambulance on a 999 call as he tried to get away from police in Christchurch has been jailed. More info:

Debris everywhere: At least 6 injured as gas explosion destroys house in #Christchurch

شاہ سلمان کی کرائسٹ چرچ حملے کے متاثرہ خاندانوں کو حج کی دعوت نیوزی لینڈ سے فریضہ حج ادا کرنے والے عازمین کو عام طور پر 15 ہزار ڈالرز ادا کرنا ہوتے ہیں لیکن شاہ سلمان کی دعوت پر آنے والے عازمین یہ رقم ادا نہیں کریں گے۔…

Shouldn't the eco-warrior who thinks the world is ending be flying economy on a commercial flight anyway? #auspol #jacindaardern #newzealand #ardern #climatechange #globalwarming #politics typical #socialist…

"It felt like an earthquake": Bystander video shows aftermath of gas explosion that destroyed a house in Christchurch, New Zealand, injuring six people.

Would this be the same Jacinda Ardern who entered into a coalition with Winston Peters' New Zealand First Party?…

This is the doctor from Christchurch who was shot and who’s wife was killed taking women out of the mosque - the man to the left is a Baptist and from New Zealand - beautiful spirits


New Zealand's Ardern flies commercial after snag hits air force plane


Number of trans women killed for being trans in this country where the murder rate is still very low, still very much higher than the number of terfs even minorly assaulted for being terfs. Fuck off with your victim complex and stop hurting trans people.

Zum Abschluss der #BPK schließt sich Kanzlerin #Merkel @RegSprecher ihren AmtskollegInnen #May, #Trudeau & #Ardern an und distanziert sich entschieden von #Trump|s Attacken gegen #AOC, #IlhanOmar, #Pressley & #Tlaib: "Ich fühle mich solidarisch mit den drei Frauen." #Racism

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern flies commercial after snag hits Air Force plane. Read more here:…


Od znacajnijih persona koji su diplomirali na nasem Northwood univerzitetu izdvajamo: 3 kvoterbeka, 2 running back-a, 1 miss USA, 3 kosarkasa, 1 trenera i jednog premijera. Lepo drustvance ekonimista tj. menadzera. Sta vec.


Powerful AI and data workshop with @irini_mirena @FuturEverything Alternate Futures yesterday, great start to @DistractionsGM @MIFestival!

#NZIFF 2 - @thefarewell - A wild, lovely little tale, and it's sweet and funny and sad in perfect and balanced measure. I also cried for the last 10 minutes, and I've been periodically tearing up since I left, because this movie NAILS the concept of family-based duty.

Holy shit. That gas explosion in Northwood. Woah.

This morning on @BBCr4today, producer @RadiosDaveMac explains how evil #terfs made him tear up the BBC Editorial Guidelines, and how non-compliant women won’t punish themselves.


My #nziff starts tonight with Les Misérables at the mighty Civic. Looking forward to singing along.

y’all mad about us skipping songs... it’s for the Lion King baby idk what to tell you when i’ve seen the story

Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar singing and rapping about sex on an album for ‘The Lion King’. We surely love to hear it.

50% of the Country DID NOT vote for Trump. Only ~25% did. And fewer would vote for him now - if you look at the actual results from races ran since he took office. BTW, notice the biggest number? This is when Dems lose in the 1st place.

FUCK THE GOP and I hope Air Force one crashes and all you mfs burn…

Is FaceApp harmless? Maybe, or maybe not. It's not wrong to be creeped out ⁠— and not just by staring into the eyes of your elderly self. Here's why apps like FaceApp could be more than they seem.

faceapp is a game changer


Thanks #faceapp now i can actually see what I already feel.


பேஸ் ஆப் செயலியால் தகவல்கள் திருடப்படுவதாக புகார் #Faceapp

京アニ放火、世界が哀悼の意を表明 アップルのティム・クックも ──米国やフランス、インドネシアなどでも「#KyoAni」がトレンドの上位に… #京アニ放火 #ティムクック

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "If you're a Somali refugee wearing a MAGA hat, he doesn't want to send you back. You'll probably have dinner at the White House."

Doesn’t seem like Top Gun 2 will be anti-war

And just to be clear here: No, fellow white aren't experiencing racism and you never have. #IStandWithIlhan #IStandWithTheSquad…

Trump’s racism is ‘disqualifying’ for him to remain as president: former White House lawyer…

I refuse to watch the Top Gun Maverick trailer. I’m gonna inject the whole movie straight into my veins

Con el anuncio oficial de Top Gun 2 Luis Miguel debe sacar La Incondicional 2

I SECOND THIS EMOTION: Megan Rapinoe says she and every teammate she’s spoken to will not be going to the White House: "I would not go and every teammate that I've talked to specifically about it would not go."

i wasnt really familiar with kyoani's work so i decided to watch a silent voice before bed tonight and honestly i'm literally only 10 mins in and i dont think ill be able to get thru it rn. what an absolutely gorgeous...delicate....human movie. what a devastating loss.

Thank you for inspiring me so much KyoAni. Your great anime have lifted my spirits so many times. #KyoAni #KyoAniStrong #kyoanifire


If the White House held press briefings they’d have to answer why Donald Trump grabbed a woman’s butt on camera and was taped partying with and whispering to a serial pedophile rapist who he claimed not to like very much.

#WelcomeHomeIlhan Your also welcome to any house of my government and my home when you come to Colorado. You are a true American. #IStandWithIlhan

#PauloDíaz en Fox Sports Chile: "Me encantaría jugar en #River. Sería muy lindo. Estoy esperando a ver cómo se resuelve y ojalá sea para bien". "Lo que más me gusta de #River es que siempre está compitiendo en todos los frentes. A mí me encanta competir".


Atta boy Drew, another Northwood beauty…

Thanks to the Orioles we went up another 3 units in baseball. Thanks Spieth surviving a treacherous course we went up 2 units in golf. 5 total. MLB all still live and 2nd round of #TheOpen about to be sent. DM’s ARE WIDE OPEN FOLKS


adding Alex Noren 50–1 #TheOpen

Deep learning discussion panel with our student speakers. #NPDL Hearing from our Cashmere High School head boy first up.


A massive explosion has ripped through a house in Christchurch, leaving five people injured.


It's not every day #wineheroes from your region make the international film festival. Tickets booked to A Seat At The Table premiere at our local theatre, can't wait! Sharing video from @nzwine @NZWineStory @nzff #nelsonwine #nelsontasman #nzwine #nziff

I need Mirena for medical reasons that it turns out are not listed under the funded conditions - am now seriously considering this. Thank god for @emmawehipeihana…

Dr Jean Clinton - deep learning immunizes students against later mental health difficulties. #npdl

You've heard us say this so many times before. Adding an IUS (like Mirena) to the schedule of free contraception would make a world of difference to so many New Zealanders…

NO COMPARISON BETWEEN MELANIA & ILHAN OMAR. First, Melania is not Russian. Second, she loves America and Israel. Third, she advocates for prosperity & peace, not violence.…

Omar introduces resolution defending boycott of Israel, likens it to boycotts of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union Surely it's time for a one-way trip to Guantanamo Bay?…

Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Compares Jewish Israel to Nazi Germany…

I didn't think I'd cry but here I am actually crying. I can't believe that actually happened to KyoAni ;-; We lost innocent people. Talented innocent people. Like wtf. I just...why. seriously why?? #PrayForKyoani #PrayForKyoaniが世界に拡散

President Trump disavows “send her back” rally chants, despite pausing his remarks last night as chant grew louder: “I felt a little bit badly about it”


‘The Lion King’ feels way more like ‘Hamlet’ this time — and that’s why it’s so good


This my favorite review of #TheLionKing so far--mirrors my feelings & objections. So glad it refers to that shameless "Be Our Guest" bit. (Though it didn't make me laugh. The thought of a studio marrying its "brands" depressed me.) Here's @phillipstribune:…

algum branco que odeia branco online pra fazer reparacao historia pagando meu ingresso de the lion king?

Keeping the bot running, but it's going to be KyoAni fan art and official art only for a few days, this is to spread awareness, if anyone has some KyoAni related images, please send them my way.


#TheLionKingWithKingKhan is trending on 5th position in India. Post the pictures of your 'The Lion King' movie tickets under the tweet along with the hashtag and take it to the top ❤️


i have zero lis for lion king tbh. i'm only amped for the music and dassit.

I have surprisingly few pictures with @IlhanMN. I guess we mostly just laugh or bicker when we’re together and not working. This pic from filing day 2018 is my fav tho. It concludes the most intense 24 hours of my life and the beginning of our run for Congress #IStandWithIlhan


FBI disproves Democrats' discredited Russia dossier…

As #ThomasFriedman, columnist for the @NYtimes spoke about what stands on the issues the Dem candidate needed to win the White House, I kept answering to each one out loud... “#PeteButtigieg... Pete again!... he’s perfectly describing Pete!” THEN HE WAS ASKED WHO HE LIKED...

Attention White House pool video person: Try pushing the white balance button on your very expensive broadcast quality camera. #TrumpRally #PresidentTrump #whitehouse @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @FoxNews @MSNBC @CNN


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West ‘concerned’ for A$AP Rocky, lobby White House for help


A little fashion to distract us from the racist in the White House!…

Scotland will battle it out with Barbados for an 11/12th place finish at the @NetballWorldCup after drawing with @Netballtrinbago 43-43. @NetballScotland lose out on goal percentage. They go again on Saturday at 0900. #ChangeTheGame #NetballWorldCup #Scotland


It's a draw! #TTO 43 - 43 #SCO A lovely couple of turnovers from Scotland keep Trinidad and Tobago from winning outright. Follow: #ChangetheGame #BBCNetball #NWC2019


What could a co-authored future look like for GM? And how would we even achieve that? Some of the questions were exploring in our afternoon workshops with @ReformRadioMCR @techforgoodlive @digimagination and @irini_mirena #DistractionsGM @DistractionsGM #AlternateFuturesGM


#AlternateFutures in full swing; next up we have some great workshops and I’m also running one :) exploring bias in algorithmic systems and building trust #AI #IoT #DistractionsGM @FuturEverything @DistractionsGM


Lunch for l’équipe Lester B at Day 1 of #BLC2019 in Boston. Food for the curious mind! #lbpsb #NPDL


So, Anne Tolley demands that a youth MP, while in the middle of a speech about a friends suicide, sit down as she wasn’t allowed to use notes. Another youth MP pointed out that she was in fact allowed, but Tolley refused to budge? Keep an eye on your Dalmatian puppies around her

How lovely it is, to be in #NZIFF season once more!

Opinion - Anything that draws people's attention to women's sport and gets them talking about it is a good thing, White Ferns opening batter Suzie Bates writes.…

Kiwi footballer Sarpreet Singh makes debut with Bayern Munich first team against Arsenal…


New at DPS: Sony Announces Incredible 61-Megapixel Full-Frame Camera: The A7R IV

I’m so full again I feel like I’m going to explode. Probably gained 5 lbs in 2 days and I’m pissed about it.

im about to become a full time kpop stan if she doesn't do something quick

The highlight of #UYUFC2 Day 1, was the incredible FT5 between UYU | LowHigh DG | Kaneandtrench, which went down to the wire in the most incredible fashion. Full Set:


TONIGHT 7pm ON YOUTUBE!! #TheJeraldNapolesChannel (link in bio) DAHIL MALAPIT NA ANNIVERSARY NG @SundayPinasaya MERON TAYONG #JERALDventures presents "SPS in Hongkong" panuorin kung gano kame kagulo at pano kame mag……

#googlepay. customer care number welcome back bank account link @6290666140@@6289742137@ @6290666140@@6289742137@ Money for transfer bank SBI Bank to Pay all bank money transfer @6290666140@@6289742137@ @6290666140@@6289742137@ Money for transfer bank SBI bank


#googlepay. customer care number welcome back bank account link @6290666140@@6289742137@ @6290666140@@6289742137@ Money for transfer bank SBI Bank to Pay all bank money transfer @6290666140@@6289742137@ @6290666140@@6289742137@ Money for transfer bank SBI bank


Almost accumulated 10k $link, my future is bright

Here is how I see 2020: the POTUS race is not the big race! We should be working hard to break Mitch’s veto, and possibly even take the senate. If we can do that, Trump has nothing, Congress can work and impeachment is possible!

In rebuke to Trump, US Congress blocks Saudi arms sales

Our White Supremacist In Chief’s Klan rally never disappoints. Listen as they chant “Send Her Back” directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN I love that the world is watching America for what it has been to black ppl for 400 years.#IStandWithIlhan

‘Four years ago I wasn’t on board with NPDL’ now presenting 2 years in a row at NZ Deep Learning Lab sharing key messages of success #insightsessions #breambaycollege #traceyscott #npdl @NewPedagogies


Poderia estar passando a noite no poker, com um milhão e meio na conta depois de aumento salarial toda temporada, curtindo o villa mix e enchendo a cara durante a Copa América... Mas tô chegando do estádio, em mais uma noite sem dormir pra 5h estar no aeroporto e TRABALHAR.

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