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12.5 hours in. @Respawn you have done it. Thank you for Fallen Order. I’M IN LOVE!

Picked up Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order for PS4 Pro today! It's downloading updates now. I haven't played a single player Star Wars game since JEDI ACADEMY, so I'm excited to see what a modern take will bring.

Roger Stone: They’re going to Epstein me in jail…

If I were Sondland, I’d be worried about sinking like a Stone.…

We're diving deep into #PathofExile2! This presentation introduces the main features and mechanics of Path of Exile 2 begins in a few minutes. #ExileCon

So... now 6 of Trump's "only the best people" have been convicted of crimes and are in or are to jail (Roger Stone)! It's great to have such a respectable POTUS (sarcasm, of course)! Trump makes any honorable throw up! Will these lemmings follow Trump off of a cliff!

Fuck you Roger Stone you dumb bitch.

I ain't gonna lie this shit is so fun. It's so easy to trigger ppl about this rudolph and garrett shit hahaha.

Roger Stone proves that he is exactly the guy I always knew -- a principled, decent, honorable fearless fighter for the American people, willing to pay any price for patriotism. Future historians will remember Roger as one of our great heroes. And he can still do his thing!

Melo arriving in Portland: #RipCity #NBATwitter

Foda é que vai ter um erro de arbitragem no 4° gol pro Melo ficar reclamando no pós jogo…

Nadie hablaba de "lawfare" cuando se denunciaba la corrupción de los gobiernos de Menem, Abdalá Bucaram, Collor de Melo o Berlusconi.

Giving away $20 to everyone that retweets and comments their cash app $ (must be following me) #FreeCodeFridayContest

'I am free': Behrouz Boochani's long flight to freedom – video…

แสงเหนือ​ 13 พฤศจิกายน​ 2562​ ที่ทรุมเซอ ประเทศ​นอร์เวย์​ ภาพโดย Marianne Bergli


#Coders or non coders, tell us what's your #FridayPlan in comments and we will tweet the best reply tagging you. #FreeCodeFridayContest #FridayFeeling #FridayFun #FridayFunday #fridaynight #FridayFever

Protesters now officially have it in writing from Marianne Thomson, dean of students, that there will not be any sanctions for staying the night at the Barnes Center.

Find out more about our December expansion, The Conquerors of the Atlas and Metamorph challenge league in our deep dive presentation. Starting now! Watch it live #ExileCon

Someone from Tulsi's supporters came up to me and gave me a fist bump saying, I LOVE MARIANNE, SHE CARES, NO ELSE DOES. @marwilliamson #bigtruth #TulsiGabbard

Tweets about how my dick resembles a perpetually farting buttcrack 3 - me 0 - Marianne Williamson 0 - Bernie Sanders 0 - Tulsi Gabbard 0 - Pete Buttigieg 0 - Elizabeth Warren 0 - Michael Bennet 0 - Joe Biden 0 - Cory Booker 0 - Julian Castro 0 - Kamala Harris 0 - Amy Klobuchar

We did it. Path of Exile 2! Let's see the trailer I was working on. #pathofexile #auckland #exilecon :…

PoE stuff looks pretty good but content and feel was low on the issue list for me. They've always struggled with game balance, play speed and build variety. Anyone at #ExileCon have any feedback about that stuff?

Kripparrian is about to be the first one exiled to #PathofExile2! Check out the action live at #ExileCon @Kripparian

Meeting a lot of Dota fans at #ExileCon - seems like a lot of crossover between the fan bases! Warms me heart

Refugee author Behrouz Boochani has rejected a ‘shameful’ attempt by Labor senator Kristina Keneally to congratulate him on departing PNG.

So many exciting announcements for @pathofexile at #ExileCon, and such a humble delivery! Also a very smooth Con, props to all the staff that worked so hard for this.


Asylum seeker Behrouz Boochani lashes Australian 'dictatorship'. #auspol…

#ExileCon Keynote Summary - Path of Exile 2 - - The Conquerors of the Atlas Expansion (December) - - Metamorph Challenge League (December) - - Path of Exile Mobile -


Tb to when Sonny Bill Williams came in for a chop ✂️


This #AmericaRecyclesDay, did you know recycling isn't limited to plastics, glass, and aluminum? Recycle your oyster shells with us and help save the Bay!…

Sonny Bill Williams: 'I chased girls, drank alcohol and it only gave me emptiness' Then he became Muslim…

Tracey Cortez(even moving up in weight) & her opponent Melo both miss weight

.@Halsey’s deleted tweets defending Taylor: #IStandWithTaylor


191119 SuperM concert in nyc 191121 Talk about SuperM in seoul 191124 ASEAN fantasia in changwon 191128 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in nyc 191129 TODAY Show of 2019 Citi Concert Series in nyc 191205 Poptopia in san jose 191207 The B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash 2019 in chicago

If Myles didn't protect himself with that helmet and Rudolph landed a clean punch on his chin, yall would be calling Myles all kinds of punks and making memes of him being laid out cold. Please stop the hypocrisy.

There’s no doubt in my mind mason Rudolph called Myles Garrett the n word

I agree Myles Garrett shouldn't have swung Rudolph's helmet, big suspension, but did nobody notice that Mason Rudolph was trying to take off Myles Garrett's helmet before that?…

Camila Cabello muestra su apoyo a Taylor a través de la historia de Instagram #IStandWithTaylor "No se puede permitir que un sello discográfico le haga esto a un artista..."


melo droppin 50 at least once this season

Jedi fallen order? No bitch we are Grookey Gang this weekend


18 perguntas, 18 nomes rs 1 deixa p lá kkk 2 Fernando 3 ryan 4 Kauã 5 várias 6 minha vó 7 Pedro 8 Deus 9 n tenho 10 Gabriel Melo, vitin 11 Gabriel, Camargo, Nathan e Lucas 12 Vitória, khetlen e Isa 13 Deus e meus pais 14 ngm 15 ana 16 nps 17 vários curte q eu mando

With the Blazers signing Melo last night, it now allows you to have a full team of Melos if you play 3v3 Blacktop in 2K

To anyone who’s played Fallen Order can I get a green lightsaber and if so how long does it take to get the green crystal?

I hope Melo absolutely balls out for the Blazers he’s one of all time favorites

Fallen Order? First impressions?

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