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Elderly lady on the train: Excuse me. Man: Yes? Her (holds out a packet of apricots): Could you open this for me? Him (opens packet): Sure. Her: Thank you (gets more fruit packets out of her bag) Could you open these for me too? Him: Sure. Her: That'll keep me healthy. Thank you.

im learning bass, thats mean its over for all of you

‘Keeping your job is up to you. You have to actively invest in your future. Keep reading, exploring, learning, innovating, creating, and so on and you will future proof your career.’ Good watch ⁦@jacobm#development #ownership #futureofwork…

You know the felling of reading a good ass au and then every other au sucks?????

Being Jewish in America in 2019 is the most exhausting thing I've ever done.…

We really don't want you to miss out on a bargain...#m3London tickets are at #earlybird prices, but only till Monday. Grab yours now. #ArtificialIntelligence #machinelearning #neural

Holly to Kat: "I sincerely hope that America thinks we're as funny as we think we are." Amercia: #bb21

An other day an other @pilotgirisim mentoring day Looking forward to meeting & learning from 6 great teams #appnava @mondayhero_io #efilli #piple @B2Metric @Pabbler1


Democrats Claim IT’S NOW RACIST TO LOVE YOUR COUNTRY: Pelosi Says Make America Great Again Is Racist.…

Tun @chedetofficial made a succint point. Mastering more languages gives an extra perspective of the world, access to more knowledge sources & a competitive advantage over those who don't. Learning English make you no less Malay, Chinese, Indian etc

Congress gives adjournment motion in Lok Sabha over 'tension at Indo-China border', even after Army Chief rubbished claims…

Trinamool Congress ruled West Bengal happens to be standing in the way of the Modi govt’s sanitation promise of ensuring an ‘open defecation free urban India’ by October 2…

MP: Not a brick laid, but BJP and Congress battle over Sita Mata temple READ:


Republican freaks out after Democrat @RepSwalwell quotes Trump’s racist statement on the floor of Congress…

राहुल की विरासत संभालेंगी प्रियंका गांधी! नए कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष बनाने की उठी मांग @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi…

I texted my mans like 5 texts about something he did to piss me off and he responded “I’m so in love with you” ???? Excuse me I’m trying to argue

ناس تبيعك بالظن ، وناس تشتريك بعيوبك. #FaceApp

What happened to the “shining citadel on the hill’ that USA represented? The legacy of slavery that feeds racism & marginalises millions of Americans is actively promoted by Trump for narrow electoral advantage despite long term harm to well being of the US. World is horrified.…

Trump trying to justify his racist comments disgusts me and the GOP cowering to mostly say nothing disgusts me. Karen Bass is right they are afraid of speaking out against Trump because they might lose their seats. Well guess what? They might lose their seats next year by not..

I did #faceapp to the Grand Inquisitor. Lol.


"This will give the guys confidence and we've talked about taking that forward into a series like that." Root says @englandcricket…

Da leggere @guidoscorza su #FaceApp: siamo pronti a cedere i nostri dati (e quelli dei nostri cari) per una risata? Dopo #CambridgeAnalytica non abbiamo imparato nulla? Con @Altroconsumo in campo per tutela e valore dei dati, anche con la class action vs Facebook. #MyDataIsMine…

Since AlDubnation trended yesterday I have something for you ADN. Alden Richards has another guesting on DG but guess who rejected it. Your guess is as good as mine. But they don't have a problem guesting Ruru, right? Let that sink in, ADN #ALDUB4YearsUnrivaled

After press reports of two Tory MPs defecting to the @LibDems , Sir @vincecable said the real "measure of success" was whether the voters defected. #LiberateTheUK…

A lie is a lie even if Oprah repeats it and Emmy nominated it.


If you'll excuse me for a moment our cat *who has already been fed* is sitting downstairs, alone, miaowing for attention. She could just come upstairs BUT NO. #cat

Here's how the World Cup-winners are thanking their fans…

This is how I dealt with my nerdy fascination with anything space science, the Apollo 11 Mission and the Moon Landing back when I was in art school in the ‘90s. Oil on canvas paintings. #Apollo50th


Miss England contestant wears wetsuit instead of bikini for swimsuit competition…

Bettys: Famous Yorkshire tearoom reaches its centenary

#CWCFinal #NZvENG "Ben Stokes actually went to the umpires and said, 'Can you take that four runs off. We don't want it," said James Anderson.…

I know I’m like a day late but I can’t believe we’re getting Thor 4!!! And Taika is directing!!!!! Iconic!!!

50 years after Apollo: To prove that corporations awkwardly exploiting human triumph and tragedy isn’t a 21st century social media invention, here’s a sampling of six advertisements as they ran in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 25, 1969. Read more:


Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 spacesuit was revealed at the National Air and Space Museum

FYI BBC revealed last year that the spy/assassin James Bond was based on a ‘real-life’ James Bond whom Ian Fleming knew in WW II service with Brit MI6/Spec Operations Executive. What a way to dishonor the real hero by handing his legacy to a woman to propagandize the Fem agenda.

Petition for Thor 4 to be referred to as "Fthour" in all press and related discussion. #Thor

WATCH: Democrat abandons chair amid tensions over Pelosi's floor speech


The oldest book entirely in the Welsh language was partly overwritten in the 17th century, but scholars are using ultraviolet light and computer software to bring the erased verse to light.

[Chronique] James Bond vraiment incarné par l'actrice noire Lashana Lynch ? #JamesBond…

James Bond: Sie soll die Dienstmarke von 007 übernehmen


If that street that's steeper than Baldwin Street is over 1,000 years old, why are people saying Baldwin Street used to be the steepest street in the world? It never was. We just didn't know it wasn't. But the street also hasn't changed anyway. I... just... don't get it???

The seaside town of Harlech in Wales is now home to the world's steepest street, Guinness World Records has ruled

The seaside town of Harlech in Wales is now home to the world's steepest street, Guinness World Records has ruled

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern holds up mirror to Donald Trump after racists tweets…

"Asking Māori to add chocolate chips to the cookie that's already been baked" is the best metaphor for "but we consulted some maoris and ticked the box" that I've ever heard @Jubes11 @ThePanelRNZ

Just watched Starhopper static fire then explosion and fire from Isla Blanca on South Padre Island, waiting on official word of the incident

I've ridden the South Island of NZ and it should be on every bike riders bucket list…

Why is Novopay trending? Did I fly back to 2012?

'South Coast Yuin Aboriginal man Lyle Davis said a number of Indigenous elders had shown support for the cause. "I didn't cede my sovereignty, so I don't know what gives the white Australian government the right to say who can or can't come into this...…

Te Kura CE Mike Hollings and key staff sharing our story at Education Leaders Forum #ELF19NZ #Bigpicturelearning


So there we have it. Novopay is so f**king useless teachers have to wait 11 weeks from ratification to receive their new rate of pay and back pay to 1 July. Meanwhile, some teachers have cancelled their Working For Families payments as they would have no longer qualified.

Inspirational kōrero at the Educational Leaders Forum #elf19nz @njngarewa @ArnikaMac @HaeataCampus


The legacy of the Novopay debacle still haunts us. The replacement of Novopay is underway, with a new system developed and being slowly and carefully implemented so we avoid another meltdown. It will help to avoid these frustrations in the future, but alone won't fix everything.

We had @IMahuika speaking about bridging the digital divide in education which is an important topic in today's world. @HaeataCampus, where @IMahuika is the Director of Learning, is doing wonderful work in #EquitableDigitalAccess. #ELF19NZ


Endangered wildlife, rugged clifftops, diverse architecture, and mysterious boulders are all part of the excitement of this South Island of New Zealand road trip from Dunedin to Christchurch. ⇨ #NZMustDo #NewZealand via @RhondaAlbom

Great hearing from @IMahuika about the connected project happening @HaeataCampus - such amazing work empowering families to engage with their children's education #ELF19NZ #digitalaccess

Education Leaders Forum underway in Dunedin. Looking forward to hearing some fantastic speakers over the next 2 days talk on Digital Divides, Dividends & Dangers #ELF19NZ


Congrats to every African on the Lion King tingy big win for African music we rise

Mais de 1 milhão de pessoas marcam presença em evento no Facebook para invadir a Área 51 e verem ETs…


Want to work at FN America? We're hiring in #Columbia, SC! Click for details:

Free-to-play MMORPG Caravan Stories for PlayStation 4 has been delayed in North America:…


fortnite: battle royale's 2nd birthday is in 5 days

excuse me as i freak out over ethan saying my nickname brb

day 725: still no customizable reticles/crosshairs in fortnite

Trump’s policies have been welcome news for many minorities in America... yet thanks to a few careless words we are now once again in a news cycle fixated on whether Trump is a racist.

Caveat: I am unapologetically pro-Israel Any POTUS that will not undermine Israel has my full support Obama undermined Israel on the alter of political correctness I might not be a fan of Trump but his determined support for Israel is commendable Warning: My opinion, pls

Beyonce Shot Multiple Videos For '#TheLionKing: The Gift'?


thread on whether or not it's against the House rules to say POTUS said something racist or or is a bigot…

Sometime good, sometime poo. Hop in for more tips and tricks. Link in my bio #fortnite #memes #meme #dankmemes #funny #ps #dank #lol #follow #gaming #fortnitememes #funnymemes #edgymemes #like #memesdaily…

Thread on the practice of @HouseFloor in respect of language used about POTUS in debate, and the origin of the rule in Jefferson's Manual. This Manual and #ErskineMay share a common ancestor in John Hatsell's manuals of @HouseofCommons precedent and practice.…

Ya des meufs vraiment bizar, elle te mente jusqu'a ce que tu montre que tu sais pour s'excuser oklm , te sortir une excuse en béton ou meme pleurer, ca m'exaspere

To say the night I had last night was rough would be a gross understatement. But I come back to Twitter to see Blizzard finally gave me shirtless Torbjorn so things are lookin' up.

After POTUS is done prepping...we will enjoy bringing down the HOUSE.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemns Donald Trump's attack on US congresswomen | RNZ News…

#OnThisDay 50 years ago, Apollo 11 lifted off from @NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Four days later, two of its astronauts—Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin—became the first humans to set foot on the Moon. #Apollo50th


That bloody World Cup took years of #SteadyTheShip’s life!


X up for coms! Apollo 11 launched this morning 50 years ago and NOW you can listen to the mission coms in REAL-TIME -50 years. Talk about com discipline... our Sixth Empire Discord doesn't sound like this. :) . #tweetfleet #Apollo11 #EveOnline

Ay'a ayak basacak olan ilk astronotları taşıyan Apollo 11, 50 yıl önce bugün yola çıkmıştı.

Walisiske The New Saints vandt i aften 1-0 ude over KF Feronikeli efter 2-2 i det første opgør, så vi skal for tredje gang til Wales i CL-kval'en. Den første kamp i Wales er på tirsdag kl. 20 dansk tid #fcklive #cldk…


Fun Fact: Daniele De Rossi would become the second 2006 World Cup winner to move to the Argentine Primera if Boca confirm his move. The first was Mauro Camoranesi who went to Lanús

another great day at the quidditch world cup ⛺️⛳️


I swear I'm Greek #maori in #greece savvas.chaitidis @ Χανιά - Παλιό Λιμάνι…

Countdown to Caerphilly!! #DragSOS On @channel4 At 10pm #drag #dragqueen #instadrag #makeover #lgbt #gay #wales @ Caerphilly…

The Prince of Wales (1841-1910) as 'Winter'. See more photos:


“I was carrying my baby when I felt the jolt — it was strong, I ran outside immediately and saw many people were already fleeing to the street.”… #Bali #Earthquake #Tsunami

Has the Scottish "parliament" ever laid claim to Ireland or part of it ? Has the Welsh "parliament" ever laid claim to Ireland or part of it ? I think only fools deny that the english empire is the problem and everyone else is the victim of their post colonial death- throes.

Was on the escalator at a tube station earlier today. Going the other way, I overheard a snippet of a conversation. “...and then the Super Over was tied and England won on boundaries!” Everyone still talking about it.

Jacinda Ardern’s comments on her return to work jar with advice over extending ACC cover to mentally injured terror attack victims.…

- Papá, ¿qué hacés en casa? - Tuve que ir a la protesta. - Pensé que no te ibas a sumar a esa macanada. - ¿Querés que se me sancione? ------- Así funciona la rosca.

16 de Julio día de Nuestra Señora del Carmen. ¡Oh Hermosura del Carmelo! Míranos postrados reverentes ante su sagrada imagen y concédenos benigna tu amorosa protección. Te encomiendo las necesidades de nuestro Santísimo Padre el Papa y la Iglesia Católic…


Social engineering was when the government banned te reo Māori in schools and beat up our grandparents for speaking it.…

‘But, these days, of course, everybody knows everything, that’s why so many people are so lost.’ -Tish, in James Baldwin’s If Beale Street could talk.

Antokyo japan na team pinas. TEAM ABROAD its your turn! Good morning aldubnation! #ALDUB4YearsUnrivaled #ALDUBxADNAmplifyLove

Maori com groover, 4u com mandragora, luminous com kvsh e dubdogz e gv com vintage, n preciso nem falar nada

pensei que o meu rolê de natal ia ser natal psicodélico de novo mas vai ter maori em dezembro, pensa numa pessoa feliz p caralhooooooo

Hey #MSM... Keep telling us how @POTUS is racist against the squad all the while ignoring this story and those like it. Playing the race card like it's an ace in blackjack. #TrumpIsARacist #MAGA #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease…

*invades area 51* *finds zero two* Jackpot


Let's be clear on #TheSquad. They are a bunch of #AmericaLast #Socialists, or worse. I mean, before anyone goes defending them as "being America" or any other similar BS. And they WILL guarantee President Trump's re-election.

which one of y’all told the twitter kids about Area 51 now they won’t shut up


lol @ fox & friends trying to pretend that the headline out of the 'made in america' event was things made in america, and not the president defending his racism with even more racism


By the way, I have been out of the Klan for 45 years but the NY Times, America's leading newspaper, is STILL SUPPORTING COMMUNISM for 123 years - just as it did during the bolshevik Rev and 100 million victims of Commie Genocide! The Fake Zio Media!


Això de l'Area 51 és la confirmació de que els memes són el millor que m'ha passat en la vida.

#Springer author Ana Cuenca stopped by the booth @ESOC2019 to check out her chapter on rhodium catalyzed C-B bond formation in #TopicsinOrganometallicChemistry volume #Rhodium #Catalysis! Come by the booth to take a look or read online at


After England’s dramatic win on Sunday, youngsters participation rates will undoubtedly go through the roof. Apologies to the NHS in advance for the aggressive spike in anxiety, depression and alcoholism in roughly 10 years time.

”The umpires take decisions on the field with their interpretation of the rules and we don’t comment on any decisions as a matter of policy,” #CWC19…

I’ve only ever tolerated a James Bond movie. I don’t remember ever actually enjoying one.

By caving to the charade of a no deal Brexit, the Tories turn their back on our closest allies, on peace in NI, on the union with Scotland and Wales, on jobs and our economy. They are the party of Little England. Our great country has never stood so small.…

'पराभवानंतर जाडेजा रडत रडत एकच वाक्य सतत बोलत होता'; पत्नी रिवाबाची माहिती… जाडेजाने ५९ चेंडूमध्ये ७७ धावा केल्या पण संघाला विजय मिळवून देण्यात तो अपयशी ठरला. पराभव झाल्यानंतर जाडेजा ढसाढसा रडला. रडताना सतत तो एकच वाक्य बोलत होता. #RAVINDRAJADEJA #TeamIndia

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Derby Theatre is hiring a dynamic Creative Producer for our nationally significant project funded by Arts Council England. Read more and apply below.


Seen many people salty about England winning the cricket world cup. England have been the no.1 team in the world for the last four years and completely deserved it. They earned their luck in that amazing final. Deserving champions. @englandcricket

as above so below. one of my best friends @GavinMcGuireArt custom made these vans for me and honestly they protect every single step i take. i love this navy blue star fish in bali, i love the merkabah, and i love……

Welsh winger Josh Adams had an incredible 2019 #GuinnessSixNations. Would you have him start for the #RWC2019? Check out our preview below!…


IN PICS | Prime Minister @theresa_may greeted the English players in front of her residence and posed for pictures with the team and the trophy #EnglandCricketTeam #ENGvsNZ @cricketworldcup #WorldCup2019Final…

Partiendo de que el personaje de Fleming se llama JAMES, veo ligeramente complicado que lo interprete una mujer. Será otro personaje. Otro agente. Otro lo que sea. Pero Bond no. Como Judi Dench fue (una magnífica) M y aquí no pasó absolutamente nada. Menos historias de “machismo”

La actriz negra Lashana Lynch será el agente 007 en la próximo película de Bond…


Yang masih bingung untuk hotel dan penginapan selama di Bali, silahkan di pakai yah.. #AwayBali #BUvsPSS @BCSxPSS_1976 @S1H_Slemania


Some people really do believe everything in a headline, she’s literally taking the title 007 she isn’t the new Bond…

The best ODI ever? Did the best team win #CWC19? And how bloody good is cricket?! @melindafarrell and @GeorgeDobell1 answer your #CWC19Final #PoliteEnquiries!

Want to find out more about #AlanTuring and his work at Bletchley Park? Watch our new mini documentary that explores his work here and the legacy of what was achieved ➡️

English cricket squad: Eoin Morgan is Irish, Ben Stokes is frm New Zealand, Jofra Archer is Barbadian, Jason Roy is frm South Africa, Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid are of Pakistani descent. That should eliminate doubts, if any, about immigrants' contribution.…

数学界の大御所の「野望」を打ち砕き、 ドイツ軍の虎の子の暗号「エニグマ」を解読。 だが、天才アラン・チューリングの人生はその後、暗転した。

‼️ Announcement ‼️ The long awaited second issue of Welsh Soccerites is almost complete, and we can now announce that pre orders will open this Friday, the 19th of July! #UPPAWELSHFOOTBALL

Britannian keskuspankki viimeistelee siirtymän paperiseteleistä muovisiin polymeerirahoihin 50 punnan setelillä, johon pääsee itseoikeutetusti Turingin koneen ja tietojenkäsittelytieteen isä Alan Turing. Mutta tunnistatko mikä fyysinen kone setelimallissa on Turingin takana?


Netwerk24 kies WB-span van die Toernooi.… (Foto: Getty) #CWC19Final #CWC #CWC19 #CWC2019 @cricketworldcup


A heartwarming video of an elderly cricket fan watching England win @ICC Cricket #WorldCup2019 after the Super Over drama on Sunday has gone viral on social media.…

Meanwhile ScoMo nothing but crickets. #Auspol #RacistTrump Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemns Donald Trump's attack on US congresswomen - NZ Herald…

Multiple Super Overs? Shared trophy? Surely anything was better than this... right? #CWC19 #WorldCupFinal…

No cheating just grey areas in the laws. Both teams were exceptional in respect for each other & the game in such a finish. Let England enjoy the celebration, they planned well & New Zealand celebrate another great #CWC19 No losers here. We're all feeling for NZ #ENGvNZ #NZvENG…


the literal only preference i listed on the survey/interview was “middle school please” and they placed me on the southern coast of the southernmost island in south korea AT an all girls middle school my dreams are really coming true

Guptill instantly signalling 6 when Boult trod on the boundary. Stokes' reaction when the ball went for 4 overthrows off his bat. Woakes consoling Guptill. Williamson's interview. With 24 hours distance, the World Cup Final was just the finest display of sportsmanship #CWC19Final

makes me laugh that Stacey talks about Sophia and her 'cultural inappropriateness' when she thinks it is ok to call Mikaere 'Mik' #TheBlockNZ #startingtopissmeoff

Good to see Chris is getting on to Novopay about this. I expected to wait 4-6 weeks for Novopay to start paying teachers at the new rates, but 11 weeks is taking the piss. Yes, we will be back paid, but this is plain unethical behaviour from Novopay.…

Pentagon Spokesman: We didn’t make a mistake. We mean Mainland China is a man-made island in South China Sea. It’s totally unacceptable for China to base its missiles in China!


वर्ल्ड कप में हार के बाद बोले कीवी कप्तान केन विलियमसन- फाइनल कोई नहीं हारा #CWC19Final #CWC19 #NZvENG…

Novopay can't pay teachers their pay rise or the one off payment for about 10 weeks. That's five pay rounds. Yet they could process recovering the pay for the day we were on strike within 1 pay round? Anyone else dubious about this disparity? #Novopay #NoPay #SameOldStory

"-¿Recuerdas cuando dijiste que si te conseguia una Mary McGuffin sería el mejor papá del mundo? -Sí, cuando tenia 7 años. -¡Por fin encontre una! ¡He buscado en internet y en ventas de garage! Es una muñeca descontinuada. -Wow, no puedo creer que recordaras que la queria.

DRug DRiving DR DRew??!! Is it really that safe?? #ShortlandStreet

"It took England 44 years 2 South Africans 1 West Indian 1 New Zealander 1 Irish 2 Pakistanis & a Lame ICC Rule to win a World Cup! What a joke! This was the best one I read on Twtr: “Using boundaries to win is an art perfected by the British since 1947” @titojourno @a_siab

Hey papa, jij hebt vandaag toch niets te doen, je wil mij vast naar mijn stage brengen. Natuurlijk doe ik dat meiske ! #allesvoormijnmeiden

"I was him, he was me" That sounds much like a Robbie Williams song, Daniel #ShortlandStreet

न्यूजीलैंड की हार के बाद क्रिकेट वर्ल्ड कप की ये सबसे प्यारी चीज़ थी क्रिकेट खेलने वाले देशों में सबसे सभ्य मानी जाती है न्यूज़ीलैंड.… #kanewillamson #NZvENG #WorldCupFinal2019

I think we should all be fluent in te reo Maori and Sign language the official languages of Aotearoa New Zealand and English.

Today I presented to #NZYouthParliament Social Services Select Committee on how to engage younger people in civics. My submission focused on the case for lowering the voting age to 16 and implementing good civics education. I was heartened by discussions had with these youth MPs.


Please don't teach te reo to my gorgeous idiot son Tudd Bortwon-Chlem he only has room for 12 memories & if it dislodges our address he may never make it home

Kids in Barcelona learn Castilian Spanish, Catalan Spanish and English. They're fluent in all three by age ten. If you think Kiwi kids can't learn te reo Māori adjacent to English, you clearly aren't phased by real, global evidence.…

Somebody has already put a sticker up. Baldwin Street from today, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the worlds second steepest street.


Summing up my performance for 400 secondary school students in Singapore, I noted that as I was speaking, historic wheels are in motion in Malaysia's Parliament to allow 18 yr olds to vote. Singapore's min voting age is 21. Let's lead in this. Give the youth a voice. #Undi18


The Taxpayers Group confirms its status as a boil on the backside of the body politic w/ a nasty attack on our Youth MPs. I met many Youth MPs today & with their talent & public spiritedness they will contribute more to NZ over the next 3 days than that group has in its existence

A quirk in scheduling sees the World Cup runner-up not playing another ODI for almost 7 months. The @BLACKCAPS play 7 tests and 13 T20s in 3 countries before meeting India in the 1st ODI at Seddon Park on 5 Feb 2020. So be there! #BackTheBlackCaps

New Zealand's Socialist PM Jacinda Ardern rushes to disagree with the leader of the free world & align herself with a bunch of America hating communists. What the hell was Winston Peters thinking when against the popular vote, he appointed this closet commie to lead the country?

This is a very poor take. The Youth MPs I've met today are smart, sassy & articulate and will go on to contribute massively to NZ. Youth Parliament is a chance for our young leaders to learn, influence and grow. We should celebrate our tall poppies, not tear them down.…

Getting more and more excited can’t wait for me and Dave to go see jlo ahh

#Congress should pass #S348, the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act to increase #GME residency positions by 15,000 over the next 5 years. TY @SenatorMenendez @JohnBoozman @SenSchumer for your efforts to fix the #docshortage! #ASMChat


Dunedin's Baldwin Street loses steepest world title: Why residents are celebrating

You @RepPressley @AyannaPressley are a joke You stood there & lied at the conference. You haven't done a thing since being in congress. You have been hiding in the background while the other idiots were flapping their huge mouths. You need to go as well & your socialist ways.

Facebook’s Libra hearings in Congress are the best free entertainment you’ll get all week…


Cubs got 3 all-stars. Sox got 3 all-stars. Sky got 3 all-stars. There’s Company. #Chicago

Hey Chris Cuomo, Mike Shields and Anna Navarro, the reason why the GOP or Republicans are silent and won’t speak up against Trump’s racists remarks? Fear, Cowards and most of them are racists too.

31 memes about the area 51 raid that will make you and your alien mate cackle


Criticism/dissent is part of being American & has been since the start of the USA .It doesn’t matter if u are a citizen born in the USA or became a citizen in the last 20 yrs & now are a member of Congress .The racist in chief cannot change that but we can by voting him out

Did Luke P. sneak out of Area 51? I swear he creeps me out. #thebachelorette

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