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My @SensibleMeals breakfast philly cheese steak omelette and Southern grits. I’m down 70 lbs in 2 months. #SaturdayMorning #nuffsaid #StayHomeSaveLives #FlattenTheCurve #HealthyAtHome #fedexdelivery #mealprep #weightloss


sonunda kitaplarım geldi çok mutluyum yaya

The #5G debacle is classic information wars. You are getting bombarded with bad news about 5G because China cracked it first not because it is bad for your health as they claim. My Samsung earbuds clearly has "MAY CONTAIN CARCINOGENS" in its manual. Thread.

You are quick to believe in the 5G radiation theory yet you have a microwave in your house. When are we going to liberate ourselves from ignorance.

#AfricansAreNotLabRats .Do you support European people to test their vaccine in Africa.#COVID2019

sevdigim dizilerin son sezonlarini izleyememe gibi bi seye yakalandim ya uzun bi sure izlemiorum ya da yaya yaya izlemeye calisiorum ama bu pek olmuo

#5G and COVID-19: The technology, conspiracy and ignorance… via @thecableng by @Emekaoparah #COVID19 #5GCoronavirus

No Licence Has Been Issued for 5G in Nigeria



NO LICENCE HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR 5G IN NIGERIA The attention of my office has been drawn to the public concern about the health implications of the deployment of Fifth Generation Mobile Networks (5G) in Nigeria. Based on available records.. READ MORE HERE…


Amidst the 5G in Nigeria gist, If some of us read the T&Cs of some apps we won’t even download or we’ll delete, Watch this and make an example of TikTok which is owned by Chinese.

Dadiyata is a citizen and he need to enjoy every freedom that government provide to its citizen, if he did something bad take him to court not holding him for 8 month, he has family they need him. #JusticeForDadiyata @DokunOjomo


Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. #JusticeForDadiyata


In a contest between Politics and Humanity, Humanity should always come first. Dadiyata’s ordeal shouldn’t be look from a political prism, his abduction is inhumane, unfair and cruel to say the least. He deserves to be reunited with his family. #JusticeForDadiyata

Je suis très en colère d'entendre des médecins français parler des tests de vaccins contre le Coronavirus en Afrique. Ce ne sont pas des animaux. Traitez-les avec respect. #AfricansAreNotLabRats #AfricansAreNotGuineaPigs

This whole universe, if you’re more annoying than Arturo, you need to be jailed.

LUTH: How coronavirus patient died in our custody

Lovely cats print cotton, handmade bag - purrfect gift idea or maybe just a treat for yourself xx #ukgiftam #caturday #saturdaymorning #letterboxgiftsday Cats 'framed' handmade cotton bag by SamyLovesBags via @Etsy

I know we've all been missing some top quality Eve content this week. Here she is helping out with the dinner/messy play, practising her posting and throwing herself head first down the slide. Made my day already! #SaturdayMorning #Edinburgh #staysafeTeamOaklands


#SaturdayMorning #IsolationLife we love @ShiiineOn_ an inspirational festival, for their love of music they keep the true spirit of independence alive. Through it we all #ShiiineOn_…

Arturo : j’ai prise Monica dans les toilettes je l’ai frotté j’avais la trique Denver :

Everyone when Arturo yeeted himself through the door in part 3…

- “BUK started making ventilators without waiting for anyone. Nobody will stop Innoson from starting the production” - Buhari’s media aide


Una noche con Iniesta. 22.10h: La vida de un genio 23.00h: Barcelona-Man.United, final 2011 Domingo, 22.00h: Entrevista en #ElPartidazoSeJuegaEnCasa


Delta Government Makes U-turn, Commends @HQNigerianArmy For Arresting Soldiers Who Threatened To Rape, Infect Women With HIV In Warri | Sahara Reporters Aniagwu said that no soldier was killed in Warri and that government was concerned about... READ MORE:


Delta Government Makes U-turn, Commends Army For Arresting Soldiers Who Threatened To Rape, Infect Women With HIV In Warri | Sahara Reporters

Cesc Fàbregas goal vs Liverpool (07/08)

ARMY TOUTS It's obvious that @HQNigerianArmy is at its lowest level of DISCIPLINE. You'll wonder if these ones are touts. This is a crying shame. Will a disciplined force breed soldiers behaving like Agberos, putting their faces on video while threatening Warri civilians?

Both in their prime, who is the better passer? Fabregas or Kevin De Bruyne?


I was propagandized into believing that Oduro wasn't being featured in the the National Teams because European coaches do not like to use short midfielders. I painfully understood. But when I finally saw Xavi and Iniesta, I was asking myself so many questions…

To make yourself likeable, smile, listen and remember the names of others. People crave appreciation so shower them with it and talk about what’s important to them. #WrestleMania #zikokoquiz #LaCasaDePapel #StayHome #AfricansAreNotLabRats #Breakinglimits

Both federal and state should be involve, this is a national crisis. But innoson might not have required capital to invest in production. Plus the company already asked the FG for funds to start production.…

If the Federal Government will not fund @innosonvehicles to produce ventilators for whatever reasons, can state governors directly engage them (Innoson Vehicles)? If state governments will not, can Innoson Vehicles simply produce and sell? No time for politics. Save lives!…

Vtnc gandia fdp tomara q tu mora dolorosamente desgraça #lacasadelpapel4

Hi, gusto ko lang sabihin na nakakabwisit si gandia!!!


nginang gandia to animal

No se quien me cae más mal: Palermo, Arturo o Gandía. Sea la madre que los parió! #LaCasaDePapel #NairobiNoVaAMorir #LaCasaDePapel4


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