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Anybody remember the Mueller report? It was more than two months ago. I read about half of it. It’s the most damning political document in US history. Oh yeah and trump is ALSO a racist.

“Mr. Trump’s re-election strategy, instead, is to solidify his base and increase turnout. A major component of that is to portray his opponents as not merely disliking him and his policies, but also disliking America itself.”…

#MyBiggestWishIn4Words For Trump to be the first president to personally complete a one-way mission to Mars.

Today, we honoured a US Secret Service Agent who passed away during President Trump’s visit to the UK in July last year has been honoured at a ceremony held at Trump Turnberry. Special Agent, Nole Remagen died whilst escorting the President at the Turnberry resort in July 2018.


In Netflix's Emmy-nominated sci-fi smash Russian Doll, @nlyonne's character Nadia uses multiverse magic to break out of an endless loop of death – a reminder that it pays to remember your physics


Reactions over Obasanjo’s open letter to President Buhari……

President #Ramaphosa: In the month that we celebrate the life of our nation’s founding father, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, I am humbled by the knowledge that we all stand on his gigantic shoulders as we take forward the work he started. #BudgetVote2019


I will spend the 2019 Nelson #MandelaDay at Thuto Lore Comprehensive School in Sharpeville.


Ma sta cosa che passiamo la vita tra creme antirughe, trucchi, filtri fotografici illuminanti, leviganti, cartavetranti e rimpolpanti, sedute dall'estetista se non dal chirurgo estetico ma quando arriva #faceapp, tutti felici di vedersi incartapecoriti, com'è che me la spiegate?

Here's another #FaceApp review. A little less worrisome…

#FaceApp @DerKegy mit 80 auf Youtube, wenn er dann Mariomaker 25 spielt.


Cuando odien sus trabajos no se olviden que a Nelson Castro lo mandaron a cubrir #ViajealaLuna #cincuentaaños y tuvo que meterse casi a presión en la cápsula donde viajaron


Sometimes Hump day is difficult. We will have to look for some #WednesdayWisdom #Wednesday #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayThoughts

Wizkid: “Wizkid Continuosly Beats Me” – Wizkid Babymama, Jada Pallock Alleged Domestic Violence Against Him Tacha Pogba Jada #COCONUT


Dianne is obviously not happy about Esther and Nelson's ship that is going smooth #bbnaija #bbnaija19 #BBNIAJA #BBNaija #BBNaijia #BBNIAJA #Bbnnaija #BBNaija2019 #BBNaijaPepperDem #bbnaija19 #BBNaijaUpdates #BBNaijaparty #BBNaijaChallenge #BBNaijaUpdates2019 #Bbnaija #BBNajia2019

i still don’t understand the coconut thing i just do my own gosh darn thing

Staff, guests robbed as armed gang ransacks upmarket Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town…? shared via @News24

Obasanjo wrote an altruistic letter to Buharig and some hypocrites are insulting him. Suffering and smiling minions.

Ohanaeze reacts to Obasanjo’s letter, identifies only solution to insecurity in Nigeria…


Buhari, have just succeeded in making Obasanjo a "Prophet".

Your lips they taste like June Your eyes are a rocket to the moon Those legs gon' put me in a tomb Praise God when you hit me with the Ooh -Jon Bellion

That was how I survived ALC.4.0 web track challenge. Alhamdullilah. #ALCwithGoogle #ALC #andela #150DaysOfALC #day13 @futmxdevc @Quwaysim @ItzAboki #Webdesign.


In 2008, we enjoyed the illusion of racial progress. Today, Donald Trump is in the White House.

Pathological-Liar-in-Chief @realDonaldTrump makes 13 false claims in ONE Cabinet meeting…

Because he’s an unpopular scumbag and a corrupt failure, a whole lot of people have called out and/or condemned Donald Trump. And because Trump narcissistically views… via @PalmerReport

House votes to condemn as racist Trump’s remarks about progressive members of Congress…

Look up neutralization act. Also you will see that Blacks also had some implications to white immigrants coming to America. Yes Blacks enslaved whites during the 1700s all the way up to the 1900 century. It is documented. If you want knowledge look it up.


beyoncé knowing she’s that girl

hoje eu passei três horas com uma pessoa que já conheceu o bts, um que já comeu churrasco com a mariah e outro que a beyoncé já pronunciou o nome. se eu gaguejei em algum momento, relevem ❤️


El campeón de América tuvo que ir a penales con un equipo de la B nacional. La copa Argentina es hermosa e impredecible

This is a visual representation of what Beyonce did to my wig with #SPIRIT

Essa música é muito ruim e Beyoncé extremamente ruim na dublagem do filme kkkk, é uma animal mesmo, ta no filme certo #SpiritMusicVideo

So I put my @AltspaceVR avatar through the #FaceApp Old filter and now my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.



Tried the #FaceApp old age thing and I do NOT hold up well


Here is what #faceapp says I will look like when I’m old— sadly it’s an improvement!!


Ava DuVernay's stunning "When They See Us" sits at the top of Netflix nominations with 16 Emmy nods this year.…

maisie stans getting on twitter once her emmy nomination was announced

I can’t believe I got an Emmy nod for my role as “Big Yoshi” on SNL

Miyetti Allah’s call for Obasanjo’s arrest reckless, irresponsible ― Fani-Kayode Tribune Online #NigerianTribuneAt70


In A civilized environment. If it was Nigeria now Miyetti Allah would have gone awry, El-Rufai would have gone shopping for body bags, Tinubu would have released the boys to shoot first and ask questions later and the other Buharideen would be out for blood.…

Buhari Must Arrest Obasanjo Now - Miyetti Allah Blows Hot…

Open Letter: ‘He Spoke The Mind Of Nigerians’, Apostle Suleiman Backs Obasanjo…


ICYMI: Full text of Obasanjo’s open letter to Buhari – Punch Newspapers…

The only reason why sm e-warriors are making noise abt Seyi Makinde's asset declaration is because he is a PDP Gov. If an APC Gov. had done what he did, it is a feat they would all glorify & celebrate. Seyi's action deserves commendation and at worst honest criticisms if need be

#EndSars : ‘Nigeria is becoming a nightmare’ – Singer Runtown says »

I am delighted that Josh Kroenke has acknowledged the letter but sadly he has addressed little, if any of the points raised in it. That said it was a short interview and we hope to hear more on KSE’s reaction. Show us, don’t tell us. #WeCareDoYou

James Bond Pops now available for preorder! ►


The 25th James Bond film is currently filming and there will be a new 007. She will be played by British actress Lashana Lynch, being the first woman to play 007.

" یہ دنیا ہے یہاں جوڑ کی نسبت توڑ بہت آسان ہے ۔ جس عمارت کو جوڑنے میں چھ ماہ لگ جاتے ہیں اسے توڑنے میں چھ دن بھی نہیں لگتے ۔ ایسی ہی مثال ہمارے رشتوں کی ہے ۔ جوڑنے والے بنو ۔ توڑنے والے ہرگز نہیں ۔ " #MondayMotivation


He is a racist. And it is important to know that if you support him, you are a racist.…

Watch Trump get busted for his new "birtherism" on live TV

"Why Trump's bigoted tropes won't work in 2020" (@TheHillOpinion)


ok but there’s really nothing like tge smell of north jersey

Activists are pressuring county jails to do better than profiting off of housing immigrant detainees. Shockingly, change has been slow.

CAN I DM? Let’s talk business. ?


Voting Tacha just because I want to see more drama in that house #BBNajia #BBNaija


My people, let's keep voting to keep queen Tacha in the house. #bbnaija


Bro, as you're doing the Can I DM thingy; remember you can be hit with the screenshot. Which can come back to haunt you later. So slide in with caution; before you start trending next. #rsfm


Facts....#words Ronaldo neymar trippier can I DM pulisic


Imagine the scenes if #NUFC and #AFC fans did a joint protest! No one inside SJP apart from Charnley! #AshleyOut #WeCareDoYou…

This is depressing. James Bond has NEVER been anything like real intel work. Unless sitting at a desk looking over files for 14 hours a day is James Bond…

ARREST OBJ NOW: Miyetti Allah Me: OBJ is like rat poison, eat and die. Abacha arrested OBJ and where is he? Try now....…

Responsible leadership and impact: The issues: Deficiency of enterprise #LBSlead

Choose not to settle. Pursue your God-given goals, knowing it's never too late to accomplish everything God has placed in your heart.

Man City make last-dtich bid to sign Harry Maguire…


Apparently Nelson is the problem in this situationship. Summary- After confessing to liking Diane, she caught him talking with Esther under the duvet #BBNajia #BBNaijia #bbnaija19 #BBNaijaPepperDem #BBNaija

Good morning! Man Utd have made a £49m bid and Gareth Bale could be on his way back to Spurs - check out all the latest transfer news and gossip…


idk if i don’t have a sense of humor but this isn’t funny :/ have people thinking something bad happened just so they can dm you “sTrEaM ePipHaNy”


bout to hit the stu in my derrick rose jersey

#RacistInCheif #RacistPresident #ImpeachTrumpNow #NotMyPresident Congress can impeach Trump tomorrow. Please retweet, make your own tweets, and spread the word.…

Man Utd ‘seal’ £80m Harry Maguire deal — as stunning WAG set to join him at Old Trafford…


I’m unable to muster sympathy for Esther Arusha when I think of that poor baby being punched in the stomach and thrown against a wall.

Estos micro temblores me están volviendo loca #sismoCDMX

Imagine Wizkid was a footballer, Man would have been playing for Naija U20 Baby boy at 29 #wizkid29


The kind of people I like to associate with the PDP is Seyi Makinde New Dawn of politicians in the South West - those who made their penny away from politics and are using politics to change lives.

.@CortesSteve Trumps is a #RACIST, you still support him, which makes you a #Racist #RacistPresident #Demagoguery #TrumpSycophant


#TrueGuruSaintRampalJi In Holy Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1 to 4, the identity of a Tattavdarshi Sant (Complete Guru) has been given, & it has been said that after knowing the Supreme Knowledge from the Tattavdarshi Sant, one should search for that supreme state of Supreme God.


Explicando aos chorões: Lashana Lynch é a nova espiã 007, ela não é o James Bond, 007 é um CARGO. Isso não muda em nada a sua vida e mesmo se ela fosse Bond, o personagem já teve inúmeros rostos e facetas. Representatividade é necessária e veio para ficar. Superem.

Just heard they fucking up the 007 story with a woman lead. Its Bond,James Bond 007.why couldnt the create a 006 story or something. Whats next?A Man playing Pussy Galore? Mxm

Metamorphosis is the courage & bravery to face the light & darkness of change knowing there are people who loves you who sees the beauty of the change. Hence A butterfly is a metaphor of a love pray & love created by God.


THAT WAS CRAZY.... The morning after, making sense of the wild Novak Djokovic-Roger Federer final at Wimbledon: Is Djokovic the most mentally tough player ever? Can Federer recover? Is Wimbledon's new tiebreak format a bummer? WHAT DO YOU THINK?…


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson #MondayMotivation

Can't take this Djokovic celebration off my mind. Trying to think about last time a tennis champ just stood there on centre court both so graceful and so defiant. BBC showed the close up later and gosh that look on his face was something. A perfect summary of his journey?

Afcon: Felix Owolabi urges Nigerians to encourage Super Eagles, not rebuke them

Nigeria vs Algeria: Ahmed Musa breaks silence after Super Eagles failed to qualify for AFCON final…


BBNaija Jackye’s boyfriend Lami, blasts Ebuka for putting her on the spot during the live show »

América va con Marchesín Paul Aguilera Bruno Sánchez González Mateus Ibargüen Ibarra Córdova Henry

AFCON 2019: Senegal beat Tunisia after extra-time to reach final. #JoyNews


Interested in supporting our teams/streamers!? Be sure to pick up a Nitrox Official Team Jersey or Jacket! We also have T-Shirts, Hoodies, and much more! Head over to… and pick up your new everyday ware!

Fox News' Ed Henry out of hospital, 'beyond grateful' for support after giving sister part of his liver #awesome…

“Pensar es el trabajo más difícil que existe. Quizá sea ésta la razón por la que haya tan pocas personas que lo practiquen” ― Henry Ford

Well I guess you can cover KP name with Payton for those who kept the jersey. I threw mines in the garbage. Welp!!!


Sénégal-Tunisie (1-0) : Ce qu'il faut retenir de la conférence de presse d’après-match d’Aliou Cissé: L'équipe du Sénégal s'est qualifiée en finale de la Coupe d'Afrique des nations (CAN) 2019, pour la deuxième fois de son histoire, après la victoire…


this looks like if kidz bop made a jersey shore spin off and added honey boo boo…

henry: you have to pick your battles alex:


MMA's week out of the cage: Amanda Nunes vs. Henry Cejudo at ESPYs; Conor McGregor turns 31

Excited to announce @TheAnsleyBurns will be performing at my July 25 town hall which is also in partnership with @SCforEd. Please register for planning purposes (and other future surprises!)……

Akpeyi a disaster waiting to happen!!. Subbing Chukwueze; poor coaching!!. We need coaching to win against Algeria. Gernot Rohr is earning big dollars but yet he has failed to deliver. #RohrOut #ALGNGA

Cezayir, 90+5'te finale yükseldi! Feghouli ve Onyekuru... ⬇


I can’t blame the goalkeeper. He is not good enough. It is not his fault we don’t have someone better. No disrespect meant but none of the keepers we took to #AFCON2019 is in the class of the #SuperEagles in a sane world. Enyeama and Ikpeme remain big losses.

Somebody should tell Onyekuru to wake up 'cos Mahrez's missiles have reached the target destination... The last time i checked, he was still lying prostrate behind the great wall of Jericho #ALGNGA


- 81st minute. A fresh Onyekuru is unmarked, Nigeria running a fast break, Iwobi (A designated number ten) has the ball and a decision to make. What does this idiot do? He plays a shot my 3 year old cousin will keep out with her toenail.

#ALGNGA Rumour has it that henry onyekuru is still down waiting for the free kick to be taken


Can we push #RohrOut already. He shouldn't be coaching the Super Eagles team beyond this #AFCON2019 Man no sabi.

Iwobi was better in the middle today. Ndidi and Etebo were below expectations. #RohrOut

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