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¿Yanny o Laurel? Qué dice realmente el audio viral que ha vuelto durante el confinamiento…

Laurel. 0 chances de que diga Yanny en algún momento.…

Speaking in tongues makes Christianity a beauty to practice. -RPN #7DOAWithRPN

No thus says the Lord is void of power but it takes backing every thus says the Lord with prayer to give it effect in the earth. -RPN #7DOAWithRPN

Through prayer, we build strength for overcoming temptation because in the place of prayer, we subdue the flesh and empower the human spirit. -RPN #7DOAWithRPN

The act of complaining is not spiritual, it empowers the adversary. So stop complaining, stop giving out things to the devil to work with. -RPN #7DOAWithRPN

Everyone reaches a point in their language learning where they need an extra bit of motivation. Head over to our Instagram account @coffeebreaklanguages to follow our #mondaymotivation series and find the inspiration to keep going with your German!

Do you feel you're not holding the best cards at the moment? Join the club - and let's play them well! #covid19 #innovation #adversity #wfh #optimism #mondaymotivation


Some Easter empire biscuits this morning #delicious #baking


Easter week! What egg are you having?


Great news today that Government’s providing free school meals over the Easter break for eligible families. We were ready to step in and do this in Kirklees because a lot of people rely on them. We’re in very difficult times and this will hopefully make things easier for so many.…

In some good news. Just won an Easter egg at work. So it’s not all crap.

In honor of #WorldHealthDay we’re checking in with the nurses who flew from Atlanta to New York City to help fight coronavirus. @RobinRoberts

I fiori di archivi, biblioteche e musei italiani per medici, infermieri e personale sanitario in prima linea a difesa della salute di tutti. Grazie! #GiornataMondialedellaSalute #WorldHealthDay #iorestoacasa @museobrera / Carlo Crivelli, Madonna della Candeletta, 1488-90 (dett.)


Undoubtedly, Health workers are the heroes of the new world order. Let’s all show love to them Say kudos to one Health worker near you. #WorldHealthDay

Ça compare le professeur et scofield mais c’est lui le vrai génie.…

Name the opposition, scoreline and year for this celebration. What a goal it was and great to reminisce in the times of the Ivorian King, Drogba. Underrated kit and one I’ve been trying to buy on eBay for a while #CFC


Professor and his team are good, but SCOFIELD and his team can even rob Money Heist

ส่งสำนวน 3 อดีตอนาคตใหม่ จัดแฟลชม็อบ #คมชัดลึก #ข่าววันนี้ #แฟลชม็อบ…

Hey whats up, names chad, plant dad, 21, scorpio haha so you know what that means ladies haha a little about myself i vape, imma stoner, i hit my cart every 2 hours finish it in 2 weeks so yea i chief

just remembered marc brought every arrow character back to life except e1 laurel

Saking bosannya di rumah, seorang penulis lagu membuat cover yang menggelitik. Berlatar musik 'Hallo' Adele, dia pun melagukannya dengan lirik lucu. Begini lho aksi kocaknya: via @detikTravel…

Coronavirus : ब्रिटनचे पंतप्रधान बोरिस जाॅन्सन अतिदक्षता विभागात… #Corona #Coronavirus #BorisJohnson @ashish_jadhao

Boris Johnson PM of UK moved to ICU for ten days after being tested positive with COVID 19 , condition critical. Its more than worrisome . #BorisJohnson get well soon .

ホリデー車検桜川は千日前線桜川駅の近く! 中の人も通勤で毎日大阪メトロ使ってます! おめでとう~!!! #大阪メトロ…

But, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered citizens some hope by saying he expects to lift widespread restrictions after the week-long festival.…

Still over a month left till the next federal holiday


Kevin Hart was on live tonight and peaked at just over 11k viewers. Fatherdmw and Evvs hit 49k viewers comprising a split audience of the UK and Nigeria.

Whatever ignorance we have in our hearts, Jesus can take it away today in Jesus' Name. #biblestudywithkumuyi @pastorwf_kumuyi @dclmhq

Amaju Pinnick: Gernot Rohr could get new Super Eagles deal in seven days

la casa'deyi izlemeyen bir ben kalmıştım profesör michael scofield'dan sonra yeni favorimsin

I mistakenly said "fukc off" to Ansh, 9 years old, and now he is replying to everyone the same exact words.

Good morning world! #HappyMonday! Hope everyone is doing ok and know that this house is #praying for you! #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #MondayVibes #trustGod #prayforournation

Each one of us has a set of strengths, weaknesses and talent. When we combine them and work together, there will be success...especially during this COVID-19 pandemic! While practicing good social distancing, we can all be great teammates and help one another! #MondayMotivation


Again, it bears repeating... GOD doesn’t send anyone to hell, people will choose damnation instead of turning to a Loving, Holy, and Just GOD who provided His Son to receive the payment for our sins. #ChooseLife #ChooseJESUS #MondayMotivation

Ich wünsche euch eine super schöne sonnige Wärme Frühlings woche. Macht das beste daraus.#Montagslaecheln #Montag #MondayMotivation #frühling #sonne #endlichwarm #wirbleibenzuhaus #wirbleibenzuhause


It's the start of a new work week. A big thank you to all Iowans who are working from home! Review the tips in this video to help you with some #MondayMotivation…

"The turning point in my career came with the realization that Black should play to win instead of just steering for equality." - Bobby Fischer #chess #MondayMood


These pictures are from 2018. Chad is crippling Boko Haram, we are doing Throw Back Thursday. Lmao.…

If Karens spent half the energy they spend on crying about being called Karen on dismantling white supremacy no one would call them Karen.If only we were better, inclusive, selfless people who chose women over our whiteness.If only we weren’t threatened by the thought of equality

Every individual, org & Party which advocates for democracy, justice, equality and ONE #Eritrea is part of the Yiakl Movement. The Movement is by no means new, it started with Bitweded and co. The only difference with #Yiakl in 2019/20 is that the masses have finally caught up.


Nylon bags gives your products and business a branded feel when you come in contact with customers. Fast and Quality prints. Nationwide delivery. DM now #COVID19 #IStandWithAzziad #MondayMorning #lockdown #funkeakindelebello amaka Adele Tbag Jeff bezos #5kbae


Wet markets are inhumane and breeding grounds for animal-borne diseases like COVID-19. Join me in signing @Animal_Equality's petition to #BanWetMarkets!…

5G enables a sharp increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems due to more available bandwidth and advanced antenna technology. Which means you can run #YourViewTVC via Zoom and from home. @moakabash @BeeceeUgboh @tmospeaks

Adele's ex husband will be getting £140m from her after the divorce.


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