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i just wanna be better


When I think of #BUSU2019 & #RIPSkyB, i just remember how gullible some Nigerians are. Welcome to Nigeria where anything on Instablog and Tunde Ednut is fact. #HappyTheVideo #NoBraDay #Ecelebawardsowerri #IgboPresidency2023 #breastcancerawareness

The discussion about Frank Edoho vs Ebuka, I know Society likes putting two bad bitches against each other but frank was so good he could make you question your date of birth

یه کسشری داره هی توییت میشه با عنوان اینکه زنانی که بیشتر از دوازده ساعت سوتین میبند احتمال ابتلا به سرطان سینه توشون بیشتره که فیک نیوز و کسشره #NoBraDay برای اینه که نسبت به سرطان سینه اگاهی بده نه اینکه سوتین نبدید چون ضرر داره!

el camino was ok... just a perfect ending for jesse

This is exactly what I’ve been saying Erdogan was going in regardless . We are not sending anymore troops in ! Let France England & UN send troops in .

The shooting occurred at New England Pentecostal church in Pelham, a city of 13,000 in southeast New Hampshire near the Massachusetts border. #GunSense Ratify the #ERA 2 people shot before wedding guests tackle gunman at New Hampshire church, police say…

That’s one nice shot. Richard Brindley strike for Notts County in today’s 2-0 win over Torquay United in England’s National League

Seven teams in NFL are 4-1 or better but only the Saints, KC and Green Bay have played 4 winning teams. New England 6-0 opponents are a combined 7-22. Moral to the story? Beat who you should beat!

Both teams bounce back with BIG wins. U16’s post 4-1 vs the Mercer Chiefs and U18’s put up 7-5 vs Eastern New England. Way to go, #BCSBears! #BCS1836Hockey

Dish served Pepper sprayed Ship sailing The pepper dem couple Tell me why I shouldn't Stan this two... My faves.. #Hercolour #Hiscolour #Mustardyellowhercolour #Blackhiscolour #Khadoni


Bamteddy gave us you tube channel today #Khadoni now blessed us with #hiscolour #hercolour. I have never shipped rubbish. Never!

Lessons learnt As an undergraduate avoid anything that will make you say "please sir" Once you say this even to the security, it doubles your wahala Uzochukwu Gerry @WestAfricaSFL @NigeriaSFL #WARC2019

Question What is the ideal way to handle the SARS menace in Nigeria since we only have our right while they have the guns? @WestAfricaSFL @NigeriaSFL #WARC2019

Amen! So let it be, Amen! Amen, Hear our decree! Let your kingdom come.. #CWBNGlobalOffering #CWBNGDO

We share our strength to stand and fight with those who have nothing. #CWBNGDO #cwbnglobaloffering

PRAYERS: Let the glory of our God transform our lives and churches. We receive your Glory. #CWBNGDO #CWBNGlobalOffering


Today at #MLHacks. Really learnt a lot. Special thanks to @JohncrossDavid the local organiser. @IBM @MLHacks #LocalHackDay



Our cry is coming before God and into His ears today. - @NoelWoodroffe #CWBNGDO #cwbnglobaloffering

The way people compare footballers, you'll think they are specialist in football. Coaches won't compare Yaya Toure and Mikel Obi. They'll rather say like for like. If you play professional football, it means you are a great player, and your style of play can never be compared.

We are hosting MLH Local Hack Day on 14th October at IGDTUW. Details -… @CodingBlocksIn @github @MLHacks #LocalHackDay


I have always heard about this but today, this lady @LinKavuka broke down the whole AFTCA idea and I'm impressed. #WARC2019 @WestAfricaSFL @NigeriaSFL @ChaleInstitute

Less trade barriers gives rise to wealthier nation @WestAfricaSFL @NigeriaSFL #WARC2019

Là Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès il est dans son énorme villa au Panama. Il regarde BFM TV en rigolant.

Terrible viento y aguacero en Villa Devoto y actividad eléctrica, todo un combo que no me gusta nada @ChGaravaglia @MeteoNacho

Suriye Milli Ordusu, YPG'nin en önemli ikmal yolu olan Halep Haseke arasındaki M4 Karayolu bağlantısını keserek sivil araçlara Torku kek dağıttı.


Anadolu Ajansı: Suriye Milli Ordusu Suriye'de M4 karayoluna ulaştı


TSK ve Milli Ordu, PKK/PYD'nin Halep Haseke lojistik bağlantısı olan stratejik öneme sahip M4 Karayolunu ele geçirerek üzerinde kontrol noktası kurdu. #Barispinarihareketi


#NoHumanIsLimited as we celebrate the #DayoftheGirl we want to encourage our communities that no girl is limited given equal opportunities @GMCEndFGM @DeclaresGroupKe @PokotYouthBunge @irep_foundation @DREAMSALIVEAFR1


So I thought #TheViper was wicked but after listening to #Judastherat. Here's my conclusion: Vector kii se omo l'ole lo gbesi na as e dey hot. Where's Jesse Jagz...i loved that guy but he just vanished! Vector don win

Jesse Jagz gave us music sha, put some respect should be put on his name. Singer, Rapper, Producer. Rap, Pop, High life, Reggae, Dance Hall etc..


Resulayn’ın doğusundan kentin içine doğru ilerleyen Milli Ordu unsurları. @TSKMap

Positive change in the Philippines. Stand for Jesus and turn away from vices. Perkins Twins, Jesse and Christian the new ambassadors for Hanford. #kaibigan #kaibiganmovie #perkinsteomd@#hsnford #perkinspiredflix


aston villa get caraba cup free uploaded to their season tickets we got to pay £28

We celebrated the #DayoftheGirl with adolescent #girls across 21 schools and 18 villages in #Jharkhand yesterday as part of the #UMANG project. Here are a few glimpses! @mishra10tanvi @ICRW @ecfindia @Aangan_Trust @ravi_rverma @SubhalakshmiN


Vector - A successful man is one who knows himself but that thinking is far from you cause it's top of the shelf. #JudasTheRat #NoRats MI:


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