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Every single damn photo of @lizzo makes me glow with the most intense happiness. I feel so bad for anyone who doesn’t have that in their life.

FIRS: Fowler hands over to Aina, speaks on Buhari denying him second term…


Nick Cannon disses Eminem The whole world:

Miss Universe did have it’s first openly lesbian contestant this year No transgender contestants like last year

I got one minute into that Nick Cannon diss track and bruh...#SecondhandCringe


Steve Harvey Gives Sizable Eye Roll After Reading Climate Change Question at Miss Universe Pageant…

daripada banyak banyakan followers mending banyak banyakan hafalan quran, aduhayyy…

#FIRS If this memo is authentic (and it seems like it is), it means Tunde Fowler actually actively lobbied 4 a 2nd term as FIRS boss but was turned down. To add insult to injury, they leaked his memo! The real movie of 2023 is about to start. Where is Tinubu? @farooqkperogi


#kingof2odds Lucid #MTNsocialspree #RainOilTennisOpen Iheanacho #AVLLEI Quran Juice Wrld Arewa Twitte Vardy Leicester XXXTENTACION #cardibinGhana Ghanaians GhanaVsNaija #impeachmenthearings Arsenal Holding Fake Eminem Trump

#Video | Andy Ruiz pierde ante Anthony Joshua; América y Monterrey a la Final del Apertura 2019


Bro my boy is locked up in prison and he’s more pissed off at arsenal losing than the fact he’s gonna miss a few summers behind bars lol...

Pissed all of those film questions...unlike the fucking students!!! #universitychallenge

When you enter Ghana and you request for jollof rice. It looks like what the gods here in Nigeria would never eat at Orita #GhanaVsNaija


bro that just made me so fuckin pissed i cannot stress this enough FUCK THESE CRACKERS

Decepcionante la actuación de @Andy_destroyer1 contra Anthony Joshua.…

These players don’t give a toss, you can see it in their attitude. They may be low on confidence, you only get it back by actually wanting it. This group don’t, I’d rather they all pissed off to be honest

Aur Jab Unse Kaha Jata Hai Ki Zameen Me Fasaad Barpa Na Karo, To Kehte Hain : 'Hum Hi To Islaah Karne Wale Hain'. (Quran 2:11)…


Who mentioned atheism? You're rhe one who is incapable of being intellectually honest whenever your religion becomes the topic. Fanatics of Islam expressed anger over a cake because they believe it's a desecration of the Quran and you're here lying that's not the case? Come on!…

This week's Conscious Commitment. Willing to commit? Comment "ImWillingRU" below. As always, we wish you well! #iHeartCD #acceptance #consciouscommitment #mondaymotivation


Millions of Nigerians not bothered about Sowore's rearrest — Presidency What do you think? Meanwhile, this is what Femi Adesina said:


Xenophobic what ???? When they are done with Sowore’s drama... righ now they are trying to defend the indefensible.…

Learn something new everyday! You have a smartphone in your hands Don't just use it for fun Google something Read about what you don't know Upgrade your BRAIN With new information #MondayMotivation #BBNaija

Watch @LilNasX pay tribute to rapper #JuiceWRLD, who died suddenly at 21…

DSS: We did not come to the court to re arrest sowore. Me: So where is Sowore now? DSS: In our Custody under arrest.

മൂഡ് സ്വിങ് വന്ന്‌ തലയ്ക്ക് ഓളം വന്നിങ്ങനെ ഇരിപ്പാണ്.. പോയി വല്ല കായിക അഭ്യാസങ്ങളിലും ഏർപ്പെടട്ടെ..

RIP #Juice_WRLD Thanks for Moonlight, Lucid Dreams, All Girls are the Same, etc....

bro listening to lucid dreams and legends HURTS,, knowing he's gone and the lyrics,,,, this is double pain i cant anymore


Apart from boxing, Anthony Joshua has a good stature for Action movie roles..

First Wonder Woman 1984 trailer sees Gal Gadot literally ride lightning


Sowore’s Re-Arrest: Garba Shehu speaks on Presidency’s position on Thr matter #DSS #SoworeRearrest #Nigeria #Sowore

if wonder woman makes me watch steve trevor die again i sWEAR

Nostalgia Cinta Diana dan Steve Trevor di Trailer Wonder Woman 1984…

Vai ser preciso muita coragem pra tirarem a coroa da África do Sul pq não tem nenhuma condição de México ou Porto Rico ganharem, não eram nem pra tá aí #MissUniverse2019

yo cuando apareció steve en el trailer de wonder woman


nothing but respect for MY Wonder Woman


Se Porto Rico ganhar vai ser por questões políticas. África do Sul e México foram excelentes nas respostas #MissUniverse2019

Torcendo horrores para a Miss México e a Miss South África, a Miss Porto Rico o q tenho haver #MissUniverse2019


Eddie Hearn hits back at Deontay Wilder following Joshua’s Win #Nigeria, #News…


I’m very excited for Wonder Woman 1984. Aside from my love for New Order, the trailer also looks very fun and exciting. Plus extending these well-liked characters from Justice League could hopefully mean more outings for Henry Cavill as Superman. #WW84 #dceu

We'll probably get something like this in #WW84


There are precious few movies I'm willing to see in the theater immediately again. Promare, like Fury Road, is just SOOO MUCH fun with an enthusiastic crowd.

Hell hath no fury like a white man in birkenstocks and a wide brimmed Goorin Bros hat carrying a baby blue APC bag in downtown LA

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