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Need a restorative afternoon before Christmas rolls around? Asha @UrbanBaths has just the thing! . #GreaterBroadwayDistrict #VisitSacramento #Sacramento365


Made myself proud, stayed at Christmas work drinks for well over 3 hours (its Friday...) feeling awkward as hell and left before I had too much to regret it. Congratulations me, you've grown up.

So I am now attempting to be Cyrus Vance in the warring members of my wife's family. Unfortunately I have the tact of Nicola Sturgeon dancing on Swinsons tits. (Not that she's a lesbian you understand.) So Christmas is apparently cancelled. Drink.

Boris Johnson will use his majority to govern as he likes | Katy Balls…

‘We broke the deadlock, we ended the gridlock, we smashed the road block.’ Boris Johnson’s Conservatives won a significant majority in an election that saw Jeremy Corbyn step down as Labour Party leader

Boris Johnson wins big; to fast-track Brexit by January 31 (report by @PrasunSonwalkar)…


If anyone has a different video of me fire bending last night pls send me it.

send me nudes bonitas, tengo frío y es pretexto

What a magnificent winning from @Sportyodd10 Am so grateful sir. I have never lost a single bet since I started buying your games. You are a blessing to us all #FridayThe13th #FuoyeVsUnilag #LigerDoReMiFaSoLaTiDo #ijgb #obaseki #honda #KwasuVsUnilorin #Benzema #chisom #burna


CFN would like to send our heartfelt #thanks to Alexander Bradley, who for the 2nd year in a row spearheaded a #toydrive & dropped off over 100 #toys for our #child care #kids. Alex, you're #awesome & people like you make #Calgary be the best city it can be! #YYC #MerryChristmas


The Edmunds 2020 #TopRated best sedan of the year is the @Honda Accord. This is a car that quite simply does everything well –– from its sophisticated technology, to its large and thoughtfully designed interior.


#KwasuVsUnilorin It's only in Kwasu that a four year course is studied for just 2 weeks and the student is already flaunting premature certificate seeking for a lifetime job... U people beta go and open a provision store.


Turkish Airlines: cheap flights from Amsterdam to Singapore for just €407! #CheapFlights


Turkish Airlines Could be Banned from Flying to Nigeria After Leaving Passenger Baggage Behind via @yourownkanoo


Federal Government orders Turkish Airlines to suspend operations into Nigeria The Federal Government of Nigeria has ordered Turkish Airlines to suspend its operations into the country due to repeated cases of poor passenger treatment by the internationa…


It's Friday 13th, but it's also St Lucy's Day. A celebration of light which happens at the darkest time each year.

Looking for a bike with dropbars and discbrakes, that is light (sub 10kg) and fast, costs around 3-4k € and is durable enough for multiple accidents a year (no carbon frame) #followerpower

#UnitedKingdom - The Labour Party is the clear loser in general elections, seeing its share of the vote drop 7.8 points to only 32.2%. Boris Johnson's Conservatives will have a strong majority on the back of a 43.6% share of the votes. Scottish National Party makes gains. (MP)

MaTES-SLEx Traffic Update as of 4:13 PM: Alabang Viaduct to Calamba: LIGHT; Calamba Toll Plaza Exit: HEAVY

Former Sky COO and BJ Business Tsar Andrew Griffith holds safe seat of Arundel. Congrats Andrew. Previous incumbent Nick Herbert rumoured to be heading to Australia as Governor General.

“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart #TheGiftSaklolo #AldenRichards

Twinkle Star Outdoor Christmas Lights Battery Operated 50 LED Mini String Light with 8 Modes, 16ft Waterproof Fairy Lights for Garden Xmas Tree Wedding Wreath Party Decoration #15 Twinkle Star Outdoor Christmas Lights Battery Operated 50 LED Mini String Light with 8 Modes,…


Das britische Pfund gewinnt nach dem Wahlerfolg von Boris Johnson stark an Wert.…


Portable Mini Humidifier, 500ml Small Cool Mist Humidifier with Night Light, USB Personal Desktop Humidifier for Baby Bedroom Travel Office Home, Auto Shut-Off, 2 Mist Modes, Super Quiet Operation #20 Portable Mini Humidifier, 500ml Small Cool Mist Humidifier with Night Li…


Le Directeur Général du @CHUBordeaux, @yannbubien ouvre aux côtés du Professeur Dider Neau les 7ème journées régionales d'infectiologie. "Antibiorésistance prévention et promotion de la santé et maladies émergentes sont les 3 grands axes d'avenir".


A historic night for the Conservatives, who have secured a majority Labour suffered widespread losses, the Lib Dem leader lost her seat & the SNP made gains in Scotland Here’s the story of general election 2019, so far #BBCEle

{ In 5 months me and Chris will have been married for 10 years. Just days before we got married, we voted in the general election. Our whole married lives together has been under a Tory (/coalition) government.……

General Election 2019: Havant stays Conservative as Alan Mak retains safe seat #Havant

Biggest Parliament Majority For Boris Johnson's Party Since Thatcher Days

Always excited for Friday the 13th, there's something eeky about that phrase.

Bogovi Yamna naj nas po letu 2024 varjejo pred tem židoliznim sedaj podpredsednikom ZDA !!! - via @shareaholic

james must be sweating seeing greenwood bag goals like that

Waiting for Pope Francis to send his commiseration to Mr Corbyn.

realDonaldTrump Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN! Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT. This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the E.U. C…

That's a good question. I think ultimately they're both about creating tension and letting it build long enough to get a reaction when you break the tension. In comedy it's a punch line, in horror it's a scare, but it's both just breaking tension. So there's a similarity there.…

Met with delegations of IPFT and Joint Movement Against CAB from Tripura and discussed their concerns over CAB. Modi government will try to solve their issues in a positive way. I thank them for their appeal to maintain peace and call off the strike.


GRIDCo staff suspends planned sit-down strike The GRIDCo Divisional Union Chairman, Francis Kwabena Adjatey joins us on phone ☎️ #Yensemp

at least we still have stormzy national treasure

Give me your chivas starting 11 now that the refuerzos have been announced (don’t send it if it doesn’t have chofis) tryna see something

My dear friend and ex-husband, Sammy Stopford MBE, has just launched his new venture: “Stopford’s Dance Tips”, where anybody of any level can send a short dance clip and receive brief feedback from him on their……

i have three days left with spotify premium someone pls send me money

Stormzy at labour HQ

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