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When you realize tomorrow is Monday again:

#LEAPDeclarations 2019 #Day5. Isaiah 60 vs 6; The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah; all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; and they shall shew forth the praises of the Lord. #PastorACOhanebo @wccrmhq @wccrmph


#LEAPDeclarations 2019 #Day5. Lose sight of the things you are seeing to gain sight of what the Lord is saying. #PastorACOhanebo @wccrmhq @wccrmph


#LEAPDeclarations 2019 #Day5. Lose sight of the things you are seeing to gain sight of what the Lord is saying. #PastorACOhanebo @wccrmhq @wccrmph

#LEAPDeclarations 2019 #Day5. This is the time to make every word of the scripture to become operational. #PastorACOhanebo @wccrmhq @wccrmph

#LEAPDeclarations 2019 #Day5. This is the time to make every word of the scripture to become real. #PastorACOhanebo @wccrmhq @wccrmph

From the little Garba Shehu said and his body language, the ministerial list is not likely to be ready before senate proceed on break. @CTVpolitics @channelstv

Garba Shehu mocks Ezekwesili, asks 'what is Oby?'…


Wow! The #FojoTvApp is a beauty! Imagine getting maximum enjoyment for less and from anywhere in the world? . @FojoTv is here, dope and affordable!

Does Sir Dee feel Nelson set Frodd up purposely by telling him to shoot his shot with Esther? #BBAskHM #BBNaija

Doesn't Frodd think it's time to move on from Esther? #BBAskHM #BBNaija

Does Gedoni really love Khafi? #BBAskHM #BBNaija

Me on every Jane Foster Thor tweet

completely normal and makes sense that when Thor is a man he is Thor and when Thor is a woman she is Female Thor

Gonna watch Ragnarok or the one Thor movie Natalie Portman’s whiny ass acting didn’t ruin.

El desencuentro entre Bale y Zidane nace de las primeras suplencias por decisión técnica del galés en la 17/18, seguramente debidas a q al Madrid nadie le deja ya correr y ZZ quiere mejorar un ataque posicional donde cree q Gareth no encaja tan bien. Es el míster y es su criterio

bale and zidane should have a fight

Los que decís que a Bale se le trata así por no ser español tenéis lo justito para que al llegar la noche no os hayáis cagado encima

COZA: Ezekwesili questions Police over invitation of Busola, Timi Dakolo…


In this life, you need... Speed Darlignton’s belief and confidence in himself Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s pride And Wizkid’s “minding his own business” energy.

See how Presidents do o.... Not cow , cow cow cow, everyday. Get to work @MBuhari . see your mates!!!!!! #AvengersEndgame #SayNoToIntimidation #bbnaija #BBNaijia #BBNaijaUpdates iwobi, blade, dakolos, timi…

Ce tweet, si j'ajoute le mot " Marvel" et #AvengersEndgame, il y aura plus de 1000 likes.


On this busola vs Fatoyibo case.... Y'all need to read this... This is the best write up about this issue i have seen. To busola stans, what happens is she says she lied and to Coza stans what happens if ur Pastors admits dat he did it. Well let the truth WIN.…

The fact that Nigeria's police force can't spell Busola Dakolo's name does not give people much confidence that a professional investigation is underway into her allegation that she was raped by Pastor Biodun Fotoyinbo. He's denied the allegation. @timidakolo #BusolaDakolo…

Just last week a group of us worshiped God right here on the Sea of Galilee. Wherever you gather with fellow believers today, may you see His sovereignty over your storms. #TheLordsDay #worship


Police invite Busola, Timi Dakolo for questioning over alleged rape accusation

Police invite Busola, Timi Dakolo for questioning over alleged rape accusation

When Bidoun Fatoyinbo heard that Busola, despite being a mother married to a celebrity decided to spill out, he was shocked to his bone marrows. The first thing was to deny the incident for the sake of his business empire (COZA)then run to hide and see if the issue will faze out

6 Daily Habits that Cause Back Pain And Their Remedies Dakolos Thelma #SundayMorning Mike Tuoyo #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation Omashola Khafi Tacha #brownskingirls #BBNaijaparty #TheLionKing #BBNaijia #BBNaija #BBNaija2019 #bbnaija19 #Worship Busola

7 Foods that Can Unclog Your Arteries Dakolos Thelma #SundayMorning Mike Tuoyo #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation Tacha Omashola Khafi Tacha #brownskingirls #BBNaijaparty #TheLionKing #BBNaijia #BBNaija #BBNaija2019 #bbnaija19 #Worship Busola

You're rich in love and You're slow to anger Your name is great and Your heart is kind For all Your goodness I will keep on singing Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find #worship

As we gather to #worship today, consider these words: "But I, by your great #love, can come into your house; in reverence I bow down toward your holy temple." (Psalm 5:7) God’s love for us, shown so clearly in Jesus, should prompt us to go to worship God with #gratitude and joy.

3 Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Shower Dakolos Thelma #SundayMorning Mike Tuoyo #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation Tacha Omashola Khafi Tacha #brownskingirls #BBNaijaparty #TheLionKing #BBNaijia #BBNaija #BBNaija2019 #bbnaija19 #Worship Busola

Bigger def should’ve been with Spirit, you kinda dropped the ball @Disney @Beyonce

Eu e a @emflr Já podemo virar dançarinos da Beyoncé

i love Beyoncé and her deep ass voice

Vela tries to get the last word in budding Zlatan rivalry

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @EpochTimes Alright, I'll join the fun. #TeachSomethingIn5Words 1. Bill 2. Clinton 3. Is 4. A 5. Rapist.

Un recital de #Ibrahimovic: Triplete de #Zlatan en clásico que Los Ángeles Galaxy le ganó a LAFC.


On the first goal. How does he know the guy is behind him? He can’t right? #Zlatan

.@Ibra_official tells rival coach to ‘go home, little bi***' after epic hat trick (Video)


Aisha Buhari warns IGP Against intimidating the Dakolos…


Is Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Using Police To Intimidate Busola Dakolo’s Family…

Beyoncé Releases Double #Music Video for ‘Lion King’ Songs…

Ibrahimovic le gana el duelo a Carlos Vela con triplete (VIDEO)


#brownskingirls should be the most influential song of the year. Thank you Beyonce & Wizkid.

We had our annual girls only dance party last night and in my mind I was Beyoncé out there but the reality was probably more

Quindi Conte ha bocciato #Mario, #Valero, probabilmente #Miranda, #Icardi, #Nainggolan e #Perisic nel ruolo in cui pensavamo giocasse con #Conte. A 40 giorni dalla fine del mercato c’è da fare quasi tutto

The most stupid thought of all generations is to be comparing creature, @Beyonce with the #Creator. Who does that if not for the fools? The God that consumes with fire will forever be my God.

Conte: "Perisic? O testes jogando com ele na ala não foram positivos. Não acho que ele esteja apto para jogar nesta posição. Sendo assim ele só tem espaço no ataque."


Conte duro: "Le risposte non sono positive: Perisic non è adatto a fare il quinto a sinistra. Lukaku? Ci spero"…

Un toma & dame previo al clásico de Los Ángeles, donde tuvo una disputa de declaraciones con Carlos Vela; dijo que él era un Ferrari en una liga de Fiats, además que era el mejor jugador de la competencia. En el partido se despachó con hat-trick perfecto, ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC !


Don’t feel like cooking breakfast ... wish I could just stay in bed && someone bring it to me

I agree Patrick. Investors keep hand-wringing on superficial things like 232 while missing the deep structural problem that Uranium supply is heading into. Current mines only have a few years left (Cigar is 9 I think). Nothing to replace it.…

Mientras tú escribes, ella sueña con lejanías y puertas que se abren a una carrera de caballos desbocados. Mientras tú duermes, ella vela y teje la tela invisible de la melancolía. José Ramón Medina #NaceUnDíaComoHoy


“I guess at Lafayette they use liquid eggs” has got me dead. Apparently he thought there was such thing as egg extract that they used at his college to make egg omelette??? Anyway his younger (cousin I assume) has been leading cooking since his relatives got here

Sicuramente vincerà tutto, però per ora non mi sembra felicissimo il gatto che vive in testa a #Conte. #inter #perisic #lukaku #dzeko

Che scudisciata Conte a Perisic. Deve trottare il croato, e parecchio. Ma il punto è che l’Inter non saprebbe nemmeno a chi piazzarlo

#Conte negativo su #Perisic. Dopo #InterManUtd dice che i riscontri non sono positivi e che l’unica posizione che in questo momento può occupare è quella di attaccante

Sono sorpreso delle parole di Conte su Perisic, non me l‘aspettavo. Per questo vi dico di non fidarvi dei quotidiani. La Gazzetta scrisse recentemente, come un giocatore rivitalizzato con Conte.

UMW XC/TF welcomes Patrick Murphy to the Eagle family. Patrick is a distance runner who most recently attended Walsingham Academy…

||: Had someone for the first time ask me about Beyonce's performance in #TheLionKing . My take;: She did a good job. And that's it. Not gonna compare her to Moira or Gabrielle Union. She did a good job as the Live Action version of Nala.

Beyonce fans agree that finally someone has come for the Queen's throne – Princess Blue Ivy! #BrownSkinGirl

i keep forgetting childish is on Mood 4 eva KSSKKSKSKS

If u are going to bed soon #BBNaija Like ❤and follow me for updates on Mercy and Ike #TheLionKing #wizkid

Tidal deleted the gift album that had the extended version of mood 4 Eva @TIDALSupport y’all tryna fix a bug??

#GiveNorthEducation is all we are asking, begging and crying for, Education is a Right not a privilege, Tag ur Governors,Senators, Representatives,MSHA, Let them know they are the reasons behind the calamities befalling their states @DariusIshaku @JummaiAlhassan , @channelstv

Ghost Ride is out now on Spotify and most other services! Peep it and show ya friends #hiphop #richbrian #brownskingirl #earthquake #TAGR #houseofflyingtagrs…

I Posted Two Incase You Don’t Believe In Love At First Sight Wizkid Davido #LionKing2019 #FridayFeeling #brownskingirl #LampardOut Tiwa


How @BurnaBoy became Nigeria's surprise success story


The Ravens received a Pro Bowl berth at inside linebacker in all but six of their first 23 seasons in Baltimore. Now, they're counting on two former undrafted free agents and a fourth-round pick to pick up the slack for the departed C.J. Mosley:

I am looking forward to bringing my whole family to vote for community projects at Participatory Budget vote night Tues. July 23 6:00-8:00 pm at the Community YMCA (2269 Gottingen Street), hosted by @LindellSmithHFX for District 8 residents including kids! cc @HalifaxNorthEnd

Actually, this not "why," but only a fraction of it. At the rate #IllegalAliens r crossing the border they would double the population of my city in a few months. There is nowhere to put them. They gift our desert w 23 tons of trash/yr.…

Nas joint ain’t bad. I dig 9 songs out of 16. That’s not a bad ratio considering this is old material. Nas is the curious case of Damned if you do damned if he don’t... #LostTapes2 #Nas

I absolutely love Jarreau or rap. Fuck y’all haters #LostTapes2

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