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Cuddles and One Punch Man please


To Tory voting Ex-Miners. Had my full financial & vocal support to 1984 Strike. Had my full support for enquiry-Battle of Orgreave. Had my full support when Corbyn promised well paid Jobs in your area. My support now gone -30 pieces silver for Brexit- was it worth it?

Today I hold in the light all those who are hurting and all those who are rejoicing; all those who are scared and all those who are expectant ... asking for the Love which converts enemy and stranger to friend and neighbour in hope of justice, truth and goodness. #KindAdvent


Good morning loves.. Your girl finally has nepa light access.


TODO ESTÁ CONSUMADO General de División (R.) Rafael Dávila Álvarez… vía @GeneralDavila

Mason Greenwood’s finishing is elite

Climate eschatology has the kind of incel vibe I recognize from being a high school freshman and thinking the quickest way to get laid would be an imminent meteor strike that would throw off everyone’s inhibitions and we’d all gather for one last party to just do whatever

Woke up to some light in the darkness - my city , St Albans, bucked the national trend and tactically voted out our vile , incumbent Tory MP .... and we voted remain . We are a beacon of sanity surrounded by morons. Proud to live here , fuck the rest of this stupid country ....…

El director general de Model Econòmic i Ocupació, l’alcalde de Maó, el tinent d’Alcaldia d’Esports, Formació i Ocupació, Carlos Montes i la directora insular del SOIB, han assistit a l’acte de cloenda del projecte SOIB 30 Formació i Ocupació Bristol 170-II.


If you're paying attention to Ruby 3x3 and, in general, where the Ruby language is going, this is a great status report from @ioquatix on design for Ruby concurrency work.…

Anna Soubry ..."Then i saw her face now i am a leaver" is no more. She will not be entertaining us with her face of many contortions. Maybe she has finally grasped what she really refused to understand, that we voted to leave. It took a general election to get the penny to drop.

Happy Friday the 13th guys - we truly made this one, one to remember.

Here's a look at markets following the Conservative Party's decisive victory in the U.K. general election


Happy Friday the 13th!

Britain topping the headlines here this morning. General consensus ( expressed regretfully ) - Boris Johnson’s success means Brexit inevitable. Warnings too that the price of his victory could be the breakup of Great Britain


.@Monzer455 the Ag. General Manager MFS at MTN Uganda explains the #MTNMoMoPay Christmas promo. Merchants who receive money using the service stand a chance to win big prizes. When you (customer) pay using the service, you get 5% discount on your payment. Dial *165*3#. #MTNMoMo

Friday 13th, a full moon sinking in the sky and another fucking Tory government. Once again, the writers of this show are laying it on a little thick.


friday the 13th taking a math exam <333

If you need me, I‘ll be over there looking at the French news, where the fight against the dismantlement of our welfare and the massive general strike are giving me hope.

.@CPFC's star man @WilfredZaha tells us how he built a gym at home to keep his training on target

Mason Greenwood was trending above the General Election last night #GE2019…

beta cucks named kyle will simply punch a hole in their wall and move on, a testosterone driven Chad however would then put his dick in it

I really like the way Greenwood strikes the ball

Nelson Muffarej na reunião mais Importante da Historia com clube, me aparece despenteado e com a camisa aberta.. todo Largado!!!!! Meu DEUS..

- ben kimim? - ci fi kenedi. - yönetim -evet abi -yönetimin kendisiyim. sen kimsin ya? - abraham linkoln. - ne abraham linkolnü ya? sen şaka mı yapıyosun?

Ante pruebas presentadas por #Fiscalía, juez condenó a Nelson Parra Suárez, exalcalde de San Vicente del Chucurí #Santander, por celebración de contrato sin cumplimiento de requisitos legales y peculado por apropiación. El sentenciado deberá pagar 36 meses de prisión

Buenas noches. No se como empezar este tweet así que iré directo al grano. Encantado de conocerte CM de DH Sevilla, se que estás leyendo esto por que es tu trabajo, y tengo una duda. ¿Que has cenado hoy? Un saludo y encantado de hablar contigo.

Nasty C is actually the best rapper in Africa, argue with ur keyboard.

Nasty c is nt ordinary, he was born with rap in his mouth #NastyC


Despliegan una insólita vela solar en el espacio podrá ser vista desde la Tierra VIDEO… vía @RCENI24 #FelizJueves #12Dic #BuenosDiasATodos #PatriaIndetenible PetroApp Caracas Guaire Colas

Residential #solar installs hit record high in 2019 third quarter (15 states have best quarter ever) according to latest report from @SEIA and @WoodMackenzie…

Following a change made to the Champions League last season , new signings made during the January transfer window are no longer cup-tied - meaning Minamino would be able to feature for #LFC in the knockout stages.…

#PremierLeague #Liverpool Takumi Minamino could soon become the first Japanese player to sign for Liverpool.…

Had dream that I tried to hide John Ashbery inside a locker but he managed to kick and punch his way out with pure brute force . The man was unstoppable

Em breve contaremos com a Energia Solar Fotovoltaica em nossa matriz! Com a qualidade e a garantia dos produtos Intelbras, a Feluc garantirá mais economia e valorização do meio ambiente! Entre em contato e saiba mais sobre os benefícios da Energia Solar!#felucbr #intelbrassolar


The first Liverpool signing I've been able to write about since joining Reach. This move is genius.…

VEM AÍ nova linha de maquiagens da Sephora by Lady Gaga. Rihanna fazendo escola…

tirei a manhã pra ouvir Rihanna e putz! Anti é muito atemporal

CJN seeks constitution amendment to ‘accommodate peculiarities’ of Shari’a | TheCable…


Imagine voting. Sharia Law is the only way to save the West.

Neat to see PGE sending customers who are concerned about backup power our way.…


Name a bill you hate paying... Me: NEPA bill

Can u respect our leader. He is not the same level with u. He is Major General Buhari. The regime promise of visa exemption is a welcome development, at least our DSS &SARS can have important security issues to focus on. Lastly, many promises were made in 2015 & none is fulfilled…

Metropolis-Hastings Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) leverage the discriminator to pick better samples from the generator after ML model training is done.

The best thing is to ignore NEPA and start buying generator. Giant of Africa my foot


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