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Habe mich mit jemanden aus dem engeren Umfeld von #Hakimi unterhalten und gefragt, ob es Neuigkeiten gibt. #Hakimi hat sich selber noch nicht entschieden, aber -anders als in den Medien kommuniziert- gibt es nicht nur die Option Real Madrid oder Borussia Dortmund. #BVB

SENSAÇÃO HAALAND ESTREIA COM 3 GOLS EM 23 MINUTOS O furacão norueguês Haaland marca três gols em outra estreia: agora ajudando o Borussia Dortmund a virar um jogo complicado no Alemão. O garoto está impossível! Só dar play!

Who will win today’s game? #MUFC #LIVMUN

Haaland & Minamino's sales should allow Adeyemi - who turned 18 yesterday - the chance to flourish at Salzburg. Released by Bayern at an early age, he's seen as Germany's best teenage prospect. And he was also once paid in pizza! From November:… #NxGn…

A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only look with your eyes and see the recompense of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place— the Most High, who is my refuge Ps 91:7-9

The motivation to serving God is the desire to please Him. As faith honours Jesus, so Jesus honours faith the most. If you see the choice to serve the Lord as your responsibility, do not allow pride and greed overrule your intentions, rather follow the path of faith and humility.


#Haaland makes Dortmund great again. Ich würde allerdings lieber absteigen als einem bekennenden Trump-Fan zujubeln zu müssen, der meinen Verein zur Meisterschaft schießt.

Nakane Art Works Mount Fuji & Shrine Art5 20191226


Mount trying to enter the Grealish Maddison debate



Reverend Yusuf Akila ministers the Word in Service today Topic: Think Forward Text: Proverbs 23:7, Mark 5:1-15 #TakeOver #HOTRRefuge #HOTRService


Let your diligence attract favor. Quality is a silent scream, it speaks for itself. #PstLanre #HOTRService


கடலூர்: தென்பெண்ணையில் ஆற்றுத்திருவிழா நடைபெறுகிறது. அதில் பல்லாயிரக்கணக்கானோர் பங்கேற்று வழிபாடு #Cuddalore #Worship

West African food is superior

God has a way of using 'Nobodies' to create greatness and to make men great. #HOTRService #HouseOnTheRock

The barren womb is a catalyst for the move of God. John the Baptist came out of a barren womb that would not stop praying which is why he was exceptional. #HOTRService #HouseOnTheRock

Nehemiah was the king’s cupbearer and he controlled the mood of the king. By virtue of his position, he had the king's life in his hands. #HOTRService #HouseOnTheRock

In all labour there is profit. You must develop the mind to work. The amount of effort you put in, is the amount of result you’ll get. #HOTRService #HouseOnTheRock

Waking up isn't the same as arising, waking up is being aware of possibilities and opportunities, arising is taking advantage of these possibilities and opportunities. #PstLanre #HOTRService


I will praise the name of God with song And magnify Him with thanksgiving. FRANK AGBADAGRI, LOIS UDOFIA and the #TrueWorshippers lead the congregation in a joyous praise session. #HOTRJosService #HOTRService #Vision2020 #OurYearOfVictory


Naturally, growth refers to any increase in height and in size, while growth in the spirit means the flesh goes down while people see Christ. #HOTRService #HouseOnTheRock

Last-gasp Hayden header earns Newcastle dramatic win over Chelsea…


#SexEducation vez o ÚNICO musical de Romeu e Julieta que eu já quis ver na vida. De fato, EU PRECISO VER.

alright i know i’ve been judgemental in the past, but harry and meghan got me thinking love MIGHT actually be real

People have a lot of reactions to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle giving up use of their "royal highness" titles.… via @HuffPostEnt

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will LOSE HRH titles via @MailOnline - WONT RECEIVE ANYMORE TAX PAYERS CASH

Just discovered #WUNvCCM in Geelong today is free entry. I'm thinking was the last free entry #ALeague match the transferred Newcastle Jets game to Port Macquarie? Maybe Wellington did a free entry game somewhere as well. Just trying to think back.

Boys swimming | Verona Area/Mount Horeb finished fifth out of 13 teams with 153 points at the Cardinal Relays in Middleton.

Dear Frank, STOP PLAYING MASON MOUNT!!!! Thanks, Dave #chelsea #cfc #masonmount

#GamblingTwitter This #BorussiaDortmund kid Haaland is a legit wunderkind. The touted new signee (who turned FC Barcelona down) came in during the 2nd half... And scored 3 (and what should've been a 4th if #VAR was used). Bet Dortmund 36-1 to win the Bundesliga.

Hello it's my birthday today. I thank God for life! Lets leave Kante Bayern #WoodwardOut #Davido Chioma #BrunoFernandes for now thanks


Las Las.... If BIOCHEMISTRY was my name,I would have FORGOTTEN it #MBBSJOURNEY2


salak gibi her şeyi birbirine karıştırıyosunuz linç yemek için nimetle şaka olmaz aq kusalım mı illa

This is the beginning of the new Chelsea 2020 trend. The first half of the season, Away was their Home. And now they believe is more honorable to lose away from home. #ARSSHU #AFallFromGrace

The @FA gang-up against @Arsenal is not even hidden no more..... Now they are doing it openly, employing the service of Mike Dean, Mike Oliver, and Bradley and now #VAR.... #ARSSHU

Halaand scored a hat trick on his debut. That boy is for real.

Before anything I really hope and want us to regret that we didn't buy Halaand. That's all

Marcatura multipla (2+ gol segnati) numero 23 per Ciro #Immobile in Serie A con la #Lazio (20 doppiette, 2 triplette, 1 poker): raggiunto Giuseppe Signori 33 Piola 23 Signori 23 Immobile 13 Giordano #LazioSamp @ciroimmobile

Eminem is a smack head who makes music for goths

Eminem’s new video recreates the Las Vegas shooting – and ends with a plea to change gun laws in America:

اغنية تنتشر وفيها إتهام للسعودية بأحداث ١١-سبتمبر بالتحديد عندما يقول : " like a Saudi attack when the towers collapse " لازال اليساريين يدعمون الخونج والمتطرفين من ناحية ويتهموننا بأفعالهم من ناحية أخرى .…

habrá algo más de mierda que eminem? si, la gente que la escucha

Professor wouldn’t let me listen to the new Eminem album in class WITH HEADPHONES.... wait until we get to do course evaluations

#AFallFromGrace was really good. And I was not expecting that ending!!! Good job @Breshawebb

I am so fortunate to have friends who will virtually watch #AFallFromGrace with me tonight!

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