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Top debuts on US Spotify (July 19): #1 How Do You Sleep? 870K #2 MOOD 4 EVA 693K #3 BROWN SKIN GIRL 552K #4 Royalty 491K #5 I.F.L.Y. 447K

Thanks Beyoncé for releasing Mood 4 Eva just in time for Vegas


‑ Antonio Conte: "Perisic, benim ondan istediğim role uygun değil. Sadece önde oynayabiliyor. Sol kanatta Dalbert'i oynattım ve çok iyi bir performans verdi."


Never thought I’d hear shatta Wale and Beyoncé on the same song and I love it!!!

The Caorthannach the fire spitter is supposedly the devils ma who terrorized Ireland for years until one day a guy called Saint Patrick had an all out brawl with this demon that lasted for many days.He finally defeated her at Lough Derg by tearing open her belly from the inside.


I'm all in on Westwood. He should be a major winner.

Patrick ? Alors que le Président @EmmanuelMacron s'apprête à remettre le Gilet Jaune à Julian Alaphilippe @alafpolak1 #AntenneVieux

#Conte boccia #Perisic a tutta fascia. Cessione in vista anche per lui??

Perisic e lazaro, prima che si facesse male, hanno chiarito a conte in allenamento che non hanno la testa per fare la fase difensiva in un cc a 5. Quindi o cambia modulo o guarderanno al mercato ( se uscirà qualcuno)

#Conte:”#Perisic non penso sia adatto per fare il ruolo che gli chiedo. Quindi l'unico posto in cui può giocare ora è attaccante. Grande applicazione di #Dalbert

Genau wegen solcher Vorkommnisse ist eine vor-Ort Berichterstattung von immenser Wichtigkeit, ebenso wie eine unabhängige Gegenöffentlichkeit! Danke @henrykstoeckl !…

I'm cooking risotto tonight so face the dilemma of cooking ten times as much rice as I actually need or cooking children's portions.

MDC’s final list of Glenview South by-election contestants is: -Wellington Mutizwa -Joshua Pedzisai -Asher Tahwa -Vincent Tsvangirai -Patrick Chimedza -Amon Mukomondera -Wilbert Mubonderi No women after Nyembesi Mahere pulled out! @maDube_ @Mavhure @MakomboreroH @RMajongwe

20 luglio e dobbiamo comprare almeno 4 giocatori (esterno sinistro, centrocampista, 2 punte) e venderne 6 (Icardi, Joao Mario, Dalbert, Nainggolan, Borja Valero, Perisic). 40 giorni di fuoco.

Conte: "#Perisic: “Stiamo lavorando, ma le risposte non sono positive. Non penso sia adatto per fare il ruolo che gli chiedo.Quindi l'unico posto in cui può giocare ora è attaccante".

#Inter, Conte duro su Perisic: 'Risposte non positive, non può giocare dove voglio io. Lukaku? Ho speranza, vedremo...' #ManUtdInter


#Inter, #Conte boccia #Perisic: “Non è adatto al ruolo che gli chiedo". Il ruolo prevedeva di giocare seriamente per più di 120 secondi.

Conte: "Perisic is not adapting to his new role... Dalbert? Great application today"…

Billboard has ranked #BrownSkinGirl as the Number 1 Song from #TheGiftAlbum.. #brownskingirls Wizkid won with Drake now he has won with Beyonce..


Watching Whitney Houston videos. Beyoncé is a STAN

countdown é uma das minhas fav da Beyoncé essa música me dá uma felicidade absurda é automático começar a tocar e eu sorrir

Sandcastles is still the best Beyonce song

Officially a Burna Boy fan after that show

I wish majesty song was like 13hours... @Peruzzi_VIBES I know you are capable

Majesty by @Peruzzi_VIBES is a great song, you can't argue.

Peruzzi - Majesty (Official Video) via @YouTube

Always great when @TheEconomist covers our work, this time on the use and misuse of #whatsapp. We have a full report coming soon, but in the meantime here is a taster. @jchitchen @HassanIdayat @JFisherBham #nigeria #naija #socialmedia #FakeNews…

"One of the hardest things to accept as an older athlete is that you're not going to be as consistent as you were at 23. I'm going to have my hot weeks...I will win tournaments. But there are times when I'm just not going to be there" Tiger Woods after missing cut at #theOpen

''When you are in the room, they notice you...brown skin girl'' #brownskingirl

Allah knows best, imagine Nigeria won AFCON with this music too

Bandwidth on Friday, 19 July 2019 at 17:23:35 GMT: Ping: 24.26 ms Download: 47.35 Mbits/s Upload: 21.67 Mbits/s Powered by #RaspberryPi

CFP: APS-sponsored session at @caavisual 2020 conference entitled "Registering the Matrix: Printing Matrices as Sites of Artistic Mediation," submissions due 7/23/19 to session chair Jun Nakamura. (link:…)


If you ever just want to look at happy animals go do an image search for 'tiger swimming'…

Sea-Watch captain calls on EU to accept migrants. More here:

Piazza Navona is a square in #Rome, #Italy built on the site of Stadium of Domitian, built in 1st C AD, & follows the form of the open space of the stadium. The Romans went there to watch the agones ("games"), & hence it was known as "Circus Agonalis" ("competition arena").


What is this new coconut spelling thing and why don’t I get it

Sul nuovo numero di @fortuneitalia​ l'analisi di un mercato che continua a crescere, anno dopo anno. @IQVIA_Italy #integratori #nutraceutica…

Tryna spell coconut with my hips tonight wassup

That spell coconut trick is for females who ride with their Knees

Wow I can't believe my eyes @mrGoldenobi1 thank you for this yesterday game sir. Am so grateful #BBNaija #BBNaija2019 #BBNajia #Bbnnaija #BBNaijaUpdates #BBNaijia #BBNIAJA #GodWhen #UncleJimmy50k #IkeGang #peruzzi #ragnar #burna #Majesty #sonia #dembele #tekno #colorado #hustle


Dear South Africans, what exactly did Nelson Mandela do ? #NelsonMandelaDay


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world", Nelson Mandela #motivation #changemakers #knowledge #widsom #growth #advancement #progress #opportunity #potential #dreams #Humanity


I hate when you can hear the voice of one moron at a baseball game who can’t hold his liquor or think of anything more inventive to yell than “nice swing”! #SFGiants

INXS played at Macy's - Her Majesty's Hotel, South Yarra 39 years ago on 19 Jul 1980


you think my white pinstripe vest looks nice? no it doesnt! i look like SHIT!! you dont know anything about Uniforms. youre only saying that to FUCK me


you think my bowtie looks nice? no it doesnt! i look like SHIT!! you dont know anything about Mens attire. youre only saying that to FUCK me

The longer the Padres don't do anything, the worse takes I see (probably including mine). So, it would be nice to see some moves soon.

If you’ve ever said anything nice to me and I either didn’t reply or I said something weird back, I’m sorry I have terrible social skills it’s not you it’s me

Bob Odenkirk is far far far far far far far and away the nicest famous person I’ve ever encountered. Nice to me before I had a byline or a Twitter account or anything. Just. N-I-C-E. Good. Nice.

People liking and accepting you is nice, but if you can't accept your own skin, you can't be a good wife, good mother, good anything. Veth wants to talk to Caleb about finding a way to go back to herself. #CriticalRole

#RadhaSoami_Exposed नशा करने वाले लोग कभी भी भक्ति मार्ग पर नहीं चल सकते राधास्वामी पंथ के गुरु भी नशा करते थे और अपने भक्तों को भी नशा करने के लिए मना नहीं करते थे सही भक्ति साधना जानने के लिए देखी ईश्वर टीवी रोज रात 8:30 से #ThursdayMotivation


So my kitchen is a mess now but I made mango-pineapple coconut cake with ginger cream icing... Mac and cheese is in the oven! I can’t stand showing up to potlucks with napkins and styrofoam plates!


I forgot to mention I’ll be in Colorado towards the end of August ✨ If you’ve been waiting for the chance to hand Me cash in person and that’s your area, start trying to earn the opportunity sooner than later

At 23? Loool I just thank God for everything

How To Kill Your Sugar Addiction Before It Kills You At 23 Amaju Pinnick John Mikel Obi John Obi Mikel #faceappchallange #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #Bbnnaija #BBNajia #BBNaija #BBNaija2019 #bbnaija19 #MandelaDay2019 #NelsonMandelaDay

Just In: AFCON 2019: Amaju Pinnick Snubs Gernot Rhor After Game via… #IwitnessLive


Amaju Pinnick removed as CAF First Vice-President | Plus TV Africa - READ MORE -…


Like yorubas will say, 'ori mi l'omu e'. So CAF removed Amaju Pinnick as First Vice President today after snubbing Gernot Rohr during medal presentation yesterday, issokay #beingsarcastic

Great Yarmouth's historic Venetian Waterways have scooped a coveted award that recognises well managed parks and green spaces around the world. Read more @


#BBNaija mike and ike conversation is always topnotch with alot of content to talk about.

Nigeria 1 – 0 Tunisia (Player Ratings): Eagles win eighth AFCON bronze…

#本田とカードバトル#私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時

#本田とカードバトル#私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時

#本田とカードバトル#私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時

#本田とカードバトル#私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時

#本田とカードバトル#私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時

Fast Fashion to go Circular ! Zara’s Green Agenda Sees Zero Waste, 100% Sustainable Fabrics by 2025 #circulareconomy


Three players have helped transform United this summer #mufc…

Lion King Tonight! Wooot woot. Hihi

me and my alien on our way to free el chapo

Less than 24 hours until #TheGift, an ALL NEW album produced and curated by Beyoncé is released. Which song are you most excited to hear?


De Badiraguato, Sinaloa, a una prisión de por vida en EE.UU.: esta es la vida de Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.

El periodista y columnista de la Revista #Proceso Álvaro Delgado nos dio una entrevista exclusiva en la que nos habla de la sentencia de Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán a cadena perpetua más 30 años de prisión…

when you’re riding your man & he thinks you’re spelling coconut but you are actually spelling ‘yo dick wack’

Manchester United run out easy winners against Leeds

ffs why should i even have a reason to mute “coconut”

Cast pengisi suaranya Disney's The Lion King keren-keren banget loh! Ada Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, James Earl Jones dan masih banyak lagi! Yuk langsung aja ke bioskop terdekat untuk nonton filmnya dan bernostalgia bareng! #TheLionKingID @DisneyIndonesia


Good morning, Leeds. Let’s do this @LeedsUniBSchool Hosting employers, organisations, advisers, and experts from across the UK to talk inclusion at work and presenting early insights from our new @CERIC_LUBS project.


U can dm me if u want the pics its better not to tweet them I guess x

no bakes 2.0 changed my recipe a bit used TOASTED oats and coconut, BROWNED butter, chopped hazelnuts and a bit of cinnamon



Prisión ADX “Supermax”, la brutal cárcel a donde irá “El Chapo” Guzmán


Con estos terroristas y narcos #ElChapo podría compartir prisión. Te decimos quiénes son


Today, the House of Representatives vote to hold #AGBarr in contempt of Congress because he Didn't Break the Law! An article I wrote: AG Barr-Crushed the Dems - Reminds us how he will Fight for Justice! #AmericaFirst #KAG2020…

Cool, just Trump out here saying a member of the House of Representatives was married to her brother. Please @Ilhan sue him!!!

Governor Obaseki blames Adams Oshiomhole for Edo Assembly crisis

Today's #WednesdayWisdom is to check to make sure you are following BOTH of Congresswoman Underwood's accounts: @RepUnderwood is her official House of Representatives account @LaurenUnderwood is her campaign account And don't forget to use #IL14 in your tweets to help us see you!

U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, 17 July 2019, defending the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and  Sanctions (BDS) movement.…

House of Representatives order IGP, DSS to shutdown Edo Assembly immediately…



Reps: National Assembly to take over Edo Assembly if…

Governor Obaseki blames Adams Oshiomhole for Edo Assembly crisis

Congratulations Jackye! The Winner of the 'Know Da Lyrics' Challenge. She gets N1.5m and a 4 days all expense paid trip to the One Music Fest in Dubai. #bbnaija #bbnaijafans


#BBNaijaUpdates Congratulations Jackye for Winning @pepsi_naija 'Know Da Lyrics' Challenge #BBNaija #BBNajia2019 #bbnaija19


House of Representatives promoting violence – Edo Assembly #vanguardnews


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