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Taekwondo students show respect everywhere. Join us for class on #mktkdlive today. ⏰10:00am Adults White to Brown ⏰10:45am Tiny Tigers ⏰11:30am Red and Brown (Children) ⏰12:15pm Yellow and Green (Children) ⏰1:00pm 1st Degree Black Belts (All) #mktkd #roc #SaturdayMorning


Ay, este cuate… Como siempre especulando, el reportero de Ciro para Excélsior/Grupo Imagen Arturo Páramo le preguntó a @lopezobrador_ si la extinción de los #fideicomisos va a dañar la extinción de alguna actividad del #gobierno.

Same people who said Ranches are private businesses and government should not fund it are the one asking Buhari to release money to Innoson to produce Ventilators. An unintelligent opposition constitute danger to democracy than we think,responding to fools make one look like one

jest taki rodzaj nienawiści do postaci jak taka do arturo, który jest NAJBARDZIEJ ZJEBANYM CHUJEM JAKI MÓGŁBY ISTNIEĆ i jest też taka nienawiść jak do sierry, która jest szmatą, ale tak naprawdę jest super zbudowaną postacią i nie byłoby tak zajebiście bez niej


Buhari: What's happening? Osinbajo: Small drag that they drag Sydney he has addressed us more than you have in the last 4 years.. Twitter will humble you. Buhari: You See why I choose to be on the low and allow Lai or Femi do their job. Well, we're all #StayingAliveTogether


#nakedchallenge 5G in Nigeria , lekki..I don't. Give a fuck


New video of another set of Nigerian soldiers threatening to maim Warri residents, says war is coming! (Video)

At their prime, which of these midfielders was the most technically gifted? 1. Zinedine Zidane 2. Xavi Hernandez 3. Andres Iniesta 4. Andrea Pirlo 5. Paul Scholes

Who Made the number 89 a Symbol of Victory against all Odds? Who said NLNT when they tried getting rid for Her? Who Went against Unjustified Hate but found love in a unique set of Humans called TITANS Who paved and is Paving the way for Youths across Africa ? #TachaPavedTheWay

I wish I can be kachi and Rosie hotel helper for dis time I need to keep an eye on Roksie. Am in such of Room Service job where Roksie are staying. #RoksieTheBrand #UltimateLoveNG


It's either sheer wickedness or ignorance for you to know you tested positive for covid-19 and still escape into the town thereby putting everyone at a big risk. Same way the LUTH case lied about his travel history and symptoms.

Bashir, President Trump has directly on live tv given every assistance needed to Ford and GE,where will Innoson operating under the harshest conditions known to man Find 4b to retro fit his Manufacturing line As a PA to the President you should be facilitating not antagonizing!…

Can we normalise putting in your correct location? Make I no go dey catch feelings for person wey dey warri.

“Our Department of Community Medicine has moved swiftly to trace, follow-up and assist gallant staff who managed the patient.”…

LUTH: How coronavirus patient died in our custody

மொட்டையனையும் அலிசியாவையும் கூட சமாளிச்சுருவேன்.. Arturo வம்மாள டேய்…

#AfricansAreNotLabRats Italy, France and now USA and UK have more than 1k deaths per day yet they here yapping about testing vaccines on Africans.this bunch of suckers and racists should back off africa.we are africans and africa is our business. @WHO stop mediocrity and style up


si gandia at arturito ang bwiset sa buhay ko ngayon jusqqqqq

arturo d simplord

घरों से निकलों पहले जमात करो फिर जिहाद करो यही तुम्हारी मज़हबी सीख है - मौलाना साद @bhattayan1 @ashutoshhindi @Ashutos34722233 #BanTablighiJamat #COVID2019 #CoronavirusPandemic #LockdownHouseParty

Ils ont exagéré avec Gandia. Tu es Sangoku mon frère ?

kourtney and scott carried keeping up with the kardahians on their backs for YEARS like let’s be honest they were the only reason I watched this show

Eu não consigo acreditar que essa desgraça do arturo tá vivo até agora

Bitácora de cuarentena: nunca sabremos realmente que era ÄLFÑ, Kourtney ganó esa pelea en el momento en el que renunció al reality, la gente sigue sin entender qué es una cuarentena.…

What happened at LUTH shows that many people see Corona Virus as a death sentence. They see isolation as if you are been taken away to be killed. Imagine saying you withheld his travel record to save him, so if u disclose his travel record, he will die? People need enlightenment

Joy Fabregas, nasaan ka?

Ni Xavi ni Iniesta, el hombre que le cambio el chip a ganador a España fue EL NIÑO TORRES CON ESTE GOL

Andrés Iniesta también se ha unido desde Japón a los homenajes a los sanitarios que luchan frente a frente contra el COVID-19.

M - Mbabazi Livingstone U - Umtiti B - Balinya Juma I - Iniesta Andres R - Ramsey Hany U - Umony Brian…

Here are all the songs Rexxie and Kel P played during their 'Battle of Hits'


sdv #foragabi bolsonaro felipe nsfw gay lgbt au jikook jenlisa bts tik tok army kourtney pop dua lipa la casa de papel elite kim bbb naked challenge trump pt exposed prior subliminal thread filmes livros chart kpop billboard cardi b #bbb20 #followtrick

No sé olviden que kim kardashian es pro aborto clandestino pro trump pro iglesia junto con el pelotudo del marido TEAM KOURTNEY SIEMPRE MAMITA TE BANCO DESDE QUE TUVISTE ESE DESLIZ CON LAS DROGAS VOS NO SOS CARETA

Why did I get happy when Kourtney did this and Kim’s voice was shaky and she was basically crying shen she told her “dont u ever dig your nails at me like that again” — I know she gonna have some light scars there lmao I hate Kim so much now. She deserved this and more lol…

everyone under this tweet saying Kim won lmaoo the cap on this mf app man that shit wasn’t a fight but if anyone “won” it’s Kourtney. she got “one” good hit but Kim got none pls…

para mi las series mas sobrevaloradas de netflix PARA MI son: riverdale, stranger things, la casa de papel, elite, y un chingo mas

“This war... we're going to win it” “FOR NAIROBI” LA PUTA AMA #LaCasaDePapel4


And we'll pay a hundred times Netflix subscription to see season 5 right now and what they do for #Nairobi #Moneyheistseason4


/mvs/ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️WARNING SPOILER FOR NAIROBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!


O voto do Paizão na Gabi abre o voto de todas as mulheres da casa nele (como justificativa “ainnn ele votou na minha amiga”). Porém, sem querer “querendo”, ele foi Zidane em 2006. O voto na Gabi foi aquele chapéu no Ronaldo fenômeno.

Babu impecável joga de terno no estilo zidane

FIFA TV acaba de subir el Francia-Brasil (1-0) del mundial del 2006. Buena oportunidad para volver a ver a Henry, Vieira y Wiltord. Ahhh sí... también a Zidane, Ronaldo y Ronaldinho.

Osun Confirmed 17 Cases Of COVID-19 #DJkaywiseLiveinClubV Rexxie Kel P #FirstBankSalutes V for Vibration KAYWISE THE DRUMMER DJ #day8oflockdown 11 in lagos James Brown LUTH Riverdale Iniesta #clubv 3 in edo Ondo #DearMrPresident Gandia #AskIghalo

James Brown: stop laffin joor Kiddominant:

To all doctors,nurses, health workers and cleaners in LUTH. My prayers are with you all at the moment. Your sacrifices to humanity will not be in vain #luth

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