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INTERNACIONAL. Al menos 169 personas resultaron heridas en enfrentamientos entre palestinos y la policía israelí en #Jerusalén en el complejo de la mezquita de Al-Aqsa, territorio anexado por Israel.


What's a take that struck you as absurd when you first heard it but now seems 100% obvious Mine is "America is a communist country"…

Brazil tech round-up: national AI plan, Mexican unicorn Kavak readies Brazil launch, media giant Globo partners with Google Cloud by @angelicamari

I snagged this shot in Denver today. I call it "The Real America"


Give me Wes Matthews and Alex Caruso every day of the week

"Oh, Alex, you're more charcoal briquette than man but I love you anyway! #BMovieManiacs


After Joe Biden won the election , I thought maybe I could shift my attention to worlds away. But after Jan. 6, not only did I realize I’d have to stay focused, I needed to expand my effort, write more, and fight for our democracy. is the result. Join us.

How dudes who hate Elon Musk kiss their girl


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei menyebut Israel bukan negara tetapi pos militer teroris…

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. The New York Media is a joke that thrives on the Mets being a punchline. The Mets doing "Mets" things is good for business. When the Mets fail, the media wins. Not a single question today about the game. It's pathetic.

Israeli forces attack worshippers inside al-Masjid al-Qibli in al-Aqsa Mosque with stun grenades, effectively trapping hundreds of people inside, including many children #Jerusalem #Palestine #AlAqsa #Israel #Palestine #StopBarbarismOfDisbelief

Most retail stores don't accept #GOLD or #Silver bar's. #dogecoin #doge #dogearmy #Dogefather #Dogecoinarmy #DogecoinToTheMoon

I think it’s important to note that Ebony is in New York again and did not ask me to watch her plants this time.

New York Giants: SEC coach claims Giants really wanted DeVonta Smith…

How many of you@think that #dogecoin will pass .75 tonight ? I want to hear from my #dogearmy shoot I want to hear from my #DogeFam #dogearmy #Dogecoinarmy #DogeFam #dogenation #elon #Dogefather #DogeCoinTo1Dollar #DoOnlyGoodEveryday

Spurs extending their lead to 92-84 using a 14-3 run doing it with mid-range shots and chippies around the rim. Kings taking threes and not converting. San Antonio’s lead now up to 92-84 with 8:49 remaining. Kings need STOPS and to get into the paint here.

10 of Dejounte Murray's 16 points have been scored from mid-range. SA now outscoring SAC 26-4 from mid-range. Spurs by 8

I just blocked a communist. He'll assuredly claim victory. Y'all can read the thread and make your own call. The only thing he proved is that the spread of communism is dependant on denial of reality to the point of plugging your ears and yelling "NANANA" when met with fact.

I want the Spurs to feel the same sense of urgency that I’m feeling rn

Viernes 22:40. Trabajadores siguen haciendo una fila que da la vuelta al Liverpool de Félix Cuevas junto al metro. Les esperan horas de fila y de un transporte lento y atiborrado. Y mientras, el sociópata del mierdas...


Roasted Mediterranean vegetable flatbread. Topped with tomato sauce, pesto, Mediterranean vegetables and mozzarella. Served with tzatziki & humus. #food #foodie #cooking #twitch #twitchtv


LEICESTER-NEWCASTLE 2-4 Risultato finale ➖ ⚽ #Willock (22') ⚽ #Dummett (34') ⚽ #Wilson (64') ⚽ #Wilson (73') ⚽ #Albrighton (80') ⚽ #Iheanacho (87') ➖ Premier League - 35^ Giornata ➖ #SkyPremier #PremierLeague #PL #SkySport #Leicester #Newcastle #LEINEW (IPA/Fotogramma)


Am giving out 3 iPhone 11. all you need to do is retweet and Dm your phone number i will pick randomly make sure you’re following to Win Mama Taraba Chioma Iheanacho Leicester Hadiza Gimba Fupa Kemi Mercy Eke Deborah Iheanacho Lille #LEINEW #FridayCryptoTalk #FixGhanaNow


Another fantastic performance again from senior man Kelechi Iheanacho. It's a shame Leicester lost to Newcastle. #LEINEW

Going live on #Twitch shortly! Come tune in to see what we are working on and meet the team! Check out the one of a kind @teslasuit in action!

Muito feliz por finalmente ter alcançado os 200 followers, muito feliz com a comunidade que estamos construindo! Obrigado a todos :) Hoje como sempre, ao vivo às 20h rushando em #legendsofruneterra #twitch #streamer #cardgame


Ook oud-presentator Hans Goedkoop dat er iets waardevols verloren gaat met het verdwijnen van Andere Tijden. “In een maatschappelijk veld dat steeds verder polariseert, is Andere Tijden interessant gebleven voor iedereen tussen SP en PVV.

Die Klamotten sind furchtbar. Aber ich find's mega interessant wie zwei absolute nicht Street Dancer mit der Aufgabe umgehen. Gefällt mir echt gut. #letsdance

Les fait sont très intéressant sur les contaminations des personnes vaccinées mais l’analyse de @baptistemor1 est très approximative voir fallacieuse. Maintenir un taux d’efficacité à 95% alors que dans un Ehpad 13 des contaminés sur 14 sont vaccinés ...

Veldig interessant (og deprimerende uvanlig) at en avis drøfter sin egen begrunnelse, og konkluderer med at de tok feil. Jeg har dessverre ingen tro på at vi får noe tilsvarende fra NRK.…

Pen flipp gjort i Fredrikstad (ikke min) Er det lagt ned vanvittig mye kroner og tid. Kjøpssum: 2,5 mill Ny PA: 5,65 mill Brukt på renoveringen 7 mnd Fikk tilsendt tips av @Verdiskapningen


Are you bored in gta? Just get a tank and a cargobob while listening to this…

i can not even begin to explain what this rick ross verse does to my brain…

1/We have opened a new #COVID19 vaccination site in downtown Lewiston in the Oak Street municipal parking area. To make vaccination work for working people, we have to make it easy. That’s why this site will offer morning and evening options.


How do the #COVID19 vaccines work? @NIHDirector explains. @AdCouncil

Hva jeg ser fram til med sommeren? Reise til Norge og stue familien, inkludert to små barn, inn på et lite hotellrom ved Gardermoen på et hotell fullt av mulige mutanter. Neida. Joda. Neida.

#Pfizer Inc and German partner #BioNTech SA have filed for a full approval for their #COVID19 vaccine, which is now authorized only for emergency use, the drugmakers have said.…

Jharkhand reported 5,973 new #COVID19 cases, 5,293 discharges and 136 deaths. Active cases: 61,177 Total discharges: 2,11,270 Death toll: 3,615


Big chance! Callum Wilson squares the ball for Allan Saint-Maximin, but Kasper Schmeichel produces a fine save to deny the Newcastle forward. Leicester 0-0 Newcastle #bbcfootball #LEINEW

Love the #ResidentEvilVillage Steelbook and Deluxe Edition. Can’t wait to get started and experience terror in the Gothic countryside. The steelbook is perfection as it resembles an old Tome, befitting of a vampire’s Castle.


The left-right split is far bigger in the U.S. than in Europe — and it's growing…

West Ham take the lead, 1-0. Odubeko scores. If it stays like this, Arsenal would be relying on Leicester failing to rack up a big win over Liverpool.

Instead of Europe civilizing Africa, Africa civilized Europe numerous times


The Nazis injected #Jews with diseases. Today, governments are injecting people with #vaccines. To compare anything related to Covid-19 to the Holocaust is nothing short of offensive and outrageous.…

i propose we kick all the nonblacks out of europe asia and africa and make them duke it out in the americas

Let this be said now. Alan Smith is NOT. a Leicester legend. He’s a cunt. End of. #lcfc

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