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“Moins aimer, c'est ne plus aimer du tout.” (Christian Bobin #Citation )

Shaquille O'Neal speaks on his historic partnership with Kobe Bryant. #Lakers…

todo grammy e oscar é a mesma coisa um bando de gente desinformada que ao entende de música ou cinema de verdade (eu inclusive) querendo questionar a academia que não escolheu os favs deles, mandando hates pros artistas como se isso fosse levar a academia a mudar seu julgamento

Lakers star, Lebron James speaks on last conversation with Kobe Bryant, laments basketballer’s death…


The NBA has had many stars but few international icons on the scale of Kobe Bryant. Raised in Italy for seven years of his childhood, Bryant was fluent in Italian and was an ideal draw for a league that had seen basketball as a global game.

WATCH: Jim Jordan Eviscerates Adam Schiff’s Credibility In Under A Minute

Opinion: If John Bolton doesn’t testify, it’s a coverup, not a trial

El partit de la NBA entre els Lakers i els Clippers, ajornat

Bosak o wystąpieniu byłego więźnia Auschwitz: Zaatakował rząd… Narodowiec uważa, że nie należało dopuszczać do głosu byłych więźniów, bez wcześniejszego uzgodnienia co MOGĄ mówić..

Anoracks will contrast @FT leader & @WSJ today: Former demands John Bolton give evidence in Trump's impeachment hearing, latter says it is unnecessary. There, in black and white, is the @khalafroula difference, the freedom from power.


Grace Harris es la hija del pastor del pueblo. Está casada con su amor del instituto, el doctor Finn Braun. Tras descubrir que su marido la engaña con su mejor amiga, Grace vuelve al pueblo... ¡"Notas para Grace", de @BrittainyCherry llegará a Chic próximamente!


Premier: Auschwitz nie było jedynym piekłem na ziemi, drugim był Gułag…

Tadeusz Płużański rozmawia ze swoimi gośćmi: Janem Dziedziczakiem, prof. Janem Żarynem i Witoldem Waszczykowskim o wyzwoleniu KL Auschwitz, o prawdzie i polityce historycznej Rosji i Izraela.…

Liverpool face a trip to Stamford Bridge if they overcome Shrewsbury in their fourth round replay…

As long as you're a man calling yourself a girl or a girl calling yourself a man and I'm calling myself a Christian and you have a problem with that? You're what's wrong with this World. Bye

'Mob, Gangster-Like Rendition' - Trump Attorney Eric Herschmann Obliterates Adam Schiff's Fake Call and Transcript (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Her Story: My Body is a Holocaust by Sarina Pasricha Great read for the lunar new year… via @amazon @JDPasricha @JMPasricha @JSPamediting

Liverpool, Chelsea on course for FA Cup showdown…

Lo sapevi che nell’antica Roma era spesso utilizzato per coprire sapori e odori di cibi talvolta poco freschi? Sembra, infatti, che il termine “infinocchiare” sia nato da questo escamotage culinario. Leggi l'approfondimento➡️ #campagnamica #ilcibogiusto… via @NYTOpinion ⁦@RepAdamSchiff⁩ Mr Schiff, tear down that impeachment rule VII wall! Subpoena John Bolton, Uncle Lev, Pompeo & whoever. Rule XXIV & Rule V rule. Chief Justice Roberts has the power to be impartial. ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ backs you.

Forget Asuu for a moment See what will bring the best out of your day out #ASUU #LoveIsland


As far as I can see, since Federer won his first Grand Slam in 2003, only two players have won two sets in a Grand Slam match 6-2 or easier against him, Djokovic (twice) and Nadal. Sandgren has now joined that list.

Dzień dobry. Wczorajszy dzień nadal nie nastraja radością, ale dzień dobry Drodzy. #DzieńDobry #Dzieńdoberek #Życzliwość #DobryHumor #Humor #Uśmiech


got to talk to everyone’s favorite diva and bruja @carmenmmachado about In The Dream House for @HoustoniaMag! go see her read with Carolyn Forché for @InprintHouston TONIGHT!…

Do you live in Little Portugal? LOTS of lanes there. MORE than 47,000 Toronto properties might qualify. Can you build a laneway house in your back yard - that earns as much as $3,500/mo. in rental income? Find out quick:…


"President Trump knows how to speak his mind" which is why Republicans always say don't take him literally and seriously?

thinking ab how i need a job but w college and my work placement i literally will not be able to handle it

when u trying to make a map pool with 6 maps in 3 weeks my brain is literally burning, first open quals to Minor in less than week.

Hearing LeBron scream “KOBEEE, THIS IS FOR YOU” after winning a chip for the Lakers >>>>>>>

Are you a non-Floridian wondering who Pam Bondi is? Read about the time she took a $25k bribe from Donald Trump to drop a lawsuit against "Trump University".…

"We would welcome a public apology." Cardiff City have called on Reading FC to apologise after four Cardiff fans were arrested at their fourth-round FA Cup tie on Saturday. The clubs meet again on Friday and Tuesday. In full ➡


The new witnesses that we need: Mick Mulvaney John Bolton Ivanka Kushner Jared Kushner Donald tRump junior Eric tRump and Individual 1. #ImpeachmentTrial

This Trump law team needs to be reminded this is an Impeachment Trial on President Trump. Hunter Biden is not on trial, but thanks for allowing kids to be entered. Ivanka, Biden, Jared, Donald Jr, and Eric Trump is now entering the case! #ImpeachmentTrial

#ILeftTheGOP trends as former Republicans share why they "cut the cord' with the party…

Anyone watching the Senate Impeachment Trial right now would not be mistaken to think that the President's defenders believe this entire event is a trial of Hunter and Joe Biden, not Donald Trump. Deflect and distract. Don't defend the indefensible.

#Cagliari will meet with the agents of PSV Eindhoven creative midfielder Gaston Pereiro on Tuesday, claim Sky Sport Italia… #PSV #SerieA #Uruguay


Billie and Claudia hugging at UMG’s #GRAMMYs after party


.@LanaDelRey revealed during a #Grammys interview that she found her red carpet look at her local mall.

“ESNOBADA: Pule o #GRAMMYs, como no ano passado após um desentendimento e ganhe um prêmio. Faça as pazes com a bancada e performe no show.. para não ganhar nada. Ariana está num auge em que, mesmo sem ganhar, não é tão doloroso dizer: obrigada, próximo ano.” - Variety.


The FA cup is 149 years old, cant believe it dont mean ewt to some people for there team to lift it. its disappointing managers and pundits are becoming so out of touch with the football fan. English football has always been about wembley and that day out for the fans

Mi chiedo se domani il magico trio delle meraviglie farà mea culpa mettendo una prima pagina solo per Kobe, anche se tardi ma almeno per rimediare in parte

Joe Biden was not impeached. Hunter Biden was not impeached. @realDonaldTrump *impeached. Why don’t Donald Trumps attorneys address the articles of impeachment? Weak.

A quick update on the fixtures that could clash with the FA Cup SFs in GW34. These clashes wouldn't definitely result in Blanks because the two midweeks that most of the postponements will be moved to are in GWs 34 and 37. FA Cup Semifinalists will likely get a single GW in GW34


Hunter Biden has no relevance in this trial. At the same time though, Trump's kids work with several foreign countries but no one thinks its wrong?? Then why go after Hunter Biden? It's made up bs bec Joe Biden is running against Donald Trump. #ImpeachmentTrial

NEW POD: John Bolton’s explosive new book upends Trump’s impeachment trial, @RepAdamSchiff joins to talk about what happens next, and @ezraklein talks to @danpfeiffer about his new book, “Why We’re Polarized.” "Bolton's Bombshell" out now:


Sorry but the day I depend on a right-wing nut job like John Bolton to save us from Trump is long over. Buckle down.Get ready for November. No Republican is going to save you. #Truth

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