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amazing of me keep in mind i use apple music so me have 35 hours of billie eilish on spotify is NOTHING compared to now


えいぽんたんサービス終了するの悲しすぎる… 最近また再開しようと思ってたのに… まあ、あれレベル上げちゃったら難しいのしかできなくてちょっと使いづらかったけど…システム自体は面白かったのになあ

#BBCDebate During the debate, #Boris was more convincing and statesmanlike, while #Corbyn proved he’s still the same backbench crank nursing 40-year-old grievances.

*beautiful life tocando no fone de ouvido* eu refletindo sobre a vida e por tudo que passei:

That was a beautiful team win and to top it off the Lakers were having fun #LoveThisTeam

In the 3A showdown between Santiam Christian and De La Salle North, Ben Galceran led SC with 23 points and @JQatish added 16. George Sadi led the Knights with 21

Punch-drunk lightweights Johnson and Corbyn failed to land any blows during TV debate…

Contra, bu yıl benimle @Spotify’da 68 saat geçirdiğin için teşekkür ederim. Sen benim 1 numaramsın. #SpotifyWrapped…

Tories spoke to the IRA before Corbyn spoke to Sinn Fein. Fact. Boris Johnson is a liar. #BBCLeadersDebate #GTTO #VoteLabour #bbcpapers #skypapers

I didn’t fucking watch the new KH trailer with Christian what is the fucking point in this entire universe

I can’t help it, I laugh every time someone American calls Corbyn “Jez”

Bowden hits 1 of 2 and Pollard’s half court shot glances off the rim. St. Bernard wins it 59-57 and will meet Heritage Christian in tomorrow’s championship game.

Only Labour will give the people a final say on Brexit | Jeremy Corbyn…

Mau dapetin Jersey Eksklusif dengan tanda tangan asli sang Legend Arsenal, Liverpool dan Manchester United ? ayo ikutin kuisnya! Caranya gampang banget, klik >>


Xhaka was booed cause he's shit average at football, consistently error prone & had the audacity throw a fit. Lacazette scored a goal & won Arsenal POTY last season.…

Is this dead yet Like and I will tell: First impression: Your nickname in my head: Closeness ratings [1-10]: Do I like you: You are my: To be honest: Ever had a crush on you:

Lauren Holtkamp-Sterling became the first mother in history to officiate an NBA game

#MARVELOUSMRSMAISEL spoiler and I don’t care a lick - Sterling K. Brown is singing with Leroy McClain and I need this to be a fucking trilogy.

Verwachting vandaag en morgen: Half tot zwaar bewolkt en een enkele lichte bui. Zondagochtend #regen.


ついに明日!!! 遊びに来てー!!!!!!!!!!! 1st Digital Single『Hey, Hey』Release event! 12/08(sun) at NARA NEVERLAND "First Impression" w/ The Stone That Burns YMB notice it(いわき) Open 18:00/Start 18:30 Ticket 2000yen


Pleased to tweet that we finished plot renovation at Newcastle Lemington yesterday. Thanks to SteveDixon & BarryWood for helping it to go smoothly & efficiently. We had good weather. Thanks also to the lovely man who gave us freshly made samosas just after we finished! Delicious!


Gameweek 16 predictions: Everton 1-2 Chelsea Bournemouth 1-3 Liverpool Tottenham 2-1 Burnley Watford 1-1 Crystal Palace Man City 2-1 Man United Aston Villa 1-3 Leicester Newcastle 2-1 Southampton Norwich 1-2 Sheff Utd Brighton 1-1 Wolves West Ham 1-2 Arsenal

Laaggeschoold Nederland pleegt terreur aanval op Goedheiligman en Piet. Door idioten binnen de overheid en binnen de publieke omroep al jarenlang geen correcte voorlichting over Zwarte Piet. In Nederland mag de huidskleur niet donker zijn. via @NOS

My Dad was a good, hardworking, kind, funny man. Hugs at the casino & grocery store today without saying a word as his passing had already made it to those places he loved. He was a great tipper. A man missed by everyone he encountered but most of all by me. His little girl.

Can everyone stop speaking of socialism and social democracy as interchangeable; they're not. And while we're at it; the Scandinavian countries have had many years, off and on, of Social Democrat governments, but they've never been socialist societies.

Mourinho Ogah Komentar Soal Masa Depan Eriksen di Tottenham Hotspur…

If you go to the Scandinavian category on an adult website does it become PjörnHub?

Leyendas Eriksen, Griezmann y Bernardo Silva. Putísimos guiris.…

"men living in countries with high gender equality—Scandinavian and certain Northern European nations—perform nearly as well as women in accurately identifying the faces of female celebrities. Men living in countries with lower gender equality..fare worse"…

Auba pulled out of contract talks with Arsenal. Need him to do a Van Persie ASAP.

Tbh I’m not that bothered, he’s 30 now, we’re not going to achieve anything while he’s still good and I wouldn’t have been happy with the contract we’d need to give him to stay. Also frankly Auba’s entitled to chase silverware at this point and maximise his last years at the top…

‘The Expanse’ Cast Talks Moving From Syfy To Amazon And Impact Of Diversity In Sci-Fi – CCXP


Dominique Tipper elogia a grande representatividade de The Expense e a maneira como o roteiro apresenta as personagens femininas. #painelAmazonStudios #CCXP19 #GEEKSe


Under President Trump's leadership the economy is booming, adding 266,000 jobs in November and bringing the unemployment rate to a 50 year low!…

Russia being able to listen in on Trump's private, unsecured cellphone is a feature, not a bug. Shit, he is probably on Putin's Freinds and Family plan.

I just wrote a @theactionnet letter: Impeach Trump NOW. Write one here:…

Trump faces deadline on participating in impeachment proceedings - The Washington Post - When will we see court orders for records requested if he chooses not to participate?…

Michelle is a beautiful spayed gal whose owner brought to the shelter. She is a bit nervous and needs a new home where she can relax and regroup. Come meet her at BACC.…


I hope you read this: “Please write that addicts are good people, sis. And then he said something that haunts me still: “Why can’t you see it, Ter. We’re fucked. You keep hoping things will...…

Beautiful and peaceful walk with Ruby this morning. Just when I think I’ve had enough of winter seasons I reevaluate when one can quickly escape into these vistas.


Thanks to the beautiful wiles and machinations of @aortakinda and @orangeaddict, I got the best present today! And amazingly, without knowing, they got me the one book of @ae_stallings’ that I don’t have!


How useful do you find your #spotifywrapped report to be? #diymusicchat

Ketentuan ketika Lupa atau Ragu Jumlah Rakaat dalam Shalat…

Thank you Public Enemy for spending 2 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

Kiitos, Laura Voutilainen! Vietimme tänä vuonna yhdessä 42 tuntia. Listani ykkönen. @Spotify #SpotifyWrapped

Two teenagers were shot and killed by their mother’s boyfriend, who then killed himself. The shooting followed an argument over the man’s smoking inside their Connecticut home. The teens have been identified as Della Jette, 15, and Sterling Jette Jr., 16.

Just landed in Newcastle and omg the accent. Literally anytime anyone says something all I hear is 'You're right up my street'

So... I should ignore the content and just open all my packs off stream!! From the 35k pack in season objectives! #Fifa #Fifa20 #Packs #Icon #YouTube #Streamer


'FIFA chose to treat us entirely differently to Manchester City' After being cleared to spend £150m in January, Chelsea slam world football's governing body for letting City off the hook in decision they say made 'absolutely no sense'


Galatasaray finally have their wish. The club executive told me in Monaco at d UEFA award that they wanted to keep Henry after his first stint at d club but they didn't have d budget and wanted another loan but everton wanted to sell outright. Now they will have him on loan again…

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