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EPL: Aubameyang set to dump Arsenal for Real Madrid…


Thank you @ShawnMendes for spending 78 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

British Prime Minister @BorisJohnson has promised to pass a Brexit deal and bring a budget before parliament within 100 days if he wins the upcoming election, just a week out from polls opening.

#China on Friday said it had taken "reciprocal" measures on #US diplomats in the country.…

President Uhuru Kenyatta is justified to take another loan from China for a dual carriage road from Eldoret to Nairobi. I feel for my buddy @d_Tyrope and many other motorists who were gridlocked for more than seven hours at Gilgil.


Lieber die Taube auf dem Dach, als in China ein Sack Reis, der steht.

global warming isn’t real the earth is flat jews run the world neither israel or palestine deserve that land space isn’t real the sun is a hologram hope this helps.

Promise us a #2ndReferendum @joswinson And you will become the Prime Minister within six months. Relieve us of the Devil's choice between a #Brexit Boris and a Juvenile Jeremy. #UnitedKingdom #Britain…

Arsenal 'to be offered Luka Jovic' as part of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang transfer |…


If you're gonna be crying about Israel's occupation but end up trying hard to justify the Syrian one & the atrocities committed then I hope you know you aint s--t, nothing but a liar and a sectarian piece of s--t

let’s do this first impression: your nickname in my head: closeness ratings [1-10]: do I like you: you are my: to be honest: ever had a crush on you:

"Üzgün değil kızgın ve reaksiyon gösteren oyunculara ihtiyacımız var." Geçilmesi güç defans takımlarıyla bilinen Mourinho, bu kez kendi takımının defansından şikayetçi.…

"It means Arsenal, Everton and Watford find themselves in an unenviable position."…

El Congreso de #EEUU respalda “una solución de dos Estados” para el conflicto israelí-palestino y rechaza el apoyo de #DonaldTrump a la anexión de Cisjordania. Saber más: #PalestinaLibre


aye @korewamoe I challenge you to a FIFA 2009 match!!!

Best Countries for Women Rankings 2019 #1 Norway #3 Finland #3 Denmark #5 Iceland #9 Sweden #120 Saudi Arabia #133 India Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden are all Scandinavian countries. Follow the Scandinavian Model to implement Women safety, not Saudi. 1/2…

Brasil já perdeu R$ 3,5 bilhões no comércio com EUA e Israel…

I challenge @korewamoe to a FIFA 2009 match

"cuando no existe liderazgo, cuando no hay fuerza q impulse q lo correcto es lo correcto, q lo que está mal está mal y q no debe ser tolerado,las personas q sienten miedo necesitan refugiarse y se refugian en el q esté ganando; si está ganando el mal,allí se van a sentir cómodos"…

Si fuese solo una la rola de The Rolling Stones que tuviese que recordar, esa sería "Paint it black", quizás Robert Plant se inspiró de allí, de su majestad Mick.

I was recently in an argument on who is better the better coach between Klopp and Mourinho. I chose and still choose Klopp!


Comenta algo y te digo (Solo mutuals) First impression: Your nickname in my head: Closeness ratings [1-10]: Do I like you: You are my: To be honest: Ever had a crush on you: Should you post this too: (Como ni Dios está levantado ahora mañana lo retuiteo)

Jose Mourinho: "Burası, ben geldiğimden beri benim takımım, iyi ya da kötü benim sorumluluğum. Geçmişten bir sorun söylediğimi asla duyamayacaksınız. Bu takım, kazandığımızda da kaybettiğimizde de benim takımım."


fuck it bruh first impression: your nickname in my head: closeness ratings [1-10]: do I like you: you are my: to be honest: ever had a crush on you:

Greta Thunberg’s mom is much more than the Scandinavian Kris Jenner

Mourinho sleeps at training ground to conquer anger after United loss…

Goedemorgen. Vandaag een meevallende dag, maar van de zon moeten we niet veel verwachten. Morgenochtend regen en veel wind, in de middag volgt een weersverbetering. Het weekend verloopt (zeer) zacht. Foto: Ria Brasser uit Vlissingen.…


Powertrain travelled well to Newcastle and looks great. Tricky little race but very happy with our boy. Good luck to the team.

Nederland Tournament Lufkin Panthers 49 Vidor 35 Lufkin will play Dallas Kimball tomorrow at 1:30 at Nederland High School #PHAR

Big time bounce back win tonight over a very talented Fayetteville team 53-48! We play Newcastle (OK) in the 5th place game tomorrow at 12:30!… Het gaat zich niet alleen om de vreugdevuren. Dit is gewoon de druppel. Het is alles bij elkaar dat mensen boos maakt. Ik ben oprecht een heel kalm persoon in het echte leven. Dat ik pissig ben op wat er gaande is in Nederland, zegt heel veel.

【Internationale】 Vandaag, Nederland toetreden "FNH".

Seeing as some players want out I think this needs done: January sales: Sell: Auba - £50M Torreira - £75M Mustafi - £45M Sokratis - £40M Buy: Upamecano - £35M Umtiti - £25M A really good midfielder - £40M Giving us a surplus of £110M to use in the Summer. Done.

Apart from all those successful Scandinavian countries hey James.…

Honestly shows how disconnected I feel from the club at the moment that I read this with a straight face and no emotion. I love Auba to bits and I very much hope he goes to Real Madrid and wins everything he can. Top, top striker.…

Auba to Real Jovic to Arsenal Makes some sense on paper

Alright I'm legit having a mental breakdown trying to map the Scandinavian coastline

kocham cuco… i moją czapę do spania, gdyby nie ona na mojej głowie każdego ranka wyrastałaby najgorsza katastrofa, a tak sytuacja jest opanowana


Hvorfor tror Karpe Diem at de redefinerer at den gemene hop ikke er en pekepinn for kvalitet?

Jeg mistenker at de i studio ser alternativene raskere enn oss. :-) #2sjakk

she is breathtaking beautiful omg


Donald Trump is the most aggressively ignorant person on the planet.

Imagine how Trump would've responded if it were a Latino or black shooter. But when it's a Saudi shooter — from the country that gave us Osama bin Laden and 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 — it's like he's taking orders from the king. Sad!


Adam Schiff: Senate impeachment may uncover a great body of evidence. I do hate Trump. MSNBC.

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