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Could this be the last ever clip I got in @FortniteGame???!!! #fortnite #theend

Rumor has it the black hole is a government mind control test don't look too hard or they'll get your credit card info #fortnite #fortniteleaks

This is why we are waiting in the blackhole for chapter 2. The leak that say that Tuesday morning we get chapter 2 is probably true considering the rocket in Fortnite China hasn't even launched yet. #Fortnite #fortniteevent #FortniteChapter2


If you just saw this on #Twitch #Fortnite stream it translate's to "no idea tbh" lmfao


20 Likes Y publico algo que acabe de ver, Esta muy Tocho es sobre #Fortnite

This is honestly pretty epic for them to put in this much effort for a plot. Grats, #Fortnite. You made gaming history.

Xiaomi Patenkan Desain Kamera Selfie Terbarunya…

cancelei a netflix e assinei amazon prime estou me sentindo uma usuária de xiaomi

Consider how #Xiaomi, a brand that did not pump in a lot of money behind traditional #advertising, has used the strength of its fan community to reach consumers.…

celular da xiaomi é muito lindo, mas só isso tbm

Good Morning Everyone Except Those who are trolling Usman for doing something good for his friend: #usman


جو لوگ رفاقت میں دغا دیتے ہیں کمظرف ہیں نسلوں کا پتہ دیتے ہیں #ehdewafa

MPO (maintenance of public order) is FCR (frontier crimes regulation) in a new package. No to MPO! #Why3MPO4PTM @manzoorpashteen

پہ قام مینو زوانانو ٹرینڈ ٹاپ تہ راویستئ #Why3MPO4PTM


GOP lawmaker blows up White House talking point Turkey would have attacked US troops if they stayed in Syria – Raw Story / #SmartNews

Lewis is a money-grabber selling his soul to the cables, serv. The Left are very shallow and want to frame Kurd/Syria situation in simpleton depth.…

Eight years of war and the Syrian Civil War brought nothing but death and destruction. Nobody gained anything. Assad's forces are currently marching toward Western Kurdistan (Northern Syria).

Emmanuel Macron speaking alongside Angela Merkel in Paris says Turkish offensive into northern Syria risks creating an “unsustainable” humanitarian situation, as well as helping Islamic State “re-emerge” in the region.


Me perdí muchas eras pero por lo menos no me perdí la era de Jungkook con el pelo largo.

a smiling jungkook is a smiling me ☀️


good morning to jungkook’s long hair only

corto y largo de las dos formas a jungkook le queda hermoso la puta madre yo antes de ayer me corté el pelo por los hombros y ahora parezco mafalda me quiero matar

Another area where the Redmi Note 8 Pro excels is the battery department. #PioneerOf64MPQuadCamera

Ganesh Lall,south london interfaith group; We learn lessons and the lesson of Karbala is that we in order to resolve conflicts, should meet in the spirit of harmony & love. #Arbaeen2019 #SundayThoughts

This Redmi Note 8 Pro has the following dimensions. Height: 161.35 mm Width: 76.4mm Thickness: 8.79mm Weight: 199.8g #PioneerOf64MPQuadCamera


E-Cigarettes are the safest and most successful smoking session product on the market. **These statements have not been reviewed or censored by the #FDA** #1A #Vaping #Vape #WeVapeWeVote #VapingSavesLives #VapeBan #FlavorBan #FreedomOfSpeech #Freedom #SundayThoughts

4 fours | 2 sixes | 34 off 29-balls Sindh opener @_khurrammanzoor keeping the chase alive. SINDH: 44/1 (5.1 ov) #CPvSIN LIVE:… #NationalT20Cup


Remember that it’s what you decide to share, whether you type it or re-tweet it, you are the one sharing it... Bullying of ANY KIND is UNACCEPTABLE #SundayThoughts #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha #Wisdom #PositiveEnergy #Peace #BeTheChange


The 64MP main cam delivered plenty of detail and vibrant colors although it does go overboard with the sharpening on most occasions. #PioneerOf64MPQuadCamera

Faheem Ashraf gets the much needed breakthrough for the home side. #CPvSIN LIVE:… #NationalT20Cup


Brilliance once again from Babar Azam - 102* off 59 balls (7 fours & 5 sixes) in the National T20 Cup for Central Punjab versus Sindh (picture courtesy PCB) #NationalT20Cup #Cricket


T20 centuries at Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad 100 - Asif Ali | Faisalabad Wolves v Multan Tigers | 2011 114 - Bilal Asif | Sialkot Stallions v Abbottabad Falcons | 2015 101* - Babar Azam | Central Punjab v Sindh | TONIGHT #NationalT20Cup #SINvCP


The Muslim Ummah deserves a sincere leadership that would not beg the UN and the US for saving Muslims and Muslim lands from oppression. Our brave, and willing, soldiers would be raising the takbeer of victory all over. In Sha Allah. #RestoreKhilafah2LiberateKashmir

Babar Azam's brilliant 102* of 59 and Rizwan Hussain's fearless 31* of 15 helped Central Punjab score 188/3 after 20 overs Do you think it's a descent total to start of with a win? #CPvSIN #NationalT20Cup


The fingerprint reader is placed on the bottom of the camera bump. #PioneerOf64MPQuadCamera

So is this Park Jimin? If it's you, just so you know your fans were brave enough to create ugly hashtag on The King of KPop's bday. Don't complain if the same thing will happen on your birthday later. Because not all people has a golden heart like My King to forgive easily..…

He is not just the leader of Pakistan but the leader of whole Muslim ummah #رہبرامت_عمران_خان


Islamic teaching on women as homemakers who nurture families which are the bedrock of society. #SundayMorning


Serve the Lord truly and wholeheartedly, and He’ll fill your life with His beauty, grace, glory and honour. Hallelujah! #SundayMorning #SundayMotivation



Even when yesterday Japanese encountered a storm But at the same time, something beautiful happens. #PrayForJapan #Hagibis


Typhoon Hagibis left quite the mark.. flooding many homes, train stations/trains/bullet trains, and many office buildings #PrayForJapan…

mera b ek czn usman ha per bht mummy daddy ha re.

"I left my husband behind alone and don't know if he is alive. What does Erdogan want from us? I carried the dead body of my daughter and fled...America has sold us out to Turkey. They are murdering us and our children." #TwitterKurds #KurdishGenocide



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