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I would absolutely tank Conor McGregor if I got in the cage with him

still can/can’t believe mcgregor took down cowboy in 35 seconds lmaoo what a boss

Full disclosure, I am an easy crier. Like a gorgeous shot of cinematography can make me cry. Here are some I vividly remembering sobbing to: Moonlight A Patch of Blue West Side Story The Ox-Bow Incident Coco Moulin Rouge Big Fish (There was a Ewan McGregor phase in HS)…

Dana White Is On Board With Conor McGregor Meeting Khabib Next, But Floyd Mayweather Wants In…


Kabib would beat Mcgregor over and over…

په لار دَ باچاخان باندۍ روان یمه آفغان یم په جار وایمه داچې زه آفغان یمه آفغان یم دَخپل زړه دَ خیالونو ترجمان یمه آفغان یم دَ لوی کور دَ یووالي په ارمان یمه آفغان یم روح دہ باچاخان یمہ @MianIftikharHus #BachaKhanWeek2020…

Conor McGregor being the king again means a year of prosperity and good fortune. Blessing all of my twitter followers with the luck of the Irish.

I Am A Servant Of Allah And Consider It A Sin To Hate Any Human. #BachakhanWeek2020


دا سوال زموژ حق دٸ چی قوم دا سوال وکی چی گاندی جی خپل قوم ازاد کو او باچاخان 34 کالہ پہ جیل کے دہ سہ دپارہ تیر کو چی اخیر ھم موژ محکومہ پاتہ سو ۔ #BachaKhanWeek2020


Pakistan's youth is having so much talent .They just need to polish it . #MSYCByMillionSmiles


کالاباغ ڈیم کے خلاف باچاخان بابا نےآغاز کیا تو نوشہرہ سے سوزوکی وین میں بابا کے ہمراہ غازی خان کاکا، ڈھیران شاہ کاکا،محمد کاکا اور میں خود ڈراونگ کر رہا تھا۔ میانوالی کے راستے کالاباغ ڈیم کے مقام تک گئے۔ نہایت تاریخی سفر تھا ۔ تفصیل پھر سہی۔ #BachaKhanWeek2020

A great reformer,Pashtun messiah and creator of non violence Bacha Khan but there is no space for him in Pakistani curriculum. Baba is our national hero and we are follower of baba till the end of our life. #BachaKhanWeek2020

BREAKING news: Elizabeth Warren endorses Bernie Sanders, the only lie-free politician in the race…

Mas vai demorar um pouquinho para os Youtubers reclamarem, afinal, eles vão fazer vídeo com o Thiago Maia antes mesmo do Flamengo, a mamada de teta é forte demais

د باباګانو سپيڅلي ارمانونه به پښتانه خامخا پوره کوي باباګانو موږ ته قامي او ملي لارښونه کړى ده.. #BachaKhanWeek2020


ماته تمغه د بهادرۍ تړي خو شرط يې دا دی چې به ددې خاورې اتل ته اتل نه وايمه ~ اندېش شمس القمر #BachaKhanWeek2020

Never give up can do what you dream. #MSYCByMillionSmiles

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes Bacha khan #BachaKhanWeek2020 #BachaKhanWeek2020


چې د ستا کتاب را واخلي ترې نه جوړ شي کلک افغان،!! څوک چې ولولي کتاب فخـــرې افـغــان د بـاچــاخــان،،! ارشدناصر، #BachaKhanWeek2020


NEW VIDEO featuring a bunch of youtubers so give it a watch x following everyone who retweets i promise

.@RepJayapal, the House’s leading champion of Medicare for All, comes out in support of ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ - the politician who has done more than any other to push single-payer into the center of our political discussion.…

باچا خان بابا وٶ اودول سمد خان بابا ټول ژوند په دا ارمانونو راتير کړو چې پښتانه په نړۍ کي يو سيال قام ووسيځي..! #BachaKhanWeek2020


Já já aparece o esquadrão de youtubers defendendo a X-Tudo. E coincidentemente recebem regalias do Flamengo. Até vídeo de corrida de carrinho da Gatorade é melhor que essa porcaria que a X-Tudo tem feito

Creadores de contenido o youtubers pero además influenciadores (influencers). Etiquetas que en los últimos años han definido a un grupo de personas que tiene algo qué decir y utiliza las redes para ello…

It’s clear that there’s too much money on the table and easy storyline for Khabib vs Conor 2. Yes the Conor vs Jorge fight is huge and their styles and personalities are a big sell. But put Conor and Khabib in a room together again and see how much interest skyrockets

Dana White estimates Khabib Nurmagomedov (@TeamKhabib)'s net worth: He has Conor McGregor type money

انجمن طلباء اسلام سے وابستہ تمام احباب کو یوم تشکیل انجمن طلباء اسلام مبارک. #52yearsofATI


Just rewatched the Conor-Khabib fight. We absolutely need a 2nd one, whether Khabib beats Tony Ferguson in April and it’s for the title, or loses and it’s for the #1 contender to fight Tony, WE HAVE to see Conor-Khabib 2 #UFC

A significant number of South Africans hate the young SA's politician @Julius_S_Malema because of his pan Africanism. Since he is on African side, hating him is hating all Africans, including yourselves. Go and read history. Whoever supports opening borders, we support him.

will make an edit of every youtubers that we asked and who reacted to it! #LWTReacts…

First time ever finishing WL undefeated ✅ Any big youtubers wanna open my rewards??


Private institutes are nothing but money minting machines. O'levels and A'levels really does teach you how to think, but these high end schools need to stop teaching their students to hate Pakistan, and motivating them to "getting out" their only goal. #ImplementFeeControl

#Ehd_e_wafa Gentlemen,you will be glad to hear that Saad's unit is the unit of Gen Qamar Bajwa,16 Baloch Regiment.


عہد وفا پاکستان اور معاشرے کی عکاسی بہتر انداز سے کر رہا ہے۔ ڈرامے کو غوروفکر سے دیکھا جائے تو پاکستان کے چار اہم ستون،شعبے،کردار ہیں۔ افواج پاکستان، صحافت، بیوروکریسی، سیاستدان۔ یہی کردار ملک کے اصلی وارث اور ریاست کو چلا رہے ہیں۔ ان میں سے آپ کا کردار کون سا ہے؟ #Ehd_e_wafa


In the near future we will see Steve Smith, Thomas Davis, and Greg Olsen on TV, Luke Kuechly coaching on the sidelines, and Cam Newton on the catwalk, and I'm good with this.

سپریم کورٹ کو عزت دو نامراد مرادراس #ImplementFeeControl @ImranKhanPTI @DrMuradPTI

عمران خان صاحب مافیاز کے خلاف لڑنے کا درس آپ خود دیتے ہیں ہماری لڑاٸی جاری ہے لیکن آپ کی آستین کے سانپ ان مافیاز سے ملے ہوۓ ہیں @ImranKhanPTI #ImplementFeeControl #نامراد @AnasDhillon


It’s Panthers take over on NFL network today- Steve Smith, Thomas Davis, Torrey Smith all on set

Somebody in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is concerned about increasing suicide attempts among sanitation workers PM @ImranKhanPTI must take notice that why these poor people don’t want to live in “state of Madina” and trying to leave this world where atta is not available…

A team effort by the boys led by man-of-the-match Mohammad Waseem and Tahir Hussain with the ball and Mohammad Irfan with the bat. Well done! #WeHaveWeWill #U19CWC #PAKvSCO MORE:…


A comprehensive seven-wicket win for Pakistan in their first match of the Under-19 World Cup against Scotland. Five wickets for Mohammad Wasim, three wickets for Tahir Hussain while Irfan Khan Niazi made 38* (pic via PCB) #U19CWC #PAKvSCO


A little tribute to this beautiful journey of @realhimanshi with @imrealasim & who said Himanshi never stood by him WATCH her morally support him.His smile says it all @realumarriaz #AsiManshi #AsimRiaz #HimanshiKhurrana #IStandByAsim

1/18(日本時間1/19)に開催されたUFC246コナー・マクレガー選手vsドナルド・セラーニ選手の中継映像を生観戦!【マッハチャンネル】 #UFC #UFC246 #コナーマクレガー #マクレガー #セローン #カウボーイ #Conor #McGregor #Notorious #Donald #Cerrone #cowboy

Well, he's right about one thing - Nicola Sturgeon is possibly the best politician in the UK at the moment...but the rest?John Rentoul: If we want to keep Scotland in the UK, we are going to have to fight for it…

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