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Sana ne jo Gautam Gulati ho itni kiss kri h agar vo sid se pyaar krti thi toh usko ye nhi karna chahiye tha aakhir kb tk vo bacchi bnke ghumti rhegi now I don't want see #sidbaaz I only want to see #SidShukla #ChartbusterSid If u guys agree then retweet

Sidharth Shukla is WORLD RECORD holder For MOST Trended @BiggBoss HM While Trending on India Trends list on 1st & 3rd SPOT Get Trends also Registered 7.7 Million Tweets Meanwhile Twitter is Stuck at 7.07 Million #ChartbusterSid @Sudhanshu_Vats @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIN


Smart 10-of-19 from 3. He's a 33.9% shooter from 3 and has taken 19 3s, but #Celtics are only down seven with 1:16 left. Without Smart, this game would be over. #Suns challenging last foul on Rubio as he was called for a block that would put Celtics in the bonus.

DEVELOPING: An officer-involved shooting has occurred at the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, this is NOT an active shooter situation; No officers were injured - WSBTV

PENN SQUARE MALL IMAGES: @OKCPD officials say no one was hit by bullets following a shooting at Penn Square Mall tonight. The shooter has left the building. Photos, courtesy of Jessica Brown. @kfor


Tomorrow is protest..Everybody is requested to use this hashtag #SindhPharmacistsRights in your tweets.

Only on Twitter, can't do anything practically. #YouthDemandsFreeDemocracy

MultiDrugResistant Typhoid was caused by irrational use of Antibiotics. More than 30 Antibiotics could've treated it but due to improper use only 2 medicinces Azomax and Meropenam are killing it and are reserved. But AZOMAX is still prescribed irrationally #SindhPharmacistsRights

A drug of choice is the cure of disease not the drug of market. #SindhPharmacistsRights…

Sindh has 119 Talukas ( Tahseel) But Sindh have only 24 Drug Inspectors Sindh Govt should appoint drug inspector at every taluka as soon So Drug Inspectors play their part at best @CM_Sindh @ShahNafisa #JusticeForPharmacists #SaveSindhPharmacists #SindhPharmacistsRights

Attendance time guys we are going for 6 million come on guys. #ChartbusterSid

Salman sir puri trp akele hi lene ka soch rhe kya #ChartbusterSid

Ok back to trending. Don’t get distracted #ChartbusterSid

Love u sid, u r real king in big boss house #ChartbusterSid

Aj....karega ..... 10ml Me phone charge sirf sat me Strictly Dusere koyi allowed nehi For People Champ Sidharth Shukla #ChartbusterSid

"Will You Support A Ban On RSS?" Punjab Congress Minister Asks Akalis…

I think #CAA is great step to bring back those who are separated from mother #india I am sharing #thoughts on same via a #poem in #hindi #SaturdayThoughts #IndiaSupportsCAA #IndiaSupportCAA #India #CAA2019 #SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayVibes #Poetry_Planet #poet


پہلی خبر: آٹا کا بحران نہیں اضافی گندم موجود ہے: فردوس عاشق اعوان، جہانگیر ترین، شوکت یوسفزئی دوسری خبر: وزیر اعظم نے آٹے کے بحران کا نوٹس لے لیا:وزیراعظم ہائوس ۔ ’’اب بندہ پوچھے اگر بحران نہیں تو وزیراعظم نے نوٹس کس کا لیا‘‘ #نشئی‌کھاگیاغریب‌کاآٹا #بندہ_بدلا_ڈنڈا_نہیں

Request to other stake holders specially health care professionals to be part of this peaceful protest for the rights of Sindh Pharmacists. Our voice should reach around the globe . INSHAA ALLAH #SindhPharmacistsRights

We Congratulate Champion Ajitesh Kaushal, SI in Punjab Police for winning 3 medals including Gold at 13th All India Police Shooting Championship Pune 2019 in 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol event by beating London Olympics Silver Medallist Vijay Kumar. #KheloPunjab #PunjabPoliceIndia


Dear @ShahNafisa What if Sindh gets properly quarantined drugs at your door steps. It only need your support for role Pharmacist in regulating medicines. @BBhuttoZardari @AAliZardari @Mustafa_PPP @SaeedGhani1 @S_KhursheedShah @MuradAliShahPPP #SindhPharmacistsRights…

یہ جھرلو ھم پر مسلط کردیئے گئے؛ ْجانے کس جرم کی پائی ھے سزا یاد نہیْ #نااہل_سلیکٹڈ_نامنظور #نشئی‌کھاگیاغریب‌کاآٹا


Atta girl, Riley! New indoor PR and 1st place at Carl Lewis Invitational down in Houston. Proud of u! @rileymasten_ @megmastenco @Bigsam_32


The price of chocolate strawberry delight is just right #Chocostash


Strawberry coated with chocolate, great combination. #Chocostash


For those who usually have difficulty with low sugar levels, these chocostash are for you! #Chocostash


Strawberry coated with chocolate,isa great combination. #Chocostash


Eminem not top 10.

alright. that's it. enough is enough. i'm going to be the hero we all need, and pay eminem to stop releasing new music.

Manchester mayor criticises Eminem for rap about Ariana Grande gig bomb…


کوکین اور آٹے کے تھیلا کا ریٹ جب تک برابر نہیں ہو جاتا تب تک عوام حقیقی تبدیلی سے مستفید نہیں ہو سکتی، شہریارآفریدی #نشئی‌کھاگیاغریب‌کاآٹا

Eminem has to be the most overrated rapper of all time. Mans made 3 decent albums in 20 years but his stans keep calling him rap god!

FO condemns 'irresponsible remarks' about Kashmir, FATF by Indian General Rawat #GeoNews…

Just watched Eminem's "Darkness" video on youtube. Those of us who lived thru the tragedy of 1 October (the largest portion of the video reflects 1 October) and others who lived thru the school shootings will...…

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