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भारत ने कई राष्ट्रपति और कई उपराष्ट्रपति, सुप्रीम कोर्ट का चीफ़ जस्टिस, इलेक्शन कमीशन का चेयरमैन तक इन्हें बना दिया पर थूकना इन्होंने आप पर नहीं छोड़ा । आप सौगंध खाकर बोलिए की #embrace_hindus_boycott_spitters करेंगे , आज से और भविष्य में

Stop visiting muslim sellers, embrace hindu economy. ये कोरोना फैलाने वाले हैं । इनसे सामान नही लेने का ।। #Embrace_Hindus_Boycott_Spitters…


The construction in Nahr El-Kalb will stop. Great and quick response by #UNESCO. Yalla all our efforts will go to stop the massacre in Bisri. #مرج_بسري


Three of 51 construction workers arrested for contravening Disaster Management Act regulations released on R500 bail each. They were building houses in Tirong Estates next to Kya Sands during lockdown. Police say they're still trying to trace the owner of the construction company

#LifeAfterDeath Lacs of people, small, young, older ones, Rich, Poor, Man, Women, Muslims, Hindus dies daily Doesn't that raise question in your mind Where all these people are going ? Who gave life and who took it back ? Whats the purpose of all this ? Think before you die !!

There’s only one person I hate the most in this world and his name is Gandia ! #MoneyHeist


What is luck? . . . 4300 religions in the world and we were born as muslims,,, Alhamdu'lillah.

8171 پر میسج کرنے والوں کی تعداد11 کروڑ ہو گئ یاد رہے عمران خان کو ڈیڑھ کروڑ ووٹ پڑا تھا مختاریا وڑ جانی دیا اے باقی پین یک کون نے.... #StopPoliticsSupportPMIK

#BlackCollarofMedia "Our lives would be much easier," he says. "We would no longer face this problem."

جبران باسيل انت نكبة لبنان ..

The Islamophobic hashtags began circulating shortly after the news broke in late March. Videos falsely claiming to show members of the missionary group spitting on police and others quickly went viral on social media, exacerbating an already dangerous atmosphere for Muslims.

"If you didn’t think twice before telling your family to not play Holi in times of Coronavirus, why give an excuse or defend them. Are you not treating Muslims differently? Are they just a part of your anti-regime narrative?"…

“Go away so you can heal your wounds. Sometimes distance is the only way to find peace. One way or another, time will bring us back together,” Berlin. #MoneyHeist4

بسبب الحظر والتباعد الاجتماعي قررت جامعة BBT university اليابانية إقامة حفل التخرج باستخدام الروبوتات لتكريم الخرّيجين.. وذلك بوضع شاشات على رؤوس الروبوتات وفيها بث فيديو حي للخريجين وهم يتسلمون شهاداتهم #كورونا #اليابان #StayHome #COVID19Pandemic


In antiCAA demonstrations Muslims created unrest in AMU, Jamia, Shaheen Bagh etc since December 2019 Now they are involved in spreading CoronaVirus across India Muslim political and religious Leaders are requested to kindly guide common muslims to amend ways and join mainstream

किसी भी आपदा का मुकाबला सरकार व समाज के समन्वय से ही संभव है। यह सुखद है कि इस संकट की घड़ी में सम्पूर्ण देश इस आपदा के विरुद्ध उठ खड़ा हुआ है। यह हौंसला यूं ही बनाए रखिए। कोरोना हारेगा और देश जीतेगा... #COVID19Pandemic #Coronafighters #IndiaFightsCornona #StayHome #i4India

Gandia v Arturo should not be a thing. Gandia dey learn work beside Arturo

پتنگن پھ ڪيو،مڙيا مٿي مچ، پسي لهس نه لڇيا، سڙيا مٿي سچ، سندا ڳچين ڳچ،ويچارن وڃائيا. #ZindaHayBhuttoZindaHay


دوستو ھن ئي وقت ئي پنھنجو ٽرینڊ ٽاپ ٽرینڊ آھي۔ شام تائین ان کي برقرار رکڻو آھي۔ #SindhRejectsSamaaTV

My commentary in @InsightsIssues about the devastating impact of #COVID19Pandemic in #Iran: Enough With The Crocodile Tears For The Irarian People… @NCRIUS @Iran_Policy @statedeptspox

Odio más a Arturito porque Gandía al fin y al cabo no hace más que su trabajo, se entreno y dedico su vida a eso. En cambio Arturito no es más que un boludo... pero que peligrosos son los boludos eh!

Two of my favourite characters are gone, Berlin and Nairobi. Are you sure George R.R. Martin isn't the writer of La Casa De Papel? #MoneyHeist4


This pandemic is a testing ground for all of us on how to address the climate crisis, and vice-versa, says Nadia Colburn. It reminds us that life can quickly change in almost unimaginable ways. (via @oDTransform)…

Converted to Islam today, All praises to Allah. Her Islamic name now is tayyiba @I_Tayyiba


No @ayeshahazarika - YOU “tainted the Labour party with antisemitism” to stop Corbyn. The allegations of an institutional culture are totally untrue; there was a small problem which was weaponised by you Ayesha and the #PLP to sabotage socialism #r4today

چین اور جی 77 گروپ کا نیا مطالبہ! #GNN #GNNupdates #China #G77group #COVID2019 #COVID19Pandemic

It was an honour to narrate a few audiobooks for @GuideDogsVIC and especially to meet Mr Walker himself and give him lots of pats! These books are perfect for anyone, but especially people with blindness or low vision. And what better way to pass the time right now!


I never use abusive words, never, but feeling like using on all, those lib-tards and filthy journalists justifying #Tablighis and calling it a propaganda by Hindus against Muslims.

O Arturo é um merda parceiro vtmnc

arturo seu saco de bosta eu te odeio tanto


سنڌ جي شعور کي سلام خاص ڪري ڪجهه دوست آهن جن م سعيد سانگري خادم حسين ڪوري جن جي محنت سان ٽرينيڊ ٽاپ تي اچي ويو آهي #SindhRejectsSamaaTV


وہ ولولوں کا تاجور وہ حوصلوں کا ترجمان وہ دشمنوں کے واسطے ایک برق بے اناں وہ منزلوں کی جستجو میں ہر گھڑی رواں دواں وہ جس کے فکر آہنی کی زد میں صبح و شام تھا وہ قائد عوام تھا وہ قائد عوام تھا #QuaideAwam #ZindaHayBhuttoZindaHay #ZindaHaiBhuttoZindahai


#SindhRejectsSamaaTV We reject samaa tv biased & unprofessional yellow journalism towards sindh. They are mokering sindhi nation. Sitting in Pakistan, they must apologise to us. Otherwise, results would be severe for them.


بکيو انسان هجي يا جانور جڏهن ان جو خالي پيٽ ڀرجي ويندو آهي ته اهو پوء سمان ٽي وي مالڪ وانگي گند ڪندو آهي۔ #SindhRejectsSamaaTV

علی کی ذوالفقار تھا, وطن کا افتخار تھا وہ زندگی کے گلستاں میں بےخزاں بہار تھا وہ رہنمائے مملکت, وطن کا تاج دار تھا سرعدو کے واسطے وہ تیغ بے نیام تھا وہ قائد عوام تھا, وہ قائد عوام تھا @BBhuttoZardari @ShahNafisa #41thMartyrdomAnniversary #ZindaHaiBhuttoZindahai…

جس دھج سے کوئی مقتل میں گیا وہ شان سلامت رہتی ہے یہ جان تو آنی جانی ہے اس جاں کی تو کوئی بات نہیں #ZindaHayBhuttoZindaHay شہید ذوالفقار علی بھٹو کی 41ویں برسی کے موقع پر ہم تمام جیالے شہید بابا کو خراج عقیدت پیش کرتے ہیں @BBhuttoZardari #ZindaHaiBhuttoZindahai


Last night Dan Patrick said grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy. Tonight Brit Hume said its "an entirely reasonable viewpoint" #FridayThoughts

Quien iba a pensar que Gandia mataría a Nairobi de un disparo en la frente y que el profesor consigue liberar a Raquel logrando ponerla a salvo en el banco con todos sus amigos y que Alicia acabaría encontrando al profesor de su escondite, ahora a esperar la 5ta, joder!

China blatantly denies "detention of million Muslims" despite evidence…

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