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I was born in Silver Springs Maryland my father was Puerto Rican my mother is English / German. I have a master's degree in education. I'm a mother of two young boys, yet now in 2019 I have to carry my passport around with me to prove I'm an American citizen #RacistPresident

Queen Henrietta Maria arrived in France today in 1644 after fleeing England during the Civil War. She was forced to leave behind her month old baby Henrietta. It was two years before they were reunited in France. Imgs via Wikimedia/@NPGLondon Read more:


This Tuesday is acting way too much like a Monday. Come on, Tuesday. You’re better than this. #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts

I guess, but I don't get it. I've been to England once in my life. I like watching Manchester United but I'd never call myself a Man U "supporter" because I'm from Pottstown. It just feels really corny to me because I have literally zero connection to that team or city.…

【歌ってみた】絶望レストラン #TuesdayThoughts

See the #recipe for Aunt Gully’s New England Clam Chowder from #cozymystery #book DRAWN AND BUTTERED by @s_randallauthor! Rich, without relying on heavy cream, this clam chowder has a generous amount of clams that makes it a satisfying meal.


Some fresh feelings of first love, young and selfless love! Wonderful Song to let you at ease after a tiring and hectic day! #NitiTaylor #TimesMusic #TuesdayThoughts #music

Thanks to @john_overholt, I’m listening to Sufjan Stevens’s Illinois album as I leave my lovely vacation in the state to head back to my real life in New England. This is not a life choice I regret.


Little Free Food Pantry now open in Chardon

NZ Herald: 'They're not acting like a church': Injured guard fell in Exclusive Brethren hole  #ExclusiveBrethren…

ریاست کا چوتھا ستون ہےصحافت، آو پاکستان کا ساتھ دو. ایک بہتر مستقبل کے لیے۔ #LayOffLifafaJournalists

This is why “journalists” ought to be more careful with their output regarding this “black woman is new 007” shit. It stokes rhetoric that completely misses the point/facts, like this. But then news corps can report on this kinda backlash and so the circle continues. Bastards.…

This weird old Daily Mail stakeout that inadvertently photographed Ehud Barak at Jeffrey Epstein's house now looks like a genius of an assignment.…

Ep. 168 - “Super Humman RSL” now streaming! Join us for a recap of Saturday’s 4-0 win over Philly & some Austrian League history. #RSL Side note: Bonus episode with @RTS_Grounds dropping tomorrow morning!…

This is what i am talking about! Best day in sports i have seen ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #CWC19Final #Wimbledon #BritishGP #AFCON2019


علی وزیر اور محسن داوڑ کے پروڈیکشن ارڈر جاری کئے جائے درخواست پر شہباز شریف، خواجہ آصف، رانا تنویر، خرم دستگیر کے دستخط ✌ #PMLN #StateKidnappedPTMLeaders #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody

Ali wazir's mother appeals to all the prominentPashtun leaders to please sit together and find out the solution of the problems faces by Pashtuns like #KharQamarMassacre #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody @AWGoraya @MalikAchkJourno @mazdaki @manzoorpashteen @KhanBehroz @latifwaxirii…

Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter. #famousquotes #wiz #quotes #mondaymotivation #whatsappstatus #WhatsApp

زمونگ اکثرا دشمن دا گلالئ اسماعیل نہ ڈیر پہ تکلیف دی او غواڑی چے گلالئ وو یئراوی کنی دا پختون تحریک نہ مخکے گلالئ وا خو چا ئے نوم نہ اخستو دا کوم نفرت چے خلق ترے کاوی دا صرف دا پختون قوم دا حق غوختلو پہ وجہ کنی این جی او ئے ڈیرا دا مخکے نہ وا #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody


Mera 2 doston ka NUST ma admision ho gya. Or ma yhn tweet kr rha hn. :)

Congratulations NA-205 PPP Candidate @SardarMBuxMahar for being cleared this proves that all allegations were wrong. They tried all the cheap tactics but failed. More power to you waiting for the victory now. Vote for @SardarMBuxMahar Chairman @BBhuttoZardari candidate for NA-205



”Stokes told me before the over ‘win or lose, today doesn’t define you. Everyone believes in you’,” @JofraArcher on the support he got from @benstokes38 in the Super Over. #NZvENG #CWC19

تحریک لبیک پاکستان کے رکن سندھ اسمبلی مفتی قاسم فخری @QasimFakhriTLP کے حلقہ انتخاب میں جہاں پائپ لائنوں میں پانی نہیں آتا ہے، وہاں خود پانی لے کر عوام کے پاس پہنچ گئے مفتی قاسم فخری کی اہالیانِ علاقہ سے گفتگو۔ #صلی_اللہ_علیک_وسلم

Di d #IK govt pay Daily Mail's writer money to publish a hatchet job on #Shahbaz Sharif? If this misuse of earhquake funds happened long ago why was this published now? Shameful..

ریڑھی سے پھل چوری کریں تو موقع پہ ہی اچھی خاصی چھترول ہوجاتی ہے۔ مگر ملک لوٹنے والوں کو ووٹ دے دیا جاتا ہے اور مرتے دم تک حمایت کا عزم کیا جاتا ہے۔ کیا چوروں کا ساتھ دینے پہ ہماری بھی چھترول نہیں ہونی چاہئیے ؟ #BePakistaniPayTaxes

>lucas me puxa p lançar la belle de jour >estamos na parada da djalma >quem ta tocando eh o romulo >os vendedores ambulantes tão fazendo "uhuu!!" >o 205 ta vindo e eu guniada pra fazer parada

Pakistan has kept two elected MNA's and other activists of PTM in detention with out having any charges on them. The state still didn't prove any of them violated the constitution of Pakistan but we urge @UN @hrw @amnesty help us. #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody


دنیا کا واحد ملک ہے جہاں ظلم کے خلاف بولنے والون کو غدار کہا جاتا ہے #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody



On your marks..... almost as exciting as a #SuperOver


**Shahbaz Sharif's Important Move For Imran Khan** The Story Of Daily Mai... via @YouTube

Eoin Morgan thanked "ALLAH" for the lucky victory against New Zealand side who were dominant in the super over. Muslim players rubbing off on him #Cricket #WorldCup #England #NewZealand #Finals #Allah #Morgan #Williamson #SuperOver #debate #Newsnight…

Why do boundaries decide winner? Why can't wickets? England were all out but @BLACKCAPS had some wickets. But @ICC's shit rules let NZ wait for another wcup to be champion. @NotNossy you are real champion, no matter you have trophy or not. #ICCRules

Djokovic. Federer. Nadal. 54 of the past 65 Grand Slams. This is the greatest era in men's tennis history, and there isn't much debate, @MrogersFOX writes:…

Inspired by ICC weird rules, Software companies to send IT engineers to Onsite on the basis of their typing speed #ICCRules…

Respected CM @CMShehbaz its a humble request to you and to whole party @pmln_org @MaryamNSharif @hinaparvezbutt @MaizaHameed @AzmaBokhari @betterpakistan please take up daily mail news and sue Mr Khan and Akbar we should not let it go .

یکم ایگست سے شناختی کارڈ این ٹی این نمبر بن جائے گا #BePakistaniPayTaxes

After Linking Economic Sovereignty to National Sovereignty, Bajwa-Imran Regime Hands over Pakistan’s Economy to the #IMF. #RejectIMFEstablishKhilafah #Khilafah4Pakistan #BePakistaniPayTaxes #ٹیکس_دو_معیشت_بچاؤ

جاہل کہتےہے کہ زلزلہ2005میں آیاحکومت مشرف کی تھی شہبازنےفنڈکیسےلیا۔ جاہلو فنڈ2011میں شروع ہواDFIDکی آفیشل ویب سائیٹ پرجاکرچیک کرلو

Took Neesham a world cup final that he never lost to decipher the ultimate answer to our existential crises. But really really sad to see this…

The year is 2058. Child: Grandfather, how did England win the World Cup in 2019? Grandfather: Well actually Archibald Winslow Mayfield-Smith III, it was a tie. Child: Then how did we win? Grandfather: We hit more boundaries. Child:

Here is a list of leading men’s grand slam singles title winners after Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in the #Wimbledon final:


જે 6 રને ઈંગ્લેન્ડને બનાવ્યુ વર્લ્ડ ચેમ્પિયન, તે માટે જીવનભર અફસોસ કરશે સ્ટોક્સ…

NZ were not surpassed nor defeated. The scores were tied and the law came into reckoning and hence the result. They must be feeling devastated and heartbroken but they should still be proud about what they have done and achieved #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ


#CWC19 #ENGvNZ #CWCFinal19 Fans could not help but link the bat slide incident to Diego Maradona's 'Hand of God' goal against England in the 1986 FIFA World Cup…

Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid forced to skip out on England trophy celebrations as they dash off to avoid champagne spray due to their religious beliefs

Kingdom Hearts, un mash-up de franquicias Disney y estética manga. ¡Para que no se diga que no hablamos de videojuegos milenials!


लंदन के लार्ड्स में बेहद रोमांचक मुकाबले में न्यूजीलैंड को हराकर विश्वकप विजेता बना इंग्लैंड, सुपर ओवर में भी मैच रहा टाई, ज्यादा बाउंड्री के आधार पर इंग्लैंड बना क्रिकेट का बादशाह, देखिए #LordsOfCricket ➡️ #CWC19Final #CWC19 #ENGvsNZ

जानें बिग बी ने भारत, न्यूजीलैंड और रोजर फेडरर की हार पर क्या लिखा... #AmitabhBachchan #IndianCricketTeam #RogerFederer…

A significant cricket rule is being scrutinised after it led to the #CWC19 winner being decided by the number of boundaries each team scored.…

నా జీవితాంతం విలియమ్‌సన్‌కు సారీ చెబుతూనే ఉంటా- బెన్ స్టోక్స్ #CCW2019 #KaneWilliamson…

#England wins world cup by more boundaries #NewZealand wins more love and support all over the world more than #england boundries Congratulations @BLACKCAPS you are my world cup winner Useless #ICCRules

rsn de tr na mirage matando 3 no pistol e matando o proximo só de ct…

England wrongly awarded extra run in World Cup final win over New Zealand, says former umpire Simon Taufel

Everyone: NZ got shafted on two counts man...first those 4 overthrows and then the silly rule about boundaries being the decider... Simon Taufel: Hold your beers...…

Big congratulations to Hannah Brunning after she finished 5th in @SchoolAthletics competition in Birmingham over the weekend, and helped Beds win the trophy for Best Small County Junior girls team!


Barely fell short getting 2nd at the SoCal arcadian in bracket reset game 5 grands. GGs and well played @thomas_nish, had a lot of fun in our games

குழந்தைகளே கிரிக்கெட் விளையாடாதீர்கள்: நியூஸி. வீரர் ஜிம்மி நீஷம் உருக்கம்…

Новым агентом 007 станет Лашана Линч.

Lord’s the perfect venue for greatest one-day game ever played | Andy Bull…

'Don't take up sport': New Zealand all-rounder James Neesham's advice to kids after World Cup final loss…


This decision loose the crediability of Lords. #ICCRules


Lancashire cricketer Jos Buttler helps England to a men's world cup win for the first time


Manchester City flight's to China cancelled AGAIN as pre-season plans are thrown into disarray | Daily Mail Online I do love the concept of an administrative error...…

Today's the kind of day you listen to rock/pop music that might fit a sad but heroic compilation celebratinh of sports heroes. *Sad compilation of Jimmy Neesham with Rocket Man has been made in my head for starters*

Hurt Jimmy Neesham shares heartfelt message on Twitter after losing the final game against England. Check out:


So criticizing Buttler's mankad wicket is spirit of game while criticizing unfair rule which gave England cup is "moaning". #CWC19Final #CWC19

Hats off to Jos Buttler. As soon as he worked his first ball for a single, I felt the game change. Up until that point England's batting was tactically inept and dominated by utter refusal to play to the conditions ("that's the way I play"), but changed immediately.

AOC and Megan McCain lead backlash against Trump's 'racist' tweet - Daily Mail…

Shehbaz 'to file law suit against Daily Mail' over 'fabricated and misleading story'…

So: Djokovic is extraordinary Federer is extraordinary Hamilton is extraordinary Stokes is extraordinary Buttler is extraordinary Sport is extraordinary Kane Williamson is extraordinary, and oh so classy #thatsunday

پہلے ن لیگ کو منی ٹریل دینا تھی، اب انکو ویڈیو ٹریل بھی دیناہوگی۔ن لیگ نے خود اپنے آپ کو ٹریلوں میں پھنسی رکھاہے۔ پتہ نہیں انہیں کون مشورے دیتا ہے ، یہ بہت زیادہ پھنسیں گے "سر بیرسٹر اعتزازاحسن" #KhadimEAalaExposed

Player of the Tournament in each WC: 1992: Crowe 1996: Jayasuriya 1999: Klusener 2003: Tendulkar 2007: McGrath 2011: Yuvraj 2015: Starc 2019: Williamson Crowe & Williamson are the only captains. #CWC19Final

#Wimbledon #Djokovic Djokovic, vainqueur de son 5e @Wimbledon : "C'est probablement le match le plus exigeant mentalement que j'ai jamais joué. J'ai juste essayé de me battre et de trouver un moyen de gagner. Ça a marché." @DjokerNole


You should be incredibly proud. Wonderfully defiant, hard working performance. You could LITERALLY do no more. So hard to take the trophy from your grasp. Proud to have played you in a final. #CWC19Final…

Chapeaux !! #SinisaMihajlovic #RogerFederer #Djokovic #Hamilton Ognuno a suo modo e con il proprio stile oggi ci ha donato qualcosa. #MasterClass


England create history at the Home of Cricket as they pip New Zealand in the most thrilling ODI ever, to get crowned as world champions. @bhogleharsha reviews England's glorious campaign #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ

Novak Djokovic Roger Federer finali! Wimbledon’da şampiyon belli oldu!…


"Laugh or cry, it's your choice" ~ Kane Williamson after CWC Final 2019 What a man!


Small margins.... I've watched that 6th ball over and over. If Guptill keeps his stance, that's a wide and we'd lose. Massive call of his to move his front leg towards the ball and to hit it.

Alright producers, you had me standing at the boarding gate with my laptop open watching at the airport. Well played. Enjoyed this episode. #loveisland

Gotta give it up 4Joker (even though Fed is 37&playing this good given his draw). The whole world and stadium is against him and against him whenever he plays Fedal, and some way he pulls through. He’s going to have the most grand slams when it’s all said and done #WimbledonFinal

Insane 11h stream today, casting the whole ShipStorm Finals! Grats to DERP the winners and well played to everyone taking part. I need to rest my voice now, I am rekt


#WimbledonFinal Djokovic superó a Federer en una épica batalla que dejó una final histórica -…


L’amarezza del giorno: non capire una fava di tennis #WimbledonFinal

Ended the NHSLS. 5-1. Lost in the semifinals to Chaminade. It was a great 3 days of lax. New cadets played well. Spring 2020 lax season should be another good one! Thanks to coach P. and parents for all the love. Especially the Dad Coaches for bringing their A game. #goEagles


Archer Now Tweeting about the 2023 WC! #CWC2019


Jason Roy Jonny Bairstow Joe Root Eoin Morgan Ben Stokes Jos Buttler Liam Plunkett Chris Woakes Adil Rashid Jofra Archer Mark Wood YOU ARE MY HEROES #CWC19Final

Ow @mPinoe bet stokesy and archer have still got time for there fans and aren’t billy big bollocks like u are

Alright I made it to area 51. Anyone else here yet?


At #DAD today with @WDPcomms Come and have a chat about what we offer


Hi loves Remember to always look for love and happiness in the smallest of things Our DMs are open and we will always be here for you if you need someone to chat to

دونوں ٹیمیں اس لحاظ سے خوش قسمت رہی ہیں کہ ان کے حریفوں نے بُری پرفارمنس کے لیے سیمی فائنل کا دن چنا۔ #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ


உலகக் கோப்பை தொடர் ஒன்றில் அதிக ரன்கள் எடுத்த கேப்டன் என்ற சாதனை படைத்தார் #வில்லியம்சன் * 9 இன்னிங்ஸ்களில் 549 ரன்களை கடந்து இலங்கையின் ஜெயவர்தனே சாதனையை முறியடித்தார் வில்லியம்சன் #CWC19 #ENGvsNZ #Final #NZvsENG #CWC19Final


What's your #ENGvNZprediction. I'm going for NZ 272 and England winning with 6 overs to spare? You? #ENGvsNZ

करतारपुर कॉरेडोर को लेकर आज एक बार फिर से भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच बातचीत का दौर शुरू होना हमारे सभी सिक्ख भाइयों एवं बहनों के लिए अच्छी खबर लाया है. @HSnewsLive #KartarpurCorridor

#کپتان_تیرا_شکریہ عمران نیازی عوام میں تھا تو حکمران چور تھے اب نیازی حکمران بنا ہے تو عوام چور ہیں. #SelectedHukumatNaManzoor #گوسلیکٹیڈگو

आज की भारत-पाक के पद्ददिकरियों की श्री #KartarpurCorridor पर बहुत सकारात्मक बैठक रही, रोज़ाना संगतों के श्री करतारपुर साहिब दर्शन की भारत की अहम मांग स्वीकार हुई। मैं पीएम श्री @narendramodi जी एचएम श्री @AmitShah जी का #Sikh संगतों किबतर्फ से हृदय से धन्यवाद करता हूँ।

ابھی اگے اگے دیکھتے جائے کہ ان لوگوں نے کون کون سے فنڈ کھائے ہیں خاص کر مریم صفدر کے تو مشل اوبامہ کے دئیے ھوئے education aid بھی ابھی باقی ھے۔.. سارا خاندان ہی چوروں کا ہے.. #کپتان_تیرا_شکریہ

Pakistan fined Rs950 bn in Reko Diq case


I booked 3 domestic airline tickets. After paying, received a message that FED has been reduced & collect your receivable (1,500 in total) at checkin. Professional!! Now, we can easily show CNIC to get refund but dont want to show this for documenting our economy. Amazing


Iftikhar Chaudhry should be held accountable. It's because of his decisions this poor nation lost billions of dollars. He removed Reko Diq case due to which Pakistan lost 1100 Billion rupees.…

پاکستان میں عوام صحت و تعلیم کی اچھی سہولتوں کے لئے ٹیکس نہیں دیتے بلکہ ارباب اختیار بشمول اعلی عدلیہ اور بیوروکریسی کے غلط فیصلوں کی قیمت ادا کرتے ہیں۔ #RekoDiq…

Chairman PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari with BiBi Aseefa Bhutto Zardari addressed to.worker Convention at sadiqabad Senior Party Leader were also Present . @BBhuttoZardari @ShahNafisa #SelectedHukumatNaManzur


تاجروں کی بڑی تعداد نے ہڑتال مسترد کر کے حب الوطنی کا ثبوت دیا: وزرا… #Pakistan #Traders #Taxex #Strike #OverPrice @pid_gov @MoIB_Official @PTIofficial


LOOK: Computer units in Cantilan National High School's TLE room were damaged as a magnitude 5.5 earthquake jolted southern Philippines on Saturday, July 13. | via @wang_devs


yuna showing off what she learned at school today to her parents uwu

A duel with no secrets but does Roger Federer have greater shock potential? | Kevin Mitchell…

Don’t forget to put your beds down so we can respawn right on Area 51 #Area51memes


at this point, i’m just so sick and tired of hiding my tattoos like i did with my self harm scars. if you judge people or see people different for having either, fuck you. youre small minded.

‘I don’t think you can judge, you have an actual pomegranate tattooed on you’ -@sydneydallas09 , 2019

Warmly welcomed PPP Chairman @BBhuttoZardari and @AseefaBZ at my hometown #Ghotki along with my friends @AbdullahDayo and @Darpanlalwani12. Spotted this youngest jiyala :) #GhotkiWelcomesBBZ #GhotkiBhuttoKa #NA205


Chairman PPP @BBhuttoZardari along with BiBi @AseefaBZ Leading the rally against #MulkDushman Selected Govt of PTI. #SelectedHukumatNaManzur


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