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نہ میں کسی کے سامنے جھکا ہوں نہ کبھی اپنی قوم کو کسی کے سامنے جھکنے دونگا، امریکہ میں کھڑے ہوکر خان کا پاکستان اور ٹرمپ کو پیغام✌ #PMIKInUSA #ImranKhanVisitsUS


WEDDING CRASHER-IN-CHIEF: President Trump Shows Up at 'MAGA' Wedding See The Video >>…


This afternoon at 3:30pm PT I’ll be on @JamesTHarris @knsttucson discussing the “Women for Trump” coalition that will be working hard to re-elect @realDonaldTrump in 2020. TUNE IN!

phase 4 MCU hasn’t even begun and it’s already feeding us so well and right now I’m just trying to enjoy the peace and positive atmosphere before inevitably marvel twitter digs deep enough to find something to complain about and the bandwagons begin

marvel amerikanın muhteşem yüzyılı gibi bir şey herhalde her ünlü rol alıyor amk

what an amazing time to be a marvel fan.


What? Rakitic a bigger part than what now? Bale is literally Madrid’s most decisive player in history when it comes to UCL finals. He was also their best player for the 11th back in 2016. Imagine saying Rakitic has played a bigger part than Bale…


My Leader .. My Pride .. ❤ May Allah Pak bless you, May our motherland be blessed to progress and prosper under your honest, steadfast and selfless Leadership .. May this smile never fades and you live long enough to see a Corruption free prosperous #Pakistan Insha Allah!


17 Jewish groups call on White House to fire adviser Stephen Miller… via @timesofisrael

The massive turnout also sends a message to the White House aswell as the Democratic & Republic Parties of the huge support that @ImranKhanPTI & Pakistan has in the US. #PMIKJalsainUSA…

نہ سمجھو گے تو مٹ جاو گے تم اے قادیاں والو تمہاری داستاں تک بھی نہ ہوگی داستانوں میں #اجماع_امت_قادیانی_کافر


By the end of his term, he's going to hit an entire year away from the White House, isn't he?…

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Don, Impeccable taste.Maybe you can get them to play at the White House. Any luck with Rush reunion?


Not @ how he could seduce you, your brother, your mom and dad and prolly yalls family dog alike


IT's No wonder no one is watching anymore! MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Trump Supporters Must Be ‘Confronted and Destroyed’…

Trump supporter can't explain what socialism is when challenged by James O'Brien…

L'ancien procureur spécial Robert Mueller est convoqué mercredi au Congrès pour une audition très attendue sur les conclusions de l'enquête russe, que les démocrates espèrent accablante pour Donald Trump à seize mois de la présidentielle de 2020

Trump Personally Vouches for A$AP Rocky’s Bail After Talks With Swedish PM…


US & Pakistan have always been close allies, working together from last six decades for regional peace & eradication of terrorism. #PMIKVisitingUS


I was so happy with my son at one side so that even verbal abuse of #MohsinAbbasHaider couldn't effect me because of my son's smile i was ready to bear everything.

'محسن عباس ایک بدکردار، سنگ دل اور تشدد کرنے والا شخص تھا' ڈی جے کے نام سے مشہور گلوکار اور اداکار محسن عباس کی اہلیہ نے فیس بک پر ان کے خلاف سنگین الزامات لگا دیے۔۔ تصاویر بھی شئیر کر ڈالیں۔۔ #MohsinAbbasHaider @SohailFatema #GNN #GNNupdates

Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI visit to #USA This visit would be the first summit -level engagement between two countries since both leaders assumed their respective office Let's hope for the progressive outcomes of this meeting. #PMIKVisitingUS


Imran Khan Should talk about Peace in the region through proper dilouges. peace in the Region will helps the whole South Asia region to progress and achieve prosperity. #PMIKVisitingUS


I fear women in future will have no choice but to marry each other, even though its not permitted in our religion but us Men will leave them no choice but to do it. 90% of us men wont spend our lives with men too if this keep happening. #MohsinAbbasHaider #ukhano

माँ और पति संग सिगरेट के कश लगाती दिखीं प्रियंका चोपड़ा, सोशल मीडिया पर लोगों ने जमकर सुनाई खरी-खोटी @priyankachopra @kajal_jaihind @theskindoctor13 #PriyankaChopra…

For Stability And Peace Reviving Old Friendship #PMIKVisitingUS


.@priyankachopra continues her birthday celebrations in Miami. Check out the pictures…

People are finally starting to appreciate Nick Jonas ouf lamma elkon enne sebi2 3asre ma betsad2o

خیبرپختونخوا میں ضم اضلاع کے انتخابی نتائج، 16 میں سے 9 نشستوں کے غیر حتمی اور غیر سرکاری نتائج آگئے۔۔ کون سی پارٹی جیتی کون ہاری؟ جانیے اس رپورٹ میں۔۔ #kp #FATA #fataelection #GNN #GNNupdates

Dopo aver visto le foto di Nick Jonas in barca

What asthma? #PriyankaChopra spotted smoking With #NickJonas, mother #MadhuChopra during her #Miami vacation, fans express shock #priyankachoprasmoking…

engraçado que com o nick jonas acima do peso vcs fariam, são diversos elogios pra desejar esse cara ai quando é alguma cantora acima do peso é balofa, baleia.. dentre outros comentários nojentos e baixos, e é bodyshaming até elas voltarem pro corpão

Nick Jonas got married and is now officially a daddy! He got that dad bod


حیرت ہے کی بات ہے اپنے آپ کو عوامی پارٹی کہنے والی جماعت ن لیگ اور پیپلز پارٹی قبائلی اضلاع کے 16 کے 16 حلقوں میں ضمانتیں ضبط کروا بیٹھی۔ یہ دونوں تو عمران خان کو ہر وقت سلیکٹڈ کہتے ہیں پھر کسی کو 50 ووٹ بھی نہ ملے عوام کہاں گئی جو آپ کے ساتھ تھی؟ #fataelection

The Geo News TV Channel has been downgraded from position 3 to position 26 on PTCL Smart TV Cable. #Surprise

Pakistan Government: Free Nawaz Sharif and other political prisoners in Pakistan - Sign the Petition! via @Change

John Kerry: Trump can’t hold a candle to Ayanna Pressley… via @BostonGlobe

Carson defends Trump's tweets about 'The Squad' via @YouTube

Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser says Trump is turning into a symbol of racism after telling four female Democratic lawmakers to “go back” to where they came from

Some people are saying that PM Khan has been snubbed by U.S. officials. So here are the facts: - It was known since day # 1 that his visit is a third tier visit. - He *chose* to travel in commercial Qatar Airways flight. - There was no snubbing.

LIVE from the White House


Here's the White House POWERFUL Video That will make "The Squad" Hide in... via @YouTube

The White House is testing the phone line for President Nixon'is phone call to the astronauts during EVA.


I watch Geo News because its full of honest ... But what I keep forgetting is that this is PTI's government/no one is allowed to tell the truth here ! So as a punishment Geo News is often taken off air…

Indian Army resorted to unprovoked cease fire violation using rockets and mortars in Battal, Satwal, Khanjar, Nikyal and Jandrot Sectors along Line of Control (LOC) targeting civilian population and Army posts. Pakistan Army troops effectively responded to Indian firing


*STAY TUNED* This family and their friends have 18 bears, all stolen from SWAT, KOHISTAN, GILGIT and other areas in Northen Pakistan just 3-4 years back, They claim that 10 bears are taken from forests in North by them. These bears are endangered Asiatic Black Bears FROM NORTH


There were 48 passengers onboard the aircraft, which was en route from Islamabad to Gilgit in the Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Retd Air Vice Marshal Shahid Latifs company, Air Ciro, has the contract for plastic-wrapping of bags at Pakistani airports. This govt just made wrapping checked luggage compulsory. @HamidMirPAK @TalatHussain12 @BeenishSaleem


Retd Air Vice Marshal Shahid Latifs company, Air Ciro, has the contract for plastic-wrapping of bags at Pakistani airports. This govt just made wrapping checked luggage compulsory. This is not corruption. There is nothing to see here.


I do think Noori is in a good place. I think Noori has a very bright future. Ali Noor #StrepsilsStereo #ManwaRePhirSe

Archaeologists roast Netanyahu on Twitter over claim Palestinians have 'no connection' to homeland via @themuslimvibe

A lot of you kids have been asking me what it's like going to a major fighting game event Here's what my standard event looks like over the course of the weekend


ٹرمپ کو شاندار جواب امیر المجاہدین علامہ خادم حسین رضوی صاحب کا ٹرمپ اور اس کی ناجائز اولاد کو دندان شکن جواب ۔ #قادیانی_دنیاکابدترین_کافر

bold of him to assume i can make it to silver town…

Vote count begins on 16 general seats of KP Assembly in tribal districts… #fataelection #FATA #Fataelections #TribalElection2019 #Tribal #KPAssembly #Vote #Polls #Poll

दिल्ली की पूर्व CM शीला दीक्षित की बेटी लतीका ने मुस्लिम युवक से रचाई थी शादी, बाद में हुई थी घरेलू हिंसा की शिकार #SHEILA #sheiladixit #latikadixit…

BOLD ÖZEL | KHK Platformundan hükümete çağrı: Canlı ölümlere son verin @BOLDmedya…

No more FATA Alhamdulillah. Brave women of tribal districts are exercising their right to vote for the future of their children. These pictures must be framed in history books. #Vote4Bat


خیبرپختونخوا قبائلی علاقوں میں پولنگ کا وقت ختم پولنگ اسٹیشن میں موجود افراد ووٹ کاسٹ کر سکیں گے ووٹوں کی گنتی شام چھ بجے شروع ہوگی #Vote4Bat


Powerful images coming from what was known as FATA and now a part of KPK today; our tribesmen and also the women come out to exercise their vote. This alone is the victory of Pakistan against all the internal & external enemies! #Vote4Bat


ضلع کرم میں صوبائی اسمبلی کے لئے پرامن ووٹنگ کاسلسلہ دن بھر جاری رہا. #Vote4Bat


Stupid is as stupid does. No airport in the world imposes this.It 's alway's optional. Air Ciro must have paid a crap load for this.Perfect case for @NAB to investigate if they are truly impartial. world is moving away from plastic and ISB has declared use illegal…

Who/What’s a chamanjheenga? #Lums

Pakistani tweeps im following should get over Ukhano and Lums and start tweeting funny stuff

WATCH: Moments after Nobel Peace Prize winner says her parents were killed by ISIS, Trump asks where they are now


Donald Trump’s Kremlin go-between George Nader just got hit with hideous new criminal charges…

As the world heats up, the MTV generation watches with a stoic misanthropic gaze rivaling Daria. Meanwhile, we entertain and distract ourselves with remakes and sequels to our nostalgic laden childhood. Hurtling towards the end. Oh! Also? Maverick’s back in Top Gun. I’m so in.

To the wild card contestants Dont start a fake relationship, like fake father/sister/brother If you like someone be bold enough to express and dont hide behind these fake masks. Full grown idiots can't suddenly develop a sacred feeling towards eachother #BiggBossTamil3

#قادیانی_دنیاکابدترین_کافر ٹرینڈ چلانے والوں کے آباؤاجدا دعویٰ کرتے تھے کہ قادیان کی اینٹ سے اینٹ بجا دیں گے مگر قادیان کے ق کا ایک نقطہ تک نا ہلا سکے۔ ارے دیوانوں پھونکوں سے یہ چراغ بجھایا نا جائیگا #احمدیت_ہی_اسلام_ہے

Who are you? How much did you pay to get trending? #AskJaveria

winters mai lums aur summers mai turkey paki teens ka takiya kalaam hai

It’s sad to see how from ‘harassment’ the topic went on to blaming the ‘culture’ and then to blaming a specific institution. I’m sorry but the Institution can be as fine as LUMS or as classy as LSE or as bold as BNU or as ‘easy hojao’ as NCA but it still consists of harasses ++

شاہد خاقان عباسی پر ایل این جی کیس ایک ٹریلر ہے اصل کیس تو ابھی بننا ہے، عمران یعقوب خان @pmln_org @CMShehbaz @PTIofficial @ShkhRasheed #ShahidKhaqanAbbasi #ImranYaqubKhan #GNN

سچ جان کر جیو ۔۔ عباسی صاحب آپ ھمارے ھیرو ھیں #MaryamNawaz #ShahidKhaqanAbbasi @MaryamNSharif @ZeshanMalick

شاہد خاقان عباسی کی گرفتاری اسوقت عمل میں آئی جب انکے سیکرٹری وعدہ معاف گواہ بن کےعدالت کے سامنے پیش ہوئے، سعد رسول #DunyaPrograms @ikndunya @pmln_org @PTIofficial @MediaCellPPP #NAB #ShahidKhaqanAbbasi

ایل این جی کیس میں شاہد خاقان پرالزامات کیا ہیں؟جانیے #DunyaPrograms @ikndunya @pmln_org @PTIofficial @MediaCellPPP #ShahidKhaqanAbbasi

Lançamento #TheLionKingTheGift , #LaCasaDePapel3 #queereye meu Deus meu coração não aguenta

Recebi spoilers de #LaCasaDePapel3 e não gostei

At least 13 nations allow enlistees younger than 17, according to the CIA World Factbook. They include major powers such as the United Kingdom and smaller countries, such as Tonga, Bolivia and Papua New Guinea. #TWTFrontPage…

Trump has already called Hispanics “breeders”, pushed for a Muslim registry, refused to condemn the KKK the Sunday before Super Tuesday, drew David Duke’s praise after Charlottesville for his moral equivalency. Is this a surprise to anyone?…

So Shamir was the character that caught my eye the most after Claude and I just found out that, guess what? She's an archer as well. This is going from funny coincidence to a little freaky lol. But hey, Close Counter, so that removes a major archer weakness right there.


'Abdullah bin Mas’ud (R.A) reported: Allah's Messenger (S.A.W)saying: “Nothing is more loveable to Allah than His praise as He has praised Himself and no one is more self-respecting than Allah Himself and it As because of this that He has prohibited abominable acts” Muslim.

The suspension of @ZimCricketv by the ICC has cast serious doubts on the limited overs away series against India in January next year but the #BCCI will wait till October to consider a back-up plan.…

This is a major announcement! There has been a lot of reshuffling within the management of your administrative team, and we would like to announce to the public the changes that have been made. First, @LR_Speedstah will become President of the entirety of Livid Racing...

نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا: ” «صعود» جہنم کا ایک پہاڑ ہے، اس پر کافر ستر سال میں چڑھے گا اور اتنے ہی سال میں نیچے گرے گا اور یہ عذاب اسے ہمیشہ ہوتا رہے گا“۔ #حضورﷺکی_بات_کرو #قادیانی_دنیاکابدترین_کافر

ختم نبوتؐ پر جان قربان کر دینگے لیکن کبھی بھی اسکی شق میں تبدیلی نہیں ہونے دینگے ان شإ اللہ #قادیانی_دنیاکابدترین_کافر

قادیانیوں سن لو تم ٹرمپ تو کیا ابو جہل یا ابو لہب کے پاس بھی چلے جاٶ محمدﷺ کے غلام تب بھی تم پر لعنت بھیجتے رہیں گے تم دنیا کے بدترین کافر اور مرتد ہو تاجدار ختم نبوتﷺ زندہ آباد #زرلش #قادیانی_دنیاکابدترین_کافر

نماز فرض ہے اور اس کی قضا ہے لیکن تحفظ ناموس رسالت فرض العین ہے نہ قضا اور نہ ہی کوئی سستی قابل قبول ہے #قادیانی_دنیاکابدترین_کافر


On 19 july 1947, the working committee of the sole representative party, Muslim Conference, of the Prajha Sabha,under the leadership of Sardar Ibrahim khan,passed resolution of accession of the state of Jammu and #Kashmir to #Pakistan. #یوم_الحاق_پاکستان

Im gonna go out on a limb here and say that @IAmJericho will not be at the #RAWReunion reuniting with anyone. #RAW will not be Jericho... that's my BOLD prediction.

Revolt 2nd Anniversary!!! MC CARDZ & DJ ZIMBABWE この曲懐かしのあれ。 Karate - Tron (ReyKeith) Global Thang UK 2001

Fact: The #KC metro (& @KCMO) is not “superstar” status. But we are close. Bold but thoughtful investments, great leadership, innovative policies could get us there. Or we could fall behind and wait to be “saved” by the Federal Government.… @Reuters

Nida kirmani is a prime example that jahalat is a state of mind and has nothing to do with your academics aur wese bhi lums tou chutiyon se bhari pari hai…

He has made it cleared on all that he may lose his Government, but will not make any deal and compromise on corruption. For the first time in 70 years of country history,he dragged two powerful corrupt persons ( Nawaz & Zardari) into court for accountability. #عمران_بدلے_گا_نظام

ISLAMABAD: An accountability court dismissed the NAB's plea for trial against PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz in the Avenfield reference, sources said.

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