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‘Leave’ voters in Labour Party strongholds balked at Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to negotiate a new deal to leave the EU followed by a second referendum and switched loyalties to the Conservatives

Conservatives believe that J**s control Hollywood because they're so hardworking and intelligent. Conservatives will also admit that most movies and show are liberal garbage and lack any sort originality. How do conservatives have such conflicting ideas of how the world works?

Kez just said she didn't vote Labour in the Euro elections cos she's a proud European. Does that...? Does that mean???

McCluskey, it turns out, is no more a friend to progressive socialism than Chris Williamson. Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, has inspired a generation of young activists to engage in politics, and they should not be considered one and the same.…

The Tories won’t worry about implementing all sorts of shit, because after they change the constitution (page 48 of their manifesto) they will be able to scrap elections

The Labour leadership challenge is going to be an utter mongfest, isn't it?

I think the reason Corbyn spoke to me was because he said "it's okay to have sensible policies that bring us in line with the rest of Europe *and not have to* commit atrocities in the pursuit of oil money"…

El resultado acaba con la incertidumbre sobre cuándo se producirá el Brexit

British Prime Minister @BorisJohnson says his government has been given a "powerful, new mandate" to 'get Brexit done' as he revelled in the Conservative Party's historic UK election victory.

Why are the Tories talking about how they'll prove to the working classes they deserve the vote, and that things can be better, as if they haven't been in government for nearly a decade?

This is one of the rarest time in last 66 months, I am watching #BJP #trolls getting weak, feeble and trapped...Probably this is there peak limit..They are unable to understand what to do or say, they want n try to say everyone Anti National or Anti Hindu..But Assam..#CABProtests

BBBexit —- Brain washed Britain Exit xxx

How can @BorisJohnson say we're leaving the EU based on a mandate from an 'advisory' & illegal referendum, but Scotland doesn't have a mandate to leave the UK based on a legally binding election? This government will destroy the 'United' Kingdom. #Brexitchaos #ToriesInCharge

ब्रिटेन में जानसन की जीत क्यों भारत के लिबरल-लेफ़्ट के लिये गंभीर संदेश है ? #BorisWins #BorisJonhson

So many right-wingers angry at labour supporters being vocal about their political views, you lot don’t rate free speech now? Swear there’s a word for that..

.@Keir_Starmer on #skynews just said we need to rebuild the Labour Party. Complete rubbish. We don’t need to rebuild Labour, we need to get rid of of idiot remainers like Keir Starmer who just lost the party #GeneralElection2019 by refusing to respect 17.4m leave votes.

If only Corbyn had started a war that killed a million people, maybe the entire media wouldn't have spent every waking hour propagandising against him. Basically that's his fault…

Interestingly, it looks like the Conservative Remain vote only held up a little better than the Labour Leave vote - but Con Remain went to LD, while Lab Leave went Tory


Some good news at least, record number of women elected - 34% overall in parliament - The tories have just 1 in 4 but that is up 12 from the last election - Labour now have more female than male MP's at 104 #Labour #GeneralElection…

The UK election results are profoundly encouraging for the US. @Bromund explains: Britain has rejected the pre-election, do-nothing status quo. With a Conservative government both in office and truly in power, Britain should now be able to get Brexit done by January 31, 2020.

I was too young to really remember the 2010 election but in 2015 I saw a Labour leadership that ran on controls on immigration being one of its mainstay policies. Then in 2017 and 2019 I saw someone who genuinely cared about my livelihood as a non white person, as an immigrant,

Interested in making work for young people with additional support needs? The Jerwood Fellowships will support four artists based in Scotland (deadline 27 January)…

There’s no pleasure in “I told you so” after a Tory landslide, but anyone with an ounce of wit knew Corbyn was unelectable. So let’s hear again how it’s all the fault of the Tory Press, the Zionists, the centrists, the Blairites and absolutely everyone except Jeremy Corbyn.…

It wasn't true about Wilson. But Corbyn's StB files are available. It's a matter of record.…

Well, that's not what I mean. And where are the torture chambers in Britain? I don't use the phrase 'human rights abuses'. I said 'massacres' and cited Hama.…

Scotland must be given new independence vote - Nicola Sturgeon Follow our #GE2019 live blog


Found this a useful analysis today, by @tommctague:…

What a fantastic celebration @OUScotland this morning. @QNI_Scotland award for Kombe, one of our OU nursing Grads. Working now as GPN in local GP practice. Uplifting, inspiring. Huge congratulations @ProfBrendan @FionaCMcQueen @LizSturley @sally86149686 @LorraineMalco


Fuck off Scotland best thing they’ve produced this past decade is Scott Mctominay

Preliminary results of the British Parliamentary elections .......! #BorisJohnson: With the majority of seats in the House of Commons, the British Prime Minister remains....


برطانوی وزیراعظم بورس جانسن نے تاریخی کامیابی حاصل کرکے بریگزٹ کی راہ ہموار کرلی۔۔ #BorisJohnson #UKelection2019 #Brexit

Deutsche Qualitätsmedien überschlagen sich und ergehen sich in Relativierungs-Versuchen der kindischsten Sorte weil die britischen Bürger nicht so gewählt haben wie sie es nach ihrer Meinung hätten tun müssen! #Brexit #UKelection2019 Meinen Glückwunsch an #BorisJohnson

اینکرز منہ سے جھاگ اڑا رہے ہوتے ، رپوٹرز بیپرز دے دے کر تھک چکے ہوتے ،چینلز غمگین دھنوں کیساتھ پیکجز چلا کر عاجز آچکے ہوتے، تجزیہ کار دکھ بھرے لہجے میں اپنا کرب بیان کر رہے ہوتے سوشل میڈیا پہ شام غریباں ہوتی اگر خدا نخواستہ یہ قتل جمعیت کے ہاتھوں ہوا ہوتا #JusticeForSyedTufail

یہ حملہ اسلامی جمعیت طلبہ پر نہیں اسلامی فکر پر حملہ ہے۔احتشام الہٰی ظہیر #JusticeForSyedTufail

[The rape, murder, slaughter, burning of (Hindu) homes had the sanction of the Pakistan govt. It was a State approved genocide. The Pak State did not go around killing Ahmadis, Shias or Balochis back then.] CAB Rats by Mediacrooks @RavinarIN…

I'm really glad to see people opening up this conversation about class disparity on campus. It's extremely important, and I hope privileged lums kids can see this and be cognisant about their actions and question structures and norms more.…

#Chennai Need #Blood Type: B+ve At: Mehta hospital, Chetpet Number of Units: 3 Primary Number: 9884575856 Secondary Number: NIL Patient name: -Nil via @RBSIRAJINI #BloodMatters #BloodAlliance

can we all agree that sunflower is definitely the song harry made because of shrooms? #FineLine

The Rangers have to lead the league in bad changes.

注目のイギリス総選挙は開票が進み、保守党の獲得議席が過半数に達しました。残る議席は30議席ほどです。 開票の状況を随時更新しています。…

Jo Swinson said "Bollocks to Brexit" The British people said "Bollocks to you!"

Corbyns hesitancy for a GE doesnt look like he was too daft noo does it? Had he been balls out remain, the numbers would have been even lower - am certain of that now, cos I did the maths - England demanded brexit, and now does so again.

you don't understand. they called it the BREXIT party…

I congratulate @BorisJohnson and the Conservative Party on their victory in the #UKElection. The consistency in the Conservative's campaign has allowed them to achieve this victory.

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