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It's 5.5 guys, 10 million on the way aj raat sb jagay raho Kal din bhar site rehna plx make it 10 million till 5 am plz #ChartbusterSid


The was Sid explained the thing to Paras goes to chuslet's fan as well. Agar show wale biased Hain to bahut tarike Hain sideline Karne k " tere ko dikhayenge nhi". Hats off to you man!! #ChartbusterSid

i bet again call me atta adwoa

Only a Pharmacist knows a better drug and how it will work effectively #SindhPharmacistsRights…

Punjab is enjoying a pharmacist/50 beds, KPK has took hospital nd retail pharmacy setups by storm, Baluchistan struggled 3 months nd got the chance to enhance their health care nd then sindh where Hyd division with 1crore+ population has 1 drug inspector #SindhPharmacistsRights

Real Name = Saadat Hasan Manto Born = 11 May 1912 Samrala, Ludhiana, British India Died = 18 January 1955 (42 Year) Lahore l, Punjab, Pakistan Occupation = Novelist, playwright, essayist, screenwriter, short story writer Today is #DeathAnniversary of Legend #SaadatHasanManto


Four people were shot to death in a residence in Grantsville, Utah, Friday night, according to police. A fifth person also was shot and is in the hospital. The suspected shooter is in custody.

Amir khan Motaqi extracted from Taliban negotiation team replaced by an Afghan Turkmen sheikh Sharif as new member of Taliban negation team د طالبانو مشر ملاهبت الله اخند یو افغان ترکمن شیخ شریف امیر خان متقی په ځای د طالبانو مزاکراتی ټیم غړی ټاکلی اومتقی یی پاکستان ته راغوښتی


ینی چی که میگین جدیدا آدما دور همدیگه هم که جمع میشن همش سرشون تو گوشیه؟ خب سرشون تو کون بقیه باشه خوبه چاقال کیری؟

Os cara escuta K pop e quer criticar o Eminem UehusheusheuhsuehHeu piada

Eminem’s album has been on repeat since 2pm and I can confirm that it WILL MOST DEFINITELY BE THE BEST ALBUM OF THIS YEAR

I lowkey kinda like the bond that sana and #AsimRiaz share idk but their f'dship seems pure, the way she spcly asked about #Asim when her dad visited nd then Asim sweetly returned the favor by asking #Umar about #Sana It's nice #WhenRiazBrothersMet

گویا حقیقت داره و سلطان امینم اسم امام رو تو آهنگ Unaccommodating خودش آورده و خودش رو با رهبران سیاسی مثل صدام حسین و آیت الله خمینی و همچنین اسامه بن لادن تروریست بدنام عربستانی مقایسه می کنه!!


پی ٹی آئی دی گورنمنٹ نرا گھاٹا نشئی کھا گئے غریب دا آٹا #نشئی‌کھاگیاغریب‌کاآٹا


De moeder en zus van een vd slachtoffers van #IranPlaneShootdown : "Ze hebben mijn zoon gedood", "Mijn Amir Hossein is weg" "God heeft hem niet gedood", "zij (het regime) heeft hem gedood" O moslims, ze hebben onze Amir Hossein express gedood"…

محمد حفیظ نے ریٹائرمنٹ کا اعلان کردیا۔۔۔ مزید پڑھیئے: #AajNews #AajUpdates #Hafeez


Mohammad Hafeez has declared his intentions to quit international cricket following the conclusion of the T20 World Cup…

스밍하면서 지난 사진첩 뒤적거리다 발견한 2~3년전쯤의 일본잡지 화보 속 박모델 . . . #BlackSwan #BTSIsComing #JIMIN #지민 @BTS_twt


It's my Pakistan. When SHO reached to his office and saw an old man sitting on his chair. He set on near seat and listened his complain. If we criticize the immoral act of some police man, then we must praise the positive acts of such police man. #TwitterStayFair


Please pray for me. I ate Arbys last night and now I'm flying internationally so you know what that means. Joining the mile high dump club. #Arbys #FridayThoughts

#FridayThoughts #GodMorningFriday According to the predictions of all the future doers, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the one who is born for the welfare of the great. To Know More Watch Varinda T.V-9:30pm @SaintRampalJiM

سیستانی ایرانیه برای همین فارسی توییت کرده براش زیاد تعجب نداره

Esske is finished! I wanted him to look regal and have some cool patterns, and at first I thought of Maasai patterns, since he looks a bit like that, but settled with a homage to Amir's dress from the wonderful A Bride's Story by Kaoru Mori. Next: Syll #paintingwarhammer #AoS


China, Pakistan's 'all-weather ally' made the fresh pitch to raise #Kashmir issue under "other matters" during a closed meeting in the UN Security Council Consultations Room.…

"In background discussions, Pakistani authorities have claimed that they showed full compliance on five action points and are largely compliant on another 17. They said this should be enough for the FATF to strike the country’s name off its grey list."…

#UNSC में कश्मीर पर पाक, चीन को नही मिला विश्व का साथ #Kashmir #Article370 presser of Senator Rahman Malik on various enactments & FATF.

امین حفیظ خبروں کو پیش کرنے کے انوکھے اور منفرد انداز کی وجہ سے اپنی الگ پہچان رکھتے ہیں۔ اُن کے بقول وہ نہیں جانتے یہ درست ہے یا نہیں، لیکن وہ اسے ناظرین کو معلومات کے ساتھ تفریح فراہم کرنا قرار دیتے ہیں۔ مکمل ویڈیو دیکھیں: #AminHafeez #GeoNews #UrduVOA

Malik Beasley drills another three to give him 11 points on the night. Beasley has made three from distance so far tonight.

China changed strategy at UNSC this time. Instead of Art.370, it argued that India is planning military action in PoK, brought up Gen. Naravane's remarks, alleged increased ceasefire violations etc. But found no takers among any of the members. My report…

The Lakers are going to adore Malik Beasley

Why Fatima Son Rizwan is out to save Democracy? Fatima at 14 married to Abdul Punture wala.Abdul gave triple talaq to Fatima. On the name of Halala a Maulvi used her times before giving Triple Talaq so that she can again marry Abdul. Few yrs later again Abdul gave her Triple Tq

5 Keutamaan Baca Surat Al-kahfi Di Hari Jumat: 1. Diterangi cahaya 2. Terhindar fitnah dajjal 3. Diampuni dosa 4. Kisah Al-Kahfi 5. Pengingat hari kiamat Nah, jangan lupa untuk membaca surat Al-Kahfi di hari ini ya! -khusus muslim-

BREAKING: Hundreds of graphic videos, documents and publications were located on Hafeez’s laptop computer including guides to the making and use of weapons and explosives…

Frank malaikat, Becandanya sama ajal gue mah heran banget :(

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