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絶賛発売中! 「IDOL AND READ 019」 表紙…高城れに ももクロ 裏表紙…月ノウサギ ギャンパレ 岡部麟AKB48 阿部菜々実ラスアイ 山本杏奈イコラブ 水春桜エビ〜ず 苺りなはむCY8ER みおりじゅじゅ 南一花ヤナミュー 藍染カレンZOC プー・ルイBILLIE IDLE



I have just signed the @GMB_Union petition calling on @Amazon to treat their workers like humans, not robots. Nobody should go to work in fear of leaving in an ambulance. Join me and sign the petition here ↓ #AmazonWeAreNotRobots #PrimeDay…

【まだまだ宣伝】「うちのネコは飼い主に優しい。 」好評発売中です!ファンの方はもとより漫画家仲間、音楽仲間、ネコ仲間…沢山の身近なみなさんに「買ったよ!」って言っていただけて幸せを噛みしめております。ネコ好きの友人やご家族へのプレゼントに是非♪(^o^)/…


C’est ça, l’esprit IEJ : #WorldEmojiDay


C’est ça, l’esprit Paris BTS : #WorldEmojiDay


godammit i really looked for a good tom picture for like 20 minutes to use as an icon and then i had to be brave and actually use it and now this happens and i gotta go to my hiding spot again! i have nothing...

Why I’m looking like Julia Roberts but still I think I will look better than this !!Haha جب ھم بوڑھے ہوں گے جانے کہاں ہوں گے #FaceApp #lol #Mairakhan


Faceapp ile galerinize erişim vererek tüm çıplak fotoğraflarınızı uygulama sahiplerine teslim ettiğinize göre normal yaşantınıza devam edebilirsiniz. #FaceApp

FIA #Pakistan has detected transfer of millions of rupees from #India & other countries into secret bank accounts of #PTM activist #GulalaiIsmail & her parents. FIR under charges of money-laundering, Anti-Terrorism (ATA-1997), financial assistance to terror & anti-state elements.


Me looking at my future kids while they are lying to get money from me. @BruceMelodie @pendoanita @DeejayPius @LuckyIbnMiraj #RwoT #faceappchallenge #FaceApp


Good morning America I love you, and have the best Hump day ever! The local news is such a Buzz Kill! #WednesdayThoughts @press_bernie @TreyGibbs28


Only 8 weeks until @TBEXevents in Billings Montana. TBEX North America 2019 Billings, Montana, SEPTEMBER 11- 13, 2019 Video: @dipyourtoesin from TBEX Europe 2018 Ostrava #TBEX #tbexevents #travelbloggers #TravelMedia

That was one of the most remarkable interviews I've heard in a long time. What a wonderfully brave person Katie is sharing her story. @RyanTubridyShow @RTERadio1

Juventus, entusiasmo per de Ligt. Raiola: ''Un mix tra Ibrahimovic e Nedved'' [aggiornamento delle 10:39]

#HafizSaeed On the day of #KulbhushanJadhav verdict, Pakistan carries out (drama of) arrest of #HafizSaeed . The arrest also comes four days ahead of the visit of PM Imran Khan to #WhiteHouse . It's like watching an old tv series on YouTube.


Chasing various reports of tragedies caused by Tuesday's #monsoon rainfall in #Lahore. 7 of a family crushed to death in their beds due to their roof collapsing. The youngest child was 5. Meanwhile two little girls dead in separate rain related accidents. All in Lahore.

Former rulers left no stone unturned in destroying economy: CM Usman Buzdar #DunyaNews #Dunyaupdates

While State Bank has scrapped NEFT etc charges, it has now increased the ATM Amount Decline Charges. Example: if your account has 10000 but you punch 10500 for withdrawal from ATM, (Higher than your balance) then you'll be charged 20+GST=23.60.

क्या होता है स्टेट बैंक ऑफ इंडिया का बचत प्लस खाता, जानिए क्या हैं इसके फायदे और कौन ले सकता है इसका लाभ #SBI #savings…

வேலூர் வேட்பாளர் தங்கை தீபலட்சுமி வங்கிக் கணக்கு விவரங்கள்.. தேர்தல் செலவுகளுக்காக அவரவரால் இயன்றளவு உதவுங்கள் உறவுகளே.... Name : DeepaLakshmi P State Bank of India Vaniyambadi. Branch Code : 252 Account No : 38603807598 IFSC code : SBIN0000252 SWIFT code : SBININBB

انڈین میڈیا اندرا گاندھی کے دور میں امریکی میڈیا صدر بُش کی عراق جنگ کے دوران اور پاکستانی میڈیا 2018 میں اپنے کردار پر ہمیشہ شرمندہ رہیں گے۔ (ابصار عالم) #JournalismNotAgenda #LayOffLifafaJournalists #ڈوب_کےمرگئی_تبدیلی

#شوبازشریف_چندہ_چور چوروں کی دو قسمیں ہیں، عام چور اور سیاسی چور،عام چور آپ کا مال، چھین لیتے ہیں۔ سیاسی چور آپ کا مستقبل چھین لیتے ہیں۔ لیکن خیال رہے ان میں ایک بنیادی فرق ہوتا ہے۔ پہلا یہ کہ عام چور آپ کا انتخاب کرتا ہے اور دوسرا یہ کہ سیاسی چوروں کا انتخاب آپ خود کرتے ہیں۔

It is a sad day when Congress has to Condemn the President of the United States for racism on the record. I'm hearing that MoC are collectively relieved that they were able to take this stand. Maybe this will encourage them to vote for Green's Art of Impeachment. #TuesdayThoughts

Ateez: Atiny: Aliens at Area 51: The world: Mingi, Yunho, & San at 3am:

And my battle cry would be "Get off my server!" #FaceApp


Dmitri Danish Venice Evening


I wish we can stop the hate and just get along with each other... Wish we could live, love, & learn.... Maybe we can get it right someday? #TuesdayThoughts #Love

brave girls covering heart attack.....i would like to see it

Nebraska's Brandon Crick (@BCrick22) returns to his home state for this week's @PinnBankGolf. Who joins him Inside the Field?

I would like to publicly apologize to everyone I so emphatically told that Halle Berry was playing Ariel in the live action Little Mermaid. I did not realize.

Buzdar picking people affected by the torrential rainfall and giving them a ride in his SUV, while driving it himself, is peak Pakistani bureaucracy fraud. Babus tell the ministers sir ye kar lein front page pe a jayenge. And ministers comply. Structural reforms can wait.

زیاره بائللے جنګ ګتلے واخله یو څو ټپې کۀ ملالۍ وکـــړی #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody


یہ حالات ہیں لاہور کے اور کسی کو کوئی فکر نہیں لوگوں کے گھروں میں پانی داخل ہے لوگوں کی نیندیں حرام ہو گئی ہیں اور حکمرانوں کو اپنی سستی شہرت کی فکر ہے۔ میرے ہمسائے کے گھر میں پانی بھرا ہوا ہے وہ غریب بالٹیاں بھر بھر پانی نکال رہے ہیں۔ #LahoreRain

California State Fair And SMUD Collect More Than 10 Thousand Pounds Of Food On Monday for Elk Grove Food Bank…

Thanks to @KhawajaMAsif for reminding speaker @AsadQaiserPTI of his powers as custodian of the house. Khwaja Sb also told him how to exercise his powers as the Speaker & why it is important to do so for appreciating dissent in democracy. Must listen! #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody

The concept of state capture was first defined in a 2003 World Bank report on corruption in eastern Europe and central Asia.

Thieves are known to use card skimmers and hidden cameras to steal your information from ATMs. Inspect the card reader before using it and monitor your accounts closely. Use ATMs located within the bank or hotel lobby. #TravelSmart


The incompetent state police are accusing my coworker of identity theft because she GOES TO THE BANK A LOT FOR OUR STORE.

دنیا کے سب سے بڑے ہاکی اسٹیڈیم کی ٹرف بھی پانی میں ڈوب گئی مزید پڑھیئے #AajNews #AajUpdates #Hockey #LahoreRain


باقی ملکوں کی صحافی اپنے ملک کیلئے کام کرتے ہیں۔ہر فورم پر ملک کا دفاع کرتے ہیں۔ ہمارے ملک میں باہر سے پیسہ لے ملک میں انتشار، پراپیگنڈہ اور غلط خبریں دیتے ہیں #لفافوں_کا_احتساب_کرو

I can't believe media is supporting Rana sanaullah who is involve in drugs business these paid journalists r black sheeps they shud be in jail wid rana sanaullah make them happy plz send them in jail too if they r missing him #لفافوں_کا_احتساب_کرو


Difference between selected & an elected person A selected CM in his vehicle, asking a few locals if he could offer them a ride & a sitting President with his full team on streets for ppl’s relief Buzdar’s theatre today was a mere facing saving tactic to gain sympathy & support…


وزیرستان کے لوگ پی ٹی اٸی کو ووٹ نہ دیے اپنے دوست اور دوشمن کو پہچانے جیل سے گران اور محترم مشر محسن داوڑ کا پیغام @kochaiAfghaan @latifwaxirii @Khushal_Khattak @BushraGohar #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody

Amusing to watch PTI raving about Usman Buzdar over same populist gimmicks for which they once loathed Shehbaz Sharif. Self-mocking.…

Measured by what, Ben? 23 and Me? Wilson WAS suuuper racist. But adjusted for inflation, Dotard, in 2.5 years, is pound for pound just as, if not more, racist as Wilson was in 7. (Woodrow was a bit less racist after his stroke. Wonder how #RacistPresident will be after his.)…

#HappyBirthdayKatrinaKaif! Here’s taking a look back at #KatrinaKaif’s journey with Filmfare.…

On August 15, Lord’s will turn red for day two of the second Ashes Test between England and Australia in aid of the Ruth Strauss Foundation.

Albinos in Tanzania are hunted and sold by family members for N22m (photos) #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMorning…

.#TuesdayThoughts~You are alone in a closet of your home. There`s a bright red button. You can push that button & presto all People of Color, Jews, LGBTQ’s are instantly removed from America & returned to their native countries. Would you push it? This = #RacistPresident comments


England and Wales: Global legal centre - #NEXAW - Medium…

The absurdity of building vast numbers of houses at #Billericay, #Wickford etc must surely present an even greater obstacle to economic sustainability than the A127 BBC News - East Anglian 'passengers left behind on platform' warning to rail summit…

Some people aren't actually anti social, they're just very selective when it comes to the people they associate with.... #vk #TuesdayThoughts

I'm so glad the mayor has blocked the Tulip Tower. We live in a city, not a theme park.… #tulip

Omar was repeating things verbatim that Trump has said. Talk about a misleading headline. But what do you expect from Fox News? #morningjoe #TrumpIsARacist #RacistPresident…

“I was thinking, "Don't try and be a hero and do it with a six,"" says Stokes. @cricketworldcup…

Sir ⁦@reportpemra⁩ & ⁦@SHABAZGIL⁩ doesn’t it deserved to be strictly inquired? یہ ملک میں انتشار پھیلانے کی سازش نہیں تو اور کیا ہے؟کیاموجودہ حالات میں ہم اس قسم کی ڈرامہ بازیوں کے متحمل ہو سکتے ہیں؟ پلیز انہیں کنٹرول کریں کہیں دیر نہ ہو جائے #LayOffLifafaJournalists


پہلے مجھے خادم حسین رضوی صاحب سے محبت ❤ تھی اب ان سے عشق ❤ ہوگیا ہے اور عشق ❤ اپنے فیصلے کرنے میں بڑا دلیر ہوتا ہے #صلی_اللہ_علیک_وسلم

The PML-N leader was arrested on July 1 for possession of drugs. ANF claims to have seized 15 kilogrammes of heroin from Sanaullah’s car…

The founder who has maximum slides gets the funding and not the one with real numbers and growth. #CWC19Final #Startup #funding #Joke #AngelInvesting

Crazy. A little late, no? I love this show, but it also left me massively depressed. Probably because several people I know have killed themselves. The show already had trigger warnings all over it. I hope they don’t super water down season 3.…

Tickled by the idea on the @philtufnell & @MichaelVaughan podcast of a statue to each World Cup winner in the town they were born in. The Ben Stokes statue in Christchurch, New Zealand, would be .... a talking point.

دا زمونگ واطن دے خو تور مخو راتہ بےعزتہ کو راتہ وران ئے کڑو اللہ دے دوئ تبا کی #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody This #whatif sees #Vegeta hatch a daring plan against a young Super Saiyan Gohan...will it work or will #Freeza rule over all? Don't miss it! #DragonBallZ #DBZ


rindo que o daily mail chamou a bruna marquezine de "kourtney kardashian lookalike"…

قومی اسمبلی اجلاس میں احسن اقبال کا اظہار خیال پارٹ 1 @betterpakistan #CompromisedJustice

Enchanted Question of the Day! Herald the Muse! Mrs. Pickles with the silver hair and purple polka-dots is excited about the Full Moon Eclipse Energy. She will be in her ritual circle doing magick for you! What will her ritual circle look like and how is she helping you?

#ParentsResponsibilities Parents must keep their children in healthy environments and rear them to be useful, self –supporting, loyal citizens, and informed, practical members of society. InsafiansPower1


there is NO GREATER COMPLIMENT to #JesusChrist than to show CONFIDENCE in His Great Love for us! showin up palms up RECEIVING HIS MIGHT LOVE FOR US! #Peace #GodBless #truth #TruthMatters #MondayMotivation…

one year ago na pala since my first front-page byline sa cordi day issue ng Herald Express sksksks gusto ko na magsulat at magfield work uliiiit :----(


عمران کو #سلیکٹڈ کہو تو چڑتاھے سچےکو آگ نہیں لگتی جھوٹےکو لگتی ھے جو ووٹ چوری سےآیا ہو نہ جانےاندرونی بیرونی طاقتوں سےکیا وعدے کئےہونگے ملک کےقلیدی عہدےسلیکٹڈ کی مرضی سےنہیں لگ رھے بلکہ اسے لانیوالے ملک چلا رھےہیں چابی کھلونا صرف بنی گالہ اور پیرنی چلا رہا ھے #CompromisedJustice

Two PTM worker (father and son) arrested in Karachi jail for six months without any offenses. It is a request that you raise your voice for them too #ReleasePTMActivists #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody @a_siab @BushraGohar @AWGoraya @GulBukhari @mazdaki @MalikAchkJourno @hrw


After Today Speech Of Sheryar Afridi Now I Think In Rana Sana Case Those Journalist Who Were Involved With Them And Other Politicians Will Be In Lot Of Troubles... Let's Not Them Go.. Well Done Sheryar Afridi.. #hamidmir #layofflifafajournalists @HamidMirPAK

Around 35 people are feared to be dead and 200 houses completely vanished along with 2 mosques due to a severe cloud burst in Leswa in Upper Neelum Valley (AJK). 100s are still stranded while few are still missing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the effected people of Neelum.


Rightly said! They have an unprecedented tag that is more than becoming a CHAMPION. #Messi #KaneWilliamson…

The #EnglandCricketTeam are a perfect example of how #diversity results in success where all share mutual respect and unity. #Likemorepeople #DiversityandInclusion #CricketWorldCupFinal #MoeenAli

Traitor MIR HAMID and his notorious ancestors MIR JAFAR & MIR SADIQ. #HamidMir


Successfully accomplished mission Kashmir. Special thanks to Waqar bhai from Neelum valley trekkers club.


زلزلہ زدگان فنڈز میں خورد برد کیخبر کا مرکزی کردار اکرام نوید، شہباز شریف کے داماد کا پارٹنر نکلا Shahbaz Sharif's son-in-law is the main culprit in quake victims fund corruption, Ikram Naveed confession #Breaking

ECP issues show cause notice to PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto over NA-205 elections #ARYNews…

فیصلوں کو متنازع بنانے والی نجومی "ویڈیومائی" سے انڈین کپتان کوہلی مدد مانگتے ھوۓ۔۔۔ @MaryamNSharif #Pakistan #BePakistaniPayTaxes


National University of Science and Technology will be hosting a two-day media summit focusing on fake news, particularly on social media, beginning on Thursday.… via @NewsDayZimbabwe

پاکستان،امریکہ کیلئے مثبت و تعمیری سوچ ہی آگے بڑھنے کا بہترین راستہ ہے،وزیر خارجہ Read News >… #Islamabad @SMQureshiPTI #TAX #FBR #BePakistaniPayTaxes @PTIofficial @MoIB_Official @pid_gov #Pakistan

زہ انسان نہ یم کہ ستا پہ بشری حقوق کے فرق دے بل انسان گنڑے ما نہ گنڑے انسانہ منافقہ زہ مڑ کیگمہ تہ چپ یے مسلمانہ منافقہ #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody

جس فوجی کو دیکھ کر حفاظت کا احساس ھونا چاھیئے تھا.اس کے چہرے میں درندگی،وحشی پن اور خونخوار جانور دکھائی دیتا ھے انسانیت شرما گئ #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody

Congratulations Chief Sardar Muhammad Bux Mahar for clearing the nominations paper. More power to you. InshaAllah PPP will win NA-205 from majority. #RisingSPSF


Simon Taufel, a former ICC Elite Panel umpire, said that the on-field umpires’ decision to award six runs for the controversial overthrow in the final over of the World Cup 2019 final is an “error ofjudgement”.…

Two big headlines appearing in print today. There is a serious economic crisis staring at us in our faces , if #AshokLeyland has to close its plant for a week second time in two months. And that @ICC should jointly award the trophy to England and NZ. Will anything change?

My mama behind trophy’s I and my brother did.


#WC2019WithTimes #CWC19 #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ बाउंड्री काउंट से चैंपियन... क्यों क्रिकेट के दायरे से परे है यह तर्क via @NavbharatTimes


*: میرے چہرے کی ہنسی چهین کے وہ دیکهو کتنا خوش ہوا پهرتا ہے :* #UrduPoetry #UrduShairi #BePakistaniPayTaxes #kanewillamson #TheLionKing

For the first time in our history, a leader is genuinely trying to get Pakistan out of the debt trap. He has taken an extremely bold decision to document the unregistered economy. We all must assist him as he strives 4 a Debt Free Pakistan #BePakistaniPayTaxes

“Using boundaries to win is an art perfected by the British since....” Well played, chaps. From the #twitterverse, adopted by Whatsappworld....backatcha :) #ENGvsNZ #EnglandCricket

Shahbaz and his family were embezzling tens of millions of pounds of public money and laundering it in Britain #خیرات_چورخاندان


#WC2019 #CWC19 #ENGvsNZ #WorldCup2019Final #RohitSharma Rohit Sharma shows exit door to boundary count rule after England's pulsating win over New Zealand in WC final Read:…


Just Incase you wanted to know what @bgarlinghouse is gonna have to go through when he speaks to the House Reps @RepMaxineWaters @AyannaPressley @RepAOC @realDonaldTrump Daily Mail. This is Not Fake News!

ہمارے گھروں کے دروازے آپ چورا لیے اور غدار مجھے ٹھہرا رہے ہو #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody

جمہوریت کے دوشمن آپ اور غدار میں #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody

Nawaz Sharif said in jail while crying; "All disasters in my life are due to Mrs. Safdar" Sale Kuti Ulad Na Maza Na Sawad. #خیرات_چورخاندان


Eoin Morgan’s humorous assertion of a deity’s involvement in the outcome of the cricket world cup final was accurate because it was epic and dramatic and also confusing and controversial and open to several interpretations

علی وزیر اس لیے جیل میں ہے۔ کیونکہ اس نے دہشتگردون کے خلاف اواز اٹھایے ان پالیسیوں کے خلاف اواز اٹھایا جس وجہ سے پشتون علاقون پر ایک جنگ مسلط ہویی۔ #PashtunMNAsInIllegalCustody


“Funding, #data and focus on those left furthest behind are key in our commitment to #SafetoLearn #ENDviolence” ~ @MatthewRycroft1 @DFID_UK


“Every child deserves to be safe and secure in school” This is our shared commitment. Proud to join our voice to that of our #SafetoLearnpartners @GPtoEndViolence @UNGEI @UNICEF @DFID_UK @gbceducation @UNESCO @WBG_Education @GPforEducation @Mexico_UN to bring this to action!


Not many times you see a 0 beside Eoin Morgan’s name but this was an u13 game and Eoin was only 9 years old opening the batting for @RushCricketClub. Everyone knew even then the kid was special and destined for greater things.


جس پاک سرزمین پر لوگ حج کرنے جاتے تھے۔شریف فیملی وہاں جج کرنے جاتی تھی۔ #خیرات_چورخاندان

Help need for those people neelum valley layswa muzaffarabad ajk Pakistan

Can’t stop watching that last ball from the cricket yesterday, unbelievable! Smallest of margins to winning and losing the #CWC19 One of the greatest finals of all time....across any sport! #CWC19Final #NZvENG

joanna is a psycho, he didn’t even get a chance to fucking speak jesus #LoveIsland

Dear @ECB_cricket Can we please have a 5 Test match series v @BLACKCAPS every 2/3 years? Cheers. #NZvENG

ڈیلی میل یو کے کے صحافی ڈیوڈ روز @DavidRoseUK سے اپ نیوز @aapnewspk کے ٹاک شو Q&A پی کے میر کے ساتھ میں گفتگو۔ ڈیوڈ روز کو شواہد کس نے دیے، شواہد کی تصدیق کس نے کی، گرفتار لوگوں سے ملاقاتیں کس نے کرائیں؟ اور @DFID_UK نے تردید کیوں کی ؟ @SMARC_PPP @MediaCellPPP…

Hi am looking for two students in UNAM and two in NUST who are looking to make extra income please DM and must have fridges off their own we would like to supply you with meat packs to sell all we want is our asking price which is N$25 you can add your mark up on it

برطانیہ کے ادارے DFID نے پنجاب میں اس لئے کام کیا ہے کہ شہبازشریف صاحب نے تعلیم، صحت اور عوامی فلاحی منصوبوں میں محنت اور دیانتداری سے کام کیا ہے, رہنما مسلم لیگ (ن) مائزہ حمید @MaizaHameed

When you trust God and never stop, you can move with anticipation knowing that His blessings will drop.. #MondayMotivation

When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't. #MondayMotivation #quote  

سیلز ٹیکس کی رجسٹریشن کمپیوٹر کے ذریعے ہوگی #BePakistaniPayTaxes

#CWC19 #CWC19Final "I really am disappointed for the Black Caps; it's such a shame someone had to walk away without the trophy" said Gerard Stokes…

#CWC19 #ENGvNZ | England Cricket chief Ashley Giles dismisses final ‘extra run’ row - READ…

The #EnglandCricketTeam have arrived at Downing Street to meet @theresa_may after winning the #CWC19. For more reaction from the #CricketWorldCup final, click here:

A peak audience of 8.3 million people - Eoin Morgan hopes that UK viewers enjoyed a thrilling finish to the #CWC19Final instead of their usual Sunday evening diet of "David Attenborough and random films."

Cricket World Cup fever keeps sweeping the nation we still cant believe we are champions!! Best cricket match @Channel5Sport @ClaudiaLizaTV @channel5_tv @cricketworldcup @theanalyst @englandcricket #CWC19Final #CWC19 #CricketWorldCup2019 #CricketWorldCup #CWC2019


صوبائی وزیربرائے اعلٰی تعلیم و سیاحت راجہ یاسر ہمایوں سرفراز میٹرک کے سالانہ امتحانات کے نتیجہ میں پوزیشن حاصل کرنے والے طلبا کی تقسیم انعامات تقریب میں شریک #Govtofpunjab #HEDPUNJAB #BePakistaniPayTaxes #ٹیکس_دو_معیشت_بچاؤ #BISELahore #Results #Education @InsafPK @PTIofficial


FEDERER-DJOKOVİC EFSANESİ: BUGÜN ODATV.COM DAKİ YAZIMI OKUMANIZI ÖNERİRİM: #federer #nadal #djokovic #wimbledon #bedribaykam… @djokernole rogerfederer…

Liveleak- Roger Federer : Wimbledon 2019 star in marriage revelation ami... qua @YouTube

As a former Amazon temp, I know what the workers go through more than most. I will support the #PrimeDayStrike by not buying any products the next two days as well as not streaming. I'll be back Friday to stream the final #Splatfest & Saturday with another Mario Party 3 run. ✊

پی ٹی آئی کی گھبراہٹ دیکھ کر پتہ لگ رہا ہے کہ ابراج کیس کی تحقیقات مکمل ہونے والی ہیں اور زکوٰۃ خیرات اور صدقات چور بہن بھائی علیمہ خانم اور عمران خان قابو میں آنیوالے ہیں #خیرات_چورخاندان @MaizaHameed

Labour staffers condemn Corbyn's 'appalling and hypocritical' handling of antisemitism'…

سستی روٹی اتھارٹی میں 70 ارب سے زائد کی کرپشن ہوئی #خیرات_چورخاندان

Baroness Baker reminds the house of the women who travel from NI. Says we never hear from them in the Lords.

Hello!!! Can anyone hear us?Some people in the House of Lords saying listen to people In Northern Ireland and 'Their needs their views their hopes' WE ARE TALKING TO YOU ABOUT THESE THINGS!!! Put your listening ears on. #NIBill #abortionrightsni #nowforni #thenorthisnext

In ’A Clash of Kings’ when Catelyn Stark is attempting to prevent a war between Renly and Stannis, she suggests all the Kings lay down their crowns and for Bran to tell his story to all. She then suggests they call a Great Council where all the Great Lords would choose the King


मुलांनो खेळापासून दूर राहा, सुपर ओव्हर खेळलेला न्यूझीलंडचा फलंदाज भावूक…

Secondo il Daily Mail il nuovo 007 sarà donna, e nel film verrà interpretata da Lashana Lynch…

Hosting ICC Annual Conference @ House of Lords


I think the cricket yesterday has changed my life. I was completely gripped. The drama of the game. The trousers. The drugs. Ben Stokes. Out for a duck. Worry. Depression.

Was Shakib Al Hasan the player of the tournament? Should Jimmy Neesham be in a World Cup XI? Was there a better moment than Ben Stokes's catch? @Athersmike, @sjamesjourno, @legsidelizzy, @johnwesterby, @JamesGheerbrant, @WelshMinor deliver their verdicts…

#GBPNZD: Kiwis might have lost #CWC19Final but NZD clearly on top in #FX battle ahead of key data releases from both nations ^FR


“Unless we get this right, what we’ve seen in Uganda, what we’ve seen in Goma, will happen again and we’re going to have some very, very deep regrets”. - @RoryStewartUK calls on other countries to step up to support the Ebola response in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

My World Cup XI Rohit Sharma David Warner Virat Kholi Kane Williamson (c) Root Shakib Al Husan Ben Stokes Hardik Pandya Ravindra Jadega Boult Jaspreet Bhumrah #CWC19

It was on the tramline so wide. But yes. Swings and roundabouts Boult made that same Boundary catch v West Indies. And did not step on the rope Just great everyone talking Cricket…

It is great to see the UK -- with whom the US worked closely during the #Ebola response in 2014-15 -- stepping up once again to lead on Ebola DRC (both @DFID_UK & @wellcometrust). The US should match the UK's engagement in this current outbreak as well.…

Thank you @DFID_UK and @RoryStewartUK for rallying support for the #Ebola response in #DRC at today’s high-level meeting @UNGeneva. We need a sustained and joined-up effort from the international community to end the outbreak and save lives.


My Worldcup team Guptil Rahul Babar Taylor Maxwell Dhoni Pandya Nabi Boult Shami Rabada

IMechE UAS Challenge 2019 winner NUST Team called on Governor Sindh @ImranIsmailPTI at Governor House. Governor Sindh congratulated the Grand Champions on their win and awarded the cheque of Rs. 500,000 in recognition of their heroic performance in the international event.


Assets of Shahbaz Sharif family were £ 150,000 in 2003. They saw a massive increase in 15 years & were £ 200 million in 2018. Tell me a better success story than this

“Error of judgement” in awarding #England 6 runs ( not 5), says Simon Taufel •Taufel - 5 Times #ICC Umpire of the Year #ICCRules #SimonTaufel #NewZealand #England #CWC19Finals #SpiritOfCricket…

Should England have got five, and not six, for overthrows?…

England won the Cup but Newzeland didnt lose. Respect for #Williamson #NZvENG

"Weil sie aus Unterschichtsfamilien stammten, hatten sie keine Lobby und das Schicksal der "White Trash"-Mädchen kümmerte niemand - weder die Stadtverwaltung, noch die Polizei." #Rassismus Polizei sah weg, um #Islamophobie-Vorwürfen vorzubeugen.…

My mother this morning, effortlessly roping in Ray Harryhausen to explain England’s World Cup win.



Twice tie means both are champions the rule of more boundaries looking silly need to take serious note on such rules #ICCRules @eyeaimmujju

INSIDE THE CELEBRATIONS: Curran enjoys a beer and a smoke in the Lord's changing rooms and Wood and Buttler lead a chorus of 'Allez, Allez, Allez' as England's World Cup heroes party on into the night

This World Cup should have been shared. If England got more boundaries. New Zealand took more wickets. So the criteria is absurd. All 22 of those boys gave their everything and no one was lesser. Then why do only 11 get to feel like they were the best. #ICCRules #WC2019 #NZ #ENG

میڈیا ہاؤسسز صحافت کے گھر پروپیگنڈہ کے جھتے اور اینکرز جھوٹ پھیلانے والے کھٹانوں ہیں برطانوی حکومت daily mail اخبار کی خبر کو من گھڑت بے بنیاد قرار دے دیا انکی بھی جھوٹ بول بول شکلیں بھی بدل گئی پر باز نی اتے @MaryamNSharif @Atifrauf79


Wonder what all those that were crying about rules yday have to say about that overthrow now. Kiwis seem to have been clearly robbed by incompetent lunatics officiating the game.

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