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Sid ka face dekh kar mera mood pura khrab ho jata aab kuch bole aur ladhna shuru Sana aapka face dekh kar lagta aab aap kuch bologi aur hum sabhi hasege #HBDShehnaaz #HappyBirthdaySana #BornFighterSana #BornFightSana #ShehnaazGilll

Agora foi confirmado que uma das filhas do @kobebryant estava no helicóptero! Gente, meu clima pro #RoyalRumble foi pro saco, real memo.…

Who's ready for the #RoyalRumble ?! @OliDavis and @ThisisLukeOwen will be when they go live in 2ish hours to give their reactions LIVE!…

Quem vai garantir a sua passagem de ida para a #WrestleMania e vencer a #RoyalRumble Match de 2020?


Kobe Bryant reportedly killed in California helicopter crash. Rest in Peace, RIP legend. Forget about Genevieve, Mamba, #Burnaboy #GRAMMYAwards2020 #GRAMMYLive  #Burnaforthegramny #RoyalRumble  #SHRLIV #CoronaOutbreak #MUFC


AVISRUNDEN: United får ros for seieren mot Tranmere, men fokuset bør ligge på kommende uke. Manchester City og Wolves venter, og midt oppi det hele kommer Deadline Day. Les hva avisene skriver etter seieren på Prenton Park.…

If you’re concerned about #WuhanCoronavirus, please check my FB post out. I also highly recommend Dr. Eric Ding’s twitter account: @DrEricDing. The Canadian government’s alarm level is too low for this unprecedented super virus. #CoronaOutbreak #coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak


Inn jese snakes milte hain hamay #EhdEWafa


Eik hamare Nawaz Sharif sahab hein jo heart attack k bad bhi zinda hein or eik Danish sahab thy. Fark itna h k eik ne paison se muhabbat ki or eik ne ourat se. Ab dekh lo, tmhari marzi h, jesa tmhe thik lage. #MerePassTumHo #Danish

#SundayThoughts Dragonite Kevin Hart Sean Taylor Diddy US Congressman Orange County Tranmere Lingard Lankford Phil Jones#SHRLIV Shrewsbury Emre Akbaba Getafe #127Day #RomaLazio #TRAMUN #DateMyFamily #GRAMMYs #KNYvGS Lucky Literally Jungwoo United MineWomen


Allow Pakistani Christian and Muslims to apply for religious travel visa to Israel on Pakistani passport. @ImranKhanPTI @ShireenMazari1 @BBhuttoZardari @peaceforchange @haaretzcom.…

Pakistani students in Wuhan China are in desperate need to be rescued. #CoronavirusOutbreak Government must ensure their safe return.…

”بے وفاؤں‌ کو مارا نہیں جاتا بلکہ .. .. .“ ڈرامہ سیریل ‘میرے پاس تم ہو’ میں دانش کو کیوں مارا ؟ خلیل الرحمن قمر نے بتا دیا #MPTH #MerayPasTumHo @Ayezakhan_ak @iamhumayunsaeed

Jo sadiyon se aurat pr guzr rhi thi, wo mrd pr guzri tw wo mr gya :) #MerePaasTumHo #MPTH

Representing our desire to excel with passion and vigour, we introduce our new hashtag #RangJeetKaLaalHai! PR Link: #UnitedWeWin #HBLPSLV


Charge-sheet against Atif Khan, Shahram Tarakai surfaced…


#Internacional | Al menos 35 personas murieron y más de 1.600 resultaron heridas después de un terremoto al este de #Turquía. El sismo de magnitud 6.8 causó el colapso de edificios en la ciudad de Sivrice en la provincia de Elazig. #TurkeyEarthquake #Turkey Fotos: @ajplusespanol


3 ministers in KP removed, including Senior Minister Atif Khan and Shahram Tarakai.…

This man is such a pig-headed buffoon that he has fired Assad Umar and Atif Khan, but is still clinging on to Buzdar. And there are idiots out there who think @ImranKhanPTI is Pakistan’s only hope. Flipping can’t believe I am living in this era of utter chutyapa.

اس صدی کی سب سے بڑی "بونگی" سوشل میڈیا عمران خان کی ایجاد ہے شوکت یوسفزئی #یوتھیوں‌کالیڈرکرپشن‌کنگ

Kitni khoobsurat hoti thi Mahnoor Baloch. But then she got herself injected with botox.☹

Medical staff from across #China left for #Wuhan, the center of the novel #coronavirus outbreak, to provide medical aid. #EverydayHero


Nerve Analytics | #Coronavirus has spread to over 10 countries. #China has placed travel restrictions in an attempt to stop the spread of the #virus, symptoms of which include fever, cough and breathing difficulties. #Wuhan #CoronaOutbreak #Health


A safety consultant thinks governments of some Asian countries have been slow in dealing with the Wuhan #coronavirus outbreak

18th Hole...waiting on the drama


Modi regime is becoming symbol of Hindu extremism . a red signal for the regional peace #BlackRepublicDay

کشمیر ایسا بھی مسئلہ نہیں کہ جسے حل نا کیا جاسکے سابقہ حکومتیں اس مسئلہ پر نہایت ہی سست روی کا شکار تھیں جو انداز ہمارے حکمرانوں کا تھا یہ کہنا بالکل بھی غلط نہ ہوگا کہ ہمارے سابق حکمران اسکا حل چاہتے ہی نہیں تھے کیونکہ اس سے مودی سے یاریاں ختم ھونے کا امکان تھا #BlackRepublicDay

I said already that Valencia likes to bully us in transfers (Mathieu, Paco), but this is even better. Not like I can imagine Monchu having a future here, but Vale surely would do great business if this is true. If he'd be able to settle there, he could be really good for them.…

#Earthquake M4.9 Kuril Islands (Russia) 26 Jan 11:36 UTC - report/info:

It is only right to respect their wishes and identity. Also it’s still early. Valverde built a brick castle and it worked well but got sussed out. Setien is trying to build The Louvre which takes more time but is also more high risk-high reward.…

#Earthquake M3.8 New Zealand 5mins ago 26 Jan 11:30 UTC - report/info:

Map of felt reports received so far following the #earthquake M3.7 in Western Turkey 51 min ago


ہر شاخ پر بیٹھے الوؤں کا ٹبر، سلیکٹرز کو پاکستان ایسے لوگوں کے حوالے کرتے ہوئے نہ شرم آئی نہ حیا #یوتھیوں‌کالیڈرکرپشن‌کنگ

آج صرف نوازشریف زیر اعتاب نہیں ، پاکستان کے بائیس کروڑ عوام زیر عتاب ہیں۔ کہا تھا نا، تم کو ایک شخص یاد آئے #یوتھیوں‌کالیڈرکرپشن‌کنگ


But Kohli is better than Babar in T20Is Lolxxx

Islamabad United appointed @76Shadabkhan as their captain for HBLPSL5. We heard he got good cricket brain so good luck to a fine all round player. We hope he will bring 3rd Title in the their draw. #HBLPSL5


NEWS ALERT: Islamabad United appoint Shadab Khan as their new captain, the youngest skipper in PSL history. #PSL #PSL2020

Shadab Khan has been appointed as Islamabad United's captain #PSL #Cricket

Will Abbas Afridi go on to represent Pakistan in the future? #U19CWC…

Islamabad United has officially named Shadab Khan as team’s captain for PSL V

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