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바이나인데뷔좀시켜주세요 #BY9_Debut 솔직하게이거진짜장사된다니깐요

최대한빨리데뷔하는걸볼수있기를 #BY9_Debut 최대한빨리보고싶다바이나인

이거봐우리할수있다니까 #BY9_Debut 벌써반나절만에50만트윗찍었다구요행복해요

바이나인절대데뷔하자제발 #BY9_debut 비주얼대박랩도춤도준버합니다

바이나인네이버실검일위를 #BY9_debut 향해달립시다여러분끝까지힘내요

바이나인존버하다가정들어서 #BY9_debut 데뷔하면올팬될거같아지뢰도없고애들다정들었나보ㅓ

apakaganda talaga @kaori_oinuma kahit saan may nakapila, loob o labas #PBB8SixthBigThrone

What a thrill! I just found out LOST IN THE LIBRARY:A STORY OF BOOKS PATIENCE & FORTITUDE is on the 2020 Mississippi Magnolia Award Short List!


Grabe yung bahay ng Team Kramer! Sobrang laki at ganda haha

Barangay Ginebra wriggled out of Magnolia’s clutches just in time to post an 85-79 victory in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup quarterfinals. | @sonrdinq #PBA2019…

Babawi at mag aadjust si Brownlee sa game 2.

합시다데뷔우리애들포기못해유유 #바이나인_데뷔해 사장님덜돈많이벌고좋잖아요유유제발데뷔시켜주라쥬

완벽한9명데뷔꼭하자 #바이나인_데뷔해 너희아니면아이돌누가하냐

정모야 네가 웃는 모습을 오래도록 보고싶어 사랑해 #바이나인_데뷔해 실총용 계정입니다 선팔해주시면 맞팔가용


여러분글쓰는것도좋지만알티 #바이나인_데뷔해 마음도해주세요10안된거생각보다많아용물결

fellas would yall fuck one of them cats from the “cats” movie?

사진올리면실트반영안됩니다 #바이나인_데뷔해 띄어쓰기이모티콘도다안되요

바이나인데뷔할때까지존버해요같이하면더나을거에요 #바이나인_데뷔해 바이나인앰들힘들어도존버해서와기들데뷔시켜요느낌표

나지금청량한노래로데뷔무대하는바이나인미래봤거든요 #바이나인_데뷔해 이래도데뷔안시킬거야소속사들물음표

모든컨셉은다세팅해놓을게 #바이나인_데뷔해 소속사들그냥오케이만해줘

세진이데뷔해서멤버들이랑 #바이나인_데뷔해 브이앱으로마리몽만드는거보고싶다고

The Witcher | Resmi Tanıtım Fragmanı | Netflix @YouTube aracılığıyla

Me after watching The Witcher trailer:


invoker's persona :((

自由になって喜んでいる静銀の人達は一部だろうな。おじさん達はスーツのが毎日考えなくて楽だと思う。 / 静岡銀、スーツでなくてもOK 通年で服装自由に (日本経済新聞) #NewsPicks…

haha ang cute ng kid Invoker.. lul

いい意味で注目された資産運用というキーワード。なんだか怖いという感覚は、すべて知らないから。しっかり学んで、動きながら考える。 / 【入門】貯金ゼロ、月5000円から始める資産形成 #NewsPicks…

maybe if they had rigged it so yunseong and keumdong made it...…

here’s a clip of junho and yunseong hugging each other to heal our broken hearts!! you both did well sweeties!

rest well chacha, you really did a great job on the finale episode, we are all so proud of you!


Udahlah jagoanku Hangyul Yohan Do Hyun Seungwoo masuk semua kecuali yuvin sama jinhyuk. Sedih bgt masih terbayang bayang goyang kepala music workseuu ala yuvin #PRODUCE_X_101


i can already imagine x1’s reality show seungwoo: *sipping his coffee* hangyul: *sleeping* everyone else: cHAOS

ขอบคุณพี่ซึงอูที่กอดน้องนะ พี่คงรู้ว่าน้องต้องแบกความรู้สึกอะไรไว้หลายอย่าง อย่าได้รู้สึกว่าตัวเองไม่เหมาะสมนะอึนซัง มันเหมาะกับหนูครับคนเก่ง #PRODUCE_X_101


What did you guys do?? Well im not surprised :) #ARMYCYPHERPARTY


Walang dramang naganap between layf nung natalo sila. Bakit? Kasi alam nilang ndi naman talaga sila natalo. Kaya bago kayo magmayabang sa loudre, siguraduhin nyong panalo kayo w/o advantage. Nagmukha lang kayong katawa tawa dyan MaTBAY ForLAYF

Sila nagpauso ng nose to nose..hahaha #ForevermoreInvadesThailand


IGN Rewind Theater breaks down why the new Top Gun: Maverick trailer is giving everyone that loving feeling. #SDCC2019


I can't tell which Cats screenshots have been messed with and which are straight from the trailer

I think it's quite telling that I'm finding images of Pennywise less unnerving than I find the ones of the Cats cast.

Instead of the elaborate costumes and makeup seen in the theater, this group of felines is digitally altered. The result? Meow!

Tom Cruise delights fans with first look at 'Top Gun: Maverick'. More here: #SDCC50 #ComicCon

omg i now remembered that we’ve played the cats theme song with the orchestra i used to be in

Toy Story, The Lion King, Evangelion, Dragon Ball, Captain Tsubasa, Top Gun, Dumbo, Aladdin. Is this 1995 in Portugal?

New Terminator, new Bond and a new Top Gun. Awesome.

Gumawa ako ng twitter account para suportahan si Maine #MaineCarloMovieSOON

The Sandiganbayan acquits 7 law enforcement officers from charges of violating the rights of a detained person over the...…

And the Boy Finger govt claims the judiciary is functioning not coopted…

Mga sundalo at pulis na kinasuhan ng "Morong 43," inabswelto ng Sandiganbayan. #SuperBalitaSaTanghaliNationwide…

JUST IN | The Sandiganbayan 7th division dismisses the cases against military and police officers involved in the alleged torture and illegal detention of 43 health workers in Morong, Rizal on February 2010. (via News5 / Zony Esguerra)


Kaso laban sa 7 opisyal ng military at pulisya kaugnay sa "Morong 43" ibinasura ng Sandiganbayan…

JUST IN: Kaso laban sa pitong opisyal ng militar at pulisya na sangkot sa Morong 43 ibinasura ng Sandiganbayan | @erwinaguilonINQ


Between Cats trailer and The Lion King premiere. It’s a huge year for pussies!!!

La Faceapp de Omar Montes. Yo también estoy flipando. #SVFinal


بر اساس اپ faceapp جورج کلونی تو پیریش باید شبیه حمید لولایی می‌شد!

Nouvelle application très à la mode, FaceApp permet de vous vieillir virtuellement en un clin d’œil. Drôle, mais potentiellement inquiétant du point de vue de la vie privée. Mais elle est loin d’être la seule dans ce cas.…

こういうとき何を言えばいいかわからない 自分の語彙力の無さや無力さを感じる 合掌 #cozy1242 #prayForKyoani

Rewatched The Lion King (1994) last night, to kind of prepare for the new one, and I’ve got admit the original isnt that great, actually pretty corny, if you remove the stellar, hand drawn, animation work. If you go to the new one, pls watch the original before you do. 1/2

you rlly realize how fucken chaotic and loud bts are when u put them next to txt /or any othr group/ ,, txt were so calm and quiet waiting for them and jin busted in with a YOOOOOOO followed by 6 screaming btches high fiving them

Виплеш Дриппин Хайвей ту хевен англ вер Список пополняется… Что будет дальше? #nct #nct127 #HighwayToHeaven

realmente uma tragédia o que aconteceu hoje... KyoAni sempre sera parte do meu coração hoje é amanha #PrayForKyoani


Sir @jeff_hernandez ang ganda po ng lyrics ng LoDi theme song! #LBMahalKita

#KGSeafoodExpo Ay very good si Tope, dumirecho kay Mama Romina! Hahah! Ganyan dapat hindi kung saan saan, dun ka sa siguradong tama ipapayo sa inyo ni Cassie. Dun sa mga tunay na nagmamahal sa taong mahal mo. Naks naman! #KyCine #Casstoff @kyle_echarri @francinecarreld

I think this month has been all about Ghana - @shattawalegh & @GuiltyBeatz's inclusion in The Lion King: The Gift Album, @NICKIMINAJ's intention to sign @nanafofiee onto her label, @FuseODG's performance at #TotalAFCON2019 closing ceremony. – Kwesi Ernest #DaybreakHitz

Lion king, anyoneeeee?

fell asleep in Lion King, tbh para syang BBC World without the artsy shots, I didnt like their music renditions either. Tapos ang pangit pangit ng mga animals! they were so real looking, as in Manila Zoo realness.

映画『#ライオンキング』公開記念 ラフォーレ原宿で『ライオン・キング』をテーマとした「Disney THE LION KING Collection | Laforet HARAJUKU」を開催! オリジナルファッションアイテムが多数登場します。 開催期間:8/7(水)~ 9/1(日) ※商品予約受付開始日:8/1(木)


On the occasion of #WorldEmojiDay, Apple launched four disability-themed emojis.

Suddenly feels like I'm living in the same world with Lena when she just replied my comment... JUST GIVE NAYEON YOUR FAMILY NAME LENA AHN. #TWICELIGHTSinLA #TWICE #MGMAVOTE @JYPETWICE


hello ang hot ni Diana nung nag lip bite siya shet im a Diana stan #THURStoLoveFrankiAna


sana ako nalang si cassie para di muna ako papasok sa iskul

Samuel Salcedo


Daddy Tan omg haha TANGEL ForBig8 | PrinSIXpe Argel TANGEL ForBig8 | PrinSIXpe Argel TANGEL ForBig8 | PrinSIXpe Argel #Batch4LEADfor6thThrone


• J A M E S • grooming by @aimeegrey styled by @styledwithabang | @bangpineda | @danilodecastrojr thank you @james @mac_igarta @cuuuhryl @vivaartistsagency @katiecervantes ©aimeegrey #20ArawBagoUmINDAK


I swear that Faceapp thing already happened. Am I in some kind of loop?

Continuing to use #FaceApp and give your data to the Russians to own the libs

I tried doing one of those #FaceApp photos to see how I’d look when I was old, and I must say I was impressed, it was a pretty good likeness of my passwords, pin numbers & banking details!

Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix y Janis Joplin con #FaceApp


tw death i really hope samuel n his loved ones are all in good prayers and can get through this super rough patch :( all my condolences to them n maybe jose rest in peace <3…

テミナ 생일 축하해!!!!! 元祖黄金マンネのテミナ ダンスがK-POP1上手くて歌も歌える可愛いてみな これからもSHINee Worldの迫力でいてください #SHINee #TAEMIN_27th_birthday #TAEMIN27THBIRTHDAY #TAEMINDAY #SHINeeWorld


Look! Angel Locsin congratulated Jane de Leon for having been chosen as the next DARNA. Apart from Jane, let’s check out other rising stars who are set to make it big in the entertainment industry. Click:…


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