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생각해봤는데진짜바이나인 #BY9_debut 파도파도계속파도유잼일거같아어떡해

얘들아데뷔해존버하고있을게 #BY9_Debut 너희가미래다으엉어어엉엉

마지막이아닌시작이다 #BY9_debut 우리꼭다시만날거에요

헐나총공계생각안하고그냥본계에해버렸네우짜냐 #BY9_Debut 이거그냥본계로계속유지해말어돌겠는네

젤피랑아엠코가제일문제인거지물음표 #BY9_debut 어쩌지개팰까달랠까고민된다

금동아너우리가데뷔시킨다 #BY9_debut 이렇게이쁜애가데뷔를안할수는없어

모든걸부슬수있는열정맨도있고 #BY9_debut 무대의상항상부셔버리는애도있구

Hi Philippine Trends #PBBSixthBigThrone #MMKSisiRondinaStory Karina #idolphtop6 #PBB8The6thSlot Congrats Kaori #Studio7SaturYAY Team Kramer HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIA Christopher Robin Jelay Sicheng Dimdim Zephanie

190720 #EXplOrationinSeoulDay2 #EXplOration 카:수호형이빨리끄라구,, 면:끄라구하진않았어! 빨리끄라구하진않았쒀요?? 졸림자라~~이랫지 졸림자라~~ 카:바보라구그러구,, 면:바보냐?이랫지 카:쯧쯧이러구,, 면:쯧쯧 카:다봤어 내가! 쯧쯧이 너무웃곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ쯧쯧은 인정이얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I’m sorry to the one who sang Sana Maulit Muli but it’s a total fail... did not feel the pain of the song. she focused much on the styling, it’s not natural anymore. i don’t know who is she trying to channel, a Moira or some foreign artist, don’t know but did not work #IdolPHTop6

Julie Anne Nag Whistle?! (Adagio) [Julie Sings the Divas Concert 2019] via @YouTube #JulieAnneSanJose #JulieSingsTheDivas

As history suggests, Magnolia can be extremely dangerous coming off a defeat, especially when Ginebra is on the other side. #PBA2019…

소속사사장넴들정말바이나인데뷔시켜주세요 #바이나인_데뷔해 지금다된밥에숟가락만얻으시면되는겁니다

자꾸리밋걸려서리틧을못해요 #바이나인_데뷔해 팔로우좀많이해주셔유유유유뷰탁드려요

잠시만바이나인왜내려가 #바이나인_데뷔해 미치겠네우리애들데뷔못하면어떡해

네가뭐하고있는지알수없다는게너무힘들어 #바이나인_데뷔해 꼭데뷔해서소식들려줘민규야보고싶어김민규사랑해

바이나인데뷔하자 #바이나인_데뷔해 투표조작은해명해쓰레기야 #투표조작_해명해 무시하면찾아간다개새기야팔로부탁드려요맞팔해요

아홉명을다너무사랑하게됬어요 #바이나인_데뷔해 제발우리애좀데뷔시켜주세요

꼭 데뷔하자 9명모두 #바이나인_데뷔해 너무 멋졌어. 수고했어


세진아데뷔하자꼭데뷔하자 #바이나인_데뷔해 전계정막혀서다시팠어요팔로부탁드려유

#ヘンリー・カヴィル 主演「ウィッチャー」米国版予告編が公開 ─ 大人気ゲーム&小説をドラマ化、Netflix製作 #ウィッチャー #ヘンリーカヴィル #ネトフリ #Netflix #TheWitcher…

Looking at the new Witcher series I can't stop seeing Witcher texture put on a Superman model

The Witcher’s first trailer brings Henry Cavill’s Geralt to life…

Bless your name Forever more! What an awesome worship song! #SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayThoughts Happy Sabbath…

Googleで検索し、Googleドライブにデータを保管し、Googleフォトに写真を保管し、You Tubeをみて、Gmailを使っている段階で諦めてます。 漏洩や悪用されないよう頑張ってください! #NewsPicks…

Kid invoker keren pol cuy

Kung kelang hindi nag bp saka nag ka invoker na set ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

学びの選択肢があるのがいい。大学進学も手段の1つなのでやりたければやればいいと思います。 同じようなカリキュラムばかりで、そのほとんどが大学受験を考えた教科であることが今の課題。 学ぶのに上下も順番もないとおもうんですけど。 #NewsPicks…

We are requesting Yeng Constantino to take down her post especially the slandering she did to the doctor of Dapa Siargao Hospital #NoToDoctorShaming…

소속사 직원임원주주여러분 이조합은 됩니다 프듀 화력&코어팬&머글 떨어져나가기 전에 실력 외모 피지컬 다 되는 애들 데리고 뭐라도 해야죠 팬들이 이렇게 원하고 있습니다 고려부탁드려요 #파생그룹_4ever1 #최병찬_이진혁_송유빈_김국헌_데뷔해 @official_mwent @TOPmedia_Kr @PlayM_Official

que bueno que lo dejen a Seungwoo usar el instagram de Victon, al primero/a que vea bardeando a Alice o a Victon nos vamos a tener que agarrar a las piñas

depois da live eu tava morrendo de dor de cabeça, então fui dormir um pouco.. eu sonhei que yunseong debutava no x1 e era chamado no produce. sério eu tô mt triste por ele

[XONE] eunsang stan...lets be mutuals

เรารู้คุณทำเพื่อผู้ชายได้ #파생그룹_바이나인_데뷔해 #국프들은_WantIt

seungwoo eh forte e certamente ele vai passar por isso e no final vai ter uma experiência boa com o x1, acredito eu

[XONE] kalo pas debut eunsang ganti warna rambut jd item gmn?

this all feels new... X1's Kim Yohan X1's Kim Wooseok X1's Han Seungwoo X1's Song Hyeongjun X1's Cho Seungyoun X1's Son Dongpyo X1's Lee Hangyul X1's Nam Dohyun X1's Cha Junho X1's Kang Minhee X1's Lee Eunsang im kinda excited about it. the line up is great tbh omg gotta stan

Dito nag-umpisa ang lahat..dito ko sila minahal... #ForevermoreInvadesThailand


Alexander "Xander" Grande III Oh diba ang gwapo #ForevermoreInvadesThailand


Beyoncé makes me emotionally happy omg i loved spirit so much i am so excited to see lion king

It’s Top Gun time And there’s no need To be afraid…

新幹線乗ろうとして東京駅までいったんだけど、まだTOKYO感が足りねえなぁっておもって catsるんるん選手がおるって聞いたのでストアに行くことにしました

i hate to say it but the way they animated the cats reminds me of the rats in ratatoing tell me im wrong


トムさーーーん!口元の老化?がどうしても気になるけど、笑顔はそのままね❤ 素敵❤ そしてまたクソ暑い夏に公開なのね❤ それやめてって言ったのに❤ だけどTop Gunだけは、私も老体に鞭打ってw絶対映画館に観に行くわっっ❤❤ #TopGun

If they were a Mobile Legends Hero who are they? ArgeL: AkiE: KiarA: WealanD: Lie: Karina: Kaori: Jelay: #SoLEAD4GForTheWin

I’m obviously definitely going to watch the new Top Gun film but I’m so, so afraid it won’t be gay enough

Ayan na ung mga gif na naupload ko hahaha konting tyaga pa dadami din kayo hahaha @iamginoroqueiv #SoLEAD4GForTheWin || KiaNo


plot twist: yung 3 remaining slots are allotted for Argel, Akie, and Wealand. pambawi sa unfair treatment sa batch four. hahaha pero sana tho. *fingerscrossed #SoLEAD4GForTheWin

Me ponen a Edward Furlong como John Connor otra vez casi a la vez que sacan el trailer de Top Gun 2, justo cuando he acabado de ver Stranger Things y pienso ir al cine a ver El Rey Leon mientras escucho el Satellite de los Night Flight Orchestra... ESTOY DISFRUTANDO COMO UN ENANO

the songs exo has been rehearsing: – transformer – overdose – sign – damage – been through baekhyun and jongdae was also heard rehearsing their solos. exo-sc will perform what a life and closer to you, as well! #EXplOrationinSeoul

Sundalo at Pulis na sangkot sa umano’y pag torture at illegal arrest sa 43 health workers sa Morong Rizal noong Feb. 2010 inabsuwelto ng 7th division,Sandiganbayan.


JUST IN: Mga pulis at sundalong kinasuhan ng "Morong 43" noong 2010, inabswelto ng Sandiganbayan


JUST IN: Sandiganbayan 7th Division acquits the police, military officials involved int the alleged illegal detention of the "Morong 43" health workers.



Yes, I've seen all of your faceapp photos, and yes I've seen all those articles about faceapp and your new debt to Russia. Dozens of times now. Can I please just have my normal feed back now?

The Lion King stuns with photorealistic imagery, if not story…

Just so you know #uduxmusic I am listening to "Battle for Pride Rock" by Hans Zimmer…

Is Harley in the new lion king? Fuckin hyena laugh uno #LoveIsland

Сказать, что я охуел—ничего не сказать #nct #nct127 #HighwayToHeaven


Sorry ha, i like the new darna. She's pretty , she has a lot of promise. Ive watched some of her shows like ipag laban mo kung saan sya lagi syang victim ng rape. She's good in acting. Sobra. Pero to be compared with liza? PLEASE STOP THAT SHIT!.

Kahit magkalayo si Connor at Lupita, ramdam mo ung pagmamahal nila sa isa’t isa huhu #LBMahalKita

I just woke up to the news of KyoAni. It's absolutely horrific to hear that someone could do such a thing, and I can only hope that the number of deaths doesn't continue to increase right now.

Opsss mukhang bukas na yung selos ni Cassie at panunuyo ni Tupe ah #KGSeafoodExpo

walang tutulog hanggat di naayos ang problema ha HAHAHHAHSHSS #THURStoLoveFrankiAna


хакуна матата йо к lion king готов (рыдать)


"Sahtekarı aptal desteklediğinde... " diye başlayan bir cümle geçiyor Samuel Beckett'in Murphy kitabında. Devamını yazma gereksinimi duymadım. Girizgah o kadar dolu ki gerisi flu kaldı bende. #Samuelbeckett #murphy

Avery just said “everyone who is using the aging filter on the faceapp gone wake up the next few days aging like a black mirror episode.”

Me: *sits 18yo daughter down* it's time we had the talk. Daughter: I'm 18, I'm pretty sure we're beyond the talk. Me: no, I'm talking about Russian malware and malicious terms of service in seemingly legitimate applications. #DadOps #FaceApp

Y qué importa si faceapp usa tu foto para lo que quiera? Pasa todos los días en todas las redes. Qué importan si los dueños son rusos? Xenófobos encima!

Mukhang ikaw na ang next baby boy, ah. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #PBB8The5thSlot


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