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que final de semana ótimo sexta a brenna foi lá pra casa sábado fomos numa festa da família dela domingo morremos e assistimos série cheguei casa e sai com a Julia e agora tô jogando sinuca com ela quero só saber como vou acordar amanhã

gerald anderson dating julia baretto knowing their huge age gap is lowkey predatory

melhor amiga — duda barbara emilly Júlia Vitória…

everyone's talking abt the julia-joshua-bea-gerald cheating relationship and here i am, thinking abt yeng's vlog.

Tanggalan na ng korona si Yeng sa issue nya kase may bagong winner na ngayon. Ibigay na ang bagong korona kay Bea, Julia, at Gerald. Hahaha

goodmorning sa mga Team Roberta “Bobbie” Salazar hahahaha jk


Keith Thurman: I'm going to retire Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao: Hold my Bible. #PacquiaoThurman


reading the comments about the issue of Julia and Gerald Spill the tea

me reading about julia b and gerald's issue


eu entrando na TAG achando que é comeback e descobrindo que fui enganara! #HEAR_YOURSELF

i KKNNEWW this was fake when i saw it, but is it bad that i still hoped #HEAR_YOURSELF


Pacquiao left to body followed by right to the head decks Thurman in round 1. #PacquiaoThurman | @dino_mars


Round 1. Thurman is Knockdown. #PacquiaoThurman

And Pacquiao dropped someone at FORTY!! #PacquiaoThurman

Son manny just knocked keith Thurman down that’s nuts this man is 40 #PacquiaoThurman

พี่เจนถ่ายรูป ດອກຈໍາປາ ดอกไม้ประจำชาติของประเทศลาว ประเทศชั้นเองงง พี่เจนคะถ้าพี่ชอบ มาที่ลาวสิคะ มีเยอะมากๆให้พี่ได้ดูแน่นอนค่ะ//หลอกล้อ #MTVHottest BLACKPINK #BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink


Dear friends, God is great, never give up. Have a blessed Sunday.


SM: mistreats renjun and winwin. Stopping renjun to talk about winwin. Not giving enough lines to winwin etc. #SMTreatChinaLineBetter ME:

ECLIPSE 1st ALBUM FANMADE ©️Owners #BY9_debut #바이나인_데뷔헤 #BY9


이대로만가면진짜무조건데뷔다 #BY9_debut 포기하지말고탈주치지말고파이팅

아니근데생각하면생각할수록 #BY9_debut 토늬진짜귀여워그냥귀여워

바이나인만생각하면서사가저절로떠올라요 #BY9_debut 장마같은사랑가뭄같은희망그런작은것들이떠올라서자꾸감성적이게된다구요

살면서이렇게뭔가에열정적이었던적이 #BY9_debut 없는데바이나인이나를바꿔놓았다

바이나인언제데뷔해도상관없으니까 #BY9_Debut 데뷔만해줘진짜내소원이다시벌

ok sabihin na nating casual viewers lang nagpapanalo kay kaori, pero diba that's what you call "taong-bayan" na palaging minimention ng pebebe :) #PBB8SixthBigThrone

Autoridades investigan la muerte de una pareja al interior de una vivienda en el 112 de la calle Magnolia, col. Guerrero. QEPD


Elle deserved an appreciation. #IdolPHTop6

Hate Cats, love cats.

cats movie looks dope y’all are just weak as fuck

vc mia na transa? — sim eu fico igual aquele menino miauu karalhon....filme cats ai vou eu…

making my cats the musical sona and naming myself some shit like whiskrump timblebimbel

外資系で働いていると強く感じること。インドに行ったときも若者のハングリー精神の塊に驚きました。新興国に限らず香港でも日本とは全く違う。なぜ? 「新興国や中国などから来ている留学生... #NewsPicks…

사진없이띄어쓰기없이앞뒤10글자채워야한대요 #바이나인_데뷔해 바이나인존버탑시다화력보여줘서데뷔시켜주지구욤

라인업쌉상타치바이나인데뷔해 #바이나인_데뷔해 여기서부터저기까지다니팬이야

i didnt fuck my cat. i didnt cum on my cat. i didnt put my dick anywhere near my cat. Ive never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible. (1/?)

이진혁구정모금동현황윤성송유빈 #바이나인_데뷔해 김민규이세진함원진토니데뷔하게해주세요

바이나인이답이다보고싶다 #바이나인_데뷔해 무조건데뷔해얘들아보고싶어

국프실직해서안그래도슬픈데 #바이나인_데뷔해 바이나인목숨걸고데뷔시켜야함

아그리고앞뒤열글자에요 #바이나인_데뷔해 이것도꼭지켜주세요느낌표

민규야널만난건내인생최고의행운이었고너를알아서행복했어 #바이나인_데뷔해 너를더사랑해주고싶어제발그럴수있게데뷔해줘내가너를더볼수있게해줘

바이나인바이나인무조건바이나인 #바이나인_데뷔해 얘네가아니면안됩니다꼭너희가하는바이나인을원해

Cats trailer ain't shit. What's REALLY scary is when u go and see the live show and there's that bit where the cat people come through the audience during Jellicle Cats and get all up in your face

so theres a cats movie coming out so whens the starlight express movie huh

Only death can finish the fight, everything else only interrupts the fighting - Geralt Of Rivia. #TheWitcher #Netflix #Thewitchernetflix #henrycavill #Ciri #Yennefer @witchernetflix @LHissrich


Sometimes I close the curtains when I walk around naked, so don't tell me that I don't care for other peoples well being.

Babyvoker is significantly less English sounding than adult Invoker and it's upsetting me

ONCE, isn't she beautiful? I don't know if I took pics of an angel or a princess. Maybe both. #TWICELIGHTSinMEXICO #Momo @JYPETWICE


#TheWitcher SO just saw trailer for the witcher and honestly its not as good as i hoped but also not as bad as i feared. Just gonna have to wait and see more

Thank you so much for your love and passion, dad was watching you and I'm sure that he is as proud as mexican ONCE. #TWICELIGHTSinMEXICO #Momo @JYPETWICE


Por supuesto que en el concierto de #Twice no podía faltar #Signal. Así sonó durante su concierto en el Palacio de los Deportes. #TWICELIGHTSinMEXICO #TWICEWORLDTOUR2019

La série The witcher je le sens vraiment très très mal Je vais regarder par curiosité mais je suis vraiment pas emballée

Kuranın tacize tecavüze verdiği cezayı “çağ dışı” bulanlar utanmadan bu suçların faturasını islama ve müslümanlara kesmeye çalışıyor. Bir iki münferit vaka üzerinden. Yemezler, hem de istatistikler tam tersini söylerken. The Witcher

The Witcher : Un premier teaser officiel pour la série Netflix, rassurant ?

Watch The Witcher Trailer (HD) Henry Cavill Netflix series…

The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix…

Valve has released the young Invoker Hero Persona for Dota 2 Battle Pass owners level 305 and above #Dota2 #TI2019 #videogames #gaming


投資という話だけでなく、今のゲーム市場とサブスク×ゲームの現状を分かりやすくまとめてくれている記事。ゲームがストリーミングに適応してくることで、"自分のデータのゲームを超えた持ち越し"が出来るようになるの... #NewsPicks…

Let's pause for a second to admire this cute little Invoker-


yunseong'u soloist olarak düşündüm de... cidden çok güzel olur ya junho gelene kadar woollim boys ölü taklidi yapar zaten

Did you know the craters on the Moon are a historical record of asteroid impacts—on Earth, as well as the Moon? For at least 4 billion years, asteroid impacts big & small have shaped the Moon's surface. But while geology & erosion have erased most of Earth's craters...


yunseong selfie and letter in 11 hours ♡

Yung Hindi ko sya kayang idelete sa phone ko....kahit na available nmn sa Iwant. 148 episodes....ang laki ng space ang nakain nya... #ForevermoreInvadesThailand


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