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A great day for democracy & finally #Brexit will be done. The anti-democratic elite wanted another referendum, and with Labour smashed & the "revoke Brexit" Liberal Democrats failing, they can't deny the will of the people now. #UKElection #BorisJohnson

I just could tell and knew from talking to people. All I heard was Brexit Brexit Brexit, terrorist, immigrants. When I mentioned NHS, public services, road repairs, attacks on benefit claimants all I got was "But I want my Brexit" or glazed eyes and blank looks

How long do we enjoy the moment before we start kicking arse on Brexit?

I will never forgive Sky News, Channel 4 and the BBC for campaigning against Brexit, Brous, the Brexit Party and The Conservatives. They are TOTALLY OUT OF STEP WITH THE NATION AND HAVE TOO MUCH POWER.

Ich finde den #brexit nicht gut, weil man die #EU von innen verändern muss und gerade das wird damit geschwächt. Aber dass #Johnson Erfolg haben würde, war mir seit dem Sommer klar: von #Farage die Leute zurück holen, #Labour auf Linksaußen , Mehrheitswahl

Salamat sa inspirasyon, Cesar! You will be missed. ❤️ BASAHIN:


The Game Awardsで『GRIS』が「Games for Impact」を受賞しました! おめでとうございます! #TheGameAwards


My Budget ang Robonsons Galleria South..Nka Tatlong Song c @maymayentrata07 ..Hang Saya...!!;) #MaymayAtRobGalleriaSouth


Maraming salamat sa lahat ng kuwento at mga alaala, Cesar Apolinario.…

Teka may nkita ako sa may Gilid... Anooo ito?!!!! cto: scarlettTiffany KYCINE TGSMeetandGreet


Hala! Parang nakita ko pa kailan lang sa na nagrereport si Cesar Apolinario. HALAAAAAA

So I got two things going on tonight. The game awards I’ll be watching and a fire truck that is all dressed up with Christmas lights that I’ll be looking out for in my neighborhood!

Yesterday, members went to the December chapter meeting with their friends & family! Everyone enjoyed a potluck & participated in holiday activities such as Christmas tree decorating & an ugly sweater contest! Santa was even able to come & deliver presents to many who attended!


sarap maging bata uli,pag ganitong araw christmas party na school namin tapos after party diretso lakwatsa na

Na moral, só eu que n ouvi o Fine Line ainda e estou esperando oficialmente dar meia noite? #FineLine

falling is going to break all of us and our little hearts when performed live. I just know it and I'll come prepared with tissues #FineLine

Yang semalam nungguin lazada promo Samsung a50 siapa ? Ini saya give away aja tinggal 1 siapa cepat dia dapat DM saja.


“Fine Line from Harry Styles is now in your Library.” what a beautiful notif #fineline


I will say this with my whole chest-#fineline will be FULL of bops.Already tell that tpwk will be my fav

digo com tranquilidade que eu sou a bíblia sonora em forma de álbum #FineLine



え?FRIDAY the 13thだって?? ジェ○ソンじゃん??

Aphelios is my dream emo bf and i'd main him but I fucking suck ass at adc ;-;

lançou aphelios pronto parei de jogar lol pra sempre tchau

she posted men are trash after I took her out for a McDonald’s date

I have watched Survivor for years almost since beginning (missed for couple of shows) I love it and hope this incident doesn’t ruin the reputation of a family show #Survivor

With @ElaineStott32 ousted.. who the hell cares who ... and I won’t even say ‘wins’ the million? Honestly it is just a travesty and Elaine is sole survivor in my eyes. #survivor

me: asks for 10 albums to be put through separately women: “are they for christmas present?” me: “yeah....”…

Odubajo and Hutch obviously got some serious Christmas boozing planned. #swfc

I sort of consider any sweet and nice kid's movie to be a Christmas movie.

#365Horror movie 332. The Dead Room. Part of the BBC's annual Christmas series. An MR James-esque tale, this is less a ghost story and more a fascinating rumination on what makes a good ghost story. But rest assured, phantoms are here, both literal and figurative. 1/


Unless you really want to pay the steep RUSH FOR CHRISTMAS fee (virtual goods only, starts at $50), it's too late to commission me for holiday gifts of words or graphics, but I've still got Tarot reading slots open! On Dreamwidth? COME CHECK ME OUT

The Night Before Christmas...Cop Style via @YouTube

A happy first time year 12 ATAR experience in our household this morning. Eldest Laura is off to do the course she wanted. A great relief and joy.

I saw posts of people redrawing/revamping their old TMM OCs and I definitely had to join! I see some of my tastes have changed from back then, but 12 year old me would have been so happy to get to draw this. I hope I can improve more and more!✨ #TokyoNewMew #TokyoMewMewOC


Nakakawindang yung the killer bride grabe #TheKillerBrideSerialKiller

Jared's a puppet and Javier is pulling all the strings. Tsk tsk. #TheGiftSikreto

Sabi na nga ba eh susulsulan lang ni Javier si Jared. @aldenrichards02 #AldenRichards #TheGiftSikreto


I would like to know if you would be my sugar baby.…for a start I will pay you $500 dollars weekly for allowance that is $2000 monthly if that is going to be enough for you?? Send me a DM #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson #sugarbaby #sugarbabyusa #seekingarrangements #snapchatdown





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