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Imao kahit sa trend list ayaw magpatalo? Bata lang? #SuperMisNumber1Party


Welp SuperM is number 1 and I’m living stan EXO stan Shinee stan nct stan wayv #SuperMisNumber1Party #superm_number1 #SuperM

Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin received military honors on his last official flag ceremony with the Supreme Court officials & employees. He retires on Oct 18, 2019 as the 25th Chief Magistrate of the land.


Makikisaya ang cast ng #TheGift sa Masskara Festival sa Friday, October 18, 6PM at Robinsons Place Bacolod! Kitakits!! #TheGiftProteksyon


Nakakatuwa magbasa ng comments dito eh. Maraming Armys ang nakaappreciate kay @Espanto2001 galing galing naman kasi talaga. #PairOfAcesWinnipeg DARRENxJONA

Ang husay talaga. You two are joy to watch. Talent at its best! @Espanto2001 @MsJ0NA #PairOfAcesWinnipeg DARRENxJONA


You guys are amazing! Hats off to the both of you!!! I can feel the pagod in your voices but still, you gave your all! So much respect to you, @Espanto2001 and @MsJ0NA. Clap clap clap!!! #PairOfAcesWinnipeg DARRENxJONA


Addressing Supreme Court officials and employees, Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin says he feels a “deep sense of personal satisfaction” and has “no regrets” as he approaches retirement. He bows out of the SC on Oct. 18, his 70th birthday. | @nclagrimas


SC Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin, dumating sa Padre Faura para sa huli nitong flag raising ceremony sa Korte Suprema bilang punong mahistrado. Si Bersamin ay magreretiro na sa October 18, 2019. | via @Isa_Umali…

Supreme Court justices, employees welcome retiring Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin in his last flag ceremony. He is retiring on Oct. 18. @bworldph


Apparently I missed National Album Day yesterday. Here’s a late post! Which is your favourite. NOTE: No, I have no currently plans to make any more music. This is the complete catalogue at present. #NationalAlbumDay


More than a week ahead of his retirement on Oct. 18, Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin has bid goodbye to the magistrates of the Supreme Court, saying he wished to be remembered as “the healing Chief Justice.”


Have a blessed Sunday ya all!



טייפון "האגיביס" הכה ביפן: מיליונים התבקשו להתפנות מבתיהם. שבעה בני אדם נספו, 15 מוגדרים נעדרים #TyphoonHagibisJapan #PrayForJapan #Pray4Japan #台風19#台風の目 #台風19 #Japan #Tokyo #Hagibis #TyphoonHagibis #typhoon…

I wanna take a pics on the first floor, so I'm really sad. I know a lot of people are trying, but I don't understand why we should film only on the second floor. The second floor is more dangerous. I want you to think about it a little bit. #worlds2019


Fear God and obey His commandments for this is everyone's duty.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful and most heavenly person ever whom i love and admire the most who literally owns my heart and soul. #HappyBirthdayJimin #LovelyJiminDay #HappyJIMINday #OurLightJimin #JiminBirthday #OurOctoberSerendipity #OurSerendipityJimin


#PrayForJapan I know its beautiful and peaceful but a storm is approaching. #PrayForJapan


I want to have more travel,travel and travel @Shoichi_Oka1026 @theyenquirante1 @BCbench @benchtm @direklauren SHOIYEN ForBENCH


Uf de repende me ha venio como un bajon momentaneo al pensar que todo el mundo avanza en su camino y yo no me centro en ninguno y acabaré sin nada teeminado

guy’s names that are attractive to me: brian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . also harry styles but don’t tell my bf

if you don't like harry styles' new song you're tasteless

I've been streaming this since it was at 3 million .@Harry_Styles look at you go boyyy so proud of you


Per amore ho guardato breaking bad, senza amarlo del tutto. Ho visto el camino senza entusiasmo. È figo. Bisognava chiudere Jesse. Succede. E succede una cosa attorcigliata bene che si disarticola meglio. Mo basta, però. Ho dato, ho finito. Piano piano le chiudiamo tutte.

El Camino [8.4]: Fantastic bookend to Breaking Bad. Feels like the extra, bonus episodes. Good stuff.


Ayon kay Bong Go, si Superman at hindi na si Pangulong Duterte ang pwedeng makaresolba sa traffic sa Metro Manila.

KWONJIYONG "I'M GONNA END EVERYONE'S CAREER WITH 144P" 18:00 KST: #1 VIPs (New Entry) #1 Kwon Jiyong stans (+99) #1 South Korea (+99) #1 Kpop Industry (+99) #1 Fashion Industry (+99) Cr.gdtothetop


Happy #80s Birthday to Daryl Hall(73), MTV VJ @goodymade Mark Goodman(67), Boy Meets Girl's Shannon Rubicam(68), M.C. Lyte(48), David Morse(66) & Joan Cusack(57)

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