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무대 서포트도 확실한 무대장인♡ 좋아하는거봐 ㅠ♡ㅠ #바비 #BOBBY

"The whole art world, in each of these arts, is, for the most part, one big borderless workplace. This means that certain people with great power and wealth can influence everyone’s chances, more or less."…

コミュニケーションが上手な人って、話し上手 よりも 聴き上手 ってのが真実だと思う。 だから流暢に話すことなんか目指さなくって全然OK。 聴く技術は4つだけ準備しといた方が良いので紹介させてください。 ① 何が一番大切? ② 具体的に教えて? ③ もっと話して? ④ どんなことに気づいた?

The narrative podcast, which is now streaming, is produced by Double Elvis and features interviews and new music from @DefJam signees Bobby Sessions, Saint Bodhi, Nasty C, Bino Rideaux and more.…

I know not everyone gonna believe this. I just woke up and dreamt of Rabiya winning the Miss Universe crown. This is win is a heroicz and epic win. Huhuh I'm manifesting!!!!! #AribaRabiya

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill to RETURN for Enola Holmes sequel

sunwoo, hwiyoung, bobby kankaligi cok ii olmadi mi sizce de. meger buna ihtiyacimiz varmis

I love bobby with all my heart he’s an amazing rapper but I liked skz btob atz rap better

Goodluck to our Miss Universe 2020, Rabiya!! kabugin mo silang lahat! #AribaRabiya

If you win, it’s your destiny najud #AribaRabiya

Ele ganhou o prêmio de melhor atuação em Beyond Evil, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Só quem assistiu esse drama sabe, o quanto a atuação dele foi incrível e muito mais que merecido, sem palavras aqui. Arrepiava a alma #ShinHaKyun #57thBaeksangArtsAwards #BaeksangArtsAwards2021


Special convert story has been released for Eid! Eid Mubarak! Inspiring Covert Story: Rationality and Reason Leads Muslim to Ahmadiyya The True Islam A powerful convert story alhamdulillah Please spread #Islam #Ahmadiyyat


I don't think I'll ever fall inlove again, If this is how it feels to be complete. Cold knows I'll keep you warm... OUR CHOICE IS BLACKPINK I vote #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo on #iHeartAwards @BLACKPINK

parang naubos na energy ko para makipag talo kay mnet

Que recuerdos nos dejó jimin @bts_twt #BBAMAsTopSocial


KoDrea, the next big thing. Periodt. HOTSPOT WITH KODREA #KoDrea | KoDrea

The major achievement for Hamas in the war thus far is radicalizing enough Arab Israelis to trigger violence within Israel, disrupting morale at a deep level. That also gives Israel good reason to do whatever it takes to root out Hamas, including, quite possibly, confronting Iran

Mübarek Ramazan Bayramınızı tebrik eder, islam alemi ve tüm İnsanlık için sağlık ve huzura vesile olmasını Yüce Allah’tan niyaz ederim.


#MessageOfAllahOnEid Quran surah Al furqan 25: 52 Prophet Muhammad's god is saying that Oh Prophet! Kabir only is the supreme God and you may struggle (do not fight) i.e. remain rigid for Allah Kabir. - last prophet Sant RampalJi Maharaj #MessageOfAllahOnEid Allah Kabir


Not liking how #Elon is controlling the #Crypto market

So after Elon spread lies about #Bitcoin energy consumption, other crypto projects wrote to him: hey, Elan, we are the solution Why don't you just tell him to F#$% himself and defend #Bitcoin from the hypocrite liar that he is, instead of trying to sell yourself to a tech clown?

#MessageOfAllahOnEid Question 3: Is meat consumption allowed in Islam? Answer: Muslims eat the flesh of animals in the name of God and even celebrate a festival called, "Bakr Eid", in which they end the life of goats and then eat their flesh as "Prasad".

Eid Mubarak KINGS❤️

A única “centralidade” que o Elon Musk tem no Bitcoin é fazer o preço subir ou abaixar um pouco. Nada mais que isso Se ele dissesse amanhã que desistiu de vez do Bitcoin, o preço abaixaria um tanto, e pouco tempos dps tudo voltaria ao normal como se nunca tivesse acontecido nada

And now on there will be shit on Twitter till next Ramadan.

I'm going to sleep now it's 4 am but yangyang giving us haram content right after ramadan finished... i like the way he thinks

Eid Mubarak to me and everyone celebrating hope you all had an amazing Ramadan love you guys

#WeStandWithPalestine The Mujahideen of Palestine have begun guarding the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first mosque in Islam, to protect it from Israeli terrorist attacks. May Allah protect Al-Aqsa Mosque. Protect the Muslims of Palestine. Give Palestine a winner. Amen ... 6


Congratulations Eid-ul-Fitr to you all. May Allah accept all your struggles and warship you did in Ramadan.

Quran surah Al furqan 25: 52 Prophet Muhammad's god is saying that Oh Prophet! Kabir only is the supreme God and you may struggle (do not fight) i.e. remain rigid for Allah Kabir. - last prophet @SaintRampalJiM #MessageOfAllahOnEid Allah Kabir

Sen. Marco Rubio says Rep. Ilhan Omar 'out of her mind' for anti-Israel tweet


Biden Tells Bibi That Israel Has Right to Defend Itself |… via @Newsmax =========================== W E D . E V E N I N G H E A D L I N E S =========================== WORLD * MUSIC MOVIES * BOOKS

I wonder if Republicans ever get confused, between courting votes from neo Nazis and calling people antisemitic for saying Israel shouldn’t bomb children

1500 Palestinians face expulsion in #Jerusalem. 200 protesters have been injured. 9 children have been killed. Sanctions on South Africa helped free its black people - it’s time for sanctions on Israel to free Palestinians. Join the call. #SheikhJarrah…

Eid Mubarak Obligatory salaman online


Eid Mubarak ❤️


Eid Mubarak to all of my Muslim friends!

Sometimes God sends a word to keep you going. Heard from a long time S 2day. Him & his gf were both my Ss back in the day. They’re married now and live in the Yukon w/ 2 sons. Called me before they moved years ago & always checking in. I needed this today. Blk teachers matter.


¿Habéis visto el remate del futbolista del Valencia que le ha dado al balón y el balón le ha ido a la cara? Pues es el futbolista que más cobra de la plantilla. Kevin Gameiro.

i love this video for so many reasons - chanhee and younghoon being soulmates - juric being iconic as always - hyunjae's laugh and sunwoo holding his hand - kevin being kevin

"Amas odiarme, odias amarme.. Estoy recuperando lo que me has quitado. Estas equivocado, cariño, esto es algo que me recuerda porque estoy sola por mi cuenta" — Blackpink BEST DOCUMENTARY #BlackpinkLightUptheSky #MelhorDocumentário #SECAwards @BLACKPINK


exo quand ils savent que c’est jongin qui a préparé de repas d’aujourd’hui

"You're right. I can't do this anymore." why is this implying that he k worded himself ⁉️‼️ #LawSchool #LawSchoolEp9


$SPY Month of fasting will complete today & Tomorrow is Eid celebration ... --> Eid Mubarak to all ! That means, -- I can eat all the Potatoes from tomorrow :) ..small Eid Mubarak Song by Disney Jr #EidMubarak #Disney

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