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People of 3rd gender donating food and money in India. Please show some respect next time when you see them. Indians have come a long way to help each other. #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver

To a loving son, caring brother, cool friend, grateful & wholesome idol and everything she could ask for (a husband) to his jowa: Praying for more healthy years of existence, more loving times spent with loved ones, and more blessings coming from the Lord #HappyBirthdayEnrique


Stay at home guys..Kita contoh seperti Surabaya ini.. Tirta Lion Air Lord Luhut #Covid_19

Alemania activa su avión de la UCI, un Airbus A310 MedEvac, para llevar a los pacientes de #covid19 desde Italia a hospitales en Alemania. El avión tiene una capacidad de 44 camas, de las cuales 16 son para pacientes de cuidados intensivos y hasta 25 miembros del personal médico.


Diliman: BS Civil Engg / BA Creative Writing LB: BS Civil Engg / BS Industrial Engg Graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering in LB. Ended up a tiktoker. Chz…

If we continue online classes, we send out two clear messages: 1) Only those with gadgets and a stable internet connection deserve education. 2) The health, physical & mental, of our students & faculty are only secondary. #AngDiliDatuUndang #SuspendOnlineClasses #WalangIwanan

#NakakamissYung mga ballpen kong nasa kaklase ko na

2020-03-29 21:31:00 6. NCT DREAM TOUR BEHIND 7. MAD DOG 8. #พีชสิบ 9. #ทีมนกperthppeไลฟ์ 10. #WHYLIVE

agust d 2 in 33 mins omg

AdDU Admin right now to AdDU Students #AngDiliDatuUndang

این طبیعیه دارم از حرص نابود میشم ؟ #WeLoveLouis #BillieEilishisoverparty

#BillieEilishisoverparty #WeLoveLouis واکنشم به اونایی که میان توهین میکنن میگن که لویی زشته:


Dito pala sinasabi niyong tp hahaha MARNELLA PantawidNgPagIbig

Ang feel good naman po ng 'You've Got a Friend' jamming ni Ogie and Queen Regine #ASAPNatinTo

Nationwide and WORLDWIDE trending ang Ashmatt @JustSarahG @mateoguidicelli at ang @ASAPOFFICIAL StaySafe SARAHG Mr&MrsGuidicelli OnAsap #ASAPNatinTo @karlangel_rocks @jumarjomar


Megastar Sharon Cuneta performs "Both Sides Now" on #ASAPNatinTo


ayan na siya bagay na bagay siya talaga sa trono niyang yan uy Our Queen Regine #ASAPNatinTo


Congratulations to Sayanistas' New DOST Scholars: •Aguilar, Aira Mae Marie M. •Barrientos, Demi Andrei P. •Cabrera, Jacob Emmanuel H. •Dayrit, John Gabriel D. •Dimaculangan, Dan Ysrael M. •Hernandez, Mat Vincent F. •Ortega, Marina V. •Parado, Andrea Gail D.


Dulu pas sekolah gua ngebiasin Jonghyun sama Sulli, sekarang orangnya pada meninggal semua cry.

have a blessed sunday everyday !!

"Babalik ka mahal ah" I said as I sent him off for another mission "Babalik ako sayo kahit anong mangyari" he promised A week later, a box covered with Philippine flag was sent to me Indeed he fulfilled his promise, he came back but lifeless. #ManilaEncounter

Its #EarthHour2020 try to make sure you have all the power off as you can hardly see things. #StanleyCup @nhl @HockeyHallFame Be safe, be well!


já a thelma selena B e E #RAVENAO andressa urach #AXILASAWARDS ANITTA NÓS TE AMAMOS taehyun Apocalypse Costume #CoronaUpdate #PETAWARDS #BBB20 follow trick #EarthHour2020 #BTS follow trick sdv mari


Just finished Steven Universe Future and I feel so glad I got to grow up from a young adult to an actual adult with this show. Thank you so much, cast and crew, for this wonderful special thing #ThankYouStevenUniverse

já a thelma selena B e E #RAVENAO andressa urach #AXILASAWARDS ANITTA NÓS TE AMAMOS taehyun Apocalypse Costume #CoronaUpdate #PETAWARDS #BBB20 follow trick #EarthHour2020 #BTS follow trick sdv mari

Dost vefayı, yâr sevdayı bilmedi.

alma conservatives using the confessions page as their sole platform to express their bigoted views bc they’re too chicken shit to own their opinions:

I thought about this for 5 minutes and yep. A Sonic and Steven Universe crossover would actually work.

damn Steven universe is done..imma miss it man

EARTH HOUR. Caring for our future ❤️

grats sa mga new dost scholars!! ez moneyy

Sali sali ka pa sa online rambulan eh hindi mo nga ako maipaglaban.

sali sali ka pa sa online rambulan e, hindi mo nga ko maipaglaban

isang mapulang pagbati sa nice people around mahal namin kayo #DiMataloTalo

Earth Hour - so we’re sitting in candlelight with the wood burner glowing. Am I allowed to tweet? #EarthHour2020

sulli bugün 26 oldun, hepimiz seni çok özlüyoruz ve hiçbirimiz seni unutmadık keşke hala burda olsaydın ve o güzel gülüşünle etrafındakilere neşe saçsaydın, şimdi olduğun melek gibi özgürsün #진리야_3월은_너를닮아_따듯해 #사랑하는_설리에게_복숭이가 #OurPeachSulliDay


You were half-drunk wandering the streets of Quezon City when you heard pleas for help. You thought you were hearing things because of the alcohol but you smelt something burning then you realized that you just passed the remnants of "Ozone". #ManilaEncounters

Are you able to donate your time, expertise or critical items to fight #coronavirus in Michigan? Find out how right here ➡️➡️➡️,……

Are you fit enough to swing like a tour pro? Here's how to find out:


Just wanna put this out there. People are feeling a lot of different things right now, and they may talk about a specific thing that makes them sad. Don’t make them feel bad for how they might be feeling. The things that make YOU upset they could also be feeling but not saying.

Maligayang anibersaryo sa Hukbo ng Sambayanan #DiMatalotalo


There's nothing wrong with admitting the times are hard, and you're feeling a lot right now.

Pag mag tiktok sir tikki shave ko tak kiray chz #PPEforEasternVisayas

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