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di rumah teruss jadi bosen... kalian ngapain aja nih ??? #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver #bokepindo #pentiltomorrow


Según informes un depósito de cadáveres en #Wuhan tenían más de 5.000 en tan solo dos días más de lo reportado por el Partido Comunista Chino sobre las muertes en toda China. Las mentiras del régimen comunista de China son más visibles cada día.…

The headlines about the US having more confirmed cases than China are meaningless because China has essentially stopped testing while the US is just now ramping up. That our numbers are going up is a good sign we are finally getting a grasp on reality, not a sign of failure.

It's really incredible how the very same people who willfully ignored the pandemic for months while China implemented the biggest quarantine in history and pleaded for other countries to take it as serious as them are now saying China somehow tricked them into not being prepared.

"A commercial aircraft carrying 80 tons of gloves, masks, gowns and other medical supplies from Shanghai touched down in New York on Sunday" - first of 22 flights from China…

Hala grabe najud ka sipsip sa mga maestra oyy HAHAHAH ka yawa ba

asap production number positioning: simula - bukas ng LED back, labas si singer first verse + chorus - sa stage 1 muna lakad bridge - maglalakad mula stage 1 to stage 2 pag patapos na - stage 2 nalang depende kung nagpo-promote kasi pag promo lalabas si luis at piolo

#LoveInTheTimeOfQuarantine Ano naman kung single ka? More quality timw with parents and siblings, with pets, with yourself. #TheMorningRush @RX931

xfin he editado la cinta que grabé a principios de 2019 y me he dado cuenta al verla de lo feliz que fui en esa época, creo que esta es la imagen que mejor lo describe


Por si acaso le interesa, acá le dejo el link a "La Máscara de la Muerte Roja" que grabé como #audiocuento. Sobre un príncipe que se esconde de la pandemia con su corte.

Kakabase nyo sa itsura, hindi niyo mararanasang mahalin ng totoo.

Question lang sa medical field, dili gyud pwede i reveal ang location sa confirmed cases? Bisag location lang sa Barangay para lang pod mas mahatagag extra precaution or heads up.

Totoo ba talaga ang aswang? Dili gyud ko mutuo kay wala pako ka kita. Pero si chow legit aswang…

Sebuah pesawat Lionair meledak di runway saat akan lepas landas dari Manila Kecelakaan tsb menewaskan semua penumpang dan awak pesawat "Tim pemadam dan medis sdh ke Terminal 2 NAIA utk menanggapi kecelakaan pesawat Lionair Flight RPC 5880," kata Gordon…

Sa totoo lang, wala ako sa mood mag work today. Pwede bang mag PS4 na lang ? Huhu. Gusto ko mag sicky. @greg_carino @cielowcab

Meanwhile in #China. Chinese people don’t want residents of #Hubei province to be traveling. What is the #CCP hiding? #ChinaLiedPeopleDied.


Italy's death toll is now THREE times more than China after rising by 889 in a single day to 10,023

Bakit ka magpupuyat kung alam mong iba na ang kausap niya hanggang umaga?

SHORT STORY Title: 15 years from now SB19 Stell *Si Teytey ay TayTay na*. Yan ang caption ng latest update ng idol mo sa twitter with a photo of pregnancy kit na positive. Hindi mo napansing napaluha ka na. Hindi mawari ng puso mo kung anong madarama mo. #SB19 @SB19Official

miss kunala talaga reng kupal kung kaluguran :((((


nakakatomboy si lee joo young grabe :")

Grabe en la penca de un magey tu nombre unido al mio, entrelazadoooosss como una prueba ante la ley del monte que ahi estuvimos enamoradoooosss

grabe epek ng quarantine kay boss alec, lagi na ako inaaya mag ml???

Kung pwede ko lang yakapin lahat ng malungkot dito sa twitter ginawa ko na kasi alam ko yung feeling.

kung pwede ko lang ulit-ulitin na iplease ka para lang mag stay nagawa kona

I never knew i needed long haired Eunwoo but i do. I really, really do. #동민_볼때마다_심장아파_필요해_도움이 cutie


"AdDU man diba ka sa Bangkal? Nakita man gud tika nag cutting" Uhmm... Asa ana akong ideny

UP Diliman - AB Theatre Arts - BM Voice - AB Film - AB Journalism UP Baguio - AB Communication in Journalism - AB Communication in Speech Communication - AB Economics - AB History…

China Virus masks Made In China don’t work? Add that to the list of every other POS product made there. Surprise.

The most popular section of the Great Wall of China reopened today after being shut down for weeks

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Nancy Pelosi is now directly blaming Trump for American deaths during a pandemic. What exactly was she focused on in January while Trump was shutting off travel from China? Her impeachment charade. And no BS spin from the media is going to erase that fact.

Vocês sabiam que os indígenas sacrificavam seus líderes aos deuses quando tinha alguma epidemia? Ah, não tô dando ideia não tá gnt... #DesligueATv #China #FiquemEmCasa #CODVID19

pano ka mananalo kung hindi ka marunong sumugal.

“Maybe when you are pretty, it’s always easier. You can confidently say what you feel without being laughed at or judged.” #JonaxxHMCKab3

Mukhang matutuloy na ang Just Julia's kitchen hahaha JuliaB YouAreLoved


"Nasan yung dormmate mo?" tanong ko sa kaklase ko "Umalis na. Last week pa." tugon naman niya Maniniwala na sana ako, kung hindi ko lang nakita yung dormmate niya na nasa ilalim ng kama na putol ang parehong paa at kamay #ManilaEncounter

kapoya kaayo dug-on oi kung di magsakit ang pus-on kay magsakit pod ang likod samok

Edi sana gagraduate na kami bukas kung walang covid haysttt

Grabe binuhat ni Valdez yung team dito shuta deserve ba deserve niya maging phenom grabe

Not gonna lie. At the end of this weirdest of weeks, Booker winner @BernardineEvari has me dancing around my bedroom in delight...…

La Salle's Season 78 line up was the best. Puro top notch players Lalo na yung mga starters Reyes, Galang, Fajardo, Baron, Dy, Demecilio and Macandili. Puro mga naging part ng National Team aside from Demecilio na di nagpursue ng Pro-leauge. #LightItUpDLSU

Grabe Alyssa Valdez vs DLSU tlga tong finals na to.

Sila lang naman hinihiling namin sana pagbigyan niyo na kami @ASAPOFFICIAL @StarMusicPH MARNELLA PantawidNgPagIbig


Yung song.. daddy d and bebeh StaySafe SARAHG Mr&MrsGuidicelli OnAsap

grabe ligong ligo na talaga ako sa dagat

ihhh ayaw kong mag assume, na MAGKIKITA SILAAAAA?!…

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