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I just want the game to end so our top 4 hopes are not slashed and we can appreciate a Bobby masterclass

Comentario de Knetizen sobre bobby: [+123, -12] Esto de verdad. 'It's One era básicamente el nivel SMTM y es genial cómo Bobby no se dio a sí mismo una gran parte del rap, sino que le dio a Hwiyoug y Sunwoo, que son menos populares que él, más partes de lo esperado. @YG_iKONIC


Bu video bana Hanbin'in "Bobby hyungun gülüşü birçok kez hayatımı kurtardı." demesini hatırlatıyor...

*the post about the comeback exist* My head: #MAMAMOO #MAMAMOO_ComingSoon #HWASA #WHEEIN #SOLAR #MOONBYUL

This is exactly what Assad & Putin do - sending planes to carry out 'double-tap' airstrikes of the same site just bombed while rescue workers are trying to dig out the survivors from the first bombing. It's monstrous evil beyond words wherever it is, whoever does it.…

kpoppies obsessed with park jimin

Moomoos,vayan a darle like al tweet citado y preparense para volver a pedir a Water Color en un futuro! Muchas gracias por permitirnos escuchar el solo de nuestra #WHEEIN@RBW_MAMAMOO…

I think it's one of the hardest role to play, but Jung Se really really played well this character, I'm so proud that he got a baeksang, I can't imagine how Soo hyun felt, it's like in the film, a brother ♡ #BaeksangArtsAwards2021 #57thBaeksangArtsAwards

The IATF adds another phrase to the general community quarantine status of the NCR Plus areas implemented until May 31. What does it mean?


Heads up! Here are the new quarantine classifications for the second half of May as recommended by the IATF. Follow for updates, stories and more.


Palace spokesman Harry Roque says IATF recommends that NCR Plus shift to GCQ 'with heightened restrictions.


eid mubarak everyone!!

Mnet internetini sikim yayın dondu

Why not give the vaccines to localities instead of building a facility at Nayong Pilipino? It's about the subzero temperatures, says Enrique Razon Jr.…

"Both of you gonna be the next big thing." — DJ Jhai to KoDrea. YASSSSS!!!! HOTSPOT WITH KODREA

shoutout @chasingm1wo oh @pinksh4ts boses nalang muna ni heart HHAHAHHAHA MIWO 2gether4everHrsMAGJOWA #MIWO24hrsRawVlog

IS RICKY RAZON INTERESTED IN THE NAYONG PILIPINO PROPERTY? Razon claims he is not. “No. That’s government land. They cannot give that without bidding or joint venture. No, we will not build another Solaire there” #ANCHeadstart…

CONTEXT: These are the plans for the mega vaccination facility the Razon group is building in the reclaimed Nayong Pilipino. Razon claims no trees will be cut, the site was originally chosen for them. Drive thru & walk in for 10-15,000 a day. #ANCHeadstart


#بالفيديـــــو كيف اوصل الشهيد#الجنرال_العظيم الصواريخ الى غزة و ما هي المشقات التي تحملها ليجعل اليوم غزة بهذه القوة من الصواريخ و بهذا القدر الكبير من الصمود أمام الكيان الصهيوني #Israel #غزة_تنتفض #مقاطعه_الإمارات #لبيك_يا_سيستاني #غزة_تنتصر_للقدس #فلسطين_قضيتنا_الأولى

Asking a gay couple which one is Israel and which one is Palestine

#MessageOfAllahOnEid Ballat Kabir Bullah Ala Mahadakup Wala Alla Kum Tarkorun (1) And so that you can tell Kabir the praise of Allah, on the matter that you instructed and so that you may thank Allah. Visit Satlok Ashram Youtube Channel to get true @SaintRampalJiM Allah Kabir


“Elon’s nothing but a liability to society.” $BTC

"I don’t think you’re going to be eating tonight." Muslims describe Ramadan in U.S. prisons

islam bir sevinçti kaplardı içimizi


Eid Mubarak. May Allah bless you and your loved ones. May there be peace in our lives and in the world.


Bitcoin plunges 17% after Elon Musk tweets on Tesla not accepting cryptocurrency

Eid Mubarak to all ! May Allah turn this Eid the harbinger of happiness to the oppressed Ummah especially the Palestinians from the unseen blessings of His countless treasures. Amen!

Eid Mubarak to Everyone around the world , and my heart is with all those who are hurting in #Palestine , May Allah ease your sufferings. #EidMubarak #EidUlFitr #PalestineUnderAttack

بفضل الله ثم سواعد الرجال من أبطال الجيش والمقاومة، تم القضاء على جميع الأنساق التي حشدها #الحوثي إلى جبهات مأرب الشمالية والغربية. معركة كانت أشد ضرواه ورغم الحشود الهائلة من الزنابيل إلا أن الأبطال تصدوا لهم بكل عزيمة وأرادة وأشرقت شمس الحرية معلنه النصر من أرض #مأرب كعادتها.

Tüm islam aleminin Ramazan bayramını kutlarım ve hayırlara vesile olmasını dilerim..

The last week of Ramadan I was so done with fasting, exhausted, burnt out, running on 0 because life. And now that it’s leaving I’m on the verge of tears because I feel it’s blessed presence has already left us.

#MessageOfAllahOnEid Quran Sharif - Surat Furkaan 25:57 - Say, Tell them that I do not ask anything for this Allah’s order, but, yes, whoever wants Lord should make a move. This has made clear that Allhu Akbar (God) in Islam is Kabir. Allah Kabir


Sheryl Swoopes and Lisa Leslie... And you're not making me pick between the two of them because I refuse. My Twitter, my rules!…

eid mubarak to all my muslim fellows!! Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum may Allah accept our deeds and His blessings fill our lives with peace, joy and prosperity. hope we’ll meet ramadan on the next year and years to come, be happy eat good foods and stay healthy ♡

How many Muslims live in Israel? Millions. How many Jews live in the Gaza Strip? Zero. Tell me more about “apartheid.”

Que haja paz em Israel.

israel today has a real "nazi germany, hold our beer" kind of vibe.

Eid Mubarak #Muslims all over the world.May this Eid turn all our difficulties into ease and all our sorrows into happiness. Regard: Ghayour Ahmed #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr #عيد_مبارك #WeStandWithPalestine


BTS have been and are still working hard for ARMYs!!!! BANGTAN 5TH TSA SA BTS ANG BOTO KO I vote for @BTS_twt for #BBMAsTopSocial


e lovely writer acabou da forma mais doce e delicada que poderia ser, um verdadeiro amor de contos de fada, uma série leve e apaixonante e ainda aí mesmo tempo extremamente necessária, eu não tenho palavras pra descrever o quando eu amei TUDO sobre esse BL #NubsibTheEnd


zannetme sana dargınım, ben gene sana vurgunum..




#TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT67 Our Lady of Fatima, please pray for the sick specially those sick of COVID 19 & d mother of @Aurora24MCF . This epidemic is like d flu epidemic when you 1st appeared in Fatima that lasted for 2 years. Pls pray that d Lord forgive us of our SINS .

Kevin McCarthy just said: "I don't think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election”. He then yelled out: "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!"…

Kevin, you might want to check with your boss on that one.…

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