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Thank you @jefflynneselo for spending 117 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped


Thank you @RealKiefer for spending 17 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

Beberapa waktu lalu, eks Dirut Garuda Indonesia Ari Askhara dipecat dari jabatannya karena kasus penyelundupan barang mewah. Berikut fakta-faktanya. #TopNews

WOW! Radikal radikul dalam rangka memuluskan cita2 ini kah? Dubes: Cina Ingin Jadi Investor Nomor 1 di Indonesia #RezimTebangPilih

tara jakol pogi to pogi. dm me

Dengan total kekayaan sebesar Rp 37 M, Direktur Utama PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero), Ari Ashkara tercatat tidak memiliki utang atau kredit sedikitpun

That hate # stopped trending ww but #ProudOfLiam is still trending. Reply with #ProudOfLiam

I’m happy to have you.. Ikaw ba?

hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon ikaw yung pinapatamaan ko HAHAHAHA

My C.M. Character rankings 1Princess Prentiss 2 Hotch 3 Papa spaghetti 4 baby girl garcia 5 cheetobreath JJ 6 pretty boy Reid 7 chocolate thunder Morgan 8 Tara 9 Matt 10 Luke 11 Alex 12 kate 13 seavers 14 Gideon 15 Elle

Moscow Mulan #BoozyDisney

gonna get emma a gf im gonna DO IT

Gemma killing Tara on SOA, all of GoT S8, the Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead, Mark, Lexie and Derek dying on Grey’s Anatomy, Jack dying on this is us, Shadowhunters turning out to be shit just like the movie, Heroes Reborn being shit, Arthur dying on Merlin…

Cuando te desviás para agarrar un caramelo en Waze.


esse dia chegou o dia que andei com Uber q coloca voz do Scooby Doo no Waze

Parents and expecting you to drop everything you’re doing to take care of their pet. Name a more iconic duo

It only takes a few seconds 2 hurt someone..but sometimes it takes years 2 repair d damage so stay calm. Happy41st MCLISSE @hashtag_mccoydl @ElisseJoson


Oh my god, I get it now. The reason Camila looked dubious of Agnes when they reunited was because Aurora told her. That's why Camila's face dropped when Manay Ichu said, "Ramdam kong anak ka pala ni Camila" to Emma and Agnes suddenly appeared. #TheKillerBrideTrueVida

ramdam pa din ang tunay na pagmamahal sa amin ng McLisse... Happy41st MCLISSE @hashtag_mccoydl @ElisseJoson

uy ikaw escort ko sa debut ko ha? hihi

"Marriage Story": Porque ya está disponible en Netflix

"Bat ganyan ka na maglakad? Ikaw kasi antaba mo na. Magpapayat ka" I've a fucking left knee injury and a healing right achilles heel, you stupid idiot. Do I have to wear casts and supports for it to be obvious or just show you my monthly PT logs?

Upon second viewing, Ray Liotta's delivery of this line is my favorite part of Marriage Story.


Wag iiyaK self remember ikaw sumuko? HAHAHA.

1. policemen WHO WERE NOT IN UNIFORM arresting 4 activists, including one minor 2. 3 of those activists are still detained UNTIL NOW 3. panday sining’s now declared as persona non grata keeping up w/ the fascist government, i guess. #FreeTheArtists #FREEPANDAYSINING4


Panday Sining declared 'persona non grata' in Manila over vandalism

Genuinely curious on how a declaration of persona non grata particularly affects an organization. Panday Sining has chapters on universities. Papalayasin ba? Di q gates.

you've worked hard all this time, you managed to make everyone happy, and therefore you also deserve happiness, pls stay happy bby!❤️ we're here for you ^^ #WeLoveYouJaebeom

hey babe what’s wrong? you’re the reason for my happiness but you’re not happy? i wish i could hug you and make you happy :( idk what to do, jaebum.. i love you so much please be happy, please be strong, don't let that beautiful smile on your face fade, ilysm ♡ #WeLoveYouJaebeom


Great now even cancelling a celebrity has lost all meaning. Gaga stans are so fucking childish. #BillieEilishisoverparty

#BelieveInIZONE For me,IZONE just like my family Whatever it will happen ,i always believe in IZONE @official_izone


The Minister for Fisheries addressed delegates at the 16th Annual Session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting in Papua New Guinea and reminded them of the mammoth task that lies ahead in sustaining the world's fisheries resources...@FijiOneNews


all the album in one pic: #Romance


"maybe you should set me free maybe i don't really want you to maybe i just wanna be be the person who just can't lose if you're gonna leave then go if you need me let me know love me or just let me go, but no" points were made hshs no but seriously i love that album #Romance


Don't expect for crushback or loveback, kung gusto mo sya, gustuhin mo lang. Kung mahal mo sya, mahalin mo lang. Wag mong obligahin yung tao na ibalik sayo yung nararamdaman mo kase first of all ikaw naman tong nafall hindi sya.

Let's get down to business: Watch the first trailer for @Disney's live-action #Mulan.


Toda vez aue eu vejo um novo trailer do live action de Mulan cai uma lágrima. Lindo lindo lindo! #Ansioso

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