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Soundbites from Labour chiefs are not good. Did you not hear what the people told you yesterday? To say this result was 100% Brexit is deluding yourself. It was that and the leader. The party is too far left...…

Agr o brexit sai senhores

Despite hating everything Boris and the Tories stand for I don’t wish them to fail, I hope we come out of Brexit with a good deal, I hope they live up to the promises they made. I doubt it but I’m not here to cut my nose off to spite my face. I told you so will bring me no joy

brexit is so happening next month you guys

JUST IN: GMA-7 reporter, director, and host Cesar Apolinario passed away. He was 46.


Paalam kumpareng Cesar Apolinario Jr. Salamat sa mga alaala, salamat sa mga kuwentuhan, salamat sa pagkakaibigan. Hindi ka namin malilimutan. Kami na ang bahala sa iyong mga anak. Itutuloy natin ang pangarap para……

Its #ChristmasJumperDay Share the amazing Christmas outfit you're wearing to show your support. Thanks to @faithbxx and her gorgeous kitty Archer for the pic! #ChristmasUnlimited

em, tal and I decided to do a 12 days of christmas vibe and give each other 12 presents leading up to christmas and it's day one and they literally made me guess who: lany and friends edition and it's so cool!!! literally the detail!! the effort they put into this!! the flavour!!


Award-winning broadcast journalist of GMA-7 and film director Cesar Apolinario passed away on Friday. He was 46.…

4 na order sa lazada zzz

[Idm] buat yg nggak ada app lazada, ada yg mau aku bantuin co dicon nggak? Mumpung harganya 12K lagi, saling bantu aja sini.

How I feeling listening to To Be So Lonely #FineLine

what’s yalls favorite christmas song?! mine is bitch better have my money by Rihanna

On the 6th Day of Christmas Townley Admin have to me....sweet and salty snacks delivered right to me! @townleytorches @IrvingISD


First of all, can we just skip Christmas and New Years because I can’t be bothered now

HEY COME SEE A CHRISTMAS CAROL!!! TICKET LINK IS IN MY BIO!!! Also thank you so so so much to @Parlights for making this show possible! Our house lights stopped working about a week ago but @Parlights helped us out. If you ever need theater lighting go to them they are amazing!!!

[DF] mau tanya dong cara dapet voucher diskon di lazada gimana ya ? Soalnya aku pengguna baru lazada

Fumi mahar, kahit saan ka at kahit gaano pa kahirap pinagdadaanan mo, smile mo wala paring tatalo !!! Labyu !!! FUMIYAM MellowMYXLoveMenThurs @fumfumfum3 @gucong_yamyam


More random captures XD FUMIYAM MellowMYXLoveMenThurs


Watch this special little boy in 3 minutes time in the first ever 'Fan Mail'. Get ready to learn a lot of about #FineLine from @Harry_Styles Watch here:

Mein Erster Eindruck von Aphelios: Ist wie eine Jinx die ihren Raketenwerfer auf 3 Minuten cooldown hat. Ohne Sniper fühlt er sich hart Garbage an und mit ziemlich nice. Der Waffenwechsel ist kein cooles Feature sondern ein nerviges Handycap imo

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There's a freaking song entitled "Treat People with Kindness" He is being so extra wth ❤❤❤❤❤❤#FineLine


Someone sent the human a Christmas stocking full of Dreamies for me, but there was no message with it - so, whoever you are, thank you! xx

I have big news. I am happy that I’m not scheduled to work on Christmas Day!!!!!!!

あ!13日の金曜日!Friday the 13th ! usi…zama…?Superman!華声!入間! 13日の金曜日何かが起こりそうドキドキして大声を上げたくなる恋とホラーはよく似てるスリルがいっぱい次の展開はどうなるの?ハラハラする楽しみきゃあースクリーム 実況者と乃木坂ちゃんが繋がる日♡ ジェイソンらぶ♡♡

ngayon lang ata ako di natakot sa friday the 13th. Mas natatakot ako sa Saturday the 14 lAmny0yon kabado bente siz

Parang throwback pic naman! Ang bata! #TheGiftSugod #AldenRichards


friday the 13th tattoo specials >>

full moon & friday the 13th, happy halloween?

Alam ko my commitments Dec . 11-16 daw c yamu. 11- AFP Concert 12- Workshop 13- HSH taping alam ko every friday un eh! 14&15 - hindi ko pa alam 16- BIRTHDAY Bash with fans, my invited din na housemates. FUMIYAM MellowMYXLoveMenThurs

Share ko lang muna mga kuha ng phone ko FUMIYAM MellowMYXLoveMenThurs


going celibate forever men are fucking trash

Almost Christmas let's get this advent calendar going #christmasdrinking


On the 12th day of Christmas... Complete this challenge in our gym for your chance to win today's festive challenge! #24DaysofXmas


#Survivor I don't question why Dan was dismissed. But I do question why a predator was allowed to stay in the game this long? And only asked to leave when he was inappropriate with production. U gotta do better @JeffProbst #CBS #Survivor39

Men are literally trash LMAO

Allegory of the Papal Declaration in 1754 by Pope Benedict XIV of Our Lady of Guadalupe's Patronage over New Spain in the presence of the viceroyal authorities, granting the celebrating of Mass and Office for the feast on December 12. Anonymous (Mexican) author, 18th century.


Men rlly are trash!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Allergy sufferers must heed moldy Christmas trees… via @detroitnews

All I want for Christmas is for the Marauders to be represented as their CANON AGES

Send me ya Christmas list boo

You’re allowed to eat Christmas cookies. Yes, more than one. Yes, without eating less later

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