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Can you imagine working in these conditions? From my friends working in the children's hospitals in China. Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year. Hope the fight against virus is over soon. @WFPICCS @ESPNIC_Society @shining_cai @lyvonnetume @ESPR_EBN @avehoogen @ESICM


Our own kind of Athena HAPPY 15thMonthsaryKycine //@francinecarreld @kyle_echarri //


Sen. Bato Dela Rosa, dati na raw tutol sa ilang probisyon ng Visiting Forces Agreement ng Pilipinas at Amerika bago pa makansela ang kanyang US visa. | via @michael_delizo

UPDATE: The WHO on Thursday declined to categorize the coronavirus sweeping across China as a global health emergency. Hours after the decision was made, China announced that eight more people had died from the virus, bringing the number to 25.

good to see you, master chief. things in wuhan aren't going well...


ถ้าจะใส่มาสก์เพราะเป็นกังวลเรื่องไวรัส Wuhan เราควรใส่ Surgical Mask ไม่ใช่ N95 Mask, เจ้าหน้าที่กองควบคุมโรคสิงคโปร์บอกว่าไม่แนะนำให้ใส่ N95 เพราะมันหายใจลำบาก ถ้าหายใจสบายๆ อยู่แปลว่าใส่ผิดและไม่ได้ป้องกันอะไรเลย…

Japan confirms second case of Wuhan virus: health ministry


135 Chinese tourists from Wuhan to return home: aviation official

ang cute nag bato bata kami nina benedick HAHAHAHAHA

So. I’m seeing my niece who loves JaDine later. Good luck sa aming dalawa mamaya.

JaDines, apologies! The google form seems to be closed now. If you are keen to pre-order your copies of @mega_magazine , kindly DM @OMGNewsstand ! #JamesReid #NadineLustre #MakingMEGAInRio #JaDine…

JaDine’s love taught me that she is as important as my family and friends. They taught me thay loving her would give me more confidence. JaDine’s breakup taught me that I should love her more and that growth is also important.…

Nag bulag nalang ang jadine, wala pa naupload ang XU tala dance challenge hahahaha

its already 11:39pm pero trending parin siya omg iba ang donbelles thank you so much po sa lahat ng sumali at tumulong, tomorrow will be another tp. DONBELLE HIHPreview @maxinejiji @donnypangilinan @bellemariano02


whoa MOA concert grounds for EXO nrep fm? dang. that's where it all started...huhuhu DKFC OT12

U.S. binigyan ng ultimatum ni Pangulong Duterte para ayusin ang visa ni Sen. Ronald 'Bato' dela Rosa. Isang buwan ang binigay na palugit ng presidente. Ayon kay Pangulong Duterte, kakanselahin ang Visiting Forces Agreement kung hindi itatama ang visa ng senador I @RH7HenryUri


Answer to Should anyone who loves China more than Japan be declared as a brainwashed Chinese troll? by Thomas Pauken II…

This is getting realy serious: China Quarantines City Of 11 Million As Hong Kong Confirms Second Case Of Coronavirus | Zero Hedge…

Wild fires, carnivorous diseases from China, fuckin Hail storms, WWIII scares like damn it’s not een February yet...

Atlanta News China locks down city at center of virus outbreak - DW (English)


Zion super esordio ma San Antonio glielo guasta, Clipper sconfitti ad Atlanta, bene Toronto, Lakers e Celtics! ➡️


Zion Williamson’s debut was hotter than Phoenix. Which isn’t saying much, since Phoenix isn’t real, but he did do good.

armys: WHERE IS YOONGI yoongi:

Just saw the trailer of #MissAmericana and i cant wait to watch!!!!! @netflix ilabas nyo na yan!!!

With the Mayor of Hamamatsu, Yasutomo Suzuki #MakeAsadoWithYou @fumfumfum3 Yuta | Fumiya…

The coronavirus has all the makings of a global crisis: It emerged suddenly and can kill people. It’s crossed borders easily and requires immediate, coordinated efforts to contain it. But experts can't agree on whether it is one or not

Why wild animals are a key ingredient in China's coronavirus outbreak… #LINETODAY

For a whole city to be put on lockdown and for hundreds of cases developing, plus deaths developing every few hours this virus is a lot more deadly, contagious and severe than China is letting on, which to be honest is terrifying they're hiding how terrible this virus truly is.…

Qué ganas de estar en Wuhan, China. Vacacionando.


So fucked up. They’re only happy when she’s making the big bucks for them! All they see is $$ signs! #FreeBritney


“Prayer is more than a wish; it is the voice of faith directed to God.” Let’s surrender everything in God’s hands as #JaDine and the fandom win over these trying times! @tellemjaye

Good morning! Grabe kayo, trending pa din ang tagline with fifteen k tweets Maraming salamat! LalabanSiGino ParaSaKIANO


Ya’ll SHE TOLD US in Forgiveness “Forgiving is not forgetting” and we should’ve taken that as a WARNING #simmer #SIMMERbyHayleyWilliams

goodmorning jadine pa din mga ulul!!!!!

No matter what he was calm under pressure #EliManning #ThankyouEli #SlowWalkWithLOEY

dami daming pwede magbreak na magjowa ba't jadine pa

A consistent and loyal Enrique Gil is what I know #MakeAsadoWithYou

Hoping pa rin that Billy and Gabo will meet face to face kahit pa magkaaway muna. LizQuen Liza Soberano Enrique Gil #MakeAsadoWithYou



Sobra kong pinaglaban si james reid feeling ko kayang kaya ko na ipaglaban yung future jowa ko.

Sana maging si agnes mode si billy bukas pag ngkita sila ni gabo. Deserve ni gabo ang mkatkim ng sampal ni billy haha nainis sorry nman gabo #CopyPasteWithYou

105K TWEETS Keep on tweeting guys! LizQuen Liza Soberano Enrique Gil #CopyPasteWithYou


yikes sa mga kabilang sa toxic jadine fandom mga ulol jumping into conclusions agad wala man lang deep reaearch mga hangal at mga ham pass loo pa…

Since JADINE has been overwhelningly way ahead of all the other LTs ( homegrowns) in all aspects, they took a disliking to this LT ..and started a demolition job. They may have accomplish it but THEY will never ever take away what James and Nadine have beyween them..…

Paano ka magpapari? Eh di....... Dugtungan niyo guys.. #WeHeart2HeartYouMayWard

Bener nih lebih dulu lee seunggi? Kalo bener, pada malu gasih udah ngeklaim warna adalah identitas?? #샤월_사과해


Bato dela Rosa’s bead is so damn shiny

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