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#BlackWidow star Scarlett Johansson says "the future is female" for Marvel and the #MCU:…


você aprendeu tanto, mas o mais importante: você ensinou a todos que segundas chances são possíveis quando se há perdão. @justinbieber #MTVHottest Justin Bieber


Quién te conoce Manny Pacquiao??? #BigLittleLies


People talking about trading Will Manny on the broadcast has given me very painful flashbacks, please stop.

Sometimes you see a tweet or series of tweets so stupid that you have to take a step back and marvel at them.

Such takes devalue the genuine artistic contributions, creative labor, and passion of people who choose to work with Marvel. You don’t need to like these movies to accept that they are made by creative and talented people in the context of how Hollywood works.…

Is Marvel ever going to stop making money or will the franchise grow literally forever and we’ll all be having big group viewings of “Avengers 46: Thanos’ Daughter Vs. Tony Stark’s Cousin” in the nursing home?

'WHAT A LIFE' MV HAS NOW REACHED 2M VIEWS!!!!!!! NEXT TARGET: 3M VIEWS! Stream and let the pressed bitches drown in the toilet! THIS IS LIFE AND WE ARE LIVING IT NOW! @weareoneEXO #WhatALifeWithSeChan #오늘자정_WhatALife

Bea Alonzo join the group.


Manny Pacquiao se convierte en campeón mundial por novena vez tras derrotar a Keith Thurman


"Please treasure each other because this business can do things to your mind and make you believe .. you can play around with someones feelings IT’S NOT RIGHT." - Sharon Cuneta Love Advice to Julia & Joshua Bea Alonzo - Gerald

Everyone: Julia Baretto and Bea Alonzo fight! fight! fight! Julia Baretto and Bea Alonzo:


JoshLia Gerald Joshua Julia Bea Alonzo Anderson Bobbie Salazar Happy Monday #SONA2019

Okayyy shhhh sa kay julia and gerald,. Balik muja tayo kay YENG

So mabalik tayo kay Yeng...

loudre for the last two thrones!! #PBB8HouseTour

Lord, kawawa na yung mga housemates. Ang daming hates na napupunta sa kanila na hindi naman nila deserved. I pray na lalo pa nila tibayan ang kanilang mga loob. Sa mga bashers, hinay hinay lang. #PBB8HouseTour

legit naiiyak na ko PrayersUpFor TANRONCAL

Good job pa din Tan hehe @tanredroncal @PBBabscbn PrayersUpFor TANRONCAL #PBB8HouseTour | TANGEL


tan roncal cheering for everyone, again. instead of pressuring them. a leader!!!! PrayersUpFor TANRONCAL


mukhang may mahohopia??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PrayersUpFor TANRONCAL


Mapanatag na Matatag at walang makakatibag ang Team Gino, Team Kiara At Team Kiano Fam !! SUNaMagkitaNa KIANO | @iamginoroqueiv

How to play hide & seek, while driving.."Ferrari went under a truck to hide" #ferrari #488GTB #IdolPHroadToFinale #投票率 #FastandFurious #HEAR_YOURSELF

As Idol PH comes to a close, I would also like to commend Judge Moira for her vast improvement in judging during the live rounds (as opposed to the auditions). Still not perfect but she got better as the live shows progressed. Nag-effort talaga siya. So kudos #IdolPHroadToFinale

really can't get over dun sa "binibigay din naman talaga ni bakla", yung kaba ko nung time na yun, nawala dahil dun sa sinabi ni sir @callmecarlough. Hahahhahahaha lt. @shar_sanpedro, ang ganda mong bakla!!!!! huhuhu HAPPY SHARDON DAY HAPPY SHARDON DAY HAPPY SHARDON DAY

Terrence Jones loses plot By @reubensports… via @SpinPh

Alaska had to throw the Terrence Jones assignment to multiple players in order to have a chance. It worked. »


How do you think the #PacquiaoThurman Main Event will end? #PBConFOXPPV

After that Marvel panel, might as well sign over my paychecks to Disney for the foreseeable future. #MarvelSDCC #SDCC2019

Si mi futuro esposo no será tan tierno como Min Yoongi. NO QUIERO NADA. #MTVHottest BTS @BTS_twt

Ini nih yg buat pann korea ter kagum" #MTVHottest + BTS @BTS_twt

Dans Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Scarlet Witch aura un rôle important . #MarvelSDCC


[TRANS] To Lia-ssi, unnie... it's me! Ryudinie July 21, happy birthday Thank you for being responsible for our group's Love & Peace Thank you for debuting in the same group as me, in ITZY HBD Lia, Love U

The fact that Yeng didnt bat an eyelash and has no plan in deleting her post in fb and yt despite of the backlash SPEAKS VOLUME on what kind of person she is. #NoToDoctorShaming

As a pre-med student, insight ko lang sa vlog ni Yeng: if the Physician already told her to observe and wait 6 hours to check if his husband will vomit, then do it and pray for fast recovery and healing! Physician know what they are doing. #NoToDoctorShaming

So sad that Healthcare workers are the one being blamed and shamed, the government should know better, people should know better. #NoToDoctorShaming

옛날엔뭣도모르고그냥내가직접썼는데 #BY9_Debut 지금은나도너무급하고너무애가타나봄

금동현데뷔할때까지탈주안할거임 #BY9_Debut 진짜데뷔해나너프리뷰보면서주접떨고싶다고오

우리디어나인아프지말고총공열심히해요 #BY9_debut 서로다독이면서힘냅시다파이팅

굿즈마리몽와우굿즈도직접만드는아이돌 #BY9_debut 마리몽나도가방에하나만걸어주라세진아

바이나인을지지하는총공계입니다 #BY9_Debut 보시는분들팔로우부탁드려요

아홉명다스며들어서놓을수없어 #BY9_Debut 제발데뷔해줘느낌표느낌표느낌표

바이나인제발데뷔시켜주세요 #BY9_Debut 스타쉽티오피젤리피시울림홍이아이엠이코리아씨나인뮤직웍스제발요

아진짜너무멋있다진짜멋있어 #BY9_Debut 계속이렇게열심히해요우리

저사람이라고요화난다진차 #BY9_Debut 계정새로판지얼마나됏다고또이래

바이나인데뷔해절대데뷔해 #BY9_Debut 니네없인못살아정말못살아

I'm not a fan of karina but, I felt so sad for her bcz I really see her striveness to win the challenge. We saw how she really encourage her teamates. She puts so much effort and gave it all but yet still she wasn't able get the 6th spot. I'm just sad for her+ #PBB8SixthBigThrone

Yung makikita mo silang masaya after sumabak sa napakahirap na mga hamon, sobrang nakakaproud! Laban lang tayo! #PBB8SixthBigThrone | Solid 4G


Sila yung nga kabataan na kayang tanggapin ang pagkakamaling nagawa nila. Kaya namin kayo mahal eh! Tunay nga kayong mababait #PBB8SixthBigThrone | Solid 4G


Sila yung mga kabataang gagawin ang lahat para sa pangarap. #PBB8SixthBigThrone | Solid 4G


190720 #EXplOrationinSeoulDay2 #EXplOration 여러분 하늘을볼까요 ㅠㅠ

grabe yung new house tour ng team kramer!!!!

Sin ti Twitter sería muy aburrido. Tú sabes que Magnolia eres.

ano ba tong team kramer ha pano ba makajoin san magreregister

Tampoco es a huevo tragar estas pendejadas.


Please huwag kayo mag-engage sa PBB posts na may HT nila, huwag natin tulungan si Dyogi magpa-trend.tsk! #StarstruckSindak

Sabi ng commentator, kabahan daw kayo kasi may mataas na pahinga na si Christmas before GAME 2. Sabi naman ng referee, "Am I joke to you?". Sabi ko naman, "HAHAHAHAHA!". PA RETWEET KUNG NA GETS NIYO TO! #RoyalResbakGINEBRA

Hindi pa tapos ang #RoyalResbak kontra Magnolia. We still have 1 more game to finish this. #RoyalResbakGINEBRA

Sobrang pagod na ako sa mga pautot ni Dyogi, manood nalang ng Starstruck. #StarstruckSindak


Believe in the power of your Dreams to Survive, STARSTRUCK! #StarStruckSindak SindakinSiAbdul

FINAL: J. Devance - 6 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. G. Slaughter - 6 points, 2 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block. S. Thompson - 6 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals. M. Caguioa - 4 points and 3 rebounds. #RoyalResbakGINEBRA

1-0! BPOG: Stanley Pringle-18 pts, 4 rebs, 2 asts #RoyalResbakGINEBRA


BEST PLAYER OF THE GAME: Stanley Pringle - 18 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. FG: 7-14 (50%) - 2P: 3-4 (75%) - 3P: 4-10 (40%) #RoyalResbakGINEBRA

Congrats Ginebra!! And Brownlee doesn't need 49 order 50 for them to beat the refs pets. Good job shaking off the non calls of refs

GINEBRA draws first blood, 1-0. Congrats Barangay! Final score: 85-79 #RoyalResbakGINEBRA


Brownlee bumawi sa tres! 80-77

See Sam Smith dances his feelings away in the video for "How Do You Sleep?"


lo que amo y admiro mucho de sam smith no es solo su gran talento y voz si no los hermosos mensajes que dejan tantos sus videos como letras, voy a traducir algunas de las frases que mas me chocaron de esta bella canción que saco recientemente “How do you sleep?”

Someone just showed me the CATS trailer and I want to call the police, what the fuuuuuuuck

Can’t sleep. Still thinking about the size of the cats in @catsmovie. Are they over sized?! Undersized?! I NEED ANSWERS.

I refuse to watch that cats thing

Se pusieron dos gatitos en el medio de la calle y pasaban autos y no se movian(???? Most hardcore cats eva



My titas are in Chicago USA and they are like señor citizens already but they are soo kilig with #DonKiss DONKISS HereToStay DONKISS HereToStay DONKISS HereToStay @donnypangilinan @KissesDelavin #DonKiss

1:24 top 12 ang tag DONKISS HereToStay DONKISS HereToStay DONKISS HereToStay #DonKiss


kalma ur heart kalma ur.mind ala lang..... DONKISS HereToStay /#DonKiss @KissesDelavin @donnypangilinan

No one will be able to fulfill one's purpose alone,because one's purpose ia bigger than oneself at the moment and that is the intended purpose! DONKISS HereToStay DONKISS HereToStay DONKISS HereToStay #DonKiss

Di nman cguro mag ti tweet ng ganito si Ninang kung walang nangyaring espesyal dba? Tinag nya pa talaga ang dalawa’ huy! Nueba! Kahit di mo na sabihin ang nangyari Ate Vaughn masaya na kami sa tweet mong to’ yieeeee DONKISS HereToStay | #DonKiss @KissesDelavin @donnypangilinan…

No offense but new Sam Smith song and video is such a serve I can’t deny it

ATENÇÃO MARICAS viciado na nova do sam smith

Is it just me? I find EB boring already huhu. #HLGCelebrationOfLoveAndMusic

onun için ne iyi olacaksa öyle olsun ne kadar beklemek gerekiyosa beklemeye mecburuz artık, umarım diğer çocuklarım en kısa zamanda cb yapabilir ve iyi işler çıkarabilirler. kimsenin bik bik ötüşlerine cevap vermemek lazım gereken tek şey bu seni seviyorum seungwoo, tebrik ederim

190719 승우야 진짜 고생많았어 앞으로 바빠서 울 시간도 없을만큼 빈틈없이 행복한 네가 되길 바라♥️ #한승우 #승우 #seungwoo #X1


eunsang had no one in pdx but a small bunch of loyal neunggeums and bnb3 (+yuvin and junho) who, among all the trainees, genuinely supported him. it was a tough race but he ended it well. eunsangie you’ll really be bigger than the sun now. you did well and im proud of you


yuvin deserved so much more too sigh BIG SIGH


ben ağladıysam siz de ağlayacaksınız, dongpyo ve seungwoo kadar iyi bir arkadaşlık bulacak miyim acaba?

Napaka bagay ng looks nila,dito ko nakita na si Liza pala ang match sa super guapong. Face ni Quen #ForevermoreInvadesThailand


Ito yong serye na nagpa ubos ng monthly allowance ko habang naka tira sa manila dahil naka tambay lang ako sa internet shop everyday paulit ulit na nanonood ng episode sa @iwant @StarCreativesTV #ForevermoreInvadesThailand


Feeling ko nong sumikat at nakilala na yung Tito Royo ni Cassandra patay na siya nun. #jonaxxktdkab3

Sakit nito bes...yong time na gusto mong magwala..huhu #ForevermoreInvadesThailand

alam mo cassandra? Nagmumuka kang desperada sa ginagawa mo. #JonaxxKTDKab3

Wala ganun lang speed lang talaga #HeyCohen103


TRENDING: Beyoncé drops song (The Lion King) with @shattawalegh . Did Shatta Wale meet your expectation(s)? Interact with us using the hashtag: #JoyNews #JoyNews


South African Producer, DJ LAG co-produced "My Power" by Tierra Whack, Beyoncé, Busiswa, Yemi Alade and Moonchild Sanelly on the Lion King: The Gift album.

Fuck, yeah! Ein Freudentag für alle großen Buben. Top Gun kehrt 2020 in "Maverick" auf die Leinwand zurück:… AWESOME

"Norm ender - Depresyon Oteli" İyidir hoştur defalarca dinlenir... der geçerim... Lakin @NormEnder, #mekanınsahibi #sagopakajmer.. . #LaCasaDePapel3 #hayirlicumalar #DuenyaFenerbahcelilerGuenue Top gun #ProtestoEdiyorum

I can’t wait for this. Top Gun was my favourite movie when growing up. Let’s hope it lives up to the original...…

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