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just remembered that night was in’s birthday and he wanted to spend it with korn and it turned out to be his last birthday because,,, #UWMAep11

Instead of cow's milk, pwede daw coco milk. Pwede din soy milk. Ako, I like almond milk. Sarap!! #DADDYSGURLLoveTheEarth #MaineMendoza

International EXO-L support chen We are one and we want all members of EXO to be happy We respect chen and we are with him for ever I want all EXO-L to be strong in these hard situation ❤ #EXOLStandWith9 #하나란_그_말처럼_엑소9 @weareoneEXO @B_hundred_Hyun @layzhang


Red Velvet Menangkan Trofi Ketujuh Untuk Lagu 'Psycho' di 'Music Core' #Psycho7thWin…


Thanks @MikeDavo17 for showing our #10 Emma Davis what the @UNGSoftball program is all about on her visit this morning. #TheStandard #Nighthawks


The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society itself gathers wisdom ~ Isaac Asimov Nowhere is this more clear than in the accumulation of data, and algorithms while we lose our own love for humanity. #quote #bigdata #fiction #wisdom


End of first half, JV Boys Basketball on top with a score of 17-16 over the Americas Trailbralers.

Today I swung by Best Buy to get a new computer mouse & when I got back to my car there was this short man in leggings looking through my car window at my backpack. He shot up & said hi to me, nice try bastard.

Barangay Ginebra coach Tim Cone postgame press conference in Game 5 #PBAFinals @spinph

Für welchen Champion wünscht ihr euch einen neuen Skin?…

Corey Graves Is Over The Top Contender Beating The Champion In A Non-Title Match

vado ad ascoltare black swan su spotify


#엑소엘이_지킬_첸과_종대 EXO-L защитят своего ребёнка, даже если он и старше некоторых из нас. Если, кроме нас, некому, что ж, я собираю вещи и выезжаю.


Josh: Lolo mo Ken: ewan ko sa lolo ko ang epal HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA KAPATID KAYA PA BA #VoteALABonMYX #PUSHAwardsATIN #SB19 @SB19Official JobWellDone ATIN

Kathryn and Daniel Binisita mga taga Batangas Video - Kathniel Alex Mikee Taal #TaalEruption2020

Twitter split on Byleth if either good or bad. I’m just happy that MegaMan.EXE is back, even if just as a Mii Gunner outfit. And, even if Byleth isn’t of your liking, there’s still 6 slots left. #SmashBrosUltimate #fighterspass

stream #meandurghost please im begging this is a threat

Wow ang aga pa rank number three na tayo #MakeHopiaWithYou


Bat prang feeling ko c gabo ung magpapaiyak dito s MIWY #MakeHopiaWithYou

Letters i have pulled out so far from the headliners promo. E A W I L L F U C K S O M E T H I N G U P

Khodaya mojezato neshoon bede .. 찬열 작곡 찬열 타투 찬열 움짤 찬열 누나 찬열 화보 찬열 향수 찬열 미르토 찬열 아쿠아디파르마 찬열 타미 찬열 떡볶이 찬열 인스타그램 #IEXOLsTakeStance #종대야_여기_있을게 #SM_김종대_지켜 #종대랑_오래오래 @weareoneEXO @B_hundred_Hyun @layzhang

exoมันเหมาะกับ9คนที่สุดแล้วเว่ย ไม่ควรที่จะต้องมีใครหายไป #종대야_여기_있을게 #SM_김종대_지켜 #종대랑_오래오래 #WEareExol_CHENisEXO

"I bought you food" #SeduceSomeoneInFourWords

Sino dito mga malabo ang mata at nakasalamin like me? Ano mga hinaing niyo sa buhay? Ako tlg badtrip pag manonood ng movie tas 3d kc may salamin na nga ko tas mag3d glasses ulet myghad wla pa bang nakakaimbento ng clip-ons or sth? HeartToHeart WithMayWard #PUSHAwardsMayWards

He really is the sweetest baby ever— Literal ray of sunshine. #ThankYouTaehyung


1 + 2 = ? Answer please Bawal tamang sagot HeartToHeart WithMayWard #PUSHAwardsMayWards

Estos vatos hermoso dándoles amor y arte y ustedes le pagan tan mal KEXO-Lme dan vergüenza IEXO-L las amo. 미친 암캐 관심있는 창녀 #KEXOL_DONT_REPRESENT_ME #EXOWithCHEN @weareoneEXO #EXO #AlwayswithEXO #TOXIC_EXOL_OUT (coreana 마녀 )


#BTS’s new album "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7" received more than 3.42 million preorders, the highest number ever…


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