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Accusations of antisemitism aren’t going to sink Bernie because he’s not antisemitic while Corbyn very much is.

“That’s just a voice note of my ex-girlfriend talking. I was playing guitar and she took a phone call—and she was actually speaking in the key of the song.” - Harry on the Cherry voice note at the end for @RollingStone.

corbyn could’ve won if he did this.. he could have won if he did that.... he was always going to lose lol, if he looked like he might win mi6 and an inbred gladio family tracing their lineage to Rome wouldve set off a dirty bomb in a childrens hospital and blamed it on immigrants

He was also the seminal figure in the formation of NATO, which Mr Corbyn has always opposed.…

"The media, the Zionists and right wing Labour won them with four years of smears". Unbelievable.…

I think the most basic problem Labour and the wider left has with elections is that they loathe a large proportion of the population - and take pride in denouncing and misrepresenting them. @paulmasonnews is perhaps the best representative of this approach.

I voted labour but this is spot on…

stevie's fav song is canyon moon? makes sense

John Connor: “We’re not gonna make it, are we? People I mean.” Terminator: “It is in your nature to destroy yourselves.” #Brexit


Woman dressed as Elmo heckles Jeremy Corbyn at polling station…

y’all.. harry’s voice in golden has shook me to my core.. I gtg #FineLine

Cherry is so calming thank you for free therapy.

#Brexit Triomphe des #conservateurs, des #indépendantistes, défaite de la ligne #Corbyn... @NPolony commente le résultat des #élections #britanniques & se félicite de voir les Anglais accepter le risque de reprendre leur destin en main▶️ #BorisJohnson

sunflower vol 6 falling cherry golden canyon moon to be so lonely fine line she adore you watermelon sugar lights up treat people with kindness

Je länger die Menschen mit der EU zu tun hatten, desto deutlicher haben sie für #Johnson gestimmt. #Brexit #UKElection


#BorisJohnson: "Il 31 gennaio fuori dall'UE, senza se e senza ma". E magari anche senza la Scozia. #Brexit

With an 80 seat majority, ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ and his senior leadership team can have their entire package passed into law in weeks. #Brexit of course, and a U.K.-U.S. trade deal, but NHS renewal, ⁦@RoyalNavy⁩ expansion, infrastructure. #GoBig…

UK Election #Brexit The more you call people, racist homophobic sexist 'little englanders' xenophobic uneducated populist bigoted the more they resist you.

sunflower, vol. 6 is beyond good

sunflower is like

quiero q para navidad venga harry styles y me cante sunflower al oído, es mucho pedir

i haven’t seen anyone else say cherry is their favorite but it’s soooo indie folk like and that is My Shit like fleet foxes could have written that

#FelizViernesATodos #TheGameAwards #exitpoll #FelizFinDeSemana #LoveActually Los asiáticos y sus raras costumbres, esto no me lo imagino en América ni en Europa...

i really hope tpwk just turns into one giant dance party and harry levitates into the sky and blows kisses at everyone


y’all be ranking tpwk last but SHES A FUCKING BOP AND I LOVE HER SM

top 3 right now: watermelon sugar she falling

12 de dezembro: Selena Gomez com fãs que escutaram #Rare Em Londres, Inglaterra.


12 de dezembro: Selena Gomez com fãs que escutaram #Rare Em Londres, Inglaterra.


12 de dezembro: Selena Gomez com fãs que escutaram #Rare Em Londres, Inglaterra.


Grzegorz Braun celnie o pisarstwie Olgi #Tokarczuk: "Podła literatura wpisująca się w antypolską nagonkę. W sposób wymyślny realizuje kliszę polskiego antysemityzmu. Szczególne łajdactwo to dopisanie fałszywej biografii ks. biskupowi Kajetanowi Sołtykowi, wybitnej postaci XVIIIw"

ustedes: jUsTin eStA cAnceLado *justin siendo tendencia mundial por su regreso* justin: #Bieber2020

favourites on first listen are falling, to be so lonely, canyon moon #FineLine



I just wanna say that I hope @haleystanleyyyy has a good ass day. Dis girly has made some leaps and bounds this year for the best. This is my twitter standing ovation.

My only hope is CHRIST JESUS

Casting my futile vote for a slow crawl of progress as usual, so hope all you are voting tactically like fuck elsewhere.

5:45am thinkin about how I just wanna pay off my credit cards

good morning, 2020 is gonna be justins year #Bieber2020 #Bieberiscoming

just a reminder for armeries who hate justin bc he trynna get "clout" from bts bc he greeted jungkook, that the day bts debuted, justin, the unbothered king, is just eating fried oreos. #BIEBER2020…

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