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Just lived through a once in a lifetime era of gaming. Can’t wait to experience the next. #Fortnite #Season11

idk what y'all are screaming about. This is the best match of fortnite i have played in a while. And definitely the longest. #fortnite


Pray for whoever got hit at the Yankees VS Astros ALCS game.

Jets fans on Facebook still crying about losing Tanev it’s pathetic already.

Damn. Whoever got hit with the foul ball, I hope that person I'd alright. #Yankees

This guy has given the Yankees nothing lately. So damn stupid it makes me scream when this happens

And should be ... the packers game I can live with as a team ... the saints and jets game? This team couldn’t get out their own way ... and got whipped upfront and the refs stunk a bit too…

Adam Ottavino is the Yankees version of Clayton Kershaw #MLB @MLB


I don’t care who’s up next. When a pitcher is rolling like Green was and there’s no one on base, you leave him in there. #Yankees

Ottavino gran hijo de puta Cómo siempre ese pendejo cagandola,para mandarte a chingar a tu puta madre #Yankees

La loca del bebito reencarno en Gomez Centurión

Disney’s track record with black animated characters was horrid... and then came Tiana and her family in 2009!! Is it perfect? No. But we love it... because of the artistic style references, spiritual beliefs, work ethic shown while not dismissing micro aggression depicted. #HATM

Cuál fue el último jugador de los Yankees en ganar el MVP en una Serie de Campeonato?. #MLBxCDNSM @CDNSportsMax @Orlandomendez7

That foul ball smashed someone in the dugout i think #Astros #Yankees


Sam Darnold: I definitely felt like myself out there

#Fortnite #ripfortnite #fortnite primeras imagenes de fortnite chapter 2 en la maxima resolucion


Should have kept Green in, Boone makes one great choice and then gives it right back to Houston. #yankees

Oh! Dis-history shout! Did you catch the name of the band it's a Firefly 5 Plus Lou. Disney studios employees had a very famous in Disney lore band called Firehouse 5 Plus 2. #PrincessAndtheFrog #Disney #HATM

The orange army is alive! Monster HR by George Springer to tie the game in Houston. #Astros #Yankees #ALCS

Zach Aston-Reese had a pair of goals and added an assist as the Pittsburgh Penguins downed the Winnipeg Jets

Wanna watch me eat food ? Yup this is a thing on @YouTube Here’s my TASTE: #DisneyWorld #DisneyDad #Disney


Saben quien no hubiese cortado el costillar, exacto Pastor, a pero prefirieron a Kenia #MeSientoUnMasterChef

The #Jets also had just 233 combined against the Patriots (Week 3) and Eagles (Week 5)…

y del caño soy yo en un final chamuyando y trabandome como loca

George Springer - Houston Astros (1) Solo

Solo homer for Springer. Tied up in Houston. #Yankees 2, #Astros 2

The #Jets had 382 yards of offense today. That’s just 113 less than they had in the three games Darnold missed combined

Took my wife for anniversary dinner @RuthsChrisATX - I highly recommend it! Food and service were excellent. Ask for John to be your server. He and his family moved here from Houston after their home was flooded by Hurricane Harvey - he does a fine job!


How about that fucking W baby!! @nyjets so fucking pumped right! #DALvsNYJ #Jets

It’s too early to talk about firing Jason Garrett, but arrogance may inch him closer to the end of his Cowboys tenure @TimCowlishaw | #CowboysNation

Coming home from a sunny and 75 degree trip to North Carolina for Super 32. I can feel the temperature dropping the closer we get to Iowa and I’m actually excited because cold weather in Iowa means one thing... WRESTLING SEASON!!

After a month of terrible QB play, the Jets got their first win of the season with Sam Darnold back. @Danny_Heifetz:…

The Raleigh North Carolina Temple was rededicated today! Here's what that means to Latter-day Saints in the area.…

The Raleigh North Carolina Temple was rededicated today! Here's what that means to Latter-day Saints in the area.…

Jason Garrett has this team right where he wants them, .500 #NFL #CowboysNation

Darnold finished the game with 338 yds, the third 300-yard passing game of his career and completed 23-of-32 passes (71.9%), the third-highest single-game completion percentage of his career. He also registered a 113.8 passer rating, the fifth 100+ rating of his career. #DALvsNYJ


Jason Garrett watching the cowboys play subpar and get smacked

To win consistently in the NFL you have to develop a specific game plan each week and scheme your team’s strengths to exploit the opposing team’s weaknesses. Something Jason Garrett does not do well. @WhitlockJason @RealSkipBayless @stephenasmith @ShannonSharpe

On my daddy I’ll beat the shit out Jason Garrett .. bitch ass carrot top having white boy... sorry ass nigga couldn’t coach JV

I came on Twitter to talk about Jason Garrett and then I remembered the scoreboard from last Friday. I'll keep my mouth shut on this one and just remind myself sometimes teams have a bad game.

No one.. literally no one .. me wanting to play fortnite #Fortnite #FortniteChapter2 #FortniteSeason11 #DALvsNYJ

Man, this defense let the 49ers steal their Hot Boyz chain from 1,000 miles away and not even doing anything about it. San Fran out here living their best life and Dallas getting torched by Sam Darnold. This can't be life lol

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