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#PJChaco “¡Felicitaciones al gob. electo @jmcapitanich y @analiarach, y Frente Chaqueño! El peronismo está donde el pueblo lo necesita. Ahora a seguir recorriendo al camino del trabajo, desarrollo y la igualdad. Mañana recibiré en casa de gobierno al gobernador”. @domingopeppo


Kapan kita bisa kencan..? Setelah kamu berhenti halu kek gini.. Aku bertanya dan aku menjawab sendri Hhhh

In Japan, the onslaught of Typhoon Hagibis was a humbling reminder of the vulnerabilities that allowed even major urban centers to suffer severe flooding.

Thousands of rescue workers deployed in Japan as typhoon Hagibis kills 35…


Among the reported deaths from Typhoon Hagibis were those whose homes were buried in landslides and people swept away by raging rivers.…

thanks for following me. did you know im also a minecraft youtuber

【ラグビーワールドカップ2019(TM)日本対スコットランド戦パブリックビューイング】 祝祭の広場で行ったパブリックビューイング。 大分が再び沸きました!! Oita City bursted with excitement! #RWC2019 #RWC大分 #JPNvSCO #祝祭の広場

Japan rescuers seek survivors after Typhoon Hagibis kills 35 #World #Japan #Weather

Typhoon Hagibis: PM Modi offers assistance to Japan as death toll touches 30…

Japan begins clean up after Typhoon Hagibis leaves dozens dead…

Typhoon Hagibis hits Japan: What you need to know | via @nytimes

they literally couldn’t of done it without their fcken bundles.. 4k hhhh

Our heartfelt condolences to the people and government of #Japan for the loss of human lives and damages caused by typhoon #Hagibis. Our deepest sympathies and solidarity to relatives and persons close to the victims. | #Cuba


WIJNALDUM ABRIÓ PARA PAÍSES BAJOS El jugador de Liverpool se filtró entre los defensores para cabecear y marcar el 1-0 ante Bielorrusia…

watch my face when @aaronpaul_8 tells me 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' was originally 3 hours and how #VinceGilligan took out 30% of the film. video ---> I really hope @NetflixFilm convinces Vince to do an extended cut.


If you’re a Breaking Bad fan and you felt Jesse Pinkman’s character arc got short-shrift at the end of the series, El Camino was a fitting end to his story. Tension-filled to the brim like the very best Breaking Bad episodes were.

Chanyeol’ün yeni saçlarını düşmeyen de ne bileyim

And with that @G2esports takes their first win of the #Worlds2019 group stage!

Ferrari throwing the race away again :( #WTF1


chanyeol: verdade ou desafio? baekhyun: verdade chanyeol: eu te desafio a me beijar baekhyun: *beija o chanyeol* jongdae: ele não escolheu "verdade"?????????

Excited for @Cloud9’s debut at #Worlds2019 !! Let’s go C9!#C9WIN

South Africa, you know you deserve a purely talented Top 4 and here it is!!! Vote for your faves. #IdolsSA


.@aaronpaul_8 reveals ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ was originally 3 hours!

Eliud Kipchoge’s family and friends react to his historic achievement in Vienna…

Friendly Int results from Africa Nigeria 1 - 1 Brazil Ethiopia 0 - 1 Uganda Kenya 0 - 1 Mozambique South Africa 2 - 1 Mali Benin 1 - 1 Zambia (75') #Soccerzela

[GALERIA] 13.10.19 #CHANYEOL EXplOration in Fukuoka dia 3 Cr: Precioso1127 #EXplOrationinFukuokaDay3 #EXO #엑소 @weareoneEXO ~Shiny


If India are nearing the ‘invincible’ status the way they are, and if touring India is becoming the ‘mission impossible’ that it is, the five-bowler theory has a lot to do with it | By @jhayash #INDvSA…

Illazione della sera: e se in Ferrari si fossero accordati che chi usciva 1° dalle prime curve aveva il diritto di tenere la posizione anche dopo? Questo spiegherebbe il nervosismo sulla frizione di Seb e perché Charles l'abbia seguito... #benzinasulfuoco #JapaneseGP

Formula 1 Dünya Şampiyonası'nın 17. ayağı Japonya Grand Prix'sinde kazaya karışan Ferrari pilotu Charles Leclerc, 15 saniye ceza aldı.


#selectivestyles @KidFonque says Afrotech is putting South Africa on the map globally . So true damn

Kenyans like Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Koskei are busy putting the Country on top of the World map. Bandits in Top Govt offices & Security sector are busy smearing blood & faeces on top of it. Who will save this Country from these cartels, thieves & murderers?#gizalautajiri

Sebastian Vettel difende sempre la Ferrari esattamente come oggi ha difeso la seconda posizione da Lewis con gomme nuove

domingo e maconha é quase a mesma coisa

#F1 #JapaneseGP @Max33Verstappen blames 'irresponsible' @Charles_Lecler for collision Read:





Dulu punya twt personal bgt gitu kan ya yg follow cuma temen2 sekitar jd klo mau upload selfie2 gajelas santuy aja tp klo skg kok ya mikir gt kadang emg pengen spam tp nnti dikiranya konten hhhh mati kau

娘の寝顔を眺めてたら、 眠れなくなった。 愛しいものに囲まれた私の心は 幸せを感じると共に、 こんな時さえただ祈るしか出来ない無力さを痛感。 少しでも早く、、 1人でも多くの方に、、、 安心と笑顔と癒しの日々が訪れますように。 #PrayForJapan

Wow. Hady Mirza getting great comments from the judges. Can he keep it up? #GegarVaganza2019

Hady Mirza trending dekat Malaysia. Power ni.

Who was the genius that said yooo Cher get on this autotune if you believe in life after love .. cuz i got this club joint that’s bout to go crazy

so much potential so much to bring. and they chose to throw it away like that.

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