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Just a horrible scene at the Humane Society of Clark County in Arkadelphia. One dog is dead and the building is a mess as a flash flood came through earlier this am. Many of the dogs were swimming for their lives when personnel arrived. Help will be needed. @Ginger_Zee


PlayStation 4からブロードキャストを始めました! #PS4live (Dead by Daylight) live at

twitch e-sports gaming dead or alive 6 LG OSL e-sports league supporting live 50 live watch more than help!!! my channel supporting live watch help me! 1. Retweet 2. Comment your twitch 3. Twitch follow us 4. Grow to live watch supporting! #twitchsupport

The study, entitled Six Dead Ends, One Cliff-Edge, Only One Way Out, sets out to show how that Mr Johnson will fail #PeoplesVote…

They are all Justice Democrats. They should call themselves the #JustUsSquad. Play on Pelosi saying they are so few. But with the Tagline: “There is NO Them”. We are all in this together. We cannot wait on others to solve our problems because there is Just.Us.…

Amazon has told me that they processed my refund and told me to contact my bank but my BANK’s customer service and Also Amazon’s customer service is not taking responsibility about my payment. What should I do ?? @jagograhakjago @RamVilasPaswan_ @AmazonHelp @TheOfficialSBI

I support @realDonaldTrump and his explicit condemnation of the 4 anti-American, Anti-Semitic, pro-Al Qaeda, pro-Communism, pro-terrorism, race-baiting, illegal-immigration loving Congresswoman. They belong in America, but they sure as hell don't belong in Congress.

Now available! LITTLE LOVELY THINGS in large print!! #Suspense by @MConnollyAuthor paperback: ebook: "A shattering adventure." ~ Jacquelyn Mitchard, bestselling author of The Deep End of the Ocean


Condemn Nationalist, Racist remarks by Trump. He does not reflect the true nature of Democracy or America. IMPEACH NOW!

モンストの無料招待代行もやってますがやり方も教えてます!こちらは有料となってしまいます!AmazonカードかiTunesカードでやらしてもらってます!#モンスト #招待代行 #BAN無し #110人

玄関で、訪いを入れる声がした。 弾かれたように、孔明は腰をあげた。この声を待っていた。そんな気がした。しかし、足はすぐには動かなかった。(六の巻 わが名は孔明より)

How Can Democrats Stop International Electronic Hacking Of Our National Presidential Election In 2020?

if my alien from area 51 doesnt like naruto then we boutta have problems

heartbeat is an absolutely beautiful masterpiece. if it was released a title track of their album like BWL, i'm p… — ahhh it really is.....i wish it was a title track. it's really weird to me how even the MV currently has only 26……

Democrats Erupt over Trump Attacks as RacistPresident Trends Amid Criticism over His Tweets


Turns out my go-to Ancient Greek person is not good at Latin so... I'm just bugging a mutual acquaintance. Being my friend is... weird. (I know what the book is about - but you guys deserve a nice and accurate translation of the title - nothing but the best for my twitter nerds)


قضیه ی "Area 51" چیه؟ حوصله ندارم گوگل کنم.

Uh-Oh, Joe! Democratic Rivals Catch On To The Fact You And Obama Deported Millions Of Illegal Aliens…

Is it weird that I'm craving pasta, but like... from Italy? Like I want to go to Italy to eat pasta there.

#PrayforBali Semoga saudara-saudara kita yang disana selalu dalam lindungan-Nya #Gempa Mag:6.0, 16-Jul-19 07:18:36 WIB, Lok:9.11 LS,114.54 BT (83 km BaratDaya NUSADUA-BALI), Kedlmn:68 Km, tdk berpotensi tsunami #BMKG


why is everyone acting so weird today...

The winners and losers among the 2020 Democrats and other takeaways from the latest campaign fundraising filings


What I saw at Palestine Expo proves it is possible to criticise Israel without being antisemitic || By: Gideon Levy…

PSG, Barcelona'nın Neymar için yaptığı Coutinho+Dembele+40 milyon euroluk teklifi reddetti. (AS)


you made me and the rest of tje aldubnation very happy today. Salamat for remembering. @aldenrichards02@mainedcm #ALDUB4YearsUnrivaled


North Korea warns that upcoming U.S.-South Korea military drills could jeopardize new talks that were expected to resume in the coming days

“At 35, Alden Richards, has now been declared as Hollywood’s rising star.” - I really can’t believe it. This, this thing that was once just my mother’s dream for me, has now brought me here, to where all dreams acting comes true; Hollywood. Never kong- #ALDUB4YearsUnrivaled

Palestinian dies in solitary confinement in Israel prison…


Either female James Bond will be a success, further proving that diversity sells, or she really does kill the James Bond franchise dead. Either way I'm not seeing a downside.

JUST IN. Mighty Sports-Go for Gold survives a gutsy stand by the South Korean national team, 89-82, to take solo 1st place in the #JonesCup2019!…

Pendaftaran awaydays Bali sudah mulai kembali dibuka lur. Gaske neng sekre, monggo.

Mighty Sports beat South Korea, 89-82 #JonesCup2019

"Là où il n'y a pas d'hommes, sois un homme." Ce Palestinien est un Homme avec un grand H. Mes respects Monsieur. J'espère qu'Israël l'aide à retrouver un travail et à se protéger.…

Looking for a sugar babies I can spoil with an weekly allowance. No bank information needed I pay through Venmo, PayPal and Venmo. If interested DM/Retweet this tweet. Text me on hangout #SugarBabieswanted #sugarbabiesneeded #sugardaddytwitter

Tık Tuzaklarına Kurban Gitmeyin, Yanlışınız Var: LASHANA LYNCH, Yeni JAMES BOND’u Canlandırmıyor…


#mydaybookmark 7:42 KST We are nearly at 1.3Million views, please let’s keep streaming! #DAY6 #Gravity #Time_Of_Our_Life #The_Book_Of_Us @day6official PLAYLIST:


"His heart and affinity is very much with Liverpool."…

В Сеуле появилась кабинка ARMY with Letter, которая со временем заполнится письмами арми с Виверса. — “Самое длинное письмо в мире, написанное АРМИ для BTS. Присоединяйтесь к Weverse 17/07-04/08“ Кабинка выглядит ну очень красиво✨ cr ktaebwi

#PersijaDay #bawausmankekpk detik detik gempa tadi pagi di Bali, auto keluar skill au dzubillahiminassyaito nirrojim

AS reporting that PSG have rejected a Barcelona offer of Coutinho + Dembele + €40 million for Neymar.

Roger Federer benim için gönüllerin şampiyonudur her zaman da öyle kalacak

0-40’ın Wimbledon son bolümü yayinda. Ayrica yorumlara baktim, Us Open ve Wimbledon kort hizlari ile ilgili bazı kafa karışıkları olmuş, Federer bakın ne diyor;…

SNS電話番号認証サイト販売 Twitter、海外共通アプリ Twitterロック解除 1回 0.5ドル サイト内支払い方法 PAYPALその他 翻訳機能も付けたので誰でも使えます 国選択 数十ヶ国可能 かなり格安で販売します DMまでお越しください

Manchester United continuing Harry Maguire transfer talks #mufc…

At last some diversion . . . .BBC Sport - Women's Rugby Super Series: New Zealand beat England to win title…

The 'ARMY with Letter' booth near Seoul Marina Yatch club is waiting to get filled by your letters ARMY!One day left until you can participate in writing the longest letter in the world for BTS on BTS Weverse. Period:July 17-Aug 4 Video by @/jjinneu1204

Maguire Kemahalan, Wan-Bissaka Overprice, Fans MU Harusnya Bahagia Bukan Nyinyir -…

" incredible opportunity missed, I can't believe it", Roger #Federer reflects on Wimbledon final defeat. Read more >>> (link:'>'>


i dont even know if i wanna be baejin or i wanna be yonghee URGH JUST LET ME BE THE UMBRELLA GRGDFKG

Please don’t forget to vote on Idol Champ every day, and please encourage as many people as you can to also vote for Day6. […] #day6 #Gravity #Time_Of_Our_Life #The_Book_Of_Us @day6official


The Kamehameha is nothing compared to the NEKOhameha! Yesssss


Papano kiligin ang isang Edward? Si Maymay lang ang may epekto sa kanya ng ganyan. MAYgandang BuhayEDWARD MAYgandang BuhayEDWARD MAYgandang BuhayEDWARD ©pcto

Eto pala yung makasaysayang kiss sa pisngi na nangyari sa Japan. Magaling manghuli si Mamshie Melai tsaka #MayWard pusher talaga siya. @maymayentrata07 @Barber_Edward_ MAYgandang BuhayEDWARD MAYgandang BuhayEDWARD MAYgandang BuhayEDWARD ©vcto

#MBEdwardRonnie is now available on @iwant. Don't forget to hit the LIKE button! MAYgandang BuhayEDWARD @Barber_Edward_ @maymayentrata07


mano, amanhã terá o handshake, é um dos eventos mais especiais entre bts e armys mesmo sendo rápido o namjoon fazia questão de olhar a expressão de cada army, e o taehyung estava todo tímido, soft @BTS_twt

Dave has released THE NEW ROTH SHOW #16C Timing is everything, (What time do the dead go on?)..…

Afterparty at Area 51. Need help on the name for the fest. What should we call it?

Roger Goodell would've suspended Jack Lambert a year for this tackle. On appeal, Lambert would've also ripped Goodell’s head off.


#SomosTrasnocheParanormal si todavía no te suscribiste podés hacelo ahora mismo… con $100 pesos por mes nos ayudas mucho, podés pagar con tarjeta de crédito y débito Rapipago pagófacil Paypal westen unión MercadoPago gracias


No se supone que weverse era como un "Fancafe" para Army internacional? but lo unico que encuentro alli son puras publicaciones de K.A y a los chicos respondiendoles ahre, ni eso nos dejan a nosotras jajaja

yall don’t know how the fuck to let people breathe. & my friends wonder why i don’t like talking online n allat man. yall go straight to them group chats and reddit n all that other shit with screenshots just to talk bout what someone gotta get off they chest. fuck yall man.


i wont be accepting anymore payments by paypal for a while. ill accept anything else

Roger Martínez dejaría México y jugaría en la Premier League…

The New Zealand Black Caps twitter game is as good as their cricket game. #elite

why did i blacklist ewan mcgregor i cant breathe


Lukisan Sang Maha Desainer, menutup hari dg manis. Alhamdulillah.


'“Instead of distracting from his many crimes, Trump’s racist attacks on duly elected Congresswomen serve as a reminder that he is grossly unfit to serve our country in any capacity,” said Julie Oliver, candidate against Roger Williams in the Texas 25th.'…

WATCH HIS REACTION: This paraplegic VETERAN is SURPRISED with $13,000 CASH! Donate now: We’ve raised $1,816 in 20 minutes! Let’s keep it pouring in to show our love for this veteran. #TwitterPhilanthropy

El Manchester United busca cerrar el fichaje de Harry Maguire en €90M [@AlfredoPedulla]


New Zealand consumer prices rose at a faster pace in the 2nd quarter, led by a surge in fuel prices


Before Thiel ever moved back to Silicon Valley to launch PayPal, he published an anti-multiculturalism/-PC book called “The Diversity Myth”…

Roger Goodell can still discipline Tyreek Hill even though he hasn’t been charged with a crime @McCannSportsLaw examines what could happen in the coming days regarding a possible suspension

Today's #BirdQuiz was a KAKI (or BLACK STILT)!!! Amazing job to everyone who got this highly endangered New Zealand bird!! If you would like to learn more about the kakī, follow @sgalla32 who studies these 'goodest birds'. Come back next Monday at 10 am CT for more #BirdQuiz!


Alhamdulillah & Tahniah YAB Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Kerajaan Sarawak & Rakyat Sarawak…


#auspol #FreeAssange Why is Walkley Award winning Australian journalist Julian #Assange sitting in a UK Supermax prison for a minor bail violation? Why won't Australia help him?…

✏️Armys muitas, muitas pessoas mesmo, me perguntaram se era verdade que o Tae tem Alergia colinérgica(urticária colinérgica). Sim! Ele disse no Weverse que possui, mas isso não é motivo de preocupação. Eu expliquei no post abaixo:…

I think Federer would prefer to watch the two match points blown than eat this…

O Leicester prometeu a Harry Maguire, que ele pode sair caso Manchester United ou o Manchester City paguem os £ 75 milhões que o Liverpool pagou por Virgil van Dijk. (Telegraph)


Yesssss send both they asses home (Jed and Luke) #thebachelorette

Yoongi commenting that weverse tells him that it’s been 3 days since he last posted is like me telling MyFitnessPal to stfu when it tells me to step on the scale or log my dessert. #TeenChoice #ChoiceFandom #BTSARMY @BTS_twt


bts be like i better go to sleep early i got weverse in the morning

RUMORES: El Manchester United se está preparando para cerrar la transacción de Harry Maguire, la transferencia aún no se ha completado, pero el acuerdo se está finalizando. El United pagará una cifra cercana a los €90m [@AlfredoPedulla]


Wow. I can’t sleep. Urgh.

so hotel del luna manages to serve us cool angsty warrior iu and badass, chic business owner iu in the same show in conclusion, watch hotel del luna


i like the fact that hotel del luna even with a central theme like death maintains a more whimsical feel than scary

first episode of hotel del luna finished and honest honest honest opinion it was really fun to watch !!! the way it’s filmed with the cool effects and everything really draws you in

Un miembro del personal de “#Encounter” y “#HotelDelLuna” de #tvN dice que no se les ha pagado desde el año pasado…


Urgh I miss WenJoy @RVsmtown

Great sportsmanship AND a sense of humour. Bravo Kiwis!…

London Kiwis and fans of Kiwi comedy, next week there is much mirth to behold! Go see these shows before they hit Edinburgh!!!…

i wanna have a real deep convo about life w/ someone who’s in?

Been a bad week for kiwis, the result of the Cricket World Cup final and Baldwin Street losing the world's steepest street title, only way it'd get worse is if Air NZ decide to release a new safety video.

Ya tengo excusa para entrar yo también al Área 51 @Loulogio_Pi


You want my PayPal or cashapp or venmo? Fee: $97…

Knowing what I know about physical security of military bases, I am 100% positive that 50k unarmed civilians naruto running into Area 51 would make it there with minimal casualties

Electric car chargepoints to be added to all new homes in England by law…

Djokovic Federer i Nadal Tri najveca ikada nikog od njih ne bih izdvajao

Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing will feature on the new design of the Bank of England's £50 note.…

"Quando ele apareceu, estragou a festa que era só de Nadal e Federer".…

LOL ... The people in england convincing their own people about how great cricket and their victory is !! poor though you defeated a kane yesterday but your people will be happy only when your kane holds the FIFA WC trophy .. #ICCRules #CWC19Final…



My World Cup 2019 XI Rohit Sharma Jonny Bairstow Kane Williamson (c) Babar Azam Shakib Al Hasan Ben Stokes Alex Carey (wk) Mitchell Starc Jofra Archer Lockie Ferguson Jasprit Bumrah Do you agree? #CWC19

fireflies tá >>perfeito<< e eu amo muito vcs piticos #Fireflies #NCTDream_Fireflies


فائنل میں اللہ ہمارے ساتھ تھا: اوئن مورگن… #EoinMorgan #CWC19Final

muntik na mag Miss Universe New Zealand si Franki? Sayang!!! #TWBAFrankiAna

"I will be apologising to Kane for the rest of my life. It was written in the stars to happen for us," says Ben Stokes @cricketworldcup…

The final of the 2019 World Cup between England and New Zealand was decided on the boundary countback rule, and it has sparked debates on social media. #ICCRules #CWC19…

Título faz Djokovic lembrar infância: Meu sonho era jogar em Wimbledon


Título faz Djokovic lembrar infância: Meu sonho era jogar em Wimbledon


who can lend me $4 paypal? i’ll pay back asap

#TeamIndia's Ravindra Jadeja and Ben Stokes are among the biggest movers in the official ODI rankings after the #CWC19…

जिंदगीभर इस बात के लिए न्यूजीलैंड के कप्तान से माफी मांगना चाहते हैं बेन स्टोक्स…

No doubt New Zealand have won hearts and England won World Cup. But don't forget guys English players have not did any anti sport activity on field. They appreciated the spirit of Kiwis & felt short of words while speaking. Both team players acted as true gentlemen. #CWC19Final

What is the difference between Weply and weverse????


You can add Jessica's "Stop poking the bear" comment to the 'things #BB21 HG's say that are annoying AF' list. Give it a rest #BB21

Crowd of UFO fans seeking to ‘raid Area 51’ hits 1 MILLION despite US Air Force warning

especially after fucking that peanut butter jar and the peanut butter getting everywhere... my life has never known rest. only pain…

These Area 51 memes are so quality

The Government is telling Kiwis their new Car Tax is just a 'small fee.' But it's equivalent to more than a year's worth of power bills. New Zealanders can't afford this Government.


A fascinating story by ⁦@runofplay⁩ Brian Phillips on the 2019 ⁦@Wimbledon⁩ CHAMP ⁦@DjokerNole⁩ Novak Djokovic ⁦@cbfowler⁩ ⁦@PatrickMcEnroe⁩ ⁦…

'Show some respect': Netizens slam #Wimbledon crowd for 'booing' #NovakDjokovic after he challenges umpire's call #DjokovicVsFederer #WimbledonFinal #Wimbledon2019…

The Goblin vibe in Hotel Del Luna though, Im here for it.

Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer in Wimbledon epic to win fifth title #Wimbledon…

After the debacle of ICT, NZ and Federer, hubby wants me to stop supporting him!

Perfect tweet from @Wimbledon for @ICC. Congratulations England and well played New Zealand. Congratulations Djokovic and well played Federer! What a day for sports.…

I feel we’ve badly overlooked the unfair Wimbledon final that should have ended at 12-12 in the 5th with Federer winning on “most aces”.

เรตติ้งตอนแรกของ "Hotel Del Luna" ออกตัวแรงยิ่งกว่า "Arthdal Chronicles"


The sports world was in awe of the epic Djokovic-Federer Wimbledon final…


Nicki Minaj has cancelled her performance in Saudi Arabia due to pressure from human rights activists.

Saudi Arabia and Russia among 37 states backing China's Xinjiang policy

#CWC19Final | Technical knockout: Kiwis praise team but query ‘cruel’ rules… via @thetribunechd

Bethany Vierra, an American woman living in Saudi Arabia, accused her Saudi ex-husband of abuse and drug use in a bitter court battle for custody of their 4-year-old daughter. He fought back with pictures of her in a bikini and with her hair uncovered.

Feels sad for Kiwis. No doubt ENG was deserving team since the start of the WC but in the Final Kiwis were totally deserving or the trophy should have been shared by both. #BlackCaps


im so proud of bts preforming in Saudi Arabia I know the fans there must be so happy and so ready to see them

There’s an old and shabby building in one of the most expensive pieces of land in the city. It may look like an empty building that will be remodeled soon, but it is a hotel that is in operation. ✨ Watch "HOTEL DEL LUNA" EP 1 & 2 on Viu! ►


เรตติ้งเปิดตัวมาแรงเลย | ใครดูเรื่อง #HotelDelLuna ตอนแรกแล้วบ้างง รีวิวกันหน่อย >__<…

You really believe the RM2.6 billion that entered Najib’s AmBank Account was a donation from Saudi Arabia?…

Daftar Pemain dan Sinopsis Drama Korea 'HOTEL DEL LUNA'.

Griezmann: “Quiero ganarlo todo, la Liga, la Copa y la Champions. Al final son objetivos del club y objetivos míos, espero poder ganarlo aquí. El Barça es un gran club y quiero ayudarlo a ser más grande todavía” El principito tiene muchas ganas de triunfar en el Barça.


Que la rumana y Serena les donen sus premios a estos dos pibes.


Can I afford(e) these new books? Who knows! Rest of the summer's reading sorted though - especially excited to read Malachy Tallack's novelisation of Shetland even if I am a bit late to the party. #bookhaul



Roger Federer and Serena Williams losing in the same week?


That Federer-Djokovic match was insane. Was really pulling for Roger. What an excruciating defeat but an incredible display of stamina, smarts, skills and athleticism. Thankful for these two greats.

Cool. It wasn’t so much hate. I just turned it on 15 minutes ago. Federer seemed a lot easier to root for. But obviously two excellent players!…

djok my dawg but damn i fw federer heavy smh great match.

federer'i destekledim kaybetti fenerliler olarak loserlik eklenmis genlerimize kim ne derse desin

Rest in my arms Sleep in my bed There's a design To what I did and said

Encouragement when you start Cheers with small progress Warnings as you continue Loneliness as you stay the course Self-doubt right before you break through A helpful hand from those who have come before A new home where you better belong New goals so you don't rest for too long

It's *that* Royal duo again! @josbuttler and @benstokes38 will take the strike for the first-ever @cricketworldcup Super Over! #HallaBol #CWC19Final #CWC19 #ENGvNZ

Thinking about @LReesHughes right now. If it's this tense and cushion-hiding, sofa-jumping at our house, Luis must be a mess right now?! Stay strong, my friend! :) #CWC19Final

Stokes and Buttler head to the middle. They're going to be charged with the responsibility of starting this super over for England. Live: #CWC19final #bbccricket #CricketWorldCupFinal


Last session of Advanced Camp underway. This group has really done a great job, particularly in working together as a group all weekend long. Ready to compete the rest of the day!

US military 'ready' to confront 600,000 alien-hunters threatening to storm Area 51…

Nobody talk to me for the rest of the week I am PISSED.

#bbccricket Sunday should be a day of rest!!!!

Jajajaja. "Ya veremos si Suárez me habla después de los comentarios", dice Griezmann entre risas. Se le ve preocupado por la mierda que le han echado encima. Por fin un tío con personalidad que juega de delantero. Buena noticia para el Barça.

Esperando os próximos capítulos em que o T/aehyung vai dar Esporro nessas armys desnecessárias que não tem o que fazer.

Bartomeu: « Aucun document signé n’existe entre Griezmann et le Barca datant d’avant juillet 2019. »

How in the world are we going to sign Neymar when Barca took out 140 million loan at the start of the year and now 35million.…

Me da risa porque dicen que el barça tiene dinero cuando han pedido un préstamo JAJAJAJAJA me rio, como se nota que no conocen nuestra directiva.…

Barca's president saying they needed a loan of €35m to sign Griezmann. That means Barcelona has already taken loans of €175m since Feb 2019 alone.

Toast is a handsome fella that loves his chin scratches. He loves attention and his wet food. Toast is looking for a forever home without children and he can be picky with his kitty friends. Read more: #ymm #adoptme #meow #foreverhome #purr #fmspca


"Puedo aportar profundidad, juego a un toque, asistencias, goles... Y alegría, que es como mejor me defino" (@AntoGriezmann) sobre su encaje táctico en el Barça de Messi y Valverde


I’m not even in Saudi Arabia but hell yeah i’ll go! Please make it happen #LanaDelReyInSaudiArabia

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