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there isn’t much bengali representation in popular culture so seeing non-bengalis wearing our traditional attire and singing in bangla is kinda frustrating :/ This. Oh, my heart. We cannot thank the PTO enough for the time they put into gathering these sweet moments of human connection for our teachers and our district. We miss you so much, and we can't wait to see you again! #TEAMAHSTW @ahstwschools

ez for king handsome


"طاح الليل عليّ وتمادى" وهو متّلحف ونايم

松村北斗「Johnny's World Happy LIVE with YOU」商品紹介2020年3月29日:   *      松村北斗「Johnny's World Happy LIVE with YOU」商品紹介 2020年3月29日


All three singles from Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” are expected to chart inside the Top 10 in the UK simultaneously next week. #3. Physical #4. Don’t Start Now #7. Break My Heart


Mis canciones favoritas de "Future Nostalgia" son:


Here's a clip of a charming #California Arboreal #Salamander I filmed in my brother's garden a couple years back. These handsome devils have sharp teeth & surprisingly powerful jaws, and eat pretty much anything they can hork down, including lots of smaller salamanders. YUM.

Hey kids, do your aunt Shelly a favor or two: put clean sheets on your bed; do you have a piece of fruit or some nice crispy vegs in the house? If so, eat one of those; put some lotion on your hands and feet. Sometimes we all need a reminder for the little things. I know I did.

Se sabe que es el one piece ya? (Es por lo único que me interesa realmente)


happy birthday dongmin!! thank u for constantly making us smile and being who you are. you are so kind and talented and amazing i love you so so much <3 #동민_볼때마다_심장아파_필요해_도움이


“You fear the disease, living on the streets — but I fear hunger more, not corona,” said one migrant working in Delhi who was trying to return home, which was 125 miles away.…

The world has greatly benefited from #US leadership in situations like this for decades but @leehsienloong #Singapore PM suggested that countries may turn elsewhere if US leadership was not forthcoming #COVID19…

Discovering that #Singapore is in fact a giant khau galli, listening to millennia-old stories in #Egypt, and being #Benaras’s de facto food guide—Varun Grover’s travel tales are anything but ordinary.…


just beat cantstopdatrain in a FT10 using his own character I guess he couldn't guess right lmaoooo sub zero is so stupid man

yall are really stupid. prolly stupider than me thats what makes me smart. lol mistlehoes

if you don’t think i’m funny you’re not only dumb but stupid as fuck n i hate you a lot

YouTube comments are so awful nowadays but for a different reason. Everyone just tries making a joke but in the same stupid fucking format

Finally finished collecting a least one piece of paper money from every country


probably one of my favorite michael moments ever. jet black heart means as much to michael as it does to us. the look on his face as the arena sings back to him, and their voices overpower his own; he looks proud of himself and how far he’s come. moments like these are special.

“One of her most well-worn laugh lines is how much academia prepared her for Congress. The endless meetings! The stunning inefficiency! When there’s so much she wants to get done!”…

WTF! Coronavirus lockdown spurs police in England to dye 'Blue Lagoon' black to deter Instagrammers…

Santa Clara transfer Trey Wertz has cut his list to 11 and is expected to make his decision in April, per @coreyevans_10 Final 11: North Carolina, Arizona, Butler, NC State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Stanford, Virginia, Xavier, Vanderbilt


PCSO Berry has been patrolling around Fareham today making sure that people are only going out if necessary and practising social distancing. A few miles were covered! #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #Neighbourhoodpolicing #StayHomeSaveLives



Garden bird sketch, today a Pied Wagtail hunkered down in the biting north-easterlies.


“My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the armies of the north, general of the Felix legions, loyal serpent to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius, Father to a murder son, husband to a murder wife AND I WILL HAVE MY VENGEANCE IN THIS LIFE IR THE OTHER”

Breaking: India suspends 4 Delhi govt officials for Migrant Crisis in Delhi (And Anand Vihar Chaos) #COVID…

To the Bull-Head Taverne, whither Balty brought my French gun; and one Truelocke, the famous gunsmith, that is a mighty ingenious man, and he did take my gun in pieces, and made me understand the secrets thereof and upon the whole I do find it a very good piece of work.

Si johnny no es mi novio entonces pa qué seguir viviendo


YouTube has started recommending old Johnny Carson clips to me... And I'm am right here for it.

कोरोना से लड़ाई के लिए पीएम राहत कोष में सभी कर रहे योगदान, दिग्‍गजों ने पेश की मिसाल #PMCaresFunds #PMCARES #PMReliefFund #PMCaresFund #PMModi #PMOfIndia @narendramodi @PMOIndia…

Centre suspends two Delhi Government officers and served showcause notice to two others for dereliction of duty as they "failed to ensure public health and safety during the lockdown restrictions to combat COVID-19," reports @vijaita

With this story, I am now more sure that lockdown was necessary. This incident involves two people who did not have a foreign travel history. They travelled to Delhi and different places separately. Both got the virus (More)…

Not #Corona, capitalism is destroying humanity. It turns out that the imperialist states that want to bring "peace and stability" to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria, Libya and Yemen have not even thought of having masks made from one piece of cloth. #riseup4rojava


Following Tower of God, One Piece and Hunter x Hunter at the same time.


"Ghar mein shaadi hai, paise nahi hain.... Haha Ha Ha !!" Sure, #PMCARES

eu escutando o future nostalgia

PM Lee Hsien Loong says republic's virus battle is intensifying as tourism, aviation industries die. #FMTNews #Singapore…

#Singapore's top-tier #TestAndTrace system is the reason behind its success in containing #COVID19. A lean & efficient gov't, dedicated #ContactTracing team & trust in the gov't has allowed #Surveillance to save over 4K from infection. Live & learn.…

I'm beautiful and I know it 我是小美女 綺麗小娘です~ 20200124 #Singapore #新加坡 #シンガポール #SmoothCoatedOtter #江獺 #ビロードカワウソ


My neighbour is taking this #SocialDistancing very seriously. #singapore


Watch | Keep your distance in #Singapore Six months in jail for standing too close to others @alysonle with the report #coronavirusupdates #coronavirus

Dear African Governments! Follow the #Singapore example! They looked at their domestic conditions and their response to #CoronaVirus was not a copy and paste of European solutions


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