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#Fortnite ミッション成功したのに報酬貰えなかったの何?


when people see a number pop up on the #Fortnite end screen

Typhoon Hagibis: Japan deploys 110,000 rescuers after worst storm in decades

La broma está bien hasta que te das cuenta que llevas 8 horas esperando a que pase algo #Fortnite

Ok, alguien que me explique ¿Qué pasó con el juego? #Fortnite me causa intriga


Like if you’re tired of the bullshit @FortniteGame is pulling right now #Fortnite #TheEnd

Typhoon Hagibis: Japan deploys 110,000 rescuers after worst storm in decades

#News Star ☆ Twinkle Precure #Anime Film Reveals 2 Clips • Magical girl film opens in Japan on October 19…

Magmatic Resources (#ASX: $MAG) regains Parkes #copper-#gold project after Japan Oils and Gas Metals National Corporation pulls out…

Please help us support @TulsaOASiS & @American_SAAC’s #Pow6rfulMinds Mental Health Awareness campaign by wearing green tomorrow!…

Walking around town today and saw that someone has erected a tombstone to the american dream under these prickly pears.


Majorities of both U.S. military veterans (55%) and the broader public (58%) said in a spring survey that the American military campaign in Syria has not been worth it.


.@GreggJarrett goes over three reveals from his new book, "Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History": #NextRevFNC

Yup. American society often socializes white people to think this way and politicians encourage it, too. The legislation that elevated white indentured servants over black slaves - The Virginia Slave Codes of 1705 - defused labor protests by dividing white and black workers.…

We couldn’t fit all of our @MomsDemand Virginia photos from this weekend into one collage, because we have been SO busy... ✅Canvassing ✅Meeting Candidates ✅Speaking at Conferences ✅Tabling Events Watch Us Work. #VALeg


Quem foi Virgínia Bicudo: Mulher, negra e pioneira na psicanálise, mas invisível no Brasil…

Our campaign is part of the #RuralGroundGame coalition in rural Virginia that is sharing resources & fighting for the working people that Republicans have abandoned in favor of their corporate mega-donors. It's time for change in rural Virginia.…

nico del año antes de debatir se puso el pañuelo del aborto en la muñeca y le dio un beso a una foto de virginia woolf

Angela might want to slow down on the Virginia Slims and Heinekens if she still wants to tote a baby. #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Days #90DayFiance

soy del Magallanes pero A mí también me gustan los leones, hoy por ejemplo Vi El Rey León, con timón y pumba

Hey Pumb! We're almost at $13.5k! Just $1000 more to go! Pumba:


#1nightstandToRemember went to sleep with a friend of mines and his home boy we were poep drunk woke with a sore bum #bunsout was too embarrassed to ask what went down


The most important thing about the Bafana Bafana v Mali game is that Molefi Ntseki got his first win Loved the combination play from the boys today as well #Bafana #BafanaBafana #InBafanaWeTrust #NelsonMandelaChallenge #SSFootball #SSDiski #KickOff #NelsonMandela #PSL

I swear y'all hating just to be seen as having a "sophisticated" taste in things and kuthiwe ni hlukile .... The production and acting on #ifalakhe has been stellar so far and the storyline is building up nicely yekelani lomona eninawo #ifalakhemzansi

So that's Sangoma joined the babies into one spirit Queen Nomvula can't kill uFalakhe otherwise her own Busani will also die #IfalakheMzansi

This is well written, I enjoyed tonight's episode #IfalakheMzansi

Did Mosa Lebusa get his Bafana Cap ?

#IdolsSA Season 15 Showstopper Who is your best performer today? 1. Viggy 2. Nolo 3. Micayla 4. Sneziey 5. Luyolo 6. Virginia…

Viggy and Virginia could literally just breath on the mic and I'd be like.. #IdolsSA


This week belonged to Sneizy and Viggy. Ngiyagula angifuni kuphikiswa #IdolsSA


Fair to annouce the #IdolsSA Show Stopper achievements as follows: 1. SNEZYLICIOUS 2. Somizi 's honesty 3. SNEZIEY SHOW STOPPING GODDESS 4. SNEZIEY THE GHEL 5. ROLLING SNE ROLL 6. VULUPTIOUS SNE Sadly, the rest didnt make the top 6.

Didn't watch #IdolsSA today but I'm still rooting for my babies, Viggy and Virginia

i'm going to get a tattoo when i go to japan

My sister free the beautiful twins from prison for only today. #NoBraDayً


Show up to New Japan Showdown! Join Ibushi, Naito, Suzuki & more this November! San Jose Civic 11/9… LA Globe theater 11/11 (Veteran's Day)-Ringside A,C SOLD OUT!… The best pure wrestling experience anywhere- LIVE! #njshowdown


Exactly! They broke the rules to allow him to be SecDef. Now he's refusing to step up? It's a political office. Recall that it was previously held by none other than Donald Rumsfeld...…

#Airfare Deal: [Japan Airlines] Philadelphia - Sapporo, Japan. $748 roundtrip. Details: #travel

I just wanna lose 24 pounds and runaway to japan

Typhoom Hagibs disaster: 24 deaths, 170 injured, and one-third bullet trains damaged. "At least 24 killed as Typhoon Hagibis slams Japan"…

Donald Trump's daughter, Tiffany, celebrates her 26th birthday today. . . . no worries, Dad has already tweeted, "Happy Birthday to my Non-Ivanka Daughter" #CelebrityBirthdays

If Donald Trump was in office in 1941, I would either be a Nazi or a Soviet today. #EndlessWars #TotalFail

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s portrayal of Julián Castro on SNL last night was simply the best.…

I'm seriously craving somizi's weave for December #IdolsSA


#IdolsSA My top 3 for this week: Sneziey Viggy Micayla The rest it was just normal


#BREAKING: New Early Primary States @YouGovUS/@CBSNews Poll shows Warren surging, Biden holding level, and heart attack Man continuing his plummet. Warren 31% Biden 25% Heart attack man 17% Harris 7% Buttigieg 5% O'Rourke 4% Booker 1% Klobuchar 1% Castro 1% Yang 1% Delaney 0


#IdolsSA with this level of competition, I already miss mangaliso


mano esses últimos 3 vídeos q eu postei eu gravei tudo do mesmo dia um seguido do outro só trocando a camisa amem

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