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Honestly, that wasn’t a grand enough death for Oliver Queen... His goodbye to Mia wrecked me, but other than that, it was kind of lacking emotion ...Not to mention he died in the first episode of a 5 episode crossover? #Arrow #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths #COIE

Do you know what determines the cost of your #insurance? Click below to see what factors might weigh heavier than others. #carinsurance #autoinsurance #insurance #insurancenews


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Read the entire first issue of the QUEEN OF BAD DREAMS VOL. 1 trade paperback @theVaultComics…


She thought she'd be the 'needy teenager', but she finished as the Queen of the Jungle! Here are @jacquelineMjos' Jungle Predictions. #ImACeleb

"At least 35 insurers with combined assets of $8.9tn, equivalent to 37% of the insurance industry’s global assets, have begun pulling out of coal investments." Signs that the industry is FINALLY shifting away from #fossilfuels…

apparently Juice Wrld Killed Himself & here’s proof....sorry i’m not doing this for clout #RIPJUICEWLRD #TikTok #juicewlrd

Eating healthy during the holidays can be hard. Here are a few ways to help you stay on track this holiday season:


“If Congress fails to act, no matter how diligent a consumer is in getting insured and researching their provider network, a crippling surprise bill could be right around the corner," says CR's @HealthEDena #PassABillOrPayMine #NoSurprisesCampaign…

Food for thought I was just thinking to myself is juice wrld really dead Ik the media said he had a seizure but your telling me that not one person in that airport pulled there phone and got a picture video something I believe he is still alive it sounds as thought he planned it

The deadline is less than 1 week away to sign up or renew your health insurance through the marketplace for coverage in 2020. Learn more at or call AppHealthCare at (336) 246-9449 x2110 to speak with a Certified Assister Counselor for Ashe & Alleghany.


ok for Christmas everyone is getting a bag of chips cuz I need to save for ivy park

ℹLONGEST SERVING COACHESℹ Mamelodi Sundowns' Longest Serving Coaches in days. 2️⃣5️⃣6️⃣3️⃣ - Pitso Mosimane 1️⃣5️⃣5️⃣7️⃣ - Ted Dumitru 7️⃣3️⃣0️⃣ - Paul Dolezar 5️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ - Johan Neeskens 5️⃣0️⃣9️⃣ - Gordon Igesund #Sundowns #SundownsNews #AbsaPrem #TotalCAFCL #SSDiski

Highlands Park coach Owen Da Gama has warned Kaizer Chiefs not to count their chickens before they hatch. Full story:



#Mamelodi Baptist Church has given shelter to flood victims. @ZikhonaTshona spoke to one individual affected by the rain. #flooding #SouthAfricaTonight with @UvekaR Courtesy #DStv403

Motorists in Pta be safe. Don't forget to keep the residents of #Mamelodi in our prayers. They need aid.


SA Air Force evacuating people in Mamelodi due to intense flooding.… #sandf #sandf_19 #SAAirForce_19

My goat everything that's happening in south ahh @akaworldwide is the topic hayi inkosi this guy #FREEVid #FREEVid


i'm ngl it hit me hard when they played juice wrld at banquet tonight

How To Get Rid of Neck Pain Instantly Medupi Centurion Miss Nigeria shatta wale Islam Lebron #CardiBInAccra Ghana #MissUniverse2019 Wendy Shay Quran South Africa Wakanda #MondayMood #mondaythoughts #MondayMorning #YearOfKebab #Juice_WRLD

RIP juice wrld :<

Great to receive such lovely feedback #MondayMotivation Thanks to all the students who attended the @AHModStudies @GWC_News event. We deliver our Second Chancers workshop to colleges and universities across #Scotland - DM us for more info and check out:


wow, artificial ascent is almost out of the top 5, i better beat something soon! i sure hope nobody verifies anything anytime soon


#MUFC is 5th with a goal difference of 6, a lose or draw in the next game will send us back to 8th or 10th, 'small' teams are 14 in the league. We need some form of unbeaten run in the next 5 games in order to secure top 4 before February.


Have you seen our newly crowned Miss Universe, @zozitunzi, in our latest glam collection? SHOP here:… #IntoTheNew


Nobody looks more stupid than Americans rn, they watch one movie and think Wakanda is a real place

Marami nang blacks yung nagsasabi na racist yung Wakanda Forever tas may mga nagdedefend pa rin im...


Mandela failed to build power stations yet the ANC kept installing electricity to people's homes at a high rate,same thing with Mbeki none of them thought about building new power stations cz they knew it was expensive. Zuma took a bold step built Medupi n Kusile now u blame him…

CONGRATULATIONS to our Queen, @zozitunzi, crowned Miss Universe! You are what the world has been waiting for, proudly South African ♥️


admit it or not, we all have a crush on Miss Iceland #MissUnivers2019


Cyril is praising Medupi for its size whilst the people are in darkness. Mbalula is arguing over a sneaker and it's colors when the roads are flooded and the robots are off.

wait lang jud kay 20 yrs old pa daw si Miss Iceland. hoyyyy ka age ramiiii huhuhuhu gwapaha jud niya

#MondayMotivation Malume @DJAnkletap and @kandiskardash get you spending smarter so that your January isn’t a ‘JanuWorry’ Disclaimer: Padkos is the way mchana! #YMornings

I am reminded of how ladies praised Mapeu yesterday on #DateMyFamily calling her a Feminist! A whole Feminist that believes in patriarchy. Feminism was once here in South Africa but now we see little rude girls who think they are feminists. We are a doomed nation. #DateMyFamily


Appreciate him when he is still here. Malume, thank you for being the best radio dj in this generation. No 1 does it better than you. #ymornings @DJAnkletap #tapmaster


Rise and shine to this beautiful morning with #YMornings. @DJAnkletap and @kandiskardash are with you all the way till 9am


Brother nature lied about being the victim/getting jumped. This why I hate light skin niggas

Felices de anunciar la vuelta de los torneos presenciales de Super Smash Bros. Ultimate y Dragon Ball FighterZ más importantes del país. Vuelve #Waveshine en su edición nro.24 y se disputa #GalaxiaDelOeste #DENSETSU. Toda la info en: Nos vemos el 22/12.


you know what pedro might look horrendous but I would still smash


かかか買ってしまった。。。 吉岡沙紀カラーのAIRMAX90 担当色しか買わなくなってしまう。。 はぁ....好き 高かったけどいい買い物した! #NIKE #AIRMAX


Brother nature really acted like a cunt, got pieced by a fat nigga then had the whole of 50 IQ Twitter kissing his ass. I hate it here

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