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Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores hat-trick, calls LAFC coach Bob Bradley a "little bitch"


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Might Single-Handedly Get America To Watch The MLS…


Zlatan: "Tüm kariyerimi MLS'e gelmek ve Carlos Vela ile kıyaslanmak için yapmadım. Medya büyük bir hata yaptı. Bir Ferrari ile bir FIAT kıyaslanamaz. Ben bu ligdeki en iyi oyuncuyum, bu gece bunu gösterdim."


My body has this weird capacity to replicate any mosquito bite I get perfectly symmetrically on the other member. I know that with great power comes great responsibility but I'm not quite sure what to make of that one...


Now this is what you call heart warming patriotism. Algeria has had tough times but the people are united under their flag. Kudos. AFRICA Unite!…

Brown Skin Girl is so beautiful

Desmond always believed he had witnessed the power of God, so when Hollywood tried to buy the rights to his story & turn it into a fictionalized thriller, the idea was painful to him. “My story is not about me so much as it is about the God that I serve.” – Desmond Doss


Big power outage in my area, how long do I have to wait till I can start looting

Phew! This morning got terfy quick! Quick reminder, TERF isn't a slur, it's an expression of power by an oppressed minority to highlight a group of people who wants to do us harm. Delete my account Twitter, I'll never cede that ability.

It must be terrible being forced to follow me and being forced to read my awful tweets, and then being forced to take the time to type a tweet expressing your annoyance at my tweet. Also, fuck you for supporting Cyril.…

“BROWN SKIN GIRL" — iTunes Update: #1. Barbados (NEW) #1. Uganda (+3) #1. Zimbabwe (NEW) *9th #1 on iTunes* #TheGiftAlbum

Billboard has ranked #BrownSkinGirl as the Number 1 Song from #TheGiftAlbum.. Wizkid won with Drake now he has won with Beyonce.. King of International Collabos. I Stan!


Remember Shenge' EFF' DA & another ANC's faction will vote for the motion to impeach Cyril. So this is highly likely to happen!!

Ce ne serait pas le moment pour Bardet de faire comme Pinot? Aller un peu le Giro ou la Vuelta pendant un ou deux ans pour peut être faire autre chose que le Tour et y revenir plus fort ? #TDF2019 #veloRTBF #LesRp @cyril_saugrain

President Thabo Mbeki did not finish his 2nd term in office, President Jacob Zuma did not finish his 2nd term in office. They were both recalled. Will President Cyril Ramaphosa finish his 1st term in office with his credibility & integrity now in question? Should he be recalled?

Best of luck to Westmeath greats Alan Mangan and Martin Flanagan who are representing the Ireland Masters side in an International Rules game v Australia at 3PM today in Denn GAA, Cavan. Show the Aussies how it's done lads!!!! #iarmhiabu #westmeathgaa


Shame you can't read past that paywall. Quotes a cabbie saying how much he likes me and then goes on to say basically he does too. Love Aussies ... Basically another good chat re mental health Lessons from Britain's king of spin…

Speaking to the people of Hammanskraal. They came to my office not a long time ago and I promised to be with them today. We are intervening in fixing their concerns regarding bus commuting in the area. #FixingTransport #FixingPeoplesIssues

Thank you to the people of Hammanskraal for coming out. They came to my office not a long time ago and I promised to be with them today. #FixingTransport #FixingPeoplesIssues


Thank you to the people of Hammanskraal for coming out. WATCH MY ADDRESS #FixingTransport…

Thank you to the people of Hammanskraal for coming out. They came to my office not a long time ago and I promised to be with them today. #FixingTransport #FixingPeoplesIssues


A voz do povo é a voz de Deus!! #TheGift é o album da Beyoncé mais bem avaliado pelo público no metacritc. #1 - THE GIFT 9.5 (492 notas) #2 - BEYONCE 8.1 (1364 notas ) #3 - LEMONADE 7.8 (2949 notas) #4 - HOMECOMING 7.8 (290 notas )


Beyoncé’s music is actually so bad now if she wasn’t paying for good reviews she would be panned af

So. I never even liked the original Lion King that much... I mean some of the characters are cool, but Simba always an annoying protagonist. I guess in retrospect he was SUPPOSED to be annoying and then you watch him change. But I was a kid, I just remembered him as annoying.

I really hope @AlinityTwitch isn’t lying about how much she loves her cat or that she treats him/her (I don’t know the cats gender) most of the time. I think proper restitution would be dedicating the next 10 twitch videos to videoing herself pampering the cat.

Lion King about to break some records this weekend

Thank you, pop culture, for the amazing birthday gift that was @billyeichner and @Sethrogen in The Lion I hear a live version of The Lion King 1 1/2???

Age old and brilliant drawing of me by the mighty @ShawnCoss. He gave this to me as a gift nearly a decade ago!


عندما هتف المصريون: "منتخب الساجدين أهوه" الرابط البديل: #SENALG #CAN2019 #الجزائر_السنغال #ALGSEN #محاربي_الصحراء

A fool and his money are soon parted. What I want to know is how they got together in the first place. Cyril Fletcher

Blue Ivy's vocal runs in BROWN SKIN GIRL... Outsang Chr*s Br*wn

After listening to Brown skin girl by @beyonce had me in my feelings then when I heard blue I wanted to cry. She sound so sweet. Thank You Beyonce, Blue & Wiz Kid.

Cyril Ramaphosa deliberately misled parliament on Bosasa donation: Busisiwe Mkhwebane.

"Whoever pays your campaign, runs the government"~Joshua Maponga #BOSASA has contracts in government and funded Cyril's campaign.



The HOUSE MUSIC I got introduced to sounded like this some 20 years ago... TOO HOT!!!!! @LadySakhe #HitRefresh

Those like Pierre de Vos who refer to themselves as "legal experts" but argue like zombified pedestrians must be exposed and shamed consistently. #CR17 #CyrilRamaphosa #PublicProtector #StateCaptureEnquiry #Mkhwebane

Very soon Thuli will get tired of tweeting in riddles. The strategy ain't working. #PublicProtector #CR17

Last week the DA called the PP incompetent and unfit for office. Today they back her. Confused opportunists - Mmusi Maimane backs Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s findings about Cyril Ramaphosa… #DA #PublicProtector #Ramaphosa

#PublicProtector finds that #Ramaphosa misled Parliament & was in violation of Executive Members Ethics Code. Ferial Haffajee goes on to write this nonsense about EFF. Next thing she will say Mkhwebane is a cult member #CR17


Khusela Diko and Zizi Kodwa are arguably the best communicators in the country #CR17 #PublicProtector

Close to ONE BILLION RAND just on the Presidential Campaign? If you don't see the "donors" intentions were to "capture" the State then wake up Clearly; they set the rules; drafted policies; told him how to govern; who must stay and be removed from cabinet! #PublicProtector


Whoever has doubt l about who killed Chris Hani here is the answer.


But he is ready nje!! Viva cde Unity viva! #Ramaphosa #PublicProtector


The "I asked him at close range" 2 seconds moment thay brought us to today's #PublicProtector report

Who killed Chris hani Cyril or Mbeki?


The man absolutely has no sense of shame. He's been in the leadership of the ANC for decades but now threatens to tell who "sold out" Chris Hani, simply because he's facing down the barrel.…?

#Zuma can't go on teasing the nation about Chris Hani's assassination & keep saying he will reveal everything if pushed too far. Does he even know this is "Defeating the ends of justice" punishable by law? #StateCaptureInquiry

Cats movie trailer: internet reacts in horror to 'demented dream ballet'…

What’s scarier? The Cats trailer or the Trump Presidency? It’s close.

Y'all sharing these horrific Cats screencaps is gonna be what eventually pushes me off this beshitted app.

Dog meets Coconut Crabs, Australia


NEW MUSIC WE LOVE: #SamSmith’s “How Do You Sleep?” | WATCH the video here: @samsmith


sam smith is super baklang bakla in his new video and im loving it!

We are all tired and have been waiting 4 a long time it seems - patience is a virtue, no? #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation #FridayFeeling #InsteadOfDissingTrump @Snap_Politics Smile as it might get bumpy ... buckle up buckarooooooooooos…

a man really told me “spell coconut and i’ll eat some pineapple and together we’ll be a sexy piña colada” last night i’m quitting straight men

Honestly, I can’t imagine Sam Smith singing and dancing at the same time. Feeling ko mawawalan siya ng hininga in the middle of the performance ksksksksksksk. But, I do like the choreo of How Do You Sleep?

Mosiuoa Lekota: Cyril Ramaphosa must be impeached. #Ramaphosa #Bosasa #PublicProtector


Who killed Chris Hani?

find your way back...

We were once united, but victory divided us. #PublicProtector

YINKA AYEFELE WELCOMES TRIPLETS WITH WIFE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. #yinkaayefele @YinkaAyefele #celebrityedge #AfroBeat ##LampardOut #wizkid #Brownskingirl #davido #Kennedy #ChelseaFC #LostTapes2 Don’t Jealous Me


The @EFFSouthAfrica has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to also disclose the names of all businesses and individuals that funded his Presidential campaign. #OngaziMakazi #PublicProtector #StateCaptureInquiry #CR17…

Well what an emotional but fantastic last day we have had! Year 5s - you are absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to work with you and Mrs Pender next year during SATs. Year 6 - what an absolute FANTASTIC cohort you are, I wish you all the success in the world with everything! X


Siphiwe Nyanda wants an opportunity to cross-examine Jacob Zuma at the Zondo commission about the claim that he was an apartheid spy — a feat that would be almost impossible, because the former president declined to submit a witness statement.…

Former president Jacob Zuma now addresses his supporters after appearing in the #StateCaptureInquiry. He says he's happy they came to support him. #SABCNews

Deputy President David Mabuza chairs the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) meeting on Land Reform at Tuynhuys, Parliament, Cape Town #LandReform #LandReformIMC


Former North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo sings just ahead of an address by former president Jacob Zuma outside #StateCaptureInquiry in Parktown. #SABCNews

Thousands of people gather at the venue of the #StateCaptureInquiry in Parktown in support of the former president, Jacob Zuma. #SABCNews


Former President Jacob Zuma to testify at the #StateCaptureInquiry, earlier on Zuma's legal team withdrew from the commission #ZumaTestimonyOn405 #ZondoCommission #ZumaTestifies

South Africa prepares itself for ‘President Mabuza’ #Mkhwebane #Ramaphosa

Former President Jacob Zuma will continue to participate in the State Capture Commission. This after his legal team had indicated that he would be pulling out this morning.#sabcnews

South Africa's former president Jacob Zuma pulls out of corruption inquiry


Phakama David Mabuza ixesha selifikile. #PublicProtector


Así es como te gustaría verte tras usar #FaceApp. ¿Por qué no empezar hoy a invertir en un futuro como este? Arranca con tu #jardín. Tranquilo/a, estaremos ahí para ayudarte, con nuestro servicio de #asesoramiento:


People who look like #cats who look like people.

El misterioso caso de Jordi Hurtado #FaceApp


#FaceApp had de foto's ook lokaal op je toestel kunnen bewerken, dat je foto nu naar hun server wordt gestuurd is een bewuste keuze gericht op het verzamelen van zoveel mogelijk gezichten en andere gegevens, aldus onze @Lot_ten.…

fuck coconut spell 不要担心我的爱椰子 on me

【便乗】#FaceApp というアプリで、老化と若返り(ヤング)を試してみた! 高校生ぐらいの頃、ホントにこんな顔してた気がするなぁ(笑) てことは、20年後はマジでこんな顔になるのか!?(笑)


Imma go over each letter twice in coconut just for emphasis

EFF unfazed as Ramaphosa, SACP defend Gordhan…

Saddened to learn of the passing of 2 South African powerhouses: Johnny Clegg & Nomhle Nkonyeni, who through music and acting, inspired generations. Clegg the soundtrack to my youth and Nomhle was in my 1st pro play and with a glance had more strength than 100 men. Legends both.

WATCH | Ndlovu Youth Choir pays tribute to music icon Johnny Clegg.

wow i saw dj lag a couple months ago and it was the best set i ever experienced and now he’s on BEYONCÉ album… i’m inspired.

The SACP is deaf silent on issues affecting our people but jump on a bandwagon of protecting Pravin Gordhan. Our people must judge this political parasite called SACP

Johnny Clegg, South African Singer Who Battled Apartheid With Music, Is Dead at 66

Happy 101st birthday Taata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela! Like you said "when a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people & country, he can rest in peace" May what you stood for: justice, freedom & service to humanity continue to cover the world #MandelaDay2019


“The best weapon is to sit down and talk” - Nelson Mandela. Temporary installation by South Africa Mission at the UN today. #MandelaDay2019


“La pobreza no es natural, es creada por el hombre y puede superarse y erradicarse mediante acciones de los seres humanos. Y erradicar la pobreza no es un acto de caridad, es un acto de justicia” Abogado, político y filántropo Nelson Mandela. #MandelaDay2019


Back at Calle del Christo where the number of protesters outside the governor’s mansion now in the 100s. The chant is currently: “Struggle, yes! Surrender, no!”

Como você pode ser amiga da Christo? — ué, sou amiga de quem eu quiser e ela é foda pra caraio…

Mr Norinko @SollyMapaila let's meet in Tshwane on Tuesday, don't forget your brother Jamnandas. We're not scared of you. Fighters Let's go there, this hungry boy thinks we're scared of him. #OurLandAndJobsNow #EFFWayaWaya @EFFSouthAfrica @effjoburg @GautengEFF @TshwaneEff


Battle lines drawn as SACP, civil society mobilise against state capture

Sweet glaze, cinnamon sugar, chocolate, white chocolate, fudge, M&M’s, caramel dip, mint chip, chocolate chip, marshmallows, nuts, toffee nuts, coconut, peanut butter drizzle, Oreos, sprinkles, cotton candy bits and powdered sugar. “The Works” coming to Frontier Field July 31.


Solly has proven himself a baffoon with his pseudo communists capitalists in the SACP. The elephant in the room is #KhathradaFoundation using the name of a stalwart of @MYANC to push their nefarious evil agenda! Sies to #BarbraHogan for using a treasure for political expedience!…

All these ladies wanna spell coconut but I just one u to spell one 4 letter word L-O-V-E #TheLionKing

twitter today has been one big inside joke with this coconut thing. SOMEONE EXPLAIN.

the next time i * i’ll update u all on if that whole “coconut” shit works

First spell Qabiltu Nikahah before I spell COCONUT.

Never change, Zlatan. Never change.

I love how @mohale_motaung's grandfather addressed the traditional procedures for lobola negotiations. I felt the love and the way he was so humble it was overwhelming❤❤❤ #livingthedreamwithsomizi

Check out a PACKED #EllisPark Stadium with #Amakhosi & I think #AbaQulusi fighting it out in the Mainstay Cup & how Johnny #Clegg & #Juluka bring the jive! #NSL #PSL # Juluka - Ibhola Lethu (The Mainstay Cup Song) via @YouTube

Yvonne Chaka Chaka's heartfelt tribute: Johnny Clegg chose us, he was one of us…

What does the #RepoRate cut really mean for you? It means more money at the end of the month to help you save & reach those #GrowForIt goals. Rather than spending, #GrowForIt and put that little extra toward your education, growing family, or future business empire! #SavingsMonth


le he pasado a moyo una foto mía con el gorro de langosta y un nude y le ha gustado más la del gorro

#PeterMoyo Old Mutual Lawyer Advocate Ngwako Maenetja says fired CEO Peter Moyo is not a whistleblower and cannot use the Protection of Disclosures Act to fight his dismissal @nthakoana

In case you missed it today | Old Mutual is victimising Moyo, says his legal team

WATCH | Ndlovu Youth Choir pays tribute to music icon Johnny Clegg.

Tusiogope , ni makundi kama yalivyo menfine. 2021 ni Mali sana. tukijiandaa vizir tunakwenda tena. niwatie moyo viongozi wa mpira . tukijipanga vizuri tunaweza.@Tanfootball #ZamuYetuTena #TaifaStars #AFCON2021

"#PeterMoyo wants reinstatement… it [his fight for reinstatement] could take as long as his tenure at #OldMutual would’ve been…" — TJ Strydom (Business Day) #PeterMoyoCourt #TrevorManuel #TheMoneyShow

Please do read @tri_continental's South Africa coordinator Richard Pithouse on the life and legacy of Johnny Clegg at @NewFrame_News -….

Literally one of the most enjoyable shooting days today. #BeingBonangS3


"It’s a fight to the death! Who will see their reputation trashed? Because that’s the only outcome here." — Bruce Whitfield (#TheMoneyShow) #OldMutual #PeterMoyo #PeterMoyoCourt #TrevorManuel #TheMoneyShow

Wine flies when you're having fun! Time for our 4th and final flight of the Elgin Winter Reds evening: @ElginVintners Syrah 2015, @OneiricWines Oh! Shiraz 2012, @SouthHillElgin Micah 2015 & @IonaWines One Man Band 2014 #ElginWine


Legendary musician Johnny Clegg, who died at his Johannesburg family home on Tuesday after he succumbed to cancer, was buried at Westpark Cemetery yesterday.…

Can #elginwine reds be as great as our whites? Unanimous YES from Cape Town's side.



The @HighlandsRd #syrah is the only wine I have to taste tonight :) This is a typical cool-climate Syrah reflecting its origin in Northern Rhône! #elginwine #winterreds


At the #ElginWine live tasting, just waving frantically at everyone tasting in Cape Town. At @drydockliquor with @MerlotGirl First flight: @paulwallace 2016 Black Dog Merlot, @shannonwines Mount Bullet Merlot 2016, @ElginVintners Merlot 2015 - outstanding @Almenkerk Merlot 2015


SACP leader Solly Mapaila has defended Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and the work of the controversial Sars intelligence unit.…

It's heating up here at out Elgin Winter Reds tasting! Flight 3 being poured now: @RKershawWines Syrah 2016, @Almenkerk Syrah 2015, @ThelemaWines Sutherland Syrah 2015 & @HighlandsRd Syrah 2015 #ElginWine


Solly Mapaila is a apartheid beneficiary & modern day impimpi who hails Vlakplaas murderous & apartheid spies as his heroes. No wonder he said r Africanist leader Robert Sobukwe was sell out. This guy is an epitome of impimpi @EFFSouthAfrica…

"A very confident Solly Mapaila said [Public Protector] Busisiwe Mkhwebane must be investigated by Parliament on her fitness to hold office." — Bonga Dlulane, Reporter - EWN

Solly Mapaila has gone rogue


Solly Mapaila doesn't respect himself and doesn't respect us,,,@SACP1921 just close shop


Incase you still wondering why SOLLY MAPAILA aka SELLOUT is busy defending WMC JOHAN RUPERT, TREVOR MANUEL and PRAVIN GORDHAN made him a BOARD MEMBER just to silence him


#SANDF The Army has arrived in Manenberg and are working with the SAPS conducting operations. @kaylynnpalm


.@MusaMseleku1 is in the building and is sharing some insight on his polygamous relationship #TheDriveOnMetro


Cape flats are not coloured areas only, it refers to flat land previously know as ‘apartheid dumping grounds’ non white areas north of the CBD, “north of the mountain”. Cape Flats include nyanga, philippi manenberg, langa ect

Solly Mapaila is extremely intellectually bankrupt, I will never take that clown seriously

Stop and search operations are being held on The Downs Road in Manenberg. One local says they are happy to see a force "wat nie k*k vat nie". #SANDF (@TammyPetersen87)


SANDF members are currently in Manenberg assisting police. Pictures: Brendan Magaar/African News Agency (ANA)


#BREAKING Army enters Gangland Manenberg, Cape Town. Pictures supplied. @Abramjee @News24 @ewnreporter @eNCA @SABCNewsOnline


Cape Town - #SANDF deployment arrives onto the streets of Manenberg in the Cape Flats


First SANDF troops roll into Manenberg


Só queria ir no cinema assistir Rei leão

Final del juego para el Chapo Guzmán, sentenciado a cadena perpetua en EEUU #AFP@LauraBonillaCal


Avoir vu, par la "magie" des réseaux sociaux déjà, mes cheveux disparaître, mes poches sous les yeux et mes rides se creuser me suffit à constater les ravages du temps. Pourquoi donc vouloir accélérer son vieillissement via 1 application numérique? #FaceApp

#ElChapo fue sentenciado a cadena perpetua, más 30 años por violencia y 20 años adicionales por blanqueo de dinero

Älä käytä kasvoja vanhentavaa sovellusta. Annat siinä oikeudet kuviisi ja tietoihisi venäläiselle yritykselle. #faceapp #tekijänoikeus #tietoturva…

#faceapp me ready for the retirement home and still confused about we’re I am


Notorious Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Sentenced to Life in Prison Plus 30 Years

El Chapo incarcéré à Alcatraz pour une peine d'emprisonnement à vie, là il s'évadera pas là-bas

El Chapo enjoys cult status in Mexico. T-shirts with his images are very popular these days.… #Trump #Qanon #1A #2A #MAGA #KAG #News #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayWisdom

Yesterday was quite crazy in terms of media coverage but I’m happy to have managed to fight the misinformation about #FaceApp and pointed out the importance of reading the T&Cs before using a « free » service. Think about your privacy first!…

Un homme de bien, le Zoulou blanc! Durant toute sa carrière, Johnny Clegg a bravé les interdictions imposées par l’Apartheid - Les Inrocks…

Without #faceapp and any filter. The Reality


sum1 pls explain this coconut thing to me pls i have ADD THIS IS NOT FAIR

gossip girl is baaaack omg

For me Johnny Clegg represented & demonstrated how we as black people have always wanted to be treated by white South Africans. He put effort into understanding our ways, culture, language, what we consider polite/rude. Just as us we did with their ways, & some we’ve even adopted


This day has since its launch in 2009 inspired individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. #MandelaDay2019 #67Minutes #NelsonMandelaDay #Madiba


cuál es el punto de revivir gossip girl sin el elenco original¿¿¿???

"Que les teves decisions siguin un reflex de les teves esperances, no de les teves pors” #MandelaDay2019


they can do all the gossip girl reboots they like but it won’t be the same without blair cornelia waldorf


Archive trawl, pt 54: @Oulton_Park, October 1977. The Imps of Rupert Long and George Ostroumoff to the fore, Graham Geldeard's Vantage Motors (Timperley) Vauxhall Magnum to the left, old pit buildings yonder and haircuts in short supply...


Uwe #Junge forderte einen "Aufstand der Generale". Rupert Scholz attestiert der "Regierung" andauernden Verfassungsbruch. Die "Regierung", selbst ist aus verfassungswidrigem Wahlrecht hervorgegangen (BVerfG 2 BvF 3/11 v. 25.7.2012).…

We've got Adv Mkhwebane and Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. That's all that matters to me. WMC can keep Batohi.

Sad to hear of the death of South African anti-apartheid activist, musician and patriot Johnny Clegg. Here a special guest joins him on stage in 1999 while singing his resistance song Asimbonanga about Nelson Mandela.…

The Senate yesterday confirmed Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad as the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) after a screening session that lasted from 11:43am to 1:18pm. Read more:…

#StateCapetureInquiry : Fmr Prez Zuma remembers hugs that Nyanda received close to maybe 40 years ago, but can't remember the Gama issue that happened a decade or even less ago. Is there a load of BS that is worse than this? Zondo must subpoena this liar if he quits testimony

#FailedJudiciary The person deputising the Chief Justice have such rotten record it makes you wonder what happens behind the scenes when she is making crucial decision in Courts


chief justice? i think you mean the Supreme Judge™

So many people I know and love got Emmy noms and I’m just catching up to saluting all the teams, crews, talent that make @PartsUnknownCNN #somebodyfeedphil #unitedshades @bravotopchef @nailedit #dinersdriveinsanddives #chefstable @cicgcshow Full list:…

El Chapo has officially been sentenced to life in prison.

when you #FaceApp your mum into a man and it turns out she’s Guardiola.


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