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Superb this. But if you agree you already knew that. Not sure if there is any hope for the people it needs to get through to..…

Gawd if they show silent night deadly night 2 tonight... my Christmas will be made. #TheLastDriveIn

I hate to say it but rich peoples Christmas lights are unmatched

Bad Santa is one of the best Christmas movies of all time and it’s not up for debate.

Defectors who left their parties amid Brexit turmoil lost their seats

Put it this way - if Javid can claim live on TV that the Labour Party is responsible for the homelessness crisis his own party created, and there are no consequences for that, something is either completely broken or operating at full efficiency.…

My long thread on patriarchal power, the monster that has awakened with a particular vengeance since a black man has dared to become the president of the United States and a white woman was popular enough to be the next. /Thread #cdnpoli #Patriarchy #USA #Brexit

brexit means brexit

Labour staff face being told before Christmas that they'll lose their jobs…

#Prayer Dear Father, Thank You for the light of Christ that shows us who are in Jesus. And for the revelation of Jesus as we receive the inheritance and provision of Salvation you have freely given us in this life to reign in Jesus Name. Amen 1 Corinthians 2:13

Why is everyone talking about colleges ???? All I have to say is amen and go ramblers


me la voy a dar en el nombre del padre del hijo del espiritu santo cojan mucho amen

Nuestra oración por los asesinados, presos,perseguidos,exiliados,sus familias,los enfermos sin medicinas, los que no tienen que comer, los pensionados. Dios danos fuerza para seguir luchando en su nombre y por nuestra libertad. Bendícenos y cuídanos siempre. Amén

Merry Christmas from the brexiteers to the poor,the sick,the homeless ,the rough sleepers,the hungry children,the cancer patients,the persecuted unemployed,the abandoned soldiers,the waspi woman,your kindness is a wonderful Yule tide gift pity you have no conceince

I’m live on @Twitch will be streaming @DeadByBHVR come join the stream and chat don’t be shy! #DeadbyDaylight #live #stream #FridayThe13th #twitch #twitchstreamer

A long look at the coaching carousel this season — and, really, the last few seasons — may shed some light on why Vanderbilt decided to stick with the current head coach rather than chance a coaching search…

Public Protector to petition the SCA over Estina ruling… via @SABCNewsOnline

To people I quite like who are now busy blaming Jeremy Corbyn: short thread Let me preface what I am going to say by noting that I've never stinted on criticism at expense of solidarity. But I also didn't withhold solidarity in favour of criticism at this crunch time as you did.

Wat een heerlijk nieuws bij het ontbijt: de kneiterlinkse antisemiet Corbyn is weggevaagd…

Just joined the @UKLabour party so I can vote to kick these idiots out. Enough of this delusion. Corbyn + acolytes must go and we need a return to the centre otherwise i can’t see this country ever returning from Tory dominance.

Bathong!!! Yerrrrrr. Yeses. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

‘Truth shall spring up from the earth.’ Ps 85.11. Faithful God, give us the courage to speak and witness to your truth. Amen. #justpray

Kuami Eugene x Kelvyn Boy x Medikal x Kwesi Arthur x DarkoVibes – Amen #ghanamotion…


Whenever dark skinned Black women get represented and they get a moment to celebrate that everyone else starts some bullshit. First it was with Brown Skin Girl and now the Lira situation. Let dark skinned women celebrate and have their moment please.

I do not view what Lira did as centering herself and I wouldn't view it in that manner if any dark skinned Black woman did that because Zozibini's win is a moment for dark skinned Black woman and feeling represented and celebrating that should be allowed.

Sho Madjozi is a rapper the same way that Okmalumkoolkat is a rapper. When BoyzNBucks’ were shifting the narrative in terms of way rap was approached in SA, it was ‘visionary’; when Sho Madjozi does the same thing she’s not a rapper?! Make it make sense.

I’m remembering this day for Minamino instead

I might write a song... ruth's a swimmer she swims up and doon the watter splashin' like a daaaftie her clothes are in her room........ nessie's gone to aldi tae get some new wet wipes cos ruthies been in the watter and naebody likes her sheeeeit........

I’ve been saying for months that not only will Trump be re elected but that Don Jr will eventually become president- the results in UK tonight make me even more convinced both things will happen, remember Twitter isn’t real life and a lot of regular folks really hate PC culture

Hunter Biden's baby mama will get to grill the vice president's son under oath about money he made from Burisma and his ties to foreign companies as judge orders him to be deposed in the child support case before Christmas…

Does this mean Trump will be our president soon?

A THIRD term as President of Israel? Hello, Yussss Slay Queen Y'all Listen to Cardi B department?…

Melania Trump's anti-bullying initiative under scrutiny after president's remarks about Greta Thunberg…

when jiwoo (hobi's sister) inspires ur fashion style but u can't afford the clothes or the beauty as she does [sad heart eyes emoji]


The exit poll is so disappointing that I can't bring myself to go to friend's election night party. So changed back into night clothes and watching TV in bed. Dreading the next 5 years...

おはようございます。 東京は寒い朝です。 今日一日みなさんに主イエス・キリストの恵みと祝福とが豊かに豊かに注がれますように。 尊き主イエス・キリストの御名によって感謝してお祈りいたします。 Amen God bless you

everyday teaching, i see children living in poverty. children who rely on their teachers to go out and buy them some breakfast (out of their own pockets!) because there’s no food at home. children who go home to no running water or electricity. children who have no clean clothes.

I can’t believe eskom right now.


Africa is a continent with problem leaders.

Small things but they have a great meaning You brought joy into their hearts Thank you both, it's the most beautiful thing that happened in 2019 We are lucky❤ @rebrusahin @AkinAkinozu #Hercai #ReyMir #EbruŞahin


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