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Longtime college coach and first-year Cavs coach John Beilein sought advice from Brad Stevens prior to his transition from college to the pros.

There we go. Mahomes to Hill for the touchdown! Chiefs rebounding from the second quarter. KC 24 | HOU 23

Mahomes to Tyreek x2!! Touchdown @Chiefs!! #ChiefsKingdom

Chiefs take back the lead with a Mahomes to Hill TD. 24-23 KC with 6:30 left in 3rd.

I think Tyreek looks healthy


Tyreek Hill x 2! Chiefs about to regain the lead.

donald glover thank you for existing

This is a really disappointing move from the Celtics, given that Tacko should’ve received a max contract.…

John Donald was known in the east end during the sixties as Jack the Duck #antiquesroadshow

Arsene Wenger signing a new contract is a bit like Donald Trump taking etiquette lessons from Eminem

There are no more memes or words or tweets. America. America .. We must stand up! Vote. Vote. Vote. Putin can never win....... We are fighting Putin in our Government. He's in our highest office.on the Phone. In private with. Donald J Trump.somewhere ....


Kamal Harris has not Tweeted about #Kurdsbetrayed but she did clap back at Donald Trump Junior with a zinger she found worth of pinning. (5/19)…

I was running amazing on really strong Mc Donald's cold coffee for a solid 19 hours but then I HAD TO go ahead and take a nap and ruin the flow

It's good that you caused this problem Donald. Real good.…


Facebook fact-checks Elizabeth Warren on all the ‘help’ they’ve given Donald Trump, she doubles down

#MuseAfrica U.K based Ghanaian singer @m_a_danso is out with a new single titled ‘No Yawa’, tune in to Muse Africa on Kwese TV Post Powered by @airteltigoghana #FuseBundle


My Fone and Laptop are not South Africa so porn will libe and thrive in them.…

Con la baja de Duvan,Colombia piensa ahora en el campeón de Africa,la selección de Argelia.Un partido amistoso sin ninguna duda mas complicado el del martes,en Francia.A pesar de ausencias de James y Falcao,el equipo dio buenas sensaciones,pero sin contundencia


Kenya Lionesses have qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games after beating South Africa. #NTVWeekendEdition @IdahWaringa


Kenya Lionesses have qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games after beating South Africa. #NTVWeekendEdition @IdahWaringa


Here's everything you need to know about Tacko Fall, Max Strus, and what it means...…

Celtics make it official, announce that Tacko Fall has been converted to a two-way contract, and Max Strus to a standard deal.

Khune must remain at that danone factory re sharp ka Williams #NelsonMandelaChallenge


I understand Donald Trump's reasoning for not wanting to strike back at Turkey. I don't like it, but I get it - he has a nice building in Istanbul. Possible Russia might get involved and Putin has dirt on him. But I don't understand why Congress has failed to act! @SpeakerPelosi

Mental health experts see Trump is dangerous, but our professional gatekeepers protect him | Via: USA Today…

Lea: So what's your type? Robin: Kind, short, dumb, with dark hair and beautiful eyes. Lea: That sort of sounds like me, too bad I don't know of any other girls who are like that Robin: Did I mention dumb? Lea: Yeah. Robin: Okay, just making sure

tae and jin stans should band tgt cause our faves literally always get the short end of the stick. but jin stans are being dumb today and antagonize the stans who willingly helps in streaming.

nakakaloka pala finals ng psl hindi best of three?? may champion na agad sa thursday kaloka they werent kidding when they said na this will be a very short conference

The trade of the year is coming once again on $XRP. Long 2 weeks before Swell, and short when the event is over. Price increase before event (USD) +115% (2017) +220% (2018) Price decrease after event (USD) -43% (2017) -51% (2018) Time to see what this year brings.


Captain W.A. Teed of the North Shore Regiment, Embarkation Staff Officer of the 8th Canadian Infantry Brigade, talking with Captain C.J. Aendry, commanding officer of an Alligator amphibious vehicle, near Terneuzen, Netherlands, 13 October 1944. Credit: Donald I Grant.


Bra! Bra! Bra! Bra that can solve math : AlgeBRA A Muslim Bra : iBRAhim Too much Bra: liBRAry An alcoholic Bra : BRAndy A Christian Bra: aBRAham Magical Bra : aBRAcadaBRA Poisonous Bra: coBRA Skinny girls bra : verteBRA Hard Bra : BRAss Bra wey dey balance : equiIiBRA #NoBraDay

More often guys tends to notice breast lumps first... So guys need as more knowledge on breast examination & cancer as girls do... #NoBraDay #mastectomies #breastcancerawareness


Lewis Hamilton’s onboard when he got hit by Leclerc’s front wing endplate. This could've ended very badly. #F1 #JapaneseGP

What do (we) when do when the president sanctions murdering people around the world?? Kurds, migrant children. A human rights activist was raped, tortured and stoned to death. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IS A MASS MURDERER.

Penalizzato di 10” (più 5” per l’incidente) @Charles_Leclerc perché doveva rientrare subito a sostituire l’ala danneggiata... ma a #Gilles che avrebbero fatto? Ma dai... #JapaneseGP


Sorry - in a ranty mood this morning - but Ihonestly think there’s a % of our ‘support’ that would rather something came out that showed Donald & Methven had done something wrong just so they could say “I told you so” - rather than they succeeded and brought us success.

Koda Anele wenzen'. Buka manje uyenzeni.

Faltam 9 dias pra começar a temporada da NBA, a primeira sem tony Parker em quase 20 anos...…

We really need more of God, what a beautiful song. 'More of you, less of us May you increase as we decrease.' @ntokozombambo -We Pray for More (Live) @LifeWithThami #TheSacredspace

This song still goes in properly, ah ah ah Lebo mara guys @SekgobelaLebo - Haleluyah Mdumiseni (Live) @LifeWithThami #TheSacredspace

Five federal courts dealt blows to President Trump on Friday just as the limits of his legal strategy to block an impeachment inquiry became clear

No se haga el pendejo, Uprimny. Ese es el socialismo totalitario siglo XXI de sus protegidos de las Farc y de los partidos de la izquierda colombiana que hacen parte todos del Foro de Sao Paulo, la organización creada por Castro, Chávez y Lula para imponerlo en América Latina.…

Paloma tem que se organizar MUITO com esse homem! BenzaDeus Caio Castro! #ADonaDoPedaço

En términos periodísticos es muy bueno el trabajo de Nelson Castro en Quito: pone énfasis en la represión de Lenín Moreno, da cuenta del ajuste pedido por el Fondo Monetario Internacional y muestra como gases lacrimógenos caen sobre hospitales y viviendas. Un verdadero horror

Donald Trump EXPOSES TRUE Reason For Fox News Anchor’s Departure

Importar trabajadores de Asia y África, mezclarlos con las "razas europeas" y crear así un ser humano más débil y controlable. Para Kalergi (y sus seguidores), esto era parte de un complot de las élites para acabar con la raza europea. Te lo explicamos.…

How are Donald Trump and the Cell Phone Alike?…

CRIMINAL Facebook Deletes "Donald Trump is Our President" Facebook Fan Page with 3,276,000 Fans!… via @gatewaypundit

E pensar que cheguei a encerrar essa minha conta (que amo!), há um ano, porque xinguei (aprendi que a gente tem que SABER fazer isso, rs) um vocalista de uma banda dos anos 80, que hj é minion de carteirinha, por conta de um bando de fdp que tomou as dores e me insultaram pesado

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