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“The president regularly says and tweets things I wish he wouldn’t say. He's not going to change. He is who he is. I don’t have the power to change that.” Sen. @TedCruz wishes @realDonaldTrump "would say things differently."



Ulan cocum nie duvari yumrukluyosun.hani.yumrukladin nie storine atiyosun kan tuttu beni yine bak agzina sicitigim

"I declared myself HAPPY by being grateful for what I have realizing If we cannot find happiness on our journey, it’s not likely it will be at the destination.” – Wayne Dunlap #grateful #gratitude #SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayThoughts #SaturdayVibes #travel #happiness


guys i made her a stan in less than 5 minutes omg i would say it's my power but it's all emilia's…

今週のお客様!壊無さんありがとうございました! 同じ石岡勢ながら中々会えなかったシンゴさんとも初天体できました!(っ'ヮ'c) Got乱投の天体楽しかったです笑


Nothing makes my wife happier than using her power drill. An effort worthy of hanging the most gorgeous state flag in these 50 states. #SCproud #SouthCarolina


10 senedir yaşıyorum amınakodumun yerinde okulun yanında manav yok diyorum var diyorlar hani aq hani delirtcrk misinşz beni

my special power is saying funny things which get no attention but are then immediately repeated by someone else to raucous laughter

My latest MLB Power Rankings: The Bringer of Rain is dousing opponents, #Cubs, #Nats and #SFGiants all on good runs.…

This is where i grew up in the 1970s - in Plymouth. The power station on the bottom right - i remember watching it being demolished, using explosives, from my bedroom window. Was the first local media event i can remember :-p


“Today watching Lion King when Simba tells Scar that he has to leave the throne people in Metro Theaters started applauding and saying…

We goof on Cats, but let's not front like "touch me, it's so easy to leave me" isn't the subtext of literally every one of our tweets.

Yesh during Lion King: Damn that’s crazy that they got all these animals to act this out

Another inning another run for the River Cats. Sacramento leads 8-1 headed to the bottom of the 6th.

if ur the type of person that talks shit abt someone making u something ( songs, drawings, etc. ) for your birthday, christmas, or as a gift bc it wasnt the materialistic item u wanted i hope u choke n u dont deserve them

Thanks everyone for a great #FriendshipFriday! @omega_apex128 Kellan, Anderru, @arkanian17 @BlueNile101 @JonSlade4 for players. Thanks @DarkholderGuy for the gift sub and resub. Thanks @Derptaku for the resub. We went to see @ParadigmGaming1…

Thank You, Father, for allowing us to understand that to wake up with a healthy body is already a blessing! It is such a gift from You, the source of life!


In 2016, under President Obama, 10,786 Somali refugees arrived in the United States. Trump took office in 2017, and the number dropped to 2,770, followed by only 139 Somali refugee arrivals in 2018, and 141 thus far in 2019.

President Trump Says Melania Asked Him to Help A$AP Rocky ASAP

Trump called a "liar" for disavowing "send her back" chant: President's throwing "his own supporters under the bus"

brown skin girl ya skin just like pearls

To ansioso pra saber quantos streams The Gift vai fazer em 1 dia no Spotify


Thank you to my @ATT_InspirASIAN family for the baby gift. See everyone at the EG conf in Sep @shrlysnz @briansreality #atterg


The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. Pablo Picasso - 1881-1973 - Painter-Sculptor-Poet

Beyoncé como Omolu, divindade venerada pelo povo africano Yoruba e outros mais da região. #TheGiftAlbum


Today, we honour Nelson Mandela, a global icon of liberation and freedom, whose work to advance human rights and equality, and fight injustices continues to inspire us all. #MandelaDay2019 #MandelaDay @NelsonMandela


"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." - Nelson Mandela

This donations were meant to buy favors for the donor from @MYANC President who was to be state President. In business terms they call it called long term strategic investment. We can't be fooled by hyenas in sheep skin. #Ramaphosa #PublicProtector #WefixMzansi…

Andrew Lloyd Webber swimming with his cats at 5:17. You’re welcome.

kediler için ölüp bitsem de cats fragmanı izlerken bi gerildim aşırı gerçekçi olmuş

Why is there a movie about Cats but not a movie about Fats (Gordo)?

Does coconut actually work, asking for a friend

I still wasn’t over the fact the y’all put Cats back on Broadway. Now you fuckers are putting the monstrosity in theaters???? Im done with you clowns.

tried to spell coconut ended up spelling piña coloada with my Spanish ass

"Where the president’s fans once called for a female opponent’s imprisonment, now they are longing for another woman to be literally banished from the country." #WarOnWomen…

Dear Esther, My prayer To God today is that just as you escaped from Boko Haram, may Leah Sharibu likewise escape. In Jesus' name. If you believe in this prayer, don't just read this. Show your support for #FreeLeahSharibu by RETWEETING your AMEN.…

Campus Reform Media Director, @cabot_phillips quizzes college students on which President said what on immigration – President Trump or President Obama?

#LETHAL: day or night, the primary mission of the AH-64 Apache is the destruction of high-value targets.⁣ ⁣ #FridayFeeling #Ready2Fight #ArmyTeam #USArmy #IronEagles


It’s funny how people that use the #InsteadOfDissingTrump Diss President Trump in the same exact tweet because they can’t think of anything better to do because they have no life. How about, #InsteadOfDissingTrump you get a life. #Trump2020

sam smith é um artista do caralho MAS VAI AQUI UMA THREAD QUE PROVA OS DEFEITOS DELE:

Get your #FridayFeeling at the #ChiFoodTruckFest TODAY Friday, July 19th from until 3PM at Daley Plaza (50 W. Washington)!


#67Minutes: South Africans Launch Hashtag To Honour Mandela | Sahara Reporters

my parents are talking about how much this family is obsessed with coconuts. Like coconut milk, coconut scented perfume and other stuff. I hate how twitter ruined this word for me

"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation." – Nelson Mandela

Sam Smith really just dropped the best song of his career wow oh wow

An exhibition examining the effect of rural electrification on women in Ireland in the 1950s and 1960s will be launched by former President of Ireland Mary Robinson at the National Museum of Country Life, Turlough Park, today…

Concentration camps and outright racism from a president. America’s going well.

Spelling Bee Judge: your word is “coconut” Me:

From almost every single local/ international this is one of the saddest vote outs for me Seeing another Superfan play and running things for a while was great... @Gcookeman proud of you man #TeamGeoff #Gheehoff @Survivor_SA #SurvivorSA #BringBackGeoff #SurvivorSASecondChances


Durao constantly puts his foot in his mouth when he talks #SurvivorSA

Btw, when spelling COCONUT, it's best to do a backward C after the first O. Keep it even.

I’m a slut for anything coconut scented

Girls who have to spell coconut to grind on a dick have never ridden dick on their feet

my coconut oil look like a jar of piss bro this heat unacceptable

Rooney, Benzema, Drogba, Eto’o > Zlatan. Ibrahimovic es de mis jugadores favoritos, pero las cosas como son.

I’ll have some of these Zlatan in a ‘96 kit stickers tomorrow! We’ll have limited quantities! I’ll let y’all know where I’ll be at! #LAGalaxy Huge shoutout to @TohilIximuleu for working on this project with us!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic blasts former Arsenal striker Carlos Vela ahead of LA derby and insists he is ‘by far’ the best player in MLS…

Had zlatan actually ever been the worlds best striker at any time looool? Fucking cretin

Julius Malema is savage guys, he's saying Solly Mapaila is a 1991 MK Veteran, Cde @tyengeni1954 clarity please?


Muka lo udh tua gausah pake aplikasi #AgeChallenge

Orang-orang pada pasang dan bikin Story wajah atau muka TUA, lah diriku tidak pake FaceApp juga sudah terlihat TUA wajah dan muka ku ini :( #AgeChallenge

Man hearing the news about KyoAni and getting more details about the incident has made me so incredibly sad. Rest In Peace for those who died in the attack and I just hope for the best for those who were critically injured.

stan twt about to turn into a damn coconut island if we don’t stop this foolery

Giving Your FaceApp Selfie to Russians Is a Really Bad Idea. The #FaceAppChallenge is fun. It's also foolish.…

Reboot de Gossip Girl : Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester seront-ils de retour ?…


South Africa celebrates #MandelaDay #67minutes @NelsonMandela Zapiro's archival cartoon published @mailandguardian (18 July 2013) -


Crying bc of how good the coconut was @Sammyantha69131


Congratulations are in order for Mister Deaf Kenya 2019 for emerging 2nd runners up and crowned Mister Deaf Africa in Miss /Mister Deaf International 2019 gala in Russia. @InfoKfcb is glad in nurturing such local talents. @EzekielMutua disability is not inability. @Ncpwds


Instead of destroying the cartels by cutting off their heads, the policy has spawned multi-headed hydras, smaller, less disciplined and often-deadlier spinoffs

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán fue sentenciado a cadena perpetua más 30 años


Condenan a cadena perpetua a “El Chapo” Guzmán…


Since opening in 1994, no prisoner has escaped from the Administrative Maximum Facility - known as "the ADX", one reason many expect Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman will spend the rest of his life there…


What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. . #NelsonMandela #67minutes #NelsonMandelaDay #MandelaDay2019 #SouthAfrica #NeverGiveUp #Madiba #RSA


Imagine if the Russians held political hearings every time an American app became popular

Someone dm me the taekook selca Idgaf bighit can send me to jail SEND ME TO JAIL I DARE YOU


Aportació tortellanenca al nomenclàtor barceloní: El carrer Santaló (antic municipi de St Gervasi) es deu a Rupert Santaló Vinyals (1824-1872), membre d'una nissaga de comerciants i industrials de #Tortellà establerta a Barcelona @viladetortella #Garrotxa


so whats the actual deal with this coconut thing . anyone gave it a try or ??

Así es “supermax” la cárcel y la celda donde el “Chapo” pasará el resto de su vida (+Fotos) | #LaIguanaTV

Joaquín "el Chapo" Guzmán, exlíder del cartel de Sinaloa, fue sentenciado este miércoles a cadena perpetua. Aunque nunca testificó durante los largos meses de su juicio, hoy decidió romper su silencio. Esto fue lo que dijo.


If you're deleting #FaceApp because of privacy concerns, you've got a lot more deleting to do

Emmy’de tahta ‘Game of Thrones’ oturdu: 32 adaylık…


¿Por qué "Big Little Lies" y "Stranger Things" no están nominadas a los Emmy 2019?


El Chapo, de la cima a la penumbra de por vida…

Full text of the Omar, Tlaib, Lewis House resolution de facto comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, Imperialist Japan, USSR and apartheid South Africa. I will report back tomorrow on whether INN, JStreet, JVP and T'Ruah are supporting this.…

¡Nigeria se quedó con el tercer puesto de la Copa África! Por el gol de Odion Ighalo, las Águilas vencieron 1-0 a Túnez y terminaron con una sonrisa la competencia.


Worth noting: #BokoHaram, whose former fighters were origins of #ISIS W. Africa Prov. (one of IS’ strongest contingents), still operates independently in #Borno -primary area of #ISWAP operations. Latest Boko vid urges patience in jihad/challenges enemies.…


The Bojack Horseman episode Free Churro (monologue episode) got nominated for an Emmy — As it should be…

Lena Headey, se merece todo lo bueno del mundo, pero si gana el #Emmy2019 en la temporada de #JuegoDeTronos que lo único que ha hecho es beber vino y mirar por la ventana será el mejor puto Emmy ganado de la historia.

Onnoghen's disciples on social media are heartbroken. Fulani herdsmen don't know how to make noise.…

Minister Zulu to observe Mandela Day delivering 67 pairs of shoes to Dunoon pupils

the video tapes that where abused in my household growing up the lion king home alone 1 and 2 problem child sarafina any van damme movie commando matilda Rambo there is a zulu on stoep (yankee zulu) bluestreak mr bean coming to america jungle book

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