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If this doesn’t warrant a start against Arsenal then idk what does. Also people are too quick at insulting Jesus lol

I'm actually shocked at how many people both want to know and think someday they will know why the cat can talk.

Team for Arsenal: Ederson Walker Otamendi Dinho Mendy Rodri KDB Foden Mahrez Jesus Sterling

Espero que algún dia superen llevar todo lo que pasa en Twitter a Facebook. Amén

Felíz miércoles! Te deseo Perfecta Salud física, mental, espiritual, emocional y financiera. Dios te bendiga bien, bien y bien. En nombre de Jesús, amén. Abrazo. Vas bien!


Young people. Suggest you reread History. That is if you ever did and think of the last time 80 years ago that this anti semitism reared it’s ugly head and what the consequences were. You will truly be shocked and ashamed of yourselves if you do. I urge you to do so.…

I’m slowly turning into an ot5 ulted choice are we shocked

I always look dead to work but next year I’m gonna be cute all the time and everyone’s gonna be shocked lol

Brexit man shocked and annoyed that Johnson is not a man his word. Yes really. #andrewneilshow

'A lot of work to be done in the next few weeks and months'…

"I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the role." Former captain Graeme Smith has been appointed as South Africa's acting director of cricket. #seanknows


Graeme Smith: Former captain named South Africa acting director of cricket

Graeme Smith appointed CSA director of cricket for three months


Elyssia has a new upload on Soundcloud, A Sound for Sore Souls, part 2, Paul Landry's beautiful piano solo - with strings, remixed. #soundcloud #newupload #elyssia #NewAge #piano #newagepiano #beautiful…

SALE! SALE! SALE! I source quality cars in #Mombasa at best prices giving you value,while saving time & money √Cash √H.Purchase **Very #Flexible #Personalised H.P Terms suiting each client** 0726411447 Mike Sonko Muthama #airtelistrash #WaitituBribesJudges #WednesdayMotivation


Welcome to the ninth day of The Old Path’s Live Mass Indoctrination sessions! To find a coordinating center near you, please contact us through the following: 0915 189 7007 (Globe) 0918 438 8988 (Smart) 0943 411 8001 (Sun)


REMINDER: Day 1 of Novena for Fulton Sheen’s canonization to move forward. @ProtecttheFaith @Patrick_Coffin @Michael_Voris

ZESCO (Zambia) , ZESA (Zimbabwe) & ESKOM (South Africa) same Whatsapp Group! Load Shedding Masters!

"A desire to change needs to be stronger than fear of change, then you will find the courage to take a step."-#JulieBarbera #SuccessTRAIN #WednesdayMotivation #thinkbigsundaywithmarsha #Inspireu2Action #WednesdayWisdom


Yeah! The #rain has finally stopped and the #sun is back again, so out on the #bike for a quick #LunchtimeRide. #HappyCycling #BikeFriends


If there could be a company providing credit solution for people to go off grid and completely disconnect from the Eskom misery, I would sign up immediately #EskomCrisis



関東が恋しいよー ゆかりさんのシルビア見返すとワリィ〜車で良い


Thousands of children braved the wet weather yesterday and flocked to Orlando Stadium to get early Christmas gifts from the Motsepe Foundation. @MalindaPromise…

''It only looks impossible until its done'' Admitted as Attorney of the High Court of South Africa



Destaque pra gigantesca vitória do Liverpool, pro hat-trick de Milik, que classificou o Napoli, pra monumental vitória do Valencia pra eliminar o Ajax, pra grande vitória do Barcelona, sem Messi, em Milão, jogando a Inter pra UEL e pro empate suficiente do Lyon pra se classificar


#ripnickcannon I am new on here follow me and I will follow back.


Logged into my youtube account literally just so I could dislike Nick Cannon's track #ripnickcannon #EminemDiss

Uçağınız düşsün dicem kendi evinizde oynadınız hadi gene iyisiniz ajax


#RosarioCentral está interesado en Centurión pero la chances que la operación se concrete a ésta hora son casi nulas por dos motivos: el elevado salario del futbolista y la decisión de esperar la oferta de #Boca “hasta el último minuto”. Riquelme ya se comunicó con Ricardo.


Boca | La sorpresiva frase del Patrón Bermúdez sobre el posible regreso de Centurión…

Qué error enorme es que el nuevo Boca quiera (de nuevo) a un violento como Centurión. Esa no es la bandera de la inclusión que vendieron

Si se pudo domar a Teo, por qué no se va poder con Centurión.

⏯ Además Centurión priorizará a #Boca. Lo acerca a #Central la muy buena relación con el CT de Cocca, pero la economía Canalla de hoy es un freno porque, sin una venta millonaria, la tesorería está más para cubrir compromisos de pagos que para pensar en un refuerzo estrella.…

Que tipo ridículo y repugnante Centurión. De los jugadores más sobrevalorados que vi en mucho tiempo, se pensaron que era bueno por un compilado de YouTube donde amagaba al aire, lo quiero lo más lejos de Boca posible.

ELECTRICITY OUT HERE AT UCT. How are we supposed to reach our academic goals, @Eskom_SA?


عاجل وهام جدا #مصر #Egypt مريض محتاج ضروري متبرعين دم فصيلة O+ موجب بمستشفي المنيل التخصصي ب #القاهرة 01008061346

The one good thing about #Stage6 is that many of us started calling it a national energy crisis instead of this “load shedding” euphemism nonsense. We are streaking towards Eskom’s final implosion and our government is helpless. #EskomBlackouts #EskomSePush

Eskom load-shedding hits SA’s economy as mines shut down…

New NBER paper from @jacobsgoldin, Ithai Lurie & Janet McCubbin: Turns out that just sending people informational letters to remind them "Obamacare requires you to get health insurance" caused them to buy insurance more often, which lead to a causal decrease in mortality.


Where there's a will, there's a way #MondayMotivation

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