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panie prezydencie park jimin mysle ze jimin prezydent super pomysł


günaydın hoseok iyi ki blue side'ı yazmışsın

FALA MAL DO CABELO DO hoseok n seus filho da puta


EID MUBARAK! May the auspicious Occasion of Eid… Bless your home with happiness, your heart with devotion, your soul with purity, peace… And being joy to your heart friends and family !! #HappyEid #ThisIsMidlaj


nadal się śmieję z tego, że jeszcze kilka tygodni temu stay i atiny się nawzajem napierdalali, ale mimo to mega miło widzieć, jak razem przeżywają współpracę chłopców :( oby już do końca programu ta atmosfera się nie zepsuła

Nadal winning both R3 and QF the same day.

This current set of governors have the worst kinds we've probably ever experienced. Most of them have civic BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder). Mr Governor, are you aware that you have the powers to solve this, this, this and this? Govu oloye: I identify as blind and deaf

Here’s a song for you… Maybach Music IV by Rick Ross…

#Bitcoin gibi derinliği olan bir kripto paraya Elon Musk diye biri yüzde 11 değer kaybettiriyor. Paranın merkeziyetsizleşmesi pek işe yaramadı galiba ne dersiniz?

Eid mubarak everyone

eid mubarak to everyone whos celebrating <3

Dear @elonmusk I decided to buy at least one Tesla, sometime in my life, but not to spend more than 1000 $ADA #Cardano on it. I feel like that moment will coincide with the time when Tesla will have full self-drive capabilities and over 1000 km autonomy ⚡️ @Tesla @Cardano

Tesla (TSLA) Elon Musk U-Turn: Bitcoin (BTC USD) Cryptocurrency Price Reacts


New from @RoyalMail ✉️ A release of a set of new stamps in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh. They show Prince Philip at various stages of his life as the Queen’s consort.


Looks like Jennie is about to feed us well in the coming days, we're ready queen omg @BLACKPINK


Tesla profits from pollution.


Tesla ya no aceptará pagos en Bitcoin como compromiso con el medioambiente

bayram nasıl mı gidiyor


Removing security guards was the biggest mistake Fikile Mbalula made, off course they wanted to save but ended up collapsing the whole company now all the railway cables are gone ,trains are grounded, people are stranded.

I am currently working on Rangers St in Freedom Park, Mitchell’s Plain. There are also streets called Arsenal, Tottenham, Bayern Munich, Benfica, Hamburg, Chelsea, Westham, Celtic, Inter Milan, Dynamo Moscow and Ajax Amsterdam in the area ⚽️

Guptas shut shop and flee. Bosasa comes to an end. No more Arms Deal and Medupi /Kusile boilers. Taps at Eskom and Prasa are turned off. ANC:…

“El punto es cuales son las consecuencias de un poder Ejecutivo hegemónico y en una república democrática no conviene, esta visto como la antesala de un gobierno dictatorial”. @luisguillermosr, expresidente de Costa Rica y profesor de Universidad Internacional de la Florida


Well, Arsenal have done Liverpool a massive solid there! Can't wait to beat United tonight before inevitably losing 1-0 to West Brom on Sunday... #LFC

I love that most of my TL right now is a wide range of South Floridians or people with South Florida ties discussing Tres Leches and how that is enough and something called Seis Leches is an abomination. My people. lol

Some crazy blogger in Florida issued a statement on Liz Cheney. (I stumbled across it.) Boy, is he nuts. #Medic!

Miami, Florida and Texas are opening UP and opening clubs. Wake Up Canada BEFORE ITS TOO LATE & you never do that shit again

cant wait to spend all of my money in hamleys and live off noodles in london

Catch em all at Arsenal!


Elaine Conly has a message for parents also experiencing loss and grief. “They are not going to know this now, but somewhere down the line, there will be something good to come out of it,” she said.…

Happy Eid Mubarak ✨ Ramen and Chilli Hotdog ? A cup of instant ramen can keep the blues away.


Eid Mubarak to all of you. May Allah (SWT) accept our good deeds, forgive our transgressions and ease the suffering of Muslim Ummah around the globe. Please remember Palestine and Palestinians in your prayers... #EidMubarak


Eid Mubarak to all my brothers & sisters around the world :))

Em jogo fraco, Ceará e Arsenal ficam no empate pela Sul-Americana…

Kepa is to start in goal for #CFC in the #FACupFinal against #LCFC. It is also why he played v #AFC. As Tuchel explained: “He deserves it. He is so good in training and we wanted to give him some minutes and take both games together.”

3 مباريات النني كأساسي = 3 انتصارات المدفعجية ✅ تألق النني في فوز ارسنال علي تشيلسي في الدوري الأنحليزي…

#jahreiniminyanındayım Kafes de burada baylar. Şaka mı sanıyorsunuz


From the bottom of my heart, I HATE how the audience claps #ReaTsotellaWednesday


Uh Makamu back at it with his terrible advice. This lady really has valid points. #ReaTsotellaWednesday

One thing about men ? they’ll return with a souvenir (child) from cheating and expect you to accept nje, nxa. #ReaTsotellaWednesday

The tree has been removed and the street is almost clear. Thank you to @JaredCBrossett @CmGiarrusso and Parks and Parkways for the quick response.


In the early days of @924Gilman, Nazi skinheads would crash the club and harrass people. That is until, the punks fought back and beat the shit out of the Nazis. Kamala Parks told us about that day on the latest "In Defense of Ska" episode, adding "And they never came back."

“My only thoughts on that budden situation, you a dumbass if you ever supported and rory and mal even bigger dumbasses for getting into business with that man”- Batsby 2k21

“Do you want to leave this club like others, huh?” King Parker dealing Nurkovic


Renewing Bernard Parker's contract is declaring war against supporters, whatever happens after that... You did it! @KaizerChiefs

Novak Djokovic to Serena Williams: ‘Words cannot describe how much you’ve given tennis’…

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