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'I'd say we could nearly put a statue of him up' - proud Clara locals hail Shane Lowry's British Open win as 'unbelievable'


Like grandfather, like grandson. The @SFGiants' Mike Yastrzemski hit his 1st career walk-off HR Sunday against the @Mets. His grandfather, @RedSox Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, had 4 career walkoff HR. The Giants' 3 wins over the Mets this series came in walk-off fashion.


Lowry will never forget the walk up 18.


Aside from Shane Lowry’s first major win, Rory McIlroy furious charge to make the cut on Friday will leave a lasting image on this year’s British Open, writes @Daniel_Rapaport

When the Sun Goes Down An MV-22B Osprey with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Africa 19.2, @USMCFEA, taxis on the flight line on Moron Air Base, Spain.


Meet Nigerian Imam Abubakar Abdullahi, an 83-year-old Muslim cleric who hid 262 Christians in his home and mosque during a terrorist attack/massacre in central Nigeria. He was honoured by the US government. This is my kind of Imam, and my kind of Muslim.…

He sure can write better than he can drive a golf ball, strike an iron, duff a chip, blade a bunker shot. At least he can putt right @eamonlynch Nice piece:…

Today the show is more enjoyable evidently. Do the right thing people #BBNaija

Tacha said... 'they have even moved on'. I was like 'are you worth remembering?' #BBNaija

In honour of Shane Lowry winning #TheOpen at Portrush in cracked into my good Bushmills whiskey


If your Tacha cannot pull a miracle like this on us....So sorry, I don't see her winning cos even mercy was above her last week...Eish #BBNaija


If your Tacha cannot pull a miracle like this on us....So sorry, I don't see her winning cos even mercy was above her last week...Eish #BBNaija


[SDCC] Thor 4 - Valquíria pode se tornar primeira heroína abertamente LGBTQ+ do Universo Cinematográfico da Marvel! >>…


Australia hizo posible que el mundo viera a Neil Armstrong caminar en la Luna


ok so what classic rock song is thor: love and thunder (2021) gonna completely own this time reply below

When more planning is going into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe than the future of the planet.

O la amiga Portman se apunta al gym o va a ser la peor versión de Thor de la historia.


Eğer bu doruysa spiderman 3le marvel izlemeyi bırakıyorum demektir…

this is phase 4 marvel holding me back from murdering the russo brothers


Marvel doesn’t disappoint.

Efter nyheten om att agent 007 ska spelas av en svart kvinna, kommer nu avslöjandet om att självaste åskguden Thor också ska spelas av en kvinna. När når Hollywood peak-feminism?


Natalie Portman recibe su Mjolnir. Jane se convertirá en la próxima Thor en #LoveandThunder. #MarvelSDCC #SDCC2019

Empresário do Bale, que passou o verão todo dizendo que ele não queria e nem ia sair, agora disse que o galês vai embora porque quer e não porque o Zidane mandou. Risos, Barnett.

WICKETS! That's exactly what England needed at the start of the session as Laura Marsh bowls Alyssa Healy, before getting Rachael Haynes lbw. Australia now 19-2, leading by 164 on the final day. Live text and TMS commentary: #bbccricket #WomensAshes


Would very much welcome Bale at Watford, as long as it's on a free with Madrid covering his salary. He should get first team football in front of Ken Sema, @TheGroveHotel has a great golf course & @1HHornet supports Wales in rugby, so he should feel at home.

MERCY Tboss/CeeC kinda fanbase — celebrities are rooting for Mercy and almost all of them like her. Nina/Bisola grace — viewers like her. Some people bad bitch attitude backfired this season. Mercy for the money. She will pack all the endorsements. #bbnaija

Floyd Mayweather was a better fighter than Manny Pacquaio, but Pacquaio has had the better career by far.

Can’t wait to see mike’s reaction after he realize how loved he is in Nigeria regardless of not growing up here #Bbnajia #BBNaija2019 #BBNaijaUpdate #BBNaija

Singing along in the car to songs you both like doesn’t mean they’re your soulmate, you fucking idiot. We all like Pink Floyd.

What's up with Omasola? He looks pensive... #Bbnaija


'We will stop at nothing' - Sitole after arrest in Cape Town cop killing via @News24…

Mercy has CeeC/Tboss type of fanbase and Nina/Bisola kinda grace. She is winning this 90m. ❤️❤️ #bbnaija

See, my opinion about Ike and Mercy...nothing happened! I mean u’re in a club & all of a sudden that fun spirit enters u,u’ve no choice than 2 enjoy d moment & be happy. Ike was just being a “guy” it’s normal. #BBNaija

EXTRACT | The Stellenbosch Mafia: 'Floyd advised me to do PowerFM interview – Rupert | News24 ...Wow! ⁦@EFF⁩ how can you trust your leaders?…… Dehydration my arsehole. He never once struggled with the weight, in fact he controlled all of his opponents at a weight that suited him. #NeverForget

One minute Rupert doesn’t even have Floyd’s number the next he is taking PR advice and receiving internal ANC documents from him

Just do the hounable thing!! Like you and your faction told @PresJGZuma #ListenMrPresident

Eish @tboseZA "Spinnning The Wheel" by the late great #GeorgeMichael ...making my last minute Sunday shopping so soulful #TouchOfSoul thupa keo nka!!!

A man has been arrested after opening fire on police officers, killing one and injuring two others in Delft, Cape Town.…

Police officer killed in Cape Town shooting…

#Coldfront UPDATE: Intense cold front still on track to make landfall on Tuesday (23 July 2019). Advisories issued by the Cape Town Weather Office including: Disruptive Snowfall, Strong to Gale force winds, and Heavy Rain leading to flooding. @ReenvalSA


Another beautiful morning in Cape Town with fixtures against Langa as well as a tour of the township. An amazing place full of community spirit and hugely talented children. #SFSA19


Cape Town... you can all be proud of Tramway FC flying the local flag over in Sweden. We made friends for life. And got knocked in 1/8 after a shaky start. Not bad for a community team playing in a tournament filled with academies. PS there was 163 teams in our age group ☺️

At once a stunning technical achievement and a creatively bankrupt endeavor, Disney’s photorealistic remake of its beloved “The Lion King” plays like a mashup some editorially gifted fan posted on YouTube.…

All hail the true King of the Pride Lands. Join Simba on his legendary journey as he takes back his rightful place, on the biggest screens. Secure your DISNEY’S THE LION KING IMAX 3D tickets now: #nowshowing



If Jesus Christ can rise up from the dead, just imagine what He can do for your life, Trust in Him!

Seyi Insinuates that Tacha is trying to be Ceec Of Last year, but she's not even Close! Also seyi thinks Tacha is the Pepper not Knowing Mercy is the Pepper itself! #BBNaija

Even though Ike is subtly telling Seyi why he likes Mercy Seyi keeps saying Tacha is the atarodo She is the real deal She doesn't giv a f@@k The funny thing is Ike might tell Mercy everything And hopefully if he survives tmmrw They will serve him up like Frodd #Bbnaija


May God keep Mercy very strong in that house. This is really messed up and I can't believe my ears.....fuxk this ship. I ship not #TeamMercy #BBnaija

Sarpreet Singh once again playing for Bayern Munich against Real Madrid winning 3-1. Honestly unbelievable. From playing in Australia in the A-League for Wellington Phoenix to now playing for Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid. Turn dreams into reality.


sebastian stan come to australia challenge

Do you ever get a text from someone and you immediately feel drained, heavy and sad? Because eish.

Achei que ficaria triste durante dias por ter perdido coisas importantes pra mim, mas acabei lembrando que com Jesus no meu coração isso é simplesmente IMPOSSÍVEL. ❤️

jesus fucking CHRIST man


My dad is over at my house watching the British Open. Tommy Fleetwood is now dubbed Golf Jesus by me.

Y’all complain about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer but y’all prefer to like and retweet influencers tweets and ignore every other non-influencer’s tweet #brownskingirls #pogba #Zlatan


Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores hat-trick, calls LAFC coach a "little bitch"


#SaturdayThoughts त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव,त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव! कौन है हमारे असली माता पिता जो हमारी मृत्यु को भी टाल सकते है? अवश्य देखे वीडियो और देखिए सत्संग प्रतिदिन ईश्वर टीवी पर 8:30 बजे। @ZeeNewsHindi…

Genius Brain: We can improve neuronal activities in the genius area of human brain like Einstein's brain by applying the visuospatial dimension of knowledge transfer. #education #neuroscience #Neurology #physics #universe #Einstein #brain #SaturdayThoughts…

This is the sexiest thing you'll see all day. #SamHeughan sitting very upright on a grey horse with a big gun, resting on his thigh, weari g a tricorn and big coat, smirking and winking. I can die a happy woman. I think I must have died and gone to heaven. Amen.

Not much of a soccer guy but I would love to hang out with Zlatan. That's my kind of guy.

Amen Eudine. Love your honesty. Now you are aware and will have patience. God bless you…

#SaturdayThoughts A Library for an illiterate ignoranus when TRUMP CAN'T READ I proved it here… My guess is that the only items in his "library" will be porn magazines #TrumpCantRead…



City of Cape Town and UK Conservatives: same Whatsapp group…

The CCCC&H running squad made us proud at the Cape Town Festival of Running today! #GoTeam @CTRunningFest


City of Cape Town implementing new initiatives to help people living on the street! via @GoodThingsGuy #AllCapeTown


eish, how people are talking about #Newsfile dier, then let me tune in, enn

He tried to get the girl. But eish money came to do the things that turned him into a drunk. Watch @giyanisabc2 @SABC_2 on Mon - Wed on 21:30 #GiyaniLandOfBlood


there’s only one cat that I’ve truly ever bonded with in my life .... that’s why dogs >>> cats

Primer tráiler de ‘Cats’, filme protagonizado por Taylor Swift junto a otras estrellas. ►


Excited to catch #TheLionKing in @iamsrk and #AryanKhan's voices? Translate #Mufasa's wise words and show us your skills. Get tickets for the film here : #BMSMovies


HERE'S how you're supposed treat your cats. He was really after my pizza ❤️

I need these kids to shut up bc they’re disrupting me tryna enjoy the Lion King. like how rude

lion king was so good.

Someone just said “don’t spoil Lion King for me!!” Bro, get out of here.

This headline should read: Pussies Scared By "Cats."


A concept: Jesus was a feminist.

Prayers for Dadashev. Jesus. Unconscious and on machines now.

Dude moved his family into a dorm room in BFE Kansas all for his Head Coach to take over the defense...only running 1 front and 1 call...Black Jesus take the wheel

Thank you my Lord. Amen?


Accepting findom has made me a better man. Serving Women has made me a better man. I am so greatful for the gift of giving to the superior gender.

#FaceApp users have a look Surrah nisaaa aayat no 119 Iblis says that. And I will mislead them, and I will arouse in them [sinful] desires, and I will command them so they will slit the ears of cattle, and I will command them so they will change the creation of Allah ." (1/2)

“Brown skin girl” ❤️


#BBNaija --Eish Khafi is Everywhere the Camera is -- And even offcamera she makes sure her voice is heard

alguém me explica qual a ideia desse filme "CATS" é inspirado em alguma obra ou foi só um filme que um diretor furry resolveu produzir?

Working at a theatre camp while the Cats trailer dropped is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me

Me walking around the past 24 hours after getting Memory stuck in my head because of the Cats trailer

The latest hype around the #FaceApp application has attracted #scammers who want to make a quick profit. How to spot fake faceApp websites.… #cybersecurity #datasecurity #privacy #ITsec #ITsecurity

that’s that jealousy don’t u jealous me

Eu amo a bicha do Sam Smith

Men go through so much, the least a woman could do is spell coconut

so my limited edition hoodie is coming on monday and im gonna take a pic w it and make a fanpage and post it on ig so lets pray to god the twins' merch team sees it and posts me on their ig amen

This week on social media, there was one word of advice that had us questioning everything we’ve learned so far. @DerekClineXXX, @DamagedBttm and @Beaux_Banks explain.…

me: *sees all this coconut shit online* me to my girl: "spelling bee & chill??"

danke micha für die tägliche weisheit amen…

La letra de la nueva canción de Sam Smith es una joya. Todo lo qué pasa en relaciones hoy en día. JOYA! Les digo.

Burna's Ja Ara E is easily the best song on the Album, "Keys to the Kingdom" "Water" "Brown Skin Girl" bangs hard and Bey should have had Niniola on "Find your way back". But you see "Don't Jealous Me" mba mba mba mba mba #brownskingirl #TheGiftAlbum #BeyonceTheGift #TheLionKing

What a great #Madeladay with @Official_MissSA contestants and the #LFPGroup spending some time with kids in Pretoria #67minutes What did you do for #MandelaDay2019?

#MandelaDay #67minutes continued at Reitumetse Primary School in Orange Farm #RegionG. Colleagues from @CoJPublicSafety came out in numbers doing their best to support. #MandelaDay2019 #AreSebetseng #JoburgWorks


I spent #MandelaDay2019 at the @UN yesterday, attending the Informal Meeting of the General Assembly as @mmKubayiNgubane delivered #SouthAfrica’s National Statement. We then spent our time volunteering in Brownsville, Brooklyn, #NewYork #67minutes #StatsSA


What shocks me the most is that people don't know that there far more dangerous STIs than Hiv #AskAMan

Rubèn and his classmates also had their #67Minutes to celebrate #MandelaDay2019 where they designed and put together some beautiful toiletry bags for the children from the St Vincent School for the Deaf.


so annonza she slept with her friend??...lets give the guy a bells for getting out the friend zone #ASKAMAN

Nuclear Bae doing her bit for Mandela Day #67Minutes initiative. #MandelaDay2019


Yesterday on #MandelaDay we visited St Luke’s Parish Church in Salt River with pots of soup and they were so grateful for it. The lady sat in the wheelchair is 105 years old. ❤️ #67minutes


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